The history of Big Pharma any idiot can understand

There was a day during the past hundred years when the cat got out of the bag.

A pharma executive had a revelation. “Hey,” he said to himself, “we’re not crusaders for health, we’re a marketing operation.”

That was the defining moment.

The executive realized that with a little more work, his industry could create a closed circle. A system that would swallow up the population.

“We SAY we’ve discovered a new disease. We SAY we know the cause. We SAY we have a drug to kill the germ and a vaccine to prevent the germ from taking hold. That isn’t research. That’s marketing.”

“We can SAY we’ve discovered a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand new diseases and disorders. And no one will stop us.”

That’s the history of Big Pharma.


“You have a pain in your balls? Hmm. That’s a symptom of anthro-vascular-para-sympathetic-necrosis. AVPSN. I’m going to put you on Bloviarthrocal. It works quite well. But if you suddenly find you can’t move your neck and your spine feels quite brittle, call my office. That could be a sign of a more serious scrotal problem. It’s not an adverse reaction to the drug.”

Somebody in the pharma business realized he was using doctors, medical schools, regulatory health agencies, researchers, insurance companies, politicians, medical boards, and medical journals as his sales force. And it was working. And with a bit more coercion from government, the whole circle could be closed and made MANDATORY.

Hence, so-called pandemics and declared states of emergency. Also known as a police state.

“Hey,” the pharma exec said to himself, “now I see it, I see what we actually ARE. Now we can tighten up our operation, focus more clearly, and sell this shithouse to EVERYBODY.”

This is on the order of ruthless barons like Rockefeller and Carnegie and Morgan waking up one day and realizing they owned the American economy. And all they had to do then was make people believe “socialism” was the future of Greatest Good, and they would close the circle. “You won’t own anything (we’ll own everything) and you’ll be happy.”

For those who don’t know it, listen up: