UN Agency Crowns Biden’s Southern Border As ‘Deadliest Migration Route Worldwide’

Zero Hedge | Sept 14, 2023

President Biden and the Democrats’ radical open border policies have sparked the worst US-Mexico border crisis on record. Readers have already known this, but a new report from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) revealed the southern border is the most dangerous route in the world on record.

IMO documented 686 migrant deaths and disappearances across the southern border in 2022, accounting for about half of all incidents in the Americas that year. With 1,457 total migrant deaths and disappearances in the region, 2022 stands as the deadliest year since the organization started compiling data in 2014.

Since President Biden took office, more than 5.8 million illegals have flooded the southern border, a number comparable to the population of Denmark. The surge in migrants can be directly linked to Democrats’ far-left open border policies.


Early Treatment Suppressed, Vaccines Unsafe, WHO Center of Criminal Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex

Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

Yesterday was historic in Strasbourg, France, at the European Parliament with a special session chaired by German MEP Christine Anderson. A multinational team of lawyers, doctors, and concerned citizens leveled serious allegations to the legislative body about the World Health Organization, the EU’s pandemic response, and what the union should do now as time is ticking off on the WHO’s future plans to have dominion over all plants, animals, and humans bound by international law.

WHO Pandemic Treaty

The Member States of the World Health Organization (WHO) have assessed that international preparedness for pandemics and other health threats must be strengthened. At its special session in December 2021, the World Health Assembly decided to establish an intergovernmental negotiating body to prepare a treaty on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response. The intergovernmental treaty negotiations began in February 2022, and the treaty is set to be completed by May 2024. 

The WHO’s International Health Regulations (IHR) are a key international agreements that covers measures to prepare for, and respond to, cross-border health threats. The aim of the future pandemic treaty is to further strengthen pandemic prevention, preparedness and response internationally. Adopting the treaty will probably require a two-thirds majority of the WHO Member States, and the treaty will enter into force for a Member State when the State commits to it in accordance with its constitutional processes. 

European Parliament Presentations

Introductions and summary remarks were given by MEP’s led by Christine Anderson. The prepared expert remarks were given to a quiet and serious chamber of MEP’s, staff, and citizens.

Another one bites the dust: Major car dealership files for bankruptcy, fires all employees – NaturalNews.com

Another one bites the dust: Major car dealership files for bankruptcy, fires all employees

Carlos Lopez traveled from Tampa to Orlando to purchase a car only to be told that Florida-based dealership chain Off Lease Only has closed down and filed for bankruptcy.

“The salesman that I was meeting with called me and told me, ‘Hey, I have bad news. The company just went out of business. We’re all fired, and there’s no way we can help you anymore,'” Lopez shared. “They shuffled all the employees out of there with all their belongings and locked the door.”

Lopez has already paid $500 as a down payment to take the car he was interested in off the market. He has struggled to contact customer service and is concerned that he will not get his $500 back. “I’m hoping for the best that I do, but I’m thinking no,” he said.

The company broke the news through a message on the company’s website, explaining that management is winding down operations. It thanked customers for their years of patronage. (Related: EV COLLAPSE: Electric vehicle manufacturer Lordstown Motors files for bankruptcy.)

Some frustrated customers were forced to leave empty-handed after receiving the news of the sudden closure. Numerous former employees disclosed that they were notified of their termination immediately following a company-wide meeting on Sept. 6.

A total of 466 people were out of work following the dealer’s closure. Before stopping operations, the firm had 500 vehicles at its five sites. It also had an operation in Katy, Texas, near Houston with 79 employees losing their jobs.

The company issued a statement outlining the rationale behind its closure, emphasizing that it had explored various strategic alternatives before deciding to shutter its operations.


The statement reads: “The company made this decision due to the significant challenges and competitive pressures resulting from unprecedented changes to the automotive retail landscape.”

It further cites inventory shortages, vehicle price increases due to supply chain disruptions, and a multi-year decline in new vehicle production as contributing factors. Elevated prices and escalating interest rates also played a role in the challenging state of the automotive retail market.

A small transition team will oversee operations for the next 30 days until the company’s official termination. The laid-off employees will receive two additional paychecks as well as any outstanding commissions.

Off Lease Only is an industry leader in used-car sales

Off Lease Only has sold over 300,000 vehicles since 2004, according to its website. It has been honored as DealerRater’s Used Car Dealer of the Year, an Edmunds 5-Star Premier Dealer, and receives every year a stellar A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Many were surprised with the company’s closure after years of being an industry leader in used-car sales.

“I’m really surprised to hear it because I thought they had the market cornered because they always seemed to have the most inventory as far as used cars go and their price you pretty much couldn’t beat it,” said Brian Cone, a certified master mechanic at a new-car dealership.

Cone said he has been involved in the purchase of at least four cars from the closed dealership.

“It’s just the price and the upfront pricing the inventory is really good, too. So if there’s a car you’re looking at and it doesn’t have an interior light or a color or something like that, they usually have something for you to look at,” he said.

Off Lease Only founders Mark and Eileen Fischer began with just two cars. They grew their business into one of the largest volume used car dealers in Florida. The Fischers retained 20 percent ownership of the firm with 80 percent owned by New York-based investment firm Cerberus Capital Management.

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Biological female inmate sues NJ corrections department over negligence following sexual assault by transgender prisoner – NaturalNews.com

Biological female inmate sues NJ corrections department over negligence following sexual assault by transgender prisoner

An unidentified female inmate has sued the New Jersey Department of Corrections (NJDOC) following the sexual assault she suffered at the hands of a transgender prisoner in one of its facilities.

The lawsuit filed Aug. 29 in the Hunterdon County Superior Court accused the NJDOC of neglecting prisoner safety at the now-closed Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women (EMCFW) in the town of Clinton. It alleged that prison guards did not take “corrective action” to the alleged “sexually aggressive and harassing behaviors of the transgenders,” with many of the aforementioned inmates still having “fully functioning male anatomy.”

Moreover, the lawsuit also disclosed that the NJDOC disregarded safety standards among the inmate population at the EMCFW – even after “two female inmates became pregnant from sexual interactions with transgenders.” (Related: Female student RAPED in trans-inclusive restroom at New Mexico school.)

James Wronko, the attorney who filed the lawsuit, said transgender inmates were housed in areas without security cameras. Meanwhile, the suspect who allegedly assaulted the plaintiff has since been transferred to a male facility.

The lawsuit mentioned the assaults the plaintiff suffered at the hands of the transgender inmate, which reportedly happened in September and October 2022. She claimed to have reported the sexual assaults to EMCFW employees, but the plaintiff instead faced disciplinary retaliation charges.

Another inmate filed a separate legal claim against the NJDOC for another incident at the women’s prison, this time involving a male prison guard. According to the complaint, the guard led the female prisoner to an isolated area and demanded sexual acts from her, while implying threats. The guard was subsequently transferred to another facility.


Policies in NJ prisons endanger biological female inmates

The Garden State’s prison policies mandate that inmates be housed in prisons based on their self-declared gender identity rather than their biological sex. This rule was implemented in June 2021 as part of the settlement in the Sonia Doe v. NJDOC lawsuit, filed by a transgender prisoner who had been incarcerated in men’s prisons for over 18 months.

According to the NJDOC at the time, the policy change was intended to ensure the health, safety and dignity of transgender, intersex and non-binary inmates. However, this policy shift has ignited concerns about the safety of female inmates in New Jersey prisons.

Last July, Demi Minor, a 27-year-old trans-identified male, who allegedly impregnated two women while incarcerated at a women’s prison in New Jersey, was transferred to New Jersey’s Youth Correctional Facility, a Burlington County prison for young adult offenders.

This transfer occurred three months after reports that two women at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility became pregnant following “consensual sexual relationships with another incarcerated person.”

In response to the incident, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy announced in February the planned closure of the facility, with inmates to serve the remainder of their sentences elsewhere. However, the timeline for this relocation remains uncertain.

Leanna DeLorenzo from the U.S. Chapter of the Women’s Declaration International (formerly the Women’s Human Rights Campaign) said the policy disregards the safety and well-being of female inmates. She argued that being a woman is a biological reality, not a feeling. This served as her basis to denounce New Jersey’s policy for allowing men to be housed with women based on their self-declared gender identity.

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REPORT: Virginia father arrested after his teen daughter allegedly raped by trans student in public school.

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Bill Gates pledges $10 million to support creation of universal DIGITAL ID SYSTEM that will enslave the world – NaturalNews.com

Bill Gates pledges $10 million to support creation of universal DIGITAL ID SYSTEM that will enslave the world

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has recently pledged $10 million to support the Modular Open-Source Identification Platform (MOSIP) in its mission to create a universal digital identification system.

The foundation, guided by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, has actively promoted the initiative of MOSIP to establish a national ID system. The foundation claims that, with 850 million people deprived of government services due to the lack of proof of identity, MOSIP’s initiative is a way to stimulate economic growth and advance the creation of digital public infrastructures.

MOSIP, launched in 2018, aims to address these concerns through accessibility and adaptability. Meaning to say, the digital ID system would be customized per country, depending on the needs of the people and the economy.

Eleven countries have led the way in the adoption of MOSIP, including Ethiopia, Morocco and the Philippines, leading to the rapid distribution of over 90 million digital IDs. This has brought to light the vast amount of personal data being collected by governments and the potential risks associated with data breaches or misuse.

Privacy experts argue that the implementation of such a system could have serious implications for personal privacy. The adoption of this system without privacy safety can lead to potential misuse, surveillance and unwarranted data access given that personal data has become increasingly valuable these days.

“While the Gates Foundation views digital ID systems as integral to fostering digital public infrastructure that can, in theory, stimulate economic growth, the risks to personal privacy cannot be ignored,” warns Reclaim The Net, a digital rights advocacy group.


Digital ID system raises privacy and security concerns

The MOSIP initiative is patterned after the controversial Aadhaar-enabled Payments System (AePS), the digital identification system of India. Just like MOSIP and the Bill Gates Foundation, this advanced development in India faces multiple privacy and security concerns.

First, renowned security expert Bruce Schneier warned that no matter how AePS has stringent encryption standards and restricted access, central databases like the Central Identities Data Repository (CIDR) are not immune to hacking. In short, the real threat lies in the potential breach of the systems that access the data.

Second, the reproduction of fingerprints makes one prone to identity and banking fraud despite the fact that AePS offers convenience to the public. Based on the point of view of Reetika Khera, an opinion writer for The Wire, making personal information accessible to unauthorized entities causes discomfort. (Related: Several cases of IDENTITY THEFT spark concern over Australia’s national digital ID proposal.)

Next, the uniqueness of AePS lies in the centralization of biometric and demographic information which is then seeded into different public and private databases. This integration, according to privacy experts, robs people of control over their data and facilitates government profiling due to the collection of biometric data.

Furthermore, concerns arise about the creation of an “ecosystem” in which the AePS number becomes a tool for surveillance. Critics argue that this electronic leash can be used to control and monitor citizens’ activities across different domains of life.

Lastly, privacy experts object to the vision that the personal data economy could monetize people’s personal information from credit rating improvements to epidemiological studies. Instead, they argue that it prioritizes data mining over digital literacy and safeguards.

These privacy concerns mirror the possible consequences of the initiative of MOSP. Privacy experts suggest that the system might be used to create a social credit score and central bank digital currency, which could potentially grant the ruling class excessive control over the slave states.

“This entire system is going to be tied to a social credit score and a central bank digital currency that the rulers will have full control over,” stated Mac Slavo, a staff writer for SHTF Plan.

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Inflation, cost-of-living crisis crushing Generations Y and Z – NaturalNews.com

Inflation and the cost-of-living crisis are crushing both Generations Y and Z, according to Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media (WAM).

He noted in an episode of his podcast that the world is getting to the endpoint, citing videos of Generation Y Americans – also known as millennials – that go viral on social media. These millennials being crushed by inflation are taking to social media platforms to bring their issues to the forefront. (Related: INFLATION WOES: Millennials crumble, turn to social media to air frustration over soaring cost of living.)

“People are struggling more than ever, and most of them don’t understand why this is happening to them,” he told wealth advisor Tim Picciott, who joined him on the podcast. “I mean, we’re talking about people that five years ago, were making huge money. Now that same amount of money isn’t worth anything. It’s called inflation.”

Sigurdson said he can’t even imagine how some people are living with a minimum wage – something that for him is just impossible. Increasing the minimum wage won’t solve the problem, but instead will make things worse as it does not fix the issue of inflation.

The WAM CEO cited a piece from Natural News‘ Laura Harris stating that more than 60 percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck as rising inflation continues to squeeze their already-strained budgets. He also cited a 2012 post of his that outlined how inflation is “the easiest way for government to steal wealth.”

Picciott: Gen Y and Z also dealing with MISEDUCATION crisis

Sigurdson remarked that a lot of people do not understand what is going on, prompting him to ask his guest about this predicament. Picciott then responded that Generations Y and Z aren’t only dealing with inflation and the cost-of-living crisis, but also a crisis of miseducation as they were never taught anything about money.


According to the wealth advisor and economist, the two generations learned about money through the lenses of Karl Marx and John Maynard Keynes – views that aren’t grounded in reality. People want to get paid more, not realizing that the real problem is the actual money itself – with the actual metals and the money being taken out.

Things costing more is a symptom of the fact that the money has been debased, Picciott told Sigurdson. The debasing and counterfeiting of money, he added, count as treason under the U.S. Constitution.

“What do you think the Federal Reserve does? All they do all day, each day, every day is legally through the monopoly they have with Congress, they print all the money, and they counterfeit the money. Nowadays is not actually printing the money, but it’s digital. And what they want to do is take it one step further in their digital dictatorship, their digital prison that they’re trying to build.” And, of course, the younger generations are helping enable that because none of them use cash.

He also pointed out that the millennials who don’t understand what they are going through are all trying to ask and beg for the wrong solution. Picciott said: “And so, the help is going to come in the form of universal basic income. It’s going to come in the help of the central bank digital currency, but the only way to get that help is to make things bad enough.”

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