“The Definition of ‘Misinformation’ in this Law is Not Clear- It’s NONSENSE!”

Dr. Azadeh Khatibi is a board-certified physician in Los Angelos who, along with a small group of brave doctors, managed to gain a huge step toward victory in the fight for medical freedom.

AB 2098- A Bill that Destroys Trust 

Back in February 2022, a bill was introduced in California that would essentially bring the government directly into the doctor’s office alongside the patient. The government would effectively be monitoring conversations between doctors and patients, and stepping in with punishments if it doesn’t like what the doctor has said. This is an extremely serious infringement on the basic structure of freedom in the United States. For democracy to work, there must be some element of trust between the government and the citizens. For centuries in America, people went to medical school to become a doctor. He or she learned what was necessary to know in order to practice medicine, and as long as he followed basic safety rules and ethics, an individual and a doctor had a right to privacy between them, as the doctor practiced the medicine he was taught by the institutions that designated him professionally capable.

This bill destroys that trust. It destroys the trust between doctors, governments, and patients. The bill feeds into an environment where the government controls the people instead of working FOR the people, as the government was intended to do.

Bill AB 2098 was signed into law on Sep 30, 2022. The bill reads: “This bill would designate the dissemination or promotion of misinformation or disinformation related to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, or “COVID-19,” as unprofessional conduct.”

Link to Bill

The bill was sponsored by a group of six legislators from the Democratic party.

Given the bill’s potential for pushing narratives that benefit pharmaceutical companies, it’s noteworthy to mention that four out of the six sponsors took contribution money from Pfizer in 2020: Senator Scott Weiner, Dr. Richard Pan, Assm. Evan Low, and Assm. Cecilia M. Aguiar Curry.

Link to Pfizer’s Contributions Report

Pushback to the Bill 

Dr. Azadeh Khatibi, along with Dr. Tracy Hoeg, Dr. Aharon Kariety, Dr. Ram Duriseti, and Dr. Pete
Mazolewski filed a preliminary injunction against the State of California to request a judge restrict the State’s ability to act on this bill on the grounds that it violates the First and Fourth Amendments of the US Constitution. The case was brought against Governor Gavin Newsom, along with members of the Medical Board of California, and the Attorney General of California. The judge heard their case along with a similar case brought by the Children’s Health Defense organization.

Interestingly, Dr. Khatibi argued her case as a patient and asserted that her constitutional right to receive information from her doctor will be infringed by the enactment of this bill.

Link to Injuction

“The Definition of ‘Misinformation’ in this Law is Not Clear- It’s NONSENSE!” 

Dr. Khatibi described how the hearing went in Sacramento last week and the nuanced nature of the legal discussion in the courtroom.

There was a lot of talk surrounding the concept of “contemporary scientific consensus” and “false information”, particularly in light of how quickly the medical community continually shifted throughout COVID. When the plaintiffs challenged the defense to define “scientific consensus”, the defense team kept bringing the argument to the fringe extreme. For example, arguing that doctors shouldn’t be “allowed” to tell patients that the COVID vaccine has a microchip in it. However, the judge recognized that for the straw man that it is, and continuously insisted on bringing the conversation back to the mainstream, to the “grey area” as they called it, which is where millions of doctors and patients would be affected.

According to Dr. Khatibi:

“At one point she (the defense attorney) said ‘Judge, I think we can see that the definition of misinformation is very clear’ – and BOOM! He stopped her and he said ‘No it’s not! It’s not clear at all! The definition of misinformation in this law is not clear, it’s NONSENSE’ “

The judge ruled in favor of the physicians. The case will continue on, but the State of California is forbidden to act upon the Bill it passed until the case is decided, in an exciting victory for the Medical Freedom movement.

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