Congress passes ANOTHER stopgap spending bill, delaying long-term solution to budget crisis –

Congress passes ANOTHER stopgap spending bill, delaying long-term solution to budget crisis

The House of Representatives has passed another stopgap funding bill, once again delaying a long-term solution for the government budget and making the possibility of a government shutdown more likely.

By a vote of 336 to 95, with 209 Democrats and 127 Republicans supporting it, the House passed another stopgap government funding bill. Ninety-three Republicans and two Democrats were opposed to the measure.

The measure extends government funding through mid-January and now heads to the Senate, where a bipartisan group of supporters has expressed support for the stopgap bill.

The current bill gives lawmakers in both the House and the Senate more time to agree on an agreement regarding more detailed spending bills that cover everything from funding for scientific research to the Armed Forces.

House Republicans still have a lot of work to do, as 12 more appropriations bills need to get through House and Senate negotiators. The continuing resolution (CR) also gives agitated lawmakers, who have been in session for 10 straight weeks, a chance to take a short break.

“I’ve been drinking from Niagara Falls the last three weeks. This will allow everybody to go home for a couple of days for Thanksgiving, everybody cool off,” said House Speaker Mike Johnson. “Members have been here … for 10 weeks. This place is a pressure cooker. And so I think everybody can go home, we can come back, reset.”

“Right now, our loving, caring representatives, what are they doing? They’re coming up with some kind of a stopgap measure yet again, to kick the can down the road,” commented financial expert Gregory Mannarino, who warned that this ongoing ordeal is already affecting U.S. markets and could end up making the government bankrupt. (Related: Doug Casey: Entitlements, excessive defense spending and high federal debt interest push U.S. to brink of bankruptcy.)


“They can’t come up with a budget… Honestly, when are people gonna say ‘Enough?'” he added. “What are we paying taxes for? Why are they getting paid [when they] can’t get it together?”

Stopgap funding bill does not cut government spending

President Joe Biden is expected to sign the stopgap funding bill into law before the current temporary funding measure for federal agencies expires at midnight on Friday, Nov. 17.

The stopgap bill, referred to as House Speaker Mike Johnson’s “laddered continuing resolution,” continues to fund the government – including the Agriculture, Transportation, Housing and Urban Development and Veterans Affairs departments – through Jan. 19, 2024. It also provides additional funding for the Defense Department and other remaining parts of the government through Feb. 2.

Legislators referred to the CR as a “clean” bill that does not impose any spending cuts or push forward any contentious policy provisions that could alienate Democrats. It also does not include supplemental spending packages covering things like additional military aid for Israel and Ukraine, other foreign aid,  or border security.

“House Democrats have repeatedly articulated that any continuing resolution must be set at the fiscal year 2023 spending level, be devoid of harmful cuts and free of extreme right-wing policy riders,” said Congressional Democratic leaders in a joint statement. “The continuing resolution before the House today meets that criteria and we will support it.”

Watch this video featuring Gregory Mannarino discussing the government budget crisis and the possibility of America going bankrupt.

This video is from the What Is Happening channel on

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After U.S. simulates nuke attack on Moscow, Russia responds overwhelmingly: 30 U.S. cities to be the first incinerated, killing 100s of millions –

After U.S. simulates nuke attack on Moscow, Russia responds overwhelmingly: 30 U.S. cities to be the first incinerated, killing 100s of millions

According to this recent story over at War News 24/7US scientists and military recently simulated dropping nuclear bombs on Moscow and St. Petersburg to target Russian ICBM launch silos in a major nuclear first-strike exercise, leading to Russia responding with a warning to America by releasing video of the launch of an RSM-56 Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile from a new nuclear powered submarine in the White Sea, what the Russian Ministry of Defense called “part of the final phase of their test program” after which a decision will be made if that particular sub is accepted into the Russian Navy.

(Article by Stefan Stanford republished from

With the War News story reporting that the Russian Navy already has three Borei-class submarines in service, along with that one which is currently completing trials, while three more Borei-class subs are under construction, they also alarmingly report that each of those “Emperor Alexander III” Borei-class nuclear powered subs can launch 16 different nuclear missiles from them during a time of war, capable of hitting 10 different targets, meaning just those 3 subs already on duty can strike 30 different US cities. We take a look at which 30 US cities will most likely be hit by Russian nuclear weapons in a Russian response to any kind of US nuclear attack upon Russia in the next section of this story below.

And while that Russian weapon, the RSM-56 Bulava (NATO code SS-NX-30 or SS-N-32), was declared operational in 2013 on those Borei class nuclear ballistic missile submarines, and the recent test was successful, hitting a target thousands of kilometers away on the Kamchatka Island Peninsula in the Far-East of Russia, this latest Russian video in response to the US nuke simulation of an attack upon Moscow is the latest very real sign we’re moving recklessly towards a nuclear confrontation from which there will be no coming back from. From that War News 24/7 story.:


“The United States decided to simulate nuclear strikes on Moscow and St. Petersburg with these weapons and to predict the results, that is, to count the number of victims among the inhabitants of the area,” reports the American magazine Newsweek, giving some details. 

The authors of the report pointed to the need to improve the US nuclear arsenal to contain China and Russia. Production of the B61-13 will not increase the total number of weapons in the US nuclear arsenal, it will simply provide greater flexibility in the use of existing capabilities. 

The B61-13 would have a much larger impact area and hit 24 times more powerfully (360 kilotons) than the bomb dropped by the United States on Hiroshima in August 1945. 

In the event of a drop on the largest Russian megacities, the damage will be colossal. 

It is estimated that: 

– 311,480 people will be killed and another 868,860 injured if Moscow is hit. 

– Everything in a radius of just under 1 km from the epicenter will turn to dust 

– The explosion will destroy buildings and probably kill everyone else within a 1 mile radius. 

– People within a 3 kilometer radius will suffer from high levels of radiation and die within a month. 

– Another 15% of survivors will die shortly afterwards of cancer. 

– In St. Petersburg, 360,150 people may die and another 685,930 people will suffer. 

The fire from the explosion will burn for more than six hours, creating a deadly atmosphere over an area of nearly 170 square km, about 10-15 times larger than in Hiroshima. 

The British confirm the American simulations.

“Simulations of dropping a 360-kiloton American bomb on Moscow show that it would cause hundreds of thousands of casualties, around a million injuries and widespread devastation” 

Yet as America stumbles blindly and insanely towards World War 3 and the very real possibility of nuclear annihilation think about this, the man who is making the ‘military decisions,’ such as when to push the ‘nuclear conflagration button,’ can’t even walk straight as seen in this November 13th story over at the Daily Mail.

Stumbling and bumbling around while attempting to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier as also seen in the 2nd video at the bottom of this story, needing to be told which direction he needed to go by US military members nearby, is THIS REALLY the braindead imbecile America needs to have his finger upon the button in a time of crisis like the world is in right now?

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The Great Reset is actually a DEPOPULATION agenda making use of VACCINES and the CLIMATE HOAX to achieve One World Government –

The Great Reset is actually a DEPOPULATION agenda making use of VACCINES and the CLIMATE HOAX to achieve One World Government

The Daily Expose recently published a thought-provoking article on the alleged hidden motives behind influential and powerful individuals who are carrying out the globalist agenda under the guise of saving Earth.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is the main proponent of the “Great Reset Initiative,” a bold economic recovery plan it came up with in response to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Advocates of the initiative launched in June 2020 claim it represents an opportunity to address pressing global challenges. In contrast, skeptics perceive it as “a Trojan horse veiling a more sinister agenda.”

Proponents argue that the Great Reset will address climate change, income inequality and healthcare disparities by aligning economic systems with environmental sustainability and social equity, with a view to creating a “more resilient and just world.”

However, critics are worried about how this much power could breed overreach. They question the motives behind its proposals, particularly the potential erosion of individual freedoms and the concentration of power in the hands of the global elites.

Critics further highlight the jargon used in the Great Reset blurbs, such as “stakeholder capitalism,” insinuates a shift toward a more collectivist economic model. This could pave the way for increased government control and diminish the role of free markets. Moreover, the involvement of individuals such as Bill Gates – whose support of depopulation agendas such as family planning, reproductive health, and vaccine programs – brings the Great Reset into question.


“This connection fuels suspicions that the Great Reset may be a vehicle for implementing population control strategies under the guise of sustainability,” the independent news outlet wrote. “Allegations swirl that Gates’ immense wealth and influence are leveraged to manipulate public health initiatives to secretly reduce global population numbers. Observers also notice that through partnerships with governments, NGOs and other philanthropic organizations, his foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, claimed to improve the quality of life for millions of people worldwide as it focused on global health with various vaccination campaigns, particularly in developing countries. They claimed to target diseases like polio, malaria and HIV/AIDS, but people could not help but see through the real reason he does this – again, to control population growth and make huge profits.

If Gates is not highly motivated to exterminate most people, why is he also into industries such as pharmaceuticals and genetically modified crops that control or target organic food supply? His genetically modified (GM) food technology effort is part of a broader agenda to monopolize agriculture and exert influence over the world’s food production systems, critics observed.

“This control would grant Gates immense power and potentially enable him to manipulate food availability and prices to serve his own interests,” the Expose further noted.

Gates of course denied this and has publicly stated that his investments align with his goal of addressing pressing worldwide challenges, including improving health outcomes and enhancing food security. He asserts that his financial involvement allows him to leverage resources and expertise to make a meaningful impact in these areas. (Related: Globalists making final moves to implement Great Reset followed by worldwide totalitarianism.)

Demand transparency and accountability from WEF, Gates

The analysis concluded by asking for transparency and accountability from both Gates and the WEF.  “[Both] are undeserving influential figures in global affairs and should be subject to rigorous scrutiny and independent investigations.”

“Without access to reliable information, it becomes challenging for the public to evaluate the validity of their statements and initiatives. Transparency regarding the sources of data, methodologies used for analysis, and potential conflicts of interest is crucial to instill trust and ensure that decisions are based on sound evidence rather than hidden motives,” the piece said. It also noted the importance of critical thinking as a powerful and essential tool.

“By conducting an extensive analysis of the evidence, relying on credible sources and fostering constructive dialogue, we navigate the murky waters of conspiracy and unveil the potential truth,” the news outlet urged its readers.

Visit to read more about the WEF and its depopulation agenda.

Watch this clip from the “Flyover Conservatives” podcast that tackles the Great Reset agenda pushed by the WEF.

This video is from the Thrivetime Show channel on

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ROYAL RESET: King Charles III plans to accelerate the Great Reset and other globalist goals.

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1.8M fraudulent transactions led banks to close accounts of innocent customers without warning or explanation –

1.8M fraudulent transactions led banks to close accounts of innocent customers without warning or explanation

Multiple suspicious activity reports (SARs) in banks most likely led to the eviction of customers’ accounts, and federal laws have little to say about the trigger for account cancellations. Reuters reported that in 2022, banks filed over 1.8 million SARs. This marked a 50 percent increase in just two years. This year, it is expected to hit nearly two million.

The New York Times examination of over 500 cases of customer account terminations by their banks showed the chaos and confusion that ensue when banks decide on their own to cut people off. These situations are what banks refer to as “exiting” or “de-risking.” Some bank customers get a letter in the mail saying their institution is closing all of their checking and savings accounts. This happens with debit and credit cards as well, and they are usually provided only with vague explanations.

Worse, some of them do not even receive a notice and just discover when payments do not go through while they are shopping, availing services, or trying to withdraw money from automated teller machines. Of course, they would confront the banks, where customer service representatives are given instructions to just empathize and promise to “do whatever we can to fix this.” Only to eventually tell them that, “per your account agreement, we can close your account for any reason at any time.”

Once customers have moved on, “they don’t know whether there is a black mark somewhere on their permanent record that will cause a repeat episode at another bank. If the bank has filed a SAR, it isn’t legally allowed to tell you, and the federal government prosecutes only a small fraction of the people whom the banks document in their SARs,” a Times writeup included. “You feel like you’re walking around wearing this scarlet letter,” said Caroline Potter, whose Citibank accounts were shut down abruptly last year.


But banks won’t admit their real reasons. “We want to build long-term relationships with our clients, which is why accounts are closed only after appropriate review and consideration of the facts,” said Jerry Dubrowski, a spokesman for JPMorgan Chase. The bank’s former account holders sent nearly 200 complaints to the news outlet.

Meanwhile, the New York Times provided actual customer cases of account terminations.

Unusual cash deposits and withdrawals

Bryan Delaney and his business partner Jennifer Maslanka owned several New York City bars. To make the accounting easier on new staff during the pandemic, the two often rounded deposits down to the nearest thousand and kept the rest of the cash on hand. However, JPMorgan closed the bar’s account and the personal checking and credit card accounts for Delaney, his wife and Maslanka.

Federal law requires depositors to fill out a form if they’re depositing or withdrawing more than $10,000 in cash. Sometimes, account holders will engage in “structuring” by making a series of transactions of just under $10,000. Dubrowski said this was the bar’s problem. “We must know our customers and monitor the transactions that flow through our bank,” he said. “That includes instances where we see a pattern of cash deposits that are just below federal currency reporting thresholds.”

But Delaney said he had not been engaged in structuring when depositing money as all the cash had come from the bars. He also reported his income and paid his taxes as he was supposed to. “I’m still so confused,” Maslanka said. “Do you think I’m part of some underground Mafia, laundering money through my little beer bar?”

Meanwhile, Steven Ferker bought a house in New York in late 2016. He withdrew money from one of his Citi accounts separately, $7,000 to $12,000 per transaction, to pay his contractor. He also used a Citi credit card with a 12-month, zero-interest offer to buy things for the kitchen in 2017. The bank then called him asking why he was making repeated cash withdrawals. Each time, he explained the situation. “I assumed they were calling to make sure someone was not stealing my money, and I was glad that they called,” he said.

Ferker was aware of banks’ wariness of large transactions in round numbers, but he was taking out his own money and immediately giving it to a contractor doing visible work. “Cash is legal tender in this country,” he said. “I understand that people hide their income, but I figured that was none of my business.”

Banks don’t like ex-convicts

Chicago-based Nick Seidel was advised by his BMO Harris banker that his banking troubles were because he served time in prison. Chase dumped him first. Then, after an 18-month relationship with Fifth Third, it also shut down his accounts.

“I’m not supposed to tell you this,” the banker said turning his computer monitor to show Seidel his mug shot from 10 years before. “I had never had any banking issues, no overdrafts or suspicious activity,” Seidel said. “Some banks just run public searches of their clients and drop them if they are justice-impacted.”

In 2011, Seidel stole a 2002 BMW from a car dealership and used a counterfeit $20 bill, among other crimes. He served five years in prison, where he underwent cognitive behavioral therapy and earned several paralegal certificates. After he was released in December 2015, a friend picked him up, and they headed straight to the bank so he could start his life anew. He used a state-issued identification card and a check from the Department of Corrections when he opened a checking account at Chase. But the bank later shut down the account.

International Wires

Nigerian Oore Ladipo had been working as a data analyst at Morgan Stanley in New York while earning a master’s degree in quantitative methods and modeling. While waiting for his employment papers from the federal government, his parents wired him money from Nigeria, around $1,500 a month to help him make rent in early 2018. Chase then sent him a letter saying his accounts would be closed. “They were aware of my study, work and family history but still closed my account after almost 10 years,” he said.

He felt confused and betrayed, but he believed that the Nigerian wires were the likely culprit. “And in this scenario, you can’t negotiate. You aren’t talking with a person who has the power to tell you what went wrong and what didn’t go wrong.” Wires and suspicious electronic transfers are other common reasons that banks file SARs. But in Ladipo’s case, the cause for suspicion was a third party that surfaced in his web of transactions. has more stories related to the collapsing banking system.

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Sub-Zero Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Bombs

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To The Galactic Council — November 15th 2023

 By Anna Von Reitz

For the past fifteen years, the members of the Galactic Council have plunked around and pretended that you didn’t have a clear reading and direction with regard to the future of this species and planet; you have delayed and went back and forth, forth and back, about mankind’s nature and Will.  
There are those who have always stood for life and love, who have patiently borne all the violence, theft, and evil of the Snakes.
It is time for those beings allied to life and love to emerge triumphant and upheld, safe, and ready for a new world. 
It is time to simply invoke the removal of Satan and his children, as evidenced by their acts, words, and deeds. 
It’s also important to recognize that those who were deceived into accepting snake venom-producing DNA without consciously being aware of it, are to be held harmless. 
There is no excuse for including these victims in the punishments, as they have not willingly and knowingly participated in these offenses. 
As Senior Field Commander I have asked the Andromedan and Sirian Peacekeeping Forces to intervene and secure those foreign individuals responsible for these acts against Nature and Nature’s God. 
Let them all be subject to the Universal Law and the law of their respective Star Systems, now and forevermore. 
I AM and I require that the snakes and their allies be immediately arrested and prevented from doing any more harm. 
I AM and I require that they be turned over to their respective interstellar police forces.  
I AM and I require the immediate return of all assets and credit owed to the people of this planet.  
Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Senior Field Commander
The United Federation of Worlds
In care of: The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

November 15th 2023


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