Critics say huge coronation security operation goes too far

AP News | May 4, 2023

LONDON (AP) — The coronation of King Charles III involves one of the most important and complex security operations in U.K. history, Britain’s security minister said Wednesday, as rights groups accused the authorities of stifling civil liberties in their attempt to ensure events run smoothly.

Security Minister Tom Tugendhat said the coronation involves “one of the most important security operations that the country has put into plan,” with scores of foreign royals, dignitaries and heads of state expected to attend Saturday’s Westminster Abbey service.

“This is an enormously important moment for the country,” Tugendhat told Times Radio. “The police are, to put it mildly, all over it, and our intelligence and other security forces are extremely aware of the challenges that we face and ready to deal with them — as the police did quite brilliantly yesterday.”

As thousands of police began to be deployed across London, officers arrested a man and blew up a suspicious bag outside Buckingham Palace.


Rounding Up the 500 Most Dangerous Psychos in NYC Could Make the Streets and Subways a Lot Less Chaotic

Unz Review | May 5, 2023

Statistically, NYC still isn’t all that dangerous. But because the point of NYC is to take public transportation, even a small amount of chaos on the sidewalks and in transit imposes huge psychological stresses on innocent commuters compared to cities where everybody commutes in locked Ford F-150s.

But making commuting in NYC more civilized doesn’t sound that hard.

It’s common in NYC for dangerous loons to have a long paper trail in the media. For example, years before the “Free Hugs Guy” Jeremy Himmelstein went viral for video of punching a Canadian girl in Times Square, the NYT and many other outlets had warned about him. The Free Hugs guy was such a pest in Times Square and Washington Square Park in 2012-2016 that he is portrayed in the “Angry Birds” movie.

I live 3000 miles away, but a woman I know was punched in the head by Jeremy in the 42nd St. subway station. The NYPD said in effect, “Whaddaya whaddaya, we already arrested him 15 times. They’ll just let him out again.”

Similarly, the paranoid schizophrenic who punched out 5’4″ 67-year-old retired comic actor Rick Moranis walking down the street in Manhattan had been arrested six times previously just in 2020 for attacking random people.


STARVE FOR THE CLIMATE: European Union partners with Dutch government to shut down dairy, cattle, pig, and poultry farms across the country

Image: STARVE FOR THE CLIMATE: European Union partners with Dutch government to shut down dairy, cattle, pig, and poultry farms across the country

(Natural News) The “Climate Shutdowns” are here. The European Union is partnering with the Dutch government to permanently shut down dairy, cattle, pig, and poultry farms across the Netherlands. Just a year ago, the Dutch government announced a plan to reduce nitrogen emissions across the country by more than 50 percent by 2030.
On May 2, the European Commission approved a plan that would pay livestock farmers to shut down indefinitely in designated conservation areas if they agree to never start the same breeding activity elsewhere. The EU’s environmental regulations are a threat to basic economic freedoms and the repercussions will impact human rights and the food supply itself.

European Green Deal bribing small farmers to shut down permanently

Under the European Green Deal, governments are bribing small and mid-sized farmers to shut down their operations permanently because their facilities produce high levels of nitrogen. The nitrogen is now labeled a “pollutant” that should be cut by 50% across Europe. Under the Green Deal, it is “necessary and appropriate” to “improve the environmental conditions of the targeted areas and to allow a high quality, sustainable and environmentally friendly production,” and that involves shutting down hundreds of small farms. The Dutch government has budgeted roughly €1.47 billion ($1.62 billion) to pay off the farmers and shut them down for good.

The funds will be used to compensate the farmers “up to 100 percent” of the losses they incur after “voluntarily” agreeing to shutdown dairy, cattle, pig, and poultry breeding sites. The EU Commission is calling these buyouts “direct grants.”


Under the government’s plan, these new buy-outs of small and mid-sized farms are called “schemes.” The Dutch government will keep the schemes running until February of 2028, until most farming operations are consolidated into the hands of the few. The EU Commission claims that the schemes are “proportionate” and the compensation “brings about positive effects that outweigh any potential distortion of competition and trade in the European Union.”

Farmers are only eligible for the buy-outs if they can prove that they have produced for five consecutive years. The WEF globalists behind the new plan know that the Netherlands is a top exporter of meat and agricultural products around the world. According to the National Statistics Office, Dutch agricultural exports were worth €122.3 billion last year. Farmers are fighting back against the new environmental rules that threaten their very existence, but the Dutch government is conspiring with the WEF.

The EU is destroying fundamental freedoms and restricting food production, all for the “greater good”

Robbin Voorend is one such farmer who has spoken out about the European Green Deal. The government’s nitrogen emission schemes have already cut his livestock production by 90-95%. Dairy farmer Martin Neppelenbroek attests that the government culled 95% of his herd.

These schemes will not be enough to convince every farmer to shut down, so additional bribes and payouts will be included in the bigger plan. Under the €975 million ($1.77 billion) LBV-plus scheme, some farmers who shut down high-level nitrogen operations will receive up to 120% in compensation from the lost production capacity. Under the European Green Deal, member states may grant some farmers an additional 20% “green bonus”  — if they shutdown their farms for “environmental” reasons.

Dutch political commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek estimates that the EU buyouts could permanently shutdown 3,000 or more Dutch farms.

“This is how they do it: they put a knife to the farmers’ throats. They make sure they don’t get their licenses renewed, they’re plaguing them with new rules and restrictions every day and then offer them a bribe, knowing many will take it out of pure desperation. It’s all so vile,” Vlaardingerbroek wrote, while questioning the legality of the government prohibiting farmers from starting over again.

“The whole idea of the EU was supposed to be about freedom of movement and freedom of workers. This is some next-level USSR stuff,” Vlaardingerbroek warned.

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A Good Example of Satanism at Work

 By Anna Von Reitz

People tend to think that Satanism is some kind of airy-fairy cult far removed from their day-to-day, but such is not the case.  They envision monk-like figures in robes and hoods, and Hollywood Black Masses, altars with severed goat heads dripping blood all over them.  
These specious images only serve to hide the reality of it.  
Satanists rarely wear robes and hoods, as they did when they walked in procession around the effigy of a dead baby in a coffin at the London Olympics.  Most of the time, they wear business suits and nice dresses. 
And they come to you in the guise of friends.
Last August, we were ready to launch our new banking and pre-paid credit system.  
The hard work was all done, and the banking system was about to be populated— all those who had completed their paperwork and published it on the Land Recording System (LRS) would be given prepaid credit accounts automatically, and next, all those who published using the Land Recording Offices (LROs) of each of the State Assemblies, and then, all the new people from all over the world who returned home to the land and soil jurisdiction of their own countries, they, too, would be welcome to bank with us. 
On the very day that this was supposed to happen, the LRS was shut down.  On the very day, a group of volunteers who had ingratiated themselves into being part of the bank-building process, split off and started spreading lies and gossip.  
These were people who knew about the computer system and satellites and everything else, so we had no choice.  We had to rebuild everything, had to start over from scratch, rewriting the code, using new algorithms, new pass codes, new firewalls, everything.  This was because of them, the same people running around like wild dogs spreading lies and casting doubts.  
According to them, the leader of our bank group was suddenly a felon involved in money laundering and Ponzi Schemes.   
But wait, if that were true, folks, how is it that he has all his banking credentials and licenses in place?  You think the bank insurers are so lax as to insure banks run by men convicted of felony money laundering and running Ponzi Schemes?  Really?  
Better go back and chew on that.  
It turns out that he was investigated, not convicted, and he was investigated merely because he bought the same specialized banking software as some people who later engaged in money laundering.  
This is called “guilt by association”.  It’s the same logic error as saying — the murderer wore red shoes, and Debbie wears red shoes, so Debbie must be the murderer.
When in fact Debbie is innocent and just happens to have a pair of red shoes. 
The people who told this Whopper certainly knew that our bank group leader was innocent.  They could observe the same things about his licensing and bank insurance status as I did, but they chose to lie and spread doubt and panic just the same. 
So on top of having to redo everything we had done because of them, we had to take the flying dog poop in the face for no good reason.  
It turns out that they used us to get to suppliers of bank software and security systems they needed to set up their own bank, and at least some of them fully intended to run competition with us — using the knowledge they gleaned from us to compete against us.  
Two other West Coast Agents issued false vendor complaints against the LRS, so the LRS was getting fined and blacklisted because of other Liars, and while the lies were sorted out, that took money and time that the volunteers running the LRS didn’t have.  They had to shut it down or keep hemorrhaging money in the meantime. 
That meant that we had to rebuild the Land Recording System as well as all the banking software and systems, and all because of this same team of Liars doing what Liars do best — telling Big Ones and spreading the manure. 
Of course, they weren’t wearing black hooded robes and wearing upside down pentagrams around their necks.  Most of these people probably don’t see themselves as Satanists, even though they did what Satanists do: lie, cast doubt, create fear, and destroy. 
Not only were we unable to launch the bank, we were unable to populate it with pre-approved accounts.  That is what happened last August, and that is why it has taken us months to recoup and recover. 
Still, there is always a silver-lining.  In the process of rebuilding we improved the whole system, improved the security, bulwarked everything to the nth degree.  We added new features, some of which are totally revolutionary, both in the banking industry and in the realm of computer security. 
We also rebuilt the Land Recording System (LRS) in a new user-friendly 
format that will make it easier for people all over the world to return home to the land and soil jurisdiction of their own countries, and allow them access to our unique banking services.  
A lot more has actually been accomplished during this nasty, dirty, slogging-through-frozen-molasses winter.  
So now everyone who wants to complain, can complain to Satan. You can all know what happened and who is responsible for it.  And you can blame yourselves for buying into his same old tricks — being taken in by his lies, being gripped by his fears, and spreading his evil by gossiping.  Not to mention being faithless and taking part in the bank run that ensued.   
I actually had people calling me up and ranting, wanting me to fire our bank group leader.  I had elderly people in tears over the phone, telling me that they put money in “my” credit union — a credit union that isn’t associated with me.  The Liars lied about that, too.   I had people screaming at me and calling me incompetent, people accusing me of running a Ponzi Scheme.  It was all sorts of fun and games.  
Remember their modus operandi: they always accuse others of what they are doing themselves. If they are lying, they will say that you are.  If they are cheating, they will say that you are.  If they are stealing or running a Ponzi Scheme or money laundering — that’s what they will accuse you of doing.  They always judge other people by themselves. 
If they’d do something dishonest and dishonorable in a given situation, they assume that you already are.  
A tremendous amount of time, effort, and money has been wasted.  Innocent people have been harmed.  Our original banking and recording systems were destroyed.  Access to the money that people deposited in the Global Family Credit Union, a separate institution founded in 2013, has been restricted for months longer than it ever should have been.  
This is what happens when Satanists slither in, unscrupulous spoilers wearing the face of friends, Liars schooled by the Father of All Lies, loose tongues clacking gossip, fear-mongers spreading fear. And it always takes a toll on all of us. 
People have asked me, some in amazement, why I have stood by our Bank Group Leader, and why we just buckled down and went back to the drawing board.  
I never thought more than a minute about that.  
I have dealt with Satan before.  I can recognize his smoking hooftracks. 
Nobody had to tell me his hallmarks and how he operates. 
Now that you have seen the process used to alienate and destroy people — and their best efforts — next time you see it, you can recognize it, too. 
It always starts with some slimy and totally untrue suggestion, and ends in gossip.

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Florida liberal activists arrested after STORMING and occupying Gov. DeSantis' office

Image: Florida liberal activists arrested after STORMING and occupying Gov. DeSantis’ office

(Natural News) Fourteen liberal activists were arrested on Wednesday night, May 3, after they stormed and occupied the office of Gov. Ron DeSantis at the Florida Capitol.

The liberal activists flooded into DeSantis’ office after the Republican-controlled state legislature passed sweeping education bills that Democrats and liberals have decried as racist, homophobic and transphobic. (Related: New Florida law limits instruction on gender identity and sexual orientation indoctrination in public schools.)

The protesters were part of an organization known as the Dream Defenders, established after the 2012 death of Trayvon Martin in Florida. The protesters said they would occupy the office until DeSantis agreed to meet with the organization.

The several dozen protesters barged into DeSantis’ office, locked arms and either sang songs or sat on the carpet. The police issued a warning that they must vacate the area at around 7 p.m. on Wednesday.

Most of the protesters left following the warning, except for the 14 who were arrested at around 7:45 p.m. by members of the Florida Capitol Police, the Florida Highway Patrol and in the presence of officers from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement confirmed that the 14 protesters were arrested for misdemeanor trespass after the Capitol building had been closed to visitors. Those arrested could face up to a one-year ban from entering the Florida Capitol grounds.

“Once the building closes, unless you have an office in the Capitol, you’re not allowed to be there, said spokesperson Gretl Plessinger, who noted that the 14 protesters were booked into the Leon County Jail.


Liberals are protesting against bills that protect children from LGBT agenda in schools

In a statement, Dream Defenders decried DeSantis’ refusal to meet with the Dream Defenders protesters.

“DeSantis likes to meet with his donors, the people who voted with him, his little pals, but he seems not to want to face the people who don’t actually like him,” said Naila Summers-Polite, co-executive director of the Dream Defenders. “If he won’t face us, he shouldn’t be governor.”

But what the Dream Defenders failed to include in their statement was that DeSantis was not at the Capitol at the time.

Dream Defenders said the storming and short-lived occupation of the Florida Capitol is part of a nationwide demonstration wave. The Dream Defenders in Florida used the opportunity to address a number of issues relevant to the state, including the so-called push for “an alternative” to the country that politicians like DeSantis are creating.

The main piece of legislation the organization is protesting against in Florida prevents students and teachers from being required to use the pronouns of a person if those pronouns don’t correspond to the person’s biological sex. Another bill the group is protesting against bans programs in colleges and universities that promote the LGBT agenda.

Both bills have sailed through the State Legislature and DeSantis is expected to sign them within the next week.

Other legislation of a similar nature is working its way through the legislature. This includes a ban on schools teaching about gender identity and sexual orientation to students in the eighth grade and below. Another bill would allow parents to challenge schools for teaching books that may be inappropriate for children, such as books that may have too much sexualized content.

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Watch this clip from “The Stew Peters Show” as host Stew Peters discusses the spreading of LGBT propaganda in Maine schools.

This video is from the channel Follower of Christ 777 on

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Tom Renz rants about widespread promotion of LGBT ideology in school system, social media.

Democrats want LGBTQ “migrants” to have easy, unrestricted access to enter the country illegally.

Homosexual teacher caught bullying his students, threatening them to comply with LGBTQ agenda.

Elementary school teacher admits “the goal” is to brainwash and confuse children about gender in order to recruit them as new LGBTs.

Florida school board votes against recognizing October as “LGBTQ History Month.”

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Carrot carotenoids found to enhance and protect eye health

Image: Carrot carotenoids found to enhance and protect eye health

(Natural News) Did you know that the retina of the eye is an extension of the human brain? And did you know that carrots, eggs, and leafy greens are loaded with nutrients that help protect and promote optimal eye health?

Of the 850 known carotenoids in the food supply, just three of them – lutein, zeaxanthin, and astaxanthin – are capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier. And it is these three that Dr. Joseph Mercola says are critical for producing macular pigment in your eyes.

It appears as though lutein in particular accumulates throughout the body, which draws from these stores to promote vision, cognitive function, and more. The others are important, too, and it is critical for you to understand that you must obtain these carotenoids from healthy foods because they do not occur naturally in the body.

Lutein has a protective, anti-inflammatory effect on the body. It is available both in supplement form as well as in dark leafy greens, avocados, egg yolks, tomatoes, and carrots, among other foods.

“Lutein concentrates in your macula – the part of your retina responsible for central vision,” Mercola writes. “Along with zeaxanthin and mesa-zeaxanthin (a metabolite of lutein), these three carotenoids form the retinal macular pigment, which not only is responsible for optimizing your visual performance but also serves as a biomarker for the risk of macular diseases.”

“Lutein is also found in the lens, where it helps protect against cataracts and other age-related eye diseases. Among carotenoids, lutein is the most efficient at filtering out blue light – the type that comes from cellphones, computers, tablets, and LED lights.”


(Related: Back in 2010, researchers found that fruit and vegetable carotenoids help to protect women against ovarian cancer.)

Lutein deficiency linked to dementia, brain degradation

Blue light, in case you are unfamiliar with its detriments, is terrible for your eyes. It creates oxidative stress that can increase the risk of cataracts and other forms of macular degeneration and vision loss.

Lutein acts as a type of shield to protect your eyes against blue light damage, which is becoming even more of a problem as cities replace their orange-tinted street lights with blue light-emitting LEDs, which are white-looking, bright, and heavily straining on the eyes.

“As the peak wavelength of lutein’s absorption is around 460 nm which lies within the range of blue light, lutein can effectively reduce light-induced damage by absorbing 40 percent to 90 percent of incident blue light depending on its concentration,” reported a team of scientists out of Harvard Medical School and The University of Hong Kong, writing in the journal Nutrients.

“The outer plexiform layer of the fovea, where the majority of axons of rod and cone photoreceptor cells are located, is the retinal layer having the highest density of macular carotenoids including lutein. Hence the photoreceptors are protected against photo-oxidative damages from blue light.”

Another thing lutein does is protect the brain against dementia and other forms of degradation. It likewise suppresses the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor, or VEGF, which stimulates the formation of blood vessels that are capable of being upregulated in many types of cancerous tumors.

“As inflammation and abnormal angiogenesis in retinal vasculature are major pathogenic mechanisms of many ocular diseases, lutein’s functions in suppressing inflammatory response and VEGF expression make it effective in reducing the severity of these diseases,” the aforementioned research team further noted in their research.

The moral of the story, here, is to eat more carrots, dark leafy greens, pastured eggs, and other carotenoid-rich foods, which may help to protect your eyesight, not to mention the protective effects it offers in cancer prevention.

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