Here’s a Quickie Worthy of Report:

 By Anna Von Reitz

This came from one of the dozens of “wake you up, even if you are dead” reports that litter my desk every day — reports that inevitably and inexorably build up a picture of long term planning for genocide and for evasion of the Public Law using the codes and statutes of private corporations as an excuse.
Look at this goodie: “1997 FDA Modernization Act, read in conjunction with the NDAA passed three days earlier (Section 1078), transferred the US government’s chemical and biological weapons development and testing program from the Department of Defense to the Department of Health and Human Services.”
This otherwise inexplicable and senseless move on the part of the Federal Subcontractors makes more sense when you know that they are prohibited from testing bioweapons EXCEPT on their own domestic population.
It’s against international law for them to test their “products” on Ukrainian soldiers (oh, wait, they did that, too, didn’t they?) but they have a free hand to use their own domestic population as guinea pigs. They claim that they have the right to do this without the consent of the GP (Guinea Pig or General Public) because all Municipal citizens of the United States are criminals and therefore, slaves.
Pity poor you if you don’t object and make it clear that you are not a Municipal citizen of the United States.
Moving the administration of their outlawed biowarfare operations to HSS gave them access to the names and addresses and profiles of people that — at least on paper — are part of their disposable “domestic population”, the legendary Municipal citizens of the United States.

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