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  • It has become essential to enlighten people about the global forces that are trying to seize control, with the ultimate goal of eliminating human rights and freedoms, including your medical freedom

  • Google is a core powerbase of this global cabal, often referred to as the Deep State — a hidden power structure based on wealth and financial influence behind (and above) the individual governments of the world — because the cabal’s control powers hinge on electronic surveillance and social engineering

  • There is strong collaboration between organized crime and U.S. military intelligence going back to World War II. We now have evidence showing intelligence agencies have coerced private companies to censor and violate Americans’ Constitutional rights on their behalf

  • Understanding that The Great Reset is an enslavement system, some of the best defense strategies are to optimize your health, become more self-reliant and form communities willing to work together outside of the new enslavement system

  • Also, disengage from the control system as much as possible and refuse to go along with Great Reset agenda schemes such as vaccine passports, digital identity and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), as all of these will be used to micromanage and control how you live your life

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In the video above, I’m interviewed by Jason Shurka, author of several books

about sacred knowledge, the raising of consciousness and the power we have within.

While my focus has always been to help people take control of their health and achieve optimal well-being by addressing basic lifestyle factors, in recent years, it’s become necessary to also enlighten people about the global forces that are trying to seize control, with the ultimate goal of eliminating human rights and freedoms, including your medical freedom.

It’s become imperative to understand what these larger forces are trying to achieve, because they’re driving The Great Reset agendas, which encompass every aspect of our lives, including food and health care. If you don’t understand what their goal is, you will naively go along and become an unwitting victim.

As I explain in the interview, Google is a core powerbase of this global cabal, often referred to as the Deep State — a hidden power structure based on wealth and financial influence behind (and above) the individual governments of the world — because the cabal’s control powers hinge on electronic surveillance and social engineering.

Both require massive amounts of data on each individual, and artificial intelligence to predict and control behaviors. Google is the largest controller of data and owns the most advanced AI company in the world. Through their search engine alone, Google controls at least 93% and possibly over 95% of what people are able to see.

They hold the keys to the knowledge of humanity, stored on the internet. And if they don’t like what you say, they can bury you to the point where you basically cease to exist. You have no reach, no voice.

I’m no stranger to this censorship process, as I’ve been under attack ever since I started my website 25 years ago. In 2018, Google finally pulled the plug on me and buried my articles in the deepest recesses of its search engine.

Now, what you find about me are articles that discredit me. You also have to dig deep into the search results to find good information relating to health, nutrition and medicine in general.

While more and more people are becoming aware that censorship is happening on social media, there are many other levels of censorship that people don’t hear much about.

Payment processors, for example, are deplatforming people for views expressed online. PayPal can fine you $2,500 for infractions involving wrongthink. Banks are shutting down credit cards and bank accounts. Domains are booting people’s websites. YouTube is banning and taking down accounts.

Mainstream media publishes smear pieces that get top billing in search results, which drives people away from you. Social media platforms can shadow ban you, which throttles your reach, and they can bar articles from certain websites from being shared. Google buries search results that go against a given narrative.

If you have the URL to the webpage you’re looking for, you can get it. But most people don’t have that. They’re searching without knowing who has the answer. And, by default, 93% of the world’s population use Google, not realizing that Google has been progressively filtering access to articles it believes you should not have access to.

Many times, you can’t even go past six pages or so of search results. It just ends there and everything on page seven and beyond is unreachable. What this means is that the days of laypeople conducting their own research online are over. You can’t do it because the results are so tightly curated. You need to know, very specifically, what you’re looking for. The answer to this dilemma is to identify sources you trust, and follow the rabbit trails they give you.

On the extreme end, they’re using cyberwarfare to take out the opposition. My site was cyberattacked and taken offline in late September 2022. They also destroyed our email servers.

While we’ve been unable to identify the hackers, my website was labeled a “national security threat” by British and American intelligence agencies back in January 2021, and they were reportedly collaborating to eliminate “anti-vaccine propaganda” using sophisticated cyberwarfare tools.

We’ve since migrated to using Substack as the main repository for articles, as the subscription option provides us with some level of protection from censorship, while our online store is still on Articles are only viewable for 48 hours on After that, they’re migrated onto the paid subscription platform.

We made the decision to do this after I started getting a lot of threats, against myself, my family and my business. It pained me to do that, but this way, subscribers of the newsletter can still read everything for free. You just must read or download it within 48 hours of getting the newsletter in your inbox.

Those who want access to the archive can sign up for a subscription on Substack for $5 a month. (Substack revenues are used to fund partner organizations such as the National Vaccine Information Center and several others.)

Websites created by physicians trying to get information out about early COVID treatments were also hacked and deleted early on in the pandemic. They’re also banning and shadow banning books sold online, and they manipulate ratings and reviews of books to thwart sales.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren actually demanded Amazon ban the sale of my book “The Truth About COVID-19.” She didn’t succeed and it became a No. 1 seller. I ended up suing Warren over that. I also sued Google and YouTube for breach of contract when they deleted my account for a community guideline violation they’d implemented that same morning.

In the summer of 2020, a one-man organization with undisclosed funding

and suspect connections

popped onto the scene. The organization, called the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), immediately started publishing a series of fabricated reports claiming a small number of individuals were responsible for creating “vaccine hesitancy.”

In “The Anti-Vaxx Playbook,”

published in July 2020, the CCDH identified six leading online “anti-vaxxers” — Barbara Loe Fisher, Joseph Mercola, Del Bigtree, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Sherri Tenpenny and Andrew Wakefield — and our alleged “plan to attack a forthcoming COVID vaccine.”

In March 2021, the CCDH published its most widely circulated report, “The Disinformation Dozen,”

in which I was again elevated as the leading misinformation spreader. According to the CCDH, a mere 12 people were responsible for nearly two-thirds of all anti-vaccine content on social media.

In August that year, Facebook’s vice president of content policy, Monika Bickert, issued a rebuttal

to the CCDH’s report, saying there was no evidence to support its claims. After conducting its own investigation, Facebook found that we, the so-called disinformation dozen, were in fact responsible for only a tiny fraction — 0.05% — of all vaccine content on Facebook.

Needless to say, media and government officials completely ignored Facebook’s correction and “The Disinformation Dozen” report has been regularly used to justify the censoring of us ever since. In January 2022, the CCDH published yet another report

claiming Substack generates more than $2.5 million in revenue annually from “anti-vaccine newsletters.” I was again the primary target.

Funny enough, in that report, the CCDH claimed that “The New York Times described … Joseph Mercola as the most influential spreader of coronavirus misinformation online in 2021.” Meanwhile, The New York Times cited

the CCDH as the source of that claim!

So, the CCDH uses media reports of its own fabricated claims to support fresh sets of defamatory claims. That’s how the game is played, folks! It’s a closed loop. Former House speaker Nancy Pelosi once referred to this tactic as “the wrap-up smear.”

Getting back to the global cabal, the Deep State, or what Shurka refers to as the Mafia, there is strong collaboration between organized crime and U.S. military intelligence going back to World War II. Investigative journalist Whitney Webb details this history in her two-volume book, “One Nation Under Blackmail.”

It’s their ideology and their overarching plan for achieving global domination, a one world government, that needs to be fully understood. When you see someone, anyone, pushing that ideology and that plan, you know the answer is to go in the opposite direction.

While many would like a detailed listing of every single person who is part of this cabal, such a list is almost irrelevant. Many who belong on such a list probably don’t even know they’re doing the cabal’s bidding. I like Catherine Austin Fitz’s term, “Mr. Global.” Thousands could probably be identified as playing a role in Mr. Global’s scheme, but knowing their names won’t necessarily fix anything.

It’s their ideology and their overarching plan for achieving global domination, a one world government, that needs to be fully understood. Then, it doesn’t matter who is doing what. When you see someone, anyone, pushing that ideology and that plan, you know the answer is to go in the opposite direction.

That said, we know this cabal includes (but is not limited to) several of the wealthiest families on the planet — families whose wealth is multigenerational and spans centuries. Most of these people are not in the public eye at all. They remain hidden, but their wealth has bought influence everywhere influence is desired.

Much of that influence-peddling is done through nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and foundations, and it doesn’t matter who runs those NGOs. Their mandates still support and further Mr. Global’s long-term plan.

So, it’s far more important to understand the big picture, the end goal, and the steps they’re taking to get to that goal, than to be able to point fingers at any given individual. You can eliminate most of the people suspected of being part of the cabal and the plan will still move forward, because it’s far bigger than any given person.

The question is, is the situation hopeless, or is there something we can do to stop them from turning the world into a digital prison planet? I don’t know if we can stop them, but I do think we must try. My personal belief is that they’re in a self-destructive pattern. They think they’re smarter than everyone else, and a lot smarter than they really are, which may ultimately result in their downfall.

But they do hold all the cards, and they have all the wealth and the power. And, this is important to understand: Their incentive is not based in a desire to acquire more money. They don’t need more money. They’re literally creating money out of thin air. They control all the fiat currencies and central banks in the world. No, it’s about power and control. They want the power to control everything and everyone.

But I think it’s going to backfire. In some ways, it already has. They went too far, too fast during the COVID pandemic, and they showed their hand too many times. For example, we now know the government is willing and able to seize your bank account if they don’t like who you’re donating money to.

We know they’re willing and able to lock entire countries down, with or without good cause. We know they’re willing and able to ignore and circumvent human and Constitutional rights. They’re willing to destroy the educational foundation of millions of children for years on end.

We’ve learned a lot about the lengths they’re willing to go to in order to get what they want and quash what they don’t. We’ve learned our intelligence agencies are coercing private businesses to censor and violate the rights of Americans at their behest, and we can see they’ve weaponized the justice system and any number of federal agencies.

Knowing all of that, and understanding that The Great Reset is an enslavement system, I believe the best defense strategy is to:

  1. Optimize your health — In the interview, I review why it’s so important to get regular sun exposure, how eliminating omega-6 linoleic acid from your diet will improve your health, and the benefits of time-restricted eating.

  2. Become more self-reliant and have backup plans for when the systems you’ve relied on are dismantled.

  3. Work on forming communities that are willing to work together outside of this new enslavement system.

  4. Disengage from the system as much as possible — A good starting point is ditching all Google products, as they’re all part of the surveillance grid. Definitely stop using Gmail, as they censor your inbox without you even knowing it.

  5. Refuse to go along with The Great Reset agenda — This includes refusing vaccine passports, digital identity and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), as all of these will be used to micromanage and control how you live your life.

  6. Identify trusted sources and change how you get your information — You’ll need to be proactive when it comes to information gathering as most search engines provide highly curated material. Most truthful sources are censored, so you may need to get into the habit of going directly to their website, for example, or signing up for individual newsletters.

I suspect things will get far worse before they get better. They have a lot of power and control, and they’re going to use it. They haven’t played all their cards yet. But if enough people start moving in the opposite direction of where The Great Reset and Agenda 2030 is taking us, if we start moving toward decentralization and self-sustainable living instead of accepting more centralized power structures, then their control system may fall apart sooner rather than later.

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Dirt to Soil: A Journey Into Regenerative Agriculture

family journey into regenerative agriculture

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  • The challenge facing most farmers today is that conventional agriculture has decimated the topsoil with tilling and synthetic fertilizers, which disrupt and destroy the microbial life necessary to grow nutrient-dense food

  • Mycorrhizal fungi grow in healthy soils and are responsible for nutrient transfers between plants and soil biology. The most critical thing in a plant’s life is its relationship with mycorrhizal fungi, which is why tillage and synthetic chemicals should be avoided

  • The five basic principles for building a healthy soil ecosystem are: not disturbing the soil microbiome, protecting the soil surface with cover crops, diversification, maintaining living roots in the ground as long as possible and integrating livestock and insects

  • For change to occur, farmers must decide they want to change, and consumers must demand nutrient-dense foods produced in a regenerative manner that benefits the ecosystem as a whole

  • The farm program keeps farmers trapped in the conventional model, which destroys soil — an essential resource — and locks them into a monocrop system with dwindling financial returns

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Gabe Brown is a pioneer in regenerative land management, a holistic strategy that helps restore soil health. I visited his 5,000-acre farm in Bismarck, North Dakota, on my 63rd birthday. We reviewed many of his techniques in “How to Use Regenerative Farming Principles to Grow Healthier Food in Your Own Garden.”

Here, we discuss Brown’s book, “Dirt to Soil: One Family’s Journey Into Regenerative Agriculture,” which expands on the information discussed in that interview.

Brown’s farm, which he runs with his wife and son, was founded by his in-laws in 1956. They were conventional farmers, using tillage, monoculture and synthetic fertilizers and herbicides. Brown and his wife purchased the farm in 1991.

“I grew up in town, so agriculture was new to me,” Brown says. “I had a couple of degrees from North Dakota State University in animal science and agro-economics. I learned the industrialized, commoditized production model. My father-in-law, when we returned here, also taught me those principles.

Then what happened … we’d be tilling the soil and watch the top soil blow away. I was always wanting. I couldn’t learn enough. I studied and read Allan Savory’s work on holistic planned grazing. I read about no-till. I went down the path of changing our grazing model. I bought a no-till drill.

What really changed our lives were four years — 1995 through 1998 — when we lost three crops to devastating hail storms and one crop to a drought. We had four years of basically no cash grain income or no crops to harvest. That put us in pretty dire financial straits. The bank won’t loan us money anymore to buy all these expensive inputs.

I had to learn, ‘How do I take that dirt that I had at that time and make it into productive soil?’ That set me on a 25 plus-year journey — I’m still on that journey — of converting dirt to soil. That’s how the book came about.

That got us to the point where we are today, where a group of us spend the majority of our time traveling around North America, trying to teach other producers to take their operations into their own hands and make a difference by producing truly nutrient-dense foods …

I really think God purposely led me down this path and said, ‘OK. I’m showing you this to force you into a different type of production model.’ That’s the model of regenerative agriculture.

I tell people, ‘Those four years were the hardest thing we ever could have gone through, but it was absolutely the best thing that could happen to me, because I never would have gone down this path if we had not been a subject to those natural disasters.'”

In 1997, Brown met Don Campbell, a rancher from Alberta, Canada. “He said this to me and it stuck with me ever since: ‘If you want to make small changes, change the way you do things. But if you want to make major changes, change the way you see things.'”

That made Brown realize he needed to change the way he views soil. It’s not just dirt. It’s a living, functioning ecosystem. The problem is that most farmers do not treat it as such. He realized that by focusing on what the soil needs to thrive, nutrients are automatically made available to the plants, allowing him to produce nutrient-dense food.

In his book, “Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations,” David Montgomery outlines historical disasters, noting that millions of tons of topsoil erode each year into the Mississippi basin. Globally, some 4 billion tons of this precious resource is lost annually.

The historical precedent is to farm the land until it’s used up and then relocate. But we’re now getting to the point where there’s nowhere left to go. Brown is promoting the transition away from that, teaching ways of optimizing the soil we have.

“An interesting analogy that I like to give that puts it into perspective for people is if you hold up a sheet of paper, just a newspaper or a book, the thickness of that thin sheet of paper is the equivalent of 1 ton of topsoil per acre. If we have a windy day, if you have bare-tilled soil, you’re going to lose a ton of topsoil on an acre of land. That’s unacceptable …

What we’re trying to enable people to see is the fact that we can stop it. It’s just a matter of following nature’s principles. Let’s work with nature to cover the soil, to have green, growing plants, to cycle that carbon out of the atmosphere and put it back in the soil in that cycle where it belongs. It will lead to the betterment of all society and all ecosystems,” Brown says.

At present, less than 5% of farmers and ranchers worldwide have adopted these practices, but growth is exponential. Regenerative farming is now doubling every year. “Those of us who are out touting the benefits of regenerative agriculture are overwhelmed with producers who want to make a change,” Brown says.

According to Brown, there’s a real crisis going on in rural America right now, with suicide rates being at an all-time high among farmers and ranchers. Most are struggling financially as a result of low commodity prices and overproduction of basic commodities, and this crisis is proof positive that the current production model is not working.

“We’re in this production model where it’s all about pounds and yield, and it’s not about producing truly nutrient-dense foods in a way that can regenerate our ecosystem. We have to change this model,” he says.

Aside from changing mindsets about how to produce food, Brown is also teaching farmers how to become true entrepreneurs; how to actually get their goods to consumers.

“One of the things we do on our operation is we have an open-door policy, meaning any person can drive on our ranch at any time and look at anything they want. To me, that’s the best.

You can have all these labels and standards, but if people see it with their own eyes, if they get to know the farmer or rancher and see what we do, see how we care for our animals, see how we care for the soil, that builds trust.

Once they taste the product and their bodies will be satiated — their bodies will know, ‘This is good. This is nutrient-dense. I want it,’ and then they’re a customer for life.”

One of the benefits of the regenerative methods Brown teaches is the retention of moisture. Last year, they got just 5.6 inches of rainfall. But if you focus on the symbiosis between plants and soil, dry spells can be tolerated. To have healthy plants, you need healthy soil, and by viewing the soil as an ecosystem, you can tremendously increase the water holding capacity of the soil.

The key is to concentrate on what the soil needs first, and this is true whether you’re working a small backyard garden or a large farm. As explained by Brown, there are five principles of a healthy soil ecosystem. The type of livestock, the equipment and varieties of crops may vary, but the principles remain the same:

  1. Use the least amount of mechanical or chemical disturbance possible — Keep tilling to a bare minimum and strive to avoid all synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

    The more you till, the faster the soil degrades and is destroyed, as it destroys soil aggregates and mycorrhizal fungi, which houses the microorganisms needed for nutrient transfer. Similarly, by adding synthetic nitrogen to the soil, the biology is radically altered — it starts consuming carbon in the soil aggregate, which destroys the soil structure.

    And without soil structure water cannot infiltrate, move throughout the soil profile and be stored via organic matter. The soil aggregates also provide the home for soil biology which is critical to producing nutrient dense food.

  2. Armor the soil surface with living plants — Forest and prairie land is completely covered with vegetation, and this is the environment farmers need to emulate. That vegetation protects the soil not only from wind and water erosion, but also from excessive heating and cooling. These living plants are what end up actually “growing” topsoil.

  3. Have living roots in the soil as long as possible — This is an extension of armoring with cover crops. Soil is formed from growing plants that take in carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere through photosynthesis, and release it as “liquid carbon” through the roots, depositing it back into the soil, where it attracts microorganisms that ultimately end up providing the plant with all the nutrients it needs to grow.

    So, to grow topsoil, you need living roots in the soil for as long as possible throughout the year to keep the carbon cycle going, and to feed the biology in the soil.

  4. Diversify — Having a diverse array of plant life is essential, and cover crops fulfill this requirement as well. Home gardens will also benefit from cover crops, helping to improve the soil, attract beneficial insects and capture more sunlight (energy). Brown explains:

    “We’ll plant corn, but then along with the corn, there will be vetches, clovers and understory growing underneath that corn. We’re not only feeding the soil microorganisms from the root exudates of that corn plant, but also from all these legumes. And then the legumes help take atmospheric nitrogen and provide it to the corn plant.

    People think those other plants will compete with the corn crop, but nature doesn’t work that way. Nature is much more collaborative than competitive.

    We do the same thing in our garden. We will have a row of sweet corn, but right next to it, we’ll have a row of peas, and on the other side, a row of beans. The row may be a monoculture crop, but growing together are all these different species and flowering species attracting all the pollinators and the predator insects.

    We haven’t used pesticide on our ranch in over 20 years. The reason is there’s no need to. We have the predator insects that keep the pests in balance. There are 1,700 beneficial species of insects for every species that is a pest.”

  5. Integrate livestock and other animals, including insects — Flowering plants that attract pollinators and predator insects will naturally help ward off pests that might otherwise decimate your main crop.

    While many believe livestock are contributing to the climate change problem, it’s important to realize this is only true for animals raised in concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs). Allowing animals to graze freely is actually part of the solution.

    Centuries ago, large herds of bison and elk moved across the landscape, foraging, depositing manure and trampling vegetation into the ground. All of this is part of the natural cycle that is missing when animals are kept in CAFOs.

    As noted by Brown, “If we remove the animals from the ecosystem, we can grow a plant and we can pump some carbon into the soil, but not nearly as much as if we have animals grazing. So that’s the two keys: living plants, and then we have to integrate animals again.”

    CAFO cattle produce methane, which is destructive to ozone, but the reason they produce methane is because they’re raised on an unnatural diet of grains, which they’re not designed to eat. This unnatural diet alters the gut microbiome in the animals. So, it’s the model by which they’re being raised that is causing the problem. Brown explains:

    “Methanotrophs are organisms that feed on methane that livestock expel. As an animal is out grazing, these methanotrophs take care of that methane. Well, we don’t have that in the feed lots and in confinement. There are no methanotrophs.

    The other thing is the fossil fuel usage to produce and harvest all of the grains … It’s a tremendous fossil fuel usage that we can get away from if we switch to a more regenerative production model.”

Most people think it’s impossible to raise a grass fed animal in the winter, especially in North Dakota, but that’s not true. Cattle can be raised on grass anywhere, year-round. Brown explains:

“Animals adapt to the environment. Our cattle graze for the majority of the year. In fact, some winters, we’re able to literally graze through the whole year without feeding any processed feeds. We do get some major blizzards here. At those times, we’re prepared.

We put up some forage and hay bales, but we leave them out on the land where that forage was growing. And then our cattle graze on those bales at such time when they can’t physically graze grass.

By leaving the hay bales out there, the cattle are grazing there. They leave their manure there. The nutrients from the bale are left right there, so it’s adding carbon to the ecosystem. It’s a process that keeps that land healthy. Carbon is the most limiting factor in production agriculture today. Also, it is much healthier for the animal to be out grazing rather than being confined in a CAFO.”

Soil is not the only thing that benefits from regenerative land management. Wildlife also diversifies and is augmented. When Brown and his family took over the farm, they never saw deer or pheasants. Sightings of songbirds and grouse were minimal.

Today, he can sit on his porch any evening of the week and count up to 100 deer on his land. Pheasants, hawks, owls, grouse, partridge and myriad songbirds have moved in. Last year, the Audubon Society did bird surveys on his land and found nesting piping plover, an endangered species of shorebird. They figured that should be impossible, as these birds nest near rivers and beaches, yet the nearest river is 10 miles away.

“If you build it, they will come,” Brown says. “These animals, insects and birds, they all know what’s healthy. They know what they need as far as habitat and food to survive. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to see all that life on one’s farm or ranch.

A few years ago, I had one field that was 30 acres of corn, but it was nongenetically modified (GMO) corn, open-pollinated, no synthetics on it, no pesticides, because we just don’t use any of that. My neighbor had 600 acres of corn right next to me.

Well, every evening, up to 75 deer would walk out of his corn, where they had bedded during the day, walk over half a mile to my field, and that’s where they would eat. If that doesn’t tell you something, I don’t know what does.”

As mentioned, regenerative farming is growing exponentially. It could grow even faster, were it not for the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the current farm program, which subsidizes junk food ingredients. The farm program also offers revenue insurance or crop insurance to farmers, but there are strings attached.

If you want crop insurance and subsidies, you have to use the current production model, meaning you have to grow single crops (monocultures), and production is completely focused on yield. No attention is paid to the impact on the soil or the ecosystem at large.

What’s worse, farmers may find it difficult to get a loan unless they take part in this program, and if they do, the program dictates which crops will give them the greatest revenue insurance, meaning guarantee them a certain price.

Needless to say, farmers will grow whatever crop is going to give them the greatest financial return, be it corn, soybeans, cotton or spring wheat. As a result, price is driven down due to overproduction, while simultaneously degrading our soil resources.

“This is the vortex farmers and ranchers are in. They’re stuck in a hamster wheel going nowhere,” Brown says. “My book is the story of our journey and what we did to get out of that trap, what we did to take control of our own destiny.

Instead of relying on the government to dictate these things, let’s be a price maker instead of a price taker. Let’s do it in a way that we can regenerate our resources …

The mantra lately for many companies is, ‘We want to be sustainable.’ I tell farmers and ranchers, ‘Why in the world would we want to sustain a degraded resource? We can’t afford to be sustainable. We have to be regenerative.’ The five principles I share in this book are those that will empower people to be regenerative.”

As noted by Brown, the change we need is twofold. First, farmers and ranchers must decide to make a change. To help them do that, Brown and his partners at Soil Health Consultants formed the Soil Health Academy.

They travel around the world teaching farmers how to take control of their own destiny. Second, consumers must demand change. You must demand nutrient-dense foods rather than empty calories.

“Consumers, through their buying dollars, can vote and say, ‘Hey, I’m only going to spend my buying dollar at those farms and ranches that are producing nutrient-dense food.’ When consumers are educated enough to spend their money that way, that will truly change production agriculture,” Brown says.

“Now, I’m just going to make a prediction. I talk about the principle of diversity and how people have been growing monoculture cash crops. We’re seeing some very exciting things occurring right now with what’s called ‘polyculture cash crops.’

A farmer wouldn’t just plant one crop in his field, he’ll plant several species together. That creates these synergies, feeding soil biology, cycling more carbon from the atmosphere into the soil, and increases the profitability for the farmer …

I think it’s going to grow very quickly. It can’t happen soon enough in my book … And I would like people all over the world to start supporting local. Buy local. Get to know your farmer or rancher.”

If you’re a farmer, you can contact Brown’s group, Soil Health Consultants. They recently launched a new website where you can find a lot of information on regenerative agriculture. Also be sure to pick up a copy of Brown’s book, “Dirt to Soil: One Family’s Journey Into Regenerative Agriculture,” in which you’ll learn more about the core principles.

“Most importantly, there are people using these practices in every country all over the world. Seek them out,” Brown says. “One of the things we like to teach people is that this has multiple ramifications. We take carbon out of the atmosphere using regenerative agriculture principles.

We hold nutrients on the farms and ranches, instead of having them [contribute to] the dead zone in the Gulf and the problems with the drinking water in the Great Lakes, and the shortage of water in the Southwestern United States.

We can heal the water cycle. We can heal the nutrient cycle. We’re going to produce more nutrient-dense food. We’re going to have a healthier society because of this. This has ramifications across many fronts. We’re not talking about simply farmers, ranchers and gardeners here. We’re talking about all society …

I encourage people to take it upon themselves. I end my book with a story about a lady in the inner city who called me, asking what she can do to produce healthy, nutrient-dense food for the children in the inner city.

I challenge the readers who are reading my book to do something. If you’re a consumer, vote with your buying dollar. If you’re a farmer or a rancher or a gardener, do something in the practices you use to produce nutrient-dense food. But all of us can make a difference.”

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Potential Role of Spike Protein in Neurodegenerative Diseases

By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

The COVIDD-19 vaccination campaign was launched in late 2020 with no assurances on long-term safety and full liability protection to those involved with mass vaccination via the PREP Act and the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986. There is now abundant evidence that the synthetic lipid nanoparticles travel into the brain and install the genetic code (mRNA or adenoviral DNA) for the SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein. As this protein is produced and accumulates in the brain, it can cause inflammation and also fold into an amyloid plaque. Thus, there is strong rationale for some vaccine recipients to develop mild cognitive dysfunction, Alzheimer’s like dementia, and other forms of neurocognitive decline. Because seniors were heavily vaccinated, many families and doctors will attribute clinical changes to advanced age and not the vaccine. They should understand in each and every case, that COVID-19 vaccination should be considered a determinant of cognitive decline in a previously healthy person.

Seneff and colleagues describe the pathophysiological rationale for COVID-19 vaccines in the development of neurocognitive disorders. Key features are: 1) CNS penetration of the vaccines, 2) neuroinflammation, 3) Spike protein activation of toll-like receptor-4, 4) folding of Spike protein into amyloid plaques, 5) cumulative exposure with multiple shots connotes enhanced risk.

Seneff S, Kyriakopoulos AM, Nigh G, McCullough PA. A Potential Role of the Spike Protein in Neurodegenerative Diseases: A Narrative Review. Cureus. 2023 Feb 11;15(2):e34872. doi: 10.7759/cureus.34872. PMID: 36788995; PMCID: PMC9922164.

For people in your family and social circles who are experiencing premature or a precipitous decline in mental function, have the doctors consider and document COVID-19 vaccination as a potential explanation. If a senior citizen is already confused or has cognitive decline, any further vaccination is contraindicated. In patients such as this, further booster shots are likely to worsen the condition and should be avoided.

If you find “Courageous Discourse” enjoyable and useful to your endeavors, please subscribe as a paying or founder member to support our efforts in helping you engage in these discussions with family, friends, and your extended circles.

Seneff S, Kyriakopoulos AM, Nigh G, McCullough PA. A Potential Role of the Spike Protein in Neurodegenerative Diseases: A Narrative Review. Cureus. 2023 Feb 11;15(2):e34872. doi: 10.7759/cureus.34872. PMID: 36788995; PMCID: PMC9922164.

Major German Newspaper Reports Pfizer-BioNTech Fraud


Die Welt is a major German newspaper, published in Berlin by Axel Springer, one of the largest publishing and media houses in the world. Given that the majority of Germans have been brainwashed into accepting what the musician, Stefan Mickisch, called “Corona Fascism,” it was heartening to see Die Welt publish (on 17.02.2023) a long and detailed report on Pfizer-BioNTech’s fraudulent misrepresentations of its mRNA gene transfer injection.

Could this be a sign that Corona Fascism is losing its grip on the German mainstream press? Reading the story reminded of my reflections last fall on the cancellation and suicide of Stefan Mickisch. I’m still hoping that the German classical music establishment will repent for its dreadful treatment of Herr Mickisch, so on this occasion of a report on Pfizer’s fraud appearing in Die Welt, I am republishing my essay.


The Cancellation and Suicide of one of Germany’s Greatest Musicians

October 14, 2022

Stefan Mickisch


For decades it’s been a common practice to compare bad, authoritarian, or disliked politicians to Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party. Few of these comparisons are apt because Hitler had a very peculiar personality and he came to power during an exceptionally confusing and and tumultuous time. Nevertheless, his basic scheme for gaining control of the German people has indeed been used by other dictatorial regimes in history. This scheme has three basic components:

1). Amplify fears by talking incessantly about a danger. This danger could consist of domestic or foreign threats.

2). Exploit a disaster (real, exaggerated, or fabricated) in order to invoke emergency powers. In Hitler’s case, he cleverly exploited the Reichstag Fire, which in turn led to the the passage of the Enabling Act.

3). Censor, ban, and excoriate anyone who questions the regime’s emergency decrees. Label such people as dangers to society.

To be sure, some emergency powers may be justified by a true emergency, but it must be carefully defined. Is the danger clear and present? Is everyone in society threatened by it, or only certain groups? Does the threat to public safety really outweigh the danger of suspending constitutionally guaranteed rights? Unless state officials make a very diligent effort to answer these questions, they are probably acting in bad faith.

By means of fear and propaganda, a totalitarian system may be imposed on any society. As the Russian dissident writer, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, noted in his preface to the English language edition of The Gulag Archipelago, it’s a tragic feature of the human condition that people don’t learn from the mistakes of other nations because they mistakenly assume that such horrors could never happen in their own. This naive mentality has long been commonplace among Americans, but during the pandemic, it was also on display in Germany (of all places). It seems that postwar Germans so strongly identify the totalitarian spirit with the particular ideology, style, and crimes of the Nazi era that they failed to recognize the same spirit (dressed in different clothes, with different manners and speech) reemerging in their country.

Stefan Mickisch was one of Germany’s greatest pianists and musicologists. For years I enjoyed listening to his lectures on Richard Wagner. He spoke with such passion and understanding, and he marvelously illustrated every musical idea on the piano. I found his lectures not only fascinating, but also touching, because they were such a clear expression of his love for the subject. Here he is talking about Wagner’s famous Tristan Chord with the English actor and broadcaster, Stephen Fry.

A few weeks ago, I wondered what Herr Mickisch is doing these days, and I was shocked to see reports of his death last year at the age of 58. The trouble began when he wrote a long Facebook post in which he characterized Germany’s pandemic response as “Corona Fascism.” This set in motion the familiar cancellation procedure—i.e., stigmatize, ostracize, destroy.

First came a wave of attacks in the German and Austrian press, vilifying and ridiculing him for comparing the pandemic response to the Third Reich, and his own protest to the work of Hans Scholl, co-founder of the White Rose resistance movement in Nazi Germany. As if on cue, heads of concert houses and other event organizers proclaimed they would distance themselves from the pianist, thereby casting his professional future in doubt. His assassination culminated on December 20, 2020, when he was banished from the Villa Wahnfried (Wagner’s home in Bayreuth, now the Wagner Museum). On February 17, 2021— less than two months after he was excommunicated from the most important institution of his life and work—Stefan Mickisch was found dead of apparent suicide.

The cancellation of Stefan Mickisch was especially bizarre when one considers that many of the points he made in his Facebook post were true. Though his tone was irritable and his essay more of a rant than a careful composition, much of what he stated was a matter a fact. The German federal state had indeed responded to the pandemic by greatly expanding its power and undermining basic rights and freedoms. The state was indeed increasing its surveillance of everyone and suppressing opposing opinions. Its mask mandate and planned vaccine mandate were indeed illiberal and dehumanizing, especially considering that neither masks nor the experimental injections prevent infection. All of the sanctimonious rhetoric about getting the vaccine “to protect others” was the worst kind of mendacious nonsense. This propaganda campaign was carried out by a partnership between the state and corporations such as Pfizer, BioNTech, and Moderna—a partnership highly reminiscent of fascist corporatism.

For a moment let’s imagine that Herr Mickisch did not make any valid points in his Facebook post—that his comparison of pandemic policy to the Nazi regime was unfounded. So what? Freedom of speech is not for the protection of utterances with which we all agree. The whole point of it is to protect the right to state opinions that are not held by the majority. This being the case, how are we to characterize the creepy ostracism of one of Germany’s most cultivated and distinguished artists? Is it just me, or this sort of brutal treatment reminiscent of a fascist dictatorship?

Censorship—along with extreme intellectual conformity—is a reliable sign that a society is lapsing into totalitarianism. Totalitarian governments do not announce themselves as such, and most of the people who participate in totalitarian movements flatter themselves that they are acting for the greater good. The people who sympathize with totalitarian directives (out of a craving for safety) believe the regime’s propaganda and therefore don’t see what is happening until it’s too late.

Herr Mickisch recognized this manifestation of the totalitarian spirit and he protested it. As he understood, the totalitarian spirit grows in proportion to the lack of resistance it encounters. He perceived it in its early stages and spoke out against it. The severe penalties he suffered as a consequence are evidence that he was right.

Rest in Peace, Stefan Mickisch, and shame on your shallow and self-righteous critics.

Note: German speakers can learn more about his cancellation and death in this video commentary.

My secret plan to get the FAA to investigate pilot injuries and deaths

TSA Tightens Requirements Under Known Crewmember Program - The Points Guy

Once we get a date from Senator Johnson, we’ll be handing out fliers advertising the event at the KNOWN CREWMEMBER checkpoints at EVERY airport in America. Hopefully, most pilots in America will participate in hearing directly from the FAA as to why they are refusing to investigate any issues regarding pilot safety and the COVID vaccines.

I have written numerous articles in the past about how the FAA is ignoring pilot injuries and deaths by refusing to investigate.

When top FAA officials (such as FAA Deputy Administrator Bradley Mims) are contacted and asked “Why is there no investigation?” their response is “no comment.”

Similarly, after my articles were published, the Aircraft owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) wrote a nasty article attacking me with ad hominem attacks and voicing their support for the FAA.

In this article, I am going to outline my plan for how we can address the critical issue of pilot and passenger safety and also how airline pilots can let the AOPA know why they will be canceling their membership.

Even worse is that the Aircraft owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) is supporting the FAA as noted in this article.

They clearly believe that the FAA is doing the right thing and should be supported. Clearly, they believe that pilot deaths and injuries should never be investigated.

In their article, instead of addressing the issue of the complete lack of investigation into pilot safety, the AOPA chose to go after me with ad hominem attacks and false accusations.

Unlike my article on Susan Northrup where I contacted her and spoke with her directly, and gave her numerous opportunities to comment before and after the article was written, the AOPA never contacted me in the preparation of their article and they also ignored all my attempts to contact them after they published their article.

  1. Senator Johnson will reach out to the FAA and find a day when the top FAA Administrator and his executive staff, including Bradley Mims, can personally attend a four-hour meeting in Washington, DC where they can hear the stories that they have not investigated and hear directly from injured pilots and ask them questions directly. The top FAA people need not attend the entire meeting, but they can excuse themselves by explaining to the entire audience what work that they must attend to is more important.

  2. We will invite injured pilots and flight attendants to speak at the meeting as well as the families of pilots and flight attendants who were killed by the COVID vaccines to tell their stories.

  3. We will also invite the top executives of the AOPA to explain why they support the FAA not investigating these incidents. If they cannot attend in person or virtually, we will ask them to explain why none of them could attend.

  4. We now have a list of over 25,000 pilots, flight attendants, and others who work at airports and the FAA who are upset about this issue. You can add your name to the list here so that we can send you the Zoom and Rumble links enabling you to participate from the comfort of your home or hotel.

  5. We will notify everyone about the time and date of the meeting so that everyone can arrange to take time off of work to attend this important conference LIVE by participating virtually via the Zoom link and Rumble live stream. We will encourage worldwide participation in this event as well. There will be a huge Twitter Space set up and heavily promoted where the speakers at the event will answer questions after the event is over. That Twitter Space will likely extend the time for five hours or more. We will have live polling throughout.

  6. Conference highlights. The conference will not only address the issues of pilot safety, but it will also address the issue of why the FAA failed to investigate these issues and what systemic changes in FAA management are required to correct the problem. For example,

    1. We will ask Susan Northrup to explain why she never called any of the pilots even after she said she would and after she was given their contact info.

    2. We will ask each one of the FAA administrators why they chose to take no action on investigating pilot injuries and deaths related to the COVID vaccine. America deserves to know “How is America safer by NOT investigating these issues?” Their answer of “no comment” (which is what Deputy Administrator Bradley Mims told me when I asked) will likely be unsatisfactory to this worldwide audience.

    3. We will specifically ask Bradley Mims why he was unable to comment when I directly asked him why there were no investigations.

  7. Once a date is set, we will have people stationed at every airport in America to hand out fliers letting people know about the event, the questions that will be asked, and how to participate. These fliers will be handed out at every entrance to the KNOWN CREWMEMBER entry points, as well as generally to the flying public at the entrance to every passenger security checkpoint.

    Known Crewmember

  8. The fliers will also encourage all pilots who are members of AOPA to use the “contact us” link to IMMEDIATELY inform the AOPA that unless the AOPA publicly calls for the FAA to investigate ALL the pilot deaths and injuries linked to the COVID vaccines, that they will be permanently canceling their membership. We will also email the pilots directly to do this.

Hopefully, in this way, we can, as a group, figure out what it will take to get the FAA’s attention on this important matter as well as to educate the public on how the FAA has callously ignored all of these pilot incidents and what they can do to force change in the FAA management so that these issues will be taken seriously by the agency which is supposed to protect pilots and the flying public.

Also, if you are skeptical that COVID vaccines causes heart damage, I invite you to watch this very short video of Dr. Michael Huang describing how he remembers one day when he had 10 nurses (as patients) in his clinic’s waiting room and 9 out of 10 had developed clinical myocarditis after getting the jab. Over 400K views in less than 24 hours!

Even he was surprised at the incidence rate on that day: 9 out of the 10 nurses that day!

This means that the rate of myocarditis post-vaccine is orders of magnitude more common than the CDC is admitting. This puts everyone at risk when the person getting these shots are pilots.

Keep in mind, the AOPA thinks that I am a bad person for bringing facts like these to the public’s attention.

Let me know what you think of my plan:

Hopefully, this one day conference will be sufficient to get the FAA to pay attention to this problem.

If not, we will need to take more aggressive steps which I will outline if this first attempt fails.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.


Jennifer Sey’s Journey to Medical Freedom and Free Speech

Jennifer Sey joined the fashion company Levi Strauss and Co as an entry-level marketing assistant in 1999. Twenty-three years later, Ms. Sey had worked her way up to the position of Brand President, and she was poised to become the next CEO, after playing a significant role in saving the company from bankruptcy in the decade prior.

Like so many other brave American men and women in the Medical Freedom movement, Ms. Sey put her entire career at risk in 2020 to speak out in protest when the government, public health authorities, and education system created an environment in response to COVID that was detrimental to children. Ms. Sey lived in San Fransisco with her family when the world shut down due to COVID. In her area, the government kept schools, playgrounds, basketball courts, hiking trails, and beaches closed for close to a year or more. Mask mandates were put in place for children and toddlers, and Ms. Sey was outspoken against these practices immediately.

A Two-Year Internal Battle With Peers

Ms. Sey spoke out forcefully against lockdowns and mask mandates from the beginning of COVID restrictions while keeping children at the center of her concerns. The corporate environment that Ms. Sey operated in became extremely uneasy about her public comments on social media and elsewhere, and internal tension set in shortly after Ms. Sey made her opinions known.

Ms. Sey was asked by the company not to discuss these topics publicly. She politely declined, and so began a dance where every couple of weeks another poor employee was tasked with bringing up the subject with Ms. Sey yet again, only to be told that this was too important for her to keep quiet about.

The hypocrisy of this ongoing struggle continuing while Levi’s employees’ children were already back in private schools, while low-income children who attended public schools were still sitting at home must be noted. Men and women who were affluent enough to afford to send their kids to school when private schools were the only ones offering in-school learning were chastising Ms. Sey for advocating for those less fortunate with no voice.

In January 2022, the dance came to an end. Ms. Sey was officially informed that there was no longer a place for her within the company because of her views:

“Rather than accept their severence, which involved hush money to stay quiet about the censorship and the bullying I had endured over my final two years, I quit very publicly to expose the illiberalism and the censorship and the hostility directed at anyone who dared challenge the mainstream narrative.”
– Jennifer Sey

The Bullying 

Ms. Sey described the environment at Levi’s over those two years as “Stasi-like”. She was made to answer questions to determine whether she was on “their side” in the culture war which essentially meant swearing an oath to the Democratic party. She was asked to go on apology tours and was asked to denounce things that her husband had said publicly. Meanwhile, Ms. Sey was the only one who had children still at home, while the rest of the employees were already sending their children back to in-person private schools. The company was not happy when Ms. Sey appeared on Fox News’s The Laura Ingraham show to discuss her views, and they made their displeasure known.

Even now, the pushback against Ms. Sey continues in two forms.

  1. “You might be right, but you can’t say that”
    Ms. Sey gets told that while she might have been right, she “can’t” say those things as a corporate executive. To this, Ms. Sey said:

    “If I can’t say them, as a well-liked, loyal, high-performing senior executive, why do you think a regular, everyday employee can say them?”

    Ms. Sey is speaking on behalf of those who can’t, precisely because she has the platform and the voice to do so.

  2. Why are you still mad?”
    The second form of pushback is to ask why she still discusses these issues, as though they’re no longer relevant because schools have opened. To this, Ms. Sey has two responses:

    1. 250,000 American children are missing from the school system since the lockdowns. They’re not homeschooling, they didn’t switch schools or go to private school, they are missing. They have dropped out.
    2. The same people are still in charge. The people who made the decision to close down schools and then mask the children once they re-open are still in positions of power. Namely, Rachelle Walensky, Director of the CDC, Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers, and Gavin Newsom, the Governor of California. Disastrous outcomes occurred at the hands of those three decision-makers, and all three are still in positions of power.

An Earlier Battle

This isn’t the first time Ms. Sey found herself at odds with her peers. In an experience that draws parallels to her current situation with Levi’s, Ms. Sey was a trailblazer for truth within the gymnastics community back in 2008. Ms. Sey wrote a memoir about her time in the world of gymnastics. A truth seeker from early on, Ms. Sey exposed the cruel nature of the sport of gymnastics and the physical, emotional, and sexual abuse that was prevalent in the sport.

As the first person to release first-hand documentation of the abuse within the Olympics and gymnastic communities, Ms. Sey found herself “canceled” by the communities in which she had grown up. Other members of the Olympics and gymnastic communities called Ms. Sey a liar, a grifter, and threatened her with violence and lawsuits.

Ten years after Ms. Sey first spoke out, the Larry Nassar scandal broke into mainstream news and the abuse that Ms. Sey was vilified for discussing in 2008 was suddenly common knowledge in 2018.

Ms. Sey received no acknowledgment and no apologies for the way she was treated. The community was desperate to simply move on, because they knew, like they know now, that by staying silent they made themselves culpable.

A Closing Message 

Similar to the gymnastics scandal, Ms. Sey’s early advocacy for children against lockdowns and masks will be widely recognized and appreciated one day. The community that threw her out for speaking truth to power about their world of gymnastics later embraced her as a hero, once it became socially safe to do so. Although those who vilified Ms. Sey should be hanging their heads in shame and apologizing to her, they instead pretend as though they stood with her all along. Doing otherwise would indicate responsibility, and they can’t face that. While Ms. Sey remembers exactly who said what and when, she graciously accepts them to join the fight against the abuse that still persists.

The same will likely come true with today’s battle. The first round of people to publicly speak up against a socially popular injustice bear the “slings and arrows”. Yet, they’re the true heroes because they pave the way for those who aren’t as brave as themselves to eventually follow suit, which is how progress is made and public perception is shifted.

Watch the full interview: 

Check out Jennifer Sey’s book:  “Levi’s, Unbuttoned. The Woke Mob Took My Job but Gave Me My Voice”

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