Dr. Naomi Wolf Details ‘The Chamber of Horrors’ the Jab Poses to Women’s Reproductive Health

Pfizer acknowledges 20-something different ways its shot can send a women’s menstrual cycle into disarray.

“There is something irregular about their [vaccinated women’s] menstrual cycles,” professed Pfizer executive Dr. Jordan Trishton Walker in Project Veritas’ latest explosive exposé.

“So people will have to investigate that down the line — because that is a little concerning,” he expressed. “The [COVID-19] vaccine shouldn’t be interfering with that [menstruation]. He then notes, “It [the Pfizer mRNA shot] has to be affecting something hormonal to impact menstrual cycles.”

Walker leaves us with one last harrowing statement: “[If] the entire next generation’s super f**ked up, could you imagine the scandal? Oh, my God. I would take Pfizer off my resume.”

As expected, such statements took the internet by storm, receiving at least 10 million views on Twitter alone. The social media platform was also bombarded with over 90,000 tweets using the hashtag #Pfertility (fertility with a Pfizer P).

Project Veritas has done an incredible job in making such information accessible — with a spice of drama in confession format. Although severe dysregulation of menstrual cycles is newsworthy, it is not new news. Dissenting doctors, scientists, thought leaders, and women have been screaming from the rooftops about this subject for some time. One of the first to raise concerns was DailyClout CEO Dr. Naomi Wolf, who has been hammering away at this issue for the better part of two years.

The above tweet, from May 2021, led to Dr. Wolf’s expulsion from Twitter. At the time, it was labeled a “vaccine myth.”

“Her suspension was widely applauded on the social media platform,” The Guardian reported on June 5, 2021. Steve Silberman, a historian of autism, wrote:

A Twitter user responded to Mr. Silberman, saying, “We should all be concerned when anyone is de-platformed. If they can do it to someone you don’t like, they can do it to someone you do.” Silberman replied to the Twitter user, “Noted: You’re in favor of people shouting “FIRE!” in thousands of crowded theaters at once. Got it.”

Even people who were critical of the COVID-19 shots piled on. Alex Berenson called Dr. Wolf “counterfactual” and “batsh*t crazy.”

Well, it looks like shouting, “FIRE!” was justified because a study funded by the NIH found that 40.2% of women reported menstrual changes post-injection; this would equate to over 40 million women having their menstrual cycles affected by the jab. And a major voice, sounding the alarm, had her voice stripped away from the platform — only to be proven to have legitimate concerns — after millions of women were injected in circumstances devoid of informed consent or were coerced into getting injected.

Silberman’s “FIRE!” free speech argument has collapsed. Because instead of protecting people from a false claim, you metaphorically disabled the fire alarm and allowed the people inside to burn.

So, in light of #Pfertility making it to the mainstream conversation, we reflect on the past work of the DailyClout / War Room volunteers, summarized by no one other than Dr. Naomi Wolf. Let’s give her the floor:

Image Credit: New York Times

“We at DailyClout, over the last, I would say, six months, have broken story after story showing that these mRNA injections damage women’s reproductive systems generally and human reproduction in general. We broke the story that the lipid nanoparticles degrade the testes, even in fetal boys and baby boys.

“We broke the story that the Pfizer documents showed that there was polyethylene glycol in breast milk [of vaccinated women], sometimes turning that breast milk blue-green.

Dr. Robert Chander showed that within 48 hours of injection, there’s biodistribution throughout the body of the lipid nanoparticles and that they accumulate in organs such as the brain, spleen, liver, and adrenals — but especially accumulate in the ovaries if you’re a woman, of course.

See the right chart for LNP accumulation over time (48h). The faint green line is the liver, the yellow is the spleen, the off-white is the adrenal glands, and the orange line is the ovaries.

“And we broke the story that the lipid nanoparticles traverse the placenta. And Dr. Jim Thorp has shown that they compromise the placenta.


“And of course, as I’ve been warning now, for ten months, we’re now seeing 13 to 19% drops in live births around the world, but especially in Western Europe and North America.

“So it [menstrual changes] is not news to us. I’m really glad Project Veritas broke that story. And I’m glad that everyone’s paying attention. But I’ve been screaming about this for literally two years. These War Room / DailyClout medical and scientific experts have demonstrated, abundantly, that there are horrific menstrual and other reproductive harms to women.”

That leads us to Pfizer Report 38 by Dr. Robert Chandler.

Dr. Robert Chander is an orthopedic surgeon and one of the 3,500 War Room / DailyClout volunteers — who spent countless hours of his time and energy digging and reporting on the Pfizer documents.

Pfizer report 38, which Dr. Chandler published back in August, revealed several eye-opening findings, but the main takeaway is the undeniable damage to women and their reproductive health.

While sifting through Pfizer documents 5.3.6 and Appendix 2.1, Dr. Chandler found that women were two and a half times more likely to suffer an adverse event from Pfizer’s mRNA shot than men.

Sixteen percent of adverse events affecting women were reproductive disorders. And perhaps even more disturbing was the 20-something different ways Pfizer classified menstrual harms (not the entire list below).

But let’s take it from the top of Dr. Chandler’s report and work our way down, starting with Table 1.

This is a breakdown of the data from 5.3.6. (Post-marketing experience after mRNA rollout). Pfizer received reports of 42,086 adverse events from the rollout mRNA of its mRNA injection (12/11/2020) to 2/28/21 (about two and a half months later).

77% of the 42,086 adverse events affected women.

And the following chart breaks down the male vs. female occurrence of adverse events by organ system. In every category, women (blue) suffered more adverse events than men (orange).

Pfizer document Appendix 2.1 corroborates the disparity in the number of adverse events between men and women.

Dr. Chandler writes, “Appendix 2.1 recently surfaced following a FOIA request from the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and consists of a 170-page document that tallies Adverse Events by diagnosis in 1,348,079 subjects (i.e., patients). The sex was known in 1,282,113 cases – 923,194 women (72% of those with known sex and 68% of total series including unknown sex) and 358,919 men. Data capture ended on April 15, 2022.”

“And there it gets really scary,” expressed Dr. Naomi Wolf, “because of those 72% of adverse events that are female, Pfizer characterizes 16% of those adverse events as ‘reproductive disorders.’ Those are Pfizer’s words. And that’s compared to 0.49% for men sustaining reproductive disorders.”

“Project Veritas, I hope you’re listening,” voiced Dr. Wolf. “Chart five shows the numbers of just the top 10 menstrual dysfunctions contrasted with a much smaller number of reproductive issues for men. … And it’s truly disgusting.”

As you can see, it’s no contest. The tenth most common side effect for women (oligomenorrhea – infrequent menstrual periods) has nearly ten times the number of cases (3,437) as testicular pain (362), the number one sexual disorder in men.

But let’s quickly take gloss over just a fraction of the number of ways Pfizer admits the mRNA jab can dysregulate or affect women’s reproductive health:

• Heavy menstrual bleeding – 27,685 cases

• Menstrual disorder (pain, heavy bleeding, or absence of menstruation) – 22,145 cases

• Menstruation irregular (irregular cycle lengths) – 15,083 cases

• Menstruation delayed – 13,989 cases

• Dysmennorhea (pain during menstruation) – 13,904 cases

• Intermenstrual bleeding (bleeding in between periods) – 12,424 cases

• Amenorrhea (absence of period) – 11,363 cases

• Polymenorrhea (multiple periods) – 9,546 cases

• Vaginal hemorrhage (excessive bleeding of the female reproductive system) – 4,699 cases.

• Oligomenorrhea (infrequent menstrual periods) – 3,437 cases

As you go down the list, the documented disorders often overlap the ailments mentioned above, naming 20-something different ways Pfizer’s mRNA shot can send a women’s menstrual cycle into disarray.

Click this link to be redirected to Pfizer Report 38 for the entire list.

The harm to women’s reproductive health is corroborated by preclinical studies performed on Wistar Han Rats — which Dr. Chandler details in Pfizer report 38 — demonstrating the abundant accumulation of lipid nanoparticles in the ovaries.

The left chart shows the decrease in the presence of the LNP/mRNA at the injection site over time (48 hours), and the right graph shows the increase in the presence of the injected materials in the liver, spleen, adrenal glands, and ovaries. The study stopped after 48 hours. We don’t know for sure what happens afterward, but the LNP/mRNA accumulation in the ovaries (orange line) is at its highest point at the 48-hour mark.

The accumulation of the injected materials in the testes is far less. The following chart illustrates the stark difference.

Dr. Naomi Wolf asks, “Why are they looking at ovaries versus testes concentration for a drug that’s supposed to be treating a respiratory illness?” She adds, “What’s so weird, creepy, and disgusting about the Pfizer documents is that their trials were about sex. Their trials were about sex and reproduction: testes, ovaries, placenta, menstruation, lactation, spontaneous abortion — they knew. They were utterly focused on reproduction and knew they were damaging it.”

So, Pfizer executive Jordan Trishton Walker’s concerns about menstrual changes have already been thoroughly acknowledged in the Pfizer documents. They knew what the mRNA injection did to women, and they kept going.

And while we’re focused on reproductive health, what about the dead and injured babies? We see adverse event after adverse event, showing the number of ways pregnancies can go wrong in Appendix 2.1:

• Premature baby – 181 cases

• Fetal death – 147 cases

• Fetal growth restriction – 124 cases

• Ectopic pregnancy – 67 cases

• Premature labor – 64 cases

• Abortion – 58 cases

• Stillbirth – 56 cases

• Premature delivery – 44 cases

• Fetal heart rate abnormal – 41 cases

• Uterine contractions abnormal – 40 cases

• Infertility female – 26 cases

• Postpartum hemorrhage – 26 cases

• Abortion early – 19 cases

• Threatened labor – 14 cases

• Fetal cardiac disorder – 10 cases

• Fetal growth abnormality – 10 cases

• Fetal vascular malperfusion (inadequate supply of oxygenated blood) – 10 cases

• Small for dates baby – 10 cases

Think about what you just read.

“This is for a respiratory disorder,” emphasized Dr. Naomi Wolf.

“This is an intervention that leads women to have every kind of horrible thing happen to their uteruses, their menstrual cycles, their fallopian tubes, their ovaries, their babies, their babies’ hearts … It is a chamber of horrors. They knew it, and they kept going.”

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla. Pic: AP

Dr. Wolf continues, “They told women to ‘get injected; get injected.’ ‘Get injected while you’re pregnant.’ ‘Get your children injected.’”

“To me,” Dr. Wolf reflects, “it says that this is a war against women.” She elaborates, “It’s a war against women’s fertility, women’s ability to nurse, women’s ability to carry and deliver live babies. And they knew it! They ruined women.”

And to this day, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla refuses to acknowledge the 1,282,113 adverse events in Appendix 2.1. He’s doubling down and continuing to make rounds on tv. “We’ve not seen a single [safety] signal, although we have distributed billions of doses,” he dishonestly bragged.

But the evidence lies in the documents. “These people knew,” attested Dr. Wolf. “They are absolute criminals! We have to hold them accountable.”

One last point.

The information that you just read: Pfizer and the FDA wanted to keep it hidden from you long after you were dead — for 75 years. It wasn’t until renowned attorney Aaron Siri led a FOIA case against the FDA that a federal judge ordered the documents to be released in 108 days, the same amount of time it took the FDA to approve the Covid-19 injections. And because of the judge’s decision, Pfizer report 38 was made possible — as well as the other 53 reports that have been published.

DailyClout has compiled the first 50 reports into an ebook – and made it available on Amazon. The issue we face is not the lack of a “smoking gun” — but convincing the public that a crime has occurred. So, please, arm yourself with knowledge and read this book — or gift the cold, hard evidence to a friend. We already have the blueprint for prosecution; we just need enough people to demand accountability:

Pick Up Your Copy on Amazon
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The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State

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  • In his book, “The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State,” Dr. Aaron Kheriaty details how the COVID pandemic paved the way for the implementation of a totalitarian one world government, where human rights and freedoms will no longer exist

  • September 30, 2022, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed California Assembly Bill 2098, which was set to take effect January 1, 2023. It prohibits doctors from providing COVID-19 treatment or advice that includes false information, and/or contradicts “contemporary scientific consensus,” and/or is “contrary to the standard of care.” A doctor found to violate this law is guilty of “unprofessional conduct” and can face disciplinary action, including having his or her medical license revoked

  • Together with four other California-based doctors — Tracy Hoeg, Ram Duriseti, Pete Mazolewski and Azadeh Khatibi — Kheriaty filed a lawsuit against Newsom and other officials, including the president and members of the Medical Board of California, to block this law

  • Another lawsuit, filed by Children’s Health Defense (CHD), Dr. LeTrinh Hoang and Physicians for Informed Consent, is also seeking to get AB 2098 tossed out. December 7, 2022, attorneys for the CHD filed a motion for preliminary injunction while its legal challenge makes its way through the courts. January 26, 2023, Senior U.S. District Judge William Shubb granted the CHD’s preliminary injunction

  • Kheriaty is also a plaintiff in the Missouri v. Biden case, filed by the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana, in which they argue that the Biden administration is colluding with Big Tech to illegally censor Americans. Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and Martin Kulldorff, Ph.D., — two authors of the Great Barrington Declaration, an early critique of lockdowns and school closures — have also joined the case

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In the video above, I interview Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, author of “The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State.” Kheriaty is a medical doctor and psychiatrist and worked as a professor in the School of Medicine at the University of California Irvine for 15 years before getting fired for his objections to mandatory COVID shots.

He also directs the Bioethics and American Democracy Program at the Ethics and Public Policy Center and is a senior scholar and fellow of the Brownstone Institute.

“As ethics program director and ethics community chair, I was involved in basically all of the pandemic policy drafting, right up until the vaccine mandate,” Kheriaty says.

“Our committee at the Office of the President had done the ventilator triage policy, the vaccine allocation policy. But when it came to the vaccine mandate, it came down from on high and there was no discussion debate. Our committee was not involved in drafting the policy.

I was very concerned about the lack of open discussion and debate. Because of all the sensitive policies that we had developed during the pandemic, this one I thought was going to be the most ethically controversial, problematic and the most publicly fraught.

So, I was puzzled by the fact that we didn’t really have a conversation about it. I published a piece in The Wall Street Journal last year, arguing that vaccine mandates are unethical based on the principle of informed consent, which I teach to all the medical students every year.

This is the principle that an adult of sound mind has the right to decide: what medications or interventions to accept or decline, and they have the right to make this decision on behalf of their children who are not yet old enough to give consent.

I was very concerned that vaccine mandates were just tossing this principle overboard under the guise of, ‘We’re in emergency and so the regular rules don’t apply.’ I think it’s precisely in wartime and crises that it’s all the more important to stand fast and hold onto our ethical principles, because those are the times where we’re most tempted to abandon them. And when you do that, you can often invite disaster.”

Despite a number of efforts, the university refused to engage in a debate, and instead put the mandatory COVID jab policy in place. As students started to be steamrolled, many reached out to him for help. They’d day things like, “I’m not a religious person, and so, in good conscience, I don’t want to submit a dishonest religious exemption, but I have other moral or ethical concerns about this vaccine.”

Others were unable to get an appropriate medical exemption. The reason they couldn’t get one was because the California Medical Board sent a letter threatening to revoke the medical license of any physician who wrote “inappropriate exemptions.” They, of course, never defined what was appropriate or inappropriate, but it had the intended effect. Doctors were incredibly hesitant to write medical exemptions at all, for fear of the repercussions.

“I remember one patient of mine, a young man who went to his rheumatologist and this doctor told him, ‘Given your autoimmune condition, given what I’ve seen of the vaccine data so far, I recommend that you don’t get the vaccine because I think you’re young and otherwise healthy. You’re not at high risk of COVID, but the vaccine could exacerbate your autoimmune condition.’

The patient then turned to him and said, ‘OK, can you write me a medical exemption because there’s a mandate at my place of employment?’ The same doctor that just recommended against the vaccine said, ‘No, I’m sorry, I can’t do that because I might lose my medical license.’ So this was the, in my view, intolerable situation that we found ourselves in 2021.

I just couldn’t imagine trying to teach the principle of informed consent, which I do in the second lecture, or talking with them about integrity and moral courage, standing up and doing the right thing even though you’re at the bottom of the hospital hierarchy as a medical student.

I couldn’t imagine having those conversations if I had seen something being rolled out that I knew was wrong, that I knew was harming people. I could see my colleagues, nurses and other very good professionals in the hospital getting fired, having their jobs threatened by this [mandate]. If I hadn’t stood up and done something, I just don’t think I would have woken up with a clear conscience.”

Kheriaty ended up filing a lawsuit in federal court, challenging the vaccine mandate. He argued on behalf of people with natural immunity because, strategically, he thought that was an argument that stood on solid ground legally. The university responded by first placing him on investigatory leave, followed by unpaid suspension. Two months after the lawsuit was filed, they fired him. Kheriaty ended up opening a private practice, and so far has fared well.

“I have been able to provide for my family and get, almost, back to the point where I was before in terms of earnings. But it’s much more hand to mouth now. I don’t know how things are going to look year to year. I’m not a salaried employee anymore, but I’ve been able to cobble together various sources of support, including the book I wrote …

I’ve been able to replicate my clinical work. I’m able to see my patients in my private practice. I’m able to do my research, writing and speaking. The Ethics and Public Policy Center in D.C., the Brownstone Institute and the Zephyr Institute have offered me a bit of support to keep that work going.

The one thing I haven’t really been able to replicate, at least not in the same way, is the teaching and supervision of medical students and residents, which I really enjoyed … That was hard to walk away from, but when I mention that, other people have told me, ‘Yes, but you’re teaching now, you’re just teaching on a different and maybe even on a bigger scale,’ because my case got quite a bit of attention.

My social media profile expanded and I’ve been given lots of opportunities this year to speak on podcasts to larger audiences, to speak at conferences, and I’ve met some extraordinary people in the medical freedom movement. So I have new colleagues and new friends that are really remarkable and amazing people that I feel a strong connection and solidarity with, because we’re all trying to pull the cart in the same direction.

We’re all concerned about what’s happened to science and medicine during the pandemic — or I should say what’s happened over the last several decades that really fully manifested during the pandemic.

So, it’s been exciting to be a part of that, to be able to testify at the U.S. Senate, at the California Senate, to get involved in some other legal cases that have to do with physicians’ free speech rights and preserving the integrity of the doctor-patient relationship, so that outside governmental intrusions don’t undermine it.

The work I’ve done this year has been really tremendously rewarding, and I’m grateful for that, so I have no regrets. And even without all those things, there’s nothing better than waking up with a clear conscience, knowing that I tried to do the right thing and that I didn’t compromise my convictions out of convenience.”

One of the legal cases Kheriaty has gotten involved with is trying to block a new California law from taking effect. September 30, 2022, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed California Assembly Bill 2098, which was set to take effect January 1, 2023.

AB 2098 prohibits doctors from providing COVID-19 treatment or advice to a patient when that treatment or advice includes false information, and/or contradicts “contemporary scientific consensus,” and/or is “contrary to the standard of care.”

A doctor found to violate this law is guilty of “unprofessional conduct” and can face disciplinary action, including having his or her medical license revoked. As noted by Kheriaty:

“This, to my mind, obviously undermines the core element that has to be the centerpiece of medicine, which the trust that the patient has in their physician …

I don’t know of anyone who would want to ask their physician a question … and not have their physician give them an honest answer based on his or her actual medical judgment and reading of the scientific literature. A physician with a gag order is not a physician that you can trust.”

So, together with four other California-based doctors — Tracy Hoeg, Ram Duriseti, Pete Mazolewski and Azadeh Khatibi — Kheriaty filed a lawsuit against Newsom and other officials, including the president and members of the Medical Board of California, to block this law.

“I think everyone wants their physician to be able to say what they think … and not just be reading from a script that the government gave them,” Kheriaty says.

“So, this lawsuit challenges this unjust law in federal court, again on the basis of a constitutional claim that this, No. 1, infringes on the rights of free speech of the physician and, No. 2, is also a violation of the 14th Amendment Equal Protection Rights of Physicians …

We have a constitutional right that’s been established by the court’s interpretation of the 14th Amendment to have laws that are sufficiently clear that a person can know whether or not they’re in violation of the law, so that you don’t have this looming thing in the background that you’re always wondering, ‘Am I OK or am I not OK?’ So, I’m cautiously optimistic that we will prevail in court.”

Another lawsuit, filed by Children’s Health Defense (CHD), Dr. LeTrinh Hoang and Physicians for Informed Consent, is also seeking to get the law tossed out. December 7, 2022, attorneys for the CHD filed a motion for preliminary injunction while its legal challenge makes its way through the courts.

January 26, 2023, Senior U.S. District Judge William Shubb granted the CHD’s preliminary injunction.

According to Shubb, the defendants had failed to provide evidence that “scientific consensus” has any “established technical meaning,” and that the law provides “no clarity” on the meaning of the word “misinformation.” As noted by Shubb:

“Who determines whether a consensus exists to begin with? If a consensus does exist, among whom must the consensus exist (for example practicing physicians, or professional organizations, or medical researchers, or public health officials, or perhaps a combination)?

In which geographic area must the consensus exist (California, or the United States, or the world)? What level of agreement constitutes a consensus (perhaps a plurality, or a majority, or a supermajority)? How recently in time must the consensus have been established to be considered ‘contemporary’?

And what source or sources should physicians consult to determine what the consensus is at any given time (perhaps peer-reviewed scientific articles, or clinical guidelines from professional organizations, or public health recommendations)?

The statute provides no means of understanding to what ‘scientific consensus’ refers … Because the term ‘scientific consensus’ is so ill-defined, physician plaintiffs are unable to determine if their intended conduct contradicts the scientific consensus, and accordingly ‘what is prohibited by the law’ …

Vague statutes are particularly objectionable when they ‘involve sensitive areas of First Amendment freedoms’ because ‘they operate to inhibit the exercise of those freedoms.'”

As reported by the CHD:

“Judge Shubb’s ruling prevents enforcement of AB 2098 pending resolution of the lawsuit. According to lead counsel Rick Jaffe, ‘Judge Shubb looked at the law and correctly determined that the COVID misinformation was unconstitutionally vague, in large part because the plaintiffs in both cases showed there is no ‘current scientific consensus,’ given the fast-changing pace of the pandemic.’

‘The case will now proceed on two tracks,’ Jaffe said, adding: ‘The parties will continue to litigate the case before Judge Shubb and we will be filing a motion for summary judgment in the not-too-distant future.

But because we won, and because a judge in the Central District of California denied a similar challenge to AB 2098, the attorney general will certainly appeal and argue that the central district judge was right. So, there is much more to come.'”

Kheriaty is also a plaintiff in the Missouri v. Biden case, filed by the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana, in which they argue that the Biden administration is colluding with Big Tech to illegally censor Americans. Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and Martin Kulldorff, Ph.D., — two authors of the Great Barrington Declaration, an early critique of lockdowns and school closures — have also joined the case.

“There’s been a lot of attention in recent weeks on the Twitter files, where we’re looking under the hood at that social media company and seeing, for example, a relationship with the FBI, where the FBI is basically telling Twitter what to do and what to censor and which accounts to shut down,” Kheriaty says.

“Arguably, the social media companies can do this as private entities … but inarguably, no one doubts that the federal government cannot censor Americans. That’s a clear free speech First Amendment violation. And the federal government cannot … pressure other entities into doing its bidding as a long arm of its censorship regime.

We’re hoping, first of all, to uncover exactly what’s going on with this collusion, and the materials that we have so far in discovery in this case have clearly shown that not only is this happening, but it’s happening on a vaster scale than we suspected when we first filed the lawsuit. At least 17 different federal agencies have been involved in this censorship regime.

So I think that case is going to receive increasing attention in the new year as it proceeds and as more and more information comes out from other investigative reporters on what’s been going on …”

During his deposition for this case, Dr. Anthony Fauci, former director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, had what Kheriaty calls “wildly implausible memory lapses.” He said “I don’t know” 174 times. “If he were to be honest … he’s probably worried that it would implicate him in ways that are problematic,” Kheriaty says.

I’ve previously interviewed psychologist Mattias Desmet about the role of mass formation in the government’s ability to infringe on our human rights and freedoms. Kheriaty agrees that the mass formation mechanism has been part of the problem, but it’s not the only one.

“I don’t think mass formation is the only mechanism at work in terms of accounting for our COVID response. In addition to that theory, which I mentioned in my book, I take a look at the more deliberate employment and deployment of fear through propaganda.

And, through other subtle and not so subtle mechanisms of coercion that were operating during the pandemic — [I look at] financial incentives and power dynamics that also help to account for what happened to us and why so many people went along with it.

The control of the flow of information has been extremely important during the pandemic. I think without the government’s partnering with private entities in these vast censorship enterprises, we would not have adopted policies like lockdowns and school closures. We would’ve had much more pushback against policies like vaccine mandates than we saw.

When you lock people down at home and so they’re isolated behind screens, forced to interact with one another only through this medium, they can’t have quiet face-to-face conversations at the watercooler, then you control the flow of information that they’re getting through the control of social media, the control of mainstream media.

And then [when] you deploy very sophisticated high-level propaganda techniques — wartime propaganda techniques — and you deliberately deploy fear as a mechanism of control, then you create conditions where people go along with manifestly unjust policies, and not only are not troubled by that, but actually believe that they’re doing good.

These things are framed as duties of a good citizen. And people who challenge these policies are immediately branded with, ‘You only care about money. You don’t care about not killing grandma,’ this sort of thing.

This desire to be a good person, this desire to be seen as among the virtuous because I’ve done what I’m told to do and I’ve done what it looks like everyone else is wanting to do or being told to do, this is a very powerful tonic that has proven to be very effective over the last three years.”

October 23, 2022, Gates, Johns Hopkins and the World Health Organization cohosted yet another tabletop exercise dubbed “Catastrophic Contagion,” involving a novel pathogen called “severe epidemic enterovirus respiratory syndrome 2025” (SEERS-25), which primarily affects children and teens.

When asked if he believes COVID-19 was a kind of fine-tuning of a process the globalist cabal intends to deploy in the future during another pandemic, he replies:

“Monkeypox never took hold as the next crisis but, yes, I think we’ve adopted a new model of governance and this is what I argue in “The New Abnormal” — that even though a lot of these individual policies have been rolled back, some of the problematic policies that we’ve mentioned, the whole infrastructure for lockdowns, for digital surveillance through vaccine passport-type technology and through digital track and trace technology, this infrastructure has been put in place.

It’s still in place and it’s just waiting for the next declared public health crisis. This new model of governance involves unprecedented level of control over people’s lives, their movements, their speech, their freedom of association, and it requires that we jump from one declared crisis to the next to keep this state of emergency going, so that certain people can maintain power … and continue to advance their aims.

In Chapter 3 of the book, I talk about what some of the next steps are in the rollout of what I call a biosecurity or biomedical security paradigm — things like digital IDs tied to biometric data like your iris scan, your face ID, your fingerprint; eventually, data from wearables or implantable devices on your vital signs and your moment-to-moment health status or emotional status.

Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) will be the financial arm of that monitoring, surveilling and controlling apparatus, so there’s going to be another declared public health crisis. You see an attempt to reframe other issues from racism to climate change as public health issues.

People in positions of power have floated serious proposals to do rolling lockdowns to deal with the climate crisis, for example, or the energy crisis in Europe, so we’re going to see something.

Whether it’s a computer virus or an enterovirus, a gastrointestinal bug that disproportionately impacts children — because children were largely spared from COVID and not enough parents vaccinated their children in the eyes of the biosecurity paradigm elites — I don’t know.

I don’t know exactly what issue is going to be the one that takes hold, but there will be another declared public health crisis, sometime in the next two to three years, with attempts not only to revive COVID era policies and mechanisms of control, but to advance additional pieces in that regime. Of that, I have absolutely no doubt.

One of the reasons I wrote the book … [was] to look toward the future and to ask, ‘OK, how is this apparatus, this biomedical security apparatus going to be deployed down the road, and what are the next steps in that process?’

[I ask this ]so that we can realize that if we don’t start standing up for certain freedoms, if we don’t draw lines and say, ‘These are rights that should never be relinquished, even during an emergency or a declared crisis,’ if we don’t start doing that, and if we’re not aware of what the next steps in this process are going to be and how they’re going to be sold to us, then we’re going to find ourselves caught off guard once again.

In a crisis where there’s fear and uncertainty, we’re not going to be able to think clearly. We’re going to lose our heads again and we’re going to wake up in a year or two or three and wonder, ‘How did we get here?

What happened to us?’ and I don’t want to see that happen again. We’ve already relinquished enough of our freedoms, we’ve already endured the enormous collateral harms of our disastrous pandemic policies, and to my view, we can’t go down that road again in another few years.”

In the epilogue of the book, titled “Seattle 2030,” Kheriaty imagines what life might be like seven years from now, if we don’t change course.

“What I do in the first half of the epilogue is try to give the reader a sense of how some of these new technologies and measures are going to be sold to the public, so the first couple of pages of the epilogue don’t seem dystopian …

It’s only once you get about halfway through that you start seeing, ‘OK, there are some flies in the ointment, and there’s people in this society under this regime who are not benefiting, who are excluded by the social credit system and other mechanisms of social and financial control.’

There are certainly health problems that are not being solved by twice-a-year mRNA injections, and probably being exacerbated by this model of treating human beings as though we’re hardware that needs software updates in the form of gene therapies.

Hopefully, by the end of the epilogue, the reader wakes up and recognizes, ‘Oh, my goodness, this is not the kind of society that I want to live in. This is certainly not the kind of society that I want my children or my grandchildren to grow up in.’

I didn’t invent any new technologies to describe in the epilogue … [I say] ‘A few years from now, if certain things that are readily available are adopted on a mass scale and deployed in particular ways, this is what your life is going to look like. Is this the kind of life that you want to lead?’

So, it’s an attempt to bring together the future-oriented gaze of the book and help people really get a firm and concrete grasp of what’s coming down the pike if we don’t stand up and resist.”

I believe the implementation of CBDCs will be instrumental in the coming control scheme, because once the globalist cabal has direct access to your money, you become far easier to control. And, the way it’s looking right now, CBDCs are inevitable. The question is, how do we opt out of the system?

“This is a really hard problem and it’s a really important question,” Kheriaty says. “I think we have to learn how to opt out of the system and develop, whether it’s a parallel economy or parallel medical institutions, that truly are independent.

We have to do that right now, and we have to develop those things soon, because if we collectively get into an opt-in situation with digital IDs and CBDCs, then resistance to that system will be almost impossible …

I think we need to start thinking small and local, and to develop strong face-to-face communities of communication, interaction, mutual support and exchange. The currency works because of a communal agreement that when I give you this piece of paper, it’s going to be worth something.

It’s a mutual agreement that we’re going to use this mechanism of exchange, and this mechanism of measuring market value is how currency becomes currency.

So, [as a] collective [we need to say] ‘No, we’re not going to go cashless.’ If as a collective, we say, ‘No, we’re not going to transition all of our assets into a centrally controlled digital currency,’ we’ll halt the process of that becoming the default or the only game in town.

Beyond that, I wish I could tell you what the answer looks like and what these parallel economies are going to look like. I don’t know the answer to that, and part of the reason I don’t know the answer is because that’s not how novel solutions develop. Novel solutions don’t develop from a couple of perceptive or intelligent people figuring it all out.

They require the collective wisdom of a lot of people trying things, some of which don’t work and some of which work. They require people at the local level asking, ‘What are the needs of the population here close to home?’ which may look very different from the needs of a population in a different setting or in a different context.”

Kheriaty goes on to explain why getting out of the control system — once CBDCs are fully implemented and society has gone cashless — will be near-impossible:

“CBDCs need to be distinguished from decentralized digital currencies like Bitcoin. The feds are issuing a digital dollar, and if that digital currency is adopted to the point where we’ve gone entirely cashless, then we’re in a situation in which you can be locked out of your ability to engage in financial transactions if you don’t comply or if you don’t behave.

And, as I explain in the book, if you have a digital dollar in your digital wallet, it’s not actually the same as a dollar bill in your real wallet. The reason for that is, let’s say the government gives you $1,000 tax rebate in the form of a digital dollar. They may even sweeten the deal saying, ‘We’ll give you a $1,000 check in your bank account or we will give you $1,200 in the form of a digital dollar,’ right?

‘Oh, OK, I’ll take the digital dollar. That’s a no brainer. It’s more money.’ Well, two to three years from now, once we’ve gone cashless, that digital dollar can be programmed to have conditions attached to it.

In other words, the government can say, ‘Here’s your tax rebate, but you got to spend this $1,200 sometime in the next nine months, and if you don’t, then it’s going to turn into $600. And if you don’t spend it in the next six months after that, it’s going to disappear.’

So what you have in your digital wallet is not actually like cash. Cash doesn’t just disappear. It doesn’t have an expiration date on it. The government can also say, ‘You have to spend it on these favored industries.’

Or, ‘You can’t spend it on these disfavored industries. You can’t give a donation or contribution to support Dr. McCullough’s podcast because he’s a disinformation spreader,’ or, ‘You have to spend it on green energy,’ or whatever.

Once this is tied to a digital ID, the government will be able to track all of your financial transactions using this digital currency. It will be able to nudge you and punish you in the ways that I have described.

If you try to opt out of that system, basically you’re not going to be able to engage in financial transactions, or you’re going to find yourself in some parallel economy that involves bartering chickens or something like that — very primitive kind of economic transactions — because all of the banks and all of society’s mainstream institutions are going to rely on this digital system of productivity and exchange and currency to engage in all transactions.

So, once the system is in place, it’s going to be very hard to resist because an algorithm in the sky or a person can push a button and, look, you can no longer buy gasoline. You can no longer purchase things online unless you get your booster shot or unless you do what the public health authorities are telling you to do.

So it’s a system of near total surveillance and control that would’ve made the totalitarian dictators of the past salivate. Hitler or Stalin could only have dreamed of this level of intrusive surveillance and minute control over the movements and the behavior of the populations that they were governing.”

I completely agree with Kheriaty’s notion that it is imperative that people understand where we’re headed — that the COVID measures weren’t just responses to a given pandemic, but rather laid the foundation for a totalitarian one world government, where human rights and freedoms will no longer exist.

This is likely the biggest challenge mankind has ever faced as a collective, and it requires strong collective resistance. In order for that resistance to occur, however, people must understand what’s going on. So, to learn more, be sure to pick up a copy of Kheriaty’s book, “The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State,” and share it with friends and family.

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Operation Warp Speed — A Technocratic Chess Piece?

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  • Many of the same surveillance initiatives proposed after 9/11 have been resurrected, with updated technology, under the guise of combating COVID-19

  • Operation Warp Speed, the White House Administration’s effort to produce a fast-tracked COVID-19 vaccine and other therapeutics, is almost entirely funded and operated by the CIA and the U.S. military

  • Operation Warp Speed is supporting the creation of several COVID-19 vaccines, all of which will be deployed, but to different “critical populations”

  • Operation Warp Speed is shrouded in secrecy that makes it difficult to ascertain the true agenda, but part of the plan is to monitor vaccine recipients for 24 months after the first dose using biosensors that record and share biological data

  • Like 9/11, the COVID-19 pandemic is being used as justification for the implementation of more tyrannical controls. It appears they’re laying down the infrastructure for a totalitarian control system set to be fully deployed later

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ℹ️ From Dr. Joseph Mercola

Since COVID-19 first entered the scene, exchange of ideas has basically been outlawed. By sharing my views and those from various experts throughout the pandemic on COVID treatments and the experimental COVID jabs, I became a main target of the White House, the political establishment and the global cabal.

Propaganda and pervasive censorship have been deployed to seize control over every part of your life, including your health, finances and food supply. The major media are key players and have been instrumental in creating and fueling fear.

I am republishing this article in its original form so that you can see how the progression unfolded.

Originally published: November 1, 2020

In this interview, investigative journalist Whitney Webb, who does both independent work and collaborations with The Last American Vagabond, discusses the little-known details of Operation Warp Speed, a joint operation between U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Department of Defense to produce a fast-tracked COVID-19 vaccine and other therapeutics.

As you may have noticed by now, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and a host of other platforms are censoring information relating to COVID-19 in general and vaccine information in particular. Many commentators who touch on these issues have been deplatformed altogether, so information on these crucial topics are getting harder to come by.

“We’re at a point where the line between Silicon Valley and the national security state has become so blurred, you really can’t distinguish where one begins and where the other ends,” Webb says. This in large part helps explain how and why big tech is getting away with such blatant censorship as deplatforming of individuals who discuss issues the mainstream media refuse to touch.

“You can definitely make the argument that it’s state censorship to a degree,” she says. “I think it’s quite telling that a lot of these companies, from the very beginning of their existence, had some sort of funding from U.S. intelligence.”

As noted by Webb, you’d expect Operation Warp Speed, being a government program, to be governed by some federal regulatory agency like the Food and Drug Administration or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or even the HHS, but no. It’s almost entirely funded and operated by the CIA and the U.S. military. Webb explains:

“When Operation Warp Speed was announced … it was essentially sold to the public as a joint operation between HHS and the Department of Defense. So, the military was involved from the beginning. But oddly enough, last month, a lot of information about Warp Speed started to come to light.

One was the organizational chart of its leadership, which showed that by and large, the entire operation is dominated by military. There were very few civilian health officials, and most of those civilian health officials are involved in the therapeutic side of Warp Speed, which as we know now is the most drastically underfunded part of this initiative.

It was initially given a $10 billion budget, and they’ve already spent $10 billion on the vaccine. Only $450 million have been given through Warp Speed to a therapeutics project, which of course we now know is Regeneron, which is allegedly what Trump received when he was at Walter Reed.

What I’m saying is that most, the vast majority, of the money and time and energy has gone to a vaccine specifically, not really therapeutics. And so, if you look at the organizational chart, the people that aren’t directly deployed by the DoD or military intelligence were essentially put in the therapeutics part, which was drastically underfunded. It’s focused largely on the vaccine.

What’s also interesting is we know that Operation Warp Speed currently has about six vaccine candidates. And we know now that they plan to use them all, and that they plan to allocate a specific vaccine to specific populations — what they identify in their official guidance as critical populations — which they announced just a few days ago.”

A company called Palantir was given the contract to come up with the vaccine allocation strategy and determine the critical populations each vaccine should be distributed to. Palantir, founded by Peter Thiel, was initially funded by QTL, the CIA’s venture capital arm.

The CIA was its only client for the first three years of its existence. At present, Palantir is a contractor to 17 U.S. intelligence agencies and also the U.S. military. The company is also in charge of COVID-19 data under the auspices of the HHS. Hospitals must now report their COVID-19 data to Palantir or lose their Medicaid and Medicare funding. Palantir is also involved in things like predictive policing.

“There are a lot of things in Warp Speed that are concerning. One of the things I read about recently is that Google and Oracle, two large tech companies that have longstanding ties to the CIA, are going to be involved in what they describe as a pharmacovigilance surveillance system, or what was more recently referred to by the head of Warp Speed as an incredibly precise tracking system, whereby everyone who receives one of these vaccines will be tracked and surveilled, not just to make sure that they get a second dose …

… but also to see what happens to people’s physiology, because they admit that every single one of these vaccine candidates … has never been brought to market or licensed by the government before,” Webb says.

According to Webb, the plan is to monitor vaccine recipients for 24 months after the first dose. The question is, how do you monitor such a large population? One way would be to employ biosensors that collect and send biological metrics automatically.

Monsef Salafi, a long-time head of GlaxoSmithKline’s vaccine division, who is now part of Warp Speed, is a leading proponent of bioelectronic medicine, the use of injectable or implantable technology for the purpose of treating nerve conditions. The MIT Technology review has referred to it as hacking the nervous system. But it also allows you to monitor the physiology of the human body from the inside.

“A lot of the same initiatives proposed after 9/11 have essentially been resurrected, with updated technology, under the guise of combating COVID-19. ~ Whitney Webb”

The vaccine coordinator for Operation Warp Speed is Matt Hepburn, a former program manager for DARPA, where he oversaw the development of ProfusA,

an implantable biosensor that allows a person’s physiology to be examined at a distance via smartphone connectivity. ProfusA is also backed by Google, the largest data mining company in the world. Salafi is also invested in a company called Galvani Bioelectronics, which was cofounded by a Google subsidiary.

“So, you have Google being contracted to monitor this pharmacovigilance surveillance system that aims to monitor the physiology and the human body for two years,” Webb says.

“And then you have the ties to the ProfusA project, which oddly enough is supposed to work inside the human body for 24 months — the exact window they’ve said will be used to monitor people after the first [vaccine] dose.”

In short, rather than doing long-term safety studies on both animals and humans beforehand, what’s being put into place is a “safety study” after the fact, where vaccine recipients are monitored for side effects. Unfortunately, Warp Speed, being shrouded in secrecy, has not released details about what biological parameters would actually be monitored and surveilled. As noted by Webb:

“It really doesn’t make sense, if you think about it, for something that … is funded by American taxpayers to produce a medical countermeasure or a vaccine [during] peace time, is being run by the military under extreme secrecy with a lot of involvement of intelligence contractors, or intelligence agencies themselves.

We now know, for example, that the NSA and the Department of Homeland Security are directly involved in Operation Warp Speed, but they won’t really say exactly what parts they’re doing. But there are some indications as to what they could be involved with.

And the fact that Silicon Valley companies that have been known to collaborate with intelligence [agencies] for the purpose of spying on innocent Americans — Google and Oracle, for example — are going to be involved in this surveillance system … for everyone that gets the vaccine.

It’s certainly alarming, and it seems to point to the fulfillment of an agenda that was attempted to be pushed through or foisted on the American public after 9/11, called Total Information Awareness, which was managed, originally, by DARPA.

It was about using medical data and non-medical data — essentially all data about you — to prevent terror attacks before they could happen, and also to prevent bioterror attacks and even prevent naturally occurring disease outbreaks.

A lot of the same initiatives proposed under that original program after 9/11 have essentially been resurrected, with updated technology, under the guise of combating COVID-19.”

Webb also discusses the vaccine trials currently underway around the world, and the fact that even though the vaccines are being given to perfectly healthy, younger individuals, they’re reporting lots of side effects, including serious ones. Most recently, a volunteer physician in the Brazilian arm of AstraZeneca’s trial died from receiving the placebo, which was not sterile saline but the meningitis vaccine.

As detailed in “How COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Are Rigged,” none of the vaccines are designed to actually prevent infection. The primary measure of success is whether or not the vaccine results in fewer symptoms when you’re infected with SARS-CoV-2.

While the AstraZeneca trial initially stated the vaccine was being tested against a saline placebo,

as I mentioned earlier, it’s since been revealed that they’re using the meningitis vaccine as the “placebo,” which can help hide a variety of side effects. The study was not halted following that death, but it’s already been paused twice due to unexpected serious illnesses. Both instances were deemed unrelated to the vaccine, of course.

“These are really things that have the potential to be very drastic because you have to consider that the sample sizes are quite small. [If] you extrapolate to the size of the U.S. population, potentially hundreds of thousands of people [may] suffer very adverse health effects,” Webb says.

Webb also points out that rather than being contracts between government and the vaccine companies, the vaccine contracts have been funneled via a third party. Why? One potential reason is because this exempts them from Freedom of Information Act requests. It also exempts vaccines made under those contracts from many federal regulations, including federal safety regulations.

“We also know, because of the changes HHS made per the Prep Act, that any person that produces a COVID-19 vaccine … associated with Operation Warp Speed will not be liable for any sort of damages it may cause.

And, it’s definitely concerning that these vaccine companies, a lot of which just have atrocious track records, are being given billions of dollars and being allowed to operate under the utmost secrecy, developing something for the American public that can very well be mandated, or, for some people, even if it’s not an official mandate, if they want to keep their jobs or they want to stay in school, they’ll have to receive it anyway. So, it’s definitely an issue that more people should be talking about.”

Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, it’s extremely difficult to get this information out. YouTube, which is owned by Google, censors all of it. This is beyond questionable considering Google’s involvement with Operation Warp Speed. In short, they’re censoring to protect their own interests.

Aside from the fact that mRNA vaccines have never been used in humans before now, there’s also the issue of their perishability. This is yet another factor that heightens the risk of these vaccines. At best, they may become ineffective unless stored properly; at worst, they may produce unexpected side effects.

Unlike conventional vaccines, which simply need to be refrigerated, mRNA vaccines need to be kept on dry ice in order to maintain a temperature below zero. This clearly complicates delivery and storage, which apparently is one reason why the military will be in charge of distribution.

“The person in the Pentagon who is overseeing [the distribution] aspect is a man named Paul Strauss. He’s one of the people who has been most adamant about the secrecy and insisting that they can’t release certain things. So, that doesn’t instill me, personally, with a lot of confidence as to what’s going on,” Webb says.

“But yes, there are a lot more logistical hurdles than there have been in past planned vaccination programs, which of course didn’t involve the military, this extreme secrecy, and didn’t involve DHS or the NSA. The HHS, like I said earlier, sold this as a joint, essentially 50/50 HHS and DoD initiative. But really, the number of HHS officials on this list is quite small.”

As mentioned, 9/11 became the justification for a series of tyrannical control mechanisms in the form of the Patriot Act that stripped Americans of civil liberties and privacy.

Now, the COVID-19 pandemic, despite the fact that it hasn’t resulted in an excess number of deaths above the historical norm for any given year, appears to be used as yet another excuse for the implementation of more tyrannical controls. It appears that what they’re doing is laying down the infrastructure for a totalitarian control system set to be deployed later. Webb agrees, saying:

“I tend to agree with you in a big way, and I’ll give you an example of an initiative that’s being put out right now by HHS that they claim is about preventing coronavirus outbreaks before they happen, and how it plays into this longstanding effort to produce ‘smart cities.’

HHS, a few weeks ago, issued a solicitation, which was given to this MIT spinoff company called Biobot Analytics. Essentially, they say it’s to create a nationwide wastewater surveillance system where they will be robotically sampling sewage from various cities around the country.

They say that will be done to test for COVID-19 and use an AI algorithm to predictably determine if a COVID-19 outbreak will take place in the future, up to 11 days before symptoms would even allegedly begin to show in that particular population. They say that would be done to enable rapid containment of those communities before this alleged future outbreak could happen.

What you can see there, in my opinion, is what was previously trying to be sold to the public as predictive policing, but now it’s sort of the predictive policing approach to healthcare. We have to prevent infection or prevent outbreaks before it happens, which obviously is rife for abuse by a government that is fundamentally corrupt and out of control.

If they wanted to lock down a particular community, all they have to say is, ‘Our new surveillance system has identified, through this algorithm, that there will be an outbreak here in 11 days. So we have to shut everything down in this entire city.

What this wastewater surveillance system requires is sensors throughout a sewage system in a particular city, which is the underground infrastructure of what are often today called smart cities — cities filled with sensors that are united by the internet of things, 5G and Wi-Fi.

What’s very alarming is that the developers chosen for this wastewater surveillance system come from a lab at MIT called Sensible City Labs, and it’s not sensible. It’s sensible [in that it’s] able to be sensed. Essentially, MIT is a smart cities lab that was chosen by HHS to develop this under the guise of COVID-19.

And what is also alarming, in my opinion, is that this company has partnered with HHS before, not to predict coronavirus or to sample for coronavirus in wastewater, but to detect patterns of illicit drug use in certain populations, which dovetail with the war on drugs in the United States. Whether it has to do with opioids or marijuana use or any other illegal substance, it allows surveillance on what people are ingesting in a particular community.

They also talk about analyzing people’s diets, what they’re ingesting — if people are eating foods that the government has decided are associated with illnesses, they can see if too many people are eating the wrong foods and then accordingly ban those foods through a municipal or a statewide edict and things like that.

It’s really a recipe for the micromanaging of regular human habits where the government was not previously involved …

[After] 9/11, the invisible enemy [was] these faceless terrorists abroad. Now, under coronavirus, the invisible enemy is a microbe that can exist anywhere, including within your own body. Therefore, to fight and win the war against the microbe we have to know what’s going on inside of your body also.

And so, we’re seeing the potential for the use of something like ProfusA and Operation Warp Speed, or this effort to surveil sewage, to determine what people are putting in their bodies. It’s definitely a very slippery slope in what I would call the beginnings of a Biosurveillance state.”

Indeed, it all appears to be part and parcel of a longstanding technocratic plan to govern society through technology, programmed by scientists and technicians and automated through the use of artificial intelligence, rather than through democratically elected politicians and government leaders.

Much of it is being developed and implemented in really underhanded ways. For obvious reasons, the true, long-term purpose is never actually admitted. For example, while smart cities have received public pushback, this plan to equip the sewage system with biosensors is essentially a way to build the system from below ground, up.

Since it’s underground, people will be far less likely to object to it or understand it as an intrusion of privacy. Ultimately, topside technologies will be added in the form of smart homes, until people are living in smart cities whether they signed up for it or not.

Webb also discusses the influence and role of Google in greater depth, including the current antitrust case filed against the company by the U.S. Department of Justice.

“There are a lot of things that Eric Schmidt has done over the years that are deeply concerning. He, and a lot of other people involved with Google, including Google’s top futurist, as he describes himself, Ray Kurzweil, are very big proponents of what is often called transhumanism, this belief that it’s the destiny of the human race, it will be the pinnacle of human evolution, to combine with machines and defeat death.

Schmidt is a person that certainly feels that way and was close with Kurzweil. Now he’s in charge of the artificial intelligence modernization efforts of the government.

It’s very, very disconcerting, especially when you look at a lot of the military’s own modernization plans that are set to begin next year, with having an unprecedented role for artificial intelligence and targeting and flagging people that soldiers will then shoot with these augmented reality helmets the Pentagon has bought.

It’s a lot of the Orwellian surveillance structure that we’re seeing rolled out, whether through Warp Speed or by HHS under the guise of COVID-19 response, it definitely seems to dovetail significantly with plans that have been developed by people like Schmidt for the modernization of the U.S. government itself, particularly the national security state.

And I really don’t think that there’s much of a coincidence that those two things are happening in tandem.”

As for the antitrust case against Google filed by the DOJ at the end of October 2020,

Webb doubts it will hurt the company. In fact, she suspects Google, just like the Rockefellers’ Standard Oil, wants to be broken up in order to be able to expand into other markets.

“The government was able to look like they were actually doing something about Standard Oil, but actually Standard Oil wanted to be broken up. That allowed the Rockefeller family to extend their influence and reach … far beyond oil.

For example, they got involved with totally remaking Western medicine … and in shaping what we now know as Big Pharma … So, I think it’s interesting that this is happening with Google now, and that it’s only targeting Google’s search monopoly, which is what Google began with.

But since then, Google’s business has expanded far beyond search and they’re poised to have a big role in upcoming health care initiatives, for example. I think they’re ready to extend their tentacles, to use that metaphor, into a lot more different sectors, far beyond their search engine.

So maybe people would be assuaged publicly if they think, ‘Oh yeah, Google has been taken down and broken up by the government,’ when in reality they don’t care about their monopoly on search anymore, and they’re already too big to fail. I honestly think at the end of the day, a lot of this antitrust posturing towards Google, I don’t really know if it will go anywhere,” she says.

Webb also points out that Google’s future is secured by its central and ever-growing role in data mining. Google will be harvesting brand new biological data through the upcoming Warp Speed surveillance system, and in September 2020, Google partnered with the Pentagon to develop predictive diagnostics for cancer using AI, which they intend to extend to other diseases as well, including COVID-19.

“There’s this big push to create an all-powerful artificial intelligence algorithm in order to enable a lot of the functionality that they want to impose in smart cities and these other initiatives they’ve been putting forth.

In order to do that, they need access to data. That’s why we’ve heard over the past couple of years that data is the new oil. It feeds back into this race to develop the greatest AI algorithm. This is very concerning when you look at the National Security Commission on AIs objectives.

They say the only way to maintain U.S. global military hegemony, and also economic hegemony, is to harvest more data than any of their adversaries’ states from Americans in order to be able to develop a better AI algorithm before China can do the same.

That’s what these very powerful and influential organizations are saying. And if you actually look at their documents, they essentially say that there needs to be a total remaking of Americans way of life to facilitate that type of data extraction from a smaller population than the Chinese population.

For example, more data needs to be harvested per American citizen in order to facilitate that leapfrogging of China’s artificial intelligence. So, there is a lot to be concerned about, but I think a lot of people have declined to look at these commissions and institutions and what their thought process is …

And where they’re going is nowhere good. It’s essentially pointing to tyranny in a technocratic system that’s not even governed by humans. It’s governed by an algorithm created by man.

So obviously, it’s a can of worms they’re attempting to open, and the people that are behind this, whether the military and intelligence agencies, when they work in complete secrecy like they are in Warp Speed, they’re historically up to no good … Historically they ruthlessly pursue their own ambitions at the expense of American interests. It’s definitely worth considering all of these things.”

Based on her research, Webb suspects there will be another phase to the COVID-19 pandemic, some sort of bioterror event, likely before April 2021.

“I don’t have a lot of reasons to be optimistic about the plans there. If you look at the people that predicted the coronavirus crisis before it happened, they were also immediately positioned to benefit from that crisis as it emerged. Bill Gates, for example, in April said that the coronavirus crisis is Pandemic 1, and it will be followed by Pandemic 2, which … would be a bioterror event.

And the way to respond to this Pandemic 2 would be to do the same types of preparations you would do for bioterrorism. That’s straight from Bill Gates … Gates [also] frequently … talked about the need to merge international security, i.e., U.S. foreign policy with health security, as he calls it, and essentially merge the war on terror with a war on bioterror.”

She points out that Event 201, held by Gates, the World Economic Forum and Johns Hopkins in October 2019, featured a novel coronavirus. Was it really a coincidence that a novel coronavirus outbreak occurred 10 weeks later?

An earlier tabletop pandemic exercise was done in June 2001. The simulation, called “Dark Winter,” predicted major aspects of the subsequent 2001 anthrax attacks. During the last presidential debate, the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, stated the U.S. is headed for a “dark winter” — an unusual phrase that raised questions among some commentators.

Before that, the former head of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) testified in front of Congress saying that this winter was going to be the “darkest winter” in modern U.S. history. Somehow, many plans actually seem to be signaled beforehand, if you’re keen enough to pick up the cues. Interestingly, with regard to the “Dark Winter” reference and its anthrax connection:

“The Johns Hopkins center for health security has a sister organization at UPMC (University of Pennsylvania Medical Center) called the UPMC Center for Biosecurity, in Pennsylvania. They’re currently, under the guise of coronavirus vaccine research, attempting to fuse anthrax with the coronavirus spike protein. They are also attempting to do the same for measles.

Those are essentially gain of function studies. The person that runs their center for vaccine research at UPMC is a major proponent of these gain of function studies. And when there was a gain of function moratorium, he was its most vocal opponent and was giving all these talks to government officials about how it needed to be lifted.

What’s very odd about what’s going on at UPMC is that in the beginning of the year they were set to produce what could have easily been the first coronavirus vaccine, a COVID-19 vaccine candidate, but it used traditional and tested vaccination methods that are already on the market …

Oddly enough after that had made some headlines … UPMC received a lot of money from CEPI [the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations], which of course is backed by Gates, and as soon as that money was received, that vaccine candidate was quietly dropped, and in its place were these experiments to merge measles with the coronavirus spike protein, and then merge anthrax with that same spike protein.

‘Dark Winter’ may not mean much to the mainstream American public, but it certainly means something to the national security community when they hear that term being thrown around on TV. And then you have Bill Gates saying that after the coronavirus pandemic there’s going to be a bioterror attack.

You also have the Council of Europe, a very influential and elitist think tank in Europe, saying that coronavirus will be followed by bioterror. High-ranking former CIA officials [are also saying it]. A lot of the people involved in Dark Winter in the biodefense industrial complex, which was created after the 2001 anthrax attacks, are all saying the same thing.

We really need to start listening to these people. Of course, they in advance have a narrative they create, not unlike the Dark Winter 2001 exercise itself, which initially claimed that the anthrax attacks were committed by Iraq working with Al-Qaeda. And then lo and behold it’s traced to the U.S. military (at Ft. Detrick) so obviously it did not come from Iraq or from Al-Qaeda.

What you have now are attempts to seed the similar narrative about who will be blamed for events upcoming in the future. They set it up on purpose, I would argue, so that when the event takes place, people are more receptive to those predetermined narratives about this particular crisis and don’t immediately start questioning what could have happened.

They essentially want these events to take place. They want to ramp up the fear, and then they want to conveniently tack blame to something very quickly before an actual thorough investigation can take place. That’s what we saw in the aftermath of September 11 and also in the aftermath of the 2001 anthrax attacks.”

If you listen to the interview in its entirety, you’ll have a good idea of why I’m so impressed with Webb’s investigative skills. It’s important to become educated about what’s really happening so that you don’t capitulate to the fear they’re seeking to imbue in us.

It’s a fearful public that allows the technocratic elite to dictate the future and rip away our personal freedoms. It’s fear that allows tyranny to flourish. Remember, there are more of us than there are of them. But enough of us must be willing to stand up and say no, we won’t accept this plan.

On another level, being aware of the plan allows you to plan for your own safety and security ahead of time, so you’re not running around in a panic when something does happen. As the old saying goes, “Being forewarned is being forearmed.”

To find more of Webb’s work, be sure to check out her website, unlimitedhangout.com. You can also find her videos by searching Bitchute, and she has her own podcast channel called Unlimited Hangout on Rokfin.com. Warp Speed reporting can also be found on thelastamericanvagabond.com. At present, Webb is also still on Twitter @_whitneywebb.

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They Lied to Us About Myocarditis, too

Science and our health authorities told us that “myocarditis is much more frequent from Covid than from vaccination.”

The thing is, it was not true.

A new study from Scandinavian countries is out:

The authors worked for health departments of the four Nordic countries. They were tasked with looking at their entire populations (and their computerized records), seeking out instances of myocarditis. They had vaccination records for all people as well.

It turned out that in their countries:

  • 530 people had myocarditis from the vaccine

  • 109 had myocarditis from Covid-19

As far as deaths go:

  • 27 persons died from vaccine myocarditis

  • 18 died from Covid-related myocarditis.

So please, tell me, how could it be true that “Covid causes more myocarditis”?

Several known facts make the picture even worse than the article presents. Numerous myocarditis cases caused by vaccines result in sudden deaths and not hospitalizations.

The University of Heidelberg study shows that 20% of sudden post-vaccination deaths that they autopsied are due to myocarditis.

Those sudden deaths are NOT included in the numbers presented by the Scandinavian scientists.

Also, some of the “Covid myocarditis” happened in vaccinated people who happened to have Covid “despite” (or because of?) their vaccines. Those are counted as “Covid myocarditis,” even though vaccines played a role in these illnesses that happened to vaccinated persons.

Much talk was also directed at creating an impression that myocarditis happens only to young males. It helped Pfizer and Moderna make money by keeping older people less alarmed. However, Scandinavian researchers found that vaccine myocarditis also happens to older people.

Some people trying to debunk this story may ask, “what about the background rate of myocarditis”? What if the persons listed in the above study as having “vaccine myocarditis” actually had it for unrelated reasons?

It is not a bad question and needs to be explored.

My answer to those objections is that approximately the same number of people had Covid by the time the study period ended in 2022, as was the number of vaccinated people. So, the “exposures” to vaccines and Covid are roughly equal. And yet, the incidence of myocarditis after vaccines is about five times greater than after Covid.

Promoters of Covid vaccines always appealed to “science,” which was paid by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation or the NIH, both of which had a vested interest in pushing Covid vaccines.

However, officials unrelated to either of those proved that myocarditis from Covid is much rarer than vaccine myocarditis.

I have a science degree. In the past, I always was an admirer of science. Science was fascinating, world-changing, and deserving of my interest and trust. The Covid pandemic shattered these beliefs, and my default attitude to any science with social, climate or political implications is mistrust and skepticism.

Do you still trust science? Do you try to discern if perhaps there is something underhanded going on when certain topics are discussed?


“People are REELING”

The last few years have been confusing. The last few months have been crazy. The last few weeks have been INSANE.

Humanity is beginning to come to terms with the fact that we’re heading towards a disaster of proportions we can’t possibly know yet. We’ve been heading there for a while, and every day more people come across information or experience something that gives them pause, enough to stop and question the circumstances. Once someone questions the status quo, there’s no turning back.

Loyalty to a System vs Medical Freedom

For the past two years, doctors have divided themselves, sometimes unknowingly, into two groups. The Medical Freedom doctors challenged the top-down narrative that permeated hospital regulations. Many of them were then tossed out of “The System” that created the rules they refused to abide by. The other doctors either truly believed that the FDA and the CDC were concerned with the health of their patients and abided by the rules that were set, or they were skeptical, but couldn’t bring themselves to rock the boat. Well, the time to rock the boat has arrived, because it will soon become too late for one to jump on board and pretend he was there the entire time.

It’s unlikely that those who sit at the top of the Pharma Pyramid (aka, “The System”) -those who orchestrated lockdowns, vaccine mandates, quarantines, restrictions, school closures, and a multitude of other crimes- could have ever imagined what a strong force they would face in an informed and connected public.

1. War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Docs Analysis Book – Top 10 on Kindle

I’ve been reporting on the War Room / DailyClout effort to pin down the exact nature of Pfizer’s crimes in minute detail, using their own data for a year. The journey has been incredible to witness and report on, beginning with the heroic efforts of those in the burgeoning Medical Freedom movement who successfully extracted the data from Pfizer via the legal system.

The moment that the judge declared the Pfizer documents were to be made public, Mr. Steve Bannon and Dr. Naomi Wolf went to work. In a stunning fashion that would never have been possible prior to our current era, they pulled together a whip-smart group of volunteers from various professional backgrounds to study the documents, led by Project Manager Amy Kelly, who organized the effort with precision.

The hard work of over 3,500 volunteers has borne fruit. In just one year, they have managed to release FIFTY reports of detailed ways in which Pfizer lied to the public about clinical trial results, protocols, adverse events, efficacy, and just about every important data point that should be taken into consideration when creating and approving a drug.

While those reports have been published on DailyClout as they were finalized throughout 2022, the team has now published a book that contains the first 50 reports. The Kindle version of the book has been available for two weeks and has not been refuted or challenged by anyone. The book quickly rose to the ranks of the top 10 nonfiction best sellers.

Politicians and citizens internationally have reached out to DailyClout to use the reports for lawsuits and attempts to push back on government overreach.

People are reading it. People are gifting it to others. The word is getting out, and the response from the accused is silence.

“People are REELING”

Dr. Wolf appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room this week for a long conversation with Mr. Bannon. They discussed the impact of the release of the book, the scheduled ending for the State of Emergency, and the abuse that was perpetuated by the status that’s been in place for far too long.

2. Project Veritas Released Two Video BOMBSHELLS

As Dr. Wolf put it, this story is a sort of “bookend” to the efforts of the War Room/DailyClout volunteers. From a completely different angle, the Project Veritas video revealed the same corruption and disregard for human life as did the Pfizer Docs book.

Pfizer Director of Research and Development Dr. Jordan Walker unknowingly revealed the dark inner workings of the way Pfizer operates to his Project Veritas, undercover journalist date.

Video One: Dr. Walker discussed Pfizer’s deliberations over mutating viruses in order to proactively create vaccines for future variants. He insisted they don’t call it “gain of function”, but rather, “directed evolution”.

@pfizer Exploring “Mutating” COVID-19 Virus For New Vaccinesnn”Don’t tell anyone this…There is a risk…have to be very controlled to make sure this virus you mutate doesn’t create something…the way that the virus started in Wuhan, to be honest.”nn#DirectedEvolution “,”username”:”Project_Veritas”,”name”:”Project Veritas”,”date”:”Thu Jan 26 00:30:07 +0000 2023″,”photos”:[{“img_url”:”https://substackcdn.com/image/upload/w_1028,c_limit,q_auto:best/l_twitter_play_button_rvaygk,w_88/qmivl1gduqhxhupuf86q”,”link_url”:”https://t.co/xaRvlD5qTo”,”alt_text”:null}],”quoted_tweet”:{},”retweet_count”:98859,”like_count”:193195,”expanded_url”:{},”video_url”:”https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1618404115268227075/pu/vid/480×270/KLRfSIEC2iLlcjvq.mp4?tag=14″,”belowTheFold”:true}”>

Video Two: Dr. Walker discussed concerns that he and others at Pfizer have about women’s menstrual cycles being affected post-vaccination. They don’t understand why.

It’s difficult to express the sense of rage I feel watching this second video clip. I’m still processing the implications of it, but this is a topic about which people like Dr. Naomi Wolf, Dr. Yaffa Shir-Raz, Mrs. Brucha Weisberger, myself, and others have been shouting for nearly TWO YEARS. We knew. We watched it happen. It was literally all around us.

  • Dr. Wolf wrote a widely read Substack about the horrors in May 2022:
Link to Article
  • I wrote this article back in the Spring of 2022. It lays out the concerns that this Pfizer director now admits they have that we had as well, only we were fumbling in the dark for information.


Link to Article


  • Dr. Robert Chandler of the DailyClout identified 20 different ways that Pfizer described menstrual damage in their documents and he also found what appears to be at least one mechanism for menstrual harm to vaccinated women, including finding lipid nanoparticles settling in the ovaries with no clear ability to exit the body.
Link to Article

It must be noted, again and again until there is a public apology and accountability on behalf of those who orchestrated this, that Dr. Naomi Wolf was kicked off of Twitter in the spring of 2021 for reporting on this exact issue. We know. We have the receipts.

CDC Internal Communications

Dr. Wolf was not kicked off of Twitter because the information that she was spreading was false. She was censored because the information that she was sharing was TRUE. She was silenced because she saw what was going on way too early, and the System was prepared to do ANYTHING to forge on with their disastrous mRNA experimental rollout. They still are.

For the full story of Dr. Wolf’s suppression:


Reactions to the Project Veritas videos are newsworthy:

  • Pfizer responded publicly to the Project Veritas video, with a long explanation about how they’re not conducting gain of function or “directed evolution” research.
  • Project Veritas received a leaked memo from YouTube revealing an “all hands on deck” approach toward suppressing the video:https://twitter.com/Project_Veritas/status/1620193873875320834?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1620193873875320834%7Ctwgr%5Ea74114ac7d529aed6c2d0f0924c8950edbe96c36%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.dailywire.com%2Fnews%2Fproject-veritas-claims-youtube-insider-leaked-urgent-guidance-document-distributed-to-employees-handling-pfizer-expose
    • Democrats are now questioning the COVID vaccines in numbers that are reaching critical mass.

    That’s it, folks. We’ve arrived at the inflection point that so many of us thought we would reach a year ago. We’ve been vindicated, and never in my life has vindication felt so sad.

    Please Support DailyClout, the work we’ve done and continue to do, and share the truth with your friends.




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IgA Vasculitis after COVID-19 Vaccination

By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

The human body makes thousands of normal proteins recognized to be our own by the immune system. These proteins maintain housekeeping of the cells, build up structures like muscle, and breakdown other proteins such as digestive enzymes. The beautiful system can go awry when the body recognizes an internal produced protein that is foreign. This is the disastrous result of blunderous groupthink by mRNA “inventors” who conceived of using RNA coding for an abnormal protein to be inserted in the body letting our own cells produce it and then brace for the auto-immune attack.

There are many classes of antibodies and our particular attention with respect to respiratory pathogens is with IgA found in secretions protecting the nasopharynx and urogenital tract. When IgA is aberrantly produced and circulatory in the human body it can attack the lining of blood vessel cells, skin, lungs, and kidneys.

Ramdani, from Tours, France, reported on 12 cases of COVID-19 vaccine induced IgA vasculitis confirmed by skin biopsy with an array of manifestations including kidney damage. The clinical clue was the vasculitic skin rash. I was shocked to read that several patients pushed their luck with boosters potentially provoking even more severe organ injury. All the patients received treatment and relapses were infrequent.

Ramdani Y, Bettuzzi T, Bouznad A, Delaitre L, Nassarmadji K, Didier K, Paul C, Liozon E, Tieu A, Richard-Colmant G, Terrier B, Moulis G, Lafaurie M, Pillebout E, Maillot F, Audemard-Verger A. IgA Vasculitis Following COVID-19 Vaccination: A French Multicenter Case Series Including 12 Patients. J Rheumatol. 2023 Feb;50(2):252-257. doi: 10.3899/jrheum.220545. Epub 2022 Nov 1. PMID: 36319000.

The major points of this paper are: 1) auto-immune disease will happen after genetic vaccinations of any type and IgA vasculitis is just the tip of the iceberg, 2) skin rashes can be the only clue to internal organ damage and the need for treatment.

If you find “Courageous Discourse” enjoyable and useful to your endeavors, please subscribe as a paying or founder member to support our efforts in helping you engage in these discussions with family, friends, and your extended circles.

Ramdani Y, Bettuzzi T, Bouznad A, Delaitre L, Nassarmadji K, Didier K, Paul C, Liozon E, Tieu A, Richard-Colmant G, Terrier B, Moulis G, Lafaurie M, Pillebout E, Maillot F, Audemard-Verger A. IgA Vasculitis Following COVID-19 Vaccination: A French Multicenter Case Series Including 12 Patients. J Rheumatol. 2023 Feb;50(2):252-257. doi: 10.3899/jrheum.220545. Epub 2022 Nov 1. PMID: 36319000.