Portland wants to re-fund its police

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American Thinker | May 18, 2023

Portland, OR was one of the leading voices in the “Defund the Police” movement in the wake of George Floyd’s death. Politicians gave into the demands of like-minded rioters and activists and began cutting the budget of the city’s Bureau of Police.

On its face, this should have been seen as a bad decision since the very people making the demands were rioting and damaging private and public property. So, at a time when a greater police presence was needed, city government cut back on police.


Ford’s ‘Redefining Tough’ Commercial Features LGBT Colored Truck

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Paul Watson | May 18, 2023

Ford Motor Company has found itself ensnared in a potential controversy after Twitter users highlighted an ad that features a rainbow colored vehicle as part of a campaign called ‘redefining tough’.

The commercial shows two Ford Raptor pick-up trucks racing through desert terrain.

Both are covered with sand at the start of the ad as they begin to compete against each other.

Pride knows no bounds @Ford pic.twitter.com/f3EZA9mgZJ

— Caroline (@carolinecwilder) May 17, 2023


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  1. So what is the ‘new definition of tough’? Instead of the color spectrum, the single color for the cult of homosexuality should be basic cow patty brown …

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Two Hikers on the Camino Del Santiago Find Lasting Love After Facing Uncertain Futures

Loni and Kjarten – courtesy Loni Bergqvist

The Camino del Santiago is the ironing board of the stress of life—a way to find oneself and direction in life through walking, day after day across the Iberian Peninsula.

However an American and a Dane didn’t find themselves on a hike across the famous European pilgrimage trail, they found each other.

Kjartan Bergqvist, from Denmark, and American Loni Philbrick-Linzmeyer, both experienced the sort of listlessness that causes one to buy a backpack, throw an assortment of worldly objects inside, and travel the world—in their case, both to Spain to hike the 500-mile-long Camino del Santiago.

On their own paths through life at the time, it was something they both felt they had to do alone. He was a 24-year-old medical student destined to seemingly pour over textbooks forever, she, a 29-year-old schoolteacher at a crossroads after a tough breakup.

Both departed from the traditional start point in Paris within days of each other.

“It’s very open on the Camino, it can be as independent or as social as you want or need on the day.” Loni said, recounting her love story to Francesca Street at CNN Travel. “It was weird, it wasn’t love at first sight. I think I ended up forgetting his name later—but certainly there was a moment of, ‘Okay, maybe I’m kind of interested here.’”

That was her first thought when seeing the departing figure of Kjartan Bergqvist, whom she first met in a forested area outside the city of Burgos. Little had been said between the two, apart from a discussion of the weather.

That night, the two crossed paths again in the Camino inn inside Burgos, and they thought that maybe they’d explore the city the next day—which they did, after a sleepless night for Kjarten, and a coffee that morning.

ANOTHER EUROPEAN LOVE STORY: Love in the Time of Corona: An American Traveler Survives Italian Lockdown, and Finds True Love

That set off, as they explain to CNN, a difficult 24 hours deciding whether or not they would fulfill their original intentions to walk the Camino alone, or follow their connection, which was immediate and joyous, and walk the trail together.

As it turned out, they, and a Canadian named Liz, chose the latter option.

Commenting on how their trip evolved, Kjartan told CNN’s Francesca that Santiago, the endpoint of the pilgrimage trail, “didn’t really matter anymore.”

“Those three weeks felt a lot longer, in a good way, a very good way,” says Kjartan. “I was just flying so high—obviously very much in love, and it’s summer, and there’s no place you have to be other than where you are at the moment.”

MORE TOUCHING LOVE STORIES: She’s Happily Married with 6 Kids–All Because of a Text Sent to the Wrong Number

After reaching Santiago, the pair decided that sharing contact info, or even agreeing to a long-term relationship, none of it seemed even remotely acceptable. So Kjarten asked Loni then and there, in the streets of Santiago, if she would be his wife.

This story happened 10 years ago. Now, Loni Bergqvist lives in Denmark and works as an education consultant while raising three bilingual children.

They used to often talk about keeping the “spirit of the Camino”—the spirit of waking up every day with a single objective, without any other considerations. But as time went on, they began to focus more and more on the future. There’s a saying that “the Camino provides.” The Bergqvists believe it provided each other.

Read the whole story here on CNN

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Anti-Poaching Helicopter Attempts Daring Rescue Inches Above Swirling Floodwaters–WATCH

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

For the pilot and conservationists aboard the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust helicopter, going out typically means scanning the bush of Kenya’s Tsavo National Park for injured rangers, or looking for injured elephants or calfs separated from their mothers.

But on the afternoon of May 3rd, their mission changed from saving wildlife to people during torrential flooding.

A tanker truck was crossing the Galana-Kulalu causeway, when the waters rose around the vehicle so fast as to strand him. Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s operations manager for their ranch in the area called the helicopter, piloted by fixed-wing aircraft pilot, Taru Carr-Hartley, to the scene.

Dwarfed by the angry river, the tanker had flipped onto its side, and the driver, James Rufus Kinyua, had climbed out of the cab and was lying on the door. Slowly, the pilot lowered the helicopter closer and closer to the tanker where the driver sat crouched in the swirling winds from both the flooding and the rotors.

“I was told he had been there since 10am, in extreme fear I am sure,” Taru Carr-Hartley told Nation Africa. “He was hanging half out of the window, lying on top of the truck, and I could see the windscreen was smashed and the whole cabin was filled with water.”

MORE RESCUE STORIES: Dramatic Moment Skier Rescued a Snowboarder Who Was Buried Head First in Snow and Running Out of Air (Watch)

That’s when Taru’s younger brother Roan Carr-Hartley, stepped out of the helicopter and helped the driver climb aboard.

“I had to concentrate to keep the distance and height between the helicopter and the truck the same to give him time to help the gentleman into the helicopter and jump back in himself,” he added.

WATCH the whole rescue below… 

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Individuals Instead of Statistics


As a true crime author, I am interested in witness testimony. Because human perception and memory are often inaccurate and prone to distortion, it is a fascinating challenge to evaluate which witness testimony is probably reliable, and which is not.

While crimes are classified and their incidence is statistically analyzed, a good investigator would never reject witness testimony of a criminal act simply because such criminal acts are rare. Likewise, if a good investigator is called to the scene of an apparent suicide, he wouldn’t automatically rule out foul play simply because the house is located in an affluent neighborhood in which murder is extremely rare. He would still closely examine the death scene for clues that another party might have been involved.

When a terrible injury or death is caused by human violence, we carefully investigate what happened to the victim and determine who is responsible for it. However, our entire conception shifts when the suspect is not a man, but a medical product. If the suspect is a medical product, we immediately start thinking in statistical and epidemiological terms. 

A few months ago I touched on this strange reality in my review of the film VAXXED, directed by Andy Wakefield and produced by Del Bigtree, which documents true horror stories of children who—immediately after receiving MMR vaccines—developed febrile seizures followed by grave symptoms of autism. As I noted in my review:

I was most struck by the parents’ testimony. As producer Del Bigtree pointed out, many of these parents are intelligent and reasonable people who are acutely aware of sudden changes in their children. Mothers are exquisitely sensitive to what is going on with their infants. It is therefore the height of arrogant obtuseness to dismiss their testimony out of hand.

Even if the incidence of vaccine-induced autism turns out to be only a tiny percentage of the overall population, this doesn’t change the enormous significance of cases in which it does happen. Simply dismissing such cases as unworthy of consideration because they are statistically rare is no less wrongheaded than dismissing cases of serial murder because they are statistically rare. It would never occur to us to do the latter, even though we do the former all the time.

Likewise, if there is an underlying genetic susceptibility to developing this vaccine-induced autism syndrome, it should be ascertained, as knowing this could spare families terrible suffering. 

The vaccine syndicate thinks about vaccine-induced injuries and deaths much like a military commander thinks when he assesses the number of casualties he deems acceptable for a given military objective. Mass vaccination is conceived as something very akin to a military countermeasure. The objective is to eliminate the enemy—in this case an infectious disease—and to achieve this, a certain number of injuries and deaths are deemed acceptable. By longstanding habit, we accept this harsh reality when it comes to warfare against other humans. However, because the vaccine cartel perceives that the general public would not accept this calculus when it is applied to medical countermeasures, the reality of vaccine-induced injuries and deaths is ruthlessly denied and concealed.

The great Swiss psychoanalyst, Carl Jung, warned about the moral and spiritual hazard of thinking about the individual as a statistical unit, and not as a valuable human being worthy of careful consideration. As he wrote in a compilation of essays titled The Undiscovered Self.

One of the chief factors responsible for psychological mass mindedness is scientific rationalism, which robs the individual of his foundations and his dignity. As a social unit, he has lost his individuality, and become a mere abstract number in the bureau of statistics. … Looked at rationally from outside, that is exactly what he is, and from this point of view, it seems positively absurd to go on talking about the value or meaning of the individual.

Indeed, one can hardly imagine how one ever came to endow individual human life with so much dignity, when the truth to the contrary is as plain as the palm of your hand. Seen from this standpoint, the individual really is of diminishing importance, and anyone who wishes to dispute this would soon find himself at a loss for arguments. The fact that the individual feels himself, or the members of his family, or the esteemed friends in his circle to be important, merely underlines the slightly comic subjectivity of his feeling. For what are the few compared with 10,000 or 100,000 let alone 1 million?

The bigger the crowd, the more negligible the individual becomes. But if the individual—overwhelmed by the scent of his own puniness and impotence—should feel that his life has lost its meaning, which after all, is not identical with public welfare and higher standards of living, then he’s already on the road to state slavery, and, without knowing or wanting it, has become it’s proselyte. … We are all fascinated and overawed by statistical truths in large numbers, and are daily apprised of the nullity and futility of the individual personality, since it is not represented or personified by any mass organization.

Jung believed it was imperative for the health of our entire civilization to value the individual human being. Instead of regarding him as a statistical unit that is just one in a mass of hundreds of thousands and even millions, his individuality should be carefully considered. As it concerns the practice of medicine, this means that a good doctor will carefully evaluate a patient in terms of what is best for him as an individual.

Vaccine-Injured in Australia Fight For Justice

Ms. Rebekah Barnett, Medical Freedom Journalist, and Dr. Melissa McCann, General Practitioner, both from Australia joined the DailyClout to provide updates on a lawsuit that’s making its way through the Australian court system. The lawsuit is a class action lawsuit, of a group of 500+ vaccine-injured victims who are suing the Australian Therapeutic Goods Association, the Australian version of the FDA.


Redressing Grievances 

A class action lawsuit filed against the Australian Therapeutic Goods Association is seeking to redress grievances by citizens who listened to their government when they were told to get vaccinated, suffered harm from the vaccine, and were then promptly abandoned by the very people who forced them to jab in the first place.

Ms. Barnett discussed how the lawsuit came together, and how a few hundred participants represent only a fraction of the ~140,000 injury reports and ~1,000 death reports that have been submitted post-vaccination.

The injured are seeking recognition, compensation, and justice in the form of more than the pitiful amount offered in the Australian government’s vaccine-injury compensation program, for the very few people who actually had their claims processed and approved. Many of them can’t work due to their injuries and are suffering from financial hardships on top of their physical and emotional hardships due to injuries from the vaccine.

A Complete and Unexpected Change in Adverse Events” 

Dr. Melissa McCann is a general practitioner who works in rural Australia North of Queensland. Dr. McCann noticed an increase in injuries among her patients shortly after the vaccine was rolled out, particularly during the time that mandates were rolled out. Mandates in Queensland were harsh, with entry into basic everyday activities requiring vaccine passports. As the mandate deadline got closer, people rushed to get vaccinated in order to keep their jobs.

During the rush to get vaccinated, Dr. McCann noticed an increase in patients presenting to her clinic with chest pains, blood clots, an increased number of miscarriages, and other issues. Patients themselves asked her if it could be vaccine-related, as many of them had been recently vaccinated at other clinics.

This raised alarm bells for Dr. McCann almost immediately, as that is not something she had seen after flu shot campaigns or other vaccines. It was a brand new pattern of events.

Alerting the Officials 

Dr. McCann began the process of attempting to alert the relevant officials to what she was seeing, which was already being mirrored in official adverse events reporting systems.

As reported on Ms. Barnett’s Substack, in November 2021 Dr. McCann sent a notice to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), which is the Australian version of the FDA, as well as to the Health Minister to report what she was observing and request that the vaccine program be suspended pending investigation of the safety issues. Dr. McCann received a somewhat dismissive response to her request, with a note that ~150 children die per year, so some of those will have occurred post-vaccination.

That response did not sit well with Dr. McCann and didn’t make statistical sense to her, so she continued raising the issue, joined by other doctors and colleagues along the way. Doing so incurred risks to their medical practices and licenses, similar to COVID dissident doctors all over the Western world.

To add insult to injury, the patients Dr. McCann saw who had been suffering since vaccination were completely ignored by the Australian government. Eventually, Dr. McCann realized that legal action may be the only recourse for her patients, and she decided to spearhead the effort on behalf of the vaccine-injured, many of whom were too unwell or financially stressed to go through the difficult process of submitting claims individually.

Statement of Claim 

With a background as a pharmacist and familiar with adverse events reporting systems, Dr. McCann along with other colleagues and researchers compiled a comprehensive “statement of claim” that is about 650 pages long.

Important information about the statement of claim:

  • It outlines allegations against the decision-makers within the TGA, and the Department of Health in the Commonwealth
  • Included in the allegations are violations of the TGA’s own rules and regulations regarding the COVID vaccine
  • The claim has three named applicants who have each suffered severe injuries that were officially categorized as vaccine-caused.
  • The three applicants are filing the claim on behalf of themselves, plus all others signed onto the class action, which include people who have suffered serious injuries or have had a family member die after vaccination.
  • To see the requirements and join the class action lawsuit, click here
  • To make a donation towards the legal expenses, click here.

Ms. Barnett has been instrumental in fighting for the COVID vaccine injured, in the form of making their voices heard. Her Substack, Dystopian Down Under, is a leading voice for Medical Freedom in Australia. To learn more about the vaccine-injured and their stories, she points to Jab Injuries Global which has stories from people all over the world.

Will The Other Doctors Please Stand Up? 

Dr. McCann noted that other doctors are a lot more likely to listen to what Dr. McCann is saying now than they were prior. Doctors everywhere are noticing an increase in injuries, and Dr. McCann has been getting increasing support from other doctors privately. Unfortunately, many are still hesitant to publicly join in this battle and instead silently cheer on Dr. McCann and her colleagues.

To see the qualifications and to join the class action lawsuit: 

To donate towards legal expenses for the vaccine-injured:

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