Could Fauci’s replacement be even worse?

I didn’t think things could get worse from here, but I could very well be wrong. It’s very possible that Peter Hotez will replace Tony Fauci.

The proper replacement would be a candidate who is an advocate for data transparency and free speech. You know—truth. There is almost no chance we’ll get that. I am almost certain we’ll get the opposite.

Now that Anthony Fauci has officially retired from the NIH the big question is, who will replace him?

An evident shoe-in is Dr. Peter Hotez, a fixture in the mainstream media throughout the COVID era. Hotez is one of a very small handful of doctors elevated as a trusted voice by the official vaccine-pushing contingency led by the likes of Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci.

Journalist Dan Cohen conducted an eye-opening, two-part video investigation on Hotez which was published by Redacted with Clayton and Natali Morris.

Watch Part One: Dr. Peter Hotez Investigation

Hotez made waves at the end of last year in a seedy video produced by the WHO.

Hotez wants action to counter what he calls “anti-vaccine aggression” but is not specific about what should be done. Cohen’s investigation, however, shows that Hotez means censorship and criminalization of anyone – especially doctors and scientists – who deviates from the big pharma agenda.

With support from Pfizer, Bill Gates, the Clintons and Fauci, Hotez has made a career of testing pharmaceutical products in Africa, Latin America and South Asia. His latest product, the CorbeVax vaccine for Covid, has been injected into tens of millions of arms in India and elsewhere, thanks to the corrupt influence of government bodies as we see in these videos.

Watch Part Two: Who Is Peter Hotez?

Hotez is now poised to become the new don of the biopharma mafia and seems to be even more zealous than Fauci. If Hotez ends up being selected, Cohen’s investigation should serve the handful of lawmakers who are willing to hold him accountable and ask the really tough questions in confirmation hearings. Hotez has publicly stated that another coronavirus pandemic is coming, and should he be appointed, we may again witness yet another disastrous response and drug rollout.

Dan Cohen also interviewed several doctors and speakers for VSRF Highlights & Exclusive Interview Footage as he covered Senator Ron Johnson’s hearing on Capitol Hill on December 7, 2022. Dan recently founded the independent outlet called “Uncaptured Media” on Substack, which covers COVID and big pharma among other topics. Please subscribe and support his work.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse…