New America: Crackhead knocks on his drug dealer’s door at 3am

Matthew 27: 24 -25
Seeing that it did no good but, rather, an uproar was arising, Pilate took water and washed his hands before the crowd, saying: “I am innocent of the blood of this man. You yourselves must see to it.” At that all the people said in answer: “Let his blood come upon us and upon our children.”
Romans were nohting but useful idiots, the corrupted governments of today are similar. They may pull the trigger, but it’s the Central Bank Clan, (CBC) aiming the weapons;

‘I know your tribulation and poverty—but you are rich — and the blasphemy by those who call themselves Jews and really are not, but they are a synagogue of Satan.

Revelation 3:9
Look! I will make those from the synagogue of Satan who say they are Jews yet are not, but are lying—look! I will make them come and bow before your feet and make them know that I have loved you.
Revelation 12:9
So down the great dragon was hurled, the original serpent, the one called Devil and Satan, who is misleading the entire inhabited earth; he was hurled down to the earth, and his angels were hurled down with him.

These faux Jews beat themselves on the chest – “look how oppressed we are!”

As you know, I was sent to Poland in 1988 by and for Mr. Ernst Zündel to investigate the alleged execution gas chamber facilities at the three concentration camps of Auschwitz, Birkenau, and Majdanek. I was chosen for this task from a field of experts numbering one, and recommended by those states in the USA where lethal gas chambers are used to execute convicted criminals. My forensic analysis and subsequent report prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that there were no gas execution facilities operated by the Nazis at these sites. I also entered these findings (which are also detailed in my published report) into the court record in sworn testimony in Toronto as a court-qualified expert.
Fred Leuchter

The Jews have undoubtedly to a large extent furnished the brains and energy in the revolution throughout Russia. Mr. George von Longerke Meyer, United States Ambassador to Russia during the Russo-Japanese War, in an official letter dated December 30, 1905, to Mr. Elihu Root, then U. S. Secretary of State. [Nevertheless, in 1905, the revolution financed by Jacob H. Schiff failed.]

“It is in the JEWISH INTEREST, it is in humanities interest that whites experience a genocide. Until white children are burned alive, white women raped, mutilated, murdered and all white men who have not been slaughtered watch powerlessly as their people are terrorized; only then will mankind be on a more equal footing, ready to discuss white privilege. – AND THE APPARENT CHIP ON THE SHOULDER THAT MINORITIES HAVE.”Ishmael Levitts (caps mine)“The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race” Dr. Noel Ignatiev

AI could replace up to 8 in 10 jobs, expert says

May 10, 2023 Winter Watch Around the Web, Business 1

The Hill | May 9, 2023

An expert said that artificial intelligence could replace up to 8 in 10 jobs “in the next few years.”

Researcher Ben Goertzel, the founder and chief executive officer of SingularityNET, said in a new interview with AFP that he does not believe artificial intelligence (AI) is a threat to jobs, but rather a benefit. He also said he opposed proposals that would pause ChatGPT for a temporary amount of time, saying that misinformation that is spread on the platform is no different than on the internet.

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New Federal Disinformation Offices Created


The Intercept recently reported the creation of two new federal offices to combat disinformation. The Pentagon will oversee the “Influence and Perception Management Office,” which is consistent with the fact that “Perception Management” is an old DoD euphemism for psychological warfare and deception. According to the investigative journalist Robert Parry, who covered the Iran-Contra Affair, the Reagan and first Bush Administrations adopted the techniques of “Perception Management” for the objective of overcoming the American public’s “Vietnam Syndrome”—that is, its reluctance to get involved in foreign military adventures that were widely perceived as fruitless and likely to end badly.

Given that the federal government is already a Leviathan of agencies for conducting propaganda, influence, and surveillance operations, one wonders why it is necessary to create new offices for these activities. The new Biden Administration offices are purportedly to keep the homeland and its people safe from dangerous foreign adversaries. More likely they will work round the clock to keep our people insulated from outside sources of information that would serve to counterbalance U.S. government and MSM propaganda.

New DoD office will manage perceptions.

Communist city councilwoman says Denver needs to pillage white-owned businesses and hand over loot to black-owned businesses

Image: Communist city councilwoman says Denver needs to pillage white-owned businesses and hand over loot to black-owned businesses

(Natural News) Do you agree that business owners with light skin should be punished in favor of business owners with dark skin? Candi CdeBaca, a “Democrat Socialist” city councilwoman from Denver’s District 9 believes this is the right thing to do.

Speaking this week about her plans to help black and brown business owners get ahead of white business owners, CdeBaca suggested adding a special white tax throughout the city of Denver, the proceeds of which would be handed over to blacks and browns.

CdeBaca’s race-based tax scheme is making the rounds on social media for its blatantly anti-white prospects. CdeBaca, who appears to be Hispanic, claims that black and brown business owners throughout Denver need a leg up in the form of stealing from white business owners.

“Capitalism was built on stolen land, stolen labor, and stolen resources,” CdeBaca complained during the meeting, which you can watch below. “You could be collecting those extra taxes from white-led businesses all over the city and redistributing them to black and brown-owned businesses.”

Denver City Council member Candi CdeBaca, who is running for re-election, says white owned businesses should be taxed extra and redistributed to black owned businesses.

— Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) May 5, 2023

(Related: Black Lives Matter [BLM] terrorists claim that destroying businesses and looting is a form of “reparations” that blacks deserve – is this where CdeBaca got her idea from?)

Anti-white racists like CdeBaca are infesting the new American government

CdeBaca is apparently unfamiliar with the United States Constitution, as many leftists are, and those pesky little provisions it contains that outlaw this type of race-based taxation. In defense of her plan, CdeBaca claims that the illegal tax would be “voluntary,” just like the federal income tax supposedly is, thus making it legal in her mind.


A spokesperson for Denver’s Department of Finance quickly corrected CdeBaca’s embarrassing false claim, stating unequivocally that “non-residentially assessed property owners within the BID are required to pay the additional taxes and fees – it’s not voluntary.”

So not only is CdeBaca a liar, but she is also pushing an illegal race-based tax that by its very nature embodies a form of skin color-based communism, which makes sense for the area of Denver she represents.

Denver’s 9th District is a hodgepodge of wealthy gentrifiers mixed in with “minorities.” It is one of those “cool” areas of town that leftists, oftentimes white themselves, love to take over while implementing their own special brand of anti-white leftism.

The represented neighborhoods include a portion of City Park, Clayton, Cole, Elyria-Swansea, Five Points, Globeville, Skyland, and Whittier, as well as North Park Hill and South Park Hill. District 9 used to, but no longer does, include Auraria, the Central Businesses District, City Park West, Union Station, and another portion of City Park.

Hilariously, CdeBaca’s office responded to criticisms against her anti-white policy by claiming that “this is the third time CdeBaca has been targeted by a white nationalist mob,” claiming that the above clip of CdeBaca revealing her anti-white scheme “is part of a concerted playbook to harass, intimidate, and silence progressives and in particular, marginalized communities.”

It turns out that there are major swaths of the country that are poor and marginalized and are majority white, including the Appalachian region of the country. How come they never get any representation by these white-hating “progressives?”

CdeBaca says she got her anti-white ideas from the San Francisco Legacy Business Program, which since 2015 has been redistributing money to “underserved communities,” though not specifically by taxing white-owned businesses.

The latest news about the left’s hatred for white people can be found at

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Government-mandated DEATH CHOICES: New York won't outlaw deadly vaccines that kill people but will outlaw tobacco products that kill people

Image: Government-mandated DEATH CHOICES: New York won’t outlaw deadly vaccines that kill people but will outlaw tobacco products that kill people

(Natural News) Prohibition is the act of forbidding by law the manufacture, sale, possession, or consumption of something. Many people are aware of alcohol prohibition that took place in the United States from 1920 to 1933. During that period, speak easies popped up everywhere, as illicit establishments that sold adult beverages. Owners and operators of these “underground” bars and hidden backrooms were often part of the organized crime syndicates.

Get ready for “smoke easies” and “vape easies” in New York, where the Far-Left extremist Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul is set to ban the sale and use of ALL tobacco products. Forget about the soaring crime problem in the Big Dirty Apple, Hochul thinks she can stop two million nicotine addicts from sucking back on cancer sticks and vape gadgets all day.

No ban on the deadliest vaccine ever administered in history, and day-of-birth abortions are still heavily promoted by Democrats, but no more tobacco for you

Infanticide, for Democrats, is of super-importance, especially since there are so many minorities in New York City and the surrounding areas. Forced vaccination for Covid was also at the top of the list for depopulation programs, as the clot shots clog the vascular system with millions of toxic spike prions, causing heart attacks, strokes, and turbo cancer. Still, no talks are in the works to ban any of those heartless (pun intended) means of genocide, but tobacco is now on the chopping block, thanks to the crazed Demoncrat Kathy Hochul.

Despite the epic failure of every “quit smoking” campaign that’s ever been launched by the CDC, Governor Hochul’s administration is trying to garner support from state legislators to ban every single tobacco product in the state of New York. This is not about just menthols or vape products for minors; this is about making it illegal for every person, adult or not, to engage in smoking, vaping, dipping, or chewing tobacco products, though it will still be legal to smoke weed. Go figure.


Big Government in New York wants to tell everyone what they can and cannot do with their lives, body, babies, and medical choices. It always starts with a “harmless” little survey or “suggestive” prompt, to get the reaction from the populace. How hard will the peons buck? They fell for the Covid mask tyranny, so why not tobacco prohibition, right?

Imagine the black market for cancer sticks when prohibition hits New York City and the big dirty, crime-ridden state. Why not ban chemical pesticides, if the worry and concern is cancer-related? What about banning toxic fluoride in tap water, if the concern is for public health?

Smoke weed, get clot shots, be a homeless drug addict, but don’t dare smoke tobacco in New York, because the Government cares about your health and well-being

The Biden regime hands out crack pipes and free money to the homeless drug addicts in metro cities across the nation because that’s the Democrat way of keeping the populace poor, dumb, sick, and voting for more free stuff. So then why not let everyone smoke cigarettes? It’s all about control and random tyranny that makes it seem like the government cares about health and safety.

Just like the Covid masks, lockdowns, social distancing, and deadly Fauci Flu stabs, the CDC, FDA, and Democrat Governors want the people subservient and dying a slow, expensive death. Now, the lung-cancer-ridden masses of New York will hoard their cancer sticks, wondering if they will become illegal in the coming months and years. Hide those cig cartons in the basement with your toilet paper and ramen noodles. The tobacco apocalypse is coming to NYC. Get ready.

Try the search engine Brave BETA and get more truth news and real information. Bookmark to your favorite websites for truth news that’s being censored from the rest of media as you read this.

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DIRTY SHOTS: Researchers raise concerns about high levels of bacterial DNA found in mRNA COVID vaccines

Image: DIRTY SHOTS: Researchers raise concerns about high levels of bacterial DNA found in mRNA COVID vaccines

(Natural News) Researchers have raised concerns about the “alarmingly high” concentrations of bacterial DNA in the mRNA Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna.

Dr. Kevin McKernan, a leading expert in sequencing methods for DNA and RNA, first shined a light on this issue. Canadian physician and medical researcher Dr. Mark Trozzi expounded on McKernan’s findings in an interview with the New American.

He told the magazine’s senior editor Veronika Kyrylenko that any traces of bacterial plasmids, including that from the Escherichia coli bacteria, should have been filtered out in the final batches of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. However, Trozzi pointed out that this filtration wasn’t done.

He emphasized that the contamination risks integrating bacterial plasmid DNA into E. coli bacteria entering the intestinal microbiome. This could result in ongoing spike protein production, triggering autoimmune reactions in the vaccinated and raising concerns about the potential shedding of the spike protein when breathing.

The highly persistent bacterial plasmids may explain why vaccinated individuals produce the spike protein for prolonged periods. The spike protein has been demonstrated to be a potent toxin associated with various conditions, including chronic inflammation, autoimmune-like responses and blood clotting. Additionally, the integration of bacterial DNA with human chromosomes can alter genetic information and potentially lead to malignant diseases.

“We’re at the crime scene and there’s hope for accountability,” Trozzi told Kyrylenko during his interview.


Spike protein reprograms immune system in a strange way

The SARS-CoV-2 spike protein – particularly the one in Pfizer’s BNT162b2 vaccine – reprograms adaptive and innate immune responses as it penetrates the blood-brain barrier and cell nucleus, according to the Daily Expose. The spike protein even affects DNA replication, added the outlet.

“The worst part of this is that COVID-19 infection usually goes away in a week,” the Expose wrote. “But spike production in [the vaccinated] continues for 60 days, exposing [them] to much more spike protein damage.”

Moreover, new evidence suggests that the immune system response of vaccinated individuals may not be as broad and effective as previously thought.

Surveillance data from the U.K. Health Security Agency indicates that individuals vaccinated and subsequently infected with COVID-19 have lower levels of N antibodies produced against the virus’s nucleocapsid protein. This lack of N antibodies may leave vaccinated individuals vulnerable to any mutations of the COVID-19 virus that occur in the future.

In contrast, unvaccinated individuals contracting COVID-19 and recovering from it can produce both S and N antibodies, which may provide better immunity to mutations.

America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) issued two warnings about the COVID-19 shot.

“First, these vaccines’ mis-train the immune system to recognize only a small part of the virus [the spike protein]. Variants that differ, even slightly, in this protein can escape the narrow spectrum of antibodies created by the vaccines,” AFLDS noted. “Second, the vaccines create ‘vaccine addicts,’ meaning persons become dependent upon regular booster shots because they have been ‘vaccinated’ only against a tiny portion of a mutating virus.”

Visit for more stories about the “dirty” COVID-19 vaccines.

Watch the Health Ranger Mike Adams and Dr. Peter McCullough explain how the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine bioweapons turn the body into a walking spike protein factory.

This video is from the Perfect Society channel on

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New study: mRNA COVID-19 vaccines can cause brain diseases.

Large Nordic study finds that mRNA covid “vaccines” increase risk of myocarditis.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: mRNA COVID vaccines increase hospitalization and death rates – Brighteon.TV.

Study finds 29% of teenagers develop heart problems following second dose of Pfizer’s mRNA COVID-19 vaccine.

Cancer “hijacks” your cells and turns your body against itself, just like mRNA Covid-19 vaccines.

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