‘He Betrayed Us’: Why Trump’s Call To Protest Is Flopping

MSN | March 21, 2023

Donald Trump’s calls for supporters to protest his possible indictment by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg led officials to tighten security in New York and Washington and raised fears of potential violence. But Trump’s exhortations were largely met with reluctance from both prominent supporters and the far-right online acolytes who responded to his rallying cry on Jan. 6, 2021.

A demonstration on Monday organized by the New York Young Republican Club outside the Manhattan court where Trump would be arraigned if indicted drew barely 50 people. Only a handful of supporters showed up outside his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida, according to local reports.

Distrustful that protests might be “traps” set by federal law enforcement and without a fixed date or event to rally around, the vast majority of pro-Trump online groups seemed to waver between apathy and confusion, showing very little appetite for organized action. “He’s not infallible and protest is very vague,” one person wrote in a popular MAGA Telegram group. “And what exactly does “Protest, Protest!!!” mean?” another person asked in a different group. “I’m not trying to be a jerk but you’d think he could give slightly more explicit instructions if he really wanted the tens of millions of people who support him to do something effective.”


CDC warns cases of dangerous fungus rising quickly in U.S.

CBS News |March 21, 2023

The Centers for Disease Control is sounding an alarm about the rise of cases of the drug-resistant fungus Candida auris in healthcare facilities across the country.

Cases of the fungus first appeared in the United States in 2016 but have begun to accelerate in recent years, doubling in 2021, according to CDC data published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Experts say the fungus is not a threat to healthy people who can carry the yeast on their skin and not even realize it. The yeast can spread by skin to skin and skin to surface contact in hospitals and nursing homes, threatening the very ill.

“It’s the person with advanced age, someone in a nursing home, someone with advanced diabetes or cancer or undergoing chemotherapy treatments, somethings weak in their immune system. That person may notice a variety of infections,” said Dr. Michael Mansour, an infectious disease specialist focusing on fungal pathogens at Massachusetts General Hospital.


Top 12 most inflammatory foods, medicines and ingredients you should AVOID at all costs

Image: Top 12 most inflammatory foods, medicines and ingredients you should AVOID at all costs

(Natural News) Inflammation is the root cause of nearly every disease and disorder we know today. Most of these chronic issues are preventable, treatable, and curable with natural remedies, but most Americans have NO CLUE, thanks to the modern medical industrial complex, Big Pharma, Big Media, Google, social media, and mass censorship of this valuable information.

Chronic inflammation is slow, long-term inflammation that lasts for months or years. The effects vary and can cause permanent injury plus affect the body’s ability to repair itself. Rheumatoid arthritis is a perfect example of chronic inflammation. It’s an autoimmune disorder that attacks the joints, causing pain and damage.

Obvious symptoms of chronic inflammation include redness, swelling, heat, pain, and loss of function. Long term effects can also include DNA damage and cancer. Most folks who are considered obese suffer from chronic inflammation (CI) daily. Other diseases associated with CI include cardiovascular disease, inflammatory bowel disease, asthma, and mental illnesses (depression).

Over 50% of all deaths worldwide are attributed to chronic inflammatory diseases

Got cancer, cardiovascular disease, dementia, diabetes, or likelihood of a stroke? Odds are you’re suffering from chronic inflammation, which can be reduced in a number of ways that don’t even cost much money. Are you a big “drinker” (alcohol) who also consumes lots of sweets? Maybe you eat lots of bread, drink from the tap, and take prescription medications daily, having no idea these are some of the biggest contributors to CI on the menu.


Problems sleeping? That’s also attributable to CI. Do your ears ring constantly, like you just got back from front row seats at a rock concert? Are you always tired? Got acid reflux? What about your moods – do they jump around, up and down, with depression and anxiety mixed in? It’s probably a byproduct of CI. What to do about it?

Most inflammatory foods, medicines, and ingredients you should avoid at all costs:

#1. Refined sugar (white) and HFCS

#2. Refined seed and vegetable oils, including canola oil

#3. Gluten

#4. GMO corn and soy

#5. Fluoridated (tap) water (causes cancer, brittle bones, and lower IQ)

#6. MSG (monosodium glutamate)

#7. Aspartame

#8. Flu shots (multi-dose contain high doses of mercury)

#9. Covid-19 mRNA jabs

#10. Excess alcohol

#11. Partially hydrogenated oils

#12. Homogenized milk fats — hormones increase cancer risk, bacteria weakens the immune system, missing enzymes cause digestion challenges, antibiotics create pathogen development and cause allergies in sensitive consumers, often contain additives and preservatives that drive inflammation, conventional cows eat GMO feed, and there is heavy use of pesticides on factory farms.

Consider vitamins and supplements that help reduce CI and reduce daily inflammation in general. Consider taking vitamin C, D, and zinc. Omega 3 fatty acids are important too, from fish oil, hemp oil, or MCT oil. Turmeric and garlic also have phenomenal anti-inflammatory effects. Also, be sure to exercise daily, if even for just 15 minutes. Get that heart rate up and burn those calories.

Eliminating inflammation is a daily battle, but it’s not that hard to win, once you know the main culprits and what to eliminate from your daily intake. Also remember that your skin and lungs are organs, so watch out for chemicals in personal care products, household cleaning products, cosmetics, candles, and air fresheners. This can also be major contributors to CI, especially if used regularly.

Tune your food news frequency to FoodSupply.news and get updates on more toxic foods that cause chronic inflammation and drive nearly all diseases and disorders that you can prevent by avoiding them with clean food and filtered water.

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Everything Home: Michele Swinick renews call for probe on AZ corruption, election fraud – Brighteon.TV

Image: Everything Home: Michele Swinick renews call for probe on AZ corruption, election fraud – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Michele Swinick reiterated the call for an investigation into allegations of corruption and election fraud in the state of Arizona during the March 10 episode of “Everything Home” on Brighteon.TV. Several guests also joined her on the program.

She pointed out during the program that an an administrative insurrection has stolen the sacred right of Arizonans to choose their representative through an election and nobody in the Arizona government leadership appears to care about it.

Swinick also mentioned that Arizona has been recently exposed as a huge crime scene and a cesspool of corruption that is completely run by the Sinaloa Cartel. According to Swinick, people connected to the cartel – not the governor and lawmakers in Phoenix – run the Grand Canyon State. (Related Story: Right Now with Ann Vandersteel: Michele Swinick calls for probe of AZ corruption – Brighteon.TV.)

The “Everything Home” host said Arizonans have been demanding the investigation since Feb. 23 and legislative district state leaders have issued statements that led to the county board unanimously approving a resolution calling for a probe. However, state legislators and the Arizona Republican Party have been silent and are trying to ignore the facts that are right in front of them.

Swinick also denounced Arizona State Sen. Wendy Rogers for refusing to conduct an investigation even though she has the plenary and subpoena powers to do so.

“The worst part about it is that your legislators and literally the whole state of Arizona doesn’t want to go ahead and investigate,” she said. “So we are demanding that the Arizona State Legislature do their job and begin an investigation because it’s coming out – more so that there is even more information. It’s worse than what we thought and there’s more stuff coming out. So, we need to get that investigation done.”


Calls for investigation in Arizona growing

Swinick then turned to her guests, asking their take on the recent meeting in Maricopa County that had all its members unanimously passing a resolution calling for a state-level probe.

Michelle Rugloski, president of the Arizona Election Integrity Alliance, said they filed an election challenge last Dec. 6, 2022. The said challenge sought to have the entire board for Legislative District 3 removed and allow a new election for new board members. It also had the backing of the Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC).

According to Rugloski, election violations such as a proxy casting another person’s ballot that happened on Dec. 1 prompted them to call for e a new election.

Brian Ference, a Maricopa County member-at-large, meanwhile told Swinick that the MCRC executive government committee had passed a motion related to the issue. The said motion called on the Arizona State Legislature and the state attorney general to investigate allegations brought up by Jacqueline Breger during the Feb. 23 joint hearing of the State Senate and State House.

He added that the resolution calling for an investigation on Breger’s claims did not come with a press release. Nevertheless, he expressed hope that it would garner more attention. Moreover, Ference mentioned that many social media users had been calling on Rogers to investigate.

Follow Corruption.news for more news about corruption allegations in Arizona.

Watch the March 10 episode of “Everything Home” below.  “Everything Home” with Michele Swinick airs every Friday at 7-8 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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Health Ranger Report: Gregory Mannarino dubs central banks the PUPPET MASTERS controlling the entire financial system

Image: Health Ranger Report: Gregory Mannarino dubs central banks the PUPPET MASTERS controlling the entire financial system

(Natural News) Capital markets trader Gregory Mannarino likened central banks to puppet masters pulling the strings and calling the shots during his appearance on the “Health Ranger Report.”

Dubbed the “Robin Hood of Wall Street,” Mannarino gained a reputation for his ability to predict future happenings in the markets. However, his recent warnings centered on the upcoming financial meltdown. People are being led to believe that raising interest rates can mitigate inflation, Mannarino said.

“I hate the central banks. These organizations are Public Enemy No. 1, [and] their goal is to consolidate power around the world,” he told Health Ranger Mike Adams. “They are going out of their way to deliberately destroy the global economy by crushing the consumers, lying to the people and saying ‘We’re [going to] raise rates and that’s going to control inflation.’”

Mannarino also warned of a meltdown that could happen soon. “Wait for what’s coming down the pike. Just be ready for anything,” he advised.

Adams then brought up the recent panic caused by Credit Suisse shares plunging by 30 percent. The Switzerland-based bank has temporarily regained its footing through a $54 billion loan lifeline extended by the Swiss National Bank. He then asked his guest about the repercussions of this on the U.S. Treasury. (Related: Credit Suisse shares surge after record decline – thanks to Swiss central bank’s $54B loan offer.)

In response, Mannarino revealed that the entire banking system is interconnected like a gigantic web – and the whole system isn’t actually real.


“They just … renamed it and made it look a little prettier, but the risk is all still there. Ninety-nine percent of this is all derivatives and literally just side bets in cyberspace that have no bearing on reality. Big banks are basically running on the smaller banks, pulling their cash out and depositing it into the mega banks, which are just in the same boat. They just got more cash here and more than likely this is going to consolidate too.”

“Mark my words, we are going to see several major banks go down or get absorbed in some kind of fashion,” stressed Mannarino, adding that most of these will be absorbed by three megabanks funded by the Federal Reserve.

Mannarino: Invest in precious metals NOW

Adams concurred with his guest, remarking that money should be moved from banks to investments such as precious metals. He added that many are now aware of the looming economic riot, given the increased purchases of gold and silver.

Mannarino was not surprised by this development, telling the Natural News and Brighteon.com founder: “As the current system comes apart, people are [going to] look for alternative places to put their cash. Right now there’s an enormous effort to keep the debt market liquefied and it’s already completely illiquid and extremely unstable.”

“Silver is my favorite of all time – [also] gold, platinum and palladium. And I also believe it’s going to make its way to some cryptocurrencies.”

Mannarino remarked that people need to have minimal exposure to cash, and central banks play the villain role by sucking consumers’ purchasing power.

“That is why we’re getting all this inflation around the world. And I think this is going to become magnified much greater again with all these liquidity injections because the Fed never wanted to stop inflation. They’re going to continue to find reasons to pull cash, re-liquefy an illiquid system, fund wars and everything else you can dream about.”

Visit Collapse.news for more stories about the impending economic collapse.

Listen to the full conversation between Mike Adams and Gregory Mannarino on the “Health Ranger Report” below.

This video is from the Health Ranger Report channel on Brighteon.com.

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Researchers discover how certain elements and electric fields are remarkably effective against COVID-19

Image: Researchers discover how certain elements and electric fields are remarkably effective against COVID-19

(Natural News) Researchers have discovered the power of electric fields and certain elements – including silicon, gold and copper – against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

Two scientists from Curtin University in Western Australia found that the aforementioned elements, alongside electric fields, can be used to destroy SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins. The study authors, Essam Dief and Nadim Darwish, noted their discoveries in a February 2023 paper published in Chemical Science.

“Coronaviruses have spike proteins on their periphery that allow them to penetrate host cells and cause infection,” study lead and corresponding author Darwish said in a media statement. “We have found [that] these proteins become stuck to the surface of silicon, gold and copper through a reaction that forms a strong chemical bond.”

The two researchers dissolved SARS-CoV-2 S1 spike proteins in water and applied this solution to silicon wafers and sheets of gold, platinum, copper and stainless steel. They then closely scrutinized the material using atomic force microscopy (AFM) imaging.

Dief and Darwish noted in the study that “the S1 spike protein remains connected to some surfaces, particularly [silicon] and [gold], despite significant washing. Similar reactions were observed in platinum and copper, while stainless steel “showed no covalent bonding” with the spike protein.

“The capability of [silicon, platinum, gold and copper] to react with the spike protein can potentially be used to develop anti-coronavirus surfaces that are capable of irreversibly trapping the virus via strong covalent bonds. This covalent bonding potentially explains why SARS-CoV-2 survives a limited amount of time on copper, compared to its viability on stainless steel and plastics.”


Darwish cited potential uses of these elements against COVID-19: “We believe these materials can be used to capture coronaviruses by being used in air filters; as a coating for benches, tables and walls or [incorporated into] the fabric of wipe cloths and face masks.” (Related: Metals like copper and gold can help end the COVID-19 pandemic, say researchers.)

Spike proteins also attracted to electrical pulses

The February 2023 paper also expounded on the use of electrical pulses to detect and destroy SARS-CoV-2 by attracting the spike proteins on the virus’ surface.

“It has been recently shown via atomistic simulations that electric fields of moderate strengths … can dramatically change the conformation of the SARS-CoV-2 S1 protein,” the two study authors wrote.

“Electric fields have been theorized and experimentally demonstrated to have a profound effect on the chemical structure and reactivity [of molecules], and this study indicates that similar effects need to be considered for SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins.”

Study co-author Essam Dief remarked: “We discovered that electric current can pass through the spike protein and because of this, the protein can be electrically detected.”

According to him, this finding can be translated into a potential way of detecting COVID-19 infection by applying a solution to a mouth or nose swab and testing it in a tiny electronic device able to electrically detect viral proteins. Dief added that this could provide instant, more sensitive and accurate COVID-19 testing.

Given this finding, Dief and Darwish noted that the spike protein’s structure changes when electrical pulses are applied. The spike protein is destroyed at a certain magnitude of the electric pulses, they added. This opened up the possibility of electric fields being able to deactivate and ultimately destroy the pathogen responsible for COVID-19.

“Changes detected in the conductance of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein demonstrated here can be potentially used for characterizing, detecting, and potentially denaturing and deactivating coronaviruses. For example, such electric fields can be incorporated in air filtering systems with magnitudes below what causes ionization of air,” the two concluded.

Dief commented: “By incorporating materials such as copper or silicon in air filters, we can potentially capture and consequently stop the spread of the virus. Also importantly, by incorporating electric fields through air filters, for example, we also expect this to deactivate the virus.”

Watch Morley Robbins explain the importance of including copper in one’s daily diet to InfoWars‘ Kate Dalley below.

This video is from the InfoWars channel on Brighteon.com.

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