Gaza War Update

by Chris Black,

Our Greatest Ally is currently storming al-Shifa hospital and opening fire on the patients inside.

Rick Wiles of TruNews is aghast at what we are witnessing and what is being covered up by the media.


Here is the president of Israel describing the war in Gaza:


Here is Netanyahu on Hannity last night claiming that Hamas, which has been confined by the siege to Gaza for over 15 years, is poised to overrun Europe:


Here are some of the bombs which Israel has fired at hospitals in Gaza:

Here are some dead civilians who were carrying white flags:

Here is a bipartisan request in the Wall Street Journal from members of Knesset asking the West to take millions of Palestinian refugees:


Here are Israeli settlers describing their plans:

Here are Israeli soldiers casually shooting some kids playing on scooters in the West Bank

This one stands out to me.

This one tells you everything you need to know about Israel.

How is anyone “blessed” for “standing” with this genocidal state and its psychopath leader?