Were NYC COVID 2020 Deaths False?

Dr. Naomi Wolf interviews Dr. Jessica Hockett and Dr. Jonathan Engler to discuss their findings and ongoing investigation into New York City’s “COVID deaths” in 2020.

Dr. Jessica Hockett lives in the Chicago area and worked in the K12 education sector for more than 20 years, first as a teacher and then a consultant to schools, agencies, and policy organizations. She has a PhD in educational psychology from the University of Virginia. Her publications include numerous articles and three books.  Since 2020, Dr. Hockett has used her research skills to push against government mandates, censorship, and false claims about COVID-19. She publishes her investigative work on New York City’s mass fatality event on Twitter at @Wood_House76 and her Substack, WoodHouse76.com, and is proud to be associated with the international group Panda.
Dr. Jonathan Engler started life as a medical doctor before moving into the pharmaceutical industry where he gained experience in designing, running, and reporting clinical trials to regulatory standards. After a few years, Dr. Engler set up a business using automation to streamline clinical trials, this was sold to a US corporation a decade later. He retrained as a lawyer and practiced for a short period before re-entering the Healthcare business world. Dr. Engler is co-chair (with Clare Craig) of the UK-based HART Group which opposes UK government policies of the past few years. He is also on the exec committee of the international research group Panda, where he works closely with Dr. Hockett.

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