Gaslighting: “Conspiracy Theories” Already Proven True in 2023

Organic Prepper | March 2, 2023

Preppers get called conspiracy theorists a lot.  It’s supposed to be demeaning, but considering how many conspiracy theories have been proven correct lately, I no longer consider it an insult.  The more time goes by, the more “conspiracy theorists” just seem ahead of the game.

Quite a few “conspiracy theories” have recently come to light as actual facts in 2023 already. And it’s only the beginning of March.

Let’s look at a recent batch of “conspiracy theories” that aren’t really theories any more.

Gas stoves in peril?

In January, the OP ran a story about the potential ban on gas stoves.  Naturally, the mainstream media poo-poohed the idea that the government would do something like that.  The New York Times insisted that “No, Biden is Not Trying to Ban Gas Stoves.”   CNN likewise claimed Biden didn’t want to ban the stoves  NPR dismissed the thought of banning gas stoves as a right-wing, culture war stunt.

Well, maybe they’re not going to outright ban gas stoves. . . but the Department of Energy is proposing new efficiency standards that will make approximately half the gas stoves on the market no longer available. So, technically this isn’t a ban, but regulating gas stoves out of existence has the exact same effect.


UK Considered Mandating Killing of All Pet Cats to Stop COVID

Summit News | March 2, 2023

UK health authorities considered ordering the euthanization of all pet cats in the country during the first COVID outbreak, it has been revealed.

Ex-Deputy Health Minister Lord James Bethell made the admission while trying to argue that governments were caught unawares in how to respond to the virus, remarking, “We shouldn’t forget… how little we understood about this disease.”

“There was a moment we were very unclear about whether domestic pets could transmit the disease,” he said. “In fact, there was an idea at one moment that we might have to ask the public to exterminate all the cats in Britain. Can you imagine what would have happened if we had wanted to do that?”

Bethell claimed that “for a moment” there was “a bit of evidence around” the idea after a Siamese cat became the first in Britain to contract COVID-19, but that the plan was “closed down” fairly quickly.


U.S. government FORCES railroads to carry extremely toxic chemicals even if they don't want to

Image: U.S. government FORCES railroads to carry extremely toxic chemicals even if they don’t want to

(Natural News) At first glance, the culprit behind the East Palestine train derailment disaster is Norfolk Southern (NS), the company that owns and operates the now-wrecked engine and cars. However, a closer look at the situation reveals that the United States government is actually the responsible party.

You see, freight rail companies in the U.S. are forced by the government to transport dangerous chemicals like vinyl chloride – even when they would otherwise reject these loads. They call these types of freight loads Toxic Inhalation Hazard, or TIH, chemicals, which include chlorine and ammonia.

Union Pacific (UP), a competitor of NS, released the following statement, which explains in further detail how rail companies have no say in the matter of what they transport:

“Under the common carrier obligation, the federal government requires railroads to transport hazmat, whether they want to or not. Trucks and barges do not have this same obligation and may refuse to carry hazmat at their discretion. Union Pacific does not make Toxic Inhalation Hazard materials, own the tank cars that move TIH or decide the origin or destination to which it is shipped. However, the common carrier obligation requires Union Pacific to transport TIH.”

Truth be told, UP and NS would more than likely never say no to transporting these chemicals in the first place because to do so would be to turn down profits. But this caveat in the law allows rail companies to avoid taking responsibility when things go wrong because the government made me do it.

“The railroads just want somebody to blame. And so does the federal government,” writes Jon Rappoport on his Substack. “And so do the chemical companies who manufacture the poisons and want them transported.”


“You could even say these three forces are doing THEATER. ‘You blame me and I’ll blame him and he’ll blame you.’”

(Related: Residents of East Palestine have issued a list of demands to the government calling for swift action in response to the disaster.)

Railroads are getting away with using antiquated and dangerous braking systems that cause serious wrecks, thanks to Trump

From this perspective, rail companies like UP and NS and the federal government are both to blame for the East Palestine disaster. They both blame each other when something goes wrong and voila: nobody is ever held responsible for the fallout.

Rail giants are able to pocket major fees for carrying the deadly chemicals that the federal government “forces” them to move. They’re all in it together, in other words.

There is also no incentive for the railroads to upgrade the technologies on their fleets because when a disaster happens, it is just a blame game all around until the dust settles and the whole thing gets swept under the rug.

“Follow this bouncing ball: The braking systems for most of these huge freight trains are based on 19th century technology,” Rappoport explains. “This means when the trains are suddenly stopped, the cars tend to bunch up, and you can get a derailment … The new electronic braking systems avoid this horrendous problem.”

“The feds want all trains carrying highly hazardous materials to have the new braking system. But during the Trump administration, federal regulators backed off and basically said: ‘If a train carries both safe and dangerous materials, we won’t classify the train as a hazard and we won’t demand the train has the new (and expensive) braking system.”

“That piece of sly bull***t saved railroad companies a huge amount of money.”

Be sure to read Rappoport’s full report on the matter.

More of the latest news about the East Palestine disaster can be found at

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Grocery rationing begins in UK as a means of 'normalizing' coming shortages ahead of collapse

Image: Grocery rationing begins in UK as a means of ‘normalizing’ coming shortages ahead of collapse

(Natural News) The demise of the West, planned by our globalist leaders as a means of further empowering themselves as kings and queens, is continuing apace amid a new war in Europe and now, rationing of vegetables in the United Kingdom.

“The past few days have seen certain fruits and vegetables ‘rationed’ by major UK supermarkets,” writes Kit Knightly at Off Guardian this week, going on to list several grocery store chains where the rationing was occurring.

“Many – including Justin King, former Sainsbury’s CEO – have jumped at the chance to lay the blame at Brexit’s feet. But that doesn’t make much sense, since Morocco – whence the UK imports a lot of salad vegetables – obviously isn’t in the EU. Further, Ireland has been affected too, plus we’re only 5 months removed from France (and other EU nations) facing their own ‘catastrophic food shortages,’” Knightley continued.

The author suggests that while one side of the Brexit divide blames the shortages on the weather, the real reason for the shortages is that they have been engineered. Knightly then implies that the “establishment narrative” about climate change is being used to distract from the true cause of the shortages. Knightly also mentions the “toilet paper fiasco” at the beginning of the pandemic as an example of a possible psy-op, or psychological operation, that created the appearance of a shortage.

How to create a tomato shortage…
1) Tell people there’s a tomato shortage.
2) People panic buy tomatoes.
3) There’s a tomato shortage.
Don’t be part of it folks.

— Dr Zoe Harcombe, PhD (@zoeharcombe) February 27, 2023

The deliberate inflation of oil and gas prices has caused a surge in the cost of producing, harvesting, and transporting crops. Additionally, the price of fertilizer has also increased due to a manufactured shortage. Although these issues are being attributed to the war in Ukraine, they existed before the conflict (as previously covered here and here). This was extensively discussed when reports of “food shortages” first emerged in the spring, Knightly continued.

“Speaking of Ukraine, it’s currently easier to get tomatoes in war-torn Kherson than in London. That’s the reality we’re being presented with,” the columnist wrote.

No tomato shortage here – but I’m in Kherson, a frontline Ukrainian city that gets shelled by the Russians daily, not a British supermarket.

— Lindsey Hilsum (@lindseyhilsum) February 23, 2023

In short, Knightly suggested, the current rationing of certain products in UK supermarkets is part of a confusing and inconsistent narrative. While Brexit and weather have been cited as reasons for the shortages, these explanations don’t entirely make sense. Additionally, the rationing appears to be affecting some stores and places but not others.

According to a farmer, supermarkets could fill the gap in imports by purchasing domestically grown produce, but they are reportedly unwilling to pay for the added costs. The normalization of empty shelves and rationing suggests that there may be an underlying purpose to the food shortage narrative.

Social commentator Neil Oliver summarized what is going on in a recent monologue for his GBNews program:

They’re rationing tomatoes in the supermarkets. We’re told it’s about supply chains, bad weather and the price of heating, but right now, in terms of the messaging, I suspect it’s more about pushing the word – rationing. Less about any believable shortage of food and more about getting us used to hearing the word. No doubt, if experience is anything to go by, the rest will come later. My money says the rationing app for our smartphones is already sitting on a hard drive somewhere, ready when we are.


For now, it’s more of a familiar process of psychological manipulation. Get us acquainted with the general idea of food scarcity so that we’re well-primed when the planned reality is unrolled. We were given the same treatment with words like “lockdown” and “pandemic”, “mandate” and “denier”. Nudge, nudge. Rationing is a word from our parents’ and grandparents’ generation, a bit like “War in Europe” and “Fascist” and now they’re back in fashion once more. Rationing, I ask you, while the landfills swell with fresh food dumped every day.

The globalists running Western civilization hate Western civilization, and they are engineering its collapse because you can’t control free people.

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Dem mayor of Maryland city busted on multiple counts of possessing, distributing child porn

Image: Dem mayor of Maryland city busted on multiple counts of possessing, distributing child porn

(Natural News) The Democratic mayor of a city in Maryland is looking at a lot of hard time in prison if he is convicted after being charged with 56 counts of possessing and distributing child pornography, according to a local report.

Prince George’s County Police reported that Patrick Wojahn, the mayor of College Park, Maryland, was taken into custody on Thursday morning on charges of possessing and distributing child sexual abuse material. The city issued a news release confirming that Wojahn, who is 47 years old, has resigned from his role as mayor, NBC Washington reported on the station’s website.

“Last night, after business hours, Mayor Patrick L. Wojahn submitted his letter of resignation as Mayor of the City of College Park, effective immediately on March 2,” the release said. “Mayor Wojahn has served in this position since 2015 and on Council since 2007.”

#Breaking: College Park Mayor Patrick Wojahn is being investigated for possession and distribution of child pornography after a search warrant was issued according to sources close to this investigation, he is now in police custody.

— Tracee Wilkins (@TraceeWilkins) March 2, 2023

Prince George’s County Police stated in a news release that on February 17, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children notified them about a suspicious social media account that was operating in the county.

“The image and videos,” which the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children believed to be child sex abuse material, “had been uploaded to the social media account in January of 2023,” the release said, according to NBC Washington. “Through various investigative techniques, PGPD investigators discovered the social media account belonged to Wojahn.”

Police executed a search warrant at Wojahn’s residence on Tuesday and discovered “multiple cell phones, a storage device, a tablet and a computer,” according to the news release.

On Thursday morning, Wojahn was arrested and “charged with 40 counts of possession of child exploitative material and 16 counts of distribution of child exploitative material,” police said. It is not known if Wojahn has legal representation at this time.


The City of College Park posted a link to Wojahn’s resignation letter along with the official statement regarding his arrest.

“While this investigation does not involve any official city business of any kind, it is in the best interests of our community that I step aside and not serve as a distraction,” Wojahn said in the letter, dated March 2.

Child exploitation is a serious issue in the United States, affecting millions of children each year. This can take many forms, including child labor, child sex trafficking, and child pornography.

Child labor involves the use of children for work that is inappropriate for their age or that is dangerous or exploitative. This can include work in agriculture, manufacturing, and domestic service. Children in these situations are often denied an education and are at risk of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.

Child sex trafficking is another form of exploitation that is particularly heinous. It involves the recruitment, transportation, and exploitation of children for sexual purposes. This can occur through force, fraud, or coercion and can have devastating consequences for the children involved. They may suffer from physical and emotional abuse, and may be at risk of sexually transmitted infections and other health problems.

Child pornography is also a serious issue involving the creation, distribution, and possession of images and videos depicting the sexual abuse of children. This perpetuates the exploitation of these children and can lead to long-term psychological trauma.

The United States government has taken steps to address these issues, including the passage of laws such as the Trafficking Victims Protection Act and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

It’s not clear how much jail time Wojahn could get if he’s convicted, but it will be a lot.

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German defense minister says his military is incapable of defending the country, which means it's worthless to NATO

(Natural News) Germany was, in large part, responsible for two horrendous world wars in the 21st century, having spent decades as a divided nation following the Second World War, with East Germany held by the former Soviet Union and West Germany in Allied hands.

After the end of the Cold War, however, the country retrenched militarily and now, after dominating the continent for a century, the German military is a shell of its former self and, according to its defense minister, incapable of defending the German people.

According to Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, the Bundeswehr is understaffed and ill-equipped due to decades of neglect by the federal government, FirstPost reported this week.

“We have no armed forces that are capable of defending [Germany] that is, capable of defending [it] against an offensive, brutally waged aggressive war,” he said during a recent meeting with members of the ruling Social Democratic Party.

The Defense Minister asserted that the German military has been ignored by the federal government for several years, resulting in inadequate staffing and equipment. To meet NATO standards, he suggested that Germany must enhance its military investment.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, commonly known as NATO, is a military and political alliance of 30 member countries from North America and Europe. It was founded in 1949 with the goal of providing a collective defense against potential threats, promoting stability and security in the Euro-Atlantic region, and encouraging cooperation among its members.

The primary mission of NATO is to ensure the security of its member countries. This is accomplished through a variety of means, including maintaining a strong military presence in Europe, conducting military exercises and training, and engaging in intelligence sharing and cooperation. NATO also works to promote stability and security in regions outside of its member countries, including through peacekeeping missions and humanitarian aid efforts.


Another important role of NATO is to promote democratic values and institutions. This includes supporting the rule of law, human rights, and freedom of speech and the press. NATO also works to promote economic development and trade, and to encourage political cooperation among its members.

NATO has played a significant role in promoting peace and stability in Europe since its founding. During the Cold War, NATO served as a bulwark against the Soviet Union, and helped to prevent the outbreak of a major war in Europe. Since the end of the Cold War, NATO has continued to play an important role in promoting peace and stability in the region, including through its involvement in conflicts in the Balkans and its ongoing efforts to combat terrorism.

In recent years, NATO has faced a number of challenges. These include tensions between member countries, concerns over the role of NATO in the Middle East, and the rise of new threats such as cyber attacks and hybrid warfare. But clearly, according to German officials, the country’s military not only can’t contribute much to NATO, it cannot defend itself.

The commander and highest-ranking officer of the German army, Lieutenant General Alfons Mais, stated last week that the 100 billion euros pledged by Chancellor Olaf Scholz would be insufficient to ensure that the country’s armed forces are prepared for battle.

“The army that I have the duty to lead is more or less bare,” he was quoted as saying by a German media outlet.

Pistorius made the statement just hours after Colonel Andre Wustner, the chairman of the German Armed Forces Association, revealed in an interview with German outlet Bild that only 30 percent of the roughly 300 Leopard 2 tanks in Germany’s inventory are presently operational. Despite a concerning defense situation at home, Germany has been offering significant aid to war-torn Ukraine for more than a year as it fights against Russian aggression.

According to Armin Papperger, the CEO of Rheinmetall, the country’s leading defense contractor, the German government has given two cutting-edge air defense systems to Ukraine that were originally designed to safeguard Berlin. Papperger made this statement during a Tuesday episode of the Pioneer podcast.

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