Waukesha Parade High Strangeness Psyops Examined

James Fetzer’s False Flags and Conspiracies Virtual Conference 2021 featured “High Strangeness: The Waukesha PsyOp,” which was a review of the Waukesha parade event as analyzed by myself and the Brain Trust: Giuseppe Vafanculo, David Scorpio and Darryl Wayne. For the presentation, a number of the images and videos were gathered for closer scrutiny. The presentation is here.

Read “Strange Imagery from Waukesha Parade SUV Attack (Updated)”

Notes and Additional Observations

Word on the film being presented:

At minute 00:11:28 is an examination of a video clip showing the red SUV racing at higher speeds past the parade without striking anyone. That can be seen starting at 00:02:18.

The red Ford Escape did not knock over the barricades when escaping the scene. As seen at 00:47:25, there was more high strangeness, and barricades appear already laid out on the pavement and down.

At 00:33:00, we discuss the bystanders at the point of attack. I contend that this is a staged production and there are not real people there. In fact, I don’t even think they are actors. It’s more likely poor-quality, obscured CGI using dark and blurry stick figures.

Note at 00:54:00, at the high strangeness house scene, a coatless Brooks is arrested after eating a ham sandwich and calling an Uber.

Yet, more high strangeness from the script writers who must be yucking it up. Note at 00:49:45 that no-coat Brooks is also in short sleeves and seems dressed for another day. Brooks says he is homeless but apparently he can afford gasoline for blitzing around town and for an Uber — but not a warm sweater from Goodwill? According to weather records for Waukesha shown on left, he is out in sub freezing temperature and 29 mph wind at that 6 p.m. hour.

At 00:22:00, evaluating pedestrians hit at different speeds. A video compilation below shows pedestrians being hit in the non-cartoon world at similar speeds as well as faster speeds. They often flip straight up and slightly to the side. Unless hit at high speeds, they don’t go far. You can see several get right back up after solid strikes.

In the film taken after the SUV came through [00:59:20] at Waukesha shows bodies are strewn on both sides of a wide street despite the SUV moving at 20 mph and less at several points. Indeed, we established in our analysis that the red SUV veered to the left side of the street and angled into the furthest left column of marchers.

Also, note that real people in some bad spots often can evade or take glancing, less-serious blows. Humans have senses and one is hearing. Are we to believe there wasn’t screaming and a racket behind the marchers as the vehicle plowed through? Most people will not stand there like deer highlights while a slow-moving red vehicle mows down a parade line. In fact, the overhead film shows people scattering. That explains why very few people are actually seen down in the overhead video shots, which is covered at 00:31:10 in the presentation.

FDA warns 3 baby formula makers over violations of food safety standards – NaturalNews.com

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued warning letters to three major baby formula manufacturers over violations of current food safety standards.

On Aug. 30, the FDA issued its warnings to ByHeart Inc., Mead Johnson Nutrition under the Reckitt Benckiser Group and Perrigo Wisconsin LLC. The letters reflected findings from inspections over the last several months, which found that the three failed to ensure their infant formulas were not contaminated throughout the manufacturing process.

The letters read that these manufacturers “did not establish a system of process controls covering all stages of processing that were designed to ensure that infant formula does not become adulterated due to the presence of microorganisms in the formula or in the processing environment.”

The products are potentially contaminated with Cronobacter sakazakii.

The companies have 15 working days upon receipt of the letters to notify the FDA of “the specific steps the companies have taken to correct the stated violations, including an explanation of each step being taken to identify violations and make corrections to ensure that similar violations will not recur.”

Despite the warning letters, the regulator has not issued any recall notices in connection with the correspondences. It also does not expect any impact on baby formula supply.

The country experienced a severe baby formula shortage in 2022 due to supply chain issues, mainly driven by an outbreak of C. sakazakii linked to contaminated formula made at the Abbott Nutrition facility in Sturgis, Michigan. The outbreak left two infants dead. (Related: Biden sends baby formula to illegals at border while grocery stores run dry.)


This prompted Abbott to close the Sturgis facility and retailers to limit the number of formula customers can buy at one time. The FDA’s February 2022 investigation concluded that Abbott “did not ensure that all surfaces that contacted infant formula were maintained to protect infant formula from being contaminated by any source.” Abbott later reopened the Sturgis facility in August 2022.

Manufacturers respond to FDA warning letters

The three manufacturers have responded to the regulator’s warning.

A Perrigo spokesperson said in a statement that the Michigan-based company has been committed to meeting the needs of consumers, parents and caregivers. The quality and safety of their products is Perrigo’s highest priority, the spokesperson added.

According to the spokesperson, the FDA letter “pertained only to its infant formula manufacturing facility located in Wisconsin, which the company acquired from Nestle on Nov. 1, 2022.” The spokesperson continued: “We want to assure the public that all of Perrigo’s infant formula products available to parents and caregivers are safe for infant feeding and FDA does not advise discarding or avoiding purchase of any particular infant formula.

Meanwhile, a representative for Reckitt – Mead Johnson’s parent firm – said “the safety of babies is of the utmost importance to us and we can confirm that all of our infant formula products continue to meet the highest FDA standards for safety and quality.”

“The FDA’s communication is part of its enhanced regulatory oversight and does not relate to any new concerns or issues, as they reflect findings from previous inspections,” the Reckitt representative wrote in a statement. “[There] are no safety or quality concerns with any Reckitt/Mead Johnson formula, [so] parents and caregivers can rest assured our products can be used with confidence. They don’t need to do anything differently when shopping or feeding their infants.”

In a statement shared with TODAY, ByHeart commended the FDA and expressed support for the agency’s “enhanced oversight.” It also stressed that “providing safe and high-quality infant formula” continues to be their top priority and also assured its customers that “no distributed ByHeart product has tested positive for contaminants.”

“There is no disruption to ByHeart’s manufacturing and we currently have three production plants across the U.S. that are operating to meet the demand for our formula,” the company stated.

Visit FDA.news for more stories about the U.S. regulator for food and medicine.

Watch this short clip about the FDA warning against popular baby formulas following reports of infections.

This video is from the Daily Videos channel on Brighteon.com.

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AI-powered tools for detecting “hate speech” in gaming chats raise concerns about over-policing, censorship – NaturalNews.com

AI-powered tools for detecting “hate speech” in gaming chats raise concerns about over-policing, censorship

Gaming giant Activision has started listening to gamer chatter with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) that scans conversations for “toxicity” – raising concerns about over-policing and censorship.

The AI-powered Toxmod program developed by tech firm Modulate is specifically designed to monitor and manage player interactions in real time. It can detect and restrict “hate speech, discriminatory language, sexism, harassment and more” in both in-game text and voice chats.

It has been eavesdropping on players of “Call of Duty: Warzone” and “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II” – both Activision titles – in North America. According to Frontline News, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III” players worldwide, excluding Asia, will be monitored by Toxmod starting in November.

ToxMod not only listens for language that may be offensive but uses AI to determine if an offense has been taken. According to PC Gamer, the program can “listen to conversational cues to determine how others in the conversation are reacting to the use of [certain] terms.”

Over one million gaming accounts have so far had their chats restricted by Call of Duty’s “anti-toxicity team,” the company boasted in a blog post. Offenders first receive a warning and then penalties if they re-offend.

One of the central concerns raised by the deployment of ToxMod is the potential for over-policing and censorship. While it aims to curb offensive language, it also relies on AI algorithms to gauge whether participants in a conversation have taken offense.

This approach raises significant questions about the AI’s ability to accurately interpret context and cultural nuances. For example, certain words or phrases may be used humorously or reclaimed within specific communities but could be misconstrued as offensive by the AI, leading to content removal.


Also, certain words are seen as humorous when said by some races but considered racial slurs if said by others.

“While the n-word is typically considered a vile slur, many players who identify as black or brown have reclaimed it and use it positively within their communities,” said Modulate. “If someone says the n-word and clearly offends others in the chat, that will be rated much more severely than what appears to be reclaimed usage that is incorporated naturally into a conversation.”

Furthermore, ToxMod has been programmed to identify what Modulate classifies as “White supremacists” and “alt-right extremists,” categorizing them as forms of “violent radicalization.”

False positives, unwarranted censorship feared

The adoption of AI-powered content moderation tools in the gaming industry has sparked a broader debate about the role of artificial intelligence in online communication and its implications for freedom of expression. This trend can be understood within the context of ongoing efforts to address toxicity, harassment and hate speech in online communities.

However, the criteria and methodology behind this moderation process are not fully transparent, potentially resulting in false positives and unwarranted censorship of individuals or groups who do not fit the defined categories. (Related: AI can influence people’s decisions in life-or-death situations.)

Aside from the lack of context, AI algorithms may be biased and produce unfair outcomes. For example, an AI-powered tool may flag certain types of behavior as toxic more frequently than others, leading to unfair moderation.

Then there are privacy concerns. AI-powered tools may collect and analyze personal data, such as chat logs and voice recordings, to identify toxic behavior. This raises concerns about privacy and data protection.

Some people may be concerned about the lack of transparency in how AI-powered tools are being used to moderate online gaming. They may not understand how the algorithms work or how decisions are being made.

Visit FutureTech.news for more stories on how artificial intelligence is shaping the world.

Watch this video that talks about the the future of AI.

This video is from The Talking Hedge channel on Brighteon.com.

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AI is currently the greatest threat to humanity, warns investigative reporter Millie Weaver.

AI surveillance tech can find out who your friends are.

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Shareholders sue Disney, accusing the media giant’s leadership of FRAUD – NaturalNews.com

According to a recent lawsuit, Disney shareholders have accused the media giant’s leadership of misleading investors with “a fraudulent scheme designed to hide the extent of Disney+ losses.” The lawsuit was lodged the day before Disney shares closed at a nine-year low of $82.47 per share.

The complaint was filed by New Jersey-based Stourbridge Investments on Aug. 23 in a federal court in Delaware. It claims that Disney management under then-CEO Bob Chapek, who was fired from his post in late 2022, tried to hide the “staggering costs” the company incurred while attempting to boost the number of subscribers on its new streaming service Disney+ to fulfill its promise of becoming profitable by the end of 2024.

Bob Iger, who retired from Disney after 15 years as chief executive, has agreed to serve as CEO for two more years. He replaced Chapek, who took over as Disney CEO in February 2020.

According to investors, they were misled by statements from Chapek, particularly one dated December 2020 which said that “Disney+ has exceeded our wildest expectations” and “bolstered our confidence” despite questionable profitability forecasts.

The suit also mentions a “controversial” reorganization of Disney’s media and entertainment operations that gave Chapek “near complete control over the company’s strategic decisions around content.”

Chapek led the company through the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but Disney disappointed investors in November 2022 with an earnings report that showed continued losses at Disney+, its streaming media unit. (Related: Disney announces price hikes for Disney+ and Hulu ad-free plans to compensate for several box-office flops.)


Susan Arnold, chair of Disney’s board, said the Board has concluded that as Disney “embarks on an increasingly complex period of industry transformation, Iger is uniquely positioned to lead the company through this crucial period.”

Disney facing another lawsuit over alleged “cost-shifting scheme”

Disney is involved in another investor suit over a presumed “cost-shifting scheme” in its streaming division.

The lawsuit also claims that it obstructed a deal between TSG Entertainment Finance and 20th Century Studios, which Disney owns, to boost Disney+ and juice its stock price.

In the Stourbridge Investments suit, the plaintiff named Chapek, who ran Disney from 2020 to 2022, Iger, Christine McCarthy, former chief financial officer, and Kareem Daniels, ex-Media & Entertainment Distribution chairman.

According to Stourbridge Investments, “to conceal these adverse facts, defendants engaged in a fraudulent scheme designed to hide the extent of Disney+ losses and to make the growth trajectory of Disney+ subscribers appear sustainable.” Shareholders were also made to believe that 2024 Disney+ targets were achievable when they were not.

In 2022, Disney reported that it missed analyst estimates by wide margins on revenue, sales and earnings. According to the complaint, Disney also reported a decline in its average revenue per Disney+ subscriber because more customers subscribed through a discounted bundle with its other services.

The bundled offering made up about 40 percent of domestic subscribers, effectively proving that Disney was relying on short-term promotional efforts to boost subscriber growth while also affecting the platform’s long-term profitability.

Despite those headwinds, Chapek went “all in” on the platform, announcing a major reorganization of the company’s media and entertainment operations. The shareholder claimed that the move was a “dramatic departure from Disney’s historical reporting structure and was hugely controversial within the company because it took power away from creative content-focused executives and centralized it in a new reporting group” led by Daniels.

The suit also said that Iger undid many of his predecessor’s decisions after returning to work again for Disney. The complaint concludes that Disney’s “wrongful acts and omissions” were responsible for the “precipitous decline in the market value” of the company’s shares.

Earlier in August, Iger reported that Disney+ lost 146.1 million subscribers during the most recent quarter, a 7.4 percent decline from the previous quarter. According to reports, Disney has taken a $3.7 billion hit over the past 12 months ending June 30 from its streaming services, which include Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu.

Visit MarketCrash.news for more news about collapsing companies.

Watch the video below to learn what an investment strategist has to say about a “caveat” to leading economic indicators.

This video is from the NewsClips channel on Brighteon.com.

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Disney to begin mass layoff of 7,000 employees this week.

Disney is on the verge of financial collapse, leaked memo reveals.

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Maryland elementary school in D.C. suburb once again forcing children to wear a mask for COVID – NaturalNews.com

Maryland elementary school in D.C. suburb once again forcing children to wear a mask for COVID

Parents of students who attend Rosemary Hills Elementary School in Montgomery County, Md., a wealthy suburban area outside of Washington, D.C., received a letter this week informing them that their children are once again expected to mask up due to the latest “variants” of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

Conservative radio talk show host Clay Travis shared a copy of the letter on X (formerly Twitter). Written by school principal Rebecca Irwin Kennedy, the letter states that because “3 or more” students recently tested “positive” for the Fauci Flu, all third-grade students at the school must mask up for the next 10 days.

An echo back to the “two weeks to flatten the curve” rhetoric spewed during COVID 1.0, Kennedy’s letter about masking for just 10 days could end up extending beyond that time, and possibly remain in place indefinitely – this is the bait-and-switch M.O. (modus operandi) of the COVID cultists, after all.

(Related: COVID cultists everywhere are once again demanding compliance with their face mask fetish.)

If enough parents JUST SAY NO to COVID mandates, they will eventually end FOR GOOD

Not only do all third-graders at Rosemary Hills Elementary School have to wear a mask for at least the next week and a half, but they must don a medical-grade N95 type, which the COVID cultists believe provides more protection than a cloth or bandana-style mask.

“Additional KN95 masks have been distributed and students and staff in identified classes or activities will be required to mask while in school for the next 10 days, except while eating or drinking,” Kennedy wrote to parents.


“Masks will become optional again following the 10 day period.”

Kennedy further informed parents that “at-home rapid test kits” will be mailed out to each student’s home because the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends testing at least five days after an exposure, beginning on day six, or any time when symptoms develop.

“Please report any positive COVID results to the school attendance office,” Kennedy further stressed, using all bold and an underline to push for compliance. “We will continue to reinforce good hand washing and follow cleaning and disinfection procedures.”

The only way Kennedy’s commands will have any effect is if parents and their students comply with them. Should they choose to just say no, then Kennedy will be forced to backtrack just like Lionsgate studios in Hollywood and Morris Brown College in Atlanta did after trying, but failing, to reimpose their own mask mandates.

It starts with one school here and one studio there, with promises that it is just “temporary.” Then, once they have that inch, they grab the rest of the mile and enshrine their medical fascism permanently.

This will all stop once enough Americans decide to put a stop to it with non-compliance. Every person who cooperates with demands like the ones Kennedy is making is complicit in medical tyranny and deserving of ridicule and shame for it.

Keep in mind that numerous studies, including several out of Greece and Italy, prove that masking not only does nothing to stop the spread, but also inhibits proper speech, hearing, and other forms of communication.

Even the Chinese-run World Health Organization (WHO) advises against masking children, having warned during the first contrived “pandemic” that children should be allowed to breathe freely without a face covering.

“This is child abuse,” one commenter wrote about Kennedy’s new masking policy.

“Take your children out of the government indoctrination centers,” wrote another.

Will you wear a mask if the government once again tries to force you into compliance with medical fascism? Learn more at Tyranny.news.

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The Trees of Lahaina

On the Lahaina Fire, several readers have sent me a video of an arborist talking about the phenomenon of a fire that reduces houses to white ash while leaving trees still standing.

In the video, he begins by stating his reflections on the following aerial photograph (he found on the internet) of Santa Rosa, California after the 2017 fire.

Viewing this photograph, he states:

Yeah, all the houses are missing, they’re white ash, but what are all the trees doing there. Many of these are pines and eucalyptus, and very flammable leaves. It just made no sense to me. I’ve got a background of cooking on campfires for my entire adult life, from sea level to twelve or thirteen thousand feet in the Sierras. I’ve burned everything, and everything burns in a tiny campfire. And this is a horrific firestorm, they said. Why are all the trees still there? So it didn’t work well for me. And I waited a couple of months and I went up there after things died down, and I analyzed every street I could for eight hours. Nothing, I mean nothing, added up.

Based on these observations, the arborist proposes that directed-energy weapons (DEW) were used to ignite and energize the Santa Rosa fire in 2017. As the video progresses, he makes similar remarks about aerial photographs of Lahaina after the fire there. From his observations, he concludes that the still standing trees in Lahaina are evidence that DEW were used to ignite and energize the fire. Though he doesn’t identify the perpetrators, he states:

We have to fight this at every level we can, because they own the military. The billionaires own the government, and that one percent is ruling the planet. Less than one percent. We have to group up together and make a stand. At any level we can. We have to do something.

Before I address the content of these statements, I would like to say a word about conspiracies. In Chapter 30 of our book, The Courage to Face COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex, we discuss the reality of criminal conspiracies.

After an exposition of the 1953 play, Biedermann and the Arsonists in which we explicitly describe how it is often difficult for people to comprehend the reality of criminal malevolence in their midst, we remark:

. . . “The greatest trick that powerful interest groups ever pulled was convincing the world that everyone who detects and reports their activities is a conspiracy theorist.” Only the naivest consumer of mainstream news reporting would fail to recognize that powerful interest groups in the military, financial, and bio-pharmaceutical industries work in concert to further their interests. Their activities cross the line into conspiracy when they commit fraud or other crimes to advance their interests. The term “conspiracy theory” suggests the feverish imaginings of a crackpot mind. This ignores the fact that the United States government prosecutes the crime of conspiracy all the time. As one prominent defense attorney described this reality:

Any time the government believes that it can allege that two or more individuals were a part of a common agreement to commit the same crime, they will include a charge of conspiracy into the indictment. There is no requirement that all of the members of the conspiracy even know about each other, or even know each other personally.

A person may be charged with conspiracy to commit a crime even if he doesn’t know all of the details of the crime. When COVID-19 arrived, the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex vigorously and exclusively pursued the vaccine solution instead of the early treatment solution. In order to realize their ambition, multiple actors simultaneously waged a propaganda campaign against hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and other repurposed drugs.

It’s likely that only a relatively small number of these actors knew they were making fraudulent claims about the generic, repurposed drugs, and knew they were taking action to impede access to these drugs based on fraudulent claims. These actors were the conspirators. Countless others unwittingly played roles in the conspiracy because they themselves believed the propaganda.

In my Substack columns about the origin of SARS-CoV-2, I present evidence that Dr. Fauci and his virologist cronies conspired to conceal the true (laboratory) origin of the causative agent of COVID-19. Thus, I myself have often been called a “conspiracy theorist.” I reply to this accusation with the remark that nowadays the difference between a conspiracy theory and a proven conspiracy is about six months.

Since the financial crisis in 2008 and the ensuing Federal Reserve bailouts of the billionaire class, I have been telling everyone who will listen that the billionaire class has captured our federal government and endangered our Constitutional Republic. I am therefore entirely sympathetic to the underlying political sentiments expressed by the arborist.

However, as much as I sympathize with his underlying political sentiments, I still do not find his assertions about the trees or his conclusion—that their condition after the fire is evidence of DEW—persuasive.

I have now published three books about controversial true crime stories. For all three, I had to persuade the publishers and their attorneys that my key finding and characterizations of key actors were defensible in court. The Austrian publisher of my second book asked me to change the names of some of the key actors (whom I accuse of fraudulent concealment and negligent homicide) in order to reduce the risk of being sued. I told the publisher I was ready to defend my findings in court, and that I would rather shelve the project than protect these corrupt men by giving them aliases.

If citizen investigators, investigative journalists, and licensed private investigators want to speak truth to power in an effective way, they must be able and willing to meet high standards of evidence. Otherwise, they will be easily dismissed as crackpots.

Back to the arborist’s observations of aerial photographs of Santa Rosa and Lahaina. Let’s start with his opening remarks about the Santa Rosa photograph:

Yeah, all the houses are missing, they’re white ash, but what are all the trees doing there. Many of these are pines and eucalyptus, with very flammable leaves. It just made no sense to me. I’ve got a background of cooking on campfires for my entire adult life, from sea level to twelve or thirteen thousand feet in the Sierras. I’ve burned everything, and everything burns in a tiny campfire. And this is a horrific firestorm, they said. Why are all the trees still there? So it didn’t work well for me. And I waited a couple of months and I went up there after things died down, and I analyzed every street I could for eight hours. Nothing, I mean nothing, added up.

If he presented these observations in a criminal complaint alleging mass murder by unknown perpetrators, he would immediately encounter a host of rebuttals and objections. He would not be addressing his remarks to a cheering internet audience, but to a District Attorney who knows that his observations will be challenged by defense attorneys and certified experts about fire, wood, and living trees.

If the case came to trial, defense counsel and its experts would ask the jury to consider the following:

-Seasoned pine, spruce, or Douglas fir framing studs and plywood have a moisture content of around 9-12%

-A living pine tree with healthy roots, standing in front of a house in an irrigated suburb, has a moisture content of up to 250%. For more information about the moisture content of living trees, see the Encyclopedia Britannica entry on Wood Hygroscopicity.

-To understand the difference between these two materials, make a campfire out of 2X4 framing studs and freshly cut pine logs. Note how much the framing studs burn before the freshly cut logs burn or even ignite.

-Living pine trees—spaced approximately 30 feet apart in a suburb in which they are irrigated and pruned—are not comparable to a dense pine forest with piles of dead fuel on the ground below them such as you find in California forests. In drought-stricken, beetle-killed stands of pine, the combustibility will be dramatically higher.

-Living pine trees and eucalyptus trees are have adaptations that cause fire and enable them to withstand fire. Indeed, forest fires are actually part of their life cycles. As is elucidated in this article about the Important Relationship between Forests and Fire:

When allowed to burn naturally, forest fires tend to create a mosaic of old growth and new growth, which act as a barrier to the extent of future fires. When a fire hits the border between stages of growth, it is likely to smolder out.

Many trees have adaptations that allow them to survive easier in natural fire. Jack pines and giant sequoias have very thick, fire resistant bark. Most eucalyptus species and pine species utilize tall crowns in order to keep flammable leaves and dead branches high from the ground and away from fire.

-The arborist marvels that the trees are still standing after a horrific fire storm that incinerated the houses, and he implies that this is evidence that the houses were combusted by something other than a natural fire. And yet, according to multiple witnesses, a fire swept through the subdivision and incinerated the houses while leaving many trees still standing. His statement implies that the purported DEW surgically ignited and combusted the houses without subjecting the trees to any fire, but this is obviously not the case.

-Based on his viewing of a grainy aerial photograph, the arborist states that “all of the trees” withstood the fire. However, this photograph is not of sufficient detail and resolution to allow a definitive conclusion to be drawn about the condition of “all of the trees.” The following photographs of the same Coffey Park neighborhood show trees in a more damaged state:

The remarkable ability of pine trees to withstand fire is illustrated by this photo of a still charred pine in front of a rebuilt home years after the Cedar Fire in San Diego (in 2003) incinerated the neighborhood.

The tree in the background appears to be a eucalyptus, and judging by its height, it was also present during the fire and survived it.

Moving on to aerial photographs of Lahaina, the arborist asks about the giant banyan tree in front of the Old Lahaina Courthourse:

Why isn’t it burned up? The building in front was toasted. The roof’s gone.

This is what the banyan tree looked like before the fire:

Note the density of its green leaves being watered by hundreds of roots tapping into Lahaina’s water table. Note also that the grainy areal photograph does not display the east (windward side of the tree), which is very badly burned. The burned material ultimately turned to cinders, which became airborne in the 70 mph easterly wind and were blasted under the seasoned wooden eves of the east side of the Old Courthouse.

In his reflections about the Old Courthouse roof being incinerated while the banyan tree remained standing, the arborist states:

“It’s the wrong flame. And that’s my only answer to that. I can’t describe what the flame’s composition is. I just know that there’s microwave in there somewhere.”

To this assertion, the interviewer asks:

“How do you think the microwave energy is sent down? So you said satellite. So it’s like, I’ve seen some images of, but you know, I don’t know if they are accurate or not.”

“We can really only guess at the delivery system,” he replies.

But they’ve been working on it for forty years and even more. We don’t know, we really don’t know. And maybe there’s ten different types. I always say, maybe it’s like your blender in the kitchen—frappe, stir, crunch. You know, they just put it on a different setting, and they get a different effect. We’re just guessing.

Remarking on trees that are still standing after the Lahaina fire, he asserts:

Why are all the trees still there? They’re a little thin. Cooked again. I’m sure every one of them is dead. Perhaps some of the palm trees will come back. A palm tree is easy to light on fire. We’ve had a few car fires around here on the freeway or in a residential under a palm tree. They burn up in a second. They’re like grass. They’re thin, with a little bit of dead fronds on them. They’ll burn in seconds. Yet I look at them [here] they’re kind of super wilted, which I see often, there’s a black color to all these dead trees. The leaves are cooked like a slow cooked marsh-mellow on your fire. If it doesn’t ignite, these leaves just kind of wilt and turn a dark color. Another anomaly. They should have all been gone. This kind of heat, everything should have been gone. Should have been stumps of trees. That didn’t happen.

Here he acknowledges that, even if the buildings were destroyed by a high power microwave DEW, the trees in the vicinity of the burning buildings were exposed to high heat—high enough to kill the trees. And yet, he doesn’t address why these trees didn’t combust.

In fact, coconut palm trees are fire resistant. As is noted in this article published by the Firesafe Council:

Palm trees have a thick bark that protects the tree from fire. The leaves of palm trees are also high in moisture content, which makes them less likely to catch fire. In addition, the oil that is produced by palm trees is also a natural fire retardant.

If dead palm fronds are allowed to accumulate, these can create a fire hazard, but the living tree is remarkably resistant to combustion, as is evidenced by this palm grove in Vietnam after a napalm attack (jellied gasoline bombs that burn up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit).

My objective with this post is not to pick on the purported arborist, but to point out that his testimony about trees does not substantiate his conclusion that satellite-delivered microwave DEW were used to destroy Lahaina and murder its residents.

I am currently researching a book on the Lahaina Fire because I recognize that the disaster happened within the context of highly suspicious circumstances. I strongly suspect that, at best, the leaders of multiple agencies and institutions are guilty of gross negligence. However, I am not interested in publishing an account of suspicious circumstances. I am seeking proof of malfeasance, and I intend (if called upon) to defend my findings in court.

If anyone can provide credible witness testimony or clear evidence that DEW were used on Lahaina, please submit it in the comments section, which I will carefully monitor.