5G Beast, Endocrine Disruptors and Dysgenics

A 2018 study of birthrates in the United States found that births were down by 600,000 in just one year — and this is with 4G, and prior to the 5G Beast roll out beginning nationally in 2019 .

Now the number of babies born in the U.S. dropped by 4% in 2020 compared with the previous year. The general fertility rate was 55.8 births per 1,000 women ages 15 to 44, reaching yet another record low.

“This is the sixth consecutive year that the number of births has declined, down an average of 2% per year, and the lowest number of births since 1979,” the National Center for Health Statistics said.

Numerous other studies have confirmed that male sperm count has been in decline for decades, long before advances in high frequency wireless technology. Some attribute it to the fluoridation of public drinking water. During the last 40 years, sperm counts have declined an average of 50 to 60 percent.

EMFresearch.com lists over 300 studies linking electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation emissions to fertility issues. EMFs have been found to impact both male and female fertility and affect unborn fetuses in numerous ways, including fragmenting DNA.

Males, however, are especially vulnerable to EMF radiation exposure. This is because male reproductive organs sit relatively close to the surface of the body whereas female sex organs are buried deep within thick tissues.

The following list illustrates how EMFs impact fertility and contribute to other serious health issues, and links are provided to recent studies:

In a 2013 study that examined the effects of cell phone waves upon male rats, researchers found that they caused oxidative stress in the body that can lead to numerous deadly diseases. It concluded that exposure to EMFs should be decreased as much as possible:

“Cell phone waves may, in addition to affecting sperm parameters, cause oxidative stress in the body and consequently create various diseases. . . It is recommended that more attention be paid to cell phone waves as a source of oxidative stress and exposure to these waves be decreased as much as possible. It is also suggested that individuals who spend more time on cell phones be monitored periodically in terms of reproductive system health and it is recommended that they consume a diet full of antioxidants in order to minimize the adverse effects of these waves.” 

All Species Becoming More Feminized

The herbicide atrazine is one of the most liberally applied pesticides in the world and is the most commonly detected pesticide contaminant of ground, surface and drinking water. It’s also a potent endocrine disruptor that is active at low concentrations.

National Academy of Science studies demonstrated the reproductive consequences of atrazine exposure in adult amphibians. Atrazine-exposed males were both demasculinized (chemically castrated) and completely feminized as adults. Ten percent of the exposed genetic males developed into functional females that copulated with unexposed males and produced viable eggs. Atrazine-exposed males suffered from depressed testosterone, decreased breeding gland size, demasculinized/feminized laryngeal development, suppressed mating behavior, reduced spermatogenesis and decreased fertility.

Explosion in Unisex or Intersex Fish

If that isn’t enough, a nine-year study conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey discovered an abundance of intersex fish in America’s rivers. Overall, 44 percent of the large-mouth and small-mouth bass dissected turned out to be intersex; but at some sites, 91 percent of the male large-mouth bass were affected. Biologist Jo Ellen Hinck’s team found intersex males at 34 of 111 sites in eight of nine major river basins, including the Columbia, the Colorado and the Mississippi. The southeastern U.S. was hit hardest.

Scientists claim to be uncertain about the culprit. Previous research indicates that wastewater treatment plants flush endocrine-disruptive compounds (EDCs), including pharmaceuticals, pesticides and hormones, into rivers. Even minuscule amounts of EDCs can trigger powerful hormonal shifts that deform male fishes’ reproductive organs. Synthetic estrogen used in birth-control pills have closed lakes and collapsed entire fish populations.

An even more likely culprit is rain runoff with waste that is laden with hormones excreted from millions of chickens and cattle. And lo and behold, both food sources are picking up EDC compounds in the environment. One is called phthalates, which possess anti-androgenic properties. This means that they alter the natural expression of male androgen hormones that are responsible for male characteristics. Accordingly, pregnant women whose fetuses are exposed to this agent end up reproducing males with smaller or deformed genitalia.

An increasing number of males are experiencing delayed puberty, falling sperm counts and a rise in gender confusion, as boys are increasingly feminized both psychologically and through cultural psychology. Cabal owned entertainment openly promotes Eros and the sterile homosexual Lil Nas X lifestyle and mocks the truly feminine like Celtic Woman.

Here is Eros 2021-style as performed by Lil Nas X on “Saturday Night Live” on May 22. The video has had 2.4 million views in two days and thousands of adoring comments (if real?) below.

That same episode of SNL that enthusiastically promoted the sterile homosexual Lil Nas X, is engaged in stupid mocking of Ireland and “Celtic Women” singers.

The real not satanic inverted version of Celtic Woman.

Dysgenic definition is – tending to promote survival of or reproduction by less well-adapted individuals (such as the weak or diseased) especially at the expense of well-adapted individuals (such as the strong or healthy).

Tips for Aging Men to Maintain Male Hormones

  • Avoid Statins
  • Avoid Painkillers – Use healthy alternatives, such as turmeric.
  • Avoid Fragrance – Fragrance often contains EDs. Use essential oils instead.
  • Dust and Vacuum – Use a vacuum with HEPA filter.
  • Clean Regularly – Clean with vinegar, borax, baking soda.
  • Clean Indoor Air – Change duct filters every three months. Large-leaf houseplants also help filter toxins from indoor air.
  • Avoid Thermal Ink – Don’t take receipts; or, if you must, wash hands immediately after touching.
  • Sweat to Detoxify – Exercise regularly.

Seymour Hersh: the CIA Knows Ukrainian Officials Are Skimming US Aid

Anti-War. com | April 12, 2023

Hersh says the CIA estimates at least $400 million was embezzled last year in funds earmarked for diesel payments.

On Wednesday, Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh published a report on Substack that alleged the CIA was aware of widespread corruption in Ukraine and the embezzlement of US aid.

The report said the Ukrainian government has been using US taxpayer money to purchase diesel from Russia to fuel its military. Hersh said Zelensky “has been buying the fuel from Russia, the country with which it, and Washington, are at war, and the Ukrainian president and many in his entourage have been skimming untold millions from the American dollars earmarked for diesel fuel payments.”

Hersh said according to one estimate by CIA analysts, at least $400 million in funds were embezzled last year. Sources told Hersh that Ukrainian officials are also “competing” to set up front companies for export contracts to private arms dealers around the world.


Mad scientists are now experimenting with mRNA injections in beef, poultry, pork, and produce… food supply bioweapons?

Image: Mad scientists are now experimenting with mRNA injections in beef, poultry, pork, and produce… food supply bioweapons?

(Natural News) Scientists across the United States are receiving massive funding to test out novel mRNA vaccine systems on rodents, livestock, and produce. The deleterious nature of the mRNA platform and the deadly failures of its application in human populations has not stopped the US government from funding new mRNA experiments to re-engineer animals, food, and humans. Mad scientists are now experimenting with mRNA injections in beef, poultry, pork, and produce. There are currently no laws to protect the food supply and the human genome from an onslaught of mRNA experiments and the mass production and deployment of biological weapons inside animals and produce.

The mRNA experimentation continues in cows at Iowa State University

In fact, the Veterinary Microbiology and Preventive Medicine Department at Iowa State University is testing out an mRNA vaccine system on cows. The stated goal is to induce immunological protection in cows that are prone to RSV infection. The vaccine platform includes a prefusion F mRNA delivered continuously by a vaccine implant. The implant delivers preprogrammed mRNA into the cow’s cells, instructing the cells to produce a pathogenic protein antigen that the cow’s immune cells are trained to attack. The technology will be first carried out in mice, before it is unleashed as a “cost-effective way” to sustain cow populations.

As of April 5, 2023, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association heeded, “There are no current mRNA vaccines licensed for use in beef cattle in the United States. Cattle farmers and ranchers do vaccinate cattle to treat and prevent many diseases, but presently none of these vaccines include mRNA technology.” Their Association doesn’t seem concerned that mRNA experiments are headed into the beef supply.


Merck and Genvax are in a race to transfect pork with mRNA injections

The drug company Merck has wasted no time getting their mRNA products into pork. In fact, pork producers have been using Merck’s Sequivity platform to re-engineer the cells of pigs to express various porcine diseases, including swine flu. This mRNA platform is mass producing toxins in pigs and forcing their immune cells to generate specific responses to the foreign bioweapon proteins. To make matters worse, this mRNA platform has not yielded any specific benefit to pork populations. Sow mortality rates have increased from 11.1% in 2017 to 12.6% in 2021. Suffice to say, the mRNA platform has not fixed the problems in the pork industry and may even hasten the destruction of pork populations long term, as the animals’ immune systems become (weakened) dependent on the programming of the mRNA from season to season.

The race to pollute the food supply with mRNA bioweapons does not stop there. Genvax Technologies is advancing a self-amplifying mRNA vaccine into livestock populations. The startup has secured $6.5 million in funding from United Animal Health, Johnsonville Ventures, the Iowa Corn Growers Association the Summit Agricultural Group, and the Ag Startup Engine. They have also secured additional grants from the USDA-Agricultural Research Services Plum Island Animal Disease Center and the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research. This mRNA platform is being promoted as a solution in the fight against existing and emerging threats to the food supply chain. The mRNA will program the swine to produce proteins modeled after African swine fever variants. When a new outbreak is identified, the mRNA platform will be deployed to engineer the livestock’s cells for a mutant-specific immune response. The animals are engineered using a transgene or “gene of interest” that is matched to the dominant variant strain in circulation.

Vegetables are no longer sacred, as their genetic integrity is polluted by federally-funded mRNA experiments

The mRNA platform is also being unleashed through basic vegetables. Researchers from the University of California Irvine and University of California, Riverside have found a way to incorporate mRNA into lettuces, tomatoes and other vegetables. Scientists are creating transgenic, chimeric plants that have DNA that is combined with DNA from viruses and animals. These scientists are pushing mRNA in vegetables, thanks to a $500,000 grant from the National Science Foundation, a funding apparatus of the NIH, whose directors are appointed by the President of the United States.

In the race to hack humans and control populations, not even the food supply is sacred. Legislatures across the United States must move quickly to protect the future of the food supply, and the genetic integrity of plants, animals, and humans. The impending failures of mRNA experiments and the deleterious consequences of man trying to play God are only a matter of time; inevitable.

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WATCH as Mike Adams speaks with 16-year-old Venezuelan refugee who fled tyranny with her family

Image: WATCH as Mike Adams speaks with 16-year-old Venezuelan refugee who fled tyranny with her family

(Natural News) You may have heard that fake president Joe Biden was ordered this week to issue a public statement about the forced closure of the Venezuelan refugee camps located along the deadly Darien Gap jungle trail that his border chief had built back in 2021 for human trafficking.

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, got the chance to speak with one young girl who has been in one of these camps with her family for the past five days, and cannot leave due to lack of funds.

Watch the interview below as Adams speaks with the child via correspondent Michael Yon:

“We are here, we’re a family,” the girl states to Adams while surrounded by her relatives. “We’ve traveled for five days. We came here today.”

“We traveled through rocks, water – it was so hard. All these lakes, hard, hard. Very painful.”

Adams asked the girl when they plan to leave and what they plan to do, and the girl, partially unable to translate all of his words, responded back about her family’s lack of funds to continue traveling.

“You need money to continue, and we don’t have it,” she explained. “Some people have stayed here for 15 days or more time because they don’t have money.”

“Some people stay here trying to work, but some can’t do that. Some people are trying to attack the women.”

Biden border chief Alejandro Mayorkas needs to be arrested and charged with treason for creating human trafficking camps along Darien Gap jungle trail

The video is both eye-opening and heartbreaking as it depicts the real human lives – precious lives – that got caught up in this nightmare as a result of the Biden regime’s corrupt policies.


The Darien Gap jungle trail was funded not just by the Biden regime but also by the United Nations, both of which have been paying for these human trafficking camps to exist for the past several years.

Migrants from not just Venezuela but China, Haiti, the Middle East, Europe, and elsewhere were lured to these camps under the pretense of being ushered across the border as illegal immigrants. Now, those who arrived recently are being disbanded as the camps get shut down by the very people who put them there in the first place.

“It is our opinion that border chief Alejandro Mayorkas should be arrested and charged with committing treason against the United States of America,” Adams explained about the guy in the Biden regime who is directly responsible for all this turmoil.

It turns out that Mayorkas decided to call it quits with these camps because the independent media was able to finally gain access to them. Prior to this, nobody really knew they existed – or if they did, they had no idea what they were actually being used for because the corporate-controlled media has never told the truth about them.

“… [Mayorkas] is only shutting down these camps because the independent media – Brighteon.com, NaturalNews.com, InfoWars.com, etc. – was able to get this story out to the America people despite all the illegal censorship and oppression carried out against the alt media by the Biden regime and complicit tech giants that have all been infiltrated by the CIA and FBI,” Adams said.

If you pay taxes, by the way, then you, too, helped created the human trafficking highway that the young girl seen above and her family ended up on, only to now be told that they have to leave and go somewhere else.

“… innocent families are tricked by the United States (Biden and Mayorkas) into using the Darien Gap as a human trafficking channel to flood the U.S. border with illegals,” Adams added.

“Those innocent families are told they will be given amnesty in the United States, so they put their lives on the lines, often facing extreme violence, routine rapes of young women, injuries, illness and death.”

More related news can be found at InvasionUSA.news.

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Illinois trucking company shuts down unexpectedly, leaving drivers stranded and unpaid

Image: Illinois trucking company shuts down unexpectedly, leaving drivers stranded and unpaid

(Natural News) An apparently fraudulent trucking company called Cromex Inc., based out of Villa Park, Ill., left several of its employees in the lurch under disturbing circumstances this week.

A father-and-son driving team with a combined 24 years of driving experience under their belts says the owner of Cromex, Danijel (or Daniel) Krizanac lured them up to the Chicago area from Jacksonville, Fla., under false pretenses, only to leave them stranded with none of their pay and no way to return home.

The son of the father-son team, who chose to remain anonymous for he and his father’s protection, says Cromex failed to send replacement trucks as promised while they waited in a nearby hotel for the new ones to arrive. When they tried to contact Krizanak, they were eventually “ghosted,” meaning Krizanak just disappeared and stopped responding to them.

“It was all empty promises,” the younger trucker told FreightWaves, choosing only to be identified by his Twitter handle of @RunnTDC or SuperHussle. “I thought we were friends but now he’s in the wind and he’s not going to respond to me anymore. He’s blocked all of our numbers.”

(Related: The trucking situation in America was on rocky ground last summer, too.)

Not all trucking companies are equal: Some are apparently run by criminal scammers

Initially, Krizanac did respond while the father and son awaited what they thought would be replacement trucks. He said, according to one of the text messages received by FreightWaves:

“Company is bankrupt and closed, bro. Trucks went back to (the) bank.”


It is unclear whether or not Cromex actually went bankrupt, but we do know that wife Ervina Krizanac recently opened a new trucking company called Boscro Cargo in Evanston, Ill., that had its operating authority reinstated on March 31.

“According to FMCSA data, Boscro is using the same DOT and motor carrier numbers as another company she owns, Royal Queen Trans Inc., which had its operating authority revoked in March 2018,” FreightWaves reported.

While still in operation, Cromex operated a very poorly run business with higher-than-average out-of-service rates, meaning its trucks were constantly breaking down and inoperable. Many of them were crashing as well and had to be towed away.

“The first time we left after six months was because the truck was in the shop more than it was on the road and we barely made any money,” SuperHussle said, revealing that he and his father had driven for Cromex twice. “We came back to Cromex when the company we moved to started to not make money or pay on time.”

When he asked Krizanac when he and his father would be paid and why there were so many problems, Krizanac cruelly and crudely responded with, “Because I lose money running your a** on a truck [with] payment,” adding “You won’t get s*** now and find a new job.”

In this latest incident, after being asked by SuperHussle how he and his father were supposed to get back to Florida from Chicago, Krizanac told him to “figure it out and start making calls for a new job.”

“Since the market went into the tank, he can’t pay us on time, if at all, and now he just lured us up here under false pretenses to dump us in the street, literally,” SuperHussle told FreightWaves about the matter.

In the comments, one person wrote that the freight industry is in desperate need of better vetting of carriers.

“They just shut down and restart again under another name,” she wrote.

“They are affecting people’s lives doing this, and no agency will take responsibility for this happening. It is rampant. Why would any scammer care if they had to shut down? Seems like no one cares, as long they get their fees.”

More related news can be found at Collapse.news.

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IMF unleashes Unicoin, a new global CBDC intended to enslave the entire planet under a one world digital currency

Image: IMF unleashes Unicoin, a new global CBDC intended to enslave the entire planet under a one world digital currency

(Natural News) The powers that be are working feverishly to unleash a new central bank-controlled cryptocurrency for the new world order, and one viable contender is the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) new Unicoin Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

At the recent IMF spring meetings, the globalists unveiled their new “international central bank digital currency” called the Universal Monetary Unit, or UMU. The crypto coin functions just like a CBDC and serves as a legal and global money commodity.

“The purpose of this particular iteration of a CBDCs is to make sure banking regulations are enforced, as well as to protect ‘the financial integrity of the international banking system,’” reported Reclaim the Net.

Banks can use Unicoin via SWIFT codes and bank accounts that are linked to a UMU digital wallet. This will facilitate digital cross-border payments modeled after the existing SWIFT system, and the IMF says it will allow for the best wholesale exchange rates of settlement currencies along with real-time settlement “while bypassing the correspondent banking system.”

(Related: Check out the new CBDC pilot program that Australia just launched for a taste of what is soon to come upon the entire world.)

UMU will “strengthen” the existing international monetary system, says IMF

Admittedly slow, expensive, and risky, the current cross-border payment system that exists can be “strengthened,” according to the IMF, by the implementation of UMU. The IMF also wants to do away with the term “crypto” in describing it, since cryptos are traditionally associated with decentralized digital currencies.


To set it apart from all that, the IMF wants UMU to be overtly a central bank-controlled crypto, or “Crypto 2.0,” as the globalist entity is now calling it.

As popular as centralized cryptos might be with the globalists, they are overwhelmingly unpopular among the general public. Most people seem to recognize that CBDCs like UMU are a pathway straight into an even worse financial slavery system than the one that already exists.

If central banks control the future of digital money, then you can be sure that all types of spying, tracking, social credit scoring, and other tyrannical schemes will be embedded into it, leaving humanity with no more freedom or liberty.

“More criticism has to do with CBDCs being seen as a way of introducing social credit scores and digital IDs, thus having individuals fully ceding to the government control over their own assets and/or the amount they spend,” reports explain.

“Unlike cash and decentralized crypto, CBCDs are feared to spell the end of private financial affairs, and usher in even more surveillance by the authorities.”

Obviously, this is all headed straight towards what the Bible predicted concerning a one-world currency and the infamous mark of the beast, which will be a necessary component of buying or selling. The question remains: will the mark be a CBDC, or will it be a much tricker decentralized paradigm that emerges just in time to “save” the world from the threat of a CBDC like Unicoin?

“No one, no matter his social class or influence, will be able to buy or sell unless he has a mark upon the forehead or hand to signify devotion to the beast,” wrote one commenter about the matter, quoting loosely from Revelation 13:16.

“It’s coming,” wrote another. “In America, the FedNow pilot program goes online later this month for early adopters, and is expected to be fully operational by fall 2023. All of the biggest payment processors are already on-board with this. Expect a major marketing blitz stressing the convenience of using it.”

As the world fast-tracks towards a global dictatorship, complete with a one-world cryptocurrency, you can keep informed about the latest at Collapse.news.

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