White Guilt—Yes, that mildly controversial subject about which there are many collegial conversations

Washington Examiner: “A city official from San Francisco, California, said the draft plan for black residents [EACH black resident] to receive $5 million in reparations is not enough for proper compensation.”

“Supervisor Shamann Walton told National Review Tuesday the 5 million number, which the San Francisco African American Reparations Advisory Committee said would remedy previous discrimination against black city residents, is ‘much less than a lot of the projections that people say black people should receive for reparations here in the United States’.”

So yeah, this white guilt thing over what has been done to black people will be wrapped up very soon and we’ll all be able to sit back and inhale the harmony. Composed of particles from one giant shit-cloud.

Let’s see. Where do we start? THE PAST IS THE PRESENT. FOREVER.

The past can never be diminished by the present.

Now that’s a grift I wish I’d thought of. In any context. That’s an industry equal to putting a whole nation on wartime production. Turn in your tin foil to the government. You women, get your asses into those weapons factories and start riveting.

Whiteness is a steady-state genetic essence that forces its owners to visit endless crimes on those who own a black genetic essence. You can prove that with a diagram on a napkin.

Urgent Explanation of Money and Executive Order #14067 Part 2

 By Anna Von Reitz

Finally, people are beginning to understand Swindles that happened over a hundred years ago, and we have a lot of catching up to do.  In the first article appearing under this title, we showed everyone how Lincoln and his Secretary of the Treasury, Salmon P. Chase, figured out a way to snooker everyone into exchanging gold for paper “Greenbacks”.  
We also explained how a consortium of private banks operating as the “Federal Reserve” got involved to front Lincoln’s government an initial loan to back the issuance of Greenbacks, and how once the Greenbacks were issued, Investment Bonds were used as a lure to attract outside investors who had to buy the Greenbacks with more gold before they could invest in the 10/40 Bonds.  
So, it was a Round Robin and all based on gold to gold transactions initially.  Gold was used to issue and subsequently to buy Greenbacks, given them value.  Greenbacks backed by gold and bought with gold were used to buy the infamous 10/40 Bonds.  Naturally, the expectation of the investors was that they would be paid back in gold, plus interest, when the bonds matured. 
That didn’t happen.  
Instead, investors were told that they had to accept Greenbacks as payment for their investment and interest due, because that’s how they paid for the investment bonds in the first place.  Then as now, there was no way to convert the Greenbacks back into gold, other than using them to buy gold at street value.  
Most investors grumbled, but accepted the Greenbacks because it beat the alternative of losing their investment value outright. 
The printing presses were in business and the Belle Epoch Era was the result.  
This was a period of wild investment spending.  The sky was the limit.  The American Robber Barons built railroads and AC power grids and invested in internal combustion engine technology, they built vast factories to produce things on assembly lines, they invested in banks and revolutionized the stock and commodity exchange markets.  The Government invested in infrastructure, too, improving old and building new bridges and roads throughout the country, postal service vastly improved, public hospitals were built, and thanks to Robber Baron Andrew Carnegie, the idea of public libraries were born.  Every little nook and cranny in America seemed destined for greatness. 
And it was all built on the Greenback Swindle, trading paper for gold —- and corporations. Lots of corporations.  The Civil War had taught Robber Barons like Remington and Westinghouse the advantages of using corporations to shield private fortunes from business investment risks, so they proliferated like the flowers in May in the period immediately following the Civil War and most of the Greenbacks, one way or another, through the public sector or the private sector, got funneled into the growing economy by corporations.  
The summit of this time period was epitomized by the Chicago World Fair at the turn of the century.  Even today when we contemplate photos from this phantasm it is hard to imagine how an entire “city of the future” was built and electrified and equipped with a moving sidewalk in less than two years and left to wonder, why, having spent all the time and money to build it — was it torn down just as fast? 
Probably more graft and collusion between the State of Illinois, City of Chicago, and the labor unions who got the work both coming and going, but suffice it to say that the Belle Epoch was a Boom Time for everyone, even though very few people understood how all this was suddenly happening.  And even fewer people would understand the odd collapse that followed in 1906 as a result of overspending and time delays in reaping real profits from many of the investments that were made.  
Next, we will show you how the banks began their “run up” to pull the same trick of exchanging paper for silver.  
By 1906, the Scottish Commercial Corporation that Lincoln’s Generals set up in 1868 and called “The United States of America, Incorporated”, was belly up.  The world was properly astonished and many thought that this meant our country was bankrupt.  The so-called “common people” didn’t realize that only a corporation could go bankrupt and a panic ensued, because this particular corporation had infringed on the doing-business-as name of our Federation of States: The United States of America. 
By 1910, the Federal Reserve Bankers had hatched another precious metals for paper scheme, only this time, it would target silver and take a little longer to accomplish.  The infamous meeting on Jekyll Island occurred and by Christmas Eve of 1913, everything was in place for the Federal Reserve Banks to make another loan to another new “governmental services corporation” and provide backing for another new paper currency, the Federal Reserve Note. 
This time, as a condition of their participation, the Federal Reserve Banks demanded that they reap the face value of the new currency as credit as it came off the printing presses, additional asset backing, and insisted that they be given control of the new paper bearing their name so that they could control it as a private bank scrip.  That is, that the Federal Reserve would become the Central Bank and be able to regulate their own private bank currency as the saw fit— in essence, giving them a license to commodity rig the Federal Reserve Note supply.  
The 1906-07 “Public Bankruptcy” of what appeared to be our country, but which was in reality a British Territorial Commercial Corporation with a deceptively similar name, caused havoc here and abroad.  It contributed greatly to the end result: World War I.  
World War I was a bonanza for the Federal Reserve and all the colluding banks and corporations that fed off the war —- first as investors and vendors, and later, as creditors, they lost nothing and gained a great deal.  
We lost sons and daughters and were left paying the other costs of the war, and, even though, once again, this was not anything to do with the actual American States and the American General Public, we were stuck with the bill. 
There was a Boom Time after the First World War — the so-called “Roaring Twenties”.  For a while, it looked like a repeat of the Belle Epoch, but other factors were in play — especially the Central Bank, that is, the Federal Reserve Bank(s).  
As the decade drew to a close, the colluding banks prompted a panic and a bank run that destabilized the public confidence.  Next, on pre-agreed signal, the colluding banks and their cronies pulled out of the Stock Market that they in fact controlled — the Black Friday collapse ensued. Overnight, the value of stock investments evaporated; the banks sat back amid the panic and then swooped in and bought back all the devalued stocks at pennies on the dollar.   
It was the single largest and most devastating market manipulation by any bank group in the history of the world.  It resulted in the member Federal Reserve Banks and their crony investors gaining virtually complete control of the Fortune 500 Companies and control of vast amounts of Natural Resources via their company shares interests.  
The Fix was in.  With the Central Banks in control of the commodities market, the bulk of the Fortune 500, and holding a large portion of the gold garnered from the Greenback Bonds Scam, the Federal Reserve only needed a partner to issue bonds for them to set up a reprise of the 1040 scheme.  
That problem had been overcome in 1924, when the colluding government corporation once again doing business as “the United States of America, Incorporated”  engrossed the United States Treasury as a Department within the International Monetary Fund. 
Obviously, there has been no actual “United States Treasury” or “United States Treasury Department” or “United States Department of the Treasury” since that time, there was simply another nest of colluding international banks organized and sponsored primarily by J.D. Rockefeller and Standard Oil investors, standing by to issue “United States Treasury Bonds” in the name of our country.
They would issue the bonds in the name of our country and they would collect the money to pay for the bonds from Americans under the pretext that these Americans were voluntary “Taxpayers” submitting money collected from unknown investors buying successive issues of “1040” Bonds.  They would collect the phony non-consensual debt in silver, and pay it back with paper.  
And of course, they would never pay back anything on the bonds at all; after all, the victims didn’t know that they were buying bonds and investing in foreign “service corporations” and in private bank scrip used as currency, so there was no need to repay the investment to unknown foreign investors — the American Public —  and no need to contact those investors through the volunteer Taxpayers who were  merely collecting the “tax” to back all this bull crap.   
This is why they always have to pretend that paying “Federal Income Taxes” is voluntary. You see, it’s not any kind of legitimate public tax at all.  It is a “tax” levied by private “government service corporations” on their employees as a condition of employment.  
The American General Public, millions of innocent people who were never told a word about any of this, were presumed to acquiesce to all this by their silence, and by their coerced “voluntary” participation —- and so, millions of Americans were entrapped and fraudulently registered as collateral — literally — belonging to the “United States of America, Incorporated” beginning in 1921, under the guise of the Maternity Act and later, the Shepherd Townsend Act.  
In 1925, the fraudulent and private “United States Department of the Treasury” unleashed the “Internal Revenue Service”, a European-based private collection agency imported as a Delaware Corporation, on the clueless masses of Americans. 

No country in the history of the world has suffered such disservice at the hands of its own public employees and foreign subcontractors, and no collection of banks have ever been more self-serving and crooked.

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Bill Gates Makes 10x Investment on mRNA Vaccines

  • In 2019, Bill Gates invested $55 million in BioNtech, which developed the COVID-19 shot for Pfizer; it’s now worth $550 million

  • Gates sold some of the stock at the end of 2022, when the share price was over $300

  • After reaping huge profits, Gates criticized COVID-19 jabs, stating they don’t block infection, aren’t effective against variants and have “very short duration”

  • Gates’ motivations run far deeper than making money off shrewd investments; by funding WHO, Gates is able to ensure that the decisions it makes end up profiting his own interests and those of his Big Pharma partners

  • Gates, via collaborations with WHO, Anthony Fauci and others, is aiming to have absolute power to control pandemic declarations and responses worldwide

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In The Hill video above, Bill Gates trashes mRNA COVID-19 shots, naming three problems with them that need to be fixed. “The current vaccines are not infection-blocking,” Gates says, “They’re not broad — so when new variants come up you lose protection — and they have very short duration, particularly in the people who matter, which are old people.”

COVID-19 shots’ lack of efficacy and safety is not news, so why is this a remarkable statement coming from Gates? He’s been a major proponent of mRNA technology and invested heavily in BioNTech, which developed the COVID-19 shot for Pfizer. He’s since sold a lot of those shares, earning a 10x profit.

As reported by The Hill co-host Briahna Joy Gray, Gates invested $55 million in BioNtech in 2019, and it’s now worth $550 million. He sold some of the stock at the end of 2022, when the share price was over $300 — representing a massive gain. Co-host Robby Soave then states:

“Let’s follow that trajectory: [Gates] invests heavily in BioNTech, ‘mRNA vaccines are great, this is the future,’ he talks about the vaccine timeline and how we can develop it faster, ‘we might have to cut some corners on safety’ … All in … sells it … makes a huge amount of money … but now it’s ‘yeah, it’s okay, it could be better, but what we really need is this breath spray.'”

Soave is referring to a statement Gates made regarding a type of inhaler that could be used “very early in an epidemic” to block people from becoming infected.

The glaring conflict of interest is only highlighted by Gates’ about-face regarding the shots.

In 2021, Gates called mRNA shots “magic” and “game changers.” He’s also said, “Everyone who takes the vaccine is not just protecting themselves but reducing their transmission to other people and allowing society to get back to normal.”

Contrast that with his latest statements acknowledging the shots’ failures. Investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel explained:

“Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who served as one of the architects of Covid hysteria and had more of an impact than any other individual on the disastrous global pandemic policies, has finally acknowledged that the mRNA shots he’s been promoting for two years are nothing more than expired pharma junk.

Translation: Gates admits that the shots are impossible to align with rapidly developing variants, they expire in lighting speed, and they don’t stop transmission. And they don’t work for the only at-risk portion of the population.”

Gates’ major reversal on the shots comes too late, however, as his prior praises were instrumental in dictating government policy, despite his massive financial conflicts of interest. Soave adds:

“For there not to be more interrogation of his conflict of interest here by the mainstream is deeply disturbing, and for people who have been skeptical of this aspect of Pfizer and the drug development around COVID and who have been shot down in the media as kooks, anti-vaxxers and the like.

I frankly think that this issue of pharmaceutical corruption and people pushing various interventions, having an investment in profit, should have been an issue that the left was leading on.

We have to be more transparent about the fact that people who are having input in what the government policy is going to be, what’s going to be required people, the Biden administration tried to require people to get this, shouldn’t it be known at least when there are hundreds of millions of dollars of financial interests at stake for the people advising this? And their tune changes as it follows the money!”

Gates’ motivations run far deeper than making money off shrewd investments. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation remains a primary funder of the World Health Organization (WHO), as Gates contributes via multiple avenues, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the vaccine alliance GAVI, the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE), UNICEF and Rotary International.

In 2017, Politico wrote a highly-critical article about Gates’ undue financial influence over the WHO’s operations, which Politico said was causing the agency to spend:

“… a disproportionate amount of its resources on projects with the measurable outcomes Gates prefers … Some health advocates fear that because the Gates Foundation’s money comes from investments in big business, it could serve as a Trojan horse for corporate interests to undermine WHO’s role in setting standards and shaping health policies.”

Indeed, as noted by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in his book “Vax-Unvax,” “The sheer magnitude of his foundation’s financial contributions has made Bill Gates an unofficial — albeit unelected — leader of the WHO.”

And, in that role, Gates is able to ensure that the decisions the WHO makes end up profiting his own interests and those of his Big Pharma partners.

You may remember that, in 2019, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation sponsored a novel coronavirus pandemic preparedness exercise shortly before the pandemic started.

The event, which took place October 18, 2019 in New York, was called Event 201, and it included a detailed simulation of a coronavirus outbreak with a predicted global death toll of 65 million people within a span of 18 months.

October 23, 2022, Gates, Johns Hopkins and the WHO cohosted another exercise, this one dubbed “Catastrophic Contagion,”

which involved a novel pathogen called “severe epidemic enterovirus respiratory syndrome 2025” (SEERS-25) that primarily kills children.

So, we can already begin to predict what the next pandemic will revolve around, and with WHO aiming to have absolute power to control pandemic declarations and responses worldwide, it paves the way to usher in the next phases of The Great Reset and Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Scheming of Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci

Transhumanist Dr. Yuval Noah Harari, a top advisor to Klaus Schwab, owner and chairman of WEF, has spoken openly about WEF’s plan to gain control by “hacking organisms.”

“By hacking organisms,” Harari said, “[we] gain the power to re-engineer the future of life itself. Because once you can hack something, you can usually also engineer it.”

Soon, he says, some corporations and governments will be able to “systematically hack all the people.” And if they succeed in hacking life, he describes it as the “greatest revolution in biology since the beginning of life 4 billion years ago.”

COVID-19 is instrumental in this plan, Harari says, as it propelled the public to accept privacy violations it would have otherwise rejected. “COVID is critical,” he says, “because this is what convinces people to accept, to legitimize, total biometrics surveillance.”

Undoubtedly, the plan is to connect everything together — your identification, personal finances via central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), medical and vaccination records. Gates has downplayed suggestions of biometric surveillance as conspiracy theories, however.

In an interview with Australian journalist Sarah Ferguson, Gates not only mentions “intentionally caused” pandemics

— while maintaining that the COVID-19 pandemic was “natural” — but also states he reported “false stories” and “people who highlight almost silly misinformation” to Big Tech.

But while Gates tries to pass off people’s concerns about his undue influence over their health as a joke, there’s no shortage of evidence that he really is pulling strings, including via his collaborations with other key players, like Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Decades ago, Fauci and Gates formed an agreement to control and expand the global vaccine enterprise, which in 2021 culminated in a plan to inject every man, woman and child on the planet with an experimental COVID-19 shot. Gates and Fauci’s collaboration are detailed in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s best-selling book, “The Real Anthony Fauci.” The video above summarizes their joint scheme.

While speaking with Ferguson, Gates also lies about his relationship with the now-infamous sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, stating they had dinner together and “that’s all.”

However, media reports claim they met on multiple occasions and were in discussions about co-creating a charitable fund with seed money from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and JPMorgan Chase.

It’s also been suggested that Gates’ global agenda is driven by a eugenicist ideology.

Investigative journalist James Corbett notes:

“According to The Times, Gates emailed his colleagues about Epstein in 2011: ‘His lifestyle is very different and kind of intriguing although it would not work for me.

‘Epstein’s will even named Boris Nikolic — a Harvard-trained immunologist who served as the chief scientific advisor to both Microsoft and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and who appears in the sole publicly known photo of Epstein and Gates’ 2011 meeting at Epstein’s Manhattan mansion — as the backup executor of Epstein’s estate.

It is not difficult to see why Gates would try to distance himself from his relationship with a child sex trafficker … But, as it turns out, the attempt to suppress the Gates-Epstein story may have been an attempt to suppress the revelation of an altogether different shared interest …

The already scarcely believable Jeffrey Epstein story took another bizarre turn in August of 2019, when it was reported that Epstein ‘Hoped to Seed the Human Race With His DNA.’

As The New York Times explained, Epstein’s plan to impregnate 20 women at a time at his New Mexico ranch in order to ‘seed the human race with his DNA’ — plan he told to a number of the ‘scientific luminaries’ he kept in his orbit — put a modern gloss on a very old idea.”

Investigative journalist Whitney Webb, author of the book “One Nation Under Blackmail: The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Crime That Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein,” also delves into Epstein’s ties to Gates. While mainstream media narrative states that Epstein and Gates didn’t meet until 2011, Webb says that’s not true:

“There’s mainstream media articles from 2001 saying that Jeffrey Epstein made all his money from his business connections — to three men — and those three men are Leslie Wexner [former owner of Victoria’s Secret], Donald Trump and the third one is Bill Gates.”

One example of the deep connection that actually existed between Epstein and Gates involves Melanie Walker, who is also involved with WEF:

“She was recruited by Epstein in 1992, allegedly as a Victoria’s Secret model, but there’s no evidence she ever actually modeled for Victoria’s Secret. He apparently was funding her education, hires her as his science advisor in the late ’90s and then a couple years after that, in the early 2000s, she becomes the science advisor to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

So if you’re going to apply to be science advisor to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and your CV says my most recent experience is being the science advisor to Jeffrey Epstein, and you’re Bill Gates hiring your top science advisor, you would have to know who Jeffrey Epstein is and what kind of science he’s into.”

Webb believes Gates is lying about his ties to Epstein not only to protect himself but also to protect Microsoft. “You also have, in the ’90s, Jeffrey Epstein flying around on planes to official Microsoft functions in Russia, apparently giving women to the chief technology officer who was very close to Bill Gates … all sorts of stuff going on there with Epstein and Microsoft,” Webb explained.

Gates’ negative remarks about the mRNA COVID jabs appear to be the start of a media trend exposing the shots’ risks and failures. The Wall Street Journal published a review detailing the “deceptive campaign for bivalent COVID boosters,” stating they “fail to live up to their promise, but vaccine makers and experts keep pushing them.”

Reports that Pfizer intends to mutate SARS-CoV-2 using gain-of-function processes, or directed evolution, have also been met with alarm and calls for a Congressional investigation.

It’s possible the jabs’ failures are becoming too great to cover up, leading to a gradual shift in the narrative, with a focus on preparing for future pandemics — one of Gates’ favorite topics.

Not content to stop with COVID-19, Gates is intent on creating and distributing “standby tools” — i.e., more shots and drugs — globally to be prepared for the, apparently inevitable, next pandemic:

“So there’s a class that’s got measles in it, a class of flu, a class of coronavirus, and a fourth class, all of which we need to have standby tools, both antivirals and vaccines that can deal with those. It’s very doable. So on the tools front, we can be far more prepared.”

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Frequent Antibiotic Use Linked to Risk for Crohn’s, Colitis

frequent antibiotic use increases risk of ibd

  • A review of over 6 million medical records found exposure to antibiotics may increase your risk of developing Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, two main types of inflammatory bowel disease

  • The risk rose in a dose-dependent manner and was highest in those taking nitroimidazoles and fluoroquinolones — often used to treat gut infections

  • Just one course of antibiotics can negatively affect your gut microbiome for up to 12 months and can increase your risk of heart attack, stroke and colorectal cancer. Unnecessary use of antibiotics increases the risk of antimicrobial resistance, which is rising and experts estimate it will kill 10 million each year by 2050

  • Emulsifiers, a common food additive found in mayonnaise, salad dressings, baked goods and ice cream, have been associated with the development of gut inflammation and “robust” colitis in an animal model

  • Natural options that may help reduce symptoms include ginger, curcumin, omega-3 fats, probiotics, coconut oil and optimizing vitamin D levels

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In January 2023,

a study was published in the BMJ journal Gut, in which researchers found that overuse of antibiotics could trigger inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). There are two main subtypes of IBD: Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Both conditions are characterized by harmful inflammation in the bowel.

The two subtypes differ in how a person is affected. Ulcerative colitis is limited to the lining of the large intestine. Multiple ulcers can form along the intestinal wall and symptoms often develop quickly. People may experience urgency and frequency of bowel movements, incontinence, bloody stool, abdominal pain and cramping. People may also have persistent diarrhea, loss of appetite and unexpected weight loss.

Although it’s a chronic condition, the symptoms appear in an unpredictable pattern with months and sometimes years passing between flare-ups. Crohn’s disease is another form of IBD that can happen anywhere along the gastrointestinal tract, from the mouth to the anus. It more often appears in the small intestines or at the start of the large intestines.

Crohn’s disease can sometimes cause fistulas to form that tunnel through the intestinal wall and connect to another organ, such as the skin or bladder. The disease can cause scarring along the intestinal wall, which narrows the gastrointestinal tract and can lead to possible obstruction, abdominal pain and constipation.

When Crohn’s first develops, people may not experience alarming symptoms but as the condition worsens, people typically report persistent diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloody stool and constipation.

Like ulcerative colitis, you may have a loss of appetite, fatigue and unexpected weight loss. The inflammatory response can affect other areas of the body and trigger symptoms that do not appear to be related, including fever, skin rashes, arthritis and eye irritations that cause blurry vision, irritation or redness.

The rising incidents of IBD caused researchers to suspect there may be environmental factors involved.

IBD in earlier generations has been associated with antibiotic use, but the overall influence was uncertain. The researchers used Denmark’s nationwide registries of individuals aged 10 years and older from 2000 to 2018 and calculated the incidence rate ratios for IBD after an individual received antibiotics.

There was a total of 6,104,245 individuals in the registry and the researchers found 52,898 new cases of IBD during the study period. The data showed a dose-dependent response in all age groups for ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. The highest risk of developing IBD was in the first two years after taking an antibiotic.

This risk was higher in individuals who took nitroimidazoles and fluoroquinolones, both of which are often used to treat gastrointestinal infections.

Dr. Adam Faye from New York University’s Grossman School of Medicine was the lead researcher on the study. He said the antibiotics indiscriminately target bacteria without a focus on those that cause disease.

This has an adverse effect on the gut microbiome. Faye also noted that the increased risk of IBD following antibiotic exposure was another reason to limit use in people with colds, flu or other viral infections:

“We want patients to improve quickly, so we may be more apt to prescribe an antibiotic in some of these settings, but in addition to exacerbating bacterial resistance patterns, this is another reason to practice antibiotic stewardship. In other words, use antibiotics when needed, but be cautious about prescribing them for an infection that will likely be self-limiting or is more likely viral.”

It is important to know the study does not show causation, only that there appears to be an association between using antibiotics and developing inflammatory bowel disease. Overall, the risk was slightly higher for Crohn’s disease than for ulcerative colitis. The data showed that individuals between 10 and 40 years were 28% more likely to develop IBD, while those aged 40 to 60 were 48% more likely. In people aged 60 and older, the increased likelihood was 47%.

Additionally, the risk rose with every additional antibiotic exposure. Individuals who took five or more prescriptions had the highest risk. For comparison, people from 10 to 40 years who had taken five or more prescriptions had an increased risk of 69% and the risk doubled for people from 40 to 60 years.

On further analysis of the data, the researchers also discovered that people had a 66% increased chance of developing IBD in the first two years and that increase dropped to as little as 13% after four or five years. This data supports a 2020 Swedish study

that examined roughly 24,000 new cases of IBD. After adjusting for confounding factors, the researchers found individuals who had prior use of broad-spectrum antibiotics had nearly twice the risk of developing IBD.

Dr. Bethany DeVito, associate chief of ambulatory clinical gastroenterology at Northwell Health in Great Neck, New York, was not involved in the New York study but commented on the importance of the current data, saying:

“Any alterations in the microbiome can lead to diseases in, especially, the GI tract with irritable bowel syndrome. There’s talk about it being a factor in causing inflammatory bowel disease, because of the inflammation that can come about from altering the microbiome.”

Just one course of antibiotics can negatively affect your gut microbiome for up to 12 months.

According to CDC estimates,

judicious use of antibiotics is warranted. While the drugs are lifesaving, 41% of those prescribed as an outpatient for upper respiratory infections are unnecessary. Exposure to antibiotics when you do not have a bacterial infection exposes you to increased risk and no benefit.

In 2014,

researchers linked antibiotic use to a slightly increased risk of developing colorectal cancer. Again, this is possibly because of alterations to the gut microbiome. Past research

showed less bacterial diversity in the gastrointestinal tract is more likely to lead to colon cancer.

Separate research

showed women who used antibiotics for two months or more had an increased risk of developing colorectal adenoma, which increases the risk of developing colorectal cancer. Women who used antibiotics for at least two months in their 20s and 30s had a 36% increased risk of polyps compared to those who did not.

A 2019 study

found women in late adulthood who used antibiotics for two months or longer had a 32% higher likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease than women who did not use the drugs. Middle-aged women from 40 to 59 years who used antibiotics for longer than two months had a 28% increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

The researchers highlighted alterations in gut microbiota that play a detrimental role in adverse effects on the heart. Study author Lu Qi, director of the Tulane University Obesity Research Center in New Orleans, commented on the results of the study in a news release:

“Antibiotic use is the most critical factor in altering the balance of microorganisms in the gut. Previous studies have shown a link between alterations in the microbiotic environment of the gut and inflammation and narrowing of the blood vessels, stroke and heart disease.”

Antibiotics have transformed health care, but as with any pharmaceutical, they carry risks. When absolutely necessary for a treatable infection, the benefits usually outweigh the risks. However, when used unnecessarily, the patient is often exposed to preventable and potentially serious health conditions.

Importantly, overuse of antibiotics leads to antibiotic-resistant infections. Worldwide, antimicrobial resistance killed more people than HIV and AIDS or malaria in 2019.

Antibiotic-resistant infections are the leading cause of death for people of all ages worldwide. A systematic analysis

of the burden of bacterial antimicrobial resistance published in the Lancet showed there were an estimated 4.95 million deaths in 2019 using a predictive statistical model.

Mohsen Naghavi, a health-metrics scientist at the University of Washington in Seattle who was part of the research team, said “AMR [antimicrobial resistance] is truly a global problem that requires urgent action from policymakers and the health community to avoid preventable deaths. In a world where antibiotic use has become so commonplace, resistant bacteria out-compete those that are killed off by pharmaceuticals.”

According to the WHO,

at least 700,000 die every year from drug-resistant diseases. Left unchecked, some experts believe that 10 million people will die each year by 2050 from antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

A 2022 report from the CDC

looked at antibiotic resistance during the COVID-19 pandemic and found that hospital-acquired, drug-resistant bacterial infections rose by 15% from 2019 to 2020. The report suggests that surges in antibiotic use contributed to the rise in antibiotic resistance.


calls antimicrobial resistance “an urgent global public health threat, killing at least 1.27 million people worldwide and associated with nearly 5 million deaths in 2019.” According to the CDC, there are 2.8 million antimicrobial-resistant infections in the U.S. each year and an important driver of antimicrobial resistance is antibiotic and antifungal use.

A 2018 study

revealed 69,464 children each year end up in the emergency room as a result of immediate adverse reactions related to antibiotics. While this number sounds high, it may only be the tip of the iceberg

since the study only included children who went to the ER and not those who were treated in an urgent care, doctor’s office or at home.

Many of the chemicals added to processed foods have been linked to several health conditions, including inflammatory conditions in the gut like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. One of those additives is emulsifiers, which are ubiquitous and processed foods like margarine, baked goods, ice cream and mayonnaise.

A 2015 animal study

demonstrated agents that disrupt mucus structures lining the intestinal surface and protecting epithelial cells from gut bacteria have the potential to promote gut inflammation. The study showed that emulsifiers impacted the microbiota and induced low-grade inflammation and metabolic syndrome. It also promoted “robust” colitis in mice predisposed to the disorder.

Researchers concluded that emulsifying agents may contribute to an increased incidence of “obesity/metabolic syndrome and other chronic inflammatory diseases.” Emulsifiers are used to keep oils and fats from separating, improve texture and add shelf life to foods like non-dairy milk, vegetable burgers and hamburger patties.

In mice with an abnormal immune system, the emulsifiers cause chronic colitis and in those with a healthy immune function, the animals experience mild intestinal inflammation and metabolic dysfunction that led to obesity and insulin resistance.

While these additives are approved by the FDA, a 2013 study

found that nearly 80% of the food additives approved lacked testing information to help the agency estimate the amount that people can safely consume before suffering health consequences.

With every passing year, it becomes clearer that the microbes in your body play a vital role in your health. The goal of most treatment protocols for IBD focuses on suppressing the inflammation leading to damage and eliminating exposure to environmental pollutants, which include smoking, a diet high in sugar, fried foods, synthetic trans fats, stress, vitamin D deficiency and inadequate exercise.

If you must take antibiotics, it is crucial to add traditionally fermented and cultured foods to your diet to optimize your gut flora and consider the use of spore-based probiotics, or sporebiotics, which are part of a group of derivatives of the microbe called Bacillus, has been shown to dramatically improve your immune tolerance.

I also recommend taking the beneficial yeast Saccharomyces boulardii after you’ve finished your antibiotics to prevent secondary complications of antibiotic treatment, such as diarrhea. IBD can be challenging to treat, so work with a knowledgeable natural health care practitioner who can develop a comprehensive treatment protocol. The following natural options may also provide some relief:

  • Ginger — May significantly reduce malondialdehyde (MDA), a biomarker of oxidative stress, in patients with ulcerative colitis after six and 12 weeks. Ginger also led to reductions in severity of disease activity and increased patients’ quality of life after 12 weeks.

  • Probiotics — People with inflammatory conditions such as ulcerative colitis who took the probiotic bacteria Bifidobacterium infantis for eight weeks had lower levels of inflammation than those taking a placebo.

  • Curcumin — This may help to induce and maintain remission in ulcerative colitis patients without serious side effects.

  • Omega-3 fats — The animal-based omega-3 fats in krill oil, EPA and DHA, have immune-boosting qualities along with anti-inflammatory properties proven to benefit disorders of the gut, including ulcerative colitis.

  • Optimizing vitamin D levels — Multiple studies have demonstrated vitamin D helps modulate IBD.

  • Coconut oil — An animal study showed the type of fat eaten impacts gut bacteria and coconut oil produced less severe gut inflammation in mice with Crohn’s-like disease.

  • Medical cannabis — Researchers identified

    the pathway through which cannabis affects IBD finding it protects the epithelial layer of the gut and prevents neutrophils from entering the gut.

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Are Enzymes a Key to COVID Endothelial Injury?

coronavirus enzymes

  • Studies suggest damage to the endothelium, which are cells covering blood vessels, is contributing to the development of blood clots, or thrombosis, in the blood vessels of severely ill COVID-19 patients

  • Enzymes may turn out to be the missing link in helping to break up clusters of clotting proteins involved in this dangerous thrombosis, which is linked to increased mortality in COVID-19

  • Levels of Von Willebrand factor (VWF), a clotting protein released by endothelial cells, were found to be significantly elevated in COVID-19 patients in advanced stages of the disease

  • Proteolytic enzymes such as lumbrokinase, serrapeptase and nattokinase also act as natural anticoagulants by breaking down the fibrin that forms blood clots

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ℹ️ From Dr. Joseph Mercola

Since COVID-19 first entered the scene, exchange of ideas has basically been outlawed. By sharing my views and those from various experts throughout the pandemic on COVID treatments and the experimental COVID jabs, I became a main target of the White House, the political establishment and the global cabal.

Propaganda and pervasive censorship have been deployed to seize control over every part of your life, including your health, finances and food supply. The major media are key players and have been instrumental in creating and fueling fear.

I am republishing this article in its original form so that you can see how the progression unfolded.

Originally published: November 30, 2020

Enzymes catalyze many biological reactions in your body. They regulate the rate of these chemical reactions, speeding them up so necessary functions like digestion, muscle contractions and other aspects of cellular metabolism can occur.

Enzymes are also emerging as key players in COVID-19, as studies suggest damage to the endothelium, which are cells covering blood vessels, is contributing to the development of blood clots, or thrombosis, in the blood vessels of severely ill COVID-19 patients.

Enzymes may turn out to be the missing link in helping to break up clusters of clotting proteins involved in this dangerous thrombosis.

After noticing blackened fingers and toes — signs of what appeared to be microvascular thrombosis, or tiny blood clots in small blood vessels — in COVID-19 patients in advanced stages of the disease, physicians at the Yale School of Medicine began running clotting tests on their patients.

Levels of Von Willebrand factor (VWF), a clotting protein released by endothelial cells, were found to be significantly elevated, which suggested to hematologist Alfred Lee that damaged endothelial cells may be releasing large quantities of VWF, leading to clots.

This prompted the team to screen for additional markers of endothelial cell and platelet activation in critically and noncritically ill COVID-19 patients.

The study, which was conducted in April 2020, included 68 hospitalized patients with COVID-19 and 13 asymptomatic controls. VWF antigen was significantly elevated in COVID-19 patients admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) compared to non-ICU COVID-19 patients,

as was soluble platelet selectin (sP-selectin), which is sometimes used as a biomarker for infection and mortality.

Specifically, mean VWF was 565% among ICU patients and 278% among non-ICU patients while soluble P-selectin was 15.9 ng/mL compared to 11.2 ng/mL.

“Our findings show that endotheliopathy is present in COVID-19 and is likely to be associated with critical illness and death. Early identification of endotheliopathy and strategies to mitigate its progression might improve outcomes in COVID-19,” the researchers concluded.

Likely not coincidentally, endothelial dysfunction is also associated with insulin resistance and plays a role in the vascular complications of diabetes,

as well as being involved in obesity and high blood pressure,

conditions that raise the risk of severe COVID-19.

Even mild obesity may raise the risk of COVID-19 severity — COVID-19 patients with mild obesity had a 2.5 times greater risk of respiratory failure and a five times greater risk of being admitted to an ICU compared to nonobese patients. Those with a BMI of 35 and over were also 12 times more likely to die from COVID-19.

Another study looking into the impact of coexisting health conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes on COVID-19 outcomes found they’re linked to “poorer clinical outcomes,” such as admission to an intensive care unit, a need for invasive ventilation or death.

It’s possible that the endothelial damage in all of these conditions plays a role in worsening COVID-19 outcomes, but it’s unclear which comes first — endothelial damage or COVID-19.

Imperial College London cardiologist Thomas Lüscher told The Scientist that the endothelium is the main target of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Under healthy conditions, blood cells can pass through the endothelium lining blood vessels, but when exposed to viral infections and other inflammatory agents, the endothelium becomes sticky and releases VWF.

The end result is a cascade of clotting and inflammation, both characteristics of severe COVID-19. According to a case report published April 8, 2020, “A hallmark of severe COVID-19 is coagulopathy, with 71.4% of patients who die of COVID-19 meeting … criteria for disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) while only 0.6% of patients who survive meet these criteria.”

Writing in the European Heart Journal, Lüscher argues, “COVID-19, particularly in the later complicated stages, represents an endothelial disease,”

which may help explain why multiple organ systems, including the lungs, heart, brain, kidney and vasculature, may be affected.

An additional study by Canadian researchers, published in Critical Care Explorations in September 2020, also revealed elevated VWF and soluble P-selectin levels in COVID-19 patients, along with higher glycocalyx-degradation products,

a sign of damage to the glycocalyx, which envelops the endothelium.

This can also be a sign of sepsis. Taken together, the research suggests that therapies targeting the endothelium may be useful for COVID-19, which is where enzymes come in.

With the role of coagulopathy in severe COVID-19 becoming clearer, researchers have experimented with enzymes in the treatment of the disease. Fibrinolytic therapy, which uses drugs or enzymes to break up blood clots, has been used in a Phase 1 clinical trial that showed the treatment reduced mortality and led to improvements in oxygenation.

Further, researchers wrote in the Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis:

“There is evidence in both animals and humans that fibrinolytic therapy in acute lung injury and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) improves survival, which also points to fibrin deposition in the pulmonary microvasculature as a contributory cause of ARDS.

This would be expected to be seen in patients with ARDS and concomitant diagnoses of DIC on their laboratory values such as what is observed in more than 70% of those who die of COVID‐19.”

The researchers reported three case studies of patients with severe COVID‐19 respiratory failure who were treated with tissue plasminogen activator (TPA), a serine protease enzyme found on endothelial cells that’s involved in fibrinolysis, or the breakdown of blood clots.

All three patients benefited from the treatment, with partial pressure of oxygen/FiO2 (P/F) ratios, a measure of lung function, improving from 38% to 100%.

While it should be noted that several of the authors have patents pending related to both coagulation/fibrinolysis diagnostics and therapeutics, the results suggest such treatments deserve further evaluation in certain COVID-19 patients.

An evaluation of organ tissues from people who died from COVID-19 also revealed extensive lung damage, including clotting, and long-term persistence of virus cells in pneumocytes and endothelial cells.

The findings indicate that virus-infected cells may persist for long periods inside the lungs, contributing to scar tissue. In an interview with Reuters, study co-author Mauro Giacca, a professor at King’s College London, described “really vast destruction of the architecture of the lungs,” with healthy tissue “almost completely substituted by scar tissue,”

which could be responsible for cases of “long COVID,” in which symptoms persist for months.

“It could very well be envisaged that one of the reasons why there are cases of long COVID is because there is vast destruction of lung (tissue),” he told Reuters. “Even if someone recovers from COVID, the damage that is done could be massive.”

Dissolving scar tissue is another area where enzymes, particularly proteolytic enzymes, may be useful.

Holistic prophylactic alternatives that might be beneficial against blood clots include proteolytic enzymes such as lumbrokinase, serrapeptase and nattokinase, all of which act as natural anticoagulants by breaking down the fibrin that forms the blood clot. Fibrin is a clotting material that restricts blood flow, found both in your bloodstream and connective tissue such as your muscles. Fibrin accumulation is also responsible for scar tissue.

It is important to understand that when using these enzymes for fibrinolytic therapy they need to be taken on an empty stomach, at least one hour before or two hours after meals. Otherwise these enzymes will be wasted in the digestion of your food and will be unable to serve their fibrinolytic purpose.

As noted in Scientific Reports, some of the key mechanisms by which proteolytic enzymes exert their anticoagulant effect include “defibrinogenation, inhibition of platelet aggregation, and/or interference with components of the blood coagulation cascade.”

Here’s a closer look at these important enzymes, all of which are available in supplement form or, in the case of nattokinase, via the food natto.

  1. Lumbrokinase — This enzyme is about 300 times stronger than serrapeptase and nearly 30 times stronger than nattokinase,

    making it my strong personal preference and recommendation if you are using a fibrinolytic enzyme. Extracted from earthworms, lumbrokinase is a highly effective antithrombotic agent that reduces blood viscosity and platelet aggregation while also degrading fibrin, which is a key factor in clot formation.

  2. Serrapeptase — Also known as serratiopeptidase, serrapeptase is produced in the gut of newborn Bombyx mori silkworms, allowing them to dissolve and escape from their cocoons. Research has shown it can help patients with chronic airway disease, lessening viscosity of sputum and reducing coughing.

    Serrapeptase also breaks down fibrin and helps dissolve dead or damaged tissue without harming healthy tissue.

  3. Nattokinase — Produced by the bacteria Bacillus subtilis during the fermentation of soybeans to produce natto,

    nattokinase is a strong thrombolytic comparable to aspirin but without the serious side effects.

    It’s been shown to break down blood clots and reduce the risk of serious clotting

    by dissolving excess fibrin in your blood vessels, improving circulation and decreasing blood viscosity. Interestingly, in one in vitro study, the thrombolytic activity of equivalent amounts of nattokinase and TPA were found to be identical — TPA, remember, is the enzyme that led to improvement in the three COVID-19 case studies.

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The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of Dr. Mercola and his community. Dr. Mercola encourages you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional. The subscription fee being requested is for access to the articles and information posted on this site, and is not being paid for any individual medical advice.

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