Biggest wildfire in Louisiana history ruled ARSON by state officials –

Louisiana state officials have ruled the wildfire in the Pelican State that destroyed over 33,000 acres of property, the biggest in its history, as arson.

As reported by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF), Louisiana has experienced a record-breaking number of 441 fires burning from Aug. 1 to 24. “This is unprecedented. We’ve never had to fight this many fires simultaneously and at this duration. We’re fighting between 25 and 30 [wildfires] today. It’s burning very intensely. It’s moving pretty fast, and you can feel the air picking up. That’s from the heat of the fire sucking air into the fire,” said LDAF Commissioner Mike Strain during a media conference.

The LDAF’s Enforcement Division, as well as the Louisiana State Fire Marshal deputies and the Beauregard Parish Sheriff’s Office detectives, have determined that the Tiger Island Fire was caused by arson. (Related: Arson is the likely cause of Quebec wildfires, not carbon emissions.)

In a news release, officials requested the public’s assistance in identifying the arson suspect.

“Investigators urge you to call law enforcement if you or anyone you know has any information regarding this fire. To report an arsonist or information regarding this fire, call the LDAF 24-hour hotline at 1-855-452-5323, the Beauregard Parish Sheriff’s Office at 337-462-8918, or the State Fire Marshal Office at 1-844-954-1221,” the news release stated.

The Louisiana Forestry Association is providing a cash reward of up to $2,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or group responsible for the wildfire.


The LDAF also reported that a 37-year-old individual, Robin Crawford, was arrested on Aug. 26 after he made threats to kindle a critical fire while the state was under a burn ban. Crawford faces charges connected to his alleged threat to start a large fire within the area of Old Genessee Road, near Louisiana Highway 1065.

State officials have not made any remarks concerning Crawford’s possible involvement in the Aug. 22 arson incident.

LDAF officials refused to make public specific details regarding the exact cause of the wildfire because of the ongoing investigation. Nevertheless, ABC News reported that investigators have identified the fire’s origin within an isolated area on forested property.

The state has seen an unprecedented fire season this year, driven by severe temperatures and dry conditions. The Tiger Island Fire happened east of Merryville, south of Highway 190, and about five miles east of the Texas state border.

The fire began on Aug. 22 in a wooded pine plantation. Numerous towns in southwestern Louisiana were put under mandatory evacuation orders because of the fire, and state officials have enforced a burn ban to control the situation.

Louisiana governor quick to blame wildfire on climate change

Louisiana’s Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards was quick to blame the wildfire on climate change.

“Everyone should take these dangerously high temperatures seriously. The extreme heat has already caused a high number of deaths and sent even more people to the hospital. In addition, our state is experiencing very dry weather, which coupled with the heat has produced a number of wildfires. So far, the fires have destroyed more than 20,000 acres of land and property. That is exactly why the burn ban is in place,” Edwards said.

“Our state has never been this hot and dry and we have never had this many fires. We need you and your neighbors to help keep our communities and first responders safe. Adhere to the statewide burn ban. Don’t burn anything.”

Early this year, Edwards’ Climate Initiatives Task Force unanimously accepted the state’s first-ever Climate Action Plan.

Louisiana’s Climate Action Plan includes a balanced set of recommendations to limit the severity of climate change while positioning the state to “maintain its economic competitiveness in a low-carbon future.”

Edwards has asked members of Congress last July to plan for future impacts of climate change, lead with science, take action now and give extra funding for infrastructure investments.

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Former Malaysian PM warned the world of DEPOPULATION PLAN by globalists in 2015 speech –

Former Malaysian PM warned the world of DEPOPULATION PLAN by globalists in 2015 speech

Back in 2015, former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad warned of the globalists’ plan to establish a one-world government, and that their plans are still in motion as the depopulation agenda continues to move forward.

Speaking at an international conference in Putrajaya, Malaysia, titled “The New World Order – A Recipe of War or Peace,” Mahathir warned about the elites’ plans to reduce the world population to around one billion people to make it easier to establish a one-world government. (Related: Must watch: RFK Jr. exposes globalist plan to use health crises to impose new world order tyranny.)

“The subject is the New World Order. It is about having a world government. We should abolish all states, all nations, all borders, but instead have only one world government. And that world government is to be by certain people, elites,” said Mahathir. “People who are very rich, very intelligent, very powerful in many ways. They are the ones who will govern the world.”

“There was not much talk about democracy or choice of leaders. Instead, there was to be a government by these elites who would impose their rules on everyone in this world. And for those who are unwilling to submit to them, there will be punishment. So, we find that already there is a new world government enforced with powerful military forces, and the willingness to subvert and undermine the governments of all countries.”

Globalists urging regime change all over the world

The two-term Malaysian prime minister added that the globalist elites are politically urging every country to undergo a regime change, except for those that are already submitting to them.


“There must be regime change so that all governments in this world would submit to this world power, this world government. And if you refuse to change your government, you will be persuaded through propaganda, through actions, including invasion and occupation, and the removal of the head of that government will be replaced by one that submits to the most powerful nation,” explained Mahathir. “In other words, the one who will accept the concept of a new world order.”

He went on to say recalcitrant and nonconforming nations will have sanctions placed against them. The former prime minister also stated that people have already seen countries such as Iran and Russia facing the application of sanctions on their trade with other countries.

“We see all kinds of subversion taking place undermining our moral values to the extent that we become helpless, unable to do anything, and the peace that we will get from this is the peace of the graveyard because the intention also is to reduce the number of people in this world,” said Mahathir, who cited that at the time when the New World Order was enunciated the world population was only three billion.

“The intention was to reduce it to one billion. Now the population of the world is seven billion. There will be a need to kill many billions of people or to starve them to death or to prevent them from giving birth in order to reduce the population of this world. This is what is in store for most, for those who will suffer and die, there will be the peace of the grave.”

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Watch the video below to hear Mahathir’s full speech warning about the globalist plans to establish a new world order.

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America’s globalist leaders are psychologically programming the public for World War III, nuclear Armageddon and climate LOCKDOWNS.

5 reasons to believe the global population is already one billion people less than it was in January 2020.

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CDC’s new ‘wild to mild’ ad campaign hypes flu vaccines for kids, pregnant women –

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) this week launched a new “Wild to Mild” ad campaign to “tame skepticism about flu vaccines,” CNN Health reported.

(Article by John-Michael Dumais republished from

The campaign, which will run on the radio and social media platforms starting this week, targets pregnant women and parents of young children “because vaccination rates are down in both of those high-risk groups,” said CNN.

Experts who spoke with The Defender, however, questioned the efficacy of flu vaccines and cautioned about their potential harms.

The CDC ads feature cute animal images, including one that depicts a tiger (“a ferocious animal”) and a kitten (“something that’s not scary”) designed to promote the idea that the flu vaccine, rather than preventing influenza altogether, will inhibit severe symptoms and yield a milder course of the illness.

The CNN article cited CDC data showing flu vaccination rates for pregnant women are down more than 16% since 2019 and 7% for children under 18. “That means more than 3.7 million people were unprotected during pregnancy over the past winter” along with “an estimated 32 million children,” CNN reported.

Erin Burns, M.A., associate director for communications for the Influenza Division at the CDC, told CNN the progress made to vaccinate pregnant women after the 2009 H1N1 pandemic has been “completely wiped out in the years since COVID-19.”

Focus groups run by the CDC showed that “most of the pregnant women had no intention of getting a flu vaccine and no awareness of the benefits it could bring them or their baby,” Burns said.


Dr. William Schaffner, infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University and a member of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, told CNN that “something was amiss” if doctors were not adequately informing pregnant women about the risks of the flu.

“Women who get influenza who are pregnant may have rates of complication that rival that of senior citizens,” Schaffner said, adding “They [doctors] have to get these messages out to women who come to them right now.”

Burns said mothers in focus groups found it “extremely motivating” when health educators explained that antibodies induced by flu shots could transfer to their babies and protect them after birth.

While seniors tend to understand their higher risk from the flu and therefore keep up with their shots, moms need more nudging, CNN reported.

According to CNN, Burns said the CDC felt cautious about claiming flu vaccines could attenuate illness, but since deepening its vaccine surveillance network, it found “strong and growing evidence” that the vaccine could “blunt a bout with the flu” and reduce doctor visits.

Schaffner said comparing the effectiveness of the flu vaccine to vaccines designed to eradicate diseases like measles, polio and whooping cough confuses people about what flu shots can do.

“With these respiratory viruses,” he said, “the vaccines aren’t very good at preventing milder disease. [But] we have to say … ‘here’s the benefit.’”

According to the CDC, all flu vaccines for the 2023-2024 season will be quadrivalent (i.e., targeting four different strains).

“Most will be thimerosal-free or thimerosal-reduced vaccines (91%), and about 21% of flu vaccines will be egg-free,” states the CDC website.

Hundreds of peer-reviewed studies show that thimerosal is a developmental neurotoxin.

The CDC is recommending the flu and respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, vaccines this fall for everyone, and also the COVID-19 vaccine or booster for people 6 months and older.

‘Basically, it does not work’

The CDC states that flu vaccine effectiveness can vary, citing studies over the past 10 years showing between 19% and 54% effectiveness. The major factors influencing vaccine effectiveness are a person’s age and health and how well the vaccines match the circulating virus strains.

Dr. Meryl Nass told The Defender the CDC claims that flu shots reduce flu severity “cannot be relied on” when the shots “fail to work to prevent infection.”

Nass pointed to four studies the CDC uses to support its new contention that flu shots reduce flu severity even if they do not prevent flu. “All four published studies have CDC authors, so the CDC cites itself to make this claim.”

Two of the papers, published in the journal Vaccine in 2018 and 2021, said Nass, start by acknowledging that the effect of influenza vaccination on influenza severity remains uncertain.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, former head of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, in a paper published in January with co-authors Dr. David M. Morens and Jeffery K. Taubenberger, M.D., Ph.D., said that vaccines for respiratory diseases are “decidedly suboptimal” and that new types of vaccines need to be developed.

“’Wild to Mild’ is a propaganda strategy to throw up against the facts,” Nass said, “that efficacy is often poor, that flu shots have never been shown to prevent deaths and that even Fauci has now admitted this.”

Commenting on the campaign, Dr. Peter McCullough told The Defender, “In the last several years the estimated vaccine efficacy of the influenza vaccine was statistically insignificant. Basically, it does not work.”

‘No data’ on safety of flu shots for pregnant women and their babies

According to Nass, in the past flu shots were not approved for pregnancy.

“They used to be labeled ‘Category C,’ which meant ‘no data in pregnancy,’” she said. “That system of specifying the pregnancy risk was junked to make way for verbiage instead.”

As an example of this “verbiage,” Nass referred to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) risk summary for the flu vaccine FLULAVAL, which states:

“All pregnancies have a risk of birth defect, loss, or other adverse outcomes. In the U.S. general population, the estimated background risk of major birth defects and miscarriage in clinically recognized pregnancies is 2% to 4% and 15% to 20%, respectively.

“There are insufficient data on FLULAVAL in pregnant women to inform vaccine-associated risks.”

The flu vaccines’ effect on lactation also is unknown, according to Nass. “Despite CDC recommending use in pregnancy for well over 10 years, they just have not looked,” she said.

According to the FDA, “Data are not available to assess the effects of FLULAVAL on the breastfed infant or on milk production/excretion.”

Brian Hooker, Ph.D., senior director of science and research at Children’s Health Defense and co-author of “Vax-Unvax: Let the Science Speak,” reviewed a 2021 study published in JAMA Network on flu vaccination during pregnancy.

The retrospective cohort study reviewed live births in Nova Scotia, Canada, from 2010-2014, with a follow-up in 2016. The authors concluded that “maternal influenza vaccination during pregnancy was not significantly associated with an increased risk of adverse early childhood health outcomes.” But, according to Hooker, the study failed to consider several key points.

The first shortcoming was that diagnoses considered in the study were based on emergency visits and hospitalizations only, not outpatient settings such as practitioner offices, where most diagnoses are made.

To support his criticism of this diagnostic bias, Hooker noted the study found only 1.1% cases of asthma while for the overall Canadian population, the asthma rate was 9.5%.

The study also inaccurately reported on the rates of ear infections in unvaccinated versus vaccinated groups, with the latter experiencing significantly higher rates.

The study showed a significant association between lower respiratory infection in babies for mothers vaccinated in the third trimester versus unvaccinated mothers, but “these results were summarily ignored by the study authors,” Hooker said.

Finally, the study’s “control diagnosis,” which it defined as “all-cause injuries,” showed a significantly higher incidence for children whose mothers were vaccinated, which, Hooker said, “casts a shadow of doubt on any conclusions made from this study.”

Hooker expressed concern that physicians would use the study to provide a “false assurance of safety” to pregnant women considering the flu vaccine.

Nass said the majority of claims filed and compensated in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) — which has paid out over $4 billion to date — are for injuries from the flu vaccine.

NVICP is part of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. It was passed to exempt vaccine manufacturers from product liability, based on the legal principle that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe” products.

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SHEER LUNACY: Bill Gates funding plan to cut down 70M acres of forests in America “to combat global warming” –

SHEER LUNACY: Bill Gates funding plan to cut down 70M acres of forests in America “to combat global warming”

Bill Gates along with other investors are banking on Kodama Systems to decrease carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by cutting down and burying trees. The plan will see trees in approximately 70 million acres of forests chopped down over the next decade. After cutting down the trees, Kodama plans to bury them purportedly to combat global warming.

This is another proof that “global warming” is a scam to make the rich become richer. The true reason for the devastation of forests is to acquire saleable carbon offsets.

Gates’ plan to take advantage of the natural world for the sake of “climate change” was promoted in an article titled: “Chop Down Forests to Save the Planet? Maybe Not as Crazy as it Sounds.” (Related: Bill Gates bankrolling DESTRUCTION OF ALL TREES to stop “global warming.”)

The last sentence of the article provides a clue to what this newest scam is all about, which is money.

The said article connects carbon to trading of carbon credits and carbon offsets, which is about the idea to plant trees to suck carbon dioxide from the air and sell the credits to corporations, private jet owners and others who require or wish to cancel out their emissions.

Calling carbon dioxide a pollutant is dangerous propaganda

According to Dr. Patrick Moore, the co-founder and former leader of Greenpeace, calling carbon dioxide (CO2) a pollutant is dangerous propaganda. Examining satellite imagery shows how CO2 as nature’s fertilizer has regularly been enriching Earth’s atmosphere.

And a study carried out on data from 1750 to 2018 has shown this as well. The study calculated that the amount of the atmospheric concentration of anthropogenic fossil-derived CO2 in 2018 was 46.84 ppm out of a total of 405.40 ppm.


The U.S. Forest Service plans to reduce 70 million acres of western forests, mainly in California, over the next decade by removing more than one billion tons of bone-dry biomass. This idea came up following the series of wildfires in California three years ago.

But Roger Pielke, a professor in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Colorado, noted that wildfires used to be much more widespread in past centuries and they are a part of the natural ecosystem. Wildfires around the world were mostly due to human intervention, not the climate change that corporate media supports.

The fires in Greece, Spain, Italy and the Amazon rainforest are most probably because of arson.

Meanwhile, Yale Carbon Containment (CC) Lab, Kodama’s partner, is looking forward to making a business out of “earthen vaults” or “biomass vaults.”

After a forest thinning, it is usual for logs of marketable size to show up at sawmills, with most of the rest stacked up and then burned under controlled conditions. Kodama prefers to bury the leftovers instead in earthen vaults designed to keep dry and anoxic (oxygen-free) conditions and protect the wood from burning or rotting.

“The greatest risk for this project is the high cost of transporting wood from dispersed sources to a single storage site. Transporting wet wood is significantly more time and energy-intensive than leaving it in the forest. Logistics greatly impact project viability, even if the price of carbon is high,” said CC Lab. The company also admitted that biomass vaults are not reasonable, and that “the carbon containment value of burying large volumes of wood may be offset partially or totally by the carbon released from the soils when excavating a storage pit.”

According to Merritt Jenkins, Kodama’s co-founder and chief executive, they plan to make money from their forest thinning work by selling usable timber and carbon credits from its burial projects. Kodama has already accepted $1.1 million in grants from California’s forest fire agency and other organizations.

Kodama ultimately wants to chop down and bury more than 5,000 tons of trees annually.

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Watch the video below about Bill Gates pushing the agenda to chop down forests and bury trees.

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The Looting of Japanese-American Assets During WWII

Eighty percent of goods and property (Alien Property) owned by Japanese Nisei and German detainees were ransacked, stolen or sold on the cheap during and after WWII according to a postwar survey published in “Years of Infamy: The Untold Story of America’s Concentration Camps” by author Michi Nishiura Weglyn.

In early 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed an executive order shipping some 120,000 Japanese-Americans off to internment camps, with those individuals sometimes being forced to leave their homes on very short notice. As a result, they lost nearly all the property they had steadily accumulated over two generations, most of which was either seized or otherwise ended up in government hands. Similar government edicts led to the confiscation of numerous German-owned businesses throughout America, many of which had enormously valuable assets.

Within a couple of years, these federal holdings swelled to include half a million acres of California’s best farmland, some 1,265 small Japanese-owned hotels and numerous urban parcels throughout Los Angeles, San Jose, and other cities.

In 1942, the federal government estimated the value of these former Japanese-American properties at around $3 billion in present-day dollars, but the huge postwar California economic and population boom would surely have greatly increased the worth of this real estate portfolio by the early 1950s. The business assets and patent holdings of the seized German companies were worth additional billions.

Naturally, with large numbers of unvaxxed scamdemic deplorables at large, one wonders if this grifting operation might be repeated by New Underworld Order Crime Syndicate interests who’ve declared “war” on the virus?

The key figure in this fire-sale liquidation of “alien” assets was David L. Bazelon (1909-1993), a well-connected attorney out of Chicago and son of Russian-Jewish immigrants. He was an active supporter of Roosevelt and Truman and became friendly with people connected with the Truman administration. He also was part of a corrupto posse that included J. Edgar Hoover, Justice William O. Douglas, Lyndon B. Johnson and Justice William J. Brennan, Jr.

In 1946, Bazelon left private practice for the last time to join the U.S. Justice Department as Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Land Division. He soon moved to head the department’s Office of Alien Property, where he oversaw the disposition of the assets of more than 200 companies previously owned by Germans or Japanese whose assets had been frozen during the war.

After the war, all of this property needed to be sold off, and powerful Chicago Crime Syndicate interests recognized this tremendous opportunity. The 1946 elections produced a crushing national defeat for the ruling Democrats, with the Republicans regaining control of both houses of Congress for the first time since 1932. President Truman thus faced a desperate battle for reelection, and Chicago’s powerful political machine deployed its considerable political clout to place the sales process in the hands of Bazelon, a leading Democrat fundraiser with deep Syndicate ties.

Bazelon took a pay cut of 80% to enter government service, but he soon boasted to the Washington Post that he had become “one of the largest businessmen in the country.” His motive quickly became apparent as he arranged the liquidation of assets for a fraction of real value to his circle of Chicago friends and associates, sometimes receiving a secret slice of the lucrative ownership stakes in return.

As an extreme example, Bazelon almost immediately sold to fellow Jew Chicago’s Henry Crown a 26,000-acre California mine containing tens of millions of dollars worth of coal for a mere $150,000. A private $1 million sale of seized German property in 1948 to a group formed by his lifelong best friend and former law partner Paul Ziffren was worth $40 million by 1954, and Ziffren soon rewarded Bazelon with a 9.2% share of his multimillion-dollar real estate holding company.

Ziffren was an associate of Sidney Korshak, a highly connected fixer and lawyer in the upper echelons of power and the Chicago Outfit in the United States. His reputation as the Chicago mob’s man in Los Angeles made him one of Hollywood’s most fabled and influential wheeler dealers. His partnership with Chicago mobsters led him to be named “the most powerful lawyer in the world” by the FBI. Korshak was the principal figure in Andy Russo’s book “Supermob.”

Another major beneficiary of Bazelon’s unusual sales practices later told a Congressional investigating committee that he gave Bazelon a 25% share of his large hotel holding company because he “was just feeling good and generous and was grateful.”

These particular hidden gifts to Bazelon only came to light years later through chance references that were eventually uncovered by diligent researchers, so we may assume that such transactions probably represented just the tip of an enormous iceberg. It seems plausible that Bazelon received quiet kickbacks totaling many millions — or perhaps even tens of millions in present-day dollars — in exchange for his very favorable distribution of billions in government assets to the network of beneficiaries who shared his roots in the Chicago Syndicate.

This vast transfer of wealth in the early postwar years from the plundered Nisei gave all these mobbed-up Chicago newcomers the financial wherewithal to soon gain substantial control of California’s money-based political system.

As Art White, the veteran Los Angeles political journalist, later described the situation:

During these years some hundreds of associates of Greenberg, Evans, and others of the Capone crime syndicate, and of Arvey and Ziffren, poured hundreds of millions of dollars into California. They bought real estate, including hotel chains through apparently unrelated corporations from San Diego to Sacramento. They invested in vast tracts of land, built or bought motels, giant office buildings, and other commercial properties. More importantly, they invaded the loan field, establishing banks and home loan institutions. By 1953, Ziffren and his associates had gained control of an enormous block of California’s economy. They could finance political campaigns with the best of the native barons.

Russo notes that the FBI analysts subsequently endorsed White’s conclusions.

Another key figurehead in the Asian grifting operations was Earl Warren, governor of California from 1943 to 1953, the running mate with Thomas Dewey [another corrupto] for president in 1948 and the Chief Justice of Supreme Court from 1953 to 1969.

Warren was very active after 1919 in Freemasonry and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. He rose through the ranks in the Masons, culminating in his election in 1935 as the Grand Master of the Freemasons for the state of California from 1935 to 1936.

Biographer Jim Newton wrote that Warren “thrived in the Masons because he shared their ideals, but those ideals also helped shape him, deepening his conviction that society’s problems were best addressed by small groups of enlightened, well-meaning citizens.”

Some of Warren’s “well meaning” positions included eugenic forced sterilizations and the confiscation of land from Japanese owners during WWII. Warren, who was a member of the outspoken anti-Asian society Native Sons of the Golden West successfully sought legislation expanding the land confiscations.

Read “LBJ Pressured Earl Warren to Head Commission Investigation into JFK Assassination”

Ultimately, after nearly half a century and well after the loot was in the hands of the predators, arrangements were made to have American taxpayers pay restitution. Congress passed and President Ronald Reagan signed the Civil Liberties Act. The surviving 82,219 Japanese-Americans who had been incarcerated were each sent a formal apology letter from Reagan and awarded $20,000 each. The first payments were made in October 1990 to the oldest Japanese-Americans. The program concluded in 1999.

Read “Ronald Reagan: Organized Crime Corrupto and Hack”

The controversial Bazelon went on to become United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. He was an influencer towards more “liberal” Supreme Court selections. He was in particular a close associate of Justice William J. Brennan Jr., whom he had met in 1956. Bazelon became a primary source of Justice Brennan’s law clerks.

Bazelon’s former law clerks include prominent legal figures and functionaries such as Loftus BeckerAlan DershowitzMartha MinowThomas MerrillJohn SextonRobert PostDavid O. StewartEleanor SwiftBarbara Underwood and John Koskinen.

Bazelon had a broad view of the reach of the Constitution. He expanded the scope of the “insanity” defense in the landmark case of Durham v. United States (1954) and led the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals toward an expansive view of criminals’ rights. Under Bazelon’s Durham rule, a defendant would be excused from criminal responsibility if a jury found that the unlawful act was “the product of mental disease or mental defect” rather than the product of an “irresistible impulse” (which was the old test).

President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele Who Cut Murder Rate by 92% Says Destruction of U.S. Cites Like LA, etc Must Be by Design

By Will Potter,

El Salvador’s president Nayib Bukele, who calls himself the ‘world’s coolest dictator’, retweets posts showing he now has a 90% approval rating after cutting murders by 92% and putting away 65K criminals

El Salvador’s popular hardline president boasted over his soaring approval ratings on social media following his government’s strict crime crackdown.

Nayib Bukele has imprisoned over 65,000 gang members since he introduced an ‘iron fist’ approach to the country’s rampant cartel activity in March 2022.

Varying polls have seen the 42-year-old’s support rocket to around 90 percent as a result, with Bukele retweeting favorable statistics about his tenure on Tuesday after they were posted by controversial conservative Twitter account ‘End Wokeness’.

Bukele shared the account, which boasts 1.4 million followers, to highlight how record incarceration levels and intractable policing have essentially put an end to cartel dominance in the nation.

‘He took one of the deadliest countries and made it the safest in Latin America,’ the account said. ‘How did he do it? He jailed the criminals.’

Nayib Bukele took an 'iron fist' approach to El Salvador's crimewave, which has led to sweeping arrests while his popularity ratings have soared

Nayib Bukele took an ‘iron fist’ approach to El Salvador’s crimewave, which has led to sweeping arrests while his popularity ratings have soared

Bukele has imprisoned over 65,000 gang members since March 2022, and opened maximum-security prison CECOT 'Terrorism Confinement Center' in February (pictured) to house the influx of criminals

Bukele has imprisoned over 65,000 gang members since March 2022, and opened maximum-security prison CECOT ‘Terrorism Confinement Center’ in February (pictured) to house the influx of criminals.

40,000 suspected gangsters arrive at Mega-prison in El Salvador.

Bukele’s tough-on-crime approach was evident as soon as he was elected president over four years ago, when he announced a ‘territorial control plan’ to target gang activity.

El Salvador was still reeling from one of the worst crime waves in recent memory, reaching a staggering 107 homicides per 100,000 people in 2015, according to data from the World Bank.

More than 4,000 people were arrested in the first few weeks of his tenure, and the widespread arrests saw murder rates plummet to just 18 per 100,000 by 2021.

Although crime rates improved, Bukele clearly wasn’t satisfied, and he stepped up his administration’s focus on gangs last year amid an increase in activity, particularly from infamous cartel MS-13.

Bukele's extensive targeting of cartel activity has led El Salvador to hold the highest incarceration levels in the world

Bukele’s extensive targeting of cartel activity has led El Salvador to hold the highest incarceration levels in the world

On March 26, 2022, El Salvador recorded its deadliest day since the end of its civil war 30 years ago, with 62 murders in a 24-hour period. In response, Bukele announced a state of emergency, which suspended civil liberties and dramatically increased police powers.

The ‘state of exception’ was initially only meant to last 30 days, but in the year-and-a-half since almost 70,000 suspected gang members have been locked up.

The arrests have led El Salvador to own the world’s highest incarceration rate in the world, according to Unherd.

The outlet calculated that the homicide rate through the first six-months of 2023 is around 2.3 per 100,000, a dramatic fall since the 2015 peak.

El Salvador's homicide rate reached a peak of 107 per 100,000 people in 2015, before Bukele's hardline policing saw the figure fall to just 2.3 in 2023

El Salvador’s homicide rate reached a peak of 107 per 100,000 people in 2015, before Bukele’s hardline policing saw the figure fall to just 2.3 in 2023


While some have criticized Bukele for the extensive arrests, he has been widely praised by those happy to see a pause on untamed cartel activity.

The ‘End Wokeness’ Twitter account, which regularly posts about the effects of soft Democrat policies on failing cities such as San Francisco, lauded the president’s success as a result of ‘jailing the criminals.’

‘El Salvador’s homicide rate is down 92%,’ the account said in a separate post, which was also retweeted by Bukele.

‘How did President Bukele do it? By addressing the “root causes”? By tackling “systemic inequities”? Nope. He cracked down on the gangs and jailed 65k criminals. And now he has 90% approval rating.’

The account added that ‘our cities need someone like him’, drawing comparisons between Bukele’s strict policing to the unbridled shoplifting, open-air drug taking, and low arrest rates seen in many Blue-run cities.

While some have criticized the hardline stance for allegedly violating civil rights, the lack of crime has led Bukele to enjoy a period of sky-high popularity, as he even jokingly labeled himself as ‘the word’s coolest dictator.’

Until now, successive governments have struggled to deal with violence spilling across El Salvador. One of Nayib Bukele's hardline solutions was the opening of a mega-prison in February (pictured)

Until now, successive governments have struggled to deal with violence spilling across El Salvador. One of Nayib Bukele’s hardline solutions was the opening of a mega-prison in February (pictured)

The first group of 2,000 inmates arrived at the new CECOT mega-prison on 24 February 2023. It comes after El Salvador rounded up more than 64,000 alleged gang members in the country's crackdown on violent crime in the murder capital of the world

The first group of 2,000 inmates arrived at the new CECOT mega-prison on 24 February 2023. It comes after El Salvador rounded up more than 64,000 alleged gang members in the country’s crackdown on violent crime in the murder capital of the world

2,000 gang members seen being moved into El Salvador mega prison

Notably, allegations have swirled that Bukele made backdoor agreements with cartel leaders to reduce the number of gang killings in exchange for improved prison conditions.

The spike in homicides came as Bukele allegedly reneged on the deals, including opening hellhole mega-prison CECOT ‘Terrorism Confinement Centre’ in February, which houses over 100 inmates per cell.

Conditions in the prison have been compared to concentration camps by civil rights groups, as the cells come with 1 meter of space, no mattresses and no outdoors.

The prison’s opening comes as part of Bukele’s brutal crackdown on two of North and Central America’s most feared gangs – MS-13 and Calle 18 – with members of the rival cartels ominously packed in together.

It comes as a result of the president’s severe efforts, as a tradeoff for sending homicide rates plummeting is an overcrowded 40,000-capacity prison full of the country’s most dangerous criminals, many of whom are on opposite sides of a decades-long feud.