Team Halo: The UN’s Medical Goon Squad


About a month ago I got a call from Epoch Times reporter, Katie Spence, who was researching a piece on “Team Halo”— a United Nations program that targets and doxes doctors and nurses who don’t adhere to COVID-19 Orthodoxy. The organization is indistinguishable from a pro-union goon squad. As Nicole Sirotek, a registered nurse in Nevada, has attested, its members use an array of intimidation and mobbing tactics—many perfectly vile—to silence unorthodox views.

Some Team Halo members are, in effect, professional (UN sponsored) social media trolls. Like most trolls, they do not identify themselves, but use aliases such as “Jess” and “Dr. Jon” for posting their taunts. Anonymity doubtless provides them with a safe space from which they can mock public figures who speak their conscience.

To be sure, “Dr. Jon” is not completely anonymous. His TikTok pages indicates he is 42 yo 🇨🇦 physician 🏳️‍🌈 general internist, and he is fond of videoing himself. Recently he made a TikTok video celebrating the suspension of Dr. McCullough’s Twitter account.

A strange and surprising feature of COVID-19 Orthodoxy is that it has given legions of people suffering from arrested development something to believe in. Narcissus no longer idly gazes at his reflection in a pond. Now he makes videos of himself performing in the service of Fascist Corporatism, advocating compliance and conformity.

Ms. Spence’s report (published today) is a masterpiece of long-form investigative journalism. I highly recommend reading it in full.