They Lied to Us About Myocarditis, too

Science and our health authorities told us that “myocarditis is much more frequent from Covid than from vaccination.”

The thing is, it was not true.

A new study from Scandinavian countries is out:

The authors worked for health departments of the four Nordic countries. They were tasked with looking at their entire populations (and their computerized records), seeking out instances of myocarditis. They had vaccination records for all people as well.

It turned out that in their countries:

  • 530 people had myocarditis from the vaccine

  • 109 had myocarditis from Covid-19

As far as deaths go:

  • 27 persons died from vaccine myocarditis

  • 18 died from Covid-related myocarditis.

So please, tell me, how could it be true that “Covid causes more myocarditis”?

Several known facts make the picture even worse than the article presents. Numerous myocarditis cases caused by vaccines result in sudden deaths and not hospitalizations.

The University of Heidelberg study shows that 20% of sudden post-vaccination deaths that they autopsied are due to myocarditis.

Those sudden deaths are NOT included in the numbers presented by the Scandinavian scientists.

Also, some of the “Covid myocarditis” happened in vaccinated people who happened to have Covid “despite” (or because of?) their vaccines. Those are counted as “Covid myocarditis,” even though vaccines played a role in these illnesses that happened to vaccinated persons.

Much talk was also directed at creating an impression that myocarditis happens only to young males. It helped Pfizer and Moderna make money by keeping older people less alarmed. However, Scandinavian researchers found that vaccine myocarditis also happens to older people.

Some people trying to debunk this story may ask, “what about the background rate of myocarditis”? What if the persons listed in the above study as having “vaccine myocarditis” actually had it for unrelated reasons?

It is not a bad question and needs to be explored.

My answer to those objections is that approximately the same number of people had Covid by the time the study period ended in 2022, as was the number of vaccinated people. So, the “exposures” to vaccines and Covid are roughly equal. And yet, the incidence of myocarditis after vaccines is about five times greater than after Covid.

Promoters of Covid vaccines always appealed to “science,” which was paid by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation or the NIH, both of which had a vested interest in pushing Covid vaccines.

However, officials unrelated to either of those proved that myocarditis from Covid is much rarer than vaccine myocarditis.

I have a science degree. In the past, I always was an admirer of science. Science was fascinating, world-changing, and deserving of my interest and trust. The Covid pandemic shattered these beliefs, and my default attitude to any science with social, climate or political implications is mistrust and skepticism.

Do you still trust science? Do you try to discern if perhaps there is something underhanded going on when certain topics are discussed?