U.S. senator wants new probe into alleged collusion between Amazon, Pentagon over multibillion dollar defense contract

Image: U.S. senator wants new probe into alleged collusion between Amazon, Pentagon over multibillion dollar defense contract

(Natural News) A noted Republican senator who is laser-focused on rooting out government corruption is demanding an inspector general reopen an investigation into potential corrupt collusion between Amazon and the Pentagon over a defense contract worth billions, citing newly discovered evidence warranting such action.

Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa, the ranking member on the Senate Judiciary Committee in a chamber controlled by Democrats, wants the Defense Department Office of Inspector General (DOD OIG) to reopen a previous investigation after claiming that a former DoD official, Sally Donnelly, did not disclose a potential conflict of interest to the previous investigators during an ethics probe involving the contract.

The inspector general published its final report on April 13, 2020, which said, “We determined that Ms. Donnelly did not violate any ethical agreements and obligations regarding Office of Government Ethics financial disclosures, [and] did not give preferential treatment to Amazon officials or restrict access to [Defense] Secretary [James] Mattis for other industry leaders.”

But, as Breitbart News reports:

Grassley says Donnelly did not disclose to the DOD OIG exactly who purchased her consulting firm just prior to beginning her employment at the DOD, which he argues was relevant to the DOD OIG’s investigation and could have affected its findings.

Grassley wrote in a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and the DOD Inspector General Sean O’Donnell on October 24, 2022, asking them to reopen the investigation.

“The American people must have confidence that their government isn’t plagued by conflicts of interest and that the decisions made by government officials are done for the people and their best interests, not the financial interests of government officials,” Grassley wrote.


Grassley previously laid out his evidence in an Oct. 24, 2022 letter, which Breitbart News summarized:

Just before entering the DOD in 2017, Donnelly sold her consulting firm SBD Advisors, according to her publicly available financial disclosure forms. However, Donnelly never revealed on her forms or in public reporting exactly who had purchased her firm. According to Grassley, Donnelly never told the DOD OIG who purchased her firm either.

After pressing the DOD OIG for the Purchase and Sale Agreement for Donnelly’s company, Grassley found that the DOD OIG only had a copy with the identity of the purchaser’s name redacted, and that the DOD OIG had argued to him that the identity of the purchaser was not relevant to their investigation. Grassley said he finally obtained an unredacted copy of the Purchase and Sale Agreement in October 2022 — long after the DOD OIG ended its investigation — which revealed that an entity named VMAP Investor, LLC (VMAP) had purchased her firm. The “AP” in VMAP are the initials of its part-owner, Andre Pienaar.

The Iowa Republican is arguing that information would certainly have been important to the DOD OIG’s initial probe. That’s because Pienaar isn’t just the CEO and founder of C5 Capital, a client of Donnelly’s, but at the time he was dating and later married the Amazon Web Services executive who was in charge of the company’s bid at the time to obtain the lucrative contract — Teresa Carlson.

During her employment at DOD, Grassley said that VMAP made a number of $390,000  payments to Donnelly for the purchase of her company.

“Knowledge of the entity that purchased her firm is relevant and central to the question of whether a conflict of interest existed and could have substantively affected the protocols required to wall off Sally Donnelly from potential and actual conflicts of interest while employed at DoD,” wrote Grassley. “Based on information collected for this investigation, the DoD OIG’s conclusion concerning Ms. Donnelly’s lack of financial connection to C5 appears to be inaccurate. Indeed, two senior C5 officials, including the founder of C5 Capital, were involved in the purchase of SBD Advisors LLC–connections that existed while Donnelly was at DoD and received payments from the sale of her company.”

This is all in relation to a contract for the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure, or more commonly by its acronym, JEDI, which was announced officially in the fall of 2017, during then-President Donald Trump’s first year in office. The program sought to move the gargantuan amount of data possessed by the DOD to a single cloud, and as massive as the project would be, proponents said, it would “allow the Pentagon to be able to share and analyze data more quickly, and give warfighters on the ground more information about incoming threats at greater speed,” according to Breitbart News. Critics, however, countered that the Pentagon’s information should be spread out over several clouds and not be limited to one that could be vulnerable.

At $10 billion, the project was extremely lucrative. But shortly after companies began making bids, it became apparent that the DOD appeared to be fashioning the program around Amazon.

“Amazon had already secured a contract in 2013 to provide cloud services to the CIA, and if the tech giant also procured the DOD contract, it stood to gain a significant edge in the cloud computing and services industry,” Breitbart News reported. After the Pentagon announced in September 2017 it would go with Amazon, other companies that had bid on the project — Microsoft and Oracle — filed complaints.

But in the end, Donnelly was cleared and is now back at work in the Pentagon under the Biden regime; the DOD canceled the JEDI project in July 2021.

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What DNA of the Elohim Means

 By Anna Von Reitz

Those who do not read the Bible need to start, and those who read it and don’t understand it, also need to get tuned up. 
As the many inhabitants in Hell — that is, the jurisdiction of the sea, have tried to find “narratives” (lies)  to serve themselves and their corporations (more lies), I have heard about every excuse imaginable for treason and bad faith and gross breach of trust. 
I have also heard no end of claims being made by would-be charlatans and patsies and people who are merely confused— for example: 
(1) I own the world because I have the DNA of the Ancient Egyptian Royal Family (“King Tut”); 
(2) I own the world because “Marduk” named me as his Successor (that’s Kim Goguen’s Schtick);
(3) I own the world because I am the inheritor of a Treaty with King George or Pope Innocent;
(4) I own the world because I won a court case; 
(5) I own the world because I have DNA inherited from the Elohim; 
(6) I own the world because I have the initials “TVM”…. 
The Truth is that the Creator owns everything and always did. 
Mankind was given dominion over the Earth to act as a Caretaker of it, and was not given the authority to destroy it.  Man’s own creations — corporations, governments, etc.,— are obviously not given authority to destroy the Earth, either.  
Now, please pay attention, the Creator did not condone or approve of what the Fallen Angels did here by taking and mating with women; their offspring, the Nephilim, were not blessed and are not a legitimate part of Creation.
So anyone on Earth claiming to have the DNA of the Elohim is admitting to being related to the Fallen and the Nephilim, and they have less than no claim to own anything here. 
At best, they are refugees displaced from their natural realm by their own choices, or hybrids that do not have a God-created body, and therefore, cannot be Inheritors. 
Part of the current crime against Humanity has the same effect — defacing the God-creation with a polluted unnatural genome, thanks to injected mRNA. 
The Faithful Angels continue to incarnate on Earth energetically, but there is no physical DNA specifically related to them, because they didn’t mate with women.  They left no Nephilim offspring as a result and did nothing to pollute the pure God-created genome.  
Adam and Eve both had God-created bodies and a God-created genome, but over the years this has been degraded and altered.
Mankind originally had 12-strand DNA.  Now it has two-strand DNA. 
Originally, mankind could live indefinitely.  Now, the lifespan of mankind has been limited to 120 years by artificially “capping” Chromosome 2.  
Likewise, mankind could not have cancer or many other modern diseases, because their original DNA included active cancer and poison suppressor genes.  
We can say this with certainty because of the Biblical records and the fossil records and scientific evidence of gene editing and gene splicing that is evident today
So wrong-headed has Mankind been, that instead of being Caretakers, they and their corporations have willy-nilly experimented with the building blocks of creation– with no respect for and no understanding of –the sacred and immutable nature of Creation.  
They have committed atrocities including the murder of millions upon millions of babies.  They have created man-pigs, man-dogs, man-reptiles, and more.  They have become addicted to a diet of blood. 
They have practiced every kind of abomination on the Earth and they have not only failed to repent, they’ve increased their infamy and their offenses against Creation and the Creator, whom the Sons of Cain, the Elders of Zion and Fathers of Cities, call the Primal Creator. 
Men have thoughtlessly broken the First and Second Great Commandments, to have no other gods, and to make no idols or other graven images—-and slowly, stupidly, mankind has again fallen into the worship of Satan, Mammon (Money), and Baphomet, and have consigned themselves and their sons and daughters to Hell on Earth, in the jurisdiction of the sea.
When I come to them and say, “No, this is all wrong. Pay attention and come home to the land and soil jurisdiction. Repent all this wrong-doing and live as free men.”  
Then those who have thrown away their birthright or let it be stolen from them, want to argue with me.  They are miserable and they are beaten, their own public servants rob them, they have no freedom; they are the prey of every kind of “agency” and dimly they realize that the world is upside down. 
They have no explanation for this.  They want to fight, but haven’t bothered to analyze the problem. They run in all directions like so many cockroaches fleeing the light.  They come up with all kinds of theories about this situation, and gurus swarm like flies in August, ready to lead many astray.  
Still, we stand here, we few who hold the truth to be self-evident. 

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Europe has spent hundreds of billions in energy subsidies to shield citizens from EU-caused energy crisis

Image: Europe has spent hundreds of billions in energy subsidies to shield citizens from EU-caused energy crisis

(Natural News) European Union nations have spent hundreds of billions of euros and dollars paying out subsidies to citizens in an effort to help them pay for sky-high energy bills after insane EU policies left the continent dependent on unreliable and insufficient ‘green energy’ sources.

Before Russia invaded Ukraine, EU countries and especially Germany grew reliant on Moscow’s fossil fuel energy because the country did not want to tap its own resources out of fear of appearing hypocritical while it built windmill and solar panel farms. But after the invasion, the EU followed the United States’ lead and imposed sanctions on Russia, including bans on purchasing cheap Russian natural gas. That left the entire continent dependent again on its own inadequate power generation resources, which in turn led to sky-high prices for a declining supply of energy.

“European countries have forked out over £700bn (€792bn) to shield businesses and households from soaring gas prices since the start of the energy crisis, according to the latest research from Bruegel,” OilPrice.com reported this week. “The think tank has calculated that since September 2021, the EU has now earmarked or spent €681bn in energy crisis spending, while the UK has allocated €103bn and Norway just over €8bn. Germany was by far the biggest spender, splashing out nearly €270bn since September 2021.”

That is a dramatic increase in expenditures since the previous report three months prior when Bruegel calculated a €706bn total while nations were struggling to provide enough heat during winter, with Russia having cut off gas supplies last fall. In fact, Russia reduced flows through its Nordstream 1 pipeline and ended flows into many countries simultaneously as NATO increased military and financial aid to Ukraine.


“Bruegel urged governments to shift towards more targeted support, prioritizing lower income levels as countries start running out of fiscal space to maintain such broad funding,” OilPrice.com continued. “Funding has chiefly focused on non-targeted measures such as VAT cuts on petrol or retail power price caps. However, the think-tank argued that dynamic needed to change over the coming months.”

This exorbitant spending has certainly taken a huge toll out of government budgets and may even be affecting other line items related to ‘green’ transformations. In Germany, for instance, sales of electric vehicles tanked after the government ended most subsidies for EVs — perhaps because of the added expenditure of subsidizing electric bills.

“Sales of fully electric vehicles (EVs) fell 13.2% in January compared to January 2022, Germany’s Motor Transport Authority reports. Sales of hybrids declined 6.2%. This compares to an increase of 3.5% in the number of new gasoline-powered cars sold, and a modest decline of 1.2% for diesel,” Zero Hedge reported this week, citing a Wall Street Journal analysis.

“The main explanation is the end of Berlin’s subsidies for EVs and hybrids at the new year. Until December the subsidy had offered up to €9,000 split between consumer and producer for EVs with a net list price below €40,000. Hybrids in that price range received €6,750. Berlin has ditched the subsidy for hybrids entirely, and cut the payout to €4,500 for EVs below €40,000,” the report added.

The Russian shutdown of energy last fall, at the time, was a “shocking development” and a massive blow to the European continent, which has spent the past 10-15 years moving away from reliable fossil fuels and nuclear power in lieu of unreliable and much more expensive “green” energy: Wind, solar, and hydrogen.

The pipeline shutdown came as European nations were scrambling to top off natural gas storage centers ahead of winter and attempting to forecast what Putin may or many not do in the coming weeks as the ‘energy war’ continues.

The rush to ‘clean’ energy using all-electric infrastructure is a disaster in the making. The world simply cannot function — economies cannot grow — at this state in our development without fossil fuels.

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Addendum to Final Answer to Jack Chapman Et Alia:

 By Anna Von Reitz

Regarding the idea that the “Civil War” was a contest between Eastern Orhodoxy and Roman Catholic Patriarchy — you’d be laughed right out of the room by all the Southern Baptists. And me, too.  You’d also be an easy victim of both sides of the scheming Uniparty if you think that the Dutch and the British Investment Groups were ever opposed.  

They have been BFF since 1702. 

There was no “war” between Eastern Orthodoxy and Western Patriarchy; just look at the bank accounts of the Eastern Prelates to establish that fact. They got their shares out of this violent swindle and went back for more. That’s how Prince Philip’s family insured their “royal” Greek fortunes.  

What did happen was an illegal Mercenary Conflict ginned up and foisted off and purported to be over the issue of slavery, when it was never actually about slavery — at least not in the view of the States-of-States that were members of the original Confederation.  

Lincoln himself said it several times. He was content to let the institution of slavery alone, so long as he could glom onto the natural resources of the Southern States and use them as chattel to back investments desired by the Northern States-of-States that were also members of the original Confederation.  Those proposed investments were counter to the best interests of the Southern States-of-States, so they said not only no, but Hell no.

The British-affiliated Territorial Government wanted the Confederation to invest in failed cotton plantations that the British Parliament bought in Egypt, and in new cotton processing and milling facilities in Europe.  The Northern States-of-States wanted to do this, but they were already in debt and leveraged to the hilt, so the only ones that had abundant unencumbered property assets that could be used for this, were the Southern States-of-States that would have then been funding their own competition.  

The Southern States-of-States said no politely at first and then with gathering force.  They saw no reason why they should put their hard-earned assets at risk to borrow money to fund bad British investments designed to compete with them for the cotton market they largely depended upon. They would have had to take the losses already on the books from the failed Egyptian cotton plantations. 

“If we are free men, able to make our own decisions about our investments, why in Heaven’s name should we do this?” The leader of the Southern Convention asked Mr. Lincoln. 

“For the sake of amity,” Lincoln replied. 

In other words, bet against yourselves at your own expense to benefit your rivals, or we will come to blows over this. 

Contrary to your statement that “The Papist Government has bankrupted all the functions of the “Federal United States”…. that’s not what happened or is happening, either.   

The Holy See, which is separate from the Municipal Government of the United States, has been forced to bankrupt these corporations because they have been operating unlawfully and causing injury to living people.  They bankrupted Municipal Corporations and Territorial Corporations, alike, as they had to, to preserve the agreements that allow corporations to exist at all. 

All corporations and incorporated entities are required to function lawfully and for lawful purposes.  Note the word “lawful” — not “legal”.  This is the Prime Condition allowing corporations to be chartered and to conduct business at all. They are not allowed to defraud living people or cause us any material harm, and if they do, they must be involuntarily liquidated.  

These corporations all had the choice set before them and they all made the wrong choice.  It had nothing to do with politics.  It has everything to do with these corporations scheming to gain coercive power and enrich themselves by injuring living people and/or unlawfully converting and confiscating our assets.

Also contrary to your assumptions, all the physical assets belong to me and the rest of the American people, not your corporations — and the assets always did belong to me and the other living people. Not to the foreign “Persons”  who pretended to act as our custodians and trustees.  That’s all behind us now, Jack. Now your cover is blown from sea to shining sea. 

All the assets — the land, the soil, the gold, and every other physical asset that comes from the Earth, belongs to the living people, not corporations.  And to prove this point, I will continue to bankrupt every corporation you paste up. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America — Unincorporated

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents.

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Case manager blows the whistle on Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital

Image: Case manager blows the whistle on Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital

(Natural News) A former counselor and case manager at the Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital is speaking out. Jamie Reed, (42) says, “what’s happening to children is morally and medically appalling.”

For almost four years, she worked at the Washington University School of Medicine Division of Infectious Disease, giving counsel to HIV-positive, young adults who identified as transgender or gender nonconforming. She relayed compassion to the youth, having questioned her gender identity several times throughout her adolescence. However, when she took up the job as case manager at the new Transgender enter at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, she began seeing the operation for what it really was: an abusive, predatory operation that confused youth, destroyed their identity, while chemically castrating and physically mutilating their bodies.

Transgender Clinics facilitate mass abuse, lifelong damage to adolescents

The sole purpose of the Transgender Clinic was to treat, treat, treat kids with gender dysphoria as soon as possible. The treatments were not centered on helping the child realize and accept their true birth gender. The treatments were designed to chemically alter their birth gender and cause further confusion about who they really are.

Jamie Reed brought into the Clinic around a thousand distressed young people. Immediately, they were handed hormone prescriptions that caused further distress, never addressing the underlying psychological and emotional issues that the teens faced. Jamie saw with her eyes the side effects and “life-altering consequences” of these prescriptions. In many cases, the youth were permanently sterilized.


“I left the clinic in November of last year because I could no longer participate in what was happening there,” Jamie writes. “By the time I departed, I was certain that the way the American medical system is treating these patients is the opposite of the promise we make to “do no harm.” Instead, we are permanently harming the vulnerable patients in our care.”

Jamie witnessed an explosion in new gender dysphoria cases after 2015. More teenage girls were coming to the clinics declaring themselves “transgender” and demanding immediate testosterone treatments. Jamie said there was a “lack of formal protocols for treatment.” The counselors on the floor were ignored and the physician co-directors became the sole authority, affirming gender dysphoria and pushing puberty blockers on children.

When she started at the center, she received about ten calls per month. By the time she left, the number of kids seeking puberty blockers and synthetic hormones exploded to 50 – 70 cases per month. Jamie said many of their underlying health conditions were ignored, from depression, anxiety, ADHD, eating disorders, obesity, and autism.

Transgender Clinics do not provide adequate informed consent, prey on vulnerable youth with lies and mutilation

When Jamie questioned the use of hormones and surgery for any child, she was quickly derided by her peers as being a “transphobe.” These case workers and therapists only had to see patients once or twice before they gave the green light for a full transition of the patient’s anatomy. The directors created letter templates that made it easier for the therapists to recommend a full gender transition. Once the endocrinologist received the letter of recommendation, they were forced to prescribe synthetic hormones to begin the patient’s transition. The Center did not provide adequate informed consent about the hormone treatments, about the lifelong impacts of infertility and the mood changes that disrupt everyday life.

One of their “treatments” for boys is bicalutamide. This drug feminizes their bodies and causes breast growth. It also causes liver toxicity that can be life threatening. The testosterone “treatment” for girls thins the vaginal tissues and can cause the vaginal canal to rip wide open, causing life threatening bleeds and warranting emergency surgeries. Most young girls who are given testosterone end up on blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication, and usually develop sleep apnea, and diabetes.

Many of the teens that came into the Transgender Clinic were already self-diagnosing themselves with psychiatric problems that they didn’t actually have, whether it be Tourette syndrome, tic disorders, bipolar disorder, multiple personalities, etc. The doctors at the clinic privately recognized that these false self-diagnoses were due to social contagion, social pressures, social conditioning, and emotional issues that sought to be validated and psychological hysterias and childhood experiences that sought to be affirmed.

Jamie also saw an influx of young patients who were deeply disturbed, who had suffered through several childhood traumas. Instead of addressing the actual issues that these children were going through, the therapists often gave the green light for gender transitions as the solution to all their problems.

“Left untreated, gender dysphoria has any number of consequences, from self-harm to suicide,” the Center claims on their website. This message alone proves that these Transgender Centers are violently coercive. The Centers condemn patients to psychological demise and certain death if they do not go through with puberty blockers, synthetic hormones and surgeries.

This is a hopeless message. This is medical malpractice. This is a blatant and coercive lie!

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North Korean defector sold as sex slave for $200 warns Americans against the “woke” revolution

Image: North Korean defector sold as sex slave for $200 warns Americans against the “woke” revolution

(Natural News) When 29-year-old Yeonmi Park, a North Korean defector, finally escaped the human trafficking syndicate that bought her as a child for $200, she thought she would find freedom in the United States. What she found instead was a different kind of hell in the form of the leftist “woke” revolution.

In her new book “While Time Remains,” Park, who attended Columbia University, reveals the utter shock she felt upon learning that her uppity leftist classmates somehow saw themselves as “victims.”

“They were in Manhattan, living in the freest country you can imagine, and they’re saying they’re oppressed?” It doesn’t even compute,” Park told the New York Post about her experience at Columbia.

“I was sold for $200 as a sex slave in the 21st century under the same sky. And they say they’re oppressed because people can’t follow their pronouns they invent every day?”

(Related: The University of Florida College of Medicine is pushing woke CRT and other anti-white propaganda on students.)

If leftists completely take over America, it will become no better than North Korea

By pronouns, Park is of course talking about the transgender cult and its endless merry-go-round of “gender identities” and other such nonsense. That some Americans consider not being referred to by their preferred pronouns as “oppression” came as a serious shock to Park.

One of only 200 North Koreans currently living in the U.S., Park officially became an American citizen last year after eight years of living in the country with her family. She first escaped North Korea in 2007 and has since become a target for Pyongyang.


In her home country, Park has been censured and labeled a “poisonous mushroom” and a “human rights propaganda puppet.” Park has responded to these allegations by stating that she is glad the authoritarian regime “feel[s] threatened” by her voice.

Before attending Columbia, Park thought she found freedom in the U.S. After three years of study there, however, she discovered that modern America is simply a different kind of hell from the one she escaped.

This hell is governed by Marxist revolutionaries who want to stamp out the freedom that Park and hundreds of millions of others hold dear and replace it with the kind of tyranny she thought she would never again have to face.

“I escaped hell on earth and walked across the desert in search of freedom, and found it,” Park’s book reads. “I don’t want anything bad ever to happen to my new home … I want us – need us – to keep the darkness at bay.”

“I need your help to save our country, while time remains.”

In 2015, Park wrote her debut novel, “In Order to Live,” which compares the environment at Columbia to that of North Korea. She described Columbia as a “pure indoctrination camp,” which is not what she expected.

Instead of being taught to think critically, Park says she was “forced to think” a certain way by Columbia’s left-wing faculty members. Park also criticized her fellow classmates, stating that they are “brainwashed like North Korean students are.”

“I never understood that not having a problem can be a problem,” she wrote. “They need to make injustice out of thin air or a problem out of nowhere, because they haven’t experienced anything like what other people are facing in the world.”

In North Korea, Park says, citizens are divided up into 51 different classes based on their bloodlines. Those whose blood is “tainted” or whose ancestors were “oppressive” are denigrated and pushed to the bottom – sound familiar?

“That’s how the regime divided people,” she adds. “An individual doesn’t matter. It’s all about your ancestors and the collective.”

More related news can be found at Wokies.news.

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