The Voice: How a Sloppy Australian Conspiracy Unraveled in Just Two Weeks

Just four weeks ago, I reported how a prediction by Australian “conspiracy theorists,” falsely debunked by the press, became reality in just three months.

That story was about certain Australians who predicted that the government would move their country to become a “cashless society.” Those people were soundly debunked and called crazy right-wing conspiracy theorists by the Australian press. Then, three months later, the Australian government decided to move towards a cashless society, indeed.

At the time, I thought that three months from a conspiracy theory being debunked to the same theory coming true was fast.

Boy, was I wrong! Australia just outdid itself.

The Labor Party of Australia and other forces are championing a referendum to change the Australian Constitution. The proposed change will create The Voice, a new body representing indigenous people. The Voice (fully named Indigenous Voice to Parliament) will have a say in law and policy development in Australia.

The proposal is vague and calls for creating a novel structure — almost a new branch of government — with unclear responsibilities and an undefined process of selecting its members.

The vague proposal crucially depends on a statement from representatives of Indigenous people called the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

Officially, here it is, a one-page document highlighted by me:

I used blue to circle the part of the document that is the introduction: a short statement on what the document will discuss.

What is missing from this page is the conclusion. The one-page document also completely misses the prescriptive part (specifics of its proposal). This one-page text ends abruptly without a logically complete culmination and details and seems incomplete.

People smarter than me noticed that and said this is only the first page from a larger document. They publicly stated that Australians are being misled and the underlying policy-setting documentation is MISSING and is not presented to the Australian people, who will vote on The Voice proposal in a referendum – without access to the details of what is being proposed.

So, they explained, Australians do not even know what they will be voting on! Citizens will vote on a proposal in which all but one page of the most important document are kept secret.

The allegation that the pages from the Uluru Statement were withheld from the public caused a storm among the supporters of The Voice referendum!

Australian fact-checkers published a sternly worded debunking of what was called a conspiracy theory:

The verdict False. The Uluru Statement is a one-page document comprising just 440 words, as confirmed by the statement’s authors. Papers released under FOI contain the statement, but also include 25 pages of minutes of meetings held with Indigenous communities in 2016 and 2017, which are not part of the Uluru Statement from the Heart. The claim that the FOI documents reveal that the Uluru Statement of the Heart is 26 pages long and contains policies such as reparations for First Nations peoples is false.

Australian Labor PM, Mr. Anthony Albanese, said that the “26 pages” is a QAnon-style conspiracy that is so stupid as to not even qualify as a theory:

The rebuttal of RMIT fact-checkers and a strong statement by the Australian PM was enough to make Facebook, a foreign organization, censor all statements by Australians questioning the Uluru statement.

The social media discussion was censored, and Facebook accounts were deleted. But the story only began!

Australian PM Anthony Albanese lied about the Uluru statement being one page. The paper actually is 26 pages long – and has pages neatly numbered!

The document in question was obtained from the government via Freedom of Information. It contains the Uluru statement.

The Uluru statement is a set of twenty-six numbered pages. For those who want to check my words, open the FOI’d document and go to page 87 (saying Document 14 on top).

The discovered pages 2-26 make perfect sense and complete the Uluru statement. These pages contain the history, the demands, and the roadmap to implementing them. They mention historical injustices, reparations for the indigenous people, and more. Without pages 2-26, the first page is like a locomotive without a train.

The leading proponent of The Voice, Megan Davis, told fact-checkers that the Uluru Statement is only one page:

A spokesperson from the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA) told RMIT FactLab in an email, “the Uluru Statement from the Heart is a one-page document, [as] confirmed by the authors Noel Pearson, Pat Anderson AO and Professor Megan Davis.”

Megan Davis was caught in a lie: Australians uncovered an old video by Prof. Davis, where she openly stated that the Uluru Statement was a multi-page document:

The brazen lies by the fact-checker RMIT were too much even for Facebook, which was forced, by the public outcry, to fire them:

H/T: @Jikkyleaks

The good news is that the lies by the proponents of The Voice referendum were too obvious and were thus discovered.

Let’s look at this story more closely:

  • A proposal to alter the Australian Constitution to create a new governmental body with a vaguely defined structure and unclear but far-reaching responsibilities was put forward by the Labor Party and a cluster of behind-the-scenes “progressive organizations.”

  • The new body would likely be influenced by various shadowy committees accountable to nobody (which is likely why it was promoted.)

  • Any attempts to question this proposal were declared “right-wing propaganda.”

  • The government (Prime Minister Albanese) lied. (see above)

  • The proponents of the referendum lied about its most fundamentally defining documents. (see above)

  • Activist, politically engaged fact-checkers lied. (see above)

  • The official Australian “science” somehow got involved in politics (sounds familiar?) and demanded a YES vote.

  • Facebook censored any opposition to The Voice at a critical moment. (see above)

As with most conspiracies, this one would likely have succeeded if not for some luck uncovering the underlying Uluru document and Professor Davis’s earlier video admitting its length.

The conspirators were sloppy and got caught.

The Voice proposal is often presented as a favor to the Indigenous people by the Labor Party. This party wants to look like a champion of Indigenous people, to be seen at the forefront of listening to the voice of Indigenous people.

Listening to the indigenous voice and respecting their wishes is good. Right?

However, just two years ago, the Labor Party completely ignored the resistance of the indigenous people of Australia and conducted a campaign of terror and coercion to force-vaccinate the unwilling indigenous Native Australians. Native Australians were famously unwilling to get vaccinated for various reasons, including their religious views, but also due to common sense that the native people retained due to closeness with Nature.

Chief Minister of Australia’s Northern Territory, Michael Gunner of the Labor Party, led the most shameful campaign of coercion, intimidation, and imprisonment of Indigenous people to force-vaccinate them against their will.

Watch this desperate plea of terrified unvaccinated indigenous people of Northern Territories, who were arrested, imprisoned at home, and deported to Covid quarantine camps by the ruthless representatives of the Labor Party’s led government of Northern Territories:

Watch video:

(Click here to watch the heartbreaking video.)

Does that sound like a party wishing to respect Indigenous voices? Not to me!

I am not an Australian citizen. I have never visited that beautiful country. My post is not about telling the people of Australia how to decide on possibly the most important poll they will be voting on.

I am not considering the merits of The Voice proposal or whether the indigenous people of Australia, who suffered greatly in the past and even two years ago, deserve more than just a vote at the ballot box like all other Australians. This question is not up to me to answer!

This substack post aims to show how a typical conspiracy involving dissembling government, dishonest science, lying fact-checkers, powerful foreign corporations, the corrupt press, and “democracy activists” works.

This substack post illustrates how conspiracies work and how they unravel.

This funny YouTube video is a summary of The Voice story:

What do you think?


SAN FRAN CRIME INSANITY: Filmmaker Eli Steele says that within 10 minutes of walking away from SUV during film shoot with father, criminals broke into vehicle and stole $15,000 worth of cameras –

SAN FRAN CRIME INSANITY: Filmmaker Eli Steele says that within 10 minutes of walking away from SUV during film shoot with father, criminals broke into vehicle and stole $15,000 worth of cameras

The crime situation in San Francisco has gone from bad to worse after filmmaker Eli Steele tweeted about what happened to him and his father after just 10 minutes of being away from their vehicle in one of the iconic city’s richest neighborhoods.

Eli had walked away from his rental car to film a shot with his father Shelby when upon returning just 10 minutes later he noticed the windows were smashed in and $15,000 worth of camera equipment – or so he thought – had been taken.

It turns out that closer to $30,000 worth of camera equipment had been stolen once Eli conducted a full inventory. He immediately called 911 to report the incident, only to be hung up on not once but twice.

Captured video footage showed a black Chevy Blazer with California license plate 9AAZ318 on it as carrying the culprits, but San Francisco police were nowhere to be found.

“SF police doing nothing,” Eli tweeted about the incident. “It’s so bad that my friend is calling gang members for help.”

(Related: Westfield shopping malls recently stopped paying the mortgage on its downtown San Francisco location citing rampant, out-of-control crime.)

Despite ongoing collapse, San Francisco city council members want MORE police defunding

Eli and his father went down to the local police station to report the crime, only to realize that the lobby was filled with other people whose vehicles had also been broken into.

After waiting 15 minutes to talk to an officer, Eli and his dad noticed that more and more people were flooding into the station to report vehicle break-ins and other criminal activity.


While this was happening, a Mercedes pulled up outside the station, its occupants looking into car windows for more items to steal. Eli and his father yelled at them, prompting one of them to pull out a gun as a threat.

They filed a police report about this as well, though not one single officer ever showed up to help. All of this occurred on “famous Lombard Street,” Eli tweeted, noting that this is one of the richest neighborhoods in not just San Francisco but in all of America.

“I’ve worked dangerous neighborhoods for years and nothing like this,” Eli lamented.

An officer finally took down all of Eli’s information and expressed sympathy for the unfortunate occurrence. However, she notified him that nothing would likely happen as “the police have been defanged.”

Eli and his father followed up on the incident by attending a “reparations” meeting of the city council, which was also asking for even more defunding of the police.

“Just crazy,” he wrote about the proposition, especially in light of all the constant crime that continues to occur throughout San Francisco.

“Just learned from a Good Samaritan that the license plate on the Blazer was stolen off a 2022 Mitsubishi owned by Enterprise,” Eli further wrote about the vehicle that broke into his rental car and robbed him.

“Just as SF locals told us would be the case. Guy at Hertz car rental at SFO said they average 30 cars a day that have been broken into.”

In speaking to his insurance agent about the fiasco, Eli was told by the woman that she is “not surprised” he encountered such things in San Francisco. In fact, she revealed that her own car was stolen despite taking great precautions to avoid such a fate.

“I’ve had camera gear stolen from a rental car in that same exact spot, probably 15 years ago,” another filmmaker responded to Eli on Twitter about the incident.

The latest news about the breakdown of left-wing America can be found at

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Woke entertainment is a JOKE! Disney LOST at least $1B this year alone due to a string of box office bombs –

Woke entertainment is a JOKE! Disney LOST at least $1B this year alone due to a string of box office bombs

Woke entertainment doesn’t bring in revenues. Disney learned that a little too late.

Overall, Hollywood’s profits have crashed as theater audiences dropped by 50 percent in the past four years. Disney in particular incurred at least $1 billion in losses this year due to a string of major box office failures. The company’s stock recently plunged to a nine-year low.

Subscriber losses continued over the last three months, with the company reporting 146.1 million Disney+ subscribers during the most recent quarter, a 7.4 percent decline. Disney recorded $2.65 billion in one-time charges and impairments, dragging the company to a rare quarterly net loss. The only bright spot came from its parks, experiences and products division, which saw a 13 percent increase in revenue to $8.3 billion during the quarter.

Those who criticize the social shift in media to the far-left are labeled a bigot or fascists, even monsters by some. The public has been told that woke entertainment is the wave of the future, and that the majority of Americans want to see such stories more often.

Yet, crashing audience numbers and plummeting profits for Hollywood have indicated the opposite.

Consumer boycotts of woke brands have erupted this year, leading to the implosion of brands like Bud Light and the continued sales rot of retailers like Target.

“Stakeholder capitalism,” a notion developed by the World Economic Forum, argues that corporations must engage in social engineering rather than being concerned with making money.

This notion suffers from the lack of a single decision rule for resolving trade-offs, which can lead to confusion and inefficiency. The interests and goals of different stakeholders can often conflict, making it challenging to balance the needs of all stakeholders.


Without ample Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) funding to backstop the losses, these companies have to fund their political propaganda from their coffers. And now, the results are inevitable.

Disney injecting far-left propaganda into its films

Disney has been injecting far-left propaganda into its film productions and streaming productions for many years. In the past, consumers used to let subversive progressive preaching slide, but with the rapid decline in story quality as well as the open hostility shown by companies like Disney toward conservatives, the tide is turning. Related: Woke Disney hasn’t learned anything from costly boycotts of Target and Bud Light, moves ahead with “Pride” gear offerings.)

American journalist Megyn Kelly blamed Disney’s emphasis on “wokeness” for its decline. “The people are not buying this content,” Kelly said during her recent podcast. “They don’t want this content.”

Kelly noted that several heads of diversity in Disney, Netflix and Warner Bros. have left their jobs.

“Bit by bit, all these media companies and big-tech companies are eliminating their heads of diversity, because it’s just a wasted position where somebody just glorifies their wokeness,” Kelly said. “So, it’s failing.”

In a recent video, Kelly claimed that Disney’s last eight studio releases have failed to generate box office dollars that would offset the expenses in production, marketing, publicity and advertising. Among those films are “Lightyear,” “The Little Mermaid,” “Elemental” and “Strange World.”

There are a few important questions that have been begging for answers the past several years: (1) Is there a market for woke propaganda in popular media?; (2) If so, how much of the population is going to spend to consume that propaganda?; and (3) If there is no market and the business model is a money-losing prospect, then why are so many major corporations abandoning traditional American audiences and pumping out such garbage anyway?

Visit for more stories about woke companies like Disney.

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Disney to begin mass layoff of 7,000 employees this week.

Nolte: Disney groomers lost $258 million on woke ‘Lightyear,’ ‘Strange World.’

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Virginia health officials warn the public about alpha-gal syndrome, a potentially life-threatening allergic condition caused by lone star ticks –

Virginia health officials warn the public about alpha-gal syndrome, a potentially life-threatening allergic condition caused by lone star ticks

Health officials in Virginia have warned the public about the spread of alpha-gal syndrome (AGS), a potentially life-threatening allergic condition caused by lone star ticks – a common species in the state.

The warning comes weeks after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a report declaring that AGS is now an “emerging public health concern.” The CDC stated that the condition can be fatal and occurs after people eat red meat or products with alpha-gal, a type of sugar found in most mammals.

According to the Virginia Department of Health (VDH), lone star tick carries alpha-gal sugar in its saliva and transmits it into a person’s body upon biting. This saliva produces an immune response similar to an allergic reaction, making it difficult for the immune system to differentiate between the alpha-gal sugar from the tick and that from red meat.

Jonathan Oliver, a public health expert from the University of Minnesota, shed light on the complex nature of AGS in 2022. He noted: “A chemical in the tick’s saliva is thought to trigger AGS, but it remains unclear why only certain individuals are affected and how or why the allergy develops.” (Related: Alpha-gal Syndrome: Tick bites make millions of Americans allergic to red meat.)

The mysterious interplay of proteins and the potential influence of co-infections with other tick-borne diseases further complicate the understanding of AGS.

Julia Murphy, a state public health veterinarian in VDH, warned that there is much to learn about this allergic condition. “Once you have alpha-gal, your future is somewhat uncertain in regard to the kind of restrictions you might have and what you can eat and what other things you can take in orally, such as medications,” she said.


AGS symptoms could take as much as 12 hours to appear

The lone star tick, recognizable by the single white spot on its back, can be found across the wooden areas of the Southeastern and Eastern United States, as well as in Mexico and parts of Canada.

“We do have a lot of lone star ticks here in Virginia, so we think that’s driving a lot of what we are seeing in Virginia when it comes to alpha-gal and people testing positive for alpha-gal,” Murphy said.

Symptoms of AGS do not develop instantly and could take as much as 12 hours to appear. Alpha-gal reactions can manifest as anaphylaxis, characterized by airway constriction and a drop in blood pressure, and may occur several hours after eating red meat.

These symptoms can be mild to fatal, with people describing everything from anaphylaxis to rash, hives, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, shortness of breath, stomach pain and heartburn. The subtlety of these symptoms often leads individuals to fail to connect their reactions to red meat consumption from the day before. Consequently, many suffer from undiagnosed or misdiagnosed cases of the disease.

People who have been recently bitten by a tick and subsequently experience allergic reactions after consuming red meat are advised to contact their healthcare provider promptly.

To prevent AGS, health officials recommend taking precautions similar to those used to prevent Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses, including wearing light-colored clothing to spot ticks more easily, using tick-repellent sprays and checking for ticks when returning indoors.

Dr. Johanna Salzer, a CDC epidemiologist who has conducted research on AGS, advised individuals who suspect they have the condition to seek medical attention promptly. This should involve providing a detailed symptom history, a physical examination and a blood test to detect specific antibodies related to alpha-gal.

Visit for more information about allergies caused by ticks and other insects.

Watch the video below to learn how to identify common bug bites and what to do about them.

This video is from the Natural Remedies channel on

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Revolutionary diagnosis: A single blood test can now detect Lyme and other tick-borne diseases.

More than just Lyme: Ticks carry a collection of pathogens.

“What the Health” documentary film draws heavy criticism from quacks that shill for the meat, dairy and pharmaceutical industries.

From long, painful erections to paralysis, a list of some weird effects of bug bites and stings.

Autism, mercury, thimerosal and vaccines: Natural News releases large collection of scientific knowledge that’s been suppressed by the FDA, CDC and pharma-controlled media.

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Carbon capture storage systems are a severe danger to communities and a veiled government-incentivized land grab –

Carbon capture storage systems are a severe danger to communities and a veiled government-incentivized land grab

As the Biden regime moves toward a massive expansion of carbon capture and storage (CCS) systems to achieve the United Nation’s Net Zero America by 2050, no one should forget what happened in Satartia, in Yazoo County, Mississippi. On the evening of February 22, 2020, the small town of Satartia was shaken by a loud boom and engulfed in a foul gas fog. Soon after, the people of Satartia learned that the thunder and white cloud was caused by a 2-inch-thick pipeline carrying pressurized carbon dioxide, which caused an explosion of ice and suffocating levels of CO2 gas.

CO2 explosions and gas leaks threaten people’s lives and health

The explosion in Satartia put a halt to public transportation and sent nine people to the hospital. The gas leak caused breathing difficulties for many residents and may be responsible for respiratory problems for these people well into the future. The foul odor, which included hydrogen sulfide, ultimately helped save many of the residents from further lung damage. If the explosion had only included CO2 gas, there would have been no odor and many people would have continued to inhale the gas, not knowing that their respiratory systems were being damaged. The pipeline was owned by Denbury Inc., a self-proclaimed leader in CO2 transportation. In Satartia, Denbury extracts gas from an ancient volcanic vent called Jackson Dome and pipes it out.

The Satartia disaster should serve as a warning. These risky and unnecessary carbon capture and transportation projects are increasing and being expanded well into the future. In addition to subsidies, finance and tax credits, the government has committed $10 billion to CCS projects. CCS involves capturing carbon dioxide from industrial and other sources, compressing it, and transporting it through pipelines to underground geological formations and unused oil wells for storage. Denbury also uses the technology to move more oil out of active wells.


Currently, three companies — Navigator Energy Services, Wolf Carbon Solutions, and Summit Carbon Solutions — are working to build a network to “decarbonize” ethanol production in the Midwest. Summit actually plans to capture carbon dioxide from 31 corn ethanol plants in five states, transport it 2,000 miles by pipeline, and release 18 million tons a year in North Dakota. The company is being incentivized by $600 million taxpayer credits annually. They have sent land surveyors onto private property along the pipeline route and secured 375 easement agreements.

The goal for 2050 is to incentivize a massive government land grab

The goal for 2050 is laid out: it will include 65,000 miles of pipeline transporting carbon dioxide across the United States. Currently there are 50 pipelines, spanning 5,000 miles, that carry 70 million tons of carbon dioxide per year to improve oil extraction. Developers are now seeking permits for multi-state CCS projects that would transport carbon dioxide from Midwestern ethanol plants along about 3,500 miles of pipeline.

This vast network of pipelines threatens human settlements and ecology, and worse, puts many people at risk from these CO2 explosions, like the one that happened in Satartia. Even scientists who support CCS are not sure what will eventually happen to the carbon dioxide that is pumped underground. The situation could become more dangerous as the years go by. Moreover, landowners in farming communities are worried about major statewide decisions that rule out non-public use projects that could destroy their farms, cause gas leaks, and cause their property values to plummet.

Nobel laureate John Clauser has spoken out against the climate change agenda, calling it “a dangerous corruption of science that threatens the global economy and the well-being of billions of people.” William Happer and Richard Lindzen, both respected climate scientists, wrote that the damage from carbon dioxide emissions has been exaggerated by “an unscientific method of analysis based on consensus, peer review, government opinion, models that don’t work, and cherry-picking.” Viv Forbes, geologist, and Carbon Sense Coalition founder describes these CCS projects as a “silly scheme devised by green zealots to sacrifice billions of dollars and scads of energy to bury this harmless, invisible, life-supporting gas in the hope of appeasing the global warming gods.”

In the end, the CCS projects are a burden to taxpayers, pose direct threats to the environment and the people, and constitute a lucrative government-incentivized land grab.

Sources include:

Christopher Lasch Describes Right Path Civic Populism

ILLUSTRATION: The Wall Street Journal

In our recent post, “The Neoliberal Political Economy of the Organized Crime Syndicate,” and podcast Robert Phoenix and Russ Winter Discuss the Neoliberal Political Grift Economy we discussed the important work of Professor Susan Strange (1923-1998), who was a professor at the London School of Economics and one of the founders of the field of international political economy. We recommend that Strange’s work be considered in tandem with that of Christopher Lasch (1932-1994) and combined with the work of Dr. Andrew Łobaczewski (1921–2008) [“Political Ponerology: A Psychological Anatomy of Evil, Politics and Public Trauma“].

Then, collectively, you will have a good, foundational, real-world view from more conventional academics. The idea is to get off the Hegelian dialectic merry-go-round/switch and bait and embark on a third path. And, of course, there’s always Winter Watch to guide you much further down the rabbit holes.

Hegelian Dialectic as a Strategy for Modern Globalization: A Deep Dive with Antony Sutton

Christopher Lasch was an historian and penetrating social critic. He was first to promote the idea that the values and attitudes of the elites and the working classes dramatically diverged. The elites have become a natural “fifth column” within the state, and they’re generally hostile to the nation-state’s well being and especially to the well being of the lower-strata of the population. The result is a loss of civic virtue.

Note: Lasch, like many others, uses the term “elite,” which we feel is a poor word choice. We favor kleptocracy, kakistocracy and Crime Syndicate instead. Nevertheless, Lasch is one of those rare souls who does not care about ideology. He tries, quite valiantly, to see the world as it is.

Civic virtue involves making judgments and demands on one another. Lasch opposes relativism.

If Lasch were observing today, he would see civic virtue completely swamped by mass migrations and foreign workers, who have little concept of American or European civics. Lasch would argue that this development makes democracy impossible in the United States.

In his groundbreaking book “The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy” (1996), Lasch pointed out: “The new elites, the professional classes in particular, regard the masses with mingled scorn and apprehension.”

In 1994, Lasch had come to believe that the economic and cultural elite of the United States were not a mass revolt as envisioned by the pro-communist New Left of the 1960s but rather a rejection of its liberal and pluralistic values by the educated elite.

“In our time, the chief threat seems to come from those at the top of the social hierarchy, not the masses,” Lasch wrote.

He held that the elites — by which he meant not just the super-wealthy but also their managerial coat holders and professional apologists — were undermining the country’s promise as a constitutional republic with their prehensile greed, their asocial cultural values and their absence of civic responsibility.

Lasch wrote these views in 1993. Now, almost two and a half decades later, the super rich have achieved escape velocity from the gravitational pull of the very society over which they rule. They have seceded from America. The salons of Versailles on the Potomac have a “new normal.”

His books — even the more strictly historical ones — include sharp criticism of the priorities of alleged “radicals” who represent merely extreme formations of a rapacious capitalist ethos. Winter Watch suggests that Lasch, as a former neoMarxist sensed our view that both Leftists and Neoliberals were hijacked by the same Trotskyite forces. Lasch understood this false left-right dialectic.

Lasch’s most famous work, “The Culture of Narcissism: American Life in an Age of Diminishing Expectations” (1979), sought to relate the hegemony of modern-day capitalism to an encroachment of a “therapeutic” mindset into social and family life similar to that already theorized by Philip Rieff.

He posited that social developments in the 20th century, such as World War II and the rise of consumer culture in the years following, gave rise to a narcissistic personality structure in which individuals’ fragile self-concepts had led, among other things, to a fear of commitment and lasting relationships (including religion), a dread of aging (e.g. the 1960s and 1970s “youth culture“) and a boundless admiration for fame and celebrity, nurtured initially by the motion picture industry and furthered principally by television.

Lasch advances arguments showing how culture had lost faith in the traditional values and replaced them with unrestrained greed.

WInter Watch Takeaway: Lasch nails the symptoms but doesn’t fully grasp the organized Tavistockian Crime Syndicate and 5th Columnist hidden hand behind Eros and civilization narcissism. That’s what we’re here for.

Read “Flower Power Sowed Seeds of 50 Years of Weaponized Degeneracy”

However, he saw a threat as a new stage of political development in America where the elite have become increasingly detached from the concerns of the common man. Lasch demonstrates how an increasing division between rich and poor, in which the working class becomes alienated from the intellectual class of “symbolic analysts,” leads to an utter sense of apathy among the American people.

Lasch seemed to sympathize with the populists of old, who sought a sort of third way between the horrors of monopoly capitalism and the welfare state. Populists promoted the values of the common man, thus maintaining a cultural conservatism, while at the same time demonstrating an innate fear of bigness and far-off bureaucracy.

Additionally, Lasch saw new hope for the working class through communitarianism, as opposition to neoliberal globalism. This is not the hijacked version of communitarianism we see today. Lasch’s grassroots communitarianism seeks to emphasize the role of community, neighborhoods and organic connectedness. This is contrary to libertarianism, which emphasizes the individual at the whim of market forces and cultural pluralism.

Lasch argues for restraint in order to facilitate family and community growth. Individuality threatens democracy. Community connection and traditional rules and obligations with neighbors and a community is paramount, he believed, as well as reciprocity and responsibilities.

Winter Watch Takeaway: We couldn’t agree more; however, because the kakistocracy operates from malice, they cut off at the pass Lasch’s populist approach.

Lasch warned what was coming and showed how the left uses the issue of race — extended arbitrarily to include all minorities and underprivileged, as defined by them — to create further difficulties for the common man, who is utterly alienated by political correctness.

Next, Lasch makes his most memorable points and contributions. He explains the changes in America that led to morality becoming a code word for judgmentalism, standards becoming a code word for racism, multiculturalism becoming a code word for denigrating a so-called “evil European culture,” the loss of family and neighborhood hailed as necessary for individual freedom, and the death of social cohesiveness, which never was mourned.

“Most of our spiritual energy is devoted precisely to a campaign against shame and guilt, the object of which is to make people ‘feel good about themselves.’ The churches themselves have enlisted in this therapeutic exercise,” he notes.

He further states that self-esteem is overrated for societal health. Winter Watch in our examination of serial killers such as Jimmy Savile, George Hodel, Ted Bundy, Dylan Klebold/Eric Harris and Israel Keyes (just search archives by name) shows how inflated unrestrained self-esteem and self-importance are a key drivers of such individual’s behaviors.

Lasch also shows how respect and shame have been misunderstood by the modern age. A culture of narcissism developed in America, in which individuals became excessively self-interested. They rely heavily on psychotherapies that promote self-esteem and “happiness” as the highest good. He argues for a return to traditional religious values as a means for achieving hope and providing an inoculation against otherwise difficult times.

Read “For Shame: Why Americans Should Be Wary of Self-Esteem” (New Republic, 10 August 1992)

While economically Lasch is opposed to unfettered capitalism, he nevertheless finds room to criticize the welfare state and government bureaucracy that promotes dependency and a culture of victimization.

In “The True and Only Heaven,” Lasch developed a critique for social change among the middle classes in the U.S. that involves rehabilitating the populist or producerist alternative tradition.

“The tradition I am talking about,” Lasch wrote, “tends to be skeptical of programs for the wholesale redemption of society … It is very radically democratic and in that sense it clearly belongs on the Left. But on the other hand it has a good deal more respect for tradition than is common on the Left, and for religion too.”

“A Feminist Movement that respected the achievements of women in the past would not disparage housework, motherhood or unpaid civic and neighborly services. It would not make a paycheck the only symbol of accomplishment,” He wrote. “It would insist that people need self-respecting honorable callings, not glamorous careers that carry high salaries but take them away from their families.”

In “Women and the Common Life,” Lasch clarified that urging women to abandon the household and forcing them into a position of economic dependence, in the workplace, pointing out the importance of professional careers does not entail liberation, as long as these careers are governed by the requirements of corporate economy.

Lasch was not generally sympathetic to the cause of what was then known as the Reagan New Right, particularly those elements of libertarianism most evident in its platform. We addressed that as well in the Neoliberal post, and of course agree again with Lasch.

Only populism satisfied Lasch’s criteria of economic justice — not necessarily equality, but minimizing class-based difference — participatory democracy, strong social cohesion and moral rigor.

In his last months, he worked closely with his daughter Elisabeth to complete “The Revolt of the Elites: And the Betrayal of Democracy,” in which he “excoriated the new meritocratic class, a group that had achieved success through the upward-mobility of education and career and that increasingly came to be defined by rootlessness, cosmopolitanism, a thin sense of obligation, and diminishing reservoirs of patriotism,” Patrick Deneen wrote in The American Conservative magazine.

I depart from Lasch here and suggest the success is not organic and has been manipulated and those men and women are made through criminal conspiracy and are negatively selected sub-zeros- and by design. I would highly recommend RFK Jr book on Fauci and his interview with Jimmy Dore (removed this morning from You Tube- link is to Rumble) to get a sense of how this sistema operates.

He “argued that this new class ‘retained many of the vices of aristocracy without its virtues,’ lacking the sense of ‘reciprocal obligation’ that had been a feature of the old order.”

Globalization, according to the historian, has turned elites into tourists in their own countries. The de-nationalization of society tends to produce a class who see themselves as “world citizens, but without accepting … any of the obligations that citizenship in a polity normally implies.” Their ties to an international culture of work, leisure, information, make many of them deeply indifferent to the prospect of national decline. Instead of financing public services and the public treasury, new elites are investing their money in improving their voluntary ghettos.

Winter Watch: What does transnational Bill Gates pour his money into? – Global vaccinations.  Warren Buffet? to the Gates Foundation. How about transnational George Soros? Neoliberal shitstorms and bought politicians. Per Forbes 35% of American billionaires are Jewish. Almost all are generous benefactors to Israel and Jewish charity or to sub-zero neocon politicians they control.

“Composed of those who control the international flows of capital and information, who preside over philanthropic foundations and institutions of higher education, manage the instruments of cultural production and thus fix the terms of public debate,” he wrote. “So, the political debate is limited mainly to the dominant classes and political ideologies lose all contact with the concerns of the ordinary citizen.”  

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Winter Watch Takeaway: The only route to regime change is to attack the kleptocracy hard where it counts: in the pocket book, and cut off all rat lines of escape. RFK Jr in his interview called for economic boycotts and guerrilla tactics against enterprise supporting or implementing Covid-tyranny. Tax benefits to fund voluntary ghettos should be choked off just for starters. If the pendulum swings back to populism I would bring in 10,000 untouchables like Col. Roberto Nascimento in The Enemy Within.

A Crime Syndicate Primer: Brazil’s ‘O Inimigo Dentro’ (‘The Enemy Within’)