Is the IDF Finally Pushing Off the Beaches of Gaza?

Little progress has been made by the bogged down IDF in Gaza since our post update of two days ago. We are no longer posting IDF casualties as they are not accurate.

However we see evidence that some armor penetration into the Tal al Hawa – al Rashid street took place yesterday. This second footage below offers clues about the tactics of both sides. Hamas is operating in smaller decentralized squads that moves qucikly between firing spots- firing, reloading and then relocating.

This aerial bombing tactic doesn’t work in Gaza as the Hamas troopers have popped underground or cleared to nearby buildings. The result of this aerial bombing or large caliber shelling is to create more rubble to block the streets, and provide more firing cover, and vantage point nooks for Hamas troopers.

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In this next clip we see the use of Hamas’ excellent anti-tank weapon the al-Yassan and it’s small squad tactics. You can hear the loud calling card sounds of the IDF tanks- hardly stealth like. Drones are flying overhead- are they IDF or Hamas? probably both. If the drones spot and vector on Hamas they aren’t staying put for long. Hamas fighters pop up from points in every direction.

In the next scene you can see the tanks exposed from multiple angles, and being pummeled by the al-Yassan. This weapon, utilizing a loader and holder, can fire 4 projectiles a minute with a range of 100 meters. If IDF infantry are screening the tanks they are raked by machine gun fire. This video offers clues about the Gaza City proper fighting.

🇵🇸 #Palestine – 🇮🇱 #Israel: Hamas has released footage showing fighters in combat with the IDF in Gaza. Fighters can be seen ambushing Israeli armored vehicles with RPGs, a tactic commonly seen in previous video releases.

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The IDF typically does not release operational footage. Hamas uses head cams.

Infantry exposed from about a dozen directions and firing locations. There is chatter that IDF sappers (mostly civilian reservists)  are going into the tunnels. I wonder, and have seen little evidence so far.

And suicidal Israel is flirting with war with Hezbollah (many times better suited and booted than Hamas), Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey. Really?




Remaining civilians in Gaza City are clearing out. There was a four hour pause Tuesday that allowed this excavation.

Civilians evacuating combat zone in Gaza as asked by IDF

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Israel killed dozens of civilians in twin Gaza strikes, which the UN labeled a WAR CRIME –

Israel killed dozens of civilians in twin Gaza strikes, which the UN labeled a WAR CRIME

Israeli military forces killed a Hamas commander in a second strike at the Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza on Nov. 1.

Israeli fighter jets targeted a Hamas command and control complex in Jabalia, Gaza’s largest refugee camp. The attack resulted in the killing of Muhammad A’sar, the head of the anti-tank missile unit of the Islamic group.

The attack left the residents of Gaza desperately searching for survivors and trapped victims. “It is a massacre,” said one witness to the strike. Just a day earlier, an Israeli airstrike in the same location reportedly killed 50 and injured 150 more. (Related: World War 3 could be imminent as Israel-Hamas war escalates, experts warn.)

Israel claimed the frontend of the twin strikes resulted in the death of Ibrahim Biari, the alleged orchestrator of the Oct. 7 Hamas attack.

Meanwhile, human rights officials of the United Nations (UN) have condemned the operation and labeled it a war crime.

“Given the high number of civilian casualties and the scale of destruction following Israeli air strikes on the Jabalia refugee camp, we have serious concerns that these are disproportionate attacks that could amount to war crimes,” the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights posted on X.

The Israeli military officials justified their actions by claiming that “Hamas deliberately builds its terror infrastructure under, around and within civilian buildings, intentionally endangering Gazan civilians.”

Civilians trapped in Gaza begin journey to Egypt

While the Israeli military forces were striking the refugee camp, the first group of civilians trapped in Gaza has begun its journey to Egypt.


According to Egyptian and Palestinian officials, a minimum of 320 evacuees out of a list of 500 foreign passport holders are now headed to Egypt, with 49 of them requiring medical attention. A diplomatic source briefed on Egyptian plans indicated that approximately 7,500 foreign passport holders would be evacuated from Gaza over two weeks.

Meanwhile, Nahed Abu Taeema, the director of Nasser Hospital in Gaza, has revealed that evacuees from his hospital included 19 critically injured patients and children in need of advanced surgical procedures. The initial group of evacuees, including foreign passport holders and critically injured Gazans, reached the Rafah border crossing and underwent security procedures.

International assistance was also in sight for foreign passport holders, including citizens from Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Jordan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The United Arab Emirates has also stepped in to provide medical assistance, offering treatment for approximately 1,000 Palestinian children from Gaza. Additionally, Gaza border officials have reopened borders to allow more foreign passport holders to exit the region.

The evacuation agreement for foreign passport holders was confirmed as an independent initiative, unrelated to ongoing issues like the release of about 240 hostages held by Hamas or a proposed “humanitarian pause” in the conflict

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Watch this scary footage from Gaza Strip.

This video is from the Cynthia’s Pursuit of Truth channel on

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Church head implies the Israel-Hamas war is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy – with Jerusalem as “End Times” focal point.

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Pro-LGBT Virginia House of Delegates candidate endorsed by Democrats has DEMONIC ties –

Pro-LGBT Virginia House of Delegates candidate endorsed by Democrats has DEMONIC ties

A Democratic candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates who has backed pro-LGBT policies also appears to have “demonic ties.”

Jeremy Rodden, who has been endorsed by the Virginia Democratic Party, is running on an education-first platform in the November elections. He will be facing off against incumbent State Delegate James “Jay” Leftwich, a Republican, to represent the Old Dominion’s conservative 90th district.

Aside from the Virginia Democratic Party, Rodden also has the backing of prominent leftist groups and individuals – including Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia, VA LGBTQ+ Democrats and former Attorney General Eric Holder, who led the Department of Justice during the Obama administration. Given this, Rodden supports Democratic causes such as permanent protections for abortion and transgender mutilation.

The candidate expressed his support of “fundamental protections for women’s reproductive health care and LGBT affirmation” – euphemisms for abortion and genital mutilation. He argued that the ability to kill pre-born babies and be surgically castrated “must be fully codified into our laws and state constitution.”

Aside from these, Rodden also prides himself as a co-author of many children’s books that aim to introduce children to demonic entities. One book he is listed as a co-author is titled “Uncommon Evil: A Collection of Nightmares, Demonic Creatures, and Unimaginable Horrors,” which lists “20 of the most horrifying stories our deviant authors’ minds can conceive.”

“Demonic Household” is another book Rodden contributed to. The book promises to start readers off “with light, soft stories” and gradually lead them “into the ever darker, gorier and more demonic stories with each passing page.”


Rodden’s demonic ties

Rodden, who describes himself as a “stay-at-home dad of three children,” received a master’s degree in education from the Catholic Holy Family University in Philadelphia. However, his stances are a far cry from the Christian education he received. (Related: The REAL WAR for the future of humanity: Democrats increasingly possessed by demonic forces that seek the extermination of humanity?)

Last year, Rodden drew outrage from fellow parents over his promotion of an After School Satan Club (ASSC) at the B.M. Williams Primary School in Chesapeake, Virginia. He wrote in a Facebook post at the time that he couldn’t wait “to sign up [his] second-grader for this after-school club.” The Satanic Temple (TST), which is based in the city of Salem in Massachusetts, was responsible for bringing the ASSC to the school.

The Democratic candidate argued that the ASSC “does not practice any religious indoctrination whatsoever, unlike some of the other clubs offered at this school and at schools throughout Chesapeake Public Schools.” He also clarified that he wasn’t the one responsible for bringing the ASSC to the school, insisting that no religious clubs belong to secular schools.

The TST openly refers to itself as “a religious organization,” dubbing itself “the primary religious Satanic organization in the world.” The TST has reportedly launched “a number of high-profile public campaigns designed to preserve and advance secularism and individual liberties.” It has frequently made headlines by mocking Christianity – especially Catholicism – through controversial and blasphemous activities, and by openly promoting transgenderism and abortion as “religious rituals.”

Predictably, the ASSC endorsed by Rodden elicited a strong backlash from Catholics and concerned parents. One parent, Stan Epps Jr., told the Christian Broadcasting Network that he was “appalled” by the ASSC and won’t “tolerate” it.

“I’m no preacher or pastor, but I stand for God,” said Epps. “I will not be scared to stand up for the safety of our future generations, and I will not be quiet because it may ‘offend’ people.”

Visit for more stories about candidates like Jeremy Rodden backing demonic stances.

Watch this video about a school official in Mesa, Arizona dressing up as and worshipping the devil.

This video is from the Alex Hammer channel on

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The COSMIC truth: Ten revelations that prove Democrats are DEMON-infested creatures pretending to be human.

Making the case that many Democrats are no longer human, but rather biological vessels of “Demonic Obsession.”

Illinois school district hosts “Satan” club for elementary students after hours in response to “horrific” Christian “indoctrination.”

Democrats are “summoning the DEMON of political violence,” and the next phase of their criminal coup will unleash blood in the streets.

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Why are online banking services suddenly being disrupted on a massive scale all over the United States? –

Why are online banking services suddenly being disrupted on a massive scale all over the United States?

Should we be concerned about all of the problems that are suddenly erupting at our banks?  U.S. banks have been shutting down hundreds of branches, they have been laying off thousands of workers, and as I discussed yesterday vast numbers of customer accounts are being unceremoniously shut down without any warning whatsoever.  If all of that wasn’t bad enough, now endless “glitches” are plaguing our banking system.  For example, the glitch that caused paychecks not to be deposited at many banks on Friday still has not been fully resolved

(Article republished from

Customers at major U.S. banks including Bank of America and Wells Fargo complained about delays with their direct deposits on Monday, following a glitch with processing payments that began Friday.

The Federal Reserve on Friday said the problem wasn’t related to a cybersecurity issue and that it had been resolved.  But customers on Monday continued to report delays with direct deposits, reaching out to their banks on social media to report that their paychecks hadn’t landed in their accounts as expected.

Wells Fargo and Bank of America referred questions to The Clearing House, a payments company that operates the only private-sector automated clearing house (ACH) system in the U.S.

I have never seen a problem with direct deposits that is so widespread.

The Clearing House is promising to have things fixed “as quickly as possible”, but that could mean just about anything…

The Clearing House, the private operator of ACH, told CNN on Monday it is working with banks and the Federal Reserve to “resolve this issue as quickly as possible.”

“Many of the delayed payments have already posted, and we will continue working with financial institutions to ensure the remaining transactions are processed,” The Clearing House spokesperson Greg MacSweeney said in an email.

An industry source confirmed to CNN on Monday that it’s likely some customers haven’t received their deposits yet. The source stressed that banks are at the mercy of the originating bank to resend payment files.

Meanwhile, online banking services are suddenly being disrupted all over the country on a massive scale.  Steve Quayle was reporting this on his website, and this prompted me to go to to check it out for myself.

And I discovered that all of the big banks were experiencing unusual outages on Monday.

The following is a screenshot of Chase outages…

Citibank suddenly started getting hit by a spike in outages during the early morning hours on Monday too…

Unfortunately, the same thing also happened to Bank of America…

And outages followed the same pattern at Wells Fargo…

So why was there such a dramatic spike in outages all of a sudden?

Is this evidence that our banks are being hit by cyberattacks?

I don’t know.

Hopefully things will settle down and these “glitches” and outages will start to subside.

But the credit crunch that has now begun is not going to go away any time soon.

According to the Federal Reserve, lending standards for business loans got even tighter during the third quarter…

Banks continued to tighten standards for business loans in the third quarter, according to a survey of loan officers conducted by the Federal Reserve.

In addition, a “significant” number of banks tightened lending standards for credit-card, automobile and other consumer loans.

Key details: Banks tightened standards on loans to firms of all sizes. Tightening was accomplished in premiums for riskier loans, spreads of loan rates over the cost of funds and costs of credit lines.

And a survey that was recently conducted by Goldman Sachs found that nearly 80 percent of small business owners in the U.S. “are concerned about their ability to access capital”

survey by Goldman Sachs quizzed small businesses owners, who reported serious concerns that the nationwide credit crunch is hindering their growth. Some expressed fear that they would have to close up shop.

According to the survey, 78% of small business owners are concerned about their ability to access capital, and 29% say they can’t afford to take out a loan given current interest rates. In addition, 85% say that if access to capital continues to tighten it will impact their growth forecast. Of those, 67% will halt expansion plans if credit continues to tighten, and 21% would close their business if the credit market continues on this trajectory.

Banks all over America have gotten very tight with their money.

And that is going to have enormous implications for the U.S. economy in 2024 and beyond.

The era of easy credit is over, and now our banks are drowning in mountains of bad debt.  In a desperate attempt to save money, banks are shutting down branches and laying off workers.

In fact, at this moment workers at Citigroup are waiting to see who will survive and who will get the axe during the wave of layoffs that is rapidly approaching

When Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser announced in September that her sweeping corporate overhaul would result in an undisclosed number of layoffs, a jolt of fear ran through many of the bank’s 240,000 souls.

“We’ll be saying goodbye to some very talented and hard-working colleagues,” she warned in a memo.

Employees’ concerns are justified. Managers and consultants working on Fraser’s reorganization — known internally by its code name, “Project Bora Bora” — have discussed job cuts of at least 10% in several major businesses, according to people with knowledge of the process. The talks are early and numbers may shift in coming weeks.

In my new book entitled “Chaos”, I warn about the extreme financial instability that is dead ahead.

The flow of credit is going to get even tighter, more bank branches are going to be shut down, and more prominent banks are going to fail.

And that is really bad news for all of us, because the banks are the beating heart of our economic system.

We desperately need healthy banks, but now we stand on the verge of a banking crisis that will be unlike anything we have ever seen before.

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EVs on the verge of becoming UNINSURABLE due to HIGH COST of battery repairs –

Electric vehicles (EVs) in the U.K. are on the verge of becoming uninsurable because of the high cost associated with fixing their batteries.

Jonathan Hewett, CEO of the motor insurer-funded automotive research firm Thatcham Research, issued this warning. According to him, the lack of “insight and understanding” about the cost of repairing damaged EV batteries leads to increased insurance premiums. In some cases, it has even led insurance providers to refuse whole vehicle coverage for EVs.

While EV owners are burdened with insurance costs, with some quotes exceeding £100 ($122.90) per week and reports of premiums doubling or even tripling compared to 2022, insurance providers like John Lewis Financial Services (JLFS) and Aviva have already stopped offering car insurance to EVs. Aviva temporarily withdrew insurance products for the Tesla Model Y earlier this year before reinstating them, while JLFS stopped entirely after its underwriter Covea assessed the risks and costs. (Related: Electric cars lose value TWICE as fast as gas vehicles, study finds.)

A report by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) appeared to back up Hewett’s warning. Its report said the costs of EV battery repairs increased by 33 percent in the first quarter of 2023, compared to the same period in 2022. This increase contributed to record-high annual premiums.

Moreover, the average insurance costs for EVs surged by 72 percent in September 2022. This far outpaced the 29 percent increase for gasoline and diesel vehicles.

Government guidelines calling for EVs with damaged batteries to be “quarantined” at least 50 feet apart in repair yards to mitigate the risk of battery-related explosions also contribute to this risk. Based on estimates by Thatcham Research, insurers need to invest an additional £900 million ($1.1 billion) per year in quarantine facilities by 2035. These changes would add £20 ($24.60) per year to all car insurance premiums.


U.K. has a shortage of skilled EV technicians

Meanwhile, top mechanic and vlogger Scotty Kilmer disclosed that the U.K. has a shortage of skilled EV technicians. He predicted that the country could face a shortage of around 25,000 EV technicians by the end of the decade, potentially leaving electric car owners without access to necessary repairs.

Kilmer pointed out in a video on his YouTube channel that EV technicians are at risk when they repair electric cars. To make things worse, their compensations does not equate with the danger they face.

“One thing about electric cars, of course, [is] they are high-voltage. They could be 400, 600, 800 volts; they could kill you. Technicians don’t usually get paid that well,” he remarked.

“Why would you want to risk your life? At least when you’re working on a gasoline or a diesel car, the electrical power is so low – mainly 12 volts, some 24 volts. It’s not going to kill you, but these other ones can.”

Kilmer noted that the dangers EV technicians face are supported by many incidents of EV batteries catching fire in the years since their release. In 2022, the London Fire Brigade identified e-bikes and scooters powered by lithium-ion batteries as the fastest-growing fire risk in the city, responding to 87 e-bike and 29 e-scooter fires. These incidents usually happen during the “thermal runaway” phase when a battery overheats, which usually ends up in flash fires, explosions and flaming jets that last for up to 49 minutes.

“The challenge is that we have no way of understanding whether the battery has been compromised or damaged in any way,” said Hewett. “The threat of thermal runaway means that a catastrophic fire can take place if the cells of the battery have been damaged in a collision.”

Learn the truth about how inefficient and not climate-friendly electric vehicles are at

Watch this video discussing how electric vehicles are not safe, effective or green.

This video is from The Prisoner channel on

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