Israel agrees to 4-hour daily pauses in Gaza fighting to allow civilians to flee –

The White House has announced that Israel agreed to daily four-hour “humanitarian pauses” to the fighting as the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) continues to combat the defenders of Gaza City.

The four-hour pauses will allow civilians to flee northern Gaza, where the fighting is concentrated. They will also allow aid from the border crossing in Egypt to enter the besieged population of the Gaza Strip.

White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby announced the move on Nov. 9, adding that the new Israeli policy began “today.”

“We understand that Israel will begin to implement four-hour pauses in areas of northern Gaza each day, with an announcement to be made three hours beforehand,” said Kirby. “There will be no military operations in these areas for the duration of these pauses.” (Related: Sen. Lindsey Graham says civilian casualties in Gaza are no big deal: No need to “limit civilian casualties” or provide any humanitarian aid at all.)

U.S. President Joe Biden reportedly asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu directly to institute these daily pauses during a call on Nov. 6. This call was followed up by a meeting between the directors of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and its Israeli counterpart, Mossad, in Qatar to negotiate the terms of such daily pauses. Biden also reportedly asked the Israelis for a longer pause of at least three days to facilitate hostage negotiations.

“I’ve asked for even a longer pause for some of them,” said Biden to reporters. He added there was “no possibility” of a formal ceasefire at the moment, and said that Israel was taking “a little longer” than he hoped to agree to humanitarian pauses to the conflict.


This formal rejection of a long-term ceasefire from Israel and the U.S. comes despite growing international pressure for an end to the conflict.

Israel to open second humanitarian corridor

Kirby added that Israel has agreed to open a second humanitarian corridor to allow civilians to flee the areas that are currently the focus of the IDF’s military campaign against Hamas. However, he remained silent about any specific details regarding the physical parameters of the pauses or how many days there would be pauses.

“The fighting continues and there will be no ceasefire without the release of our hostages,” said Netanyahu’s office in a statement. “Israel is allowing safe passage through humanitarian corridors from the northern Gaza Strip to the south, which 50,000 Gazans utilized just yesterday. We once again call on the civilian population of Gaza to evacuate to the south.”

Israeli military spokesman Lt. Col. Richard Hecht said that the IDF’s overall strategy has not shifted in light of the pauses. There will still be no ceasefire, and the “tactical local pauses” are purely for humanitarian purposes.

“These evacuation corridors are for civilians to move south to safer areas where they can receive humanitarian aid,” added Hecht, who also said that Israel “would try” to expand these humanitarian corridors for civilians.

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Watch this episode of “The Last American Vagabond” discussing how the U.S. government continues to lie about its desire to seek a ceasefire in Gaza.

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Iran calls for TEMPORARY CEASEFIRE in Gaza.

Muslim Americans to Biden: Declare a ceasefire in Gaza, or lose our donations and votes.

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres calls for immediate humanitarian CEASEFIRE in Gaza.

The West’s refusal to call for a ceasefire is a green light to Israel’s ethnic cleansing.

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Tehran-backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad offers to RELEASE 2 hostages –

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), a Gaza-based militant group backed by Iran, has offered to release two Israeli hostages in its custody.

The PIJ released disturbing propaganda videos that featured the two hostages – 13-year-old Yagil Yaakov and 77-year-old Hannah Katzir. The videos came amid talks about the possible release of more hostages by Hamas, which attacked Israel on Oct. 7. Both Yaakov and Katzir were abducted from the Nir Oz kibbutz (community) during the attack.

The two placed blame squarely on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which echoed similarities to an earlier video released by Hamas – formally the Islamic Resistance Movement. However, this PIJ release went further, accusing Netanyahu not only of the specific attack but also of broader societal issues in Israel and globally.

The masked spokesperson for Islamic Jihad ominously suggested the hostages’ potential release for “humanitarian” reasons, linking their fate to the availability of crucial medicines in Gaza. The implication was that without intervention, the hostages might face dire health consequences. The spokesperson also hinted that any release would be contingent upon Israel declaring a unilateral ceasefire. (Related: Israeli forces face not only Hamas but other Palestinian factions.)

Israel dismissed the video as psychological terror, reiterating that any consideration of a long-term pause or ceasefire would only follow the safe release of the hostages. The nation remains resolute in its commitment to dismantling not only PIJ but also other terror groups, including Hamas, operating in Gaza.


Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces, stressed the military’s commitment to bringing the hostages home. He also cautioned against relying on media reports and rumors.

Talks to free more hostages underway in Qatar

In Qatar, Mossad chief David Barnea and U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director William Burns held discussions with Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani regarding efforts to secure the release of hostages in Gaza. According to a U.S. official, Barnea and Burns met with Qatari officials a day after they met with Hamas political leaders in Doha.

Negotiations on a potential deal were confirmed by an official, who stated that progress had been made in recent days. The PIJ claimed readiness to release the hostages for humanitarian reasons once certain conditions are met.

Talks in Qatar included discussions on the possibility of a hostage release in exchange for a Gaza ceasefire and the potential allowance of fuel, a request Israel has thus far refused. Burns had visited Israel earlier in the week, also making stops in the UAE and Egypt during his regional tour.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected reports of a ceasefire without the release of hostages, leaving room for brief humanitarian pauses and potential deals for a specific number of hostages. Meanwhile, Israeli President Isaac Herzog expressed skepticism about viable proposals from Hamas for the hostages’ release.

Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, accompanied by the prime minister, traveled to Abu Dhabi for a meeting with Emirati President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Talks facilitated by Qatar reportedly involved the release of a dozen hostages, including six Americans, in exchange for a three-day Gaza ceasefire, as confirmed by a source close to Hamas. Former Mossad chief Yossi Cohen’s reported visit to Qatar prompted Mossad to clarify that official channels manage hostage releases. Israel estimates that Hamas holds around 180 hostages, PIJ holds approximately 40, and unaffiliated mob families may hold an additional 20, complicating negotiations.

Qatar has previously successfully negotiated the release of four hostages and has been actively engaged in diplomatic efforts to secure the release of those held by Hamas.

The Gulf Emirate has played a significant role in providing financial support and humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip while maintaining open communication channels with Hamas, which has been ruling the strip since 2007. Qatar also hosts the largest U.S. military base in the Middle East.

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Watch this video about Hamas releasing Israeli hostages in its custody.

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DESPERATE LINK TO IRAN? WSJ claims that around 500 Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad fighters trained in Iran to prepare for the Oct. 7 attack on southern Israel.

WSJ: Iran helped Hamas plan its surprise attack on Israel, shortly after Biden handed them $6 billion.

Hamas FREES 2 American hostages on HUMANITARIAN grounds.

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Gun rights groups vow to appeal seventh circuit ruling on “assault weapons” –

Last week, a three-judge panel from the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Illinois law banning so-called “assault weapons” is Constitutional, which seems directly in opposition to the Heller and Bruen Supreme Court decisions. The Court combined several challenges to the Illinois law into a single hearing. Second Amendment advocates viewed the three-judge panel as practicing judicial advocacy. Several of the plaintiffs in the cases have now vowed to take the challenge to the Supreme Court of The United States (SCOTUS).

(Article by Sundance republished from

The law known as the “Protect Illinois Communities Act” (PICA) banned most semiautomatic rifles and shotguns. The law also restricted magazines from holding more than ten rounds. The law was a centerpiece of Gov J.B. Pritzker’s gun control plan. Gov. Pritzker has been adamant about implementing his plan to take on gun rights.

In the face of Illinois’ recent assault weapons ban, pro-gun advocates remain steadfast in their commitment to defending their Second Amendment rights. With an unwavering belief in the importance of self-defense and individual liberty, these advocates refuse to back down. The ban, which restricts the possession and sale of certain firearms, has been met with fierce opposition from gun owners across the state.

Pro-gun advocates argue that such legislation unfairly targets law-abiding citizens who are simply exercising their constitutional rights. They contend that responsible gun ownership is a fundamental aspect of American culture and should not be infringed upon by government overreach. By promising to take their case to the Supreme Court, these advocates seek legal recourse to protect not only their own rights, but also those of future generations.


One of those groups is the Illinois State Rifle Association. Ed Sullivan, a lobbyist for the group, said he wasn’t surprised by the decision. All three judges were appointed by Democrats who have a long history of anti-gun actions. The group said it would be challenging the ruling and was willing to ask SCOTUS to decide the case. He speculated that the plaintiffs from the other cases would follow a similar path.

The three-judge panel ruled that AR-15s and other semiautomatic firearms are not in common use for lawful purposes such as self-defense. The Court refused to acknowledge the many self-defense usages of modern sporting rifles. A Federal District Judge in California found a plethora of examples of Americans using semiautomatic rifles for self-defense. The District Judge, Roger Benitez, pointed out a pregnant woman who used an AR-15 to fight off home invaders, possibly saving herself and her unborn baby.

Even though the battle against the PICA is far from over, Gov. Pritzker celebrated the victory and took a victory lap. He states that the law will save lives, even though criminals do not follow laws, and law-abiding citizens are the only ones who will follow the law.

“The Protect Illinois Communities Act is a commonsense law that will keep Illinoisans safe,” Gov. Pritzker said in a statement about the Court’s decision. “Despite constant attacks by the gun lobby that puts ideology over people’s lives, here in Illinois, we have stood up and said, ‘no more’ to weapons of war on our streets.”

The plaintiffs can ask for an en banc hearing where the whole bench will hear the case. The makeup of the Court might make that a monumental challenge. The groups could also go directly to SCOTUS, which will require the high Court to grant a writ of certiorari, meaning they will hear the case. If SCOTUS does hear the case, it could mean a death blow for this and other similar laws from around the country.

Bevis v Naperville Opinion by AmmoLand Shooting Sports News on Scribd

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“Confused” industrial robot crushed a worker to death at a vegetable packing plant in South Korea –

“Confused” industrial robot crushed a worker to death at a vegetable packing plant in South Korea

A 40-year-old man working at a produce-sorting facility in South Korea was accidentally crushed to death by a robot that somehow got “confused,” mistaking the worker for a box of vegetables.

The automaton reportedly took hold of the technician’s arm using its arm and tongs – crushing his face and chest. Officials believe the robot’s system had mistaken the worker for a box of food and tried to lift him up. The victim was taken to the hospital who died shortly thereafter as a result of his injuries.

The incident occurred on Nov. 7 at the Donggoseong Export Agriculture Complex in South Gyeongsang Province. The Korean Yonhap News Agency report said the technician was diagnosing a problem with the robot’s sensor and checking to see whether the sensor electronics were working properly ahead of a scheduled test run of the mechanoid the next day.

An official and spokesperson at the complex told reporters the tragic accident happened after a change to the plant’s workflow to “make the robot, which the facility has been using for about five years, more efficient and functioning properly.”

“We have been using robots well with less [human] labor,” added the official. “Recently, we changed the work line and entrusted the automation’s work to more efficient use. Robots that can be used in facility’s cultivation farms are also being developed, so a precise and safe system must be established.” (Related: Globalists following planetary script to REPLACE HUMANS with AI systems… you are now obsolete.)

More and more robots entering workplaces all over the world

According to NBC News, the robot was one of two used at the complex and primarily used to lift boxes of bell peppers and other vegetables exported to other Asian countries and move them onto pallets. The Korean news outlet said mechanoids are common in South Korea’s agricultural hubs.


Gosong Police Station Investigations Department head Kang Jin-gi said the robot wasn’t an advanced, artificial intelligence-powered robot, but a machine that simply picks up boxes and puts them on pallets. He added that the police were working with related agencies to determine whether the machine had technical defects or safety issues.

Another Korean police officer who did not want to be named because he wasn’t authorized to talk to reporters, said they were also looking into the possibility of human error. He said the robot’s sensors are designed to identify boxes and security camera footage indicated the man had moved near the robot with a box in his hands, which likely triggered the machine’s reaction.

Per the camera footage, “It’s clearly not a case where a robot confused a human with a box — this wasn’t a very sophisticated machine,” he said.

South Korea has a long history of safety accidents involving industrial robots. Just this March, Korean media reported that a manufacturing robot in a factory for automobile parts in Gunsan, North Jeolla Province, crushed and seriously injured a worker in his 50s who was examining the machine.

Last year, a worker at a milk factory in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province, had been fatally crushed by a robot installed near a conveyor belt.

Watch this video about robots replacing fast-food workers.

This video is from the Think While Still Legal channel on

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Israel: The Largest Nuclear Threat in the Middle East

Israeli nuclear submarine PHOTO: National Interest

The number of nuclear weapons held by Israel varies wildly depending on the source.

The Rand Corporation, which is a western military-industrial firm with Deep State intelligence ties, claims it has 65 to 85 warheads. (good link)

Former President Jimmy Carter in 2008 estimated Israel probably had a minimum of 150 weapons in stock and ready to use. In 2015, Carter revised that estimate and put the figure in the 300 range.

Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told reporters at the United Nations at the height of the P5+1-Iran nuclear talks that their intelligence puts Israel with 400 nuclear warheads.

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) released a 2019 report that claimed that Israel has nearly a hundred nuclear warheads, as well as extensive weapons arsenal that includes: 30 gravity bombs capable of delivering nuclear weapons by fighter jets; an additional 50 warheads that can be delivered by land-based ballistic missiles; and an unknown number of nuclear-armed, sea-launched cruise missiles, Mint Press New reports.

Regardless of which number you choose, Israel has enough nukes on hand to destroy the entire Middle East several times over.

CaptureIsrael has two nuclear research centers. It is one of only four countries in the world that does not permit IEA inspections. Israel is not a signatory to the nuclear proliferation treaty. Iran is not among those four.

At one point, Israel had a 1,500-km delivery capability designed to cover most of the Middle East via its Jericho 2 system with a 1-megaton warhead. However, with its state-of-the-art Jericho 3 system, Israel has a 5,000-km range extending into all of Europe, including European Russia.

For extra reach and punch, Israel has five Dolphin submarines that it purchased from Germany with several more that were heading for delivery in 2016.

imagesIn Washington, and subsequently in other western capitals, the Israeli bomb is almost untouchable. The U.S. treats Israel as a special (and unique) nuclear case. Under this policy, the U.S. has exercised its diplomatic influence and power to ignore and shield the Israeli case.

Israel is treated as an exception, somehow exempt from the nonproliferation regime that applies to everyone else.

But it Gets Worse: The Samson Option

American-Jewish author Ron Rosenbaum wrote in his 2012 book “How the End Begins: The Road to a Nuclear World War III” that, in his opinion, in the “aftermath of a second Holocaust,” Israel could “bring down the pillars of the world” — attack Moscow and European capitals, for instance — as well as the “holy places of Islam.”

Rosenbaum writes that “abandonment of proportionality is the essence” of the Samson Option. So although Jericho 2 could be arguably regional insurance, the idea behind Jericho 3 is some sort of paranoid don’t-ever-shirk-your-duties blackmail against Europe.

To justify this hostage taking and its police and terror state, the term these psychotics throw around is the “threat to existential existence.”

In 2003, military historian Martin van Creveld thought that the al-Aqsa Intifada, then in progress, threatened Israel’s existence.

Van Creveld was quoted in David Hirst’s “The Gun and the Olive Branch” (2003) as saying:

We Israelis possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome.

Most European capitals are targets for our air force.

Let me quote General Moshe Dayan: ‘Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.’

I consider it all hopeless at this point. We shall have to try to prevent things from coming to that, if at all possible.

Our armed forces, however, are not the 13th strongest in the world, but rather the second or third.

We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.

Recently satellite images obtained by International Panel on Fissile Material (IPFM) shows significant new construction at the Dimona site in Israel, officially known as the Negev Nuclear Research Centre. IPFM said on 18 February. The imagery was acquired by the SuperView-1 (SV-1) satellite on 4 January. The construction site is located in the immediate vicinity of the buildings that house the nuclear reactor and the reprocessing plant (to the south-west from the buildings.

“Federal Reserve” Factoids

 By Anna Von Reitz

It has been said, and quite rightly, that the Federal Reserve is as “Federal” as Federal Express. 
The name has fooled generations of people into thinking that the Federal Reserve is part of the Federal Government, when it is not part of the Federal Government and never has been. 
The Federal Reserve is and has always been a consortium of mostly foreign banks that loan credit to the Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia, based on assets that these Municipal Corporations and their franchises own or control at any given time. 
The Federal Reserve launched its operations during The War of Independence to loan credit to both sides and functioned as a European Cheering Section intent on war-profiteering no matter how the conflict was resolved.  
French banks operated by the Payseurs even made loans to the incipient American Government on behalf of George III, who was never one to miss out on an investment opportunity. 
Once the war was over, the Federal Reserve settled down to collect war reparations and recoup foreign loans plus interest— and it has operated more or less in the same capacity ever since, even though its members have changed and fluctuated over the years, with most of the big, especially private, European Banks being represented at one time or another.  
The debts owed to the Europeans were paid off during the Andrew Jackson Administration, which created no end of consternation, because the Federal Reserve had lost its reason for being. 
It was this sorry turn of events that caused the erstwhile central bank members of the Federal Reserve to engage in a concerted effort to redefine the debtors: having lost their grip on The United States of America, Unincorporated, they turned their attention to the British Territorial United States Government operating as “the” United States of America, Incorporated, and hit pay dirt. 
The British Territorial Corporations, Crown Corporations, were and are always hungry for investment capital, and they cared less if that investment was made in gold coins or maritime commercial credit.  So the Federal Reserve found a new lease on life, loaning credit to our British Territorial Federal Subcontractors. 
Due to the extremely similar names, it wasn’t hard to confuse debts owed by “the” United States of America, Incorporated, or debts owed by “The United States of America, Incorporated” for debts owed by The United States of America, Unincorporated, especially as some of the debts of the Subcontractors were legitimate obligations of our American Government. 
Over time, it was extremely profitable for the banks and other Principals involved to wheedle and excuse little indiscretions, charging off expenses that clearly were not part of our agreements with our Subcontractors to us and holding our assets as collateral securing the debts of our spendthrift Federal Subcontractors. 
They all had great fun with this.  They charged everything to us and our accounts — the Civil War, the Mexican American War, the untold War in the Philippines, the First World War, the Second World War, all of the hundreds of unnamed “conflicts” in between, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya — all of it. 
To put it bluntly, the Federal Subcontractors reorganized as Municipal Corporations by the 1870s, colluded with the banks to charge whatever they wanted to charge off against our country and our assets, because they thought that we were “gone”, in “interregnum”, “lost at sea” and would never return and object to it. 
Now that we have “returned” and have objected, it makes the consternation of the 1840s look like a cake walk, because now, instead of us owing the world to them, they owe the world to us. 
Oh, %@$%!
They have tried to do a lot of fancy shuffling around and false asset assignments and insurance claims and all sorts of other dodges to avoid the inevitable, but at the same time, they shot themselves (and everyone else) in the foot with a grossly illegal, unlawful, and immoral depopulation plan. 
Now the entire world is facing an inevitable Population Collapse brought to us by the crooked banks, the idiot politicians, and their military accomplices. 
The Federal Reserve members and the International Monetary Fund members and the World Bank members, are all scrambling around and no doubt hoping that they can avoid detection –again– and escape behind a smokescreen of worldwide economic collapse, which they have caused. 
If I were an oddsmaker, I wouldn’t give them good odds on that.  
And if I were them, I wouldn’t count on being able to hide anything away in the Philippines, or Jakarta, or Taiwan, or the salt caves of Nevada.  All that surveillance equipment they bought to keep an eye on innocent civilians has been brought to bear on different targets. 
In 2009 — partially as a result of the 2007-2008 Lehman Brothers meltdown (which by the way also involved the United States Department of Agriculture and the Small Business Administration) the Federal Reserve System, a trademarked business model venture, was bankrupted. 
JPMORGAN and Chase Bank inherited the trade names: THE FEDERAL RESERVE and THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF GOVERNORS, as part of the bankruptcy liquidation, so they have been happily confusing everyone ever since.  
Some people have even been walking around, shaking their heads, and complaining that they are in some kind of movie, The Night of the Living Dead Banks, because they can’t figure out how a bankrupt bank can suddenly appear to resurrect itself and continue on as if Chapter 7 never happened. 
These same poor souls can’t figure out how Wells Fargo converted from a bank into an investment bank, either.  And most of them are still wondering what happened to Wall Street?  Where did it go? 
They stare at me when I tell them that it moved offshore to Telaviv, magically, overnight, yes, Wall Street moved to Telaviv, and Telaviv, of course, is located in the State of Israel, just like the State of Alabama. 
Lordy.  What a tangled web they have been weaving in the District of Columbia.  
No American, and certainly, no American Fiduciary in their right mind, would agree to any of this “interpretation” of reality.  
We are all quite sure that Israel is not an American State of the Union, and that calling it “the State of Israel” is not going to make us responsible for any war debts resulting from a Mideast war triggered by the end of the so-called Balfour Protectorate. 
If they want to save Israel, the Perps need to talk to us and the rest of the world, especially the countries of the Middle East, and see after all the acrimony the Perps have financed on both sides (hey, they created Hammas!) — if some kind of sane and humane and fair solution can be worked out by the common people who live there.  
The Federal Reserve, meanwhile, needs to keep its nose clean, and its investment banks at heel. The World Bank and IMF, too, and all the members of the so-called SWIFT Cooperative. 

Cooperatives are just another form of corporation, too. 

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