February Moves Us Forward

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have attempted and continue the effort to teach Americans their own history, the structure of their own government, and their own power as the rightful Inheritors of this country — but, unavoidably, I find that I must also teach the context in which these present evils have proliferated.  I even have the unlikely obligation of addressing key aspects of occultism. 
So I am going to make a shocking (for most people) observation: 
Just as Americans live as inheritors of The Declaration of Independence while their government employees live under the requirements of the Constitutions, creating two populations — one of Masters, one of Servants — the God-born Elohim of the Bible stand above God-created Mankind. 
The Sons of God forever stand above the Sons of Man, though one reflects and mirrors the other. 
This is plainly stated in the Bible, but our attention is immediately drawn to the drama of Adam being created, Eve being created from Adam, and their assignment as caretakers and definers of the three dimensional world.  From there, we get drawn into the drama in the Garden of Eden, Adam’s childish failure, Eve’s punishment, Satan’s punishment, and the contest between Eve’s seed and Satan’s seed…. 
These are important things to know, but they are also, in part, distractions. 
Our attention is focused on Mankind’s Drama, when there is a far more important drama that determines the outcome of Mankind’s Drama and everything else, and that is the Drama of the Sons of God. 
God is an immortal spirit, and naturally, the Sons of God are immortal spirits. 
Adam and Eve, the Created, are physical, and their progeny, the Sons of Man, are physical. 
We exist as both, simultaneously.  Our so-called “meat body” is Created Man; but our Spirit is born of God.  
The ancient Hebrews saw themselves as Sons of Adam, and considered the Sons of Adam to be Beasts akin to the Beasts of the Field; but they also saw themselves as Sons of God.  
This is why, in The New Testament, Jesus is sometimes called “the Son of Man” and sometimes called “the Son of God”.  
This is what the conversation with the Sanhedrin in the context of The Passion is about, too — the reference to the Prophet Isaiah saying, “Do you not know that you are gods?” 
We have forgotten that we are not only physical beings, we are spiritual beings. We aren’t just meat-bodies enmeshed in animal-like needs and impulses, we are also the Sons of God, empowered by our Father. 
We focus on the physical to the exception of the spirit, day after day, year after year, and as a consequence, we sink deeper into death and become more alienated from life and the source of life.  
We lose our god-like energy and creative power as a result, and this is because we have been distracted. 
Our attention has been diverted to a sideshow, which centers around the results (physical) rather than the cause (spiritual). 
And that sleight of hand leaves us powerless. 
We have let the past go throughout January, painfully examining the things that have been dragging us down, the sad memories, the losses, the regrets, the injuries —and now, in February, we consciously say good-bye to the past and the traumas and regrets and injuries of the past.  
In February, we seize hold of the present moment, take back our individual power, and practice redirecting our attention away from what THEY want us to focus on —  and instead, actively engage in directing our own attention and focusing on what we want to nurture and create. 
This month, ask yourself constantly— “What am I focusing on?” 
You will be shocked by how your attention is being captured and, as a result, how your energy is being captured, while what is important to you, what you want, is being ignored, bypassed, and even commandeered into a ditch. 
Once you identify what you are focusing on, ask yourself — “Is this something good and beneficial for me to focus on?”
If not, chuck it. 
Redirect your attention to thinking about what you truly want and what you want to see happen in the world— and as your attention refocuses, act upon it.  
It doesn’t have to be any great heroic action.  A small step in the right direction will do. 
For example, you “wake up”, ask yourself what you are focusing on, and realize that you are focusing on eating a very large tub of theater popcorn. 
Then you notice that this is diametrically opposed to what you want to focus on, which is regaining your health.  
So, you dump out the popcorn and take a walk around the block, shaking your head.  
Maybe you will remember seeing the subliminal popcorn advertisement flashing across the screen while you were watching football, maybe not.  
But you will start thinking and noticing how your attention is being commandeered to focus on things that don’t interest you, don’t benefit you, that you don’t want or don’t like, and often, things you can’t do anything about because they are in the past or in another country or otherwise out of your hands.  
Your attention, your focus, is one of the most important and powerful tools that God gave you.  This month, become aware of it, and practice self-directing where your attention goes and being aware of what you are focusing on and spending your emotions on.  
This is important for your sake and for the sake of the whole world. 
Here to help you further conceptualize what I am talking about is a little mini-lesson from people who are already practicing “attention awareness” — the folks at the INSPIRED YouTube channel:  

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