NO WARMING AT ALL: Global COOLING continues for eighth straight year, according to NOAA data

Image: NO WARMING AT ALL: Global COOLING continues for eighth straight year, according to NOAA data

(Natural News) According to the latest data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), there has been no “global warming” over the past decade. Instead, global COOLING continues for the eighth consecutive year! The NASA satellite data finds a 0.11°C/decade drop in average global temperatures over the past eight years and five months.

CO2 emissions, whether natural or man-made, are not driving the world into an “existential crisis” of global warming. Despite 475 billion tons of man-made CO2 emissions in the Earth’s atmosphere, there still isn’t any evidence over the past decade that global warming exists or that it will “end the planet as we know it.”

Greenhouse gas effect is not the sole driver of global temperatures, and CO2 emissions will not end the world

It turns out that the greenhouse gas effect alone (observed on a small scale) does not extrapolate across the entire planet. There are many confounding factors in climate, weather, and ecology that keep the greenhouse gas effect in balance. The unpredictability of seasonal air masses, ocean currents, tectonic activity, photosynthesis, and solar activity are large confounding factors that are all forgotten when global warming alarmists hyper-focus on CO2 and the greenhouse gas effect. Weather modification programs and geoengineering can also be used to manipulate natural processes, weather patterns, and temperature, skewing overall temperature data.

Of course, there’s no foolproof way to accurately take the Earth’s temperature anyway, with so many variances occurring on a momentary basis in the atmosphere, on the ground, and throughout the oceans. What we do know is what we can feel in our own regional climates from season to season. The US Northeast is currently experiencing record cold temperatures. For example, Mt. Washington, N.H., just recorded a record low -45.5 degrees Fahrenheit and -107 degree wind chill. A record Siberian air mass blanketed the entire United States Christmas week 2022, bringing near record lows all the way to Florida. Even the fear-mongering media is reporting on record arctic temperatures in the Northeast, with reports coming out, saying, “Arctic outbreak shatters records in Northeast.” In the Southern US, there was a near-record low for hurricane activity during the 2022 hurricane season.


Fact checkers sell more global warming fear, ignoring cooling trends

Correlation does not equal causation. CO2 levels are being frivolously correlated with past warming trends, as the cooling trends are dismissed. When the cooling cycles return with rising CO2 levels, (as observed over the past eight years) the whole CO2-global warming theory loses its credibility.

Of course, the “fact checkers” were quick to dismiss the data on global cooling over the past decade. The latest Feb 3 “fact check” made sure to sell the global warming hoax a little harder by claiming that eight years of data on global cooling “is not a trend” and that we should be preparing for the planet’s end. The fact check claims that “eight cooler years cannot be extrapolated to draw conclusion on long term global warming.”

The fact checkers claim the eight years of global cooling data do not change the overall trajectory of global warming over the past several decades. The fact checkers can extrapolate data over several decades to “prove” their theory and push their narrative to benefit the global elite, but they fail to recognize the cooling trends, and why the fluctuations in temperature are part of a larger cycle that is beyond man’s control. There is no reason to fear monger about temperatures, unless there is a global economic agenda to implement. Of course, that’s what all the fear and panic is for – to motivate governments to comply with global agendas that benefit the select few who engineer artificial crises.

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The big LIE: Biden's massive job creations number for January is completely false; economy actually LOST 2.5 million jobs

Image: The big LIE: Biden’s massive job creations number for January is completely false; economy actually LOST 2.5 million jobs

(Natural News) If you were supremely puzzled by the Biden regime’s claim last week that, in January, his economy created more than 517,000 new jobs, you’re not alone.

A whole lot of people, including economists and other labor experts, questioned the claim as well, especially in light of the fact that one corporation after another has been announcing major layoffs in recent months, especially in the tech sector.

Well, now, a new report from Bloomberg News reveals the truth: The Biden economy is continuing to limp along, affected by still-high inflation that his and fellow Democrats’ rampant spending created over the past two years when the supply chain crisis was at its peak, and in fact, lost 2.5 million jobs in January.

The report begins:

Economists are scratching their heads as to whether the US labor market is truly as strong as the latest employment report indicates or if wonky adjustments are getting in the way.

Employers added 517,000 jobs in January — nearly double the prior month’s advance and above all estimates in a Bloomberg survey. The unemployment rate also unexpectedly retreated to 3.4%, the lowest since 1969, according to Labor Department data released Friday. Forecasters can at least agree on this much: the jobs market has shown few signs of falling victim to the Federal Reserve’s most aggressive interest-rate hiking campaign in a generation. 

But is that even true?

The employment report was further “complicated by the government’s annual benchmarking process,” along with an update of seasonal factors and population controls that economists said before the report was released that it could be difficult to actually interpret.


“Seasonal adjustment factors appear to have flattered the headline as smaller-than-usual post-holiday layoffs bolstered the payrolls numbers,” Wells Fargo & Co. economists Sarah House and Michael Pugliese said in a note, according to Bloomberg News.

“We suspect members of the FOMC will take January’s blowout employment report with somewhat of a grain of salt,” they added, citing the Federal Open Market Committee that establishes monetary policy.

Bloomberg economists Anna Wong and Eliza Winger added: “If it seems too good to be true, that’s because it is too good to be true — the gain is mostly due to seasonal factors and revisions to past data. Still, it can’t be denied that the labor market remains tight. The Fed won’t place too much weight on this headline jobs number when formulating policy.”

The outlet added:

The jobs report is composed of two surveys, one of households and the other of businesses. Each were affected by the Labor Department’s yearly fine-tuning process designed to paint a more accurate picture of the job market. The release included an annual update to the population controls used in the household survey, which tracks the unemployment and participation rates, as well as the employment-to-population ratio. The adjustment boosted the estimated population size by nearly 1 million and the civilian labor force by 871,000.

And here’s the kicker: “For the establishment survey, the government’s updated seasonal factors may have impacted the headline payrolls figure. On an unadjusted basis, payrolls actually fell by 2.5 million last month.

“The Labor Department also reclassified about 10% of employment into different industries in accordance with an update to the North American Industry Classification System. That resulted in “major revisions” to sectors like retail trade and information, as well as ‘minor’ ones within industries like manufacturing and financial services, according to the report,” Bloomberg News reported.

There is also this: Before the massive pandemic-induced layoffs, the Trump economy had 3.4 percent unemployment, the lowest in decades, and around 2 percent inflation, also very low. Gas prices were about $2.30 a gallon, and companies were expanding, not laying people off.

So much of what this most recent jobs report claims is just pure fiction. Biden’s economy is a disaster, and that’s evident in the number of people who say they are worse off now than when he took office.

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Ukraine says 'there will be planes,' hinting that Western jet fighters for Kyiv is a done deal

Image: Ukraine says ‘there will be planes,’ hinting that Western jet fighters for Kyiv is a done deal

(Natural News) For months, Western leaders led by the United States have said they don’t have any intention of transferring sophisticated fighter planes to Ukraine as part of ongoing aid packages, likely out of concern over Russian retaliation.

But now, Ukrainian officials are behaving as if the planes are going to be delivered as part of a future arms package that is a done deal, Breitbart News reported on Sunday.

Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov told a news conference in Kyiv over the weekend that Ukraine has already received everything from its “wish list to Santa,” except fighter planes.

“There will be planes, too,” Reznikov said definitively. “The question is just what kind exactly…. Consider that this mission is already completed.”

The news outlet continued:

So far, Ukraine has won support from Baltic nations and Poland in its quest to obtain Western fighter jets. But several Western leaders have expressed concern that providing warplanes could provoke the Kremlin and draw their countries deeper into the conflict, which has cost tens of thousands of lives and wreaked massive destruction.

Kyiv says such jets are essential to challenging Russia’s air superiority and ensuring success in a Russian offensive that Reznikov predicted could begin around the war’s one-year anniversary, Feb. 24.

“Not all Western weapons will arrive by then, but we have the resources and reserves to help stabilize and sustain the offensive,” Reznikov told reporters.

Russia Warns ‘Absurd’ Talk of Sending Warplanes to Ukraine Risks War Escalation

— Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) February 2, 2023

Following Russia’s invasion, NATO countries have repeatedly refused, initially, to provide Ukraine with sophisticated and longer-range weapons like missiles and tanks, but eventually agreed to do so. It could be that the warplane issue is the latest example of the West caving in.

“Ukraine has relocated its warplanes and concealed air defense assets, hampering Moscow’s efforts to gain full control of the skies,” Breitbart News reported. “After suffering early losses, the Russian air force has avoided venturing deep into Ukraine’s airspace and mostly focused on close front-line support.”

At present, according to reports, German-made Leopard 1 and 2 tanks are heading to Ukraine from various countries, including Germany. Reznikov said Ukraine’s forces will begin training on them somewhere in Europe this week before they are formally transferred. In all, Canada, Poland, Germany, Great Britain, and the United States have announced they will supply tanks to Ukraine.


Russia, which is continuing a massive mobilization and buildup of its own forces after being pushed back by the Ukrainians, has frequently stated that NATO continuing to supply Ukraine with weapons is only prolonging the conflict and leading to unnecessary deaths. Russian President Vladimir Putin has also said that NATO has become a direct participant in the conflict, though no NATO country has troops (in any significant amount) in Ukraine.

For his part, Reznikov, citing the stream of Western weapons heading into his country and the current state of the Ukrainian army, responded to Russia’s rhetoric on Sunday, telling reporters: “I absolutely boldly claim that we have become a de facto NATO country. We only have a de jure part left.”

Ukraine has applied to join NATO, as have two of Russia’s other neighbors, Finland and Sweden. The latter two are on a glide path to membership, though Turkey objects; Ukraine, however, is not.

Russian forces continue to target Ukraine’s infrastructure, such as its energy grid. Several Russian rocket attacks have repeatedly knocked out power to parts of the country, only to be repaired and then knocked out again soon after.

Reports say that both sides are preparing for offensive operations when the weather improves, meaning that the war is far from over. Previous reports say Russia has lost more than 110,000 killed and three times as many wounded.

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Majority of Italian Parents Appropriately Hesitant on Childhood COVID-19 Vaccination

By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

The peer-reviewed medical literature on COVID-19 is under strong bias from the editors and publishers to allow mainly favorable papers into publication on COVID-19 vaccination. A proxy on medical establishment vaccination sentiment are papers that report fair balanced survey results from either patients or parents of children contemplating COVID-19 vaccination. After two years of relentless promotion from global and country public health authorities, reports of the majority not wanting COVID-19 vaccination for their children should be taken as serious “push back.”

Bianchi et al, conducted a meta-analysis of nine Italian studies spanning November, 2020 to March, 2022. The overall rate of appropriate vaccine hesitancy was 55%. Younger and unvaccinated parents were stronger predictors of protecting their children from vaccination. Belief that the vaccines were either unsafe, ineffective, or not medically necessary were the most common justification for vaccine hesitancy.

Bianchi FP, Stefanizzi P, Cuscianna E, Riformato G, Di Lorenzo A, Giordano P, Germinario CA, Tafuri S. COVID-19 vaccination hesitancy among Italian parents: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Hum Vaccin Immunother. 2023 Jan 25:2171185. doi: 10.1080/21645515.2023.2171185. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 36698309.

These data support rational parental decision making on declining COVID-19 vaccination in children. As more countries withdraw mandates for vaccines and remove younger individuals from eligibility, these trends could be expected to strengthen over time.

This study should be considered in light of California’s recent decision to drop school vaccine mandates. The data suggest parents are becoming more discerning as countries and states fail to make a compelling case that COVID-19 is safe, effective, or needed for any reason at this stage of the pandemic.

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TrialSite News Feb 6, 2023 California ‘Quietly’ Drops Student COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Bianchi FP, Stefanizzi P, Cuscianna E, Riformato G, Di Lorenzo A, Giordano P, Germinario CA, Tafuri S. COVID-19 vaccination hesitancy among Italian parents: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Hum Vaccin Immunother. 2023 Jan 25:2171185. doi: 10.1080/21645515.2023.2171185. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 36698309.

Setting the Record Straight; Stuff You Should Know About Ukraine

Unz Review | Feb. 5, 2023

On February 16, 2022, a full week before Putin sent combat troops into Ukraine, the Ukrainian Army began the heavy bombardment of the area (in east Ukraine) occupied by mainly ethnic Russians. Officials from the Observer Mission of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) were located in the vicinity at the time and kept a record of the shelling as it took place. What the OSCE discovered was that the bombardment dramatically intensified as the week went on until it reached a peak on February 19, when a total of 2,026 artillery strikes were recorded. Keep in mind, the Ukrainian Army was, in fact, shelling civilian areas along the Line of Contact that were occupied by other Ukrainians.

We want to emphasize that the officials from the OSCE were operating in their professional capacity gathering first-hand evidence of shelling in the area. What their data shows is that Ukrainian Forces were bombing and killing their own people. This has all been documented and has not been challenged.

So, the question we must all ask ourselves is this: Is the bombardment and slaughter of one’s own people an ‘act of war’?


ADL Hounds Joe Rogan For Saying ‘The Idea That Jewish People Are Not Into Money is Ridiculous’ – ‘Like Saying Italians Aren’t Into Pizza!’

February 8, 2023 Winter Watch Around the Web, Media 0

Information Liberation | Feb. 8, 2023

ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt tore into comedian Joe Rogan on Tuesday for saying that “the idea that Jewish people are not into money is ridiculous” and “like saying Italians aren’t into pizza!”

Joe Rogan on his podcast Saturday defended Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) tweet from 2019 saying that US political leaders support for Israel is driven by Jewish megadonors and is “all about the Benjamins baby.”


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