What is the State Dept. Hiding from the Senate?

Secretary of State Antony Blinken just testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, during which he was confronted by minority committee member Rand Paul. As Senator Paul states, leaked State Department cables sent years prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic expressed alarm about lax security in Chinese Biosecurity Labs. As it turns out, the State Department was (yet another federal agency!) involved in coronavirus research projects, components of which were conducted in China.

As Senator Paul emphasizes, the grant proposals and papers he has repeatedly requested are NOT classified. The trouble is not the legality of divulging them to the Senate, but the State Department’s refusal to divulge them.

Senator Paul’s questioning of Blinken caught my eye because it reminded me of something that Senator Ron Johnson told us when we visited him at his office last summer—namely, that various federal agencies simply refuse to fulfill his requests for information. It wasn’t the time and place for me to query him about this, but I was astounded by his statement that executive branch appointees and bureaucrats apparently feel no obligation to respond to requests from an elected representative of the People.

Has the Legislative Branch (provided for in Article I. of the U.S. Constitution) become generally weaker than the Executive Branch, or does this lack of power only afflict minority members?

Madison warned about the danger of an “overgrown executive,” but I don’t recall what exactly he proposed as a remedy to this problem that has recurred throughout history. I wonder if there are any Constitutional scholars among our readership who could shed light on this.

Back to Blinken’s testimony: Why does the State Department feel compelled to conceal its coronavirus research documentation from the Senate? Antony Blinken’s dodgy answers to Senator Paul’s questions are reminiscent of Anthony Fauci’s dodgy answers to the Senator’s questions.

Until recently, I would have suggested that the matter be referred to the Department of Justice for a criminal investigation, but that increasingly strikes me as the historical equivalent of the Roman Senate asking the Emperor Nero’s prefect of the Praetorian Guard to investigate suspicions of corruption in the imperial household.

Click on the image below to watch the interview.

China has put hundreds of satellites in orbit to target U.S., as Space Force commander reveals Beijing's horrific plan for America

Image: China has put hundreds of satellites in orbit to target U.S., as Space Force commander reveals Beijing’s horrific plan for America

(Natural News) The head of the U.S. Space Force, Gen. Chance Saltzman, says that China has launched numerous satellites in the past six months and currently possesses 347 orbiting crafts capable of gathering intelligence on American armed forces.

The general warned that China is the “most immediate threat” to U.S. operations in space given its development of technologies such as lasers to disrupt satellite sensors, electronic warfare jammers, and even building crafts that can potentially disrupt rival orbiting platforms.

Saltzman stated that China’s ultimate goal is to become the most dominant space-faring nation by 2045, a part of its plan for a fully modernized, world-class military, the UK’s Daily Mail noted.

“Over the last six months, China conducted 35 launches adding advanced communications and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) satellites to their orbital architecture,” he noted in a written statement to the Senate Armed Service Subcommittee on Strategic Forces earlier this week. “Of China’s over 700 operational satellites in orbit, 347 are People’s Liberation Army ISR platforms providing optical, radar, and radio-frequency capabilities which track the Joint Force worldwide.”

Senior U.S. commanders have issued repeated warnings that China’s advancements in space technology, such as the development of reusable rockets, pose a threat to U.S. dominance in space. Chinese officials have even compared the moon and Mars to the disputed islands in the South China Sea that Beijing is trying to assert its sovereignty over, the report said.


“Both China and Russia continue to develop, field and deploy a range of weapons aimed at U.S. space capabilities,” Saltzman told the Senate panel. “The spectrum of threats to U.S. space capabilities includes cyber warfare activities, electronic attack platforms, directed energy lasers designed to blind or damage satellite sensors, ground-to-orbit missiles to destroy satellites and space-to-space orbital engagement systems that can attack U.S. satellites in space.”

He added that both Russia and China have studied how the U.S. has become reliant on its satellites to conduct warfare.

“Whether it’s our precision navigation and timing, whether it’s satellite communications, the missile warning that we rely on and the intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance persistence that we have with space capabilities… they know we rely on that and so if they can blind us, if they can interfere with those capabilities, or God forbid, destroy them completely, they know that that will diminish our advantages and put the joint force at risk,” said the four-star Space Force commander.

“So I can see interfering with, I can see blinding, I can see some of those grey area kinds of attacks on our capabilities to try and put us behind the eight ball,” he noted further.

China’s rapid economic growth in recent years has allowed them to invest heavily in its space program, leading to significant advancements in its space military capabilities. As China races to the final frontier, its space program has become a point of interest for military analysts and governments around the world.

With the launch of Beijing’s first space station and the successful landing of a rover on the far side of the moon, China has demonstrated its ability to compete with other space-faring nations. However, their military activities in space have raised concerns and sparked debates about their intentions and the potential for an arms race in space.

As for the U.S., Saltzman said the Pentagon will be switching from bigger, more vulnerable geostationary satellites to constellations of smaller satellites that will be deployed in low-to-medium earth orbit.

“With regards to grappling satellites and pulling them out of orbit, much tougher to deal with when you have less than maneuverable older legacy satellites,” he told senators. “So again, shifting to a proliferated [low earth orbit] constellation where you don’t have what Gen. Hyten called a ‘big juicy target’ sitting there in a [geostationary orbit] makes that a much tougher proposition for them to execute against.”

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Top 10 health and safety problems people will have to deal with AFTER the banking collapse

Image: Top 10 health and safety problems people will have to deal with AFTER the banking collapse

(Natural News) The dominoes will fall. Have no doubt whatsoever, Silicon Valley, Signature, and Silvergate banks are just the first three banks in a long, long line of banks that will not just need bailing out, but will completely collapse in the coming days, weeks, and months of 2023 and on into 2024. This is a mass bank run, and the whole system is set to collapse. It’s a plan, not a byproduct or pitfall. It’s a total system collapse, and the FDIC $100 billion bailout is just a tiny band aid on a deep, gaping wound that will bleed out its victim – America. Who’s ready for what follows?

Over $10 trillion in total US bank deposits to crater, setting in motion the deepest, darkest depression the nation has ever seen

The Treasury and the Fed are only bailing out their best buddies right now, and feeding the big banks even more money. It’s all just a head fake to save face, while the system further collapses, as planned by the communists in Washington DC. It’s a controlled demolition, and it’s going by the book, slowly but surely. This all ends with the total collapse of the dollar and the default of the entire US banking system. Crypto and cash will all be worthless, so get ready to eat bugs drink dioxin-laced water all day.

After the REAL banking collapse begins to set in, Americans of all classes, creeds and colors will feel the pain. If you live in a metropolitan city, especially one run by Democrats, you will want to get out, and now. There will be riots. There will be panic. There will be empty grocery store shelves everywhere. There most likely will not be power, fuel, or internet. There will not be cash machines or open banks for getting your money out. Credit cards will not work. Crypto will be frozen.


What follows is the top 10 health problems people will have to deal with when the Biden Regime and the CCP accomplishes the total crash of the Republic. These include:

#1. Starvation

#2. Malnutrition

#3. Disappearing prescription drugs

#4. Mass rioting, causing serious injuries, deep wounds, and rotting corpses in the streets

#5. Heat exhaustion in summer from lack of HVAC, and freezing cold winter coming after that with no heat

#6. Total lack of antiseptics

#7. Lack of clean water, leading to waterborne illnesses across the nation

#8. Mass outbreak of cholera

#9. The next wave of lab-concocted, gain-of-function flu will spread

#10. The Covid clot shots will continue to decimate the injected sheeple, as spike proteins clog their vascular systems, and nano-particles collect heavy metals in the body until a few billion people simply collapse from heart failure, strokes, and major organ failure.

First comes the bank run (collapse). Then the food run. Then the fuel run. Then the electronics run. Then the medicine run. Then the clean water run. Every US major city will look like “Escape from New York.” The corrupt Biden Regime and crazy liberal extremists will set free every prisoner in the country, while the borders are flooded with illegal immigrants from China (mostly military aged men to replace Americans).

The United States will look like one huge maximum security prison, without walls or guards. Police forces will be fired, just like in Iraq. First responders will barely exist. Are you prepared? How much nutrition-loaded food is in your pantry? How much clean water can you preserve? Stock up on guns, ammo, and natural remedies now.

Do your own financial research and don’t use Google. Try the search engine Brave BETA and get more truth news and real information. Bookmark Collapse.news to your favorite websites for banking, financial, and total truth news that’s being censored from the rest of media as you read this.

Here’s a glimpse of what the whole country will look like if all the banks collapse and the Biden Regime succeeds in crashing the Republic. Watch this:

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Right Now with Ann Vandersteel: News investigator Gary McBride shares truth about J6 – Brighteon.TV

Image: Right Now with Ann Vandersteel: News investigator Gary McBride shares truth about J6 – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Gary McBride of M5 News shared the truth he found about the January 6 (J6) “insurrection” during the March 14 episode of “Right Now with Ann Vandersteel” on Brighteon.TV.

Vandersteel noted that the freelance news investigator was not in Washington D.C. on Jan. 6, but got engaged after seeing video footage of a Capitol police officer, which didn’t sit right with him. McBride is now bringing a piece of vital information and a lot of footage on the Jan. 6 incident that others haven’t actually seen. (Related: Jeffrey Prather says Deep State’s January 6 narrative is collapsing – Brighteon.TV.)

One important video footage involved Jan. 6 riot instigator Ray Epps, who urged people to follow him and make their way into the Capitol building. Vandersteel, co-chair of the Zelenko Freedom Foundation, pointed out that Epps has disappeared and has not been prosecuted for his involvement in the incident.

McBride shared that he has examined a J6 video for 28 days straight. “And as I did that, I found more and more stuff that just didn’t add up. And then it led me to believe this is a propaganda video. It did what its job was intended for back then because we saw it for maybe a month, maybe two months, but I doubt it. And then it just disappeared. So, we know how they operate,” McBride explained.

He noted that a story is being put out when something happens and then people are not hearing anything about it later.

According to McBride, national security expert Ivan Raiklin had invited him to do a deep dive into what they knew before and during the Jan. 6 incident.


McBride revealed that the people behind J6 want to pass a domestic terrorist law, which means the American people can’t protest. It will take away their First Amendment right.

“We can’t allow that plain and simple. We can’t allow them to pass a domestic terrorist law when there are no domestic terrorists,” McBride said.

J6 is a big event needed to pass domestic terrorist law

The freelance news investigator pointed out that a big event like the J6 was what they need to convince the American people to have a domestic terrorist law to be passed.

Vandersteel mentioned the September 11 attacks paved the way for the passage of the Patriot Act, which eventually led to all of the American people’s privacy being completely obliterated along with the Fourth Amendment.

She stated that the government wants to create domestic terror labels in order to silence Americans so that they won’t speak up.

McBride said fear is being instilled in the American people,  especially with Antifa and Black Live Matters still going around and doing what they are told to do. He pointed out that this fear being spread has to stop and Americans have to stand up against it.

The M5 News video journalist stressed that Americans must not lose their freedom of speech and they must be able to stand up and protest.

Learn the truth about J6 at Rioting.news.

Watch the March 14 episode of “Right Now with Ann Vandersteel” below. “Right Now with Ann Vandersteel” airs on weekdays at 8 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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Twitter manipulation of January 6 “insurrection” narrative EXPOSED through “J6 Deleted” internet sting operation.

Capitol surveillance video shows ‘QAnon Shaman’ being escorted through building by police, not ‘leading an insurrection.’

Why are they afraid? Is the release of suppressed J6 footage really a “threat to our democracy”?

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COVID Made McDonald’s a Public Health Savior

  • The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) enlisted McDonald’s to promote its COVID-19 public health education campaign

  • McDonald’s produces and promotes some of the unhealthiest ultraprocessed food on the planet — food that likely played a role in making COVID-19 outcomes worse

  • The joint initiative debuted May 2021 and included use of a McDonald’s billboard in Times Square to promote COVID-19 shots, and HHS promotional material on its hot McCafé cups and McDelivery seal stickers

  • The packaging including imaging and text promoting HHS’ We Can Do This initiative, which is intended to “increase confidence in COVID-19 vaccines and reinforce basic prevention measures”

  • By naming McDonald’s and other junk food giants as partners in the fight against a pandemic, health officials further normalized the consumption of foods that lead to chronic disease and premature death

Visit Mercola Market


McDonald’s and “public health” don’t even belong in the same sentence, but this didn’t stop the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) from enlisting the fast food giant to promote its COVID-19 public health education campaign.

HHS, whose stated goal is to “enhance the health and well-being of all Americans,”

partnered not with a health food company, fitness outlet or even a hospital or medical facility but, rather, McDonald’s, which produces and promotes some of the unhealthiest ultraprocessed food on the planet — food that likely played a role in making COVID-19 outcomes worse.

Nonetheless, it was positioned as a tool for public health and used as part of the widespread propaganda to get more people injected with COVID-19 shots.

In 2021, the Biden Administration called for COVID “misinformants,” including yours truly, to be removed from all social media platforms, censoring the ability to provide useful and truthful COVID-19 information. The irony of the Biden Administration then partnering, that same year, with McDonald’s to “provide trusted, independent information on COVID-19 vaccines”

is palpable.

The joint initiative debuted May 2021 and included use of a McDonald’s billboard in Times Square to promote COVID-19 shots. That July, McDonald’s added promotional material leading customers to vaccines.gov to its hot McCafé cups and McDelivery seal stickers.

The packaging including imaging and text promoting HHS’ We Can Do This initiative, which is intended to “increase confidence in COVID-19 vaccines and reinforce basic prevention measures.”

Included prominently on its We Can Do This webpage are recommendations on COVID-19 shots for young children and tools to address “vaccine misconceptions,” including premade graphics to share on social media and a community toolkit to shutdown “misinformation.”

In a press release, McDonald’s proudly promoted its new role as a public health educator:

“The initiative will begin … with the debut of COVID-19 vaccine information from trusted third parties on McDonald’s billboard in Times Square. Starting in July, McDonald’s hot McCafé® cups and McDelivery® seal stickers will lead customers to vaccines.gov, where they can learn more about how they can protect themselves and the people they love from COVID-19, as well as where to find vaccine appointments near them.

The new packaging and ads feature art from the national We Can Do This campaign, setting the campaign’s slogan against a map of the United States. McDonald’s is committed to making helpful information accessible to our customers, who are encouraged to share the campaign using #WeCanDoThis to inspire others to learn more about what they can do to help end the pandemic.”

Does getting a medical procedure at a fast-food restaurant seem strange to you? It didn’t bother the California Department of Health, which also teamed up with McDonald’s to offer pop-up COVID-19 shot clinics at more than 70 locations in the state. “People who receive a vaccine at McDonald’s will also get a coupon for one free menu item as a thank you for doing their part,” CBS News reported.

It’s unclear how many people were lured in with the promise of free French fries, but when San Bernardino County’s mobile vaccine unit parked its truck outside a McDonald’s, it only had 22 takers in a four-hour span.

“Even at a fast-food restaurant, pop-up clinics see slow traffic,” California Healthline reported in July 2021. The “people who got vaccinated that day — in addition to the scores of others who drove by or waited in the McDonald’s drive-thru line without seeking a shot — offer a snapshot of California’s stalling vaccination effort.”

At the time, California had funded 155 shot clinics at more than 80 McDonald’s restaurants — a questionable use of taxpayer dollars. As noted by California Healthline:

“The pop-ups require significant resources and are showing diminishing returns. About 2,500 doses have been administered at the McDonald’s clinics so far — an average of 16 shots per event. The California Department of Public Health declined to say how much these events cost, saying it varies.”

It’s not only McDonald’s that became an icon for public health during the pandemic. Doughnut maker Krispy Kreme also announced March, 22 2021, that anyone who received at least one Moderna, Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 shot could get a free doughnut at any U.S. store.

Anyone who showed a COVID-19 vaccination card was eligible for the promotion and could get one free doughnut daily through the remainder of 2021.

Washington state took a different approach, with its Liquor and Cannabis Board offering a “Joints for Jabs” program. It ran COVID-19 shot clinics at state-licensed dispensaries and gave individuals who received a shot a pre-rolled joint for taking part.

The state also offered other incentives for residents to get injected, including free sports tickets and entries into a $1 million lottery.

Arizona and Washington, D.C., also gave out free joints and marijuana edibles to individuals who showed proof of getting a COVID-19 shot.

This type of glamorization of fast food and other perks to promote COVID-19 shots isn’t unique to the U.S., either.

At one point during the pandemic, Royal Free Hospital, which is part of the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, tweeted the following along with a photo showing dozens of doughnut boxes:

“You guys at @krispykremeUK Enfield sure know how to put a smile on our staff’s faces!1,500 doughnuts delivered to our staff at Barnet Hospital-#glazeamaze.”

“I’ve got nothing against people having a treat,” cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra said. “But hospitals shouldn’t be promoting … and essentially advertising, the fact that we are giving 1,000 free Krispy Kreme doughnuts to nurses in the middle of the pandemic. I don’t think that was very productive considering what we know about the influence on COVID.”

That hospitals were promoting junk food and junk food companies instead of healthy food is reminiscent of Big Tobacco’s tactics, which not only suppressed the harmful effects of cigarettes but also recruited doctors to promote them, using slogans such as, “More Doctors Smoke Camels Than Any Other Cigarette.”

“We see the same tactics repeating themselves,” Malhotra continued. “What Krispy Kreme is doing is using the NHS as a branding opportunity for what are essentially addictive, toxic foods that should just be treats but not part of the regular diet.”

The junk food industry has succeeded in making ultraprocessed foods a mainstay of modern-day life, and in so doing created an epidemic of chronic diseases and obesity that raised mortality rates from COVID-19.

So naming them as “partners” in the fight against COVID-19 is not only insulting but misleading.

In one study, more than 99% of fatalities from COVID-19 occurred among people who had underlying medical conditions.

Among the fatalities, 76.1% had high blood pressure, 35.5% had diabetes and 33% had heart disease.

Another study revealed that among 18- to 49-year-olds hospitalized due to COVID-19, obesity was the most prevalent underlying condition.

Chronic conditions like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity have a lot in common, including the fact that they’re often fueled by poor diet.

Ultraprocessed foods, junk foods and soft drinks are key culprits in the rise of such chronic diseases, and therefore had a key role to play in COVID-19 deaths. Yet, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, multinational food corporations became “partners” with health officials in charge of public policy.

By naming McDonald’s and Krispy Kreme as partners in the fight against a pandemic, health officials further normalized the consumption of foods that lead to chronic disease and premature death. It’s almost as if they want you to get sick and unhealthy.

Researchers with the University of São Paulo in Brazil found that about 57,000 premature deaths in the country were due to the consumption of ultraprocessed foods, which amounted to 10.5% of all-cause premature deaths,

among adults aged 30 to 69. In Brazilian adults, ultraprocessed foods make up 13% to 21% of total energy intake.

But among Americans, ultraprocessed foods make up about 57% of daily calories, on average, leading the researchers to suggest premature deaths linked to the foods are likely even greater in the U.S.

In Brazil, meanwhile, the study found that if the contribution of ultraprocessed foods to total caloric intake was reduced by 10% to 50%, anywhere from 5,900 to 29,300 deaths could be prevented, annually.

Further, the researchers estimated that if ultraprocessed foods made up less than 23% of adults’ daily calories, about 20,000 premature deaths could be prevented each year.

Meanwhile, we have HHS in the U.S. using McDonald’s to promote its public health propaganda.

In case you needed more reason to avoid ultraprocessed foods, even if HHS suggests otherwise, researchers from Imperial College London’s School of Public Health found these cheap convenience foods are linked to an increased risk of developing and dying from cancer.

Overall, consuming more ultraprocessed foods was linked with a greater risk of developing any cancer, as well as ovarian and brain cancers specifically.

In another study, men who consumed the most ultraprocessed foods had a 29% higher risk of developing colorectal cancer than those who consumed the least.

The health risks of ultraprocessed foods are so concerning that Kiara Chang of Imperial College London’s School of Public Health called for “clear front of pack” warning labels to be added to their packaging so consumers can make informed dietary decisions

— but that would require taking up valuable advertising space from HHS.

While HHS clearly sold out to McDonald’s, you can avoid making the same mistake with your health. Ultraprocessed foods have no place in a healthy diet — and certainly no place in any public health campaign. One of the primary toxic ingredients in fast foods is the omega-6 fatty acid linoleic acid (LA),

which is found in the seed oils common in most of these products.

As Americans consumed greater amounts of seed oils high in LA, there was an increase in the concentration of LA in subcutaneous fat tissue, which correlates with an increase in the prevalence of asthma, obesity and diabetes.

So, if you’re looking for a place to start improving your health, start with removing seed oils, which means avoiding junk foods, fast foods, eating at most all restaurants, and most packaged items in your grocery store.

By giving up this ultraprocessed junk, you’ll make room in your diet to add healthy whole foods that will help your body heal, stay well and fight off infectious diseases like COVID-19.

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America Unhinged: “First Landing 1607” organizers want to bring America back to God – Brighteon.TV

Image: America Unhinged: “First Landing 1607” organizers want to bring America back to God – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Texas resident Robert Agee and author Donica Hudson are organizing the “First Landing 1607” event, which aims to bring America back to God as was declared in the “Covenant of Dedication” by the Church of England clergyman Rev. Robert Hunt.

Hunt is the chaplain of the expedition that founded Jamestown, Virginia on April 1607.

The organizers of the April 26 event sat down with the theologian and host of Brighteon.TV‘s “America Unhinged” Dr. John Diamond during its March 20 episode and discussed how important it is to rededicate America back to God, especially since the left cult has been indoctrinating the public away from God’s teachings and engaging the nation in history revision.

“It is essentially where America remarries God, because we’ve got marital problems, America has marital problems. We have left our first love and this is not a new concept. In fact, it’s the foundation of the Bible covenant and of this nation,” said Hudson.

Agee, the man behind the “Banners4Freedom” signs, chimed in quoting Hunt: “We do hereby dedicate this Land, and ourselves, to reach the People within these shores with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to raise up Godly generations after us, and with these generations take the Kingdom of God to all the earth.

“May this Covenant of Dedication remain to all generations, as long as this earth remains, and may this Land, along with England, be Evangelist to the World. May all who see this Cross, remember what we have done here, and may those who come here to inhabit join us in this Covenant and in this most noble work that the Holy Scriptures may be fulfilled.


“This nation has been blessed ever since then. This is why we see the attacks, this orchestrated destruction of this nation. The country is destined for big things because it does have a covenant with our Lord. It’s going to be raised against the system that the enemy is creating.”

Diamond, meanwhile, pointed out how the United States has crumbled since the separation of church and state in the early 1960s. According to him, from that point on, the country has gone straight downhill, morally, politically and socially.

“It almost becomes hell on earth. And that’s what the Scripture says, any nation that forgets God will become hell. And that’s kind of what we’re starting to see in America today,” the host added.

Obama once said “America is no longer a Christian nation”

Elsewhere in the show, Hudson stressed how the country leaders play a big role in this. She cited former President Barack Obama’s statement back in 2006 in which he said the U.S. was no longer a Christian nation.

“Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation,” Obama said during his keynote address to a “Call to Renewal” conference that year.

“There has been an assault to move us into a one-world government. These God-given rights of self-government and religious liberty are under siege, as forces of evil seek to destroy our Constitution to plunge America into a one world government,” Hudson said. “In my opinion, this is the greatest threat to our nation right now between now and 2024. If we don’t get our republic back, we’re done.”

In recent elections, Republican politicians have made the themes “America is a Christian nation” and “there is no separation between church and state” critical to their message to voters.

Doug Mastriano, the Republican nominee for governor in Pennsylvania, has argued that America is a Christian nation and that the separation of church and state is a “myth.” Also, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene declared: “We need to be the party of nationalism and I’m a Christian, and I say it proudly, we should be Christian Nationalists.” (Related: The Resistance Chicks: America’s Founding Fathers were Christian nationalists – Brighteon.TV.)

Visit Liberty.news to read more about Christian nationalism in the United States.

Watch the full March 20 episode of “America Unhinged” with Dr. John Diamond, Robert Agee and Donica Hudson below. Catch new episodes of the program every weekday at 9:00 a.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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Sources include: