The Sorcerer and the Plague: A Children’s Tale

the sorcerer and the plague

By: Tessa Lena

  • This story was inspired by the Soviet dissidents who often managed to convey their messages by using the genre of children’s tales

  • It’s fiction — but it tells us about the real world that we are living in today

  • Power-hungry individuals have a million tricks up their sleeves, at all times — but without our compliance, their power is short-lived

  • Together, we can stand up for our dignity and expel the tricksters from our lives

  • It may feel dark today — but this darkness will end, and in order for it to end in due time, our work to expel it needs to be done now and every day, until we win

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This story was inspired by the work of the Soviet dissident writers and film makers who often managed to convey their messages by using the genre of children’s tales.

Once upon a time, in a fictional far-away kingdom, the authorities announced a big plague. King’s messengers on horses and in beaked masks, were sent to every town and every village, demanding that the citizens drop whatever they were doing and go back home.

King’s messengers looked very menacing and serious in their beaked black masks, and they sounded strict. They insisted that the order to go back home in the middle of the day and to stay home was for the citizens’ own good, and that it was not to be questioned in any way.

When some feisty citizens inquired how they were going to feed themselves and their families while under the new “royal lockdown” rule, the messengers told them that they were endangering the country and that they had to immediately shut up, comply, and just let the king do all the thinking for them. Unless, of course, they desired to go to jail and ask all their remaining questions there.

“It won’t take more than two weeks anyway, have some patience,” the masked messengers said. The threats and the promises worked like a charm, and the citizens in every town and every village begrudgingly complied, expecting to resume their normal daily lives in two weeks or so.

The timing of the plague was perfect for the king and especially for the treasurer of the Crown. For years, the king has been mostly partying and not paying attention to what was going on, while the treasurer has been dutifully stealing everything from the treasury — every piece of gold he could find — and even inviting his children and his closest associates to partake in the theft.

The treasurer was stealing so shamelessly that no amount of citizen taxes and no loot from foreign wars could make him satisfied. The gold just kept disappearing into his bottomless pockets, with no trace. And it so happened that shortly before plague, he had stolen the last piece of gold from the treasury and discovered that there was nothing left there, except some dust, a few mouse droppings, and a whole lot of old spider webs.

The Treasurer didn’t despair though. He had a resourceful mind. He set out to convince the King that spider webs and mouse droppings were, in fact, the new gold — the trendy and sustainable kind. He prepared his “pitch” and — just as he was rehearsing his pitch, the plague announcement came.

“Great timing!” the Treasurer thought to himself. “This plague is such a Godsend.” And nobody ever asked the Treasurer if the course of events had anything to do with the private conversation he had the day before with the Chief General and the Sorcerer of the Crown.

The news of the plague was brought by messengers from a foreign land who arrived at the steps of the royal palace with stories and drawings of people dropping dead. The foreign messengers looked tired and pale. The King, annoyed by the fact that he was dragged out of a party that he very much enjoyed, ordered to immediately behead the foreign bearers of bad news — but he also took note.

The King then promptly summoned the Treasurer, the Chief General, and the Sorcerer of the Crown and asked them what they thought of the news. All three looked convincingly concerned. They told the King that the news sounded very serious indeed, and that plague was war, and that war-time measures needed to be taken in a haste.

They advised the King that royal messengers needed to be sent to all villages and towns to notify the people of the plague — and that, to ensure obedience, the messengers needed to wear scary black masks with beaks. The King nodded his head.

At the very end of the meeting, the Treasurer also said, “My King, this is all horrible but in better news, I have a great economic plan for the times of the plague. How about, due to plague, we stop relying on outdated gold, a material that is unwieldy hard to obtain — and switch to renewable and sustainable mouse droppings and spider webs, easily available to us without strain?

What do you think? Not only will it be good for economic growth of the kingdom due to the sustainable nature of the new “gold” but also, If we do that, my King, you can continue partying all day and all night and not change a thing. Should we do it, my King?”

The king thought for a second, nodded his head again, and said, “Fine. As long as I don’t have to personally touch the mouse droppings with my hands, and as long as I can party like I always did, do what you think is best.”

“Thank you, my King!” the Treasurer exclaimed, made quick eye contact with the Chief General and the Sorcerer of the Crown, and sighed a sigh of relief. The problem of being exposed for relieving the treasury of gold was solved.

Of course, he had no plans to actually use the mouse droppings and the spider webs in place of gold, at least not in his own life. But the cover story was good enough.

And so it became the Sorcerer’s job to take care of the “perception problem,” to update the Royal Dictionary’s definition of “gold,” and to make sure that the citizens became so scared of the plague that they wouldn’t even ask why there were ridiculous-looking pictures of spider webs and mouse dropping everywhere, captioned, “Sustainable gold.”

During the first two weeks of the Royal Lockdown, lots was done. While the Sorcerer was working day and night to put fog and terror in people’s heads, the General sent his men to every village and town to install the All-Seeing Eye. The citizens were too scared and mesmerized behind the closed doors of their homes, so they didn’t even notice that the All-Seeing Eye was installed. And in rare occasions when they did, they were told by the masked men that it was for their own good.

After the two weeks of flattening the curve, the citizens everywhere wanted to resume their lives — but the old normal wasn’t available anymore. That was when both the General and the Sorcerer upped their game. The Sorcerer did a special magic spell to put a lasting cloud of uncontrollable fear over people’s heads. At the same time, the General sent his masked-and-beaked men to all towns and all villages to erect black “plague tents.”

They also recruited the Minister of Entertainment who then dispatched trained musicians to take over church bells and perform Plague Symphony all day.

From his past operations in foreign lands though, the General knew that his theatrics could only go so far. He knew that actual casualties were needed to ensure lasting fear. So he talked to the Treasurer who, in turn, talked to the King — and was able to convince the King to ban all medicinal herbs (except for Royal Needs). The King quickly signed the new rules.

And so, just like that, all medicinal herbs in the kingdom were banned, and the doctors were prohibited from giving them to the sick. The Sorcerer then did a special spell to put a cloud of arrogance over the doctors’ heads, while the General sent more of his men to police the doctors and make sure they complied.

Some doctors resisted. They just weren’t arrogant, and so they were immune to the spell. They clear-headed doctors vocally objected to the ban and continued giving medicinal herbs to the sick. Those doctors, however, were called all sorts of bad names, and some were arrested and taken away by the General’s men, while their friends and colleagues just watched.

The dragging away of the dissidents killed two birds with one stone. On the one hand, it got rid of the opposition — but also, the act of betrayal changed the chemistry of people’s hearts, and they became a lot more prone to Sorcerer’s future spells.

Predictably, once the herbalists and the dissidents were dragged away, chaos ensued. People seemed to be getting plague left and right. Scared and pale, they rushed to the tents — where the doctors tied them to their beds, didn’t give them any medicinal herbs — and walked away. Many died.

And many of those whose family members and friends perished in tents, lost their hearts and minds. Little by little, by complying with slightly more ridiculous and abusive rules each day, they turned themselves into easy Sorcerer’s toys. Many got to the point where they started waiting for the beaked men to show up and bark at them some more. It made them feel safe and loved.

Some even started drawing beaks and mouse droppings and hanging the drawings in the sacred place of their homes, next to the All-Seeing Eye.

Thus, the plague accomplished a lot. However, the wicked trio — the Treasurer, the Sorcerer, and the General — wanted more. After all, the scared citizens weren’t producing a whole lot, and the treasury was not going to fill itself.

The answer to that problem was clear: the citizens owned too much stuff, and they had to be relieved of their property asap or, as the Sorcerer put it, “freed.”

And so the Sorcerer updated the Royal Dictionary definition of “freedom” and got to work on his spells so that people didn’t resist being gradually relieved of the land and other property they owned, under the guise of plague measures and the new sustainable life. The General, on the other hand, was tasked with sending more of his men to foreign lands to “free” the citizens over there, for loot.

Additionally, a thousand alchemists were recruited by the Treasurer to actually try and turn mouse droppings into gold. Or was it a trick that the Sorcerer played on the Treasurer’s head, to eventually “relieve” him of his stuff, too? The Sorcerer didn’t say.

In the meanwhile, in town and villages, life was in disarray, the paranoia was up, the camaraderie was down, the food was scarce, no work was getting properly done, and, without medicinal herbs, people’s health was in decline.

The wicked trio then decided it was time to change the tune and roll out the so called “plague vaccines” (made from mouse droppings, of course), and then “open up the economy” at last. They quickly announced to the people that the alchemists, after much hard work, had come up with really good vaccines against the plague, and that it was everyone’s responsibility to “take one for the team.”

A lot of people, exhausted to no end by the Royal Lockdowns, the isolation, and the disarray — not without the help of the Sorcerer’s spells — lined up to get the “plague vaccine.” Some pesky citizens were suspicious but that was an easy problem to fix. They were called all sorts of names and then dragged away by the General’s beaked men, as others watched.

But then, even as the vaccination campaign was going seemingly well, more people started getting plague, and some started dropping dead shortly after they rolled up their sleeves.

The citizens expressed concern but messengers were quickly dispatched to reassure the people that only “bad apples” could blame the tragedies on the perfect Royal Vaccines, and that the deaths were happening strictly due to the self-inflicted and ungrounded fear of the vaccination campaign, through unnecessary stress. “By fearing the Vaccine, are putting a spell on yourself,” King’s messengers preached.

The updated campaign worked for a little longer, but not for very long. All in life takes time and, once the time was ripe, the spell of the Sorcerer started to wear off, and people started to wake up from the trance.

Concerned, the Sorcerer made a new spell, a powerful one. It re-captured some — but no Sorcerer can trick all people forever, and, as more were waking up from the trance and finding their courage at last, the spell was losing its juice.

As the spell was losing power, and clarity of vision was coming back, people realized what had been done to them. And so, many people cried salty tears into the skies over the harms done to them and the harms they themselves allowed to happen on their watch. They felt both let down and ashamed. And even the musicians-for-hire stopped playing the Sorcerer’s Plague Symphony and joined the wailing crowds.

The General’s men were promptly dispatched to all towns and villages to stop the dangerous trend, but nobody listened to them anymore — and when they tried to disperse the crowd by force, the local men grabbed the pitchforks and drove them away. It turned out that the General’s men were not very brave and only knew how to harass those who complied.

The Sorcerer, who knew very well that he had no power over those who weren’t afraid, decided then to try his most impressive trick.

He promptly put a spell on the King, on the Treasurer, and the General, made them fight with each other in the back, with knives, and then came out to the people, telling them how all along, he was working to help them be free and stand tall. He spoke with passion. He used all the right words. He was a sorcerer, after all.

“It’s a new day,” he said. “A new dawn. A life of freedom, a life without plague. Are you ready to crown me King?”

And he was almost able to pull this off and become King — but out of nowhere, a little boy with shiny eyes and a clear heart shouted from the crowd, “Liar! Liar! You are a bad sorcerer, aren’t you? I can see your ways! Go away and leave us alone!”

And because the boy was so pure and so unimpressed by the Sorcerer’s tricks, his melodic voice cut right through the spell, and the Sorcerer could no longer hide the darkness of his face. For the first time, everybody saw him as he was (not a pleasant sight). For the first time, he stood there naked, his evil deeds reflecting on his skin.

People then turned to the boy. “What should we do with this ugly man, wise child?” they asked. “Just expel him into the woods and don’t worry about him anymore.” The boy said in his melodic, fearless voice.

“Tricky sorcerers like him can only command your mind in a lasting way if you agree to do what doesn’t feel right. Don’t agree to that. Forget about this sorcerer of the past, but please, heal your hearts without your tricky adult pretense, and don’t ever allow evil to happen on your watch.”

And this is how the great plague in a fictional kingdom came to an end. And yes, the dissidents were freed from the jails, and people started using medicinal herbs again. And the sorcerer? He is still roaming in the woods like a lonely beast, serving his purpose of reminding us that our power is in never agreeing to do what doesn’t feel right.

To find more of Tessa Lena’s work, be sure to check out her bio, Tessa Fights Robots.

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To All White Hats and Military Officers and Diplomatic Officers

 By Anna Von Reitz

There were 36 States formed prior to the 1860 Fraud that fundamentally damaged and partially vacated our actual American Government, but as of October of 2020, all those Original States were in Session and polled by Roll Call Vote to accept and enroll the 24 Territorial Confederate (States of States) as actual States of the Union.  That action was unanimously approved with one abstention. 
As a result, all fifty (50) States of the Union are present, fully enrolled, and accounted for.  
The former Territorial States are endowed under the Due Process of the Northwest Ordinance and the Equal Footing Doctrine with every right, protection, and prerogative of the sovereign States that existed prior to 1860. 
So, the People of this country, which means the State Citizens of the individual sovereign States, have already decided the issue of the status of the Territorial Confederate States. 
This issue has been properly decided by those who have the inherent birthright political standing to decide the issue, who have also properly declared and recorded their birthright political status and provenance, who have accepted the responsibility of State Citizenship, and who have lawfully “returned” to the land and soil of this country and brought their States back into Session. 
This has already been done.  There is no reason or need to do it a second time.  As our States are republican in nature and not democracies, it does not require large numbers of people to make decisions or take action for our State Governments; only a few with the proper standing and allegiance are required to conduct business.  

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Forwarding a Grenade

 By Anna Von Reitz

You will note that the so-called Germ Theory of viruses has never been proven.  Rather, the existence of viruses has been inferred from other things — symptoms of cold symptoms and the proven existence of bacteria, for example. 
The genesis of The Germ Theory of viruses was built on the existence of bacteria and symptoms caused by bacterial infections.  The idea was that if bacteria, (which are orders of magnitude larger than viruses), caused disease, then why not postulate the existence of disease-causing agents that were much, much smaller, but still doing the same thing?  
Over time this theory has been questioned effectively and many scientists now recognize “viruses” as “exosomes” — nanocapsules that carry waste products out of the cell and into the bloodstream whenever the cells are under stress and need to jettison waste products– which are often scraps of protein chains or DNA or bits of other substances.  
In The Exosome Theory, these little packets of waste cause allergic or inflammatory responses simply because they are waste products of cellular metabolism and need to be escorted out of the body the same way as any other toxic substance.
According to The Exosome Theory, not only are “viruses” dead, having no characteristics of any known living thing, but they cause symptoms of disease because they are toxic— poisonous, not because they are alive and invading the body like bacteria. 
Obviously, too, the cells must be under stress to produce exosomes in the first place, so something is wrong in River City at the cellular level when exosomes are present. For example, exosomes are present in and around dying liver cells, but it was a poison, alcohol, that caused the liver cells to die and to produce the exosomes in the first place.
The strongest thing The Exosome Theory has going for it,  is that it makes logical sense and fits the facts; while The Germ Theory extrapolated to create the concept of “viruses” based on the existence and behavior of bacteria really doesn’t.  
Bacteria have cause to invade hosts and set up shop, but a non-living thing like a virus does not.  
A dog may seek shelter and food, but a garbage bag is just a garbage bag full of crud. It may be moved from Point A to Point B, but not of its own volition, and it gains no advantage either way. The so-called “replication” of viruses can  be explained in terms of sick cells producing more of the same kind of waste and bundling it up in the same kind of exosome wrapper for disposal.
All this to say that The Germ Theory is not the settled truism that drug companies and enterprises like The Pasteur Institute and NIH would have us believe— the very existence of “viruses” is very much in question and always has been. 
For example, a “polio virus” was the theoretical culprit causing the outbreak of polio in the 1950’s, but there are other credible explanations. 
Just before “polio” became an epidemic, farmers started using certain pesticides on fruit orchards. Those pesticides were water-soluble neurotoxins that could easily cause the symptoms of “polio” and also cause the poisoned cells to produce characteristic “polio” exosomes.  
The advantage of The Germ Theory is that it kept suspicion off the petrochemical industry and let them quietly remove the pesticides from the market, minus millions of damage claims.  Bereaved parents and crippled children could blame a “germ” too tiny for anyone to see, instead of Dow Chemical.  
Let him who will be deceived, be deceived.  My Shinola Sensors know what to believe, just as they knew what to believe about Agent Orange.  
With this little discussion as background, let’s take stock of this report from Jon Rappoport (The Last Living American Journalist other than James O’Keefe) who interviewed the same Pfizer Executive that Project Veritas caught on camera.  
We have no explanation for why this particular half-dead Pfizer Executive has chosen to come forward and provide all this provocative information, except perhaps that there is still a human ghost alive inside the machine. Continue reading Jon’s report below: 

The Pfizer exec who confessed to Project Veritas now tells me the whole truth

And nothing but the truth about the virus and the vaccine—in the back room of an Irish bar after a few Bushmills


Last Saturday, I woke up to the sounds of my pigs squealing out on the land. My wolves were herding them back into their pens.

I struggled out of bed and plowed through the 16 messages on my cell. FOX, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc. They somehow knew I was on to The One, and they were clamoring and pleading for an exclusive.

No dice.

My agent and lawyer, Gloria Torquemada, showed up as I as was downing my 4th cup of coffee. Her CIA contacts had located Jordan Walker, the suddenly infamous Pfizer exec. He was now waiting in Mick Flaherty’s bar 16 miles away from my farm. I called Tucker and told him to hold on, I’d get back to him by nightfall.

I donned my white coat, hung a stethoscope around my neck, pinned an old Blockbuster member card to my chest pocket (“Jon Rappoport, MD”), and we were off in the Bentley.

An hour later, Jordan and I were sitting in Mick’s back room. We had a few drinks and chatted. Maybe more than a few.

Then this is what followed:

What about the virus, Jordan?

What about it?

The isolation problem.



You get right down to it, Jon.

Time is money.

Of course. Well, you have to promise, first, that none of what I tell you in this conversation will go public. This is on background only.

Of course. I would never reveal your comments.

OK, good. So, the virus. Well, scientists never actually FIND a new virus. They INFER its existence.

Infer it from what?

A bunch of presumptions about their own lab procedures.

What they’re doing in the lab—

Is really just a hodge-podge of mumbo-jumbo. They don’t isolate anything. And then, using computer programs, they stitch together genetic sequences for “the virus.” These sequences are metaphors.


Mythical science.

So there is no proof SARS-CoV-2 exists.

No more proof than, say, “demonstrating” there is a bath house on Mars. Or a gay caballero is roaming the galaxy singing Country and Western.


But we need these metaphors. They satisfy so many interests.

Not least of all, vaccine manufacturers.

Right. If there are no viruses, why would we produce and sell vaccines?

Then all this talk about Pfizer intentionally mutating the virus and giving it more power…which is what you told Project Veritas…is sheer nonsense?

No, not nonsense. High level bullshit.


It’s simple. 99.999 percent of virologists in the world believe their own bullshit. They really think they’re discovering new viruses. They really think they can increase the power of those viruses. They’re actually doing METAPHOR, but they think they’re doing LITERAL.

My, my.

Yes. It’s a WOW. And it works brilliantly. No one wants to rock that boat. Too many people are making too much money and exerting too much political power.

So there is no need for a COVID vaccine.

No. And it’s not actually a vaccine. It’s a shot of nanoparticles. They supposedly instructs cells of the body to produce a spike protein. The nanos contain RNA, which does the instructing. So I’m told.

A lot of rigmarole.


So why is the injection injuring and killing so many people all over the world?

I don’t know. There are all kinds of theories. The point is, when you screw around with the human body, forcing unnatural processes on it, with genetic material [RNA], there is a ripple effect down the line. Things happen.

Unpredictable things.

Yes. The processes of the body are interlocking. Disturb one process, and you get bad reverberations.

Does Pfizer understand this?

All legitimate researchers realize it. It’s not a secret. The COVID injection is experimental. The open medical literature is very frank about the dangers of putting nanoparticles in humans.

In a sense, Pfizer is a marketing firm.

I would call it a PR firm that is also injuring and killing huge numbers of people. We front for an operation that aims at political control of populations. Hence the lockdowns. The lockdowns were a prime political objective. The fake science—which Pfizer peddles—was the cover story.

So you’re personally corrupt.

Of course.

You don’t care?

I’m just trying to make a good living.

With no conscience.

Having no conscience helps.

It occurs to me that this claim Pfizer is doing gain of function research on the virus could send people up a blind alley.

Well, sure. Because legally, Pfizer can quite probably get off the hook. They can say they’re protecting the public by mutating the virus and developing new vaccines that prevent these more dangerous variants from harming everybody. Whereas, a real court case that attacks the VACCINE for the harm it’s causing…that would be a jackpot. A verdict against Pfizer THERE would be devastating. If you could ever get the case into court…

Then why did you tell Project Veritas about Pfizer mutating the virus?

I was speaking metaphorically.

In what sense?

I was telling Veritas what Pfizer is doing with an imaginary virus. Think of it this way. This is a rough analogy: At the end of World War Two, an exec at a major American corporation tells the New York Times his corporation supplied badly built weapons to US troops in Europe. There is no truth to that, because his company didn’t make weapons—but the real story is, his corporation was supplying vital parts to the US AND Germany. Parts used in factories that manufactured planes. Making money from both sides. But the exec says nothing about THAT.

He pointed the finger at his own company. But for the wrong reason.


And that’s what you did when you talked to Project Veritas.

Sort of. Yes.


I was pissed off about a few things at work I don’t want to go into. And I might have been a little high.

On drugs?

Absolutely not. On one drug. Maybe.

You fucked up.


So what are you going to do now?

I think the question is, what are they going to do to me?

Will you testify in front of Congress?

I doubt they’ll invite me. Pfizer has a lot of clout. And several hundred Congressional legislators and other federal officials don’t want me in public under oath. But if I had to appear, I’d lie. I’d say my comments to Project Veritas were misinterpreted, with no context.

You’d try to bullshit your way out of trouble.

Yes. It’s a time-honored tradition. And think of how many journalists would come to my aid.

Pfizer is evil.

I thought we’d already established that.

Why do so many people work there? Some of them must know it’s a nest of evil.

They have bills to pay. They want to live a comfortable life.

It’s that simple?

For most people, it always is. Look, there’s a guy at Pfizer. He knows everything I’ve been telling you here today. He makes about 700K a year. He snitched to the head of security about a woman in his department who was about to go all whistleblower. He snitched because he wanted to protect Pfizer, the cash cow, who hands him his paycheck every month. That was the long and short of it for him. His paycheck. His standard of living.

The truth, the facts, the crimes meant nothing to him.

Less than nothing.

Were you always corrupt?

I’d say I went through three stages. As a child, I was pretty much like other children. After I went to work for Pfizer and gradually saw what was really happening there, I was troubled. But when I was promoted and got a substantial raise, I settled in. I experienced the perks of my new life.

“The banality of evil.”

Yes. Hannah Arendt’s phrase. To describe the Nazi bureaucrat, Adolph Eichmann.

Didn’t Arendt say Eichmann was unaware, detached? He was following orders in order to advance his career. You’re aware.

I am, but it doesn’t SINK IN. I’m like a researcher who’s designing a death ray shot from space, but focuses on the MATH problems in front of him. In a sense, he knows what he’s doing, but it doesn’t bite him.

The vaccine. It’s a killer.

Yes. But you have to remember, it’s the first vaccine given to so MANY people. I dare say if this was, say, the HPV [Human Papilloma Virus] vaccine, the results would be even worse.

If nobody from the company goes to prison—

We never do. We’re aliens.

Excuse me?

When you settle into one of the big pharmaceutical companies and work there for a decade or more, you’re not quite human anymore.

Is it cold in here? I just felt a chill.

You’re not the first person I’ve talked to who’s told me that.

— Jon Rappoport

Read Jon’s Blog here:

Episode 34 of Rappoport Podcasts—“We Are Living In the Era of Nanotechnology, Science Beyond Our Control; A Clear and Present Danger”—is now posted on my substack. It’s a blockbuster….


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Make This Go Viral Folks. Your Lives and Pocketbooks Depend on It.

 By Anna Von Reitz

Once again, our phony “government” corporation is at work protecting and profiting itself at your expense. 
The Feds are buying up all the unpolluted food stocks and socking them away in giant underground bunkers so that they have something to eat while your rotting irradiated corpses are littering the ground, victims of 5G “mercy killings” and Russian nukes that these warmongers are making inevitable.  Listen very carefully to what Biden actually said. 
They were talking about ways to do what?   “How we could increase and disseminate…. food shortages….”   He just admitted that they are manufacturing food shortages deliberately, and it’s easy to see how they are doing it. 
That is, by blowing up meat packing plants and creating artificial epidemics of bird flu and foreclosing on farmers hard hit by inflation these Vermin are deliberately causing, and creating monsoon like floods, followed by droughts, and, last but not least, using your money to buy up vast quantities of food for your feckless disloyal Public Employees, which empties the shelves and makes the cost of what is left skyrocket.
We want Pink Slips now.  Lots of them.  Better step up your communications to all the “local leaders” and politicians. 
And what’s their “worst case” scenario from doing this?  They have vast stockpiles of food that they can use to coerce people to do things, and once the new currency is established, if we somehow “fail” to have a nuclear war and kill ourselves off as a species once and for all, they will be able to sell food for more than gold.  Call it an investment win-win. 
Unless vast numbers of Americans wake up and I do mean — WAKE UP!—-everything and everyone will be destroyed by these madmen.  We have to get rid of them, because they are actively, with malice aforethought, making their move to get rid of us. 
Go to: and join your lawful State Assembly Militia  
Convene together and make your plans to protect and provide for your families and neighbors. 

And pass the word!  Make sure everyone on your Christmas Card List gets this.  


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Here's how AbbVie gamed the U.S. patent system to generate $114 billion in revenues from Humira drug

Image: Here’s how AbbVie gamed the U.S. patent system to generate $114 billion in revenues from Humira drug

(Natural News) Since 2016, pharmaceutical giant AbbVie has generated more than $114 billion in revenue from the sale of its anti-inflammatory drug Humira. That same year, Humira was supposed to go off-patent and become generic – meaning it would have cost a whole lot less for consumers – but because of patent manipulation, AbbVie has been able to maintain a monopoly on the medication, which sells for upwards of $50,000 a year.

The world’s best-selling anti-inflammatory drug, Humira is used by many to treat arthritis. In 2016, it was scheduled to see competition from a rival drug called Amjevita, made by Amgen, that regulators had approved – as well as from at least nine additional Humira competitors, including one from Pfizer.

AbbVie orchestrated the delay of these generic competitor releases for seven years by exploiting the United States patent system. What AbbVie did to accomplish this was build a massive wall of intellectual property protection while suing all would-be competitors before they had the chance to launch.

“The strategy has been a gold mine for AbbVie, at the expense of patients and taxpayers,” reported (Related: AbbVie is one of the pharmaceutical companies currently under investigation in Texas for illegally advertising and promoting puberty blockers for children.)

Since 2016, AbbVie has jacked up the price of Humira by 60% – the drug now costs $80,000 a year

Since its initial release some 20 years ago, Humira has been a cash cow for AbbVie, which raised the price of the drug some 30 times – including most recently by 8 percent this month.


SSR Health, a research firm determined that since the end of 2016 when AbbVie should have seen fresh competition, the company has jacked up the price of Humira by 60 percent to where it now costs a patient $80,000 a year to receive treatment.

Another analysis found that Medicare alone spent $2.2 billion more on the drug from 2016 to 2019 than it would have had generic competition been commercially released as planned.

“In interviews, patients said they either had to forgo treatment or were planning to delay their retirement in the face of enormous out-of-pocket costs for Humira,” reports explain about the exorbitant cost of Humira due to AbbVie’s monopoly.

Many other drug companies are doing the same thing as AbbVie with their “blockbuster” drugs as they pile up patents in order to delay copycat drugs from reaching the market for as long as possible.

“Humira is the poster child for many of the biggest concerns with the pharmaceutical industry,” said Rachel Sachs, a drug pricing expert at Washington University in St. Louis. “AbbVie and Humira showed other companies what it was possible to do.”

Since it was first approved in 2002, Humira has generated an astounding $208 billion globally. It was first approved to treat rheumatoid arthritis, but is now also used to treat autoimmune disorders like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

“Patents are good for 20 years after an application is filed. Because they protect patent holders’ right to profit off their inventions, they are supposed to incentivize the expensive risk-taking that sometimes yields breakthrough innovations. But drug companies have turned patents into weapons to thwart competition,” reports explain about how the game works.

“AbbVie and its affiliates have applied for 311 patents, of which 165 have been granted, related to Humira, according to the Initiative for Medicines, Access and Knowledge, which tracks drug patents. A vast majority were filed after Humira was on the market.”

“Some of Humira’s patents covered innovations that benefited patients, like a formulation of the drug that reduced the pain from injections. But many of them simply elaborated on previous patents.”

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Health freedom advocate Jonathan Emord is running for U.S. Senate in Virginia – learn more about him here

Image: Health freedom advocate Jonathan Emord is running for U.S. Senate in Virginia – learn more about him here

(Natural News) Over the next few months, Jonathan Emord, who is running for the United States Senate in Virginia, will be holding a “Special Event to Save America” tour featuring “legends of liberty” cut from the same cloth as freedom fighters like former Texas Rep. Ron Paul.

A staunch advocate of health freedom, Emord, a renowned constitutional attorney of 37 years, has successfully litigated numerous cases fighting back against the federal bureaucracy, “winning over and over again.”

Paul has referred to Emord as “an expert in constitutional theory and history” and an “expert litigator with a long string of legal victories over the federal bureaucracy.” (Related: In many ways, Emord is carrying the torch of what Ron Paul started with his revolution to restore health freedom in America.)

A graduate from the University of Illinois, Emord worked at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) during the Reagan administration. He is also an author with an extensive track record of successfully putting the corrupt Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in its place, which earned him the nickname of “FDA Dragon Slayer.”

“George Noory calls him ‘a Knight in Shining Armor’ and ‘a warrior out to save our rights,’” Emord’s website explains.

“Congressmen Dan Burton and John Doolittle describe him as ‘an intellectual warrior for the rights and freedoms of people in America.’ Jonathan has a unique, detailed knowledge of the federal bureaucracy, the deep state. He knows how to defeat it.”


Jonathan Emord is fighting for your constitutional rights – will you fight for his election to the Senate?

In addition to fighting for health freedom and against the FDA and other federal bureaucracies that seek to strip Americans of their right to self-governance, Emord is also focused on fighting against child abuse.

Emord wants to cut all federal funding for states, school boards, and schools that allow teachers to brainwash children into transgender mutilation ideology. He also wants to remove the Department of Justice (DoJ) from having jurisdiction over schools, school boards, and parents, “never again allowing an Attorney General of the United States to target parents for exercising their First Amendment rights.”

School districts that teach critical race theory (CRT) must also be cut off from federal funding because this anti-white curriculum violates the Fourteenth Amendment Equal Protection Clause.

Recognizing that the 2020 election results were questionable at best, Emord has also promised to fight for election integrity, including by supporting voter identification and opposing ballot harvesting. He would also like to see an automatic independent audit of votes in every state to ensure accuracy and prevent fraud.

America’s borders, and particularly its southern border, need to be secured, Emord believes. Part of his “law and order” position also includes making sure that there is “never again … a Summer like 2020 in which criminals are allowed to destroy lives, take liberty, and destroy property without arrest, prosecution, and incarceration.”

Emord’s other agendas include:

  • Removing all impediments to fossil fuels
  • Protecting the First Amendment
  • Ending all government mandates (i.e., masks, vaccines)
  • Protecting medical freedom and patient choice
  • Cutting government regulation
  • Cutting individual and corporate taxes
  • Cutting government spending
  • Making America’s military “second to none”
  • Defending the Second Amendment and the presumption of innocence
  • Defending the sanctity of life
  • Restoring constitutional government
  • Protecting and expanding free markets

Emord’s Special Event to Save America tour schedule is as follows:

  • Feb. 9 in Palm Beach, Fla.
  • Feb. 18 in Glendale, Calif.
  • March 6 in Scottsdale, Ariz.
  • April 15 in Omaha, Neb.

Especially if you live in Virginia, be sure to check out Emord’s campaign website to learn more about him.

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