Article Video – The Monarchy Substitution and Pandemic Fraud – Monday, May 15, 2023 By Anna Von Reitz

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Article Video – Thoughts on Kingship and Motherhood – Monday, May 15, 2023 By Anna Von Reitz

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Special Counsel John Durham’s Report Released

On Sunday, June 12, 2016, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said in an interview on the British political show, ITV Peston: “We have upcoming leaks in relation to Hillary Clinton … We have emails pending publication, that is correct,” Assange said.

Just two days after Assange made this statement, the Washington Post published a report titled “Russian government hackers penetrated DNC, stole opposition research on Trump.”

As soon as I saw this Washington Post report, I suspected it was a fraud perpetrated by Hillary Clinton’s friends in the U.S. government and mainstream media. Prima facie, it was pretty clear that the “Russian DNC” hack story was a way to distract attention away from the embarrassing content of the leaked DNC E-mails.

One of the oldest dirty tricks in the political playbook is to speak of the treachery of foreigners whenever a country’s rulers perceive that their power if threatened. As James Madison put it:

The means of defence against foreign danger have been always the instruments of tyranny at home. Among the Romans it was a standing maxim to excite a war, whenever a revolt was apprehended.

The E-mail correspondence of Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager, John Podesta, contained numerous expressions of a duplicitous, cynical, and Machiavellian nature. Clearly they felt threatened by the publication of these documents that showed their true colors. They therefore felt compelled to take strong action to change the subject. And what better way to change the subject than to speak loudly about Russian perfidy?

And so the Russian-Collusion Hoax was born. At the time I was astonished that such a huge swath of the permanent political class and mainstream media were all—in a perfectly coordinated fashion—talking such patently mendacious nonsense. I remember thinking that such orchestrated lying revealed extraordinary centralized control of our institutions. I also remember thinking that if this network of power could get away with telling—for months on end—such a whopper about President Trump, there was no telling what other colossal, organized frauds were going to be committed in the years ahead. “Wow, what’s next?” I asked my younger brother in one of our conversations about the hoax.

I am about 1/3 through reading the just-released report by Special Counsel John Durham titled REPORT ON MATTERS RELATED TO INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITIES AND INVESTIGATIONS ARISING OUT OF THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN.

Special Counsel John Durham

The first 100 pages contain nothing particularly surprising. Mostly it provides the meticulous details of what I already knew to be the case in the summer of 2016. However, on page 104, I ran across the following section:

iii. What the FBI knew from its intelligence collections as of early 2017. As the record reflects, as of early 2017, the FBI still did not possess any intelligence showing that anyone associated with the Trump campaign was in contact with Russian intelligence officers during the campaign. Indeed, based on declassified documents from early 2017, the FBI’s own records show that reports published by The New York Times in February and March 2017 concerning what four unnamed current and former U.S. intelligence officials claimed about Trump campaign personnel being in touch with any Russian intelligence officers was untrue.

These unidentified sources reportedly stated that (i) U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies intercepted communications of members of Trump’s campaign and other Trump associates that showed repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials in the year before the election; (ii) former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort had been one of the individuals picked up on the intercepted “calls;” and (iii) the intercepted communications between Trump associates and Russians had been initially captured by the NSA. However, official FBI documentation reflects that all three of these highly concerning claims of Trump-related contacts with Russian intelligence were untrue. Indeed, in a contemporaneous critique of the Times article prepared by Peter Strzok, who was steeped in the details of Crossfire Hurricane, all three of the above-referenced allegations were explicitly refuted. Strzok’s evaluation of the allegations included the following:

• The FBI had not seen any evidence of any individuals affiliated with the Trump team in contact with Russian intelligence officers. He characterized this allegation as misleading and inaccurate as written. He noted that there had been some individuals in contact with Russians, both governmental and non-governmental, but none of these individuals had an affiliation with Russian intelligence. He also noted previous contact between Carter Page and a Russian intelligence officer, but this contact did not occur during Page’s association with the Trump campaign.

• The FBI had no information in its holdings, nor had it received any such information from other members of the Intelligence Community, that Paul Manafort had been a party to a call with any Russian government official. Strzok noted that the Intelligence Community had not provided the FBI with any such information even though the FBI had advised certain agencies of its interest in anything they might hold or collect regarding Manafort.

• Regarding the allegation that the NSA initially captured these communications between Trump campaign officials and Trump associates and the Russians, Strzok repeated that if such communications had been collected by the NSA, the FBI was not aware of that fact.

In other words, in its Russian-Collusion reporting, the New York Times published assertions from “four unnamed current and former U.S. intelligence officials” that were entirely false. Thus, the practice of using “unidentified sources”—a practice that was once heavily frowned upon by respectable journalists—enabled the commission of a giant deception that inflicted untold damage to our political system.

Even at that time (in early 2017) I told anyone who would listen that if it was possible to take down a sitting President of the United States by publishing the assertions of anonymous sources from within the state bureaucracy, then our government by elected officials was over, and our true masters were the “unnamed intelligence officials.”

The entire corporate media calls child mutilations “gender-affirming health care” – twisted words, evil aims

Image: The entire corporate media calls child mutilations “gender-affirming health care” – twisted words, evil aims

(Natural News) This week, the Associated Press (AP) published a piece about so-called “gender-affirming health care” and attempts by Kansas City to become a “sanctuary” for people who want it. And as usual, the article is devoid of any mention of what these procedures and “treatments” actually entail.

Instead of warning readers that gender-affirming health care typically involves doping up children on gender-bender pharmaceuticals while chopping off their reproductive body parts and even reconstructing their faces and bodies in a failed attempt at “transitioning” them into some other gender.

Gender-affirming health care is often deadly, especially when it involves pulling tissue out of filthy areas like the colon and trying to reconstruct it into new-penises and neo-vaginas. And yet, the AP makes no mention whatsoever about any of this.

Instead, the AP frames the whole thing as an issue of “love” and “affirmation.” Basically, if you refuse to accept or allow a child, including your child, to destroy his or her body in order to become a transgender, then you are a hateful monster who is denying another person the “right” to become their “true self.”

(Related: Some gender-bender pharmaceuticals can cause children to go blind, the Food and Drug Administration [FDA] has warned.)

There is nothing “loving” about child mutilation

Because the state of Missouri is trying to ban all things trans, particularly in children, left-leaning cities like Kansas City are trying to buck a potential ruling and get ahead of it by designating their municipalities as sanctuary areas for children to go wild taking gender-bender drugs and mutilating their own bodies without abandon.


In the case of Kansas City, government officials are proudly moving in the direction of trying to make their entire municipality a safe space for children to go hog wild destroying their bodies, while the doctors, surgeons, and pharmacists who aid them rake in mountains of cash in the process.

On Wednesday, the Kansas City, Mo., city council approved a resolution to make the city a sanctuary area for transgender mutilation – though, just like the AP, they would never call it such. Instead, they are framing the measure in terms of “love” and “acceptance” of those who are different and vulnerable – a blatant twisting of the truth.

As this was happening the state’s Republican-controlled legislature issued its final approval to a bill banning child mutilation throughout the state. That legislation has since been sent to GOP Gov. Mike Parson, who is expected to sign it into law.

As you might expect, the AP is critical of the Republican side of the argument, suggesting it is “hateful” to stop a minor from permanently mutilating his or her body just because all the teachers at school are dressing up in “rainbow” garb while forcing them to participate in pride parades through the school hallway.

Missouri Republicans are so concerned about innocent children succumbing to this form of child abuse and the repercussions that often follow that Republican state Attorney General Andrew Bailey had considered an emergency rule that would require both adults and children to undergo at least one year of therapy before being allowed to even consider an attempted “sex change.”

“This resolution is an entrance into a conversation and shows a commitment where trans people’s presence in Kansas City is valued,” said Merrique Jenson, a transgender and founder of Transformations KC, a non-profit group that advocates for trans “women of color,” told the city council in support of the sanctuary state resolution.

“It would minimize the legal violence toward trans people in accessing gender-affirming care,” Jenson added, framing sanctioned child abuse as “protection” for the vulnerable – see how they twist the English language?

The latest news about the transgender takeover of America can be found at

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Top 7 UNCONVENTIONAL weapons of mass destruction

Image: Top 7 UNCONVENTIONAL weapons of mass destruction

(Natural News) Many people are familiar with conventional weapons, such as combat helicopters, warships, landmines and artillery. Then there are weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear bombs, nuclear missiles and weapons that are radiological, chemical and biological.

What most people don’t think much about as being weapons of mass destruction are those that are categorized as “medicine” or “vaccines” and other so-called “treatments” for disease and disorder.

Many of these are very detrimental to humankind, and serve much more as a threat and risk to human life than as a benefit, thus often making them weapons of mass destruction, of genocide, and of a means of population reduction.

Government designs and administers “vaccines” to maim and kill off millions of people, including children

It’s not easy to face the truth sometimes, but once people do, it’s often easier to overcome any adversity that comes with it. This would be the case with the US government and regulatory agencies, who well know the harm and mass death that comes with injecting known neurotoxins (including spike proteins) into the bodies of its own citizens, including military members, teens, children, babies and pregnant women.

Another mainstream form of “medicine” does much more harm than good, and that is known as chemical “therapy” for cancer cells, or “chemotherapy.” Cancer cells are literally fueled when humans consume chemicals, including chemical herbicides and chemical insecticides, but still the medical industrial complex insists on giving cancer-infected Americans the chemical “drip” that creates NEW cancers and often spreads the cancer from which they already suffer.


Chemotherapy is like a serial killer dressed up as a doctor and cloned as nearly every oncologist in the country. What a shame this unconventional weapon of mass destruction is deemed a first line of treatment for cell mutation disorder. Chemotherapy has a very low success rate at beating back cancer, at only about six percent, and even when it does that, the cancer that goes into “remission” often comes back with a vengeance after 5 years, so that’s when mainstream medicine stops counting, for statistical purposes.

It’s hard to believe that the government not only allows, but funds, scientists who work on “gain of function” diseases, where viruses that only affect animals now can infect and kill humans. This kind of research, that is responsible for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) plandemic, is funded with billions of dollars in order to help facilitate the “great reset,” where billions of humans are killed off using “novel” diseases and the deadly “vaccines” that accompany them. This is no conspiracy theory, just “follow the science” and the money and you will surely realize.

It’s time to wake up and smell the WMDs, and not so much the conventional ones, but the unconventional ones that the majority of the populace think are medicine, healthcare and vaccines.

7 Most popular yet unconventional weapons of mass destruction

#1. mRNA spike protein “vaccines”

#2. Opioid-based pain killers and fentanyl

#3. Mercury in vaccines, flu shots and dental fillings

#4. Abortions — even as late as day of birth

#5. Chemotherapy (often creates new cancers or kills the patients itself)

#6. SSRIs (often the culprit of suicide, homicide, and mass shootings)

#7. Gain of function used to create novel viruses, bacteria, fungus, and parasites

Keep your truth news in check by adding to your favorites list and tuning in daily for updates on real news about the surviving and thriving during the upcoming apocalyptic “reset” the Left is trying to carry out with unconventional weapons of depopulation.

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