What do two top MIT scientists do when presented with compelling evidence that vaccines cause autism?

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Professor Gloria Choi specializes in autism research at MIT. I met with her in her office recently at MIT. I presented her with the evidence that vaccines cause autism. She was not interested in learning more or speaking out about this. Because that’s how science works at one of the world’s top scientific universities. If you want to keep your job, don’t rock the boat even if millions of kids pay the price for your silence.

Keeping your job in science is more important than speaking out when it is scientifically clear to you that your government is irreparably harming kids.

I sent off yet another email to two top scientists at MIT who have a vested interest in autism. One is the head of the EECS Department at MIT. The other is a top autism researcher at MIT.

Both are smart enough to instantly recognize compelling evidence.

What do they do when confronted with uncomfortable data that is impossible for any competent scientist to ignore? They ignore it of course. Because that’s what all good scientists are trained to do: “stay in your lane and do not challenge the medical consensus or you will lose your job.”

Neither person responded to my first email. Here is my second attempt. I expect to hear silence this time as well.

There are many compelling arguments advanced in the link I sent.

For example, nobody can name one child who developed instant autism <24 hours before a vaccine. I can easily name dozens of kids who developed autism < 24 hours after a vaccine. It should be just as easy to find kids who developed autism <24 hours before a vaccine appointment.

Yet nobody in the world can do that including experts who have worked with autistic kids for decades. They’ve only observed it happening after a vaccine. For example, watch this short video clip.

Statistically, that’s impossible.

MIT Professor Retsef Levy is the only professor at MIT with the courage to speak the truth.

Stephanie Seneff may be the only other scientist at MIT speaking out.

The excuse that any person speaking out would be crushed is just an excuse.

For example, most of the top autism researchers could join together, sign a statement which is only publicly released after 70 signatures have been added.

That would be powerful. They are all afraid to participate in something like this. They won’t even talk about it.

After being presented with the scientific evidence, scientists who remain silent about this injustice should be ashamed of themselves.

There is no excuse, no rock you can hide under.

This is a disgrace and there is no other way to put it.

While some scientists will use the excuse that they can’t look at this data and must “stay in their lane,” these two MIT scientists cannot make that excuse. They both have a special interest in this issue. Both have chosen to look the other way while our children continue to be damaged unnecessarily.

This is the single greatest easily preventable mass human tragedy of my lifetime. And those who look the other way and refuse to speak out are enabling it to continue. It is time we hold all of them accountable.


We’re Not Living in Ordinary Times


Set Your Pulse: Take a breath. Turn your attention to your body and release any tension. Breathe slowly into the area of your heart for 60 seconds, focusing on feeling a sense of ease. Stay connected to your body as you read. Click here to learn why we suggest this.

Aside from the felt sense (tactile gut feeling) that something is very different about what’s happening in our world, every day I see more and more examples of it.

More and more riots and protests are occurring in developed countries where people are fed up with the state of their lives or the actions of governments.

The existing political power in the US is trying to jail one of its opponents for similar level things virtually every other president has done. Isn’t this the type of thing Western countries call out developing countries for doing?

On mainstream radio channels, I consistently hear of the mass loss of trust in governing institutions and how it is reaching “dangerous” levels.

People appear to literally be losing their minds trying to make sense of what’s happening, the speed at which it’s occurring and what we can possibly do about it.

I can understand why some turn it all off and don’t pay attention, it can be overwhelming. Perhaps for a short period it’s helpful to do that. But if we did that consistently are we not just avoiding something we can play a part in resolving? In our own lives, if we avoid and ice out a problem from our consciousness for too long, what happens? Chaos, destruction, and illness.

I believe we have to look. We have to face what is happening and become curious about its cause. With that, I believe there are healthier ways to stay in touch with the state of our world than simply scrolling through social media or listening to every video that shows up in our feeds.

I laid out thoughts on this healthier approach here, and I believe we have reasonable proof that this healthier approach works as seen here after over a decade’s worth of practice. But for now I want to keep going.

There are many things we’re told by mainstream sources of information, including government, that are false and misleading. But I could say the same about antithesis voices as well.

What I’ve noticed is that on most things that truly matter, there is actually a lot of overlap when it comes to the facts, but it’s hard to find synthesis because it can be uncomfortable having to address the rigidity of our beliefs and ideas.

We begin to use double standards to avoid the recognition of complexity and seeing overlap.

For example, collectively, we don’t apply the same scrutiny to mainstream media as we do alternative, or vice versa. The same can be said for politicians from differing political parties; on one side there are criminals, and the other are heroes. An honest look tells a very different story.

The same can be said for other beliefs we hold. Hat tip to my friend Madhava for helping to point out some of the following examples.

Can we honestly say the mainstream is applying the same rigor to prove vaccines have worked in developed countries to eradicate disease as they do in debunking those asking to test the safety of vaccines?

Imagine, someone dies of COVID, an unreliable test proves the virus was the cause and that is laid out for the entire world to hear. Yet if someone dies after a COVID vaccine it can only be linked if we do an extensive autopsy to prove if it was causal, and almost no one will hear of this story. Double standards indeed.

But the same is said in reverse by some. The COVID vaccine is the cause of any untimely death these days, without further investigation. Yet those people want a huge amount of rigor to prove COVID caused the death of someone who died while testing positive.

The point here isn’t to prove one or the other, but to illustrate where our double standards are and how quickly we will turn to them to prove our point while ignoring the rest of the story. These double standards are birthed from a desire to fight the opposing side.

Can we truly be OK with the explanation that this human behaviour is normal? That we are somehow JUST animals and that is why we always forgo logic to fight the other side? or have we come to accept something as normal that really is only the side effect of something deeper?

In our modern world, it feels that our collective curiosity and good-faith exploration of events is gone. With that, our deeper sense of connection to ourselves and one another is becoming even fainter than it already was. We’re disembodied.

Keeping in mind that disembodiment is the reality that we have become disconnected from our body, losing some awareness of our body’s sensations, intelligence, and ways of knowing, and instead being almost entirely trapped in our minds and thoughts.

Out of this disembodied state comes the natural behavior to apply double standards and be unfair. To be fair, these have been the ways of our culture and consciousness for a very long time, but it feels more unpalatable and uncomfortable to accept this as normal.

We sense that something is off. I’m not just talking about the off-ness of corruption and the abuse of powerful interests, but that something is off with how we feel, act, relate, sense, and be in our world.

Like Morpheus says in The Matrix:

“What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.”

What if that feeling is not just about what is wrong with the world, but with the lens through which we see the world? What if there was a growing awareness, an awakening, that we are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the state of our minds, erratic emotions, and nervous systems?

As if we are becoming more awake to the part of ourselves that observes we are having an experience. It comes on and off like a flickering light, each time it lights up we feel an incongruency with how we are living.

The gap between what we sense is possible for ourselves and our world, and the way we are currently living becomes more obvious with the contrast.

We know and can sense that something more natural to us is possible, but we don’t see it in front of us. We see that our current world is one built out of a disembodied state, with little regard for helping humans thrive. It is creating exactly what it is designed to create. Illness. We sense that we are witnessing this illness that is our modern culture, and that we all play a role in it somehow.

Sure, it’s a start to say that corruption and the corporate capture of our governing systems are occurring and is an illness, but is that statement enough to truly address what is causing it?

Is it that the “people at the top are evil?” Or is there an entire collective consciousness supporting the way our world is today because we’ve been operating from a worldview built from disembodiment and separation?

Your answer to that question may depend on the lens through which you see the world as well. This lens is shaped by the state of your nervous system which is the electrical system connecting virtually every aspect of who you are and how you function in the world.

If we experience life purely as an individual mind, not connected to our spiritual nature through experience, it might be more inviting to say, “Yes, people are just evil at the top. Get rid of them and all will be great.”

But it seems to me at least that experiencing a felt knowing that we are a unified field of people connected to one another and our world in ways many of us never imagined causes us to look through a different lens.

The conclusions I’ve drawn from that vantage point are that what we believe about the nature of ourselves, each other, and what it means to be human has a big impact on our culture and thus the way we design our societal systems. Further, the state of our nervous system and level of embodiment can shape what we can even hold as possible.

Furthermore, when we can move out of faith and belief about something and into experience there is an internal knowing that now drives our consciousness and actions. We no longer look to a holy book to tell us what is, we can sense it within ourselves.

Our times are non-ordinary because, from my lens, we are in a moment of upheaval caused by an awakening on many levels. An awakening to what we sense is possible, an awakening to our spiritual selves, and an awakening to the corrupt nature of our systems.

As I stated for many years, the awakening to the corrupt nature of our systems is often a precursor the spiritual evolution. Paradoxically, it also happens to be a reality many in spiritual circles avoid looking at.

But straight up, expanded awareness and consciousness causes evolution.

The question is, to respond to the nature of what’s unfolding around us, and to not create the same problems over again, is a new state of consciousness required? Are the old ways of battling each other and fighting with polarization really going to help?

It’s easy to say the elite cause polarization and division, but when we are unconscious of our actions, don’t we do the same to one another? Don’t we feed into this dynamic ourselves? Are we then not being responsible for the quality of our own consciousness and actions? Perhaps we’re back to a double standard?

This concept is asking whether the macrocosm is reflective of the microcosm.

Where can we come to agree about what is happening? What state of mind and being allows the possibility and willingness to come together and synthesize? What state of being keeps us fighting?

Evolution does not have to be so difficult. Life and nature have a deep intelligence within them. We are life and nature, even though we appear to have forgotten that.

But are we getting in the way of that natural intelligence because we’ve become so in our heads and mind that we’ve lost connection to other ways of knowing? Has our purely logical culture disconnected us from our nature?

After all, chronic stress has the physiological potential to do just that. Is our world not one of chronic stress?

Right now, we are collectively rigid, resistant, and in a space of fighting – all hallmark qualities of how chronic stress can shape our nervous system and thus behavior. But we are only under the control of this state when there is a lack of awareness of it.

With consciousness, we can shift back to our nature. This allows for acceptance, creativity, flexibility and thus a smoother evolution.


I have to school a trans activist about Serena Williams: conversation in the dark

Recently, another clueless trans activist tried to make a political point. Not sure what it was or why. But she claimed Serena Williams can beat men on the tennis court.

This activist’s best friend and I met in a seedy diner in Indiana late at night, and the following conversation took place:

So you know Serena lost to the number 203 ranked man in the world. [For Yearly subscribers, see also here]

I’ve heard that, yes.

Do you know what the 203 stands for?

He’s 203 times better than any other male tennis player in the world?

No, you fountain of knowledge. It means there were 202 men tennis players who were better than he was. And he wiped the floor with Serena.

Oh. But still…

But still what?

She can beat many men.

Wrong. Didn’t you hear what I just said?

I’m triggered.

By what?

By your tone.

Well, untrigger yourself and try to pay attention.

I can’t.

Why not?

When I was a child, I tried to play soccer. But I couldn’t kick the ball.

You couldn’t make your foot strike the ball?

So I picked it up and threw it instead. Then some kids told me I broke a rule.


My life collapsed.

You never tried to kick the ball again?

How could I? I was traumatized.

Who told you that?

A teacher. She diagnosed me.

Uh-huh. And you went along with it.

She was my friend. She told me I should think about what gender I want to be.


Because gender dysphoria was my core problem. It was causing all my other problems.

You bought that?

I was 11. But she was right. When I went from Carl to Carol I felt better.

And you’re Carol now?

Another conversation in the dark: an IRS agent and I

He was a congenial man. At first.

We met in a small sealed room, part of a vast underground bunker below the Washington Monument.

The second button on my Savile Row worsted tweed silk thread roasted lamb skin jacket was a recording device. So I was able to document the conversation…

Before I was summarily arrested, tried, convicted, and executed by a firing squad at dawn last Tuesday.

Here is a chunk of the conversation:

All right, Mr. Rappoport. I’m happy to take this meeting with you. What are you looking for?

I assume we’re going to have a trackable federal digital currency soon.

I would concur.

It occurs to me that my tax dollars could be tracked.

Generally, yes. Any dollar, for any purpose, could be followed from hand to hand, so to speak.

This has certain advantages.

I would say it’s quite beneficial.

So we’re on the same page there.

Yes, Jon. Glad you agree. Are you looking for a job in our press office?

I might be. I feel I could make a contribution.

But that’s not why you’re here today.

No. I want to be able to track every dollar I pay in taxes, when the new currency is installed.

I suppose that might be possible. With restrictions.

What restrictions?

Technical problems. Think of tax payments as a giant melting pot. Separating out a given dollar and its progress would be challenging. What did you have in mind?


Excuse me?

Reparations are coming. Wouldn’t you agree?

Why, yes. They’re already here.

And at some point, the federal government will assume the burden of paying them.

That’s the plan.

So I want to track my tax dollars that specifically enter the reparations trough. I want to follow those digital dollars “all the way.”

Into the hands of the people who receive them?

Yes. And beyond. I want to know what the reparations recipients do with my tax dollars. How they spend them.

No. That wouldn’t be possible.

Why not? If I buy a candy bar with the new currency, you can track what the seller does with my payment. You can follow it through the seller’s bank account and eventually out of the account into, say, a part of his purchase of a light bulb from a hardware store.

Yes, true. But again, taxes form a melting pot. It’s one glob, one soup.

I don’t think so. Not if every dollar has a signature that can be surveilled.

Let me ask you this, Jon. Why are you intent on knowing how a person uses “your” reparations dollars?

El of a situation

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Dr. Kat Lindley, a Croatian-born, American-trained board-certified family physician, practices direct primary care in Texas. Her passion for family medicine and improving the healthcare system drives her involvement in medical organizations like the American Academy of Physicians and Surgeons, Global Covid Summit and the newly launched Global Health Project. GHP recently launched its campaign video entitled The Oath, directed by our friend Mikki Willis.

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