Levels of dioxin chemical that causes cancer found at unacceptably high levels at Ohio train derailment site, EPA finally admits

Image: Levels of dioxin chemical that causes cancer found at unacceptably high levels at Ohio train derailment site, EPA finally admits

(Natural News) With the passage of time, we are learning even more about just how significantly dangerous the train derailment was in East Palestine, Ohio, last month.

Recent data has revealed that the soil in the Ohio town, where a catastrophic train crash and chemical spill occurred, contains dioxin levels that are hundreds of times higher than the exposure threshold set by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) scientists in 2010. The elevated levels of dioxin are known to pose huge cancer risks, The Guardian reported last week.

At the time, the EPA suggested reducing the cleanup threshold to account for the dangers associated with the extremely toxic chemical, dioxin. However, the Obama administration eliminated the regulations, and the higher federal action threshold is still being used. While the dioxin levels detected in East Palestine fall beneath the federal action threshold, an EPA administrator stated to Congress last week that they were “very low.”

Nevertheless, chemical experts, including former EPA officials, who assessed the data for The Guardian, characterized the levels as “worrisome,” the outlet reported.

According to Linda Birnbaum, a former director of the US National Toxicology Program and EPA scientist, the levels detected in two soil samples are up to 14 times greater than the dioxin soil limits in certain states. Those numbers suggest that there is more extensive contamination.

“The levels are not screaming high, but we have confirmed that dioxins are in East Palestine’s soil,” she told The Guardian. “The EPA must test the soil in the area more broadly.”


Experts suggest that the data likely confirms concerns that the controlled burn of vinyl chloride in the days following the train wreck in the town created dioxin and dispersed it throughout the area. But, they caution that the new data has limited value since only two soil samples were examined.

The train crash and its hazardous consequences have become a significant problem in the United States, with local residents and activists criticizing the government and the train operator, Norfolk Southern, for their lack of action. The state of Ohio has filed a lawsuit against the rail company over the derailment, claiming it is one of many incidents involving the company.

Dioxins are a group of highly toxic chemical compounds that are produced as a byproduct of certain industrial processes, such as waste incineration, chemical manufacturing, and paper pulp production. They can also be formed through natural processes, such as forest fires and volcanic eruptions.

The production of dioxins occurs when organic compounds, such as plastics and wood, are burned or heated to high temperatures in the presence of chlorine. This can occur during the combustion of waste materials, as well as in certain chemical manufacturing processes that use chlorine-based compounds. Once released into the environment, dioxins can persist for many years and can accumulate in the food chain, leading to potential health risks for humans and wildlife. Dioxin exposure has been linked to a range of health problems, including cancer, reproductive and developmental disorders, and immune system dysfunction.

Efforts to reduce dioxin production and exposure have focused on improving waste management practices, reducing the use of chlorine-based compounds in manufacturing processes, and enforcing strict regulations on industrial emissions.

Despite resisting requests for several weeks to conduct dioxin testing, the EPA declared on March 3 that it would compel Norfolk Southern to do so. Additionally, Indiana commissioned testing of the soil in East Palestine last week, as one of the state’s landfills is holding it. Birnbaum said a trustworthy laboratory conducted the testing.

“My main concern is: Is this reflective of the level in the area in East Palestine … and of the levels individuals who live near the rail are exposed to?” said Carsten Prasse, an organic chemist at Johns Hopkins University and scientific adviser for SimpleLab.. “I certainly wouldn’t be comfortable living there.”

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Serving up HATE in your breakfast cereal: Kellogg's gave $91 million to domestic terrorist organization Black Lives Matter

Image: Serving up HATE in your breakfast cereal: Kellogg’s gave $91 million to domestic terrorist organization Black Lives Matter

(Natural News) As the company’s employees were struggling to make ends meet during the manufactured Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “pandemic,” American cereal giant Kellogg’s was busy pledging $91 million in donations to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement that destroyed the country following the George Floyd psy-op.

A new database from the conservative Claremont Institute reveals that Kellogg’s created a “Racial Equity 2030 Global Challenge” in 2020 that received a cash injection of $90 million to “fuel innovative and actionable solutions to build a racially equitable future.”

“As stewards of our children’s future, we must collectively face the primary challenge of our time: racial equity,” stated W.K. Kellogg Foundation Trustee and Board Chair Cathann Kress in a promotional video about the campaign, which was launched in celebration of the foundation’s 90th anniversary.

“In Oct. 2022, five awardees were named to receive a combined $80 million over the next eight years, concluding in 2030, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s 100th anniversary,” the foundation’s website further reads.

(Related: Did you know that the Kellogg Foundation also pays illegal aliens $500 per month just for being non-white and non-American?)

Kellogg’s hates both white people and its own employees

At the time when all of this was happening, employees of Kellogg’s were becoming disgruntled over poor pay, limited vacation time, and other workplace issues. About 1,400 workers across four states, including in Michigan, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and Tennessee, went on a nearly three-month-long strike to protest the company’s dismal treatment of its employees.


According to union officials, these 1,400 Kellogg’s employees were upset about the company’s two-tiered benefits system, which included 72- to 84-hour work weeks with barely any off time. During that strike, Kellogg’s axed employee health benefits entirely, leaving workers to pay exorbitant COBRA premiums to maintain coverage.

This made it especially difficult for Kellogg’s employees with pre-existing conditions such as cancer to continue living, but the company could not have cared less, just so long as BLM was awarded tens of millions of dollars in cash as a show of solidarity for Floyd’s death.

Meanwhile, Kellogg’s decided to hand over another $1 million in cash that should have gone to its employees to the NAACP instead. Kellogg’s said that the money was a suitable gift to the NAACP because of its commitment to “combatting racism.”

“Kellogg Company’s $1 million grant complements the funding that the W.K. Kellogg Foundation provides to NAACP, including $1.15 million in 2020,” proudly announced Kellogg Company Chairman and CEO Steve Cahillane. “NAACP is one of the many racial equity anchor organizations that WKKF supports.”

Keep in mind that this $91 million total was handed out by Kellogg’s amid the most destructive spree of political violence in more than a century. Cities across America were being burned down by BLM terrorists, and Kellogg’s was awarding them with millions while scoffing at the needs of its own employees.

None of this was enough for the BLM crowd, though. Activists reportedly targeted the company after its cash offerings for the “three white boys” pictured as the cartoon mascots on Rice Krispies cereal boxes. To show anything white, the activists claimed, is “racist,” and Kellogg’s needs to repent.

BLM activist and former United Kingdom member of parliament Fiona Onasanya accused Kellogg’s of “white supremacy” for featuring the white characters, whom she apparently believes should be all black or all brown – anything other than white.

“Coco Pops and Rice Krispies have the same composition (except for the fact [Coco Pops] are brown and chocolate flavoured) … so I was wondering why Rice Krispies have three white boys representing the brand and Coco Pops have a monkey?” Onasanya complained on Twitter.

The latest news about corporate wokeism can be found at Wokies.news.

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Recap of last week’s VSRF update: Pfizer whistleblower

Watch Episode 69 with Pfizer Whistleblower Melissa McAtee

We had a remarkable VSRF Update this past Thursday with Pfizer whistleblower Melissa McAtee. Melissa’s insider knowledge was eye-opening and revealed the extent of the corruption within not just Pfizer but the entire Covid-19 mRNA ‘vaccine’ project. A few quotes:

“Basically, we’re getting Chinese-made products and putting it in Pfizer vials and slapping a Pfizer [label] on it.”

Something I noticed that if somebody received a batch that started with an E — those had high, high adverse reactions and deaths.”

There is a pressing need for more whistleblowers to come forward and shed light on the corruption, danger, and malpractices prevalent in the institutions that drove Covid policies- from lockdowns, to mandates, to the vaccines. Whistleblowers are often the only ones with the insider knowledge required to expose the harmful practices that dismantled our entire country.  

However, blowing said whistle is not easy, and it takes immense courage to do so. There is an urgent need for more attorneys to step up and represent these whistleblowers. These lawyers play a crucial role in protecting the rights and interests of whistleblowers and ensuring that they are not subjected to retaliation or wrongful termination.  

For Atlanta area lawyers, particularly those who specialize in personal injury law, attending the Covid Litigation Conference will be a game-changer. As Covid-related litigation continues to grow and expand, the demand for lawyers to represent both victims of the Covid policies and whistleblowers is also expected to increase. Attorneys can stay ahead of the curve and position themselves as experts in this new field, creating new opportunities for themselves and their firms.

Register for the Covid Litigation Conference, March 25-26 in Atlanta

Watch New York Civil Rights Attorney Sujata Gibson on why she’s speaking at the Covid Litigation Conference.

Watch Florida Attorney Jeff Childers on why he’s speaking at the Covid Litigation Conference

Jeff will be giving a keynote at the CLC and has been an important legal figure in the fight against Covid policies in the state of Florida and nationally.  I highly recommend his substack Coffee & Covid for the latest news and information on what we are up against. 

Dr. Pierre Kory delivered powerful testimony in Wisconsin against mandating the Meningococcal vaccine for students which resulted in a 6-4 vote win against mandating this vaccine across the state. 

The Japanese government in Parliament was urged to tell the truth about the huge number of vaccine injuries and excess deaths.

Croatian Member of the European Parliament, Mislav Kolakusic, has scathing words for the EU’s Covid-19 vaccine program. “We are burning them because no one wants them!”

New York Governor Kathy Hochul files an appeal in the Quarantine Camp case.

Attorney Bobbie Anne Flower Cox will be speaking at the Covid Litigation Conference.

Finally, I cannot emphasize enough how much our guest, Pfizer whistleblower, Melissa McAtee sacrificed to share the truth about what was happening at Pfizer. She lost a lucrative career and recently had a child.  Please consider supporting Melissa’s effort. You can donate to her via GiveSendGo.

See you LIVE from Atlanta this Thursday, March 23 at 4pm PST! Register here for the call.

Yes, Biden really IS trying to ban gas stoves as federal agency moves closer to ending them altogether

Image: Yes, Biden really IS trying to ban gas stoves as federal agency moves closer to ending them altogether

(Natural News) Once again, it should be obvious that Democrats are literally trying to tear down everything that made our country successful, as evidenced by the insane push to disregard fossil fuels and replace them with unreliable “green energy” that is neither renewable at sufficient amounts or cheaper.

After claiming reports that the Biden regime was out to ban natural gas-burning stoves, a federal agency has now moved closer to doing that very thing, despite the fact that a large plurality of Americans use them.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has submitted a formal request for information regarding the potential health risks of gas-powered stoves, further indicating that the United States may be progressing toward prohibiting the use of such appliances under the Biden regime, according to The Epoch Times.

“This RFI does not constitute or propose regulatory action, but rather is intended to inform the Commission and the public,” the request states — which, of course, is a lie. The entire purpose of this ‘fact-finding’ is to justify banning gas-powered stoves. The fact of the matter is, there are no substantial “health risks” to these stoves, especially nowadays because technology has made them so much more efficient.

The request states that it is seeking input and “proposed solutions” from stakeholders such as “consumers, manufacturers, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and researchers on chronic chemical hazards associated with the use of gas ranges,” according to the outlet.


The recent action by the federal agency comes only two months after its commissioner, Richard Trumka, Jr., indicated that a ban on gas stoves might be forthcoming.

“This is a hidden hazard. Any option is on the table. Products that can’t be made safe can be banned,” he told Bloomberg News on Jan. 9.

After the commissioner’s remarks, which included a suggestion in late December of a complete ban, there was an influx of negative reactions, primarily from Republican lawmakers. In a joint letter with other Senate Republicans, Senator Cynthia Lummis (R-W.Va.) requested answers from the CPSC, The Epoch Times noted.

“According to the Energy Information Administration, over one-third of U.S. households use gas stoves. Consumers have chosen their home appliances based on numerous factors, including upfront price, operating costs, maintenance costs, and convenience. Gas stoves tend to result in lower utility bills than their electric counterparts. Gas stoves are also generally more durable, with fewer parts being susceptible to breakages or other defects. A ban on these stoves would therefore likely result in higher utility bills, disproportionately affecting low-income populations,” Lummis’ Jan. 19 letter stated.

CNN reported that the White House on Jan. 11 told it Biden “does not support banning gas stoves,” adding that the CPSC, “which is independent, is not banning gas stoves.”

Further reports from Fox News disclosed that Trumka Jr. had circulated an internal memo in October 2022 indicating that a ban on gas stoves might be suggested.

“The need for gas stove regulation has reached a boiling point,” he wrote in the memo.

“CPSC has the responsibility to ban consumer products that emit hazardous substances, particularly, when those emissions harm children, under the Federal Hazardous Substances Act,” he claimed.

“There is sufficient information available for CPSC to issue an NPR in FY 2023 proposing to ban gas stoves in homes,” Trumka further claimed. NPR means “notice of proposed rulemaking.”

Two senators — Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) have introduced legislation that would block the CPSC from banning the stoves.

The Epoch Times noted further, however:

The CPSC isn’t the only Biden administration agency that has trained its sights on gas stoves. The Department of Energy on Feb. 1 proposed a rule that could outlaw a sizable fraction of gas stoves.

Democrats are working daily to literally destroy our country and our economy.

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NATIONWIDE CALL for VACCINE AUTOPSIES: Every “unexpected” heart attack by a Covid-vaccinated young person should be thoroughly investigated by autopsy for spike protein causes

Image: NATIONWIDE CALL for VACCINE AUTOPSIES: Every “unexpected” heart attack by a Covid-vaccinated young person should be thoroughly investigated by autopsy for spike protein causes

(Natural News) One surefire way to prove the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) clot shots are responsible for millions of suspected “unexplainable” sudden deaths, especially among healthy and young people, would be to conduct autopsies on all of them, compile the data, and publish the results. Coroners and embalmers across the globe are testifying that spike proteins are visible in vital organs of the bodies they examine, including the heart and brain. Contrary to what all the talking heads and so-called pandemic “experts” said about the COVID vaccines, that they remain at the site of injection, the spike proteins travel throughout the vascular system, clog it up, and can cause heart failure, strokes, and vital organ complications. This is why there are so many “unexplained” deaths of healthy, young people, including athletes and military members. This must be investigated thoroughly and the results must be protected from the censorship of the vaccine industrial complex and Big Pharma.

Spike proteins in the brain and vascular system of COVID jabbed victims now showing up in autopsies as MAIN CAUSE of strokes and heart attacks

America is the land of free speech and free press. Though mass media, social media, and tech giants are suppressing these as much as possible, it is still legal to make podcasts and publish articles and blogs about the truth of the deadly clot shots. Now is the time for every American who has lost a loved one to “sudden adult death syndrome,” an unexpected heart attack, or stroke, to step up and demand an autopsy to search for spike proteins as the main cause.


Understand that NO medical doctor in this country will blame the COVID clot shots for a death, for fear they will lose their medical license (the AMA, FDA, and CDC are all in on the scam to cover up vaccine damage and vaccine-induced deaths). This sudden death of healthy people is not an unexplainable phenomenon, and it will only get much worse as more and more people are getting booster shots for the lab-made Wuhan virus. Get ready for a tsunami of “unexplainable” sudden deaths that can be easily explained by coroners and embalmers who witness firsthand these horrible vascular clots from spike proteins that clog the blood, the brain, and other vital organs.

Solvable crimes: More “unexpected” deaths from heart attacks and strokes post-COVID vaccine need autopsies to check for spike protein clogs in heart and brain

Imagine if millions of people were being murdered around the globe, and blood from the murderers was left at the scenes of the crimes, but no detectives were gathering any evidence or DNA samples at all, and it was all chalked up as “unsolvable crimes.” Vaccine violence is happening, and it’s happening at exponential rates now, thanks to the toxic spike protein injections. mRNA is designed to instruct the cells to continue producing these vascular-clotting prions indefinitely, so who is to say how many millions, if not billions, of deaths they will cause sooner than later?

This is mass genocide by vaccine violence. This must be investigated. We have the technology to find out the causes of all these unexpected, “unexplainable” sudden deaths of millions of people right after they get the Covid jabs. The elephant in the room is so obvious, but the injected masses are suffering from vax-brain and can’t see the forest for the trees. Let’s help them all see it by demanding autopsies and publishing data to expose the truth about this Vaccine Holocaust.

Bookmark Vaccines.news to your favorite independent websites for updates on the Vaccine Holocaust that’s sweeping the nation and the world as you read this.

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Dr. John Diamond: Americans being deceived by Leftist-controlled “opposition groups” – Brighteon.TV

Image: Dr. John Diamond: Americans being deceived by Leftist-controlled “opposition groups” – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Theologian Dr. John Diamond observed that there are “opposition groups” controlled by the Left busy deceiving the American people, adding that a mass deception has been going on in America for the last couple of years.

He shared this observation to Brighteon.TV viewers through the March 13 episode of his program “America Unhinged,” where he had Clay Parker as a guest. As a military veteran trained during the Cold War, Diamond understands insurrections, false flags and controlled opposition. One perfect example he cited that combines all three is the Jan. 6, 2021 false flag riot at the Capitol, which the program host blasted as another deception played anew on the American people.

According to Diamond, the “real” Jan. 6 event was peaceful and that Antifa pretended to be Trump supporters. This set the stage for the “false flag insurrection”  and served as justification for putting innocent Americans in jail. He pointed out that truckloads of Antifa headed to Washington, D.C. and blended with individuals expressing their First Amendment rights. (Related: Tucker: Jan. 6 “insurrection” organizers were FBI assets.)

Parker, who was in Washington D.C. at the time of the riot, concurred with Diamond. He cited that buses loaded with people were being escorted into the Capitol Building by police. Parker brought up the possibility that these people were Antifa dressed as Trump supporters.

Fox News the ultimate example of controlled opposition

Parker said that the Jan. 6 gathering was generally peaceful – until the fake Trump supporters showed up. He also argued that Pastor Bill Dunfee, one of the J6 defendants, should not be charged with civil disorder since he had requested the police to allow the people to gather peacefully at the steps of the Capitol.


The “America Unhinged” host said the mainstream media (MSM) showed Americans the most violent and most extreme actions committed by Antifa in disguise. He added that the left controls the media, and this means they control the narrative as well.

Moreover, Diamond also argued that the Jan. 6 surveillance footage from the Capitol belong to the American people based on the Freedom of Information Act – thus, the government has to release them. But instead, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) permitted Tucker Carlson of Fox News to have full access to the videos.

According to the theologian, people who believe Carlson is their friend are being deceived. This is because the J6 footage being given to Carlson ensures that the narrative is still being controlled and Americans can continue tuning in to Fox News. Diamond ultimately blasted the host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” as a phony, just like everyone else in the MSM.

“So now that everything’s getting ready to be released, they’ve got to get out in front of it. They got to control the narrative,” he explained. Ultimately, Diamond warned that the the American people don’t understand that Fox News is part of the controlled opposition.

“There’s a whole lot of controlled opposition out there. And I don’t think people realize how deep this is. This is information warfare. And we understand as Christians that the spiritual war we’re involved in is over our mind.”

“The battleground is the mind over what you think and feel and believe. And if they can control what you think, feel and believe then they can control you.”

Watch the March 13 episode of “America Unhinged” below. “America Unhinged” with Dr. John Diamond airs every weekday at 9-10 a.m., every Saturday at 8-9 am. .and every Sunday at 9-10 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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New revelations show the “alt right” was created by the radical Left as “controlled opposition”.

Why are they afraid? Is the release of suppressed J6 footage really a “threat to our democracy”?

Trump demands immediate release of all Jan. 6 prisoners after Tucker Carlson reveals shocking security video footage.

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