Property rights? Whose property? Which property?

Early champions of individual freedom and rights mentioned, with emphasis, that these rights meant nothing unless private property was honored and protected.

Freedom without ownership was meaningless.

So now, what do we have? A major difference between private and public property.

If thousands of people can riot across America and loot and burn and destroy private property—and for the most part remain exempt from punishment under the law…

While far less violent actions against public property on January 6, 2021, at the Capitol in Washington, resulted in charges of insurrection and years of imprisonment for those found guilty…

Something is “out of balance,” to say the very least.

The January 6th events were treated as high crimes against sacred laws and structures; the widespread destruction of privately owned businesses was ignored, or finessed as “justified protest.”

How did this disparity come about?

Obviously, those “in charge of” public property (the government) made a new unratified change to basic law and the Constitution.

Without a vote, without consent of the governed.

Through a long gradual demeaning of the concept of private property.

Which happened to align with a fundamental precept of the actual group called the Illuminati (founded in 1776), and another group called Communism. (There is a straight time line of philosophical transmission from the Illuminati to Marxism.)

These two groups declared that private property is a crime.

When you hook this proposition up to other Marxist notions about capitalism and the free market, you have a powerful foundation for propaganda.

You can enlist millions of people who don’t own property and believe they never will.

Their “right to be supported by the State” suddenly exceeds, by moral miles, the notion that an individual can “own a thing,” a mere piece of land or a store or a TV set.

The right to be supported by the State has religious level zeal behind it; the right to own a small square of dirt seems absurd by comparison. Because propaganda has succeeded fabulously.