El merda divina

Hello Clif 👋🏻Hello Clif 👋🏻

Hello Fellow Wooiars 👋🏻‼️

So grateful for all of you during this most tumultuous time.

As for me and my household.. we are staying alert 🚨

Be your own authority.

1) self discipline 🏋️‍♂️self care 🛁

2) educate yourself as much as possible 📚

3) stay away from the death culture people 💉

4) keep your faith in truth 🌼not in religion

5) don’t hate / but don’t tolerate haters🚫

6) plan your future 📋

7) “ normal “ is just a setting on the dryer 🤪

8) eat whole foods 🥗🍗🥓🥖🍎🍋🥔

9) Shungite your water 💦

10) No need to argue with anyone. Go your way.

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