Federal Prosecutor Admits DC Police Officers Acted as Agent Provocateurs During Jan. 6 Riot

Trending Politics |March 25, 2023

Undercover police officers acting as agent provocateurs incited protesters to riot on January 6. The stunning development was uncovered during J6 defendant William Pope’s trial.

As reported by the Epoch Times’ Joseph Hanneman, a federal prosecutor “admitted in court papers that three D.C. Metropolitan Police Department undercover officers acted as provocateurs at the northwest steps of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.”

The report cites an admission in a March 24 filing before U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras that sought to keep video footage shot by the officers under court seal. (The document now appears to have been removed.)

As noted by the report, “prosecutors accused the case defendant—William Pope of Topeka, Kansas—of an ‘illegitimate’ attempt to unmask the video as part of his alleged strategy to try the case in the news media. Pope filed a motion to remove the court seal on Feb. 21.”


The Tranq-Zombie Drug Horror

The DEA confiscated fentanyl-and-xylazine mixtures from 48 out of 50 states, and in 2022, about 22% of fentanyl powder and 7% of fentanyl pills the DEA seized were laced with xylazine.

Xylazine, also known as “tranq,” and “zombie drug” is a veterinary tranquilizer and central nervous system depressant that can cause slow breathing, amnesia and drowsiness.

Common side effects include hypotension, blurred vision, high blood sugar, impaired judgment, coma, slurred speech, disorientation, drowsiness, pinpoint pupils, sedation, respiratory depression and slow heart rate. Continued use can cause necrosis (the rotting of human skin), which can lead to amputation.

“It puts people in sort of blackout states, people are at really high risk of walking into traffic because they don’t really know what’s going on,” said Matt Johnson, a drug user and harm reduction worker at the Parkdale Queen West Community Health Centre in Toronto. Zombie drug was present in 62.7% of drug sample test in Ontario.

Some people who use drugs say xylazine knocks them out for six to eight hours, raising concerns about the potential for serious injury during this “profound sedation.

“The assumption is that it’s being used as an adulterant, a relatively cheap kind of way to bulk up drugs. “It’s probably quite unlikely that people are actually specifically seeking out xylazine to consume. However when animal tranq is added to fentanyl it lengthens and strengthens it’s effects.

The DEA alert states the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel and Jalisco Cartel’s runs fentanyl supply, which are mainly sourced from China.

Horseman of the Apocalypse: Fentanyl

The distribution chain is fragmented, and regardless of how they enter the country, drugs like fentanyl change hands many times before they hit the street. The tranq is being diverted from stocks used by equine veterinarians and used as a cutting agent.

New drugs are continuously being added to the illegal supply, because under a regime of prohibition, we are always going to see organized crime looking to maximize profit. As fentanyl works down the supply chain it is cut again and again with tranq.

Because xylazine is frequently mixed with opioids, the NIDA states that opioid overdose reversal medication naloxone should be used during a suspected xylazine overdose. However, because xylazine isn’t an opioid, naloxone may not reverse the effects of the drug. Currently, there is no specific antidote to treat humans who overdose on xylazine.

Overdose deaths linked to xylazine have the largest impact on the Northeast. Xylazine is most prominent in Philadelphia. Xylazine has been a part of Puerto Rico’s illegal opioid scene since the early 2000s and made its way to Philadelphia shortly after. Tranq was found in over 90% of drug samples tested in Philadelphia in 2021.

Tranq spreads to New York City-

Xylazine’s street name in Puerto Rico is anestesia de caballo, which translates to “horse anesthetic”.

Will We See Another Kennedy in the White House?

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  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently announced he’s considering entering the presidential race if he can garner enough support. To support his bid for president, visit TeamKennedy.com

  • The Children’s Health Defense (CHD) and several other plaintiffs, including me, are suing the Trusted News Initiative (TNI) for violation of antitrust laws. The BBC has been using its market power and illegal collaboration with other leading market actors to crush smaller news outlets

  • The CHD has also filed a number of First Amendment cases, including one against Facebook, which censored the CHD, Mercola.com and many other sites

  • As a private company, Facebook has the right to censor anyone it wants, for any reason. However, they cannot do it at the behest of the government, and we now have ample evidence that this is precisely what they’ve been doing

  • Kennedy believes if he is elected to the White House he can clean out government corruption because he knows where it is, what it stems from and how to correct it

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is the author of two books. “American Values: Lessons I Learned from My Family,” published in 2018, describes the Kennedys’ 60-year-long fight with the CIA.

His 2021 book, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” became a runaway best seller, selling over a million copies, despite unprecedented censorship. In this interview, Kennedy, an attorney, reviews some of the lawsuits filed by Children’s Health Defense (CHD), founded by Kennedy in 2011, and why he believes he can “drain the swamp” and clean up our federal agencies if elected president of the United States.

One of the most recent lawsuits is the antitrust lawsuit against the Trusted News Initiative (TNI). I and several other journalists and news organizations that have been censored during the pandemic are also plaintiffs in this lawsuit. As explained by Kennedy:

“The Trusted News Initiative lawsuit applies antitrust laws against this really shocking agreement made at the onset of the pandemic, initiated by the BBC.

The BBC … is not officially a government agency. It’s a government-supported network that is supposed to have walls between itself and the government, but recent scandals in Britain have exposed how closely the BBC works with the British Intelligence Agency, MI5, particularly in censoring information on certain subjects, including public health.

This is now well-established. We don’t know how much the British Intelligence Agency had to do with kicking off the TNI, but the BBC approached a dozen top news organizations in the United States, including The New York Times and The Washington Post … and the social media networks … proposing they all censor information that did not comport with government proclamations during the pandemic.”

Importantly, a memorandum by the BBC states that independent news sites are “existential competitors” and a threat to the mainstream media business model and must be crushed.

Eliminating “competition” (which we’re not) was the entire purpose behind TNI, so the basis for the lawsuit is that TNI is violating the Sherman Antitrust Act. As explained by Kennedy, the BBC is using its market power and illegal collaboration with other leading market actors to crush smaller competitors.

The CHD has also filed a number of First Amendment cases, including one against Facebook, which censored the CHD and many other sites. Now, Facebook, as a private company, has the right to censor anyone it wants, for any reason.

However, they CANNOT do it at the behest of the government. If they become government surrogates for censorship — which is what they’ve become — then the First Amendment, the right to free speech, is implicated.

“What we’ve said is that they were taking orders from government officials,” Kennedy says. “When we filed the lawsuit, we knew that was happening, but we did not have the positive proof. Now we do. We have internal memos that show Anthony Fauci collaborating on the censorship with Mark Zuckerberg.

And we now know that Twitter had offered a portal to the FBI and CIA to censor people who did not go along with the government narrative, and that they were aggressively using it. We found emails where the White House specifically asks Twitter to censor Robert Kennedy. So, we have a number of those lawsuits out there.”

The censorship has caused many of us in independent, alternative media to lose huge amounts of money as we can no longer reach our audiences. And while Kennedy hopes to be able to recover some of these lost revenues, that alone will not effect change.

While the U.S. government and mainstream media are clearly engaged in illegal activity, there’s really no penalty for it unless you sue them, and even if you win, the punitive damages are not going to be severe enough to force a change in behavior. At best, lawsuits bring public attention to the problem and cause embarrassment, which might curtail it somewhat.

On the upside, we now know a lot about how they operate because of the Twitter files, released by Elon Musk. As noted by Kennedy, it’s far worse than any of us initially suspected. For example, the FBI has a portal into social media that allows it to remove posts and accounts it doesn’t like.

“That is scary. That is against everything our country was founded on,” Kennedy says. “The single most important premise was that citizens ought to be able to criticize government, which was not true for the American revolutionary generation. You could be punished for criticizing the king.

And they said, we don’t want that anymore. We’re going to have free speech for all. We’re going to make sure that there’s a ferment, that there is a million different ideas bouncing around. And ‘misinformation,’ for better or worse, is constitutionally protected speech.

There are forms of speech that are not constitutionally protected. Inciting violence is not constitutionally protected. Child pornography is not constitutionally protected … But telling a lie to somebody is. It has to be that way because once you appoint an arbiter to tell what’s true and what’s not true, you’ll end up getting one version of truth, and it ultimately will not be the true one.”

Indeed, if the last three years have taught us anything, it’s that self-appointed “arbiters of truth” get it wrong most, if not all, of the time. And, as noted by Kennedy, the crime is not being wrong. The crime is censoring anybody who disagrees, so people never even have the opportunity to discover the error, including themselves (if ignorance is in fact the case).

“In May 2020, I published a post that said the vaccines are going to be DOA, they’re dead on arrival, because the monkey studies just came out and they don’t prevent transmission,” Kennedy says. “This was before the rollout.

I was like, ‘We were looking at their own monkey studies and the concentrations of COVID-19 viruses or SARS-CoV-2 viral loading in the nasopharynxes of the macaque monkeys that they had vaccinated was identical to the loading in the unvaccinated monkeys once they were exposed to the disease.’

So, they knew at that time that this vaccine could not prevent transmission. Everybody knew that. And yet they were saying out loud, ‘It can prevent transmission.’ They had no right, no reason, to say that other than to fool the public.

And then they were censoring people like me who were saying, ‘Wait a minute, how’s this possible? How can you possibly make this claim? Of course it’s not going to prevent transmission.’ So, the crime is not being wrong. Anybody can be wrong. The crime is censoring people who were right or who had alternative viewpoints that prevented them from ever getting anything right.

Listen, if I had to predict what’s going to happen now, it’s very clear, this isn’t a speculation. The Biden administration is trying to give the WHO [World Health Organization] these preemptive powers to declare future pandemics based upon no evidence. So, all they have to say is there’s a pandemic …

And when you declare a pandemic, not only does it give the government extraordinary powers, it gives the pharmaceutical industry immunity from liability. It gives doctors immunity from liability, which is accompanied, of course, by impunity and bad judgment. It also loosens up billions of dollars in subsidies and cash to promote the business models of those pharmaceutical companies.

At least now, we have an independent power to say, ‘We don’t believe WHO and we’re not going to go along with this global emergency.’ Right now we’re about to sign a treaty that will give that power to the WHO. So Jeremy Farrar, who was one of the masterminds of this PSYOP — he was the guy who hid the COVID coverup. He manipulated the Lancet studies. He directed all these virologists who believed that it came from a lab… to say that it didn’t.

Because of the control he has over the funding of virology and infectious disease, and biomedical research globally, he was able to marshal these core groups of virologists who just lied to us openly. And then they all got payoffs from Fauci.

Kristian Andersen, Ph.D., got $9 million after he lied to us. Eddie Holmes got $9 million to lie. All the guys who participated in the Lancet paper and the Nature Medicine papers — the ones that were then cited by all of the journalists in the world to say it’s been proven there’s no such thing as a lab leak — we now have their emails.

And all those guys believed it was a lab leak, secretly, privately … but they were telling the public it wasn’t. And they all got payoffs of millions and millions of dollars.”

As noted by Kennedy, the entire field of virology is basically operating as a criminal enterprise. They never have to prove anything and they’re never accountable. For example, they don’t have to prove that vaccines actually work, or that it’s safe to take multiple vaccines at the same time.

“By ‘work,’ I mean five years from now, you’re more likely to be healthier if you got the vaccine than if you didn’t. If you show me that, I’ll take all the vaccines in the world,” Kennedy says. “But there are no studies that support that, and they’re able to escape the standard safety testing, placebo-controlled trials, prelicensure trials that are de rigueur for every other medicine except for vaccines.”

Seventy-two doses of 16 vaccines are now recommended for American children by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. States have the right to mandate them as they see fit, and in California and New York, all 16 vaccines are mandated. But whether they’re mandated or not, there’s tremendous pressure to take them all. 

In California and New York, you can’t even get a medical exemption. Technically, both states allow medical exemptions, but no doctor will write you one because they risk losing their medical license if they do.

“They’re mandating these 72 doses of 16 vaccines, and they’ve never tested a single one … in a placebo-controlled study. They have no idea what the risk profile is for these medicines and they’re mandating them to healthy people …

You’re taking healthy people with functioning immune systems and you’re forcing them to take something that you don’t know what the outcomes of are. It is criminal,” Kennedy says.

Kennedy recently announced he’s considering entering the presidential race if he can garner enough support. Considering two members of the Kennedy family have already been murdered, this requires quite a bit of courage. Clearly, there are risks involved anytime you try to change a corrupt system from within. Kennedy comments:

“I haven’t made the decision yet, but I’m leaning towards doing it. It’s going to give me an opportunity, as it makes it much more difficult for them to censor me, [to] talk about all these issues for the first time without censorship and connect them.

I’ve been an environmental attorney and advocate for 40 years, and I saw the impact of agency capture. That’s why I was able to recognize it so easily when I saw it in the pharmaceutical industry. All these agencies are captured. The pharmaceutical industry owns the National Institutes of Health … CDC, FDA. The coal and oil industry and the pesticide industry own the Environmental Protection Agency.

I was on the trial team in the Monsanto case, which ended up with a $13 billion settlement. We had three trials in a row … [and] we did a lot of discovery. We were able to find secret EPA papers that showed the head of the EPA pesticide division for a decade was a man who was secretly working for Monsanto.

So Monsanto was actually directing his movements. In one of the emails we found, Monsanto instructed him to kill a study that was being done by another agency, the Agency for Toxic Substance Control, ATSDR. It’s a smaller agency that focuses just on toxins that’s separate from EPA.

He’d always been able to control the EPA studies and to fix them. But now here’s another agency that Monsanto has no control over that’s actually going to do an independent study on the carcinogenicity of Roundup and glyphosate.

They were desperate to kill that study and he said, ‘I’m going to kill that study for you, but you need to give me a gold medal when I do that.’ So, these were the kind of correspondence he had with his true boss, Monsanto. And this, unfortunately, is true in all the federal agencies.”

As noted by Kennedy, most government agencies have been captured by the industries they’re supposed to regulate, and as a result, democracy has been subverted, as they’re no longer working for the American people. They’re working for big corporations that are constantly putting profit above safety.

“There’s now a perfect merger of state and corporate power in this country,” Kennedy says, “and the system is rigged against the middle class and the poor. And by the way, among the captured agencies are the CIA and the Pentagon, which have been captured by military contractors, and they don’t care how much the Ukraine war costs us.

Nobody cares because they’re killing Ukrainians, not American kids. So it’s the perfect war for them. And we ship over $112 billion and who gets that? It bounces. A lot of it goes into Zelenskyy’s pocket and then it’s bounced back to General Dynamics and all the military contractors. They then hire all the generals when they leave the Pentagon.

Those are the generals you see on CNN every night, gravely saying we need to defend the people of Ukraine. But they’re working for General Dynamic, stuffing their pockets with the money we’re sending over there. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be helping the Ukrainian people or that Vladimir Putin isn’t a thug and a gangster …

But we need to understand that we have intelligence agencies and military agencies whose job it is … to destroy American democracy from within. And that those agencies, their job is to provide a constant pipeline of new wars that are going to feed the military industrial complex which owns them.

Look, we gave a $112 billion to Ukraine already. The entire budget of CDC is $12 billion. The entire budget of EPA I think is around $11 billion. And we have a crisis in this country. We have a child health crisis — 64% of our children have chronic disease and we don’t know what’s causing it.

We have kids going to dilapidated schools. Our infrastructure is falling apart. We have a middle class in this country has been hollowed out and destroyed and we need to start paying attention to these problems here at home and solving them.”

The toxic train wreck in East Palestine, Ohio, is another example of what happens when regulatory agencies are captured. According to Kennedy, Norfolk Southern Railway has a weekly revenue of $1.5 billion, and its cap for safety violations is $225,000. So, there’s no incentive for the railway to make sure safety regulations are followed.

Its lackadaisical approach to safety has now contaminated an entire region and destroyed the lives of several hundred residents, yet the penalty is barely a drop in their revenue bucket. And again, the reason they’re getting away with this is because the Department of Transportation (DOT) is wholly captured by the big railroad companies.

“I like Pete [Buttigieg], but he’s not a guy who looks at that agency and says, ‘I know it’s a captured agency and I’m going to weed out the people who are corrupt, I’m going to make the trains run on time, I’m going to make sure they have two engineers and I’m going to make sure they’re using electronic controlled brakes and not the brakes they used in the civil war’ — which is what was on this train …

Why is that? Because [the DOT is] a captured agency. The electronic brakes would’ve cost $3 billion to put on their entire fleet. That is two weeks of revenue for that company, but they rather spent the money on lobbyists, make sure they didn’t have to do that, and then they took the cash and did a stock buyback.

So, they all are getting rich and the people in East Palestine are now drinking poisoned water, their cats are dying, their cows are dying and their children are now exposed to dioxin. A single molecule of dioxin can cause cancer. It is the most toxic molecule that we know of in the universe that’s not radioactive. It’s horrendously toxic, and it’s now spread over the landscape …”

As explained by Kennedy, politicians may start out believing their own campaign promise to end corruption but, in the end, they simply don’t know how to fix the problem. They don’t know how to clean up these agencies. Even presidents have been powerless in this regard.

“You can’t go into an agency with 30,000 or 60,000 employees and fix it overnight unless you know exactly where the problem is,” Kennedy says. “So, they appoint a guy to run that agency who’s usually from the industry … And that guy doesn’t know how to fix it either. So, he relies on the department heads and the branch heads within that agency, and they’re all corrupt and have been there 50 years, like Fauci …

Some of the politicians are even worse. They just get co-opted. They’re taking money from the industry and become slaves to the congressional committee chairs who are all on the take … I feel I can fix this problem like nobody else can, because I know how these agencies work.

I know the individuals in these agencies who need to be moved to Nome, Alaska, and the ones who have been doing favors, who are in the tank with the industry. I know the databases that we need to open and make public so that the independent scientists can do their jobs.

I know how to stop the corruption in the universities by telling the universities you’re not getting money anymore to do these phony pharmaceutical industry studies, or oil industry studies.

I know how to send my attorney general after the journals like the Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine and sue them for racketeering, saying, ‘You are not telling the truth. You’re claiming to tell the truth to people about medicine, but you guys admit it’s not the truth. It’s pharmaceutical industry propaganda.’

All these agencies have that same kind of structure, and I’ve spent 40 years suing them. I’ve spent 20 years suing the United States Department of Agriculture for doing favors for Smithfield Foods, Tyson Food, Bo Pilgrim, Cargill and Monsanto. It’s a captive agency …

I feel like I should do this, and that it will give me a chance to talk to the American people. If people want to hear the truth, I’ll win. If they want business as usual, then I won’t. But for me it’s irrelevant. I’m going to fight as hard as I can to win. But my only real concern is to leave this process with my integrity intact and my family.

If I can protect my family and have my integrity, then I’ve done what I’m supposed to do. If I didn’t do this, I would feel like it was an opportunity that I had missed. I might, if I can win, change things. And I know how to change things probably better than any politician who has run in the last 20 years …

A lot of the changes that I could make are changes that I wouldn’t need Congress for — how to restructure the agencies, including the intelligence agencies, so that they begin to work for the American people and for actual national security rather than what they’ve been doing.

My father had a plan for reorganizing the CIA that I think is still relevant today … The problem is the espionage aspect of the CIA … [It should be] information gathering and analysis to the president to make better decisions, but that’s not what the agency ended up doing …

It has nothing in its charter that it would allow it to do paramilitary operations to fix elections, assassinate leaders, kidnap, kill people, torture people. None of that was part of its initial mission.

[Allen] Dulles [the founding director of the CIA] snuck that in through generous interpretations of some of the charter provisions. And then what happened, the plans division, which is the dirty tricks division, became the tail that was wagging the espionage dog.

And the espionage function of CIA, it should be oversight of the plans division. They should be antagonistic towards each other … The problem with the CIA is it has never learned from mistakes. It never does, because there’s never any accountability … Patriotism means a faithfulness to the United States Constitution above all. Above all. And if you don’t know that, you shouldn’t be in government.”

If you want to support Kennedy in his bid for president of the United States, be sure to visit TeamKennedy.com. For updates on the litigation Kennedy is involved in, sign up for the CDH newsletter, The Defender, on Childrenshealthdefense.org.

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Ralph Baric’s Description of the “Perfect Bioweapon” Sounds Awfully Similar to Sars-Cov-2

SUMMARY: The Sars-Cov-2 virus that causes COVID-19 contains genetic fragments of HIV. This post will show that numerous scientific studies created recombinant viruses containing genes from HIV. Thus, it should not surprise anyone that a lab-engineered pathogen such as Sars-Cov-2 is a recombinant carrier of HIV genes and expresses HIV peptides such as Gp120 or Gag.

You may have heard that Sars-Cov-2 contains certain genes from HIV, which causes AIDS. Those genes encode proteins that go into Covid-19’s “spike protein.” Thus, anyone who had Covid or received the Covid vaccine containing the same spike protein was exposed to the HIV peptides on the spike.

The above-mentioned proteins fold together, forming a functional equivalent of HIV’s gp120, as explained here.

This picture from the above article shows visually where these HIV peptides are on the spike:

Far from being random pointless genetic artifacts, these HIV peptides bind to immune cells and cause their destruction.

The press made significant efforts to discredit the “HIV genes in Sars-CoV-2” theory.



Are these fact checks factual? Is “HIV in Sars-CoV-2” a baseless right-wing conspiracy theory? Most importantly, was similar research done before?

Scientists experimented with putting HIV and SIV (Simian Immunodeficiency Virus) bits into coronaviruses in the past, and the NIH supported such work.

In this 2008 grant, Amy Sims, who worked with Ralph Baric at UNC, describes her idea to put bits of Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV, a precursor of HIV) into a human common cold virus OC43. (you probably had a few colds caused by OC43, which causes one-third of common colds). Amy then experimented with infecting monkeys with it.

There were numerous other attempts to add HIV genes to measles, poxviruses, and coronaviruses, specifically:

As all HIV vaccines failed, and most made their recipients paradoxically more susceptible to becoming infected with HIV, the above-described 2008 work did not lead to a working HIV vaccine. In addition, Amy’s discussion of “mucosal immunity” against HIV seems to be at odds with the fact that HIV is blood-borne and is passed through contaminated drug needles, razors, or sexual acts where blood is exchanged (such as unprotected anal sex).

Adding bits and parts of HIV to viruses was the bread and butter of virology. Thus, the fact-checks that deny the possibility that HIV inserts in SARS-Cov-2 were engineered are less than truthful.

Here’s Luc Montagnier, a pioneer in the field of HIV, who coincidentally died soon after giving this interview, explaining that Sars-Cov-2 was engineered:

And lastly, here’s a brand-new Mar 24 interview with Robert Redfield, former director of the CDC who also worked on HIV and HIV vaccines with Anthony Fauci and Debora Birx, explaining that Sars-Cov-2 is a product of mostly US-based research:

Many people opined that Sars-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 was an attempt at creating a live vaccine that went spectacularly wrong. After all, some above-described experiments involved the creation of vaccines. The first peer-reviewed article that asserted that Sars-Cov-2 was engineered, written by Karl and Dan Sirotkin, alleged that the virus was created as a live vaccine.

While everything is possible, I doubt that story. The reasons for my doubt are as follows:

  • Attempts to create a coronavirus-based HIV vaccine failed a long time ago (see above)

  • There is no reason to add a furin cleavage site, which enhances infectivity and pathogenicity, to a vaccine

  • There is no reason to pick a “backbone” (an original virus that forms the basis of) for Sars-Cov-2 that was not already known to science

Lastly, extensive preparations for the pandemic in 2019 also point to a planned release of the virus instead of a lab accident.

The preparations are listed here:

Ralph Baric has devoted a lot of thinking to biological weapons.

Here’s a fascinating article from him:


Ralph shows that recombinant pathogens combining genes from several pathogens will likely be the future bioweapon. He then explains that high pathogenicity is NOT necessary for a perfect bioweapon: instead, what is important is that the bioweapon creates fear.

He also details helpful suggestions for the creation of such designer super pathogens:

Ralph worked on related projects for years. It would make sense that he should be asked to help find the culprits who created Sars-CoV-2.

I am unsure if Ralph would have to go far beyond his office to point at the culprits.

When writing this post, I used information from a tweet from Pete Lincoln. Take a look at Pete’s substack. Also, I owe a hat tip to William Colby.

What do you think?

Also, is there an additional topic that you would like me to cover in the future?


North Carolina Church Raises Thousands to Pay Off Cafeteria Lunch Debt For Every County School

City Church in Gastonia NC – City Church Facebook group

A North Carolina pastor has been helping children in need throughout his county, whether they need clothes, housing, or even a family—with programs like his church’s Foster and Adoption Ministry.

A few years ago his City Church in Gastonia started Hope Closet, a clothing giveaway for kids who may be displaced, or kids in schools who need new shoes.

A few weeks ago he ran across a news article about the growing number of kids whose school lunch accounts remain unpaid.

School lunch debt is a problem for districts across North Carolina, including Gaston County where Pastor Dickie Spargo learned that families owe a total of $13,000.

“We decided that we were going to share it with our church, and then just take up an offering and see what would happen,” Spargo told local media.

In less than two weeks, the congregation raised $23,000.

“What a great opportunity to bless these kids,” the pastor told his congregation after delivering the check.

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He learned that the schools are “doing their best” to reach parents, urging them to apply for the ‘free or reduced lunch program’, which the government uses to reimburse costs of meals that would otherwise be charged to the school.

The $23,000 donation from the large Christian church will eliminate student lunch debt for the year, and the rest will help pay off debt for next school year.

LOOK: Little Girl Uses Her Lemonade Stand to Pay Down Other Kids’ School Lunch Debt

“Praise God,” exclaimed Pastor Spargo.

SERVE This Yummy Idea to Your Own Congregation By Sharing on Social Media… 

Americans Are Taking More Small Steps to Create Positive Societal Change

micheile henderson

A survey of 2,000 Americans delved into their sentiments around environmentalism and found that a significant majority—seven in 10—feel they’ve become more ethically responsible as they’ve gotten older (71%).

Over the past year, U.S. adults have also been taking small steps in their everyday lives to do the right thing—such as starting conversations with their loved ones about going green (39%), donating clothing (37%), and purchasing sustainable products (36%).

When it comes to doing their part, other regular habits include avoiding littering (51%), recycling (49%), and using compostable eating materials, like plates and cups (46%).

The poll, sponsored by Chinet, found that, when asked about the businesses and brands they want to support, a majority of Americans said it’s important that they share the same values (73%).

Gen Z (77%) and millennials (82%) were especially likely to say this is the case.

Nearly half of all respondents have stopped supporting or using a brand because their values didn’t align with something they’ve said or done (48%), with the average person leaving five brands behind.

“As part of our 2030 strategy, we are committed to innovating our products to be recyclable, compostable or reusable, in order to help consumers enjoy gatherings knowing they are taking steps toward being more sustainable,” said Chinet brand manager Melissa Rakos.

RELATED: New Type of Plastic Made Directly From Organic Plant Waste Could Be the Game-Changer We Need

“Hosts and guests alike shouldn’t worry about sacrificing convenience for sustainability,” she added. “Utilizing products that are made from recycled material and ridding unrecyclable foam items completely is an easy way for people to get started with making these changes in their everyday lives.”

A similar poll of Brits in the UK, found three-quarters of respondents described themselves as greener today than they were a decade ago—with a large majority believing they have a responsibility to live a sustainable lifestyle.

Making greener choices than ever before, 58 percent believe that being environmentally-conscious is a ‘badge of honor’.

The random double-opt-in survey of 2,000 adults in the general population was conducted by market research company OnePoll, a member of the American Association for Public Opinion Research and the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research.