New Podcast: Organic Meat and Vaccines; Government rules; Culling herds

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I’ll be discussing my investigation of US organic meat. I’m narrowing in on that subject, about which many people have misconceptions. I want to examine “the cleanest meat” with reference to specific key questions, which impact on personal health:

Are there tiny toxic nanoparticles in organic meat?

Will there be many nanoparticles in organic meat?

What government regulations apply?

Are there vaccines in organic meat? What are the implications for conventional meat?

Are there possible pressures on organic livestock farmers to conform to “less than best practices” in raising their animals?

Again, I’m focusing on organic meat and vaccines, because these new RNA nanoparticle injections are going to flood the country and the world. As I warned two years ago:

The rush to get authorization for RNA nanoparticle COVID vaccines was a strategy for opening the door to MANY new such vaccines.

The open medical literature warns of the dangers of nanoparticles in the body.

So how should we assess what’s already happening and will soon happen to “the best of the meat supply?”

There is already at least one huge smoking gun to discuss…and I will.

Join me in this podcast.

— Jon Rappoport