Twitter “Community Notes” Deceptively Push False Claims on COVID-19 Vaccines

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By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

Those of you who are Twitter or “X” users have probably been annoyed by Fact-Checkers pushing one-sided, major themes of the COVID-19 false narrative: 1) masking, lockdowns, 2) fear-driven exaggerations of cases, hospitalizations, death, 3) suppression of hopes for early therapeutics, and most importantly 4) unabated push for never-ending every six month genetic COVID-19 vaccinations. I have never seen a “Fact-Checker” go on the other side of the government false narrative.

Now Twitter has enabled a who new army of propaganda artists through “Community Notes.” Using this tool, account holders can anonymously post false claims and attach it to one of your tweets.

This Community Note was attached to one of my reposts of a tweet concerning the rise of “mystery blood clots.” In particular a story portrayed a pregnant woman who had large and recurrent lower extremity blood clots. Both the reporter and the patient were exasperated because the doctors had “no explanation” for the cause of the coagulum. The story made no mention of COVID-19 or vaccination, which in my clinical experience are now the leading causes of blood clots today.

You can see my comment that blood clots are not a mystery and that doctors should take both a COVID-19 and vaccination history in this case and others they encounter. I cite Yasmin et al as a source of published data who state: “Thrombosis was frequent with any mRNA vaccine (N-13,893).”

In a scramble to defend the ill-advised vaccines, the anonymous Community Notes author makes a false claim regarding my interpretation of the data. Safety data cannot be used to calculate incidence because not all individuals are assessed for the outcome of interest. When early in a vaccine campaign thousands of people have a problem, it is fair to say “frequent” as Yasmin did in the paper. I agree that vaccine blood clots are “frequent” in my clinical practice without estimating incidence.

As a final mention, this community note posting to my Tweet was concealed to my account, so I had no idea it was there until a friend showed it to me last night. So please understand that Fact-Checkers and Twitter Community Notes writers have the common goal of pushing the vaccine agenda without exception from the very beginning of the crisis, and thus, represent an organized army of propagandists for the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex.

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Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

President, McCullough Foundation