Thousands Of ‘Bogus’ Jet-Engine Parts Sold To Global Airline Fleets: Report

Zero Hedge | Sept 21, 2023

Lawyers representing jet engine maker CFM International and its co-owners General Electric and Safran said “documentary evidence” shows thousands of jet engine parts with falsified documents were sold to global aircraft fleets by London-based AOG Technics, according to Bloomberg.

On Wednesday, in a London court, lawyers for CFM requested the judge force AOG to hand over documentation of “every product sale” since the company was set up in 2015.

Since late August, AOG has been at the center of a counterfeit components controversy, supplying third-party repair shops with “unapproved parts” for CFM56 engines used on older Airbus SE A320s and Boeing Co. 737s.

“The apparent large-scale falsification of documentation uncovered by the claimants gives rise to the risk that evidence relevant to these proceedings will be destroyed by the defendants,” lawyers for CFM wrote in a court filing.

CFM lawyers noted there is documentary evidence that thousands of these jet engine parts were flooded into global aircraft fleets over the years.

Chemical Agents in Water and Food Supply Feminize Human Population

GRAPHIC: Association of Reproductive Health Professionals
‘Diet, injections and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the ‘powers that be’ will become psychologically impossible.’ — author Bertrand Russell, ‘The Impact of Science on Society’ (1953) [p 50]

The Crime Syndicate — or what some call the “New World Order” — do much more than culturally attack masculinity. A critical element of their crackpot plan and assault is to put or allow toxic agents into the environment that cause demasculinization.

For those who live in the U.S., this is manifested in what I would call the “metrosexual” or “fem” look. I first became aware of it in about 2000. At first, I thought it was just dress style and changing cultural norms, but gradually I realized it was more. This has mostly emerged and is noticeable among the Millennial and Y generations, meaning people born between about 1980 and 2005. It’s a bit less pronounced in Europe, at least as you go East.

It’s demonstrated in the first photo below.

Metrosexual male circa 2005

Clearly, a male but just a tad low on testosterone it seems. Sitting around using electronic devices may also contribute to a lack of male muscle mass. The agents may also contribute to the softness and flabbiness of older males as well.

The front end of Generation Z, or Boomlets (starting in 2000, many in their pubescent years), are truly becoming freakish in terms of gender appearances. The photo below is of Cover Girl’s first-ever male model.

All Species Becoming More Feminized

The herbicide atrazine is one of the most liberally applied pesticides in the world. As a result, atrazine is the most commonly detected pesticide contaminant of ground, surface and drinking water. It’s also a potent endocrine disruptor that is active at low concentrations.

National Academy of Science studies demonstrate the reproductive consequences of atrazine exposure in adult amphibians. Atrazine-exposed males were both demasculinized (chemically castrated) and completely feminized as adults. Ten percent of the exposed genetic males developed into functional females that copulated with unexposed males and produced viable eggs. Atrazine-exposed males suffered from depressed testosterone, decreased breeding gland size, demasculinized/feminized laryngeal development, suppressed mating behavior, reduced spermatogenesis and decreased fertility.

Explosion in Unisex or Intersex Fish

If that isn’t enough, a nine-year study conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey discovered an abundance of intersex fish in American rivers. Overall, 44 percent of the large-mouth and small-mouth bass dissected turned out to be intersex, but at some sites 91 percent of the male large-mouth bass were affected. Biologist Jo Ellen Hinck’s team found intersex males at 34 of 111 sites in eight of nine major river basins, including the Columbia, the Colorado and the Mississippi. The southeastern U.S. was hit hardest.

Scientists claim to be uncertain about the culprit. Previous research indicates that wastewater treatment plants flush endocrine-disruptive compounds (EDCs), including pharmaceuticals, pesticides and hormones, into rivers. Even minuscule amounts of EDCs can trigger powerful hormonal shifts that deform male fishes’ reproductive organs. Synthetic estrogen used in birth-control pills added to closed lakes collapsed the entire fish population.

An even more likely culprit is rain runoff with waste that is laden with hormones excreted from millions of chickens and cattle. And lo and behold, both food sources are picking up EDC compounds in the environment. One is called phthalates, from plastics, which possess anti-androgenic properties. This means that they alter the natural expression of male androgen hormones, which are responsible for male characteristics.

Why Sperm Counts Are Dropping For Men Today | GQ

Accordingly, pregnant women whose fetuses are exposed to this agent end up reproducing males with smaller or deformed genitalia. An increasing number of our males are experiencing delayed puberty, falling sperm counts and a rise in gender confusion as boys are increasingly feminized.

Tips for Aging Men to Maintain Male Hormones

  • Avoid Statins
  • Avoid Painkillers – Use healthy alternatives such as turmeric for pain
  • Avoid Fragrance – Fragrance often contains EDs, use essential oils
  • Dust, Vacuum – Use vacuum with HEPA filter
  • Clean Regularly – Clean with vinegar, borax, baking soda
  • Clean Indoor Air – Large-leaf houseplants filter toxins from air
  • Avoid Thermal – Don’t take receipts or, if must, wash hands immediately after touching
  • Sweat to Detoxify – Exercise regularly

Winter Watch Takeaway

This topic goes on and on, and we could write a 5,000-word article full of just-the-facts citations. But of particular note is the lack of concern and the “what, me worry?” attitude of the Monsanto lobby, trans-humanists, transgender- and homosexual-infested health and governmental agencies running the show. Not much shows up in the Lugenpresse on this development either. WW submits it is all by design.

In contrast, high testosterone world class stunt mountain biker Brandon Semenuk-

European border agency Frontex confirms: 92% of illegal migrants arriving in EU are fighting-age MEN –

European border agency Frontex confirms: 92% of illegal migrants arriving in EU are fighting-age MEN

A 2023-2024 risk assessment from the European border agency Frontex shows that the vast majority of illegal migrant invaders, some 92 percent, are fighting-age men, while just eight percent are women.

These are last year’s figures, though this year’s figures are expected to be similar. In short, the third world is sending military-style hordes of young men straight into Europe so they can take over the predominantly white Western world and transform it into something else.

In terms of what Frontex has dubbed as “clandestine entries” into Europe, the group found that 33 percent are Afghans, 15 percent are Syrians, and 10 percent are Turks.

“There is much to suggest that clandestine entry may increase in the next year in line with expected higher migratory pressure at the EU external borders in general,” Frontex warns.

“At the same time, increased vehicle traffic at select border-crossing points (not to mention possibly altered circumstances while crossing land BCPs during the introduction of the Entry-Exit System) increases the chances of clandestine migrants going undetected, often under life-threatening and inhumane conditions.”

(Related: In case you have not noticed, the U.S. is also being invaded by hordes of illegal migrants.)

This is an engineered takedown of whites and the West

It turns out that the vast majority of these illegal migrants come from countries, mainly Afghanistan and Syria, “where some of the largest increases in movements to Europe may be expected.”

With them comes a lot of drugs, we are told. In 2022, European Union (EU) statistics show that there were 1,898 cases reported about illegal migrants smuggling at least 252 tons of illegal drugs into Europe.


While most of the refugees from Ukraine following the breakout of war were women, most of these illegal migrants pouring in from Africa and the Middle East are younger, fighting-age men who are not fleeing war or persecution, but who are rather economic migrants simply looking for free stuff.

Asylum claims are also up by 28 percent this year compared to the same time period in 2022, suggesting that increasingly more illegals are attempting to break into Europe.

Recent figures published by the European Union Agency for Asylum (EUAA) show that the EU is now on course to receive more than one million asylum applications in 2023. As of early September, the tally was around 519,000 applications.

Over the past two years, asylum applications across the bloc have been increasing exponentially. Already up 28 percent this year compared to last, last year’s figures were 53 percent higher than in 2021.

As you might expect, EU member states are facing great difficulty trying to keep up with all the applications, not to mention all the new arrivals who are now roving the streets robbing people and making a mess because there is nowhere for them to go.

During the first half of 2023, asylum claims in the EU were at their second-highest, surpassed only by the first half of 2016 when the migrant crisis first began. And keep in mind that these figures do not even account for the four million Ukrainian refugees who have entered Europe since the start of the Ukraine-Russia war.

“Together, these parallel trends pose significant challenges to EU+ asylum and reception systems authorities, so much so that by June 2023, the EUAA was offering operational assistance to 13 Member States,” the asylum agency said in a press release.

A proposed EU migration pact that would force members states to take in their “fair share” of asylum claimants or else face financial penalties is vehemently opposed by both Poland and Hungary.

How much longer can the West endure this constant onslaught of illegal migrants? Learn more at

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Canada’s grocery retail giants push back against accusations of price inflation, ask Trudeau to examine his policies first –

Canada’s grocery retail giants push back against accusations of price inflation, ask Trudeau to examine his policies first

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau demanded major grocers come up with a plan to stabilize prices and if they fail to provide “relief for Canadians” by stabilizing food prices by October 9, they will suffer “big consequences.”

“Large grocery chains are making record profits. Those profits should not be made on the backs of people who are struggling to feed their families,” Trudeau said at the Liberals’ national caucus retreat in London, Ontario last week. He also stated that he expects to hear from the largest grocery chains – Loblaw, Metro, Empire, Walmart, and Costco – by Thanksgiving, and if their plan doesn’t provide real relief for the middle class and people working hard to join it, “then we will take further action, and we are not ruling anything out, including tax measures.”

The Trudeau administration has been accusing the retail giants of profiteering amid high inflation, though executives from the companies denied these allegations before a parliamentary committee studying food inflation earlier this year. They argued that “the grocery chains operate with extremely small profit margins and have minimal influence on inflation.”

In this line, the Retail Council of Canada, which represents Canada’s biggest grocery chains, said that focusing solely on the retail chains will not solve the problem of rising food prices. Instead, it said, the government needs to “look in the mirror” first. According to Karl Littler, the senior vice president of public relations at the council, it is the government’s policies, such as the growing carbon tax, which affects farmers and food distribution, and limiting the use of plastic which keeps food fresh that mainly contribute to the rising prices. “If they don’t look at what’s below the surface and what’s actually driving food prices, then it’s not going to be a very helpful exercise,” Littler said.


Michael von Massow, a food economy professor at the University of Guelph in Ontario pointed out that while it’s easy to blame grocers, there are factors that have been driving food prices up along the whole supply chain, such as the war in Ukraine and extreme weather events. “If they wanted to engage with the food industry broadly to find ways to do (lower prices), maybe they could. But to me, this isn’t the way to go about it,” he said.

Moreover, Anthony Fuchs, the spokesman for Food, Health & Consumer Products of Canada, which represents food producers, said in a statement that both the timing of the announcement and the threat of tax measures were concerning. “We believe that using taxation as a punitive measure on retailers, especially at this time, is not only ill-advised but might have a detrimental ripple effect on the whole food supply chain, including food producers,” added Fuchs, highlighting that the move may lead to unintended consequences.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with CBC, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry Francois-Philippe Champagne claimed that during the meeting that was held on September 18, the heads of the chains have “agreed to work” with the federal government to stabilize food prices. He, together with Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland, met with the heads of top groceries in Ottawa on Monday. Freeland stayed only for the first few minutes of the two-hour meeting. “As you would expect, those are difficult discussions but much-needed discussions at a time that Canadians are feeling the high prices of groceries,” Champagne said after the meeting. “I appreciate the constructive nature of the discussions we had. The bottom line is that they agreed to work with the government to stabilize food prices in Canada.”

Champagne sent out invitations last week to the heads of Canada’s grocery giants asking them to come to Ottawa in person to meet with himself and Freeland.

Canadians express discontent with Trudeau’s economic management

Amid the burgeoning food inflation crisis, a recent poll published by Abacus Data on September 14 reflected that if an election were held today, 41 percent of committed voters would vote for Conservatives with the Liberals at only 26 percent, the New Democratic Party (NDP) at 18 percent, and the Greens at four percent. The Bloc Quebecois (BQ) is at 36 percent in Quebec.

Trudeau’s personal image has also worsened. At the moment, 56 percent have a negative impression of the prime minister compared with 27 percent with a positive view for a net favorable score of -29. Since the end of June, his personal numbers have trended down across all key demographic groups most notably among millennials (most of those aged 30 to 44). (Related: Poll: 67% of Canadians feel everything in the country is “broken” under Trudeau.)

Regionally, the Conservatives continue to hold a big lead in Western Canada, including British Columbia. They lead by six in Ontario and by 11 in Atlantic Canada. In Quebec, the BQ has an 8-point lead over the Liberals. The Conservatives also lead across all age groups, both men and women. Interestingly, the Liberals and Conservatives are statistically tied with those with a university degree.

From September 9 to 12, 2023, the Ottawa-based polling and market research firm conducted the said national survey of 2,125 adults exploring several topics related to politics and current events as part of their regular national omnibus surveys. In this survey, they oversampled Nova Scotia to 500 respondents.

Check out to read more stories related to soaring food prices all around the world.

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GLOBAL ENSLAVEMENT: G20 heralds launch of government-controlled CBDCs and digital IDs worldwide –

GLOBAL ENSLAVEMENT: G20 heralds launch of government-controlled CBDCs and digital IDs worldwide

The leaders of the 20 largest world economies, famously known as the Group of 20 nations (G20) have agreed to build the necessary infrastructure to implement digital currencies and digital IDs across their territories during the recent New Delhi Summit.

The G20, currently under India’s presidency, adopted a final declaration on the subject over the weekend in the Asian nation’s capital. However, this decision naturally incited major anxieties given its potential as a mechanism through which governments can keep tabs on their citizens’ spending habits and stifle opposition. According to the group, discussions are already underway to create international regulations for cryptocurrencies. However, many are alarmed by the potential grooming of said digital money through government-aided regulation, which could subsequently lead to the replacement of these decentralized digital currencies with state-controlled Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) that could override privacy and security attributes.

In the summit, India’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman pushed for the necessity of a global construct to effectively map crypto assets regulation. She said: “India’s presidency of G20 has put on the table key issues related to regulating or understanding that there should be a framework for handling issues related to crypto assets.” In fact, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Financial Stability Board (FSB) have submitted synthesis paper on crypto assets.

“Crypto is a threat as well as an opportunity. But crypto is also an example to say how unless global cooperation works out well, you are not going to be able to have a responsible financial ecosystem which can regulate it as well,” Sitharaman pointed out. However, critics are still skeptical of the idea of extensive monitoring of cryptocurrency and argue that this might grant governments the master keys to manipulate social credit scores and control the monetary spending of citizens.


Other important points deliberated during the gathering included technological public infrastructure, the digital economy, as well as crypto assets and digital currencies of central banks. Gita Gopinath, first deputy managing director of the IMF, tweeted on X, formerly Twitter, that the G20 “helped shape a global perspective on how policymakers should deal with crypto assets.”

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen mirrored Sitharaman’s sentiments on the need for a global regulatory body for technological advancements like digital money as well as artificial intelligence (AI), and digital ID systems, akin to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine passports.

Moreover, the European Union is currently trying to introduce a bloc-wide “digital identity” application that would consolidate various personal information, including passports, driver’s licenses, and medical history. “The future is digital. I passed two messages to the G20. We should establish a framework for safe, responsible AI, with a similar body as the [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] for climate. Digital public infrastructures are an accelerator of growth. They must be trusted, interoperable & open to all,” Von der Leyen posted on her social media account.

Survey: A diminutive 16% of Americans approve issuance of CBDC

Back in May, the Cato Institute 2023 CBDC National Survey found that only 16 percent of Americans support the adoption of a CBDC. They also found that twice as many of them oppose (34 percent) the Federal Reserve offering the digital payment system. Nevertheless, the plurality of Americans (49 percent) has not formed an opinion. This likely stems from the fact that only 28 percent of Americans are familiar with CBDCs and 72 percent are not. (Related: Only 16% of Americans would support adoption of CBDC, survey finds.)

Also based on the poll’s results, despite Americans regularly using digital dollars via credit cards, debit cards, and other digital platforms to purchase things, they think that digital money is more of a liability of the private commercial bank (e.g., Bank of America or Chase Bank) that issued them. However, a CBDC would be a liability of the government’s central bank, or the Fed. Thus, a CBDC would create a direct link between citizens and the government’s central bank.

While strong majorities of both Democrats and Republicans are unfamiliar with this form of currency, Republicans are slightly more familiar (34 percent) than Democrats (25 percent) and independents (25 percent). However, Democrats are about twice as inclined (22 percent) to support adopting a CBDC than Republicans (11 percent). Interestingly, a majority (53 percent) of Republicans oppose a CBDC, while most Democrats (56 percent) don’t have an opinion, and 22 percent are opposed. When benefits and risks are considered, both political parties are wary of a CBDC.

Meanwhile, men are about twice as likely (22 percent) as women (11 percent) to support it. Black Americans are nearly three times as likely (32 percent) as white Americans (13 percent) to accept it, who are more likely than Hispanic Americans at 20 percent. Also, the youth are about 10 times more supportive of a CBDC than those in their senior years. Nearly a third (32 percent) of people under age 30 support a CBDC compared to 25 percent of 30–44-year-olds, eight percent of 45–64-year-olds, and three percent of Americans over 65. While about half of all age groups don’t have enough information to support or oppose the United States adopting a CBDC, about half of Americans over age 55 oppose it.

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America Unhinged: Supposedly pro-free speech alternative platforms still beholden to Big Tech, says Jeff Dornik – Brighteon.TV –

America Unhinged: Supposedly pro-free speech alternative platforms still beholden to Big Tech, says Jeff Dornik – Brighteon.TV

So-called alternative social media platforms that espouse free speech are still indebted to Big Tech, according to podcaster Jeff Dornik.

During his Sept. 18 appearance on the Brighteon.TV program “America Unhinged,” Dornik told program host and theologian Dr. John Diamond that almost every social media platform relies on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to run. These include supposedly pro-free speech alternatives like Gettr, Locals, Rumble and former President Donald Trump’s Truth Social.

According to Dornik, these platforms are only defending free speech to a certain point as they still have to play by Big Tech’s rules. “They are beholden to Big Tech in so many different ways,” he said.

“They position themselves as if they are going to be the platform that’s taking on Big Tech. But at the same time, they are relying on them. Whether it is for their servers in the app store; whether it’s Apple, Google, Amazon; whatever it is that you’re talking about.”

He zoomed in on Truth Social, which has been set up specifically to play by the rules of Big Tech, as an example. The platform under Trump had actually hired a Silicon Valley artificial intelligence (AI) firm to handle content moderation and censorship tasks.

This connection has resulted in the banning of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on Truth Social. The host of the Brighteon.TV program “The Tenpenny Files, On Your Health” has been censored for repeatedly exposing the ties between the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines and the World Health Organization one too many times.


“The problem is that these social media platforms that are supposed to be free speech, supposed to be alternatives, they are still beholden to Big Tech even though they claim to be the people that are opposing Big Tech,” Dornik remarked. “It’s this weird relationship going on right now.”

Dornik: X (formerly Twitter) now a DATA COLLECTION platform

Meanwhile, Diamond said Big Tech has the power to monitor everything that people do. Given this, he added that it has the power to shut down anyone on the internet. “I don’t think people realize how much of their life is actually being under a total surveillance state with the technologies that they choose to use,” the America Unhinged” host remarked.

Jumping on Diamond’s remarks, Dornik warned that these alternative platforms are also collecting people’s information and sending those to Big Tech and intelligence agencies at the same time. He also pointed out how Elon Musk, who purchased Twitter and renamed it to X, appears to be running a psy-op and collecting all of the people’s data.

According to the host of “The Jeff Dornik Show,” Musk rebranded Twitter as a free speech platform. But his hiring of Linda Yaccarino as CEO, who has worked for the mainstream media and has direct ties with the globalist World Economic Forum, appears to contradict this branding. Yaccarino reportedly claimed that freedom of speech does not equate to freedom of reach, which means that people can say anything on X but it does not mean everyone can read it.

“What [X is] actually doing is collecting all of our data … that we’re posing, and then funneling that into the AI,” Dornik said. He continued that in this capacity, X is serving as an “aggregator … collecting all the information on the internet.” (Related: America Unhinged: Elon Musk bought Twitter for massive data that he can funnel into his AI company, says Jeff Dornik – Brighteon.TV.)

This data collection scheme, Dornik added, is part of Musk’s efforts through his xAI endeavor. To gain an advantage over ChatGPT, he plans to utilize X in order to make his chatbot the most relevant and up-to-date artificial intelligence on the planet.

Visit for more stories about Big Tech and the alternative platforms beholden to it.

Watch the Sept. 18 episode of “America Unhinged” below. “America Unhinged” with Dr. John Diamond airs every weekday at 9-10 a.m. and every Saturday at 8-9 a.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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