Situation Report — For All Those Who Need It Down and Dirty

 By Anna Von Reitz

This is the most comprehensive single explanation of the situation that I have ever heard.  Listen to this speech right now: 
And if you can’t access via that link, here: 

And now, that you finally know and understand who is who and what is what and which rats are at the bottom of this, here’s what to do about it: 
Your American Government had been standing vacant for decades, but  we walked back through the door in 1998, unraveled the “legal” chicanery used to undermine our lawful American Government, and we are back home, on the land and soil of this country — and THEY are fully obligated to us to perform their duties under the Constitutions. 
Looking for lawful power?  Looking for peaceful resolution?  Looking for other Americans who are already on the move?  
Go here — this is where the traditional American Government is organizing: 
Besides getting your political status properly declared and recorded and operating your Government the way it is supposed to be operated, we now have the answers to: 
Lawfully and legally stop paying all taxes. 
Recoup our land and other assets. 
Force the world’s religious organizations to take action to correct the gross malfeasance of those responsible for administering the Jurisdiction of the Air.  
Force the dissolution of all commercial corporations that have engaged in unlawful activities that have injured people– and do it on a worldwide basis.  
That includes the billionaire’s “foundations” and the UN CORP and  NATO, INC. and so much more.  
They are all nothing but legal fictions — pieces of paper claiming bankruptcy protection and bail-outs and credit and tax breaks from the Public they dis-serve.  
These evil corporations have no natural right to exist and it’s time for them and the men who have misdirected their activities to bite the dust. 

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