Transgender female golfer Breanna Gill wins women’s tournament in Australia

Fox News | April 6, 2023

Breanna Gill’s win at the Australian Women’s Classic in New South Wales is causing a debate over transgender athletes in golf.

Gill is an Australian pro golfer playing on the Women’s PGA Tour of Australasia. She needed a birdie at Hole 18 to force a playoff in the Australian Women’s Classic, and she got just that.

Gill eventually won the playoff to hoist the trophy for the first time in her professional career.

But backlash came on social media when the Women’s PGA Tour of Australasia posted a now-viral tweet of Gill holding the trophy. Comments ended up getting shut off after some of the 7 million viewers didn’t like the fact that Gill was playing with women.


Cornerstone Article to the Reading of Winter Watch: The Tavistock Method of Brainwashing and Social Psychiatry

‘The proper study of political mankind is the study of power elites.’ — A.K. Chesterton (1899-1973)

From 1930 to 1933, Kurt Lewin (1890-1947) studied psychology and sociology at the University of Frankfurt (aka The Frankfurt School) in Germany and became director of Tavistock Institute in 1932. Drawing on the quackery of Freud, Lasswell, Leonard Doob and others, Lewin examined the psychology and power of suggestion created by stimuli and stimulus situations.

Tavistock’s projects were a followup on the work of the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research, which focused on the study and criticism of culture developed from the thought of Sigmund Freud.

Read “Sigmund Fraud: The Father of Modern Psychoanalysis and Neurotic Charlatan”

Freud (1856-1939) believed that conventional morality is an unnatural repression of the sexual urges imposed during childhood. David Bakan, in “Sigmund Freud and The Jewish Mystical Tradition,” showed that Freud was a “crypto-Sabbatean” [, Livingstone].

Read “The Influence of Sabbatean Frankism on the World”

Lewin came to the U.S. in 1933 as one of Frankfurt school’s “Jewish refugees” — the first of many infiltrators — and set up the Harvard Psychology Clinic that originated the propaganda campaign to turn the American public against Germany and involve the U.S. in World War II.

In the period before the U.S.’ entrance into WWII, Roosevelt sent Gen. William Donovan to London for indoctrination before setting up the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the precursor to the CIA. The entire OSS program, as well as the CIA, has always worked by guidelines set forth by the Tavistock Institute. Levin, then at MIT, partnered with Tavistock. Toward the end of the war, Tavistock personnel took over the World Federation of Mental Health. Other collaborators were the Stanford Research Institute, Rand, and the Institute for Social Relations. William Langer head of Harvard’s History Dept was instrumental in infesting this cadre into academia.

Read “William Langer’s ‘Newest History,’ the OSS and the Frankfurt School (aka New School)”

By war’s end, the combined influence of Tavistock and of the former Frankfurt School operatives, had created a cadre of “psychological shock troops” and “cultural warriors” numbering in the several thousands. Today, that network numbers is in the several millions around the world. You should take note that key people are put into influential positions, and a public-private overlay prevails in this system.

Dr. Lewin’s (and Tavistock) pushed the theory of topological psychology, which is to this day the world’s most advanced method of behavior modification: i.e, brainwashing. Psychopath Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) had stated that what was needed was a world populated by “docile,” easily manipulated and demoralized subjects. Russell regarded mankind as being slightly above the level of cattle. Russell said, “The social psychologists of the future will have a number of classes of school children on whom they will try different methods of producing an unshakable conviction that snow is black.” In doing research on this general topic, it is astonishing just how out in the open these criminals were and are with their schemes.

The precursor to the Tavistock complex was the Cecil Rhodes Trust and its operatives, who were British elite supremacists and warmongers (often homosexuals) who teamed up with the Rothschilds, and later the Rockefellers.

What Lewin and his ilk did was combine their often odd and degenerate notions of social justice and ingrain it into every single academic action that Lewin took. This world view and paradigm was then indoctrinated by every means possible through brainwashing to re-engineer man’s self-image.

Tightly controlled mass media could be used to induce “regressive mental states, atomizing individuals and producing increased lability” [aka brainwashing]. In other words, creating passivity by fostering alienation. This theme is shockingly pervasive in the published works of these Crime Syndicate movers and shakers. Jewish supremacist hack Walter Lippmann (1989- 1974) identified the target in his book “Public Opinion”:

“The mass of absolutely illiterate, of feeble minded, grossly neurotic, undernourished and frustrated individuals is very considerable, much more considerable, there is reason to think, than we generally suppose. Thus a wide popular appeal is circulated among persons who are mentally children or barbarians, whose lives are a morass of entanglements, people whose vitality is exhausted.”

Lippmann concludes that “coordination of public opinion can only be managed by a specialized class which operates through “intelligence bureaus.”

Read “Walter Lippmann: Warmongering Big-Capitalist Hack and Anglo-Jewish Agent”

Another Frankfurt School Dr. Evil alum, Theodor Adorno (1903-1969) concurred in 1938, commenting on his Radio Research Project. Adorno wrote that listeners to radio programs “fluctuate between comprehensive forgetting and sudden dives into recognition. They listen atomistically and dissociate what they hear … They are not childlike, but they are childish; their primitivism is not that of the undeveloped, but that of the forcibly retarded.” The project’s findings, published in 1939, backed up Adorno’s thesis of “enforced retardation” and serve as a brainwasher’s handbook.

It was obvious from even the earliest clinical studies of television that viewers, over a relatively short period of time, entered into a trance-like state of semi-awareness, characterized by a fixed stare. The longer one watched, the more pronounced the stare. In such a condition of twilight-like semi-awareness, they were susceptible to messages both contained in the programs themselves and through transference in the advertising. They were being brainwashed.

Fred Emery’s report in 1975 on neurological studies illustrated that repeated television viewing “shuts down the central nervous system of man.”

Adorno found the prospects of television absolutely lizard lip-licking. In 1944, he wrote:

“Television aims at the synthesis of radio and film … but its consequences are enormous and promise to intensify the impoverishment of aesthetic matter, so drastically that by tomorrow, the thinly veiled identity of all industrial culture products can come triumphantly out in the open, derisively fulfilling the Wagnerian dream of Gesamtkunstwerk — the fusion of all arts in one work.”

Lewin’s claim to fame was group think, or group dynamics. He was the inventor of sensitivity training, or attack training. In other words, you gather a group of people, assign a group leader, identify the stronger-willed people in the group and hammer them into silence or submission through ostracism and shaming. Fake guilt is a key driver of these schemes. That is manifested today with the relentless non-stop Around the Web stories that Winter Watch curates [sample] about various “oppressor” scams being run on college campuses. We saw this employed full tilt in the struggle sessions following the George Floyd psy-op.

Tavistockian refreezing and brainwashing in action

The key to a Lewinite brainwashing group is the creation of a controlled environment in which stress is introduced to redo individuals’ belief structures. Using peer pressure from other group members, the individual is “cracked,” and a new personality emerges with new values. The degrading experience causes the person to deny that any change has taken place. In that way, an individual is brainwashed without the victim knowing what has taken place.

This is also called the Gestalt Method. It tries to steamroller over structuralist psychology, which is more about introspection, self-awareness, one’s actual identity, objective truths and drawing on time-tested traditions. The Tavistock and Levin methods are about “unfreezing” or dismantling that existing “mind set.” Defense mechanisms (aka traditional thoughts) have to be bypassed and washed away. It is replaced with moral relativism. Once the subject is suitably confused, there is a transition or refreezing.

A key institution established for this purpose in the U.S. was the National Training Laboratories (NTL), founded in 1947 by members of the Tavistock network in the U.S. Its purpose was the brainwashing of leaders of the government, educational institutions and corporate bureaucracies in the Tavistock Gestalt method, and then using these “leaders” to either themselves run Tavistock group sessions in their organizations or to hire other similarly trained group leaders to do the job.

One of the groups that went through the NTL mill in the 1950s was the leadership of the National Education Association, the largest organization of teachers in the U.S. Thus, the NEA’s outlook was “shaped” by Tavistock through the NTL. In 1964, the NTL Institute became a direct part of the NEA, with the NTL setting up “group sessions” for all its affiliates. With funding from the Department of Education, the NTL Institute drafted the programs for the training of the nation’s primary and secondary school teachers. It has also had a hand in developing the content of educational “reforms.”

Also known as the International Institute for Applied Behavioral Sciences, it’s a brainwashing center in artificial stress training whereby participants suddenly find themselves immersed in defending themselves against vicious accusations.

Daniel Estulin in “Tavistock Institute: Social Engineering the Masses” lists just some the refreezing of society goals of this Crime Syndicate mega-campaign:

  • Youth rebellion against imagined societal wrongs.
  • The generation gap, implying a changing paradigm.
  • Experimentation with new family structures. Interpersonal relationships in which homosexuality, lesbianism and transgenderism (the Catlyn Jenner hoax) became “normalized” and “no different from other people acceptable at all levels of society, two lesbian moms.”
  • The emergence of the fake conservation/ecology movements and women’s liberation movement.
  • Black consciousness, racial mixing, breaking down taboos against mixed marriages as propounded by anthropologist Margaret Meade and Gregory Bateson of Tavistock.
  • It was decided at this meeting that an aggressive program would be launched to portray “colored races” as superior to western civilization’s white persons. From this forum came Oprah Winfrey and a host of black persons who were picked up and trained for their roles to portray “mixed races” as superior to whites.
  • A surge in interest in eastern religious and philosophical perspectives.
  • A renewed interest in “fundamentalist” Christianity and evangelical Zionism.
  • An increasing interest in meditation and other spiritual disciplines. The Jewish inspired “Kabala” was to supplant Christian culture and special people were chosen to teach and spread Kabala. Early chosen disciples were Shirley McLean, Roseanne Barr and later, Madonna and Demi Moore.
  • The increasing importance of “self-realization” processes.
  • Reinvention of music, “hip-hop” and “rap,” by such musicians as “Ice Cube.”
  • A new language form in which English is so mutilated as to be unintelligible. The Prescience of George Orwell — ‘1984’ is Here

Estulin in his book specifically addresses the importation of gangs for the purpose of weaponized chaos. We addressed this in our recent articles on African mobs in Melbourne and Sweden.

Rockefeller interests also funded the counter-culture “revolution” for the Tavistock Institute. The Rockefellers funded the radical-leftist Students for a Democratic Society to foment instability and pseudo-revolution in the late ’60s. The opportunity for constructive social change was lost thanks to the support of “Rockybucks.” A highly revealing 1979 video has emerged of a reunion of pompous, bragging LSD pseudo-counterculture promoters (including Timothy Leary) and is now available for all to see.

Read “In Plain View: Jaw-Dropping Video of LSD Promoters Holding 1979 Meeting”

Manufactured boogeyman terror is a key element of the equation. With it, humans can be reduced to a childlike and submissive state in which his powers of reason are clouded and in which emotional response to various situations and stimuli can become predictable — or, in Tavistockian terms, “profitable.” By controlling the levels of anxiety, it’s possible to induce a similar state in large groups of people whose behavior can then be controlled and manipulated by the oligarchical forces for whom Tavistock worked [see].

Alduous Huxley wrote to George Orwell: “Within the next generation I believe that the world’s leaders will discover that infant conditioning and narco-hypnosis are more efficient, as instruments of government, than clubs and prisons, and that the lust for power can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging them and kicking them into obedience.”

More advanced iterations include: rampant pornography, pedophilia normalization, feminization of males, hedonism, Satanism, speculative modern art requiring “experts,” drug abuse, spiraling into madness identity politics (not tolerating intolerance), the elastic use of the term “hate” for social control purposes, censorship and memory holing material that doesn’t fit the Tavistock narrative, dumbing down, idiocracy and technologically induced shortened attention spans, crisis management programs, and an endless strategy of tension via Gladio events and staged deceptions. Preaching against the nation state as destructive to the progress of mankind is a core tenet of this scam.

Something extremely important at the moment is that this Tavistockian Crime Syndicate is licking its chops for social and economic convulsions (such as Covid-1984 and cyberattacks) on a global-scale, followed by depressions, as a softening-up technique for bigger things to come, namely creating masses of people all over the world who will become its “welfare” recipients and plantation dwellers of the future.

This is a very large subject and onion to peel back, but an outline of the key players and methods is scanned in the following video and is a good starting and reference point.

Next PLANDEMIC? CDC warns Marburg virus is coming

Image: Next PLANDEMIC? CDC warns Marburg virus is coming

(Natural News) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned that the next “plandemic” in the form of the Marburg virus will soon arrive.

Its warning followed an outbreak of Marburg virus disease (MVD) in two African nations – Equatorial Guinea in West Africa and Tanzania in East Africa. The CDC responded by sending its National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases in both countries. It also urged travelers in the two countries to avoid contact with sick people and healthcare facilities in affected areas, and to watch for symptoms for three weeks after leaving.

According to the public health agency, MVD can spread through the “blood or body fluids of a person infected with or who has died from” the disease. Aside from these, the virus can also spread by means of contaminated objects or by contact with animals such as bats.

Clinical diagnosis of MVD can be difficult, especially if only one case is involved. This is because many of the symptoms of MVD are similar to those found in other diseases such as malaria, typhoid fever, Lassa fever or Ebola.

The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed an MVD outbreak in Tanzania, with eight official cases and five fatalities. It also confirmed a similar situation in Equatorial Guinea with nine official cases of MVD and an additional 20 probable cases, all of whom have died.

According to the global health body, three of the affected provinces in Equatorial Guinea – Kie-Ntem, Litoral and Centre Sur – “have international borders with Cameroon and Gabon.” The WHO continued: “Cross-border population movements are frequent, and the borders are very porous. Although no MVD cases have been reported outside Equatorial Guinea the risk of international spread cannot be ruled out.”


Another vaccine in the works for the plandemic

“Although no vaccines or antiviral treatments are approved to treat the virus, supportive care [through] re-hydration with oral or intravenous fluids and treatments of specific symptoms improve survival,” the WHO remarked. “A range of potential treatments are being evaluated – including blood products, immune therapies and drug therapies.”

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) reported in January that human trials for an MVD vaccine appear “promising.” However, one cannot help but be skeptical given that the NIH also played a part in the development of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine associated with a myriad of harms.

A press release from the NIH expounded on the MVD vaccine, which used a “modified chimpanzee adenovirus” and “a glycoprotein found on the surface of” the Marburg virus to induce an immune response. The injection was developed at the Vaccine Research Center of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), under the NIH. Prior to his retirement in December 2022, infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci served as NIAID director. (Related: Fauci Virus: Shocking new evidence proves covid-19 began with Dr. Anthony Fauci and NIAID.)

The NIH press release claimed that “there were no serious adverse events” during the vaccine trial and “the experimental vaccine was well-tolerated.” It also claimed that the MVD vaccine “appeared to induce strong, long-lasting immunity” – with 95 percent of trial participants exhibiting a robust antibody response after vaccination and 70 percent maintaining that robust response beyond 48 weeks.

“The vaccine developed by researchers at the NIAID … could someday be an important tool to respond to Marburg virus outbreaks,” the press release stated. However, a report from En-Volve begged to differ: “If this becomes a widespread problem, it’s going to be hard to imagine it’s not another scamdemic.”

Visit for more stories about the Marburg virus and MVD.

Watch attorney Todd Callender warns Maria Zeee that Marburg is the next “plandemic” below.

This video is from the ?????? ?????????? channel on

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CDC issues warning about traveling to Tanzania and Equatorial Guinea due to outbreaks of Marburg virus.

Black Death and incurable Marburg Virus now spreading across Africa’s cities… world’s medical system helpless to stop it.

The Prather Point: Disaster looms as Marburg virus may have been released through COVID-19 vaccine payloads – Brighteon.TV.

CLAIM: Covid vaccines installed Marburg “payloads” in human victims; 5G broadcast signal will activate the bioweapon, unleashing the next raging pandemic.

Sources include:

Philadelphia's “Zombieland” Kensington neighborhood continues to suffer from spread of “tranq” drug

Image: Philadelphia’s “Zombieland” Kensington neighborhood continues to suffer from spread of “tranq” drug

(Natural News) Philadelphia’s low-income Kensington neighborhood continues to be overrun with sleepwalking “zombies” as overdoses caused by the street drug known as tranq continue to rise.

Also known as “tranq dope” or “zombie heroin,” tranq is made up of xylazine, an animal tranquilizer, that is mixed in with other drugs, notably fentanyl. Tranq is known to depress breathing, lengthen overdoses and cause skin ulcers and sores that can last for months. This last symptom is what makes people addicted to tranq get referred to as “zombies.” (Related: Skin-rotting animal tranquilizer drug known as “tranq” spreads all over US.)

Joseph D’Orazio, an emergency medicine physician and an associate professor at the nearby Temple University Lewis Katz School of Medicine, noted that the rotting wounds on tranq users are “a lot deeper, a lot more severe” than the city’s physicians have previously seen with other drug users.

“There were big necrotic areas,” he said. “They were deep down into tendons. Sometimes, you can see the bones, and we were starting to see more patients that were requiring amputations.”

“I’ve never seen human beings remain in these kinds of conditions,” said Sarah Laurel, who runs the outreach organization Savage Sisters. “They have open, gaping wounds. They can’t walk, and they tell me, ‘If I go to the hospital, I’m going to get sick.’ They’re so terrified of the detox.”


Kensington has become “ground zero” not just for Philadelphia’s drug abuse epidemic, but also for the spread of tranq use throughout the nation. Addicts can be seen shooting up tranq and other illegal substances in broad daylight, leaving them mindlessly wandering the streets, hunched over in a stupor and passed out in needle-covered surroundings.

One man who drove through Kensington and was interviewed by the Daily Mail on his experience noted that some streets, like Allegheny and Kensington Avenues, are relatively safe. But on other streets, like Shelbourne, drivers can see the sidewalks filled with trash and addicts covered in blankets, sitting on sidewalks and seeming to be in a drug-induced haze.

Tranq continues to spread across the US

Fentanyl laced with xylazine is said to have surfaced in Philadelphia and in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in the last decade. In Pennsylvania alone, overdose deaths involving xylazine increased from two percent to 26 percent from 2015 to 2020.

In Florida, Attorney General Ashley Moody recently held a press conference warning Floridians about the dangers of xylazine’s spread across the state. She warned that the drug has become increasingly prevalent in Sarasota, Manatee and Desoto counties.

“It’s cheap, it is easily accessible and drug users often mix it with fentanyl, leaving users in the dark about what they are actually taking,” said Moody. She added that Sarasota County has the third-highest growth rate in xylazine-related deaths in Florida from 2021 to 2022.

“More than 230 Floridians died after using tranq, and over 30 of them were in Sarasota,” she said. “These drugs have no warning labels; instead, it is buyer beware, and if you are wrong about whatever is on the drugs, the price you could pay will be your life.”

In the Bay Area in California, health officials have confirmed the region’s first death from tranq. And the state’s health officials have called the spread of tranq as an “emerging issue.”

Nationwide, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) believes tranq has already surfaced in all the Lower 48 states and Washington, D.C. The agency also reported that about 23 percent of fentanyl powder and seven percent of fentanyl pills seized by DEA agents last year contained xylazine.

“Xylazine is making the deadliest drug threat our country has ever faced, fentanyl, even deadlier,” the DEA said in an alert.

Learn more about the spread of dangerous and highly addictive drugs across the United States at

Watch this clip from a Boston 25 News report warning how tranq is causing everybody to “drop like flies.”

This video is from the channel Suzie Etc – Search for Truth on

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ZOMBIE DRUG “Tranq” secretly mixed with fentanyl ROTS human tissue, leading to amputation and more overdose deaths in 48 US states.

Data shows fentanyl addiction is the leading cause of death among Americans aged 18 to 49.

Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood in CRISIS due to widespread abuse of animal tranquilizer xylazine.

Horse sedative street drug killing thousands in Philadelphia and other US cities.

Sources include:

Energy as a Vehicle of Control and the War on Carbon

  • According to the globalists, climate change is the No. 1 threat to humanity, necessitating radical quality of life sacrifices and the total relinquishing of privacy and freedom

  • Climate change is also being used to explain away food shortages, justify the need to move people from the countrysides and suburbs into smart cities, and promote the replacement of beef with insects. The COVID-19 pandemic was even blamed on it

  • Globalists want health (which includes both medicine and food, under the new “food is medicine” agenda), climate action and energy control to be addressed not as three separate issues but as one

  • One of the globalists’ fraudulent solutions to the purported climate crisis is Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) investing. A company’s ESG score is supposed to tell investors how socially conscious the company is, but recent scandals have revealed ESG is a scam

  • Carbon trade refers to the buying and selling of credits that allow a company to emit a certain amount of carbon dioxide. By buying credits from nonpolluters, industry can continue to pollute. Basically, like ESG investing, the carbon trade is a globalist scam intended to lower the living standards of the poor and usher humanity into carbon slavery

Visit Mercola Market


According to the globalists, climate change is the No. 1 threat to humanity, necessitating radical quality of life sacrifices and the total relinquishing of privacy and freedom. Germany’s health minister Karl Lauterbach, for example, in December 2020 proclaimed that addressing climate change will require restrictions on personal freedom, similar to those implemented to “flatten the curve” of COVID.

Similarly, British economics professor Mariana Mazzucato in September 2020 warned that “In the near future, the world may need to resort to lockdowns again — this time to tackle a climate emergency.”

The World Economic Forum (WEF), the United Nations and the World Health Organization have also published articles stating their intent to “fight climate change” by shutting down society.

Climate change is also being used to explain away food shortages, justify the need to move people from the countrysides and suburbs into smart cities, and promote the replacement of beef with insects. The COVID-19 pandemic was even blamed on it.

Just about anything is now being justified on the basis that it helps address climate change. Indeed, dietary controls, energy control, carbon restrictions and climate change are increasingly tied together, whether it makes sense or not, and the reason for this can be found in a September 2022 WEF article

co-written by the director of WHO’s Environment and Health Department. As noted in this article, titled “How to Fight the Next Threat to Our World: Air Pollution”:

“[W]orld leaders must put health at the core of climate action and social equity. The fight for clean air can accelerate the reduction of climate-warming emissions, the shift to cheaper and more reliable energy sources and justice for the marginalized and most vulnerable communities … We can confront these crises more effectively and fairly if we address them as one …”

In other words, health (which includes both medicine and food, as government has now launched a “food is medicine” agenda), climate action and energy control are to be addressed not as three separate issues but as one. The potential implications of this are enormous.

If the WHO ends up having sole power over global health, combining health, climate and energy issues into one will automatically give the WHO the de facto power to seize control over society in general.

They could issue climate lockdowns, for example, on the basis that lockdowns reduce pollution, hence improving public health. That the WHO will jump at the opportunity to implement climate lockdowns in particular can be seen in the WHO “Manifesto for a Healthy Recovery From COVID-19,” which states:

“The ‘lockdown’ measures that have been necessary to control the spread of COVID-19 have slowed economic activity, and disrupted lives — but have also given some glimpses of a possible brighter future. In some places, pollution levels have dropped to such an extent that people have breathed clean air, or have seen blue skies and clear waters, or have been able to walk and cycle safely with their children — for the first times in their lives …

Opinion polls from around the world show that people want to protect the environment, and preserve the positives that have emerged from the crisis, as we recover …

Decisions made in the coming months can either “lock in” economic development patterns that will do permanent and escalating damage to the ecological systems that sustain all human health and livelihoods, or, if wisely taken, can promote a healthier, fairer, and greener world.”

This manifesto also lays out many other aspects of The Great Reset agenda, including smart cities, travel restrictions, new food systems, a complete transition to green energy and more. But again, the thing that will really facilitate all of these changes is to have a centralized powerbase, and that is the WHO.

“We’re now told we have to sacrifice our standard of living because we have a responsibility to save the planet. However, ‘green solutions’ are a gigantic scam designed to disempower and control everyone but the ones at the very top of the power pyramid, while accomplishing little in terms of producing a cleaner environment, let alone having a distinct effect on climate.”

The WHO could also mandate individual carbon footprint tracking,

as carbon emissions are claimed to be a primary contributor to climate change. A likely argument would be “We have to rein in our personal carbon footprint because pollution is deadly, and if you don’t, you’re responsible for the death of others.”

Sacrificing selfhood and the rights of individuals to “serve the greater good” is a hallmark call of authoritarian and totalitarian regimes, and they used this “care for others” argument during COVID to pressure people into compliance with everything from lockdowns and social distancing to wearing a mask and getting the jab.

The same narrative is also being used to prop up the “climate emergency.” We’re now told we have to sacrifice our standard of living because we have a responsibility both for others and for the earth itself.

However, while pollution is a reality that needs to be addressed, the solution the totalitarian cabal is offering is a gigantic scam designed to disempower and control everyone but the ones at the very top of the power pyramid, while accomplishing little in terms of producing a cleaner environment, let alone having a distinct effect on climate.

One of the globalists’ fraudulent solutions to the purported climate crisis is Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) investing, first popularized in 2004.

In more recent years, ESG funds have gained steam and now make up about 10% of all invested assets.

A company’s ESG score is supposed to tell investors how socially conscious the company is, based on its behavior within the environmental, social and corporate sphere. For example, does the company have safeguards in place to protect the environment or policies to address climate change?

How “equitable” is its relationship with employees, suppliers, customers and the local community? And how does it stack up in terms of company leadership, executive pay, audits, internal controls and shareholder rights?

Has the company taken steps to eliminate conflicts of interest that encourage self-dealing by executives? Does it conduct independent audits and is there a traceable line of fiduciary duty? And so on.

ESG investing is supposed to encourage companies to act responsibly, but it’s actually having the opposite effect. Somehow or other, companies are greasing the right hands and getting great ESG ratings, only to later turn out to have the worst governance possible and/or a track record of environmental destruction.

One of the latest in a long line of scandals is that of FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange that went belly up overnight while its CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried absconded with up to $2 billion of client funds.

John Ray, the appointed CEO of FTX’s bankruptcy stated: “Never in my career have I seen such a complete failure of corporate controls and such a complete absence of trustworthy financial information as occurred here.”

FTX’s ESG score really ought to have been nonexistent. Cryptocurrencies are extremely energy-intensive and wasteful (the “E” in the score), customer satisfaction (part of the “S” in the score) within the crypto space had been tanking for over a year, courtesy of the repeated evaporation of wealth.

As for the “G,” FTX had no board of directors, an “irregular ownership structure,” was rife with conflicts of interest and self-dealing, and had no financial controls whatsoever. Bankman-Fried didn’t even keep an accurate list of accounts. Yet at the time of FTX’s demise, it had a higher governance score than Exxon Mobil. As reported by Forbes:

“Of the many dimensions of the FTX fiasco, the most shocking is the comprehensive failure of corporate governance, now becoming clear as the bankruptcy process unfolds. Sloppy and likely illegal management practices at FTX have raised doubts that extend beyond the company to call into question the whole crypto premise. They also cast doubt on the integrity of the ESG rating business …

ESG — broadly, let us call it ‘virtuous investing’ — is now a big business in the investment world. ESG ratings … purport to score capitalists (i.e., private-sector profit-driven corporations) against a melange of ‘goodness’ indicia of all sorts. Does the company’s business model help or hurt the Amazon forest?

Does the firm have enough ADA-rated bathrooms? Does it offer paternity-leave to its employees (regardless of gender)? Does it have board members who check all the right diversity boxes? …

ESG has captivated many, on both the ‘buy-side’ of the market … and on the ‘sell-side’ … But ESG is still a fluid concept, and much has been made recently of the inconsistencies and discrepancies in the ratings. For many, the core of ESG is G … Governance is the tip-of-the-spear when it comes to creating sustainable business models. It all starts from the top, which guides every other aspect all the way down …

According to a recent academic study of six prominent ESG rating agencies … ‘ESG ratings from different providers disagree substantially…’ Most of the divergence/confusion arises from differences in measurement methodology and execution. But there is also evidence of bias: ‘we detect that the rater’s overall view of a firm influences the measurement of specific categories’ …

The panoramic failure of FTX this month highlights a flawed governance framework, which today’s simplistic virtue metrics fail to reflect accurately — hence the absurd rankings cited for FTX vs Exxon and others.”

FTX isn’t alone in falling short of expectations though. According to a September 2021 report by climate change think tank InfluenceMap, more than half of the 723 funds marketed using ESG claims failed to meet the Paris Accord rules on carbon emissions and clean energy, and more than 70% of funds with broad ESG goals failed to meet global climate targets.

Similarly, a May 2021 report

by the Economist concluded some of the largest ESG funds in the world are “stuffed full of polluters and sin stocks.” A 2019 report by the Wall Street Journal

also noted, “Eight of the 10 biggest U.S. sustainable funds are invested in oil-and-gas companies, which are regularly slammed by environmental activists.”

In short, the ESG investing scheme is yet another globalist scam that allows them to promote their own agenda outside of the democratic process.

Wind turbines, solar panels and electric-everything is touted as the answer to the purported climate crisis, yet most of these “green” solutions are far more environmentally destructive than oil and gas.

Many also end up requiring more fuel rather than less. Importantly, there aren’t even enough minerals in the world to allow even a single country to go 100% electric. As just one example, to replace the 31.5 million vehicles in the U.K. with electric cars will require twice the global supply of cobalt!

The math just doesn’t work.

So, are the globalists stupid? No. They’re fully aware they can’t replace all gas-powered cars with EVs, be it by 2030 or 2050. See, they know you won’t even be allowed to travel very far by the time the EV goals and mandates go into effect, so you won’t need a car in the first place.

Forcing states and countries to transition to EVs merely speeds up the end goal of preventing you from owning a car and driving anywhere. It also justifies the creation of “15-minute cities.”

As Vandana Shiva, Ph.D., cofounder of the Indian NGO Navdanya, has warned, we are being ushered into carbon slavery. As explained in Navdanya’s report, “Earth Democracy: Connecting Rights of Mother Earth to Human Rights and Well-Being of All”:

“If ‘feeding the world’ through chemicals and dwarf varieties bred for chemicals was the false narrative created to impose the Green Revolution, the new false narrative is ‘sustainability’ and ‘saving the planet.’

In the new ‘net zero’ world, farmers will not be respected and rewarded as custodians of the land and caregivers … the providers of our food and health. They will not be paid a fair and just price for growing healthy food through ecological processes, which protect and regenerate the farming systems as a whole.

They will be paid for linear extraction of fragments of the ecological functions of the system, which can be tied to the new ‘net zero’ false climate solution based on a fake calculus, fake science allowing continued emissions while taking control over the land of indigenous people and small farmers.

‘Net Zero’ is a new strategy to get rid of small farmers … through the burden of fake carbon accounting. Carbon offsets and the new accounting trick of ‘net zero’ does not mean zero emissions. It means the rich polluters will continue to pollute and also grab the land and resources of those who have not polluted — indigenous people and small farmers — for carbon offsets.”

Bill Gates has alluded to this double-standard in responding to those who criticize him for the hypocrisy of being a serious polluter himself, with a 66,000 square-foot mansion, a private jet, 242,000 acres of farmland and investments in fossil fuel-dependent industries such as airlines, heavy machinery and cars.

This pollution is acceptable, Gates said, because, “I am offsetting my carbon emissions by buying clean aviation fuel, and funding carbon capture and funding low-cost housing projects to use electricity instead of natural gas.”

Focusing solely on carbon reductionism also misses the point that lands, forests and ecosystems are more than just the carbon stored in them, and putting carbon conditions on small farmers will only make environmental injustices worse. As noted by Navdanya’s report, “Conditionalities put on the nonpolluters by the polluters who want to continue to pollute is unjust and ecologically, morally and ethically bankrupt.”

Carbon trade refers to the buying and selling of credits that allow a company to emit a certain amount of carbon dioxide, and by buying credits from nonpolluters, industry can continue to pollute. Basically, like ESG investing, it’s nothing but a globalist scam that lowers the living standards of the poor while having no negative impact on the wealthy.

Indeed, you can be assured that the carbon restrictions that will be placed on humanity will not apply to the globalists. They can simply buy enough carbon credits to maintain their lifestyle, while the lower-, middle- and even upper classes of “regular” folk will be forced to make major sacrifices to theirs. Ultimately, carbon slavery will apply not just to farmers but to all of us, as our personal carbon footprint will be part of our social credit score.

The first credit card with a carbon-emission spending limit was introduced in April 2019. As explained by the World Economic Forum,

“Everything we put in our shopping basket comes at an environmental cost … Swedish fintech company Doconomy has launched a new credit card that monitors the carbon footprint of its customers — and cuts off their spending when they hit their carbon max.” Isn’t that nice? They’re helping you do your part to save the planet!

Or are they? “Helpful” tools like this will ultimately become tools for control. Eventually, your carbon footprint will dictate what you can eat and wear, where you can live and how far you can travel, and you won’t even need a special credit card. Meanwhile, there will be plenty of loopholes for the rich.

ESG, the carbon trade and personal carbon footprint tracking will all become barriers of entry — a way to keep the peons out of the rich boys’ club. Needless to say, rigged schemes like ESG and the carbon trade also make it difficult for startup companies to compete, which will facilitate consolidation of companies and industries into mega-monopolies.

Last but not least, the focus on carbon emissions has made the world turn a blind eye to other far more harmful kinds of pollution, such as dioxin — thought to be the most toxic molecule on Earth — which in March 2023 was allowed to contaminate huge areas of Ohio without government lifting a finger to address it.

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How Heart Rate Variability Might Indicate Your Well-Being

  • HRV measures the variations in time between your heartbeats — a function controlled by your autonomic nervous system (ANS)

  • HRV is typically analyzed using an electrocardiogram, or EKG, which can reveal that something’s off with your ANS

  • If you have low variation between heartbeats, it may signal that you’re stuck in fight-or-flight mode, whereas high variation between beats tends to signal a more relaxed state

  • HRV has been linked to heart health, obesity, diabetes, inflammation, psychiatric conditions, cognitive function and more

  • Lifestyle factors, including diet, exercise, sauna usage and controlled breathing, can benefit HRV

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Heart rate variability (HRV), an indicator of your body’s capacity to respond to stress, should be on your radar if you’re interested in maintaining optimal health. Put simply, HRV measures the variations in time between your heartbeats — a function controlled by your autonomic nervous system (ANS).

As such, HRV is said to be a “proxy of autonomic activity” that’s associated with executive functions, emotional regulation and more, including decision-making. Meanwhile, abnormal HRV can signal problems ranging from neurological to psychological conditions.

It’s important to understand that your ANS controls both your body’s sympathetic nervous system (SNS) — the part that triggers your “fight-or-flight” response — as well as its parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), which triggers the relaxation response.

Any type of external stressor — everything from an argument with a loved one to a night of lost sleep — will prompt a reaction from the ANS, which signals to your brain’s hypothalamus to either ramp up into overdrive or calm down. According to Harvard Health Publishing:

“It [Your ANS] responds not only to a poor night of sleep, or that sour interaction with your boss, but also to the exciting news that you got engaged, or to that delicious healthy meal you had for lunch.

Our body handles all kinds of stimuli and life goes on. However, if we have persistent instigators such as stress, poor sleep, unhealthy diet, dysfunctional relationships, isolation or solitude, and lack of exercise, this balance may be disrupted, and your fight-or-flight response can shift into overdrive.”

HRV is typically analyzed using an electrocardiogram, or EKG, which can reveal that something’s off with your ANS. If you have low variation between heartbeats, it may signal that you’re stuck in fight-or-flight mode, whereas high variation between beats tends to signal a more relaxed state.

Many wearable devices are also available to track your HRV. While they may not be as accurate as an EKG, they may still provide useful data, especially if you notice your HRV worsening over time.

When you’re healthy, the two branches of your ANS — the SNS and PNS — are well-balanced. An imbalance in your SNS and PNS may be an indicator of heart disease. This has been appreciated since at least 1987, when researchers found decreased heart rate variability was associated with increased risk of death after a heart attack.

“The relative risk of mortality was 5.3 times higher in the group with HR [heart rate] variability of less than 50 ms [milliseconds] than the group with HR variability of more than 100 ms,” the team wrote.

Prior to this, in 1965, researchers found that changes in heart rate variability occurred prior to fetal distress, even before changes occurred to the heart rate itself, signaling HRV’s clinical importance.

It’s since been confirmed that a reduction in HRV is often seen in heart-related, and non-heart-related, conditions. For instance, according to research published in the journal Circulation, “Depressed HRV after MI [myocardial infarction] may reflect a decrease in vagal activity directed to the heart, which leads to prevalence of sympathetic mechanisms and to cardiac electrical instability.”

Reduced HRV is also often seen in cases of heart failure,

and it’s associated with levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), a measure of inflammation, in the blood.

HRV is a measure of your heart’s ability to respond to physiological and environmental stress stimuli. In short, a high HRV is a sign that your body is handling the stress well, whereas a low HRV indicates your body is under stress and at risk of disease or injury if proper balance isn’t restored. Writing in Behavioral Pharmacology, researchers from the University of Wales explained:

“Whether by influencing inflammation or by other mechanisms, HRV has been associated with a range of diseases, in some cases predicting subsequent problems and in others being an index of disease progression.

As a generalization, a healthy biological system tends to be both variable and complex, characteristics that decline with disease. Irrespective of disease, HRV declines with age, reaching, in some older than 65 years of age, levels that are a risk factor for mortality.”

HRV has been linked to obesity

and found to predict cardiac morbidity and mortality in people with diabetes, as well, and it’s been suggested that this is reflective of an impairment in ANS functioning that occurs early in the disease and gets progressively worse over time.

HRV is also linked to mental health, with reductions seen a variety of psychiatric conditions, including:

  • Bipolar disorder

  • Anxiety

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

  • Schizophrenia

“Given the links between HRV, emotion regulation and executive functioning,” the University of Wales team noted, “it has been proposed that HRV is a transdiagnostic biomarker of mental illness.”

Along these lines, 2023 research published in Psychology and Aging found a link between HRV and resilience to stress across the lifespan.

Among people who were severely mistreated as children, those with higher HRV recovered from grief faster later in life after losing their spouse compared to those with lower HRV.

Brain health is also affected. Lower HRV is linked to poorer cognitive performance, and one study found it’s also associated with postoperative cognitive dysfunction (POCD), a type of cognitive impairment that occurs after surgery, and could even be used as an indicator of POCD risk.

While disease processes are associated with HRV, so, too, are lifestyle choices, which suggests you can influence your HRV for better or for worse. As noted by the University of Wales team, omega-3 fats, B vitamins, probiotics, polyphenols, exercise and weight loss may benefit HRV, both in the short- and long-term, while consuming trans fats and high-glycemic carbohydrates may reduce it. They explained:

“This brief overview illustrates that HRV is a risk for, or a marker of, a wide range of disorders. As such, any intervention that impacted positively on HRV has the potential to benefit health.

Evidence suggests that lifestyle may be one such factor … smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol negatively influenced HRV, measured using linear (HF [high-frequency] power) and nonlinear (sample entropy) measures. In addition, these aspects of the HR time series were increased in those who took regular exercise and consumed a healthy diet.”

Even exposure to light at night may influence HRV. In March 2022, a study of 20 healthy young adults revealed that just one night of sleep with moderate light exposure increased nighttime heart rate, decreased HRV and increased next-morning insulin resistance.

“These results demonstrate that a single night of exposure to room light during sleep can impair glucose homeostasis, potentially via increased SNS activation,” the researchers noted.

While exercise is known to benefit HRV, sauna bathing can be used as an exercise mimetic (i.e., an exercise-mimicking tool) to benefit your health. This is evidenced, in part, by its ability to improve ANS balance and HRV after just one session.

In a study of 93 people with a mean age of 52 and risk factors for heart disease, HRV data were analyzed before, during and after a 30-minute sauna session, revealing significant benefits:

“Time and frequency-domain HRV variables were significantly modified by the single sauna session, with most of HRV variables tending to return near to baseline values after 30 min recovery. Resting HR was lower at the end of recovery (68/min) compared to pre-sauna (77/min).

A sauna session transiently diminished the vagal component, whereas the cooling down period after sauna decreased low frequency power and increased high frequency power in HRV, favorably modulating the autonomic nervous system balance.

… This study demonstrates that a session of sauna bathing induces an increase in HR. During the cooling down period from sauna bathing, HRV increased which indicates the dominant role of parasympathetic activity and decreased sympathetic activity of cardiac autonomic nervous system.”

Controlled breathing, including nasal breathing such as that taught by the Buteyko method, is another important facet. One review suggests “autonomically optimized respiration” occurs with six to 10 breaths per minute and diaphragmatic activation. Further:

“[N]asal breathing is also considered an important component of optimized respiration. This is easily achievable in most individuals with simple practice and there is yet to appear in the literature any documented adverse effects of respiration in the 6-10 breaths per min range.

Controlled, slow breathing appears to be an effective means of maximizing HRV and preserving autonomic function, both of which have been associated with decreased mortality in pathological states and longevity in the general population.”

Remember, low HRV isn’t a disease in itself but rather an indicator that your body’s resilience to stressors is down. Just as positive changes like controlled breathing, exercise and sauna usage can improve it, exposure to toxins and other stressors can worsen it.

For instance, exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic field has been found to affect HRV in animal studies.

A sedentary lifestyle is also linked to worsened HRV, with Brazilian researchers revealing:

“We concluded that sedentary lifestyle in women induces impairment in autonomic cardiac modulation at rest and in response to physiological stress, compromising the quality of life, even before altering any cardiovascular or metabolic clinical parameters, reinforcing the potential role of HRV as early marker of cardiovascular risk in this population.”

On the other hand, stress-reduction techniques are beneficial to HRV. Use of a Tibetan singing bowl, for instance, which is often used for meditation and deep relaxation, increased the relaxation response and HRV among people in a high state of anxiety.

So, as you take steps to reduce stress, eat healthy and stay active, your HRV will likely improve along with the rest of your mental and physical health. As noted by Harvard Health Publishing:

“People who have a high HRV may have greater cardiovascular fitness and may be more resilient to stress. HRV may also provide personal feedback about your lifestyle and help motivate those who are considering taking steps toward a healthier life.

You might see a connection to HRV changes as you incorporate more mindfulness, meditation, sleep, and especially physical activity into your life. For those who love data and numbers, this could be a way to track how your nervous system is reacting not only to the environment, but also to your emotions, thoughts, and feelings.”

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The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of Dr. Mercola and his community. Dr. Mercola encourages you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional. The subscription fee being requested is for access to the articles and information posted on this site, and is not being paid for any individual medical advice.

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