“Public Opinion is Beast”

Mr. Brad Paquette is a State Representative for the 37th District of Michigan. In response to the Project Veritas video, Mr. Paquette sent an official letter to Pfizer, along with 15 other State Representatives.

I had the privilege of speaking with Mr. Paquette, and he shared his personal journey that led him to sign this letter.

Mr. Paquette received his second COVID mRNA vaccine in November of 2021, immediately after which he experienced piercing heart pain. Two months later, Mr. Paquette almost died from a blood clot in his heart. Thankfully, he survived, and when he asked his personal doctors, and the doctors at the hospital if the vaccine could possibly be the cause of the sudden cardiac issues, he was told it could not.

That experience led Mr. Paquette to conduct his own deep-dive research into the mRNA vaccines, and that journey led him to the Project Veritas Twitter Space about the video heard around the world. Mr. Paquette is now demanding answers from Pfizer in his official capacity as a US politician.

This isn’t Mr. Paquette’s first attempt at finding answers. In October of 2022, he sent a letter to Elizabeth Hertel, the Director of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Under Reporting

The response that Mr. Paquette received from the Department of Health and Human Services was that “the science and data aren’t there”. To that, Mr. Paquette said that he thinks there’s a serious problem with underreporting. He used himself as an example, as the doctors who saw him were not interested in reporting his case to VAERS, and it was only reported because Mr. Paquette himself took the time to research and report his injury. He knows many other people who had similar experiences.

“The Narrative Controls Public Opinion – and Public Opinion is Beast”

Mr. Paquette noted that when creating legislation to attempt to tackle this issue, it’s important to deal with the issue of Big Tech covering for Big Pharma, and pharmaceutical companies pouring billions of advertising dollars into Big Tech. When the Project Veritas video broke, Google and YouTube went into all-hands-on-deck, clean-up in aisle 5 mode.

There Should be Outrage”

Mr. Paquette is beginning to notice an increase in receptiveness to the discussion of vaccine injuries. Having personally experienced a vaccine injury, Mr. Paquette has an experience that people can’t refute. He sees an upcoming outpouring of emotion and anger about what far too many people have experienced.

Mr. Paquette voted for the vaccines in his capacity as a State Rep. He said if he knew then what he knows now, he would have voted “no”, and he acknowledged that he made a mistake. He encourages others to step up and admit they were wrong, and begin to backtrack the program.

The issue he’s fighting now is the web of corruption that allows regulators to get cushy jobs from those they regulate. The “revolving door” issue is a serious problem, and he encourages regular citizens of all professions to consider becoming a legislator to join the fight to enact change.

Watch the full interview:

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