IRS Shuts Door on New Pandemic Tax-Credit Claims Until at Least 2024 | Sept. 14, 2023

The Internal Revenue Service is making its biggest moves yet to stop what officials say is a wave of fraudulent and overstated claims for a pandemic-era tax break, including an immediate halt to processing new refund requests.

New claims for the employee retention credit, or ERC, won’t be processed until at least 2024, the IRS is announcing Thursday. The tax agency also plans to give tougher scrutiny to an existing queue of more than 600,000 requests. The IRS will allow employers with pending claims to withdraw them and will let many repay their refunds if they no longer think they qualify.


The Marquis de Sade: A Philosophical Godfather of the New Underworld Order?

An imagined portrait of the Marquis de Sade by H. Biberstein. SOURCE: WikiCommons

The Marquis de Sade (1740-1814) was a French aristocrat who arrived on the scene during the “do as thou wilt,” “I am a chosen God,” satanic/discordian outbreak that accompanied the Enlightenment period. Sade claimed to be a proponent of absolute freedom unrestrained by morality, religion or law. The words sadist and sadism are derived from his name.

The late 18th century was fertile ground for similar, deviant, Luciferian-control philosophies, such as Illuminism and Frankism, topics Winter Watch has covered at length.

Sade’s modus operandi of operating with henchman and flying monkeys is an overlooked part of the story. We have reported repeatedly a central theme that bands of deviants organize their crimes, and are procuring and developing (through mind control) powerful people in their ponerological sistema. This was discussed in yesterday’s podcast William Ramsey and Russ Winter Discuss Mind Control.

Cover ups are involved and the “conspiracy theory” label is invoked to thwart investigation into these crimes.

As a youth Sade was sent to the Jesuit college of Lycée Louis-le-Grand in Paris for four years. There, he was subjected to “severe corporal punishment,” including “flagellation.” This is fundamentally how trauma based mind control works to create dissociative personality. He “spent the rest of his adult life obsessed with this violent act.”

He rose through the military ranks to a colonel and saw extensive action in the Seven Years’ War (1756-1763). Criminals traumatized in the military are practically passe. A reasonable educated guess would hold that Sade experienced standard demonic personality-splitting through the trauma of sexual abuse, torture, sodomy and combat.

De Sade propounded a philosophy of extreme licentiousness, unrestrained by ethics, religion or law, with the egotistical pursuit of personal pleasure being the highest principle. Sade was incarcerated in various prisons and insane asylums for about 32 years of his life.

We suspect there are many others like Sade in high places in society. He would have been unknown to history except he had ample time to reflect and write about his criminality while imprisoned.

Following in the standard serial-criminal pattern, Sade started acting out after he came out of the military. It’s unknown what he may have been up to under the legalized mayhem of war, during which he likely had opportunities to torture prisoners.

Soon numerous bordellos around Paris put out warnings about the marquis and were instructed not to let him take girls back to his private apartment. He was sufficiently dangerous enough to be put under surveillance by the police, who made detailed reports of his activities.

Though he continuously met with and abused prostitutes, it wasn’t until 1768 that Sade committed a more serious act. At least so far as known.

The crime occurred on Easter Sunday in 1768. Sade procured the services of a woman, Rose Keller, a widow-beggar who approached him for alms. With shades of the Jeffrey Epstein MO, he told her she could make money by working for him, and she understood her work to be that of a housekeeper.

At his chateau at Arcueil, Sade ripped her clothes off, threw her on a divan and tied her by the four limbs, face-down, so that she could not see behind her. Then he whipped her. Keller testified that he made various incisions on her body into which he poured hot wax. Keller finally escaped by climbing out of a second-floor window. In yet another example of how the kakistocracy operates when there’s the threat of crimes coming to light, the wealthy Sade family paid the maid to keep her quiet.

But, because of a public uproar, the king was forced to imprison the marquis for his crime. However, rather than imprison him, the king forced Sade into exile at his lavish chateau in Provence. Sound familiar?

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There, along with the help of his wife, Sade imprisoned five young women and one young man in the chateau. For six weeks, Sade and his flying monkey male servant and occasional lover, Latour, would repeatedly abuse and sodomize the prisoners.

Sade and his accomplice would turn these acts into a theatrical production, which his wife would watch. The two men also used an aphrodisiac called “Spanish fly” that incapacitated the young women.

After these ordeals, word spread, but the authorities did nothing. The locals shied away from Sade. Finally his mother-in-law received word of his depravities and helped the Parisian authorities hunt him down. He, his wife’s sister, and lover boy Latour fled to Italy, but to no avail. Sade was imprisoned with his servant and the two were sentenced to death in September 1772 for sodomy and poisonings.

“Somehow” — and this is not exactly explained in the literature — Sade and Latour managed to escape imprisonment. They returned to his chateau where, together with his wife, the three continued to engage in predatory sexual acts, many of which were later revealed in Sade’s book “120 Days of Sodom.”  He kept a group of young employees at the chateau, most of whom complained about sexual mistreatment and quickly left.

Finally, in 1776, the marquis was sentenced to imprisonment in the dungeon of Vincennes. His wife retired at a convent. In total, Sade spent 32 years behind bars and was even transferred to the Bastille in Paris at one point.

It was at the Bastille that Sade wrote “120 Days of Sodom.” He wrote a little each day in tiny print on a long scroll of paper, which he hid in the wall of his prison cell. The scroll was later turned into a book that has been described as “the most impure tale ever written since the world began.”

“120 Days” is no longer censored and can be read today. Penguin recently issued a new printing, and France recently declared Sade’s original scroll a “national treasure.” There’s also a hideous movie called “Salo” that was made around the book.

We suspect Sade revealed his real activities. He tells the tale of four libertine deviants – a duke, a bishop, a judge and a banker – who lock themselves away in a castle in the Black Forest with an entourage that includes two harems of teenage boys and girls specially abducted for the occasion.

Another Sade book, and his most known work, “Justine”, features the various sexual torments of a young female prisoner at the hands of various partners, including some religious figures. The sick Sade even contrives a kind of affection (Stockholm Syndrome) between Justine and her tormentors, suggesting shades of masochism in his heroine-victim. Justine is a good Christian trying to live a virtuous and pure life before falling into Sade’s hands.

For much of the 20th century, even those who published the accounts did their best to keep it away from the prying eyes of the authorities. Like an early version of the snuff film, the early editions were published — pseudonymously, or anonymously in some cases — in very small numbers for private and wealthy subscribers, and thus remained inaccessible to the general public.

Sade’s tortures are all across the spectrum. “He vigorously flattens a foot with a hammer,” and “her air supply is turned off and on at whim inside a pneumatic machine,” and, from the surreal, “they make her swallow a serpent which in turn will devour her,” to the mundane “he dislocates a wrist.” But the vast majority of passages are simply too obscene and too violent to be quoted, as one nameless victim after another is subjected to increasingly elaborate and frenzied torments.

Incredibly, despite his victims coming from the lower classes, Sade was released as an “important revolutionary.” During the Revolution in 1790, he was elected to the National Convention, where he represented the far left. He was a member of the Piques section, notorious for its radical views. You can’t make this stuff up.

In “Justine, The Misfortunes of Virtues” (1787), Sade breaks off to elaborate on his deconstructionist philosophies. A sampling of his ramblings:

  • “… there is a sum of evil equal to the sum of good, the continuing equilibrium of the world requires that there be as many good people as wicked people …”
  • “I believe that if evil exists here below, then either it was willed by God or it was beyond His powers to prevent it. Now I cannot bring myself to fear a God who is either spiteful or weak. I defy Him without fear and care not a fig for his thunderbolts.”

The lizard-licking 20th century psychopaths that have conquered our world relish the influence of the Marquis de Sade. He has also been seen as a precursor of Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis in his focus on sexuality as a motive force. Guillaume Apollinaire famously called him “the freest spirit that has yet existed.”

One of the essays of the Frankfurt School by Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno’s “Dialectic of Enlightenment” (1947) is titled “Juliette, or Enlightenment and Morality” and interprets the ruthless and calculating behavior of “Juliette” as the embodiment of the philosophy of enlightenment.

Similarly, psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan posited in his 1966 essay “Kant avec Sade” that Sade’s ethics were the complementary completion of the categorical imperative originally formulated by Immanuel Kant.

Sade is said to have influenced Romantic and Decadent authors, such as Charles BaudelaireGustave Flaubert, and Rachilde, and influenced the growing popularity of nihilism in western thought. We opined on the deconstructionism plague in our barely read sleeper post “Slicing and Dicing Postmodern Intellectual Eggheadism with Alan Sokal.”

Sade was celebrated in surrealist periodicals and feted by figures such as Guillaume ApollinairePaul Éluard and Maurice Heine. The likely flying monkey of serial killer George Hodel, Man Ray, admired Sade because he viewed him as an ideal of freedom.

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Serial killer Ian Brady, who with Myra Hindley carried out the torture and murder of children in what is known as the Moors murders in England during the 1960s, was fascinated by Sade. The suggestion was made at their trial and appeals that the tortures of the children (the screams and pleadings of whom they tape-recorded) were influenced by Sade’s ideas and fantasies.

Sade’s life and works have been the subject of numerous fictional plays, films, pornographic or erotic drawings, etchings and more. His influence on Hollyweird would be a full topic in itself.

Hollywood Reprobates Attend MOCA Spirit Cooking Gala

In “Philosophy in the Bedroom,” Sade proposed the use of induced abortion for social reasons and population control, marking the first time the subject had been discussed in public.

The novelist Gonzague Saint Bris (third from left) hosts the Marquis’s descendants Elzéar (with a bronze of Sade’s skull), Hugues, and Thibault de Sade for the bicentennial of the Marquis’s death in 2014. PHOTO: Esquire/Getty

Winter Watch Takeaway

The successors of The Marquis de Sade are in full ascendancy in the New Underworld Order (NUO) aka Crime Syndicate.

It’s telling that the controversial section relating to “extreme pornography” in the U.K.’s Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2009 deals only with images and makes no mention of the written word.

At the same time, the NUO has inverted our world sufficiently so that you can face trouble for the misuse of a gender pronoun, an OK hand gesture or for a bowl haircut, but you can feast, freely espouse and expose yourself to the “free spirit” likes of The Marquis de Sade.

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In a Time of Cancel Culture, Eric Gill’s Sculpture to Pedophila Still Adorns BBC’s London Broadcasting House

FDA has “gone rogue” by approving new COVID booster shots without clinical trials, warns Dr. Robert Malone –

FDA has “gone rogue” by approving new COVID booster shots without clinical trials, warns Dr. Robert Malone

Without any clinical trials whatsoever to back their alleged safety and efficacy, the all-new Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “booster” shots now being pushed by the Biden regime received the green light from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this week, prompting Dr. Robert Malone to state that the corrupt federal agency has “gone rogue.”

In an appearance on EpochTV’s “Crossroads” program on September 11, the day the FDA approved the new booster shots, Dr. Malone tore apart the corrupt federal agency for abandoning all remaining semblances of honesty and integrity.

“It’s difficult to conclude anything other than the FDA is no longer feeling bound by their own rules and regulations,” Dr. Malone said. “The term is: they’ve gone rogue.”

Attesting to the lack of clinical trial data, particularly in humans, the all-new COVID booster shots never should have received approval and emergency use authorization (EUA) from the FDA in the first place.

The FDA’s argument in support for the shots claims that it already has all the evidence it needs without clinical trials because “neutralizing antibodies as detected in mice and their cross-reactivity are correlative protection.”

According to Dr. Malone, that claim “is a lie” as “there are no established correlates of protection for SARS-CoV-2.”

(Related: Earlier last year, Dr. Malone confirmed that life insurance company death claims are up bigtime ever since the launch of Operation Warp Speed.)

FDA says it relied on “manufacturing data” from Pfizer, Moderna to approve their mRNA COVID booster “vaccines”

In a statement to go along with its approval and EUA notice, the FDA said that a full evaluation of the “manufacturing data,” meaning the data that Pfizer and Moderna provided to the FDA, shows that the shots are safe and effective – and this is enough for the FDA.


The FDA also cited “non-clinical immune response data on the updated formulations including the XBB.1.5 component” as evidence that the shots are safe and effective for human use.

Because the risk-benefit profile for all the other FDA-approved and FDA-authorized COVID “vaccines” is already “well understood,” according to the agency, there is no reason to continue testing all the latest booster shots because they are “a good match for protecting against the currently circulating COVID-19 variants.”

On September 12, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) followed through with issuing its own recommendation in favor of the shots, urging all Americans to rush out and get jabbed as soon as possible.

This recommendation does not sit well with Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo, who joined Dr. Malone in stating that “there’s essentially no data” to back the new shots.

“Not only that, but there are a lot of red flags,” he added, noting that studies show the shots produce negative efficacy over time.

“There’s been no clinical trial done in human beings showing that it benefits people, there’s been no clinical trial showing that it is a safe product for people,” he further said.

What is work, earlier iterations of these shots are linked to serious cardiac problems such as heart inflammation – and the new ones more than likely do the same.

“It’s truly irresponsible for FDA, CDC, and others to be championing something … when we don’t know the implications of it,” he further stated.

Dr. Malone also commented on the negative efficacy aspect of the shots, explaining that not only is there no benefit to getting jabbed, but that it is also harmful to get jabbed. In other words, a person is better off relying on natural immunity without any vaccines, period.

Once the new COVID shots start getting injected into people’s arms in the coming weeks, expect more serious injury and death reports to emerge. Learn more at

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Now that the latest COVID jabs have been approved by the FDA, it might be a good time to stock up on zinc, quercetin, vitamin C and vitamin D –

Now that the latest COVID jabs have been approved by the FDA, it might be a good time to stock up on zinc, quercetin, vitamin C and vitamin D

It looks like COVID 2.0 is inevitable now that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted approval (for people aged 12 and older) and emergency use authorization or EUA (for children and babies between six months and 11 years old) for the latest Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “booster” shot “vaccines” from Pfizer and Moderna.

As many expected, the FDA granted emergency use authorization for the shots at warp speed on September 11, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) gave its blessing for them just one day later. Now we wait as hordes of covidiots line up to get shot, again, in the coming weeks as it gets distributed to doctor’s offices, pharmacies, and health clinics all around the country.

If these new COVID shots actually stayed inside the bodies of those who take them, the rest of us would have little to worry about in terms of getting sick ourselves. The sad truth, though, is that a growing body of evidence points to “shedding” as being a very real thing, meaning you can “catch” whatever those vials contain simply from being near someone who was recently jabbed.

Is there anything we can do to help protect ourselves? The good news is that there is. You will recall that back during COVID 1.0, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko gained notoriety for his Z-Stack formula, which contains a combination of zinc, quercetin, vitamin C, and vitamin D.

Former President Donald Trump famously took Z-Stack after he tested “positive” for the Fauci Flu, and millions of Americans followed his lead either by purchasing the supplement outright or by purchasing its individual ingredients and taking them as part of their own customized anti-COVID protocol.


(Related: Check out our earlier coverage to learn more about Dr. Zelenko’s hydroxychloroquine-zinc protocol, which counteracts what he calls a “war against God.”)

Boosting your immune system naturally may help protect you during COVID 2.0

While we cannot outright promote Z-Stack or any other dietary supplement as being effective against COVID, we can share with you how the formula is helping people. After all, Dr. Zelenko created it with the intention of providing natural protection for people against all kinds of viruses.

During COVID 1.0, zinc received a lot of attention, particularly from the independent media, because the mineral is a powerful immune system activator. The World Council for Health (WCH) recommends taking zinc for immune protection, along with quercetin, vitamin C, and vitamin D, all of which are also included in Z-Stack.

All four Z-Stack ingredients – zinc, quercetin, vitamin C, and vitamin D – have been scientifically shown to support immune health by equipping the body both with defensive and offensive tools against disease.

Two other beneficial compounds that landed on the anti-COVID radar the last time around were ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, two FDA-approved drugs that are now in inexpensive generic form. Both drugs are considered to be about as safe and effective as it gets for a pharmaceutical, and both target coronaviruses in a way unlike anything the establishment has been pushing, i.e., face masks and “vaccines.”

Regardless of whether COVID is real or not, it is still beneficial to maintain robust immunity, especially during the colder fall and winter months when natural exposure to vitamin D-producing sunlight is limited. Stocking up on immune-boosting foods and nutrients may just come in handy for whatever comes next.

“The real question is: Will America and the world go into unnecessary and ineffective masking, social distancing, and lockdowns?” asked one media report.

“Hopefully we can skip the folly and focus on early ambulatory treatment to snuff out this outbreak before it gets out of hand.”

One of the best ways to stay safe against disease is to eat right, stay hydrated, and get plenty of rest. Learn more at

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Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson plans to relocate 1,600 illegal immigrants into special tent communities –

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson plans to relocate 1,600 illegal immigrants into special tent communities

Newly-elected Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson has announced his plan to relocate about 1,600 illegal immigrants housed in different police stations in the city to special tent communities.

Johnson’s new plan to create tent cities for these illegal immigrants contradicts his previous statement that Chicago’s immigrant community is an essential contribution to the city’s economy. He earlier said the presence of illegals “infuses vitality into [the city’s] neighborhoods and enhances the cultural fabric of the greatest city in the world.”

This also comes as Johnson urged residents to make a “sacrifice” for the greater good, claiming that things could be much worse if they do not.

“These families are coming to the city of Chicago,” Johnson stated. “If we do not provide support for these individuals and these families, that type of desperation will lead to chaos. There is a great sacrifice that is going to be required at this moment, sacrifices we are prepared to make to ensure that this city is not chaotic and is not riddled with desperate people.”

Johnson’s approach aligns with the sentiments expressed by New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who has also been dealing with an influx of migrants arriving in his city. (Related: NYC Mayor Eric Adams warns illegal immigrants will DESTROY the city.)

“I’m not going to accept the notion that the city of Chicago is going to be destroyed,” Johnson declared. “We are a city of big shoulders. We’ve been through difficult moments and challenges before. And we’re gonna get to the other side of this.”


Chicago residents oppose housing illegals in tent communities

The plan to house the illegals in tent communities only contributed to the increasing tensions and pushback from residents, who were concerned about the influx of migrants arriving in the city.

Earlier this September, residents of Chicago held a meeting in Hyde Park to voice their concerns over the plans to convert a local hotel into a migrant shelter expected to house around 300 people. Doris Lewis, a Kenwood resident who lives near the proposed shelter, was among those who attended the meeting to express her displeasure.

“I am absolutely livid, livid,” said Lewis. “Back when they were there in the spring, they would be on our lawn, on our benches. I’m walking around the building, what do I walk upon? Three men urinating on the building. I don’t want them there.”

“Take them someplace else or send them back to Venezuela, I don’t care where they go. This is wrong,” she continued. “Seventy-three percent of the people homeless in this city are Black people. What have you done for them? What are you doing for the thousands of Black children who are not in school?”

Lewis’ sentiments reflect the frustrations of many residents who are concerned about the potential impacts of housing migrants in their neighborhoods.

Meanwhile, other residents also expressed their worries about the accumulation of garbage near the hotel, the possibility of migrants carrying diseases and the need for thorough screening of individuals residing at the shelter.

Visit for more stories about Chicago and other sanctuary cities.

Watch this video of Chicagoans expressing frustration with the illegals in their city.

This video is from the WhatsInRoom101 channel on

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Venezuelan illegal immigrant paroled by Biden ARRESTED by ICE in Chicago for allegedly FUNDING TERRORISM.

Chicago officials refuse to disclose how they spent $120M in taxpayer money on ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

Chicago’s Black community slams city officials over $51 million fund for migrants.

Outgoing Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot pleads with Texas Gov. Abbott to stop sending illegal migrants to her sanctuary city.

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Leftist ADL was instrumental in Donald Trump’s ban on Twitter, Elon Musk reveals –

Big Tech mogul Elon Musk revealed that the far-left Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which has pushed for censorship of conservatives on all platforms, played an important role in getting former President Donald Trump blacklisted from X, which was formerly known as Twitter.

During his appearance on the “All-In Podcast,” Musk, who has been involved in an ongoing war of words with ADL, said that the international Jewish non-governmental organization slammed his decision to reinstate Trump’s X account, characterizing the move as an example of hate speech.

“The ADL was instrumental in getting Donald Trump deplatformed. And then when we restored the account, they made it super clear that they regarded simply restoring his account… that constituted hate speech,” the tech giant CEO disclosed. “He [Trump] hasn’t even said anything! He has to at least say something, or post something, for there to be incremental hateful content — this is absurd! And what’s this got to do with antisemitism? Donald Trump’s son-in-law is Jewish, he has Jewish grandkids. I’m pretty sure he’s not antisemitic, okay? I mean, he was at their wedding!”

The billionaire also revealed that ADL has been trying to kill the X by falsely accusing it and him of being anti-Semitic. “To be super clear, I’m pro-free speech, but against anti-Semitism of any kind,” Musk posted in a separate tweet.

.@elonmusk: “ADL did initiate a boycott. They call it a pause, but a pause that is never ending is a boycott. We saw a massive drop in U.S. advertising. We saw basically no change in advertising in Asia…

This is despite repeated analysis, including third-party analysis of the…

— KanekoaTheGreat (@KanekoaTheGreat) September 12, 2023

He is also going to file a lawsuit against the organization and will ask for roughly $22 billion in damages due to their advertiser boycotts. Musk added that U.S. advertising revenue is “still down 60 percent, primarily due to pressure on advertisers by ADL. That’s what advertisers tell them, he claimed. (Related: THE IRONY: Elon Musk threatens to file defamation case against Anti-Defamation League for waging advertiser boycotts against X (Twitter).)

“We saw a massive drop in U.S. advertising. We saw basically no change in advertising in Asia, but domestically where the ADL is strong, we saw a 60 percent drop. So, you know, that’s pretty intense,” the Tesla founder also said. “The issue with the ADL is not a question of hate speech, it’s not a question of antisemitism, obviously. It’s that the ADL and a lot of other organizations have become activist organizations which are acting far beyond their stated mandate, or their original mandate, and I think far beyond what donors to those organizations think they are doing.”


The left-leaning group received a massive backlash earlier this month. Critics have been calling for the #BantheADL move. Its head, who was former Barack Obama’s aide Jonathan Greenblatt, denounced supporters of the hashtag, which included a number of prominent conservatives, as “white supremacists” and “hardened antisemites.”

Meanwhile, ADL responded that as per policy, it does not comment on legal threats. But it noted that their officials recently met with X CEO Linda Yaccarino, who was hired by Musk to help regain advertising revenue. Yaccarino thanked ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt following the meeting last week, saying in a post on the site that: “A strong and productive partnership is built on good intentions and candor.”

Musk’s dad worries for his son’s safety amid battle with ADL

Due to the recent developments, Musk’s father, retired electromechanical engineer Errol Musk told the Sun that he fears his son could be in deep trouble for going up against ADL which is in direct collusion with powerful forces in the U.S. government.

The older Musk reacted to a recent New Yorker piece by journalist Ronan Farrow saying: “It’s a hit job, a shadow government-sponsored opening salvo on Elon. The artillery-like softening up of the enemy before the actual attack and preparing of the ever-submissive people for the attack.” He added that yes, he worries that the “shadow government will try to assassinate his firstborn son. Errol, who confirmed Elon and he shared the same fear, also previously warned his son to beef up his security.

The 52-year-old mogul has even previously joked that he could “die in mysterious circumstances.’ The Musks’ fear is not “unfounded” as the ADL was accused in the past of being involved in the Jewish Defense League’s firebombing assassination of Alex Odeh at his office in Santa Ana, California. Odeh was a Palestinian-American who founded his own ADL-like group he called the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), which is in direct contrast with the ADL’s agenda.

Meanwhile, despite the gravity of the organization’s interference in Musk’s businesses, not a single congressman has come out to signify interest in probing or even just to criticize the incident. On the other hand, the Israeli government already professed all-out support to the pro-Israel lobbying group immediately after Musk exposed the organization.

Watch the interview with Musk at the “All-In Podcast” below.

Check out to read more news on speech suppression measures pushed on social media and tech giant firms.

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