Polluting the Blood

 By Anna Von Reitz

I hate to be the one to say this, but…. we’ve been here before.
What we are witnessing now with the shots is a very ancient crime called “polluting the blood”— and that crime has nothing to do with interracial marriage. 
It has to do with interspecies genetic engineering. 
How do vampires create other vampires?  By biting (injecting) their victims with some component in their saliva….. how do werewolves become werewolves?  Being bitten– again, a transfer via saliva.  
How is AIDS transferred?  The same.  Transfer via bodily fluids. 
And now, how is VAIDS transferred? 
Same story. 
You are in a horror film, but this one is for real.  
Fauci must have realized this during his years studying AIDS and its transferrence as a “communicable disease”. 
He obviously realized the reason it can’t be cured by conventional means is because it is caused by a transferrable genetic change.  
This lends credence to the rumor that AIDS was created to kill off homosexuals.  Sure looks that way in the rearview mirror. 
So now we know how homo sapiens was able to skip past thousands of years of slow mututions and natural selection, how Neanderthals were doomed, and Homo Erectus transformed. 
We also know the “secret” of why we age and die.  It was a bit of genetic engineering applied to Chromosome Two. 
So Grandma is sitting here waiting for the next narrative.  
“Oh, we couldn’t tell you because it was just so awful.  All those people who are dropping dead, aren’t really people.  They are all vampires, and the Covid 19 vaccine kills them. It’s really a good thing!”  
“We are purifying the human race.”   Sound familiar? 
All this craziness revolves around the use and misuse of genetic engineering to tamper with the human genome, the transfer mechanism, and the madmen doing it, of course. 
And as none of this was disclosed and was instead deliberately hidden behind a false front presenting it as a “vaccine” program for public health—- it’s a crime. 
Now we have proof that the same madmen responsible for this were ginning up vast quantities of additional experimental goop to force other unknown genetic changes on mankind.  
That’s what Vladimir Putin is dealing with in the Ukraine.  Cleaning out bioweapon production facilities placed in the Ukraine by corporations intent on expanding this criminal activity with the help of the Zelensky puppet regime. 
Keep focused on the fact that all this crime is being promoted by foreign for-profit commercial corporations of various kinds, not any valid government.  Keep focused on the fact that our enemies are corporations — not people, per se, and certainly not actual valid national governments.   Keep focused on the fact that this is not a political issue, this is a criminal issue.  
Keep focused on the truth, and we will get through this together.  Those who are vaxxed, hold on.  We are working out ways to counteract the genetic engineering and the transfer agents.  Those who aren’t vaxxed, stay unvaxxed.  If you have to live with or around people who are vaxxed, apply the same precautions you would with a person who has AIDS. 
The most effective means of addressing the “enemy” is to subject the guilty corporations to involuntary dissolution.  Every country and every State of State has provisions for the involuntary dissolution of corporations registered in or chartered under their authority.  
There is no need for long drawn out court battles with corporations that have billions to spend on such distractions.  We simply need to administratively dissolve all those corporations that have been complicit in these activities.  They’ve killed us, so we kill them.  
We dissolve their corporations.  We seize their assets, confiscate their accounts, and we remove their corporate veils and bankruptcy protections. And there is one more thing that needs to be done besides collecting and confiscating all the personal wealth of the officers and board members responsible — we prohibit them from ever being able to register or charter or serve as an officer of any incorporated business entity again.  
Chartering and/or registering corporations is a privilege.  Deny the rats responsible for this any ability to be involved in creating or running any corporation ever again.  
The Pope specifically, and the entire Ecumenical culture worldwide, has the explicit right and responsibility to destroy corporations that engage in unlawful activities and this is as unlawful as it gets.  
Go to the Orthodox Patriarchs.  Go to the Archbishop of Canterbury. Go to the heads of your Synods.  Go to the Coptic Patriarchs.  Go to your Imans. Go to your Buddhist elders.  Go to your Native Shamans. Go to the leaders of your Hindu and Shinto Temples.  Go now and go with urgency. 
Corporations have no natural right to exist.  You do. You have the right to exist in your natural state.  All things are subject to the Law of Freewill.  So go now and bring pressure on the Pope and on all other religious leaders and organizations to stop this madness and those promoting it.
These corporations and the men leading them, whether they are S-Corps, C-Corps, B-Corps, Non-profits, Foundations, Cooperatives, or some other form of corporation, have all aimed to murder millions of innocent people.  They have done this for profit motives.  These corporations deserve to be involuntarily dissolved and their leaders deserve to suffer criminal prosecution and confiscation of their personal assets.  
This includes the ability of the Church of Rome to dissolve all the “governmental services corporations” like AUSTRALIA and CHINA and the UNITED KINGDOM and the US and USA and DOD and WHO and so on.  They are responsible for what they create.  
So, either the Church of Rome gets off its velvet tuffet and owns its responsibility, which would certainly be helpful, or all the rest of us must use the power of our religious and political institutions to bring separate suit to divest and dissolve all the complicit corporations.  

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