Traveling Back in Time — Life Lessons From the Amish

  • The documentary, “The Lives of the Amish in the U.S.,” shares how “an encounter with the Amish is like traveling back in time” and why, in this day and age, this could be a very smart move

  • The Amish typically avoid technology and other modern-day conveniences like electricity and cars

  • There are significant benefits of living in concert with your community — off the grid without being dependent on anyone or any technology

  • The Amish typically produce the majority of their own food and aren’t reliant on the public control grid

  • A reliance on modern-day comforts and technology leaves you incredibly vulnerable should they collapse, while embodying the preparedness and resourcefulness displayed by the Amish protects your autonomy and freedom

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Technology and other modern-day conveniences have become so engrained in our daily lives that most people would be hard-pressed to live without them. This isn’t the case for the Amish, who are still living life much the way it was 300 years ago.

Their way of living, which can prohibit ownership of computers and may rely on electricity only in limited cases for business, may seem filled with unnecessary hardship. But there are significant benefits of living in concert with your community — off the grid without being dependent on anyone or any technology.

The DW Documentary above, “The Lives of the Amish in the U.S.,”1 shares how “an encounter with the Amish is like traveling back in time” and why, in this day and age, this could be a very smart move.

About 370,000 Amish people live in the U.S., primarily in Indiana, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Different communities have slightly different ways of life, with some groups avoiding electricity entirely, for instance, while others do not. However, at the core of being Amish is self-reliance, rejection of most technological advances and devotion to the community.

Without cars, most Amish people drive horse-drawn carts. Others may hire a taxi or use an e-bike to take them distances that are too far for horses to travel. There’s also a notable absence that would be foreign to most modern families — no computers, cellphones, internet or social media in the home.

Chester and his family, featured in the film, follow the Old Amish Ordnung. The word “ordnung” is German for “order” and describes a set of rules that dictates their way of life. In addition to little technology and the use of only batteries and generators, the family heats their home with wood from a nearby forest and uses an old-fashioned washing machine to clean their clothes. Far from being a hassle, this is part of what promotes their well-being. Chester says:2

“Even during COVID and all this turmoil … that was worldwide, we’ve been able to retain a way of living that promotes inner peace. And I don’t think that’s possible if you’re always 24/7, if you’re completely connected to social media and the outside world. Even businesses completely run with … instant communication — it’s great for a business, [but] I’m so happy I can step back from it. And that’s the way I keep my sanity.”

For many, it’s difficult to imagine a life without such modern conveniences as electricity, computers and cellphones. But it’s wise to pay attention as The Great Reset unfolds around us. A common mantra was chanted by world leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic: A Great Reset is necessary to “build back better” from the crisis and create a new sustainable future.

This future is one led by a powerful global cartel eager to gain control over society and, ultimately, humanity. Toward that end, resources that currently seem inalienable — like the right to grow your own food and maintain control of your financial assets — could one day disappear. If you can’t survive without them, you lose all autonomy and are at the mercy of those in control.

If you control the food supply, you control the population. It’s another area where the Amish have it right, as they produce the majority of their own food. Lloyd and Edna Miller, who run their farm of 50 dairy cows on solar power, are among them.

Edna uses her e-bike to visit a grocery store once a week, purchasing only supplemental items they don’t grow on the farm. The ability to sustain themselves is important not only to the Millers but to the Amish community as a whole. Lloyd says:3

“When COVID came, a lot of people panicked … people aren’t even sure where their food is coming from today. And those are real-life issues … for the most part we could be self- sustainable for quite a long time, especially within the group. Within the group of people that we personally know, we could survive a pretty good long time without any outside input.”

Growing as much food as you can is a principle that everyone can live by. You might invest in a greenhouse, plant an orchard or move to a rural area where you can raise chickens. Any additional level of self-sufficiency you can create will offer you more protection.

The globalists have long held a monopoly on the grain industry, for instance, with their patented genetically modified organisms (GMOs). A similar trend is now occurring with fake food. The globalists are trying to replace animal husbandry with lab-grown meat and even insects, which will allow private companies to effectively control the entire food supply. Those who are able to grow their own food, however, cannot be controlled.

Investing in real things, like land and buildings, is also a wise move and an area where the Amish excel. Although any type of formal education ends after 8th grade, many in the Amish community own and run successful businesses, including blacksmithing and bakeries.

“The Amish are very business-oriented, small business, you know. Small family businesses that are run by families or friends, and we work together as a team,” Tom Berer from Pennsylvania says in the film.4

Another tenet that runs deep in the Amish community is self-reliance and looking out for the good of the whole. “It means putting your individual desires, your selfish desires, to the side and doing what is good for the community,” Chester says, adding:5

“As a culture, we don’t like to be dependent on government help. So, we don’t want to accept any handouts. We do not pay into Social Security. We also don’t get the benefits. We don’t get Medicaid or Medicare, but we, within the community, have some church or community-funded programs where it’s all nonprofit.

So, for myself I pay in about $200 every month and that gives me basic coverage, up to $100,000 a year, that’s just for my family.”

To pay for a $50,000 surgery for a 10-year-old Amish boy, the community also came together, with more than 250 people donating and exceeding the goal. There may be health benefits to the Amish lifestyle as well.

In humans, the incidence of depression has grown along with the use of electric lights. While this is only a correlation, it’s interesting to note that Amish populations, which have no electricity, have low rates of depression.6 The Amish also have low rates of asthma, likely due to their farming environment. Substances in Amish house dust may even shape the innate immune system, suppressing the development of allergic asthma.7 8

Further, while some Amish people use telephones — land lines, not cellphones — for business purposes, they usually don’t keep them inside the home, as “too much technology disrupts family life.”9 Meanwhile, in the rest of the U.S., technology and social media use are changing the way the human brain works, especially with high usage.

Data from teens’ phones reveals that usage is, indeed, high, with 6th graders picking up their phones more than 100 times a day, with some picking them up more than 400 times daily. Adolescents also spend an average of 8.2 hours on devices each day, with some spending twice that amount.10

Digital stress, which occurs from connection overload, fear of missing out on online conversations or feeling the need to be always available online, along with anxiety over gaining approval online, is another significant issue. Close to 50% of youth on social media suffer from digital stress, which is associated with increases in depressive symptoms.11

In the Amish community, teens may engage in rumspringa, a period of increased social activity and exploration. The term is Dutch for “running around” and is a rite of passage during which they may choose to leave the Amish community or be baptized into the Amish church.12

The increasing prevalence of smart cities, with connected smart meters, set up the infrastructure for widespread surveillance, while digital IDs keep everything — your finances, health information, employment history and social credit score — all in one place. This means globalists can monitor, and control, your spending and use of resources.

Organizations such as the World Economic Forum and many of the central banks are pushing for the rollout of the globalist control grid. Once in place, it may be impossible or near-impossible to live without a digital ID and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

Getting yourself out of the control grid as much as possible is essential for protecting your freedom, and this is another area where the Amish — who do not depend on the control grid — have a significant advantage.

In this way, we can all take a lesson from their old-fashioned ways and strive to live a simpler, more self-reliant lifestyle — build your own “ark,” hone your skills and cultivate a strong community around you. This involves growing your own food or, if you can’t, developing a relationship with a local farmer who can supply food for you.

At the very least, shop small and local, including for your food, supporting local farmers instead of corporate giants. You can also ditch your cellphone, which has been described as a “surveillance weapon and beyond,” as much as possible.13 Even if you have no interest in the Amish way of life, it’s worth recognizing that a reliance on modern-day comforts and technology leaves you incredibly vulnerable should they collapse.

Though it’s uncomfortable to think about, this existence is a fragile one that could be taken away as The Great Reset progresses. Becoming complacent only makes globalists’ plans easier to implement while embodying the preparedness and resourcefulness displayed by the Amish makes a full takeover unlikely.

Along with the practical steps of growing food and considering alternate energy sources, like solar roof panels or a generator, you’ve also got to keep your mind sharp and clear. So, ditch your cellphone and other Big Tech propaganda interference as much as possible in favor of real relationships and local connections. Forge ties in your community where ever you can, and work together, as the Amish do, to build a meaningful, resilient life.

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Unraveling the Mysteries of mRNA Vaccine Shedding

By: A Midwestern Doctor

  • Over the last two years, we have collected a significant amount of data that suggests a sizable number of unvaccinated people will become ill around individuals who were vaccinated in a fairly consistent and repeatable manner

  • Since shedding of mRNA vaccines in theory should not be possible, whenever those individuals (who are often suffering immensely) share their stories, they are immediately ridiculed and dismissed

  • We have identified a few plausible mechanisms (and the evidence to support them) to explain why this transmission occurs. These include exosome mediated shedding (most likely), asymptomatic COVID-19 shedding and transfected bacterial shedding

  • In this article, we will explore some of the major questions surrounding shedding, such as what appears to be causing it and what the mysterious odor associated. Through doing so, a framework can be created to explore some of the most contentious issues surrounding shedding

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After the COVID vaccines came out, we began to encounter more and more patients who had a compelling case history that suggested that were being repeatedly injured from being around recently vaccinated individuals.

For example, near the start of the vaccine rollout, a compelling (but hard to believe) story circulated online and as the year went by, we saw more and more patients who provided similar accounts to the one within this video:

This perplexed us as in theory, the mRNA vaccines (as they are not alive and hence do not replicate) should not be able to shed, but as time went forward, we kept on seeing more shedding cases which symptomatically improved once the patient’s shedding exposures were addressed. As a result, we’ve spent the last three years struggling to try to figure out what’s going on.

To help unravel this mystery, we recently put out a call for individuals to share their own shedding injuries and see if those accounts matched what we had observed. These is understandably a lot of interest in this subject (e.g., a Tweet about it received 555k views) and we’ve now collected hundreds of stories (which can be viewed here).

To briefly summarize what we have learned (which is discussed in much more detail in the previous article):

  • Although it is required by the FDA (and has been done for the other gene therapy products on the market), none of the COVID vaccines were ever tested for shedding.

  • It has since been demonstrated that vaccine sheds in the breast milk and semen. There is also evidence suggesting but not proving the vaccine sheds in both the sweat and breath. It’s much less clear if it sheds in the stools.

  • Individuals appear to be affected by being in proximity to a vaccinated person (particularly if they are quite close to them), by touching something a vaccinated person contacted (particularly bed sheets), and for particularly sensitive individuals, being in an area which had previously been densely occupied by shedders (conversely being outdoors, presumably due to airflow, reduces how much a shedder affects someone nearby).

  • In most (but not all) cases, the effects of shedding will resolve once the affected individual simply stops being in contact with shedders.

  • The susceptibility to shedding greatly varies person to person (with the majority not being affected by it).


    Those most sensitive to shedding are the “sensitive patients” (who often also have other conditions like fibromyalgia, Lyme or chemical sensitivities), those who have already been “sensitized” to the spike protein (demonstrated by them having either a vaccine injury or long COVID) and those who have a yet unknown susceptibility to the spike protein (which I believe is due to them being unable to effectively produce antibodies which neutralize the spike protein).


    Note: There were also a few cases of pets being affect by shedding which suggests the effects are not necessarily dependent upon a human receptor.

  • Individuals are the most likely to shed immediately after vaccination or boosting (which leads to many sensitive individuals dreading the next boosting campaign). This tendency to shed appears to match the observed blood levels of spike protein which quickly rise following vaccination then drop, but never hit zero.


    In turn, the most sensitive individuals always notice if someone was vaccinated, while less sensitive individuals only get ill from people who had been recently vaccinated.

  • Many individuals affected by shedding are able to identify clear reproducible patterns of when they get ill from shedding (e.g., each time they go to church on Sunday they get the same illness on Monday).

  • Some people shed much more than others (e.g., individuals can frequently identify who at their church always makes them ill). Typically, younger people shed more than older people. Furthermore, sensitive individuals repeatedly notice certain characteristics of shedders (e.g., they have a distinct odor).

  • The most common effect of shedding is abnormal menstrual bleeding (which can sometimes be very severe and frequently affects post menopausal women). Other common symptoms include nosebleeds, spontaneous bruising, tinnitus, rashes, headaches, reactivation of latent viruses (e.g., shingles), briefly coming down with a covid like illness, sinus issues and muscle pain.


    Some people experience a cluster of these symptoms while others only experience one or two of them.

  • Individuals tend to notice an increasing duration of exposure to a shedder will make them feel worse. In turn, numerous readers have noticed that if they ignore their lighter symptoms (which often onset within minutes of a shedding exposure) and do not exit the situation, they will become severely ill for a prolonged period.

  • Most of the shedding injuries appear to be a consequence of circulatory impairments (e.g., microclotting). I personally believe this is due their adverse effects on the physiologic zeta potential (which once treated appears to fix spike protein injuries) and to a lesser extent activating the cell danger response.

  • Most of the vaccine shedding symptoms resemble what is seen in other spike protein injuries. However, there are two key differences. First, spontaneous bruising and nosebleeds are unique to shedding (they are not typically seen after long COVID or a vaccine injury).


    Secondly, the symptoms which emerge from shedding exposures tend to be less severe than the traditional spike protein injuries (e.g., heart issues or strokes are rarer and less severe) and when the severe effects occur (e.g., death), they are typically proceeded by less severe reactions to shedding (but unfortunately the victim continued to expose themselves to shedders).


    This suggests that the shedding reactions are being caused by reactions to a lower dose of spike protein — which is congruent with the fact a vaccinated individual will have more spike protein inside them than what is shed into their environment.

  • Shedding effects are typically either immediate (e.g., nosebleeds, headaches and dizziness), onset in 6-24 hours (e.g., menstrual issues) or gradually show up over time.


    Note: None of these are absolutes (e.g., sometimes the nosebleeds take a day to manifest, whereas I found one case where someone had severe menstrual bleeding immediately after a shedding exposure).

  • Two studies have validated the shedding effect is real.

  • The majority of people do not appear to be affected by shedding.

The previous facts understandably raise a lot of uncomfortable questions many want answers to (hence why we received so many replies). I personally believe they necessitate a federal law being passed which will prohibit any gene therapies from entering the market unless their shedding is properly evaluated, that data is made public and it can be proven it is feasible to prevent the general public from being shed on.

Given the gravity of this situation, we believe it critical to provide the most accurate and balanced assessment of the COVID vaccine “shedding” phenomenon. This in turn was why we put out a public call for as much information on it as possible and why we’ve been as transparent as possible in how we reached our conclusions and provided all the data we used that helped us reach this conclusion.

Since mRNA “shedding” is such an inexplicable phenomenon, attempts to explain or predict it inevitably result in a large number of highly speculative hypotheses being raised. In turn, it was my hope that consistent patterns would be seen in the shedding reports which could narrow down which of those hypotheses could fit the observed patterns and hence were more likely to answer many of the questions which have been repeatedly raised on this subject.

For the rest of the article as we attempt to untangle this mystery, I will share our current perspectives on what might be going on and the answers to the most commonly received questions on it.

One of the most surprising things I learned from exploring the shedding issue is how many people have reported observing a distinct smell from individuals who appear to shed [e.g., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30]. Additionally, many also notice this smell is present in areas where many vaccinated individuals have been (e.g., after a booster rollout, in crowded public spaces, or inside cars they drove).

Overall, it appears that a higher spike protein load appears to be “easier” to smell (e.g., in someone recently vaccinated — as spike protein levels spike in the blood after vaccination, when in close proximity to a shedder particularly if some type of intimate contact occurred, or when around someone who for some reason has a greater degree of shedding).

Similarly, more sensitive people (who are typically more likely to be injured by the vaccines) are more likely to detect this smell (e.g., they can still smell it once the shedders are no longer physically present).

Note: Numerous readers reported being able to consistently tell if someone was recently vaccinated.

Additionally, I’ve found a few cases where:

  • Secondary shedding could be smelled.

  • A sexual partner lost their distinctive odor.

  • At least one individual with a vaccine injury could smell the shedding on themselves. [e.g., 1, 2, 3]. I would like to quote what one of those individuals shared since I believe it may offer some vital clues for unravelling this mystery:

    “The smell was one of the first symptoms of my vax injury (albeit a benign one, compared to what it eventually turned into). It was like my entire smell changed. I was living in Florida at the time — needless to say I’d sweat a lot. And every time, post-vax, my underarm sweat would have this strange metallic smell.


    I would complain to my girlfriend about it. Always telling her ‘there’s just something off. I can sense it’ … at the time, she wasn’t picking up on it. Or she disagreed as to the nature of the smell, while begrudgingly agreeing there was a slight change (she thought I was overreacting; also, she is unvaccinated) … But then a friend pointed it out at a workout class when I was sweating heavily.


    I’ve been on a number of therapies for over a year now. The smell comes and goes. When it comes, I know I’m in for a flare up. It seems the flare ups tend to come from shedding (both viral and synthetic shedding). I haven’t noticed the smell on others. Just myself. It makes me feel like I’m not me anymore, and that I’ve been hijacked.”

The labels I’ve seen used to describe the smell are as follows: “mild sickly sweet,” “rotting [or dying] flesh,” “magnetic onion,” “unpleasant,” “distinctive,” “the smell of death,” “medicines plus latrines,” “musty plus rancid,” “dead animal,” a “decomposing body,” “road kill,” “like ammonia but not as strong,” “sweet,” “sour stomach,” “elderly person as their flesh breaks down with age,” “a chemical flu smell,” “of seaweed,” “putrid,” “sweet meat,” “strange and metallic,” “sharp, pungent and toxic,” “horrible,” “unique odor,” “chemical,” “vinegar,” “subtle like a pheromone.”

Note: Bolded items were reported by multiple people.

From looking at this list of smells, a few things jump out at me:

  • While it’s quite difficult to put into words something which has never been described before, the descriptions are fairly consistent with each other.

  • One of the most well recognized consequences of the vaccination is accelerated aging, which appears to be reflected in this list.

  • There may be two separate things people are smelling (the decomposing flesh vs. the metallic chemical). One theory which was proposed to me to explain the second smell is that it’s a result of micro-organisms in the environment that have been metabolizing all the chemicals that were used to (pointlessly) sterilize every surface through COVID-19 as one reader said it was first noticed in 2020 but dramatically increased in 2021.

  • Individuals who can smell this will likely lose their attraction to shedders (as appealing smells are often the most important thing for sexual compatibility).


    Note: One sensitive person who can perceive the shedding has shared that they’ve completely lost their attraction to vaccinated women for this reason.

  • The one friend I have who can smell this (and a very perceptive colleague) reports that it appears to be being emitted through the pores. This is consistent with what some of the individuals (e.g., the one quote above) observed and the evidence suggesting the shedding occurs through the sweat since it contaminates sheets.

Since individuals often perceive the same environmental quality through different senses (depending on their primary sensory orientation is) I was also curious to see other ways the “quality” shedders had was described.

Since smell is intimately linked to taste, I expected those reports to resemble the smells. The three I received [1, 2, 3] did just that, describing it as: “you can taste the jabs … it’s metallic and unpleasant,” “can taste a metallic sensation,” “a dry acid feeling on my tongue.”

Quite a few people also reported feeling sensations from vaccinated individual [e.g., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9] and described them as follows:

“‘… noxious,’ ‘recently vaccinated people have a slime on their skin,’ ‘it was a feeling of repellent that made me want to get away as quickly as possible,’ ‘the bioelectric field around the person disappears,’ ‘their energy changes to a stainless steel sink sponge feel which is metallic and raggedy (which that reader believed represented neurologic damage),’ ‘illness and excitable energy,’ ‘a heavy air pressure and spatial fog weighing on my brain (which if not exited from will then create vertigo for that reader),’ ‘it makes our noses prickle,’ ‘half of my tongue went numb the next day,’ ‘their energy field has a physical sensation of ‘metallic’ of physical repulsion, or a greyness, black goo, and even a dullness of mind that I could see.'”

Note: The last commenter also noted they verified they could accurately predict who was vaccinated and that they noticed food prepared from vaccinated individuals was different.

As you might notice, these are somewhat congruent with the previously described smells and tastes. One sensitive physician I know who smells the odor (and seems to know more about it than anyone else I know) has shared the following with me:

  • They had previously had environmental sensitivities, which with work they were able to eliminate.

  • Until those sensitivities were resolved, they would smell chemical residues on them when they got home which they then needed to clean off.

  • In December 2020 (right after the rollouts began), they began to notice a new smell they’d never smelled before which lingered on them once they got home and they needed to clean off (e.g., with a shower) in order to be able to be comfortable at home (previously, while sensitive, they’d also needed to do this for everyday chemical exposures).

  • Before long, this smell started emerging in public places (e.g., a store), but was by far the strongest in the hospital. Because this smell had not existed throughout the first year of the pandemic, they assumed it was linked to the vaccine. Presently, they believe the smell is the spike protein and something else in the vaccine.

  • The smell gets stronger each time a new series of boosters is rolled out (as most of coworkers at the hospital likely receive it).

  • This smell was much weaker in Southern Europe, suggesting either their vaccines were different, or the health of the average American caused them to shed differently.

  • When the shedding smell is particularly strong, they experience temporary symptoms while around those individuals (e.g., pain in a part of the body). This for instance occurred after the most recent round of boosters.

  • Many people who were vaccinated do not have this smell, which suggests many (as discussed in the previous article) received placebos. Unfortunately for my colleague, it is much higher in hospitalized patients (which suggests those who received the more potent vaccines were also more likely to be injured and hence hospitalized). Likewise, the more “real” doses someone received, the harder it is for my colleague to be around them.


    Note: Presently my colleague estimates around 50% of the population is truly jabbed, but in certain cases (e.g., in clinics for the elderly who are more likely to have been repeatedly boosted, this figure rises to 80%). Sadly, those with the most unusual or severe illnesses, they invariably muscle test (or smell) as having been “truly” vaccinated. The subject of “hot lots” has been a longstanding controversy.

  • The mold biotoxin community has also noticed a new toxin (and odor) they need to be wary of which entered the environment during 2020 and worsened in 2021 after the vaccines hit the market.


    Likewise, my colleague has had patients who believed they’d had a mold exposure (which is often debilitating for patients with chronic mold issues) but when it was looked into, my colleague assessed it was actually from vaccine shedding that had contaminated their environment.

  • Like the cleaners mentioned earlier, my colleague notices a significant difference in environments that have vs. have not had a significant presence of vaccinated individuals in them.

  • Whatever is creating this smell is gradually seeping into the environment (e.g., a colleague through muscle testing recently found the same toxin in seawater foam from the ocean a patient reacted to).

  • Not every vaccinated person has an overt shedding smell, but with almost all of them, it can be detected once the air next to them is breathed in.


    Note: I believe this could be explained by the fact only some people received vaccines with positively charged lipid nanoparticles that hence concentrated in the lungs.

  • My colleague believes that whatever is causing this smell behaves a lot like a pheromone. Likewise, Ryan Cole has shared that he believes the pheromonal process is a likely mechanism to account for much of what is being seen with shedding as female menstruation is highly sensitive to pheromones (this reader and this reader also associate shedding with pheromones).


    Note: My colleague (and their mentor) have also found that it is more difficult to treat or evaluated truly vaccinated individuals, as a haze is present around them which makes muscle testing more difficult to perform and their simple presence in the office can interfere with treating other patients who are also there. Initially this forced them to not see vaccinated patients, but in time they found workarounds for this issue.


    Presently, this colleague and their mentor (who has a good track record in working with complex illness) believes the primary mechanism of toxicity from the shedding is energetic rather than physical in nature (which may for instance explain the experiences of this reader).

I suspect in the years to come, this smell will become much more clearly worked out. Additionally (assuming it is a physical smell rather than “energetic” smell), I am almost certain it will be possible to train dogs to smell it. For instance, consider (to quote UCLA) what they were able to do with COVID-19:

“When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the diagnostic abilities of dogs were put to the test. Professional trainers claimed high success rates of dogs sniffing out COVID-19 infections, and a few small studies backed them up. In one, specially trained dogs were 97% accurate in sniffing out COVID-19 from sweat samples taken from 335 people.

This included finding infection in 31 individuals with no symptoms. When testing moved from isolated biological materials in a lab to actual humans in real-world settings, accuracy dropped a bit.

When it comes to the widespread use of specially trained dogs to diagnose COVID-19, more study is needed. However, researchers and clinicians agree it’s a promising avenue. Dogs detected infection up to 48 hours earlier than a PCR test. And while a rapid test requires a swab, chemical reagents and 10 minutes or so to produce results, the dog’s response is immediate.

There is also interest in harnessing the canine sense of smell to learn more about long COVID.”

Note: I recently wrote an article titled “How Do We Navigate Uncertainty In These Perilous Times?” primarily to provide critical context for this section.

As I discussed above (and in more detail in the first half of this series), the major issue I’ve had with this subject is that in theory, mRNA vaccines should not be able to shed, but for some reason they are.

At this point, I’ve come up with a few potentially viable explanation to explain why this is happening. The ones I feel have enough evidence to substantiate them are as follows:

From all the previously received case reports, it has been established that the sensitivity to either the spike protein (or a yet unknown vaccine component) varies by orders of magnitude (discussed further in the first half of this series).

While this does not explain how the vaccine is able to “shed” it explains why some people can be relatively unaffected by high concentrations of it (e.g., the asymptomatic shedders) whereas others get very ill from the tiny amount of the shedding agent which exits the body and can be absorbed from the environment.

This in turn is consistent with the hypotheses that the spike protein’s toxicity is partly a result of it being an allergen (some people are extraordinarily sensitive to an allergen) and it being an agent which collapses the physiologic zeta potential (as everyone has a differing critical threshold below which impaired zeta potential will trigger microclotting throughout the body).

While not perfect, exosome shedding is the hypothesis that best fits the existing data on shedding. Briefly, this hypothesis argues that the vaccine is concentrating in the lungs (due its previously described affinity for the pulmonary arteries when the vaccine is incorrectly manufactured), which results in some (but not all vaccinated) individuals exhaling a significant amount of spike protein containing exosomes which then affect those in their surrounding.

This mode of “shedding transmission” essentially allows for a relatively small difference in total spike protein concentration between the shedder and the individual affected by the shedder.

Note: Before I learned why the vaccine manufacturing process can cause the vaccine to accumulate in the lungs, I came to suspect something caused the vaccine to concentrate in the arteries that travel from the heart to the lungs because clinicians kept on reporting to me that it seemed to be a primary site of injury in their vaccine injured patients.

Likewise, I now suspect the “strongest” shedders were those who received lipid nanoparticles that were manufactured in a way which caused them to concentrate in the lungs.

Exosomes for reference are small vesicles (which the lipid nanoparticles sought to mimic) that cells continually release and take in, hence forming a critical communication network the entire body relies upon (e.g., mothers have exosomes in their breastmilk which make it through the digestive tract and deliver [micro]RNA to their developing babies which plays a critical epigenetic role in guiding their healthy development).

In the same way that mRNA is a relatively new and unexplored technology, the science of exosomes is still in its infancy. Nonetheless, many clinicians are actively using “healthy” exosomes in practice (e.g., those derived from stem cells or amniotic fluid) and having remarkable improvements occur for a variety of degenerative conditions.

During COVID, we noticed that the virus appeared to poison the exosome system and in turn that injecting healthy exosomes into the blood stream often produced remarkable results for those patients (as well as for long COVID and to a lesser extent vaccine injuries).

In the case of the vaccine, this makes a lot of sense, as the vaccine works by causing cells to mass produce spike proteins (which get pushed to the cell surface at which point they can bud off into toxic exosomes that traverse the body).

In turn, it has been shown this does indeed occur after vaccination (and I suspect, due to the vaccine design, much more frequently than is seen in COVID — which may account for why “vaccine” shedding differs from COVID-19 shedding).

Note: The negative controls in this experiment did have spike protein on their exosomes.

Because of all the signaling effects generated by exosomes (very small doses of healthy exosomes can create profound improvements in patients which are hard to believe unless you see it first hand), it in turns seems plausible that inhaling toxic exosomes could have a profound impact on those sensitive to shedding.

Furthermore, many of the vaccine injury case histories I’ve seen indicate the route of exposure had to be respiratory in nature (e.g., the rapid nose bleeds), further supporting this hypothesis. Conversely, I’ve seen spike protein injured patients have excellent pulmonary and nasal responses to nebulized amniotic exosomes, which again indicates that toxic exosomes could also be active there. Presently, the following has been shown:

  • Spike protein containing exosomes (which circulate in the bloodstream) spike after vaccination (and then decline) and appear to be one of the primary things responsible for triggering the immune response that creates antibodies to the vaccine, as once spike protein coated exosomes are transferred to mice, the mice develop antibodies to the spike protein (along with increasing levels of various inflammatory cytokines).

  • A 2023 peer-reviewed study found that unvaccinated children who were around COVID-19 vaccinated parents developed an immune response to the spike protein that was not seen in children with unvaccinated parents. Additionally, they were also able to find spike protein antibodies in surgical masks worn by the physicians. This led the authors to hypothesize that antibodies being directly transferred through the parent’s breath to their children.


    I however would argue the results suggest spike coated exosomes (which produce spike antibodies once they arrive in the children) are being transferred.


    This is because, to the best of my knowledge, it has not otherwise been shown antibodies can be directly transferred to someone else through breath (this would change a lot of the fundamental principles of how herd immunity works in the population) and if the transference were to occur, the concentration in the child would be dramatically lower than the parent (which as best as I can tell was not what the study found).

  • Significant amounts of (RNA containing) exosomes can be found in your breath, and those exosomes (which derive from the lungs) vary depending upon on the disease state someone has (“sicker” people have “worse” exosomes). To illustrate, see this 2013 paper, this 2020 paper and this 2021 paper.


    Note: Since this is a relatively new field of research, each paper is more sophisticated than the preceding one.

  • The spike protein has a high (heparin dependent) affinity for binding to the surface of exosomes. So if was not already there when the exosome initially formed it can also attach to exosomes traveling in the blood stream.

  • Long COVID (and more severe acute COVID) is characterized by the presence of more spike protein studded exosomes (see this paper and this paper). Additionally, they also showed exosomes from COVID patients are highly inflammatory (and potentially clot forming) and are taken up by the lung cells.


    The most detailed study (and imaging) of spike protein containing exosomes can be found in this paper (which also found that spike protein containing exosomes can circulate a year after COVID infection).


    Note: This study also found COVID triggers the production of spike protein coated exosomes, and when lung cells was exposed to those exosomes, an immune response to the spike protein was triggered.

  • An inhaled vaccine was made from lung derived exosomes coated with spike proteins (they were lung derived so the lung cells would be more likely to absorb them).


    These spike protein exosomes both generated an immune response and were absorbed into the body. Once absorbed, those exosomes then traveled to other tissues and organs in the body which (based on all the reports we’ve received and the patients we’ve seen) are known to be affected by shedding.


    Note: The key point from the above studies is that many of the above papers showed (abnormal) exosomes (e.g., spike protein coated ones) activated the immune system and appeared to play a key role in developing an immune response to them.

Lastly, exosomes may also be absorbed through skin contact (after being sweated out by a shedder) but it’s harder to know if this does occur, as the existing data I’ve seen indicates it’s often difficult for (generic) exosomes to penetrate the skin.

As there are many cases suggesting skin to skin shedding transmission occurs, that either means something else is at work or spike coated exosomes indeed can penetrate the skin (e.g., because the skin becomes more porous at certain times or because containing spike protein increases the ability of an exosome to penetrate the skin).

In short, I think the theory behind mRNA vaccines (having cells produce exosomes on their surface which are then recognized by the immune system), was a terrible idea since it not only causes the body to attack those potentially essential cells (e.g., a good case can be made this happens to the heart) but also that it poisons the exosome system.

This again illustrates why it was a terrible decision to abandon the existing regulatory principles and allow a completely brand new technology with a huge number of unknowns to be given to a large number of people. While the regulators might have wanted to hope those unknowns would all be “fine” as time goes forward, we discover reason after reason they are actually a huge problem.

Note: The clinical uses of exosomes and their rationale for being used is discussed in much more detail here.

I believe some of the shedding people attribute to the vaccine is in fact due to the virus itself. In turn, there are a few reasons why could happen and it is likely one or more of the following is occurring:

  1. The SARS-CoV-2 virus is pervasive throughout our environment now and since the shedding symptoms resemble other spike protein injuries, it is likely some of the cases that are being labeled as “shedding” are actually just exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. However, I must note I do not believe this can account for many of the stories I’ve come across.

  2. The COVID vaccine transforms the immune response of an injected individual from one that eliminates the infection to one that reduces the symptoms of an existing infection. This in turn may lead to vaccinated individuals becoming chronic “silent” carries of COVID-19 and unawarely shed the virus into their environment.


    This effect is traditionally observed with vaccines directed at a toxin an infectious agent produces rather than the organism itself (e.g., the pertussis vaccine prevents its toxin from causing whooping cough which can lead to vaccinated individuals becoming chronic carries of pertussis and silently shedding it into their environment — something demonstrated by pertussis outbreaks occurring in vaccinated institutions).


    In the case of COVID-19 vaccination, it has been discovered that repeated exposure to the (highly allergenic) spike protein triggers the body to begin switching to producing of IgG4 antibodies, antibodies which are reduce the immune response to an allergen — something which is helpful for say pollens you are always exposed to, but not helpful for a harmful agent reproducing within the body.


    Note: I suspect many of the vaccinated individuals predominantly become symptomatic when they are exposed to new variants they do not yet have an IgG4 response to.


    In turn, it appears that repeated vaccination reduces the symptoms from a COVID-19 infection as you no longer have the (often dangerous) allergic response to the spike protein, but it also prolongs the duration of the infection and can turn you into a silent carries of the infection.


    This again illustrates why it was unwise to deploy a poorly understood technology upon the world and that had a more thorough risk analysis of been performed, people would have realized that it was unwise to perpetually produce the infectious component of SARS-CoV-2 in the body.


    Note: As further proof of this point, Novavax was able to demonstrate that their vaccine (which provides three injections of the antigen alongside an adjuvant rather than forcing the body to continually produce the spike protein) does not trigger the IgG4 response seen from the mRNA vaccines.

  3. Vaccinating someone currently infected with COVID-19 causes the existing infection to spiral out of control, which in turn leads to the infected individual suddenly transmitting large amounts of the pathogen into the environment. Some of the things that have made me suspect this are:

    • I personally know of numerous cases (which I logged) where someone got a COVID-19 vaccine, shortly after came down with a severe case of COVID-19 and then died in the hospital. Likewise, analyses of VAERS reports have found after 1-2 weeks, the most common causes of death reported following vaccination was a COVID-19 infection.


      Note: I could see this either being due to the immune suppressive effects of the vaccine (e.g., the immune system becoming hyper-primed to respond to the spike protein rather than the existing viral strain, the vaccine being demonstrated to destroy the bone marrow stem cells which produce the immune system’s cells or the IgG4 class switch) or due to it provoking a severe inflammatory response (as much of the damage of from a COVID-19 infection is a result of the immunological response to it).

    • I have seen a few reports (e.g., in a survey Steve Kirsch asked me to review) of someone who had a mild (PCR confirmed) lingering COVID infection then get a COVID vaccine and immediately crash (e.g., they needed to be hospitalized). These examples again suggest that the immunosuppressive effects of the vaccine can destroy the immune system’s ability to properly respond to an existing infection.


      Note: This was also something that was seen with the HPV vaccine (if you have the HPV strain known to cause cancer at the time you got the vaccine, the HPV trials showed you actually became more likely to get cervical cancer).


      Since the HPV vaccine and the COVID-19 vaccines are the most immunologically agitating vaccines on the market (e.g., they have a very high rate of causing autoimmune disorders), I suspect they are much more likely to worsen the response to a preexisting infection of the disease they “protect” you against.

    • I know a hermit who I can verify stayed inside his house for the last two years except to see his parents once a week. Throughout the pandemic he never had an issue with COVID, but after his parents were vaccinated, he immediately developed a significant COVID infection.


      Likewise, I have read numerous reports of people who either came down with COVID or a COVID like illness after being around a vaccinated individual. For example, this was one reader’s shedding story:

      “In December of 2021 we attended a family wedding in another state. We drove there in our RV, not stopping often in restaurants. My husband and I were one of the few at this wedding unvaccinated, which the rest of the family disapproved of, so I was careful in my exposure. We took a home covid test two days before seeing everyone and again on the day we arrived. Negative.


      At the wedding I was dancing with my nephew, a police officer, who had recently been boosted. He wasn’t feeling well — and two days later he tested positive. Three days later, feeling achy and unwell, I tested positive and two days later my husband tested positive. I am sure my nephew was shedding. The only people at the wedding who got sick were relatives or friends of my nephew.”


      Likewise, another reader shared this story:

      “My husband and I had the same hair stylist. She said she had just gotten boosted in Feb 2023 (after initial 2 shots). That week, we both got our hair done by her. We both are unvaccinated and had never had Covid. We both came down with COVID that week.”


      Note: If you consider the first point, the vaccine could also be causing a chronic COVID infection which causes the vaccinated to continually expel spike protein coated exosomes and those are what actually create the problem for those around them.

It has now been demonstrated that the vaccines are contaminated with DNA plasmids that were not removed during the (improper) manufacturing process.

In turn, I believe it is quite possible those plasmids are in turn integrating into the recipient’s genome or their microbiome. Assuming they are in fact integrating into the microbiome, the transfected bacteria will reproduce the spike protein plasmid and can hence transfect other bacteria in the microbiome (which in turn can produce the spike protein).

In turn, since we are always spreading our microbiome (including through the air) to those around us, spike transfected bacteria provide a way that the vaccine could allow a replication competent organism to be transmitted to those around us — something which on the surface appears impossible with the mRNA technology (and is hence frequently used to argue against the possibility of shedding). Presently, the following data points exist to support this hypothesis:

  1. It is now known that the most dangerous vaccine lots also had higher amounts of the plasmid contaminants.

  2. One system of medicine (based on terrain theory) believes the microbiome transforming into a pathologic state is the root cause of many illnesses.


    In turn, this system “treats” a variety of diseases by providing plasmids extracted from healthy states of the common organisms found within the body under the theory that unhealthy ones will take up those plasmids, transform into the healthy ones that live with the body and then produce more of the “healthy” plasmids.


    In essence, this approach seeks to restore health is exactly the opposite of what the (spike protein plasmid containing) COVID vaccines are doing. While I do not follow the fairly complex protocols adherents of this school of medicine ask patients to follow, I have found that some of their remedies are extremely helpful for specific diseases that are otherwise quite difficult to treat.


    With spike protein injuries, we’ve found one remedy this system believes “treats” the microorganism which causes blood clotting is quite helpful for both vaccine injuries and long-haul COVID. This in turn suggests to us that something about the spike protein pathologically alters the microbiome until it is reversed with a healthy plasmid.


    Note: Much more was written about this school of medicine here.

  3. A 2022 study was able to prove that the SARS-CoV-2 virus will infect the gut microbiome, reproduce its components within those bacteria and alter the gut microbiome (due to the bacteria it infected dying).


    Since bacteriophages typically require specialized proteins to infect bacteria, the fact that SARS-CoV-2 acted as a bacteriophage was a bit of a mystery, which led the study’s authors to propose a few guesses on why it happened, all of which understandably lacked evidence to support them.

  4. Sabine Hazan MD, who is a gastroenterologist and a world expert on the microbiome likewise discovered that:



    All of this suggests but does not prove that microbiome transfection plays a key role in the shedding phenomenon. One thing that makes me more open to this hypothesis are the numerous cases (e.g., the cleaners discussed in the previous article) I’ve come across of individuals becoming ill from touching surfaces that were touched by shedders (and hence could contain those spike protein transfected bacteria).


    Note: While it was widely believed to do so throughout the pandemic, SARS-CoV-2 is not transmitted by contaminated surfaces, which means something else is “shedding” onto them.


    While it’s possible it is the spike protein exosomes, it’s unclear to me if they could persist in the environment (we always are instructed to store therapeutic exosomes at very low temperatures but in contrast, one study I found suggests serum exosomes can persist at room temperature for a few days) and as mentioned above, it’s unclear if they can be absorbed through the skin.

Additionally, Dr. Hazan’s work makes me wonder if the pre-existing microbiome of an individual may influence their susceptibility to shedding.

Note: I asked Dr. Hazan if she was ever able to assess if vaccination caused the gut microbiome to produce the spike protein.

She told me she never had the funding to do the research (as given its controversial nature, no one wanted to fund it so she had to use up a lot of her savings to self-fund the COVID-19 vaccination studies [that type of research costs a lot]) and she is thus presently trying to raise the funds for the research to determine if the vaccine integrates into the human genome or microbiome (which can be donated to here).

While talking to her, she emphasized that the mRNA vaccine damaging the gut microbiome could potentially be creating some of the shedding symptoms being observed since a healthy microbiome both produces essential nutrients and reduces inflammation throughout the body.

As mentioned above, some believe the vaccine shedding pathology is largely mediated through pheromones (hence why some can smell their distinct odor). Ryan Cole endorses this hypothesis, partly because it is known that pheromones can have a significant impact on menstruation.

Likewise, a few readers [1, 2] have shared that they believe shedders emit a toxic “pheromone.” While this possibility is intriguing, I do not believe it can explain everything that has been observed with shedding.

Note: As far as I know, there is no research on the connection between exosomes and pheromones.

The shedding is an allergic reaction to the broken down components of the lipid nanoparticles (e.g., PEG) being excreted from patients. Overall, I feel this explanation is unlikely account for much of what has been observed.

Given how controversial the idea an injection being given to billions of people could actually be actively harming unvaccinated people is, we’ve put a lot of thought into if we wanted to broach this topic. For this reason, we’ve spent a long time researching the topic and tried to stick to claims we could provide the evidence to substantiate.

At this point, I feel we have been able to answer many of the questions numerous people have asked us to explore. Nonetheless, there are a few topics that have not yet been covered I know many of you still want some guidance on (e.g., does shedding silently put you at risk from a deadly disease like cancer).

The dilemma we face is that most of those answers rely more speculative evidence and our fear is that if they are associate with these points, they will be focused on and hence used to dismiss the rest of the critically important points raised throughout this article.

For example, many people want to know how to protect themselves from shedding. In my eyes, the best answer to this question is the same message everyone in this movement has been giving for the last year: “stop boosting people.” However, since we are still not at that point (however we are close as most of the public appears to have realized the boosters are either unsafe or ineffective), I am not sure if that constitutes useful advice.

Note: I am hopeful the shedding issue, provided it’s presented in a reasonable and measured manner, may finally be the thing that tips the scales against continuing the COVID-19 booster campaign as the incentives to keep them on the market is rapidly dwindling (since almost no one is buying them).

Likewise, I think making people conscious of how shedding may be harming them is helpful since it provides guidance on how to significantly reduce that harm by avoiding shedding exposures, but at the same time it’s not really helpful because no one wants to be stuck being isolated from society (which many readers have shared is the situation they’ve now found themselves in — particularly in regards to intimate relationships).

In the longer version of this article, (this article is an abridged version of the fully one which can be viewed here), we will cover everything we currently know about these topics (e.g., sexual shedding or blood transfusions from vaccinated individuals) and what can be done about them.

Lastly, if you were affected by shedding and can share your shedding experience (e.g., in the comment section here or on this Tweet) we would greatly appreciate as we need gather as much data as possible to unravel this mystery and have something be done about it.

A Midwestern Doctor (AMD) is a board-certified physician in the Midwest and a longtime reader of I appreciate his exceptional insight on a wide range of topics and I’m grateful to share them. I also respect his desire to remain anonymous as he is still on the front lines treating patients. To find more of AMD’s work, be sure to check out The Forgotten Side of Medicine on Substack.

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Cholesterol Isn’t the Problem in Heart Disease: Inflammation Is

  • Long vilified as the chief trigger for heart disease, cholesterol is actually an essential component in nearly every cell in your body and has a protective effect in your respiratory and gastrointestinal systems

  • Research has again underscored the importance inflammation plays in the development of chronic diseases, including heart disease, atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease

  • Using drugs to reduce cholesterol levels or inflammation may increase your risk of fatal side effects; natural remedies that are not associated with dangerous health problems include magnesium, balancing essential fats and reducing hyperinsulinemia

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Editor’s Note: This article is a reprint. It was originally published September 13, 2017.

Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in nearly every cell of your body and is essential to good health. Your body uses it to make hormones, protect your cell membranes, digest food and manufacture vitamin D after exposure to the sun. Your liver manufactures most of the cholesterol your body requires from nutrients extracted from your food.

Animals use cholesterol in much the same way. This means the meats from beef, pork or chicken have similar levels of cholesterol. Even fat cells in animal meat have the same amount of cholesterol as other cells. All meat averages 25 milligrams of cholesterol per ounce.1 Dietary cholesterol is absorbed at different rates, between 20% and 60%, depending upon the individual.2

The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans3 addressed past vilification of dietary cholesterol, announcing4 “cholesterol is not considered a nutrient of concern for overconsumption.”

These same guidelines also advise limiting sugar to no more than 10% of your diet,5 which is approximately 50 grams of sugar, or 200 calories, in a diet consuming 2,000 calories each day. This level is still far higher than what is healthy as net carbohydrates are a prime factor in the development of inflammation.

Published research from a clinical trial sponsored by Novartis Pharmaceuticals demonstrates a reduction in recurring heart attacks, strokes and cardiovascular deaths in participants who took a targeted anti-inflammatory medication that did not lower cholesterol levels.6

Although the results of the study were encouraging as they scientifically demonstrate the association between inflammation and cardiac disease, I do not recommend using a pharmaceutical intervention to achieve what lifestyle choices can easily accomplish.

This study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital was the culmination of a nearly 25-year cardiovascular research work. The trial was designed to test if reducing the amount of inflammation in the body would also reduce the risk of a recurrent heart attack or stroke. The researchers enrolled 10,000 people who had previously had a heart attack and had persistently elevated levels of C-reactive proteins, a strong biomarker of inflammation.

The participants were split into four groups, all of which received aggressive standard health care. Three groups were administered the drug canakinumab at various levels and the fourth placebo group received no drug. The drug, in 2017 priced at $200,000 a year by Novartis Pharmaceuticals, demonstrated an ability to reduce inflammation with a reduced risk of cardiac events and reduced the need for interventional procedures, such as bypass surgery or angioplasty.7

The hypothesis of whether an intervention that reduces inflammation could potentially reduce your risk of a recurrent heart attack was tested using a medication already approved for use to target the immune system without affecting your lipid level.8 While the drug demonstrated a reduced risk in some patients, one of the side effects was a higher risk of fatal infection.

Once the researchers identified the results as they related to cardiac health, they also did an investigative analysis and found participants taking the medication had a reduced risk of lung cancer rates and deaths.9

The lead researcher in this study is also involved in another evaluating the effectiveness of low dose methotrexate — an inexpensive common cancer and rheumatoid arthritis drug — in cardiovascular disease. These results are due to be completed in two to three years.10

Though there may be positive effects using methotrexate, it must be noted this drug also comes with a laundry list of side effects, including intestinal bleeding, sepsis, reduced blood platelets and liver damage.11 The idea that inflammation is important in the development of disease and in the importance of cardiac health is not new, but it has now found an avenue for exploration in the pharmaceutical industry.

Studies such as these confirm the hypothesis that inflammation is one of the major underlying factors behind cardiac disease, cancer, diabetes and many other conditions. Chronic pain, peripheral neuropathy and migraines are also rooted in the inflammatory process in your body.

Unfortunately, while many are suffering from these types of conditions, understanding how to eliminate the inflammation is not generally understood. Many physicians simply turn to pharmaceuticals that carry a significant number of side effects.

The source of inflammation in your body is usually driven by your lifestyle choices, especially those that affect your intestinal tract. Interestingly, the surface of your gut may cover two tennis courts when laid out flat.

This is an amazing amount of surface area that resides in your abdomen and is responsible for protecting your health. The degree of permeability, or how much your intestines will allow through breaks in the cell wall, is dependent on a variety of factors, including the food you eat and the stress you’re under.

This disruption in the interconnections between the cells in your intestines may result in small holes that allow food particles and bacteria to enter your blood stream and trigger an immune response, also called leaky gut syndrome. This is a serious problem that triggers inflammation in your body and increases your potential risk for illness. With repeated damage to the microvilli of your intestinal walls, they begin to lose the ability to do their job.

This impairs your ability to digest food properly or absorb nutrients. One of the food groups that factor into the development of leaky guy syndrome is grains. Although advertising often touts the health benefits of eating whole grains, a growing body of scientific evidence demonstrates that whole grains, lectins and legumes are responsible for the development of leaky gut syndrome and the resulting inflammation.

In many cases your physician has an insufficient understanding of the dangers of using pharmaceutical interventions to treat inflammation and disease. They often prescribe a quick pill, possibly believing patients may be more willing to take a pill than to change their eating habits or lifestyle choices. Unfortunately, each of those prescriptions come with side effects, some of which are more dangerous than the original condition they were intended to treat.

This was amply demonstrated in the featured study where one of the side effects from the medication tested was a higher risk of death due to infection.

Side effects from other anti-inflammatory medications have resulted in the medication being pulled from use, such as Vioxx, taken off the market after it was found the drug increased the risk of heart attack and stroke. Statins are another medication prescribed with the mistaken idea that reducing your cholesterol levels will reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke.12

Dr. Dwight Lundell, former chief of staff and chief of surgery at Banner Heart Hospital in Arizona, took a stand against statin medications, believing they were doing cardiology patients more harm than good.13

This goes against years of physicians prescribing medications to lower cholesterol and strongly recommending diets that severely restrict any fat intake. Practicing physicians have been bombarded with pharmaceutically sponsored literature and seminars insisting heart disease is the result of one factor — elevated cholesterol levels.

This has led to large numbers of individuals experiencing the side effects of statins, as these drugs reduce your ability to absorb CoQ10, necessary for energy production in every cell in your body. The drug also reduces your ability to absorb vitamin K2, stimulating atherosclerosis and heart failure.14 Studies have also linked the use of statin drugs to cancer,15 16 diabetes,17 neurodegenerative disease,18 musculoskeletal disorders19 and cataracts.20

Statins not only have dangerous side effects, but they are not effective against preventing heart disease. You may assume falling cholesterol levels are proof you’re getting healthier, but you would be wrong.

The Minnesota Coronary Experiment was a study performed between 1968 and 1973 that examined the relationship between diet and heart health.21 The researchers used a double-blind randomized trial to evaluate the effect of vegetable oil versus saturated fats in coronary heart disease and death.

The results were left unpublished until 2016, when they appeared in the BMJ. An analysis of the collected data revealed lowering your cholesterol levels through dietary intervention did not reduce your risk of death from coronary heart disease. The researchers concluded:22

“Available evidence from randomized controlled trials shows that replacement of saturated fat in the diet with linoleic acid effectively lowers serum cholesterol but does not support the hypothesis that this translates to a lower risk of death from coronary heart disease or all causes.

Findings from the Minnesota Coronary Experiment add to growing evidence that incomplete publication has contributed to overestimation of the benefits of replacing saturated fat with vegetable oils rich in linoleic acid.”

The researchers found that for every 30-point drop in total cholesterol, there was a 22% increase in the risk of death from cardiac disease. On autopsy, the group eating vegetable oil and the group eating saturated fat had the same amount of atherosclerotic plaques in their arteries, but the group eating saturated fat experienced nearly half the number of heart attacks as the group eating vegetable oil.

After scientists recommended Americans stop eating meat, eggs and saturated fats, intake of sugar and other carbohydrates spiked. In response, the obesity rate in the country exploded, as did the number of people who suffer from diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke. Over 50 years of research point to another culprit in the advancement of disease, and it isn’t cholesterol.

Instead, cholesterol is a response mechanism activated by your body when a blood vessel is injured through an inflammatory process.23 Once the lesion occurs, your body sends cholesterol to cover the area and prevent further damage, much like a scab after you cut your skin.

Beverly Teter, lipid biochemist at the University of Maryland, has spent years studying how different types of fat in your food affects your long-term health. Over the years she has found that people with higher levels of cholesterol live longer. She has a personal story that bears witness to this belief:24

“I come from a family that has, my mother’s side, had naturally high cholesterol. Her cholesterol was between 380 and 420 when I started watching her medical records, and she died at 97. So I don’t think that cholesterol was too bad for her.”

It is the inflammatory process in your body that first triggers an injury to your arterial walls. No matter how low your cholesterol numbers go, your body will still use the cholesterol it has to repair the arterial wall. On the other hand, cholesterol plays other protective roles against respiratory and gastrointestinal problems and in the production of vitamin D.

However, without inflammation, your arterial walls do not become injured and there are no atherosclerotic plaques laid down that may eventually block the artery. Statins work to lower your total cholesterol number, but cannot stop the injuries to your arteries from inflammation. So, this artificial reduction in total cholesterol has little to do with your overall risk of cardiac disease.

As you evaluate your risk of cardiovascular disease, there are specific ratios and blood level values that will tell you much more than your total cholesterol number. The size of your low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, for example, is more important than your overall total LDL level. Large particle LDLs are not harmful to your health while the smaller, denser LDL particles may create problems as they squeeze through the lining of your arteries, oxidize and trigger inflammation.

An NMR LipoProfile that measures the size of your LDL particles is a better assessment of your risk of heart disease than total cholesterol or total LDL. The following tests will also give you a better assessment of your potential risk for heart attack or coronary artery disease:

  • HS-CRP — High sensitivity C Reactive Protein is one of the best overall measures of inflammation. Since we now understand that inflammation, not cholesterol, is the primary cause of heart disease, this would be an excellent screening test. The lower the number the better. Ideally your level should be below 0.7. Mine typically ranges from <0.2 to 0.3.

  • Cholesterol ratios — Your HDL/cholesterol ratio and triglyceride/HDL ratio is a strong indicator of your risk. For your HDL/cholesterol ratio divide your HDL by your total cholesterol and multiply by 100. That percentage should ideally be above 24%. For your triglyceride/HDL ratio divide your triglyceride total by your HDL. The ideal percentage is below 2%.

  • Fasting insulin level — Sugar and carbohydrates increase inflammation. Once eaten, these chemicals trigger a release of insulin, promoting the accumulation of fat and creation of triglycerides, making it more difficult for you to lose weight or maintain your normal weight. Excess fat around your midsection is one of the major contributors to heart disease.25


    Your fasting insulin level can be determined by a simple, inexpensive blood test. A normal fasting blood insulin level is below 5 microunits per milliliter (mcU/ml), but ideally, you’ll want it below 3 mcU/ml. If your insulin level is higher than 3 to 5, the most effective way to optimize it is to reduce net carbs.

  • Fasting blood sugar level — Studies have demonstrated people with higher fasting blood sugar levels have a higher risk of having coronary heart disease.26 In fact, when your fasting blood sugar is between 100 and 125 mg/dl, your risk of coronary artery disease increases to 300% more than those whose level is below 79 mg/dl.

  • Iron level — Iron creates an environment for oxidative stress, so excess iron may increase your inflammation and increase your risk of heart disease. An ideal iron level for adult men and non-menstruating women is between 40 and 60 nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml). You do not want to be below 20 ng/ml or above 80 ng/ml.

Magnesium is vital for your optimal health, biological function and mitochondrial health. There are more than 3,750 magnesium-binding sites on human proteins and more than 500 enzymes in your body rely on magnesium to function properly. Low levels of magnesium are associated with migraines, anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, cardiovascular disease and death from all causes.

Low levels of magnesium are a culprit in the development of inflammation and may play a role in hardening of your arteries as they inhibit the deposit of lipids on your arterials walls and plaque formation.27

Use of the mineral also has significantly positive effects when administered intravenously (IV) as soon as possible after a heart attack.28 In a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, IV magnesium or normal saline was administered to 2,000 patients within 24 hours of their heart attack.

Those who received the magnesium experienced 24% fewer deaths and within the following five years, the death rate was also 21% lower than those not treated with magnesium. IV magnesium has been used to treat patients with congestive heart failure and arrhythmias.29 Low levels have been found to be an important predictor of sudden cardiac death30 and IV magnesium has been used to treat the onset of atrial fibrillation.31

The use of magnesium during an immediate cardiac event demonstrates the significant health benefits of the mineral. However, ensuring an adequate level of magnesium on a daily basis may help to prevent these cardiac events as the mineral is also closely associated with reducing the inflammatory response.

A study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition32 determined there was an inverse relationship between levels of magnesium in the body of participants and the level of c-reactive proteins. The researchers concluded the beneficial effect of magnesium intake on chronic diseases could potentially be explained by the effect the mineral has on inhibiting inflammation.33

Many researchers and physicians believe more recent studies demonstrate chronic low-grade inflammation is linked to heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and Type 2 diabetes.34 Following the release of another study demonstrating the role inflammation plays in chronic disease,35 Dr. Carolyn Dean, magnesium expert and author of “The Magnesium Miracle,” stated:36

“Cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease and the decades-long attempt to treat this condition with statin drugs has failed, because the true cause is inflammation.”

Dean went on to comment on another study that demonstrated magnesium deficiency contributes to an exaggerated response to oxidative stress and inflammation, saying:37

“This study shows that at the cellular level, magnesium reduces inflammation. In the animal model used, magnesium deficiency is created when an inflammatory condition is produced. Increasing magnesium intake decreases the inflammation.

With magnesium being actively required by 600 to 700 enzyme systems in the human body, internal functions that reduce inflammation with the help of magnesium are being newly discovered every year. For example, magnesium has been found to be a natural calcium channel blocker, which is crucial because calcium in excess is one of the most pro-inflammatory substances in the body.”

There are multiple factors that affect the inflammatory process in your body. Some of the more significant include:

  • Hyperinsulinemia — An excess of insulin in your blood triggered by a diet high in net carbohydrates increases your level of inflammation. What you eat tends to be the deal-breaker in how much insulin your body secretes. However, there are other factors that contribute to your insulin levels, such as smoking, sleep quality and level of vitamin D.

  • Unbalanced fatty acids — Your body needs a balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fats. Unfortunately, most diets have an overabundance of omega-6 fats leading to greater amounts of inflammation. Strive for a 1-to-1 ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats to reduce inflammation and your risk of heart disease.

  • High iron stores — Ensure your ferritin blood levels are below 80 ng/ml. If they are elevated this can increase your level of inflammation. The simplest and most efficient way to lower your iron level if elevated is to donate blood. If you can’t donate, then therapeutic phlebotomy will effectively eliminate the excess iron. Heavy metal detoxification will also naturally reduce high iron.

  • Leaky gut — Food particles and bacteria leaking from your intestines increase your level of inflammation and your risk of heart disease. By eliminating grains, sugars and lectin-rich legumes, while adding fermented foods, you may heal your gut and reduce your level of inflammation.

  • Inadequate levels of magnesium — A century ago your diet provided nearly 500 mg of magnesium per day. Today, courtesy of nutrient-depleted soil you may be getting only 150 mg per day. Dean suggests using your intestinal reaction as a marker for your ideal dose of supplementation.


    Your body flushes excess magnesium through your stool, so you may determine your own individual needs using magnesium citrate. Start by taking 200 mg of oral magnesium citrate each day, gradually increasing this dose until you develop slightly loose stools.


    I now believe many may benefit from as much as 1 to 2 grams of magnesium per day, although you’d need to gradually work your way up to that amount and pay attention to your body’s response, especially if you use magnesium citrate, which causes loose stools.


    My personal preference for magnesium supplementation is magnesium threonate as it appears to more efficiently penetrate cell membranes, including your mitochondria. It penetrates your blood-brain barrier and may help improve memory and it may be a good alternative to reduce migraine headaches.

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International Public Notice: Concurrent General Jurisdiction

 By Anna Von Reitz

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents
The States of the Union hold concurrent general jurisdiction over all matters, soil, land, air, and water within and immediately adjoining their sea coast borders. 
This means that there is no greater authority vested in any aspect or service provider within the Federal Government; in fact, at best, the Federal Service Providers under contract are operating on authorities delegated to them by the States directly, or via the instrumentality of our venerable Holding Company, The United States of America which is Unincorporated, and which holds and delegates the mutually-held powers delegated to it by the States. 
All States in this country are fully functional and have been enrolled as States of the Union since October the First of 2020, retroactive to the date they first entered Territorial Statehood. 
There is no lapse in government, no basis for a presumption of any abandonment, and no way to come in and change Article 8 and 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code after the fact, so as to assert the existence of a Secured Creditor position for the Federal Reserve System Receivers in Bankruptcy.  
Our claims and the claims of our States predate all that.  
These are fraudulent activities promoted by commercial corporations seeking a means to latch onto assets that never belonged to the fictional DEBTORS in the first place. 
There’s not going to be any “Great Taking”, or “Resettlement”, or all the other words that have been used for such criminality in the past. 
Everyone on Earth who can read knows full well what the Federal Constitutions say and the limitations of the Federal “Powers”.  And now everyone also knows that the American Parties to the Constitutions are still here and enforcing them, so any supposition or pretension otherwise is insupportable. 
Our State Courts hold concurrent General Jurisdiction and are the superior authorities with regard to all Americans and American assets, just as the District Courts maintain their authority over U.S. Citizens and matters pertaining to them and their assets. 
Thus, for example, Governor Greg Abbott as a U.S. Citizen may owe loyalty to the British Territorial United States of America, Incorporated, and their service contract obligations, and at the same time, as an American, have reason to enforce the same contract. 
Questions related to the service contract obligations from the standpoint of the Service Provider would go to the U.S. Supreme Court, whereas action to enforce the contract falls under the concurrent General Jurisdiction of our State Court, which holds the supreme authority within the borders of each State.  
Once we dispense with the idea that illegal occupation of our country by mercenary forces constitutes a “war” or can be dignified under The Law of War, we — and Governor Abbott — are left with two possible pathways to Justice. 
The first pathway is via the United States District Court, where as Governor Abbott is a U.S. Citizen, he can plead for support of his interpretation of his service contract which very plainly and specifically demands that he secures our borders. 
The second pathway is via the Texas State Court which holds concurrent general jurisdiction and which speaks to and for the Americans living in Texas; then, acting as a Texan, Greg Abbott can sue the Biden Administration in Texas State Court on a number of issues: enforcement of the service contract, physical damages, and economic damages.
If the U.S. Supreme Court attempts to evade the obvious language of The Constitution of the United States of America concerning border security, they will lose credibility. 
Because everyone can read and the language is not complicated or obscure, continuing to collude with the current Administration on the issue of their “Open Borders Policy” will permanently undermine the credibility of the U.S. Supreme Court; this is because the Principals are still bound by contract, and contracts overstand both treaties and corporate policies. 
The State Courts will yield justice for Texas and for Greg Abbott.  Our interpretation of the contract is as straight-forward as the Constitution itself. 
So, this is Notice to the Military that Law of War and Law of Peace equally do not apply to this situation, because The American Civil War and all other wars they have fought since then have been illegal Mercenary Conflicts. 
It is also Notice to the International Community, Governor Abbott, Joe Biden, and all other Parties addressed via email or in hard copy, that our State Courts continue to hold concurrent General Jurisdiction with respect to all Americans and American assets, including American Trust Assets. 
Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

February 2nd 2024


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How the leaders of the Great German Farmers’ Protest are committed to neutralising their own movement, and what the farmers must now do if they want anything to change

A report on the 15 January farmers’ demonstration in Berlin

Yesterday tens of thousands of farmers, tradesmen and truckers, with at least 5,000 tractors and other vehicles, gathered on the Street of 17 June and adjacent boulevards. I could hear their horns from my room all the way on the other side of the Tiergarten throughout late Sunday night and early Monday morning. It was hard to sleep.

As soon as the sun rose, I climbed to the top of the Victory Column, and saw nothing but tractors in every direction.

This was the eastward view towards the Brandenburger Tor:

Here’s the westward view looking towards the Technische Universität:

To the south on Hofjäger Allee:

Northwest along Altonaer Str.:

The day was cold and windy, but the mood was good. The police had quietly positioned water cannons and other crowd suppression equipment on side streets …


… but it was obvious that none of it would be used. Some papers are now eagerly reporting that “multiple arrests” occurred, by which they mean police detained about two dozen people. I’d say that’s the minimum you can expect at an action of this size, and because various bad actors are trying to tell lies, I want to be very clear: There was no confrontation between protestors and riot police, the officers were restrained and the worst I saw anybody do was set off some fireworks…

…and climb some light poles:

Around 11am there began the march down the Street of 17 June towards the stage on the Brandenburger Tor, where protest leader Joachim Rukwied, President of the German Farmers’ Association, and Finance Minister Christian Lindner were set to speak.

Along the way I saw the media that was missing on Sunday, including camera crews from Welt and Das Erste. Of course none of them bothered to interview any participants. I also met a press photographer; he came with me to the top of the Victory Column to get photographs of the crowd, but I was the only one of us who ended up taking any pictures. He had one look at the overflowing boulevards, declared there were no good shots, and quickly descended for more street-level photos. I understood this better upon reading the press coverage yesterday evening: Major news outlets are insisting, via police sources, that only 8,500 protestors attended – probably 30% of the true number. From the beginning, I guess, the press hoped to downplay the size of the protest.

The view from the crowd at 11:30am on the morning of the protest. The people in front of me had assembled hours earlier, and it was impossible to get a clearer view of the stage.

I had no illusions that either Rukwied or Lindner would have anything good to say. The former spent the days before the protest railing against “radicals” and singing hymns to “democracy” and the “ballot box”; the latter gave a speech on 6 January telling the farmers to go home.

The question was merely how bad these men would be, and I regret to report that both of them were as terrible as possible. You must remember that there is one way – and only one way – for the protest to succeed: The farmers have to adopt an inclusive political programme with broad appeal, and their goal must be the resignation of the Scholz government and new elections. While the farmers are a well-organised and influential segment of society, there aren’t that many of them, which is why the government alighted upon their plan of increasing farm-specific taxes to plug their budgetary hole in the first place. If the farmers confine themselves to issues like the diesel tax hike, they’ll make themselves irrelevant. Even the farmers I talked to seemed not to care that much about diesel subsidies; they have a wide array of much more serious and relatable concerns. The vision and the strategy are there, but their leadership is wholly compromised.

Berlin: Christian Lindner (FDP), Bundesminister für Finanzen, spricht neben Joachim Rukwied, Präsident des Deutschen Bauernverbandes, während der Kundgebung auf der Bühne.
Joachim Rukwied stands firmly at the side of Christian Lindner at the farmers’ protest on 15 January, as Lindner flatly refuses all the farmer’s demands and makes vague future promises about de-bureaucratisation. This photo is from dpa and not my own, because the thick crowd made getting any clear view of the stage impossible.

Rather than embrace the grievances of the farmers they summoned, Joachim Rukwied and the German Farmers’ Association are determined to shut them down. Yesterday, Rukwied insisted that the protest is solely about the diesel tax increases, even contradicting some of his fellow speakers on this point. He complained bitterly that the press had called his movement right-wing. He explained that “democracy” is all about “conversation” and “compromise,” and he advised everyone to leave Berlin and call their elected representatives. In other words, he did everything deliberately and precisely wrong. He must know that, if the farmers follow him on this path, they won’t get their way even on agricultural diesel; the government will insist on these taxes if only to humiliate them.

After three further speeches, the most egregious from Theresa Schmidt, who chairs something called the Federation of German Rural Youth and who has a peculiar talent for delivering grating schoolmarm lectures about dEmOCraCy, it was Finance Minister Christian Lindner’s turn to speak. The crowd weren’t inclined to hear a word from him, but Rukwied called for silence and they regrettably complied. Lindner proceeded to tell the demonstrators, with Rukwied at his side, that the diesel tax hike isn’t going anywhere, but he did promise to “de-bureaucratise” the regulatory apparatus so that the farmers might enjoy “more freedom.” The farmers were unimpressed, but they let him hold forth for a full twenty minutes. As thanks for their forbearance, they may read outraged reports across the media today about what a terrible time Lindner had trying to shout over all the booing and whistling.

On one point, however, Lindner was totally right. He said the protests were clearly about much more than diesel taxes, and here alone Rukwied contradicted him, again insisting on his tiresome self-neutering line that 30,000 people assembled in Berlin to protest taxes on agricultural diesel and nothing else. He said this in front of thousands of truckers and tradesmen, whom the tax hikes do not affect. He said it before a sea of placards venting fury at the present state of German and European politics in the broadest possible terms:

“Unplug the traffic light.”
From the top: “Farmers are rising up. And it’s not just us who have had enough, now everyone is resisting. Together we are strong.” – “The only thing to be done about this rudderless government is blocking the colours of red yellow and green, which stand for reduction, regulation and Berlinisation.” – “Berlin 2024. We’ll be back.”
“The country has been brought to a standstill because nobody wants this government! Stop the war against your own people.”
“Sometimes you have to sink the ship to get rid of the rats.” In the water are Green co-head Ricarda Lang, Agricultural Minister Cem Özdemir and Chancellor Olaf Scholz. The rat on the mast is telling Finance Minister Christian Lindner to jump into the water too.

In his concluding remarks, as Rukwied said yet again that he wanted only the “Rücknahme,” or withdrawal, of the tax increase, a group of angry farmers behind me began shouting that they want not “Rücknahmen” but “Rücktritte” – that is, resignations. They must now realise that Rukwied will not help them in this.

This morning there were still tractors on the Street of 17 June, so maybe there is yet hope. In any case, I think it’s important to remember what’s feasible here. Contrary to the expectations of some readers, I don’t think this or any protest can bring down the German state or realign European politics. Street activism is far from the only ingredient necessary to achieve a transformation on that scale. In the DDR there was at least an outside – an immediate alternative regime, in the form of the West, to which activists could appeal and from which they drew support. There is nothing like that for us now. What a well-supported protest like that of the farmers can do, is hurt the crisis-stricken Scholz government even more, increase the punishment for their failures and, if they are persistent enough, force new elections. That is far from everything, but it is not nothing either. Since the energy crisis, Germany has entered an accelerating process of deindustrialisation; there are real livelihoods at stake here, and it’s worth doing everything possible for any chance of moderating the destruction, however slight.

The aftermath.

At the same time, it’s plain that the unions and organisations like the German Farmers’ Association are hopelessly compromised. As valued reader Andreas Stullkowski points out, Rukwied is fully mobbed up with the present state and corporate establishment. He’s held paid advisory positions for the state-owned investment bank KfW, for Messe Berlin, for the German sugar producer Südzucker and for BayWa. His entire purpose is to channel the political discontent of the people he nominally represents along useless paths. If the farmers want anything to change, they’ll have to disregard his calls to capitulate and press on under their own steam.

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Vyatmana Pilot!

Vytamana Pilot!

Are you going to be a candidate?

What follows are 32 of the things that all vyatmana (vimana) pilots will be required to know. They will ALL be on the test.

This is translated from Sanskrit to Russian to English. It will read a bit awkward but is maintained to keep as close to the original as possible.


Chapter 1. Part 1.

It defines vyātmanā: “It is what can fly from one country to another, from one world to another.”

Chapter 1. Part 2 – tells about 32 secrets a pilot must know, otherwise they cannot be trusted with the control of the vyātmanā.

Secret 1: mantrika — knowing and using sacred mantras, special medicinal herbs, and oils, the pilot must be able to develop their spiritual and hypnotic powers. Using them, they must construct a vyātmanā that does not break, does not burn, and cannot be destroyed.

Secret 2: tantrika — knowing and using the sacred power of tantra and other mystical forces, the pilot must endow the flying machine with these forces.

Secret 3: kritaka — before starting to create the vyātmanā, the pilot must study the works of such recognized creators of vimānas as Vishwakarma, Chhayapurusha, Manu, Maya, and others.

Secret 4: In the layers of the atmosphere where strong winds rage, at the boundary of collisions of powerful air currents, the vyātmanā may lose control and crash. The pilot must be able to sense the approach of danger and change course in time.

Secret 5: As stated in “Vāyutattva-prakarana,” in the eighth atmospheric layer, three elemental forces dominate — Yasa, Vyasa, and Prayasa. The pilot must be able to tame them with the power of their mantras and the power of tantra, which will allow them to capture the dark component of the solar spectrum and use it as a cover from an enemy vyātmanā.

Secret 6: As a result of collisions in the atmosphere of electrical energy and wind energy, a glow is formed, the reflection of which can be caught with a special mirror installed at the front of the vyātmanā. Manipulating this mirror, the pilot must be able to disguise their vyātmanā.

Secret 7: According to “Shakti-tantra,” creating an interaction of the energy of the Sun, the force of the air current, and atmospheric water vapors, the pilot must be able to form a cloud veil around the vyātmanā, making it invisible.

Secret 8: In accordance with “Meghotpatthi-prakarana” — the science of the appearance of clouds, entering the second layer of light clouds and capturing its energy with a special mirror, the pilot must be able to saturate the tantric force of the vyātmanā with this energy, with which to generate a paralyzing ray, immobilizing and neutralizing enemy vyātmanās.

Secret 9: As said in “Shakti-tantra,” the pilot must be able to project the light beam “Rohini,” with which to make visible everything that is in front of the vyātmanā.

Secret 10: Sensing danger, the pilot must be able to quickly fold the spread wings of the vyātmanā, flying at full speed and save it by changing course, speed, and altitude of flight.

Secret 11: According to “Akasha-tantra,” when the vyātmanā is in the central air stream of the 1st or 3rd atmospheric layers, the pilot must be able to, if necessary, increase its size, in accordance with the instruction “Valmiki-ganita”.

Secret 12: As stated in “Dhuma-prakarana,” by generating smoke of the 32nd variety with the vyatmana’s engine, saturating it with the light of celestial thermal waves, passing it through an oil-thermal generator set to the 132nd speed, and then releasing it outside, the pilot must be able to give the vyatmana a terrifying appearance that plunges observers into extreme fear.

Secret 13: In accordance with “Tila-prakarana,” by preparing special oils and applying them to the vyatmana’s distorting mirror, and then releasing type 19 smoke onto it, the pilot must be able to saturate this smoke with tantric power so that enemy observers perceive the vyatmana in the form of a lion, tiger, rhinoceros, snake, mountain, river, etc., being misled and frightened.

Secret 14: The pilot must be able to attract thirteen types of “Karak” force mentioned in “Karak-prakarana” and direct them onto a special mirror of the vyatmana. On this mirror, they must be able to direct air saturated with snow and a special “suragha” beam. In this case, they will achieve that, instead of the vyatmana, observers see a Celestial Maiden, adorned with flowers and jewels.

Secret 15: As said in “Amshubodhini,” the pilot must know how to extract from the solar spectrum – sections from the 12th to the 16th, concentrate them on the atmospheric layer’s air force “mayokha,” attract the force of etheric glow, mixing it with the glow from the 7th layer of air masses and direct it through special tubes of the vyatmana to a compartment where a special mirror is located. As a result, observers will see not the vyatmana but a bright glow, similar to the morning dawn.

Secret 16: “Darpana-prakarana” states that with the help of a special mirror, the pilot can capture the energy of darkness. By passing it through a special amplifier and radiating it around the vyatmana, they must be able to create pitch darkness, as on a new moon night, in the middle of the day.

Secret 17: The pilot must be able to use the vyatmana’s weapons. By pumping 5 types of special smoke into a compressor, saturating them there with electric power, and then releasing them through a special pipe consisting of 5 parts (resonators) – into the external environment, the pilot must be able to achieve complete destruction, as in a cataclysm, of everything they direct this pipe at.

Secret 18: As stated in “Righrida,” the pilot must possess the ability to direct the forces of “kubera” and “vimukha” into an air compressor, which will blow out poisonous powder from the vyatmana through a special tube. This will result in the complete loss of all senses by the opponent and their falling into a comatose state.

Secret 19: The pilot must know how to mix the force of ether with 10 parts of the air element’s force, 7 parts of the water element’s force, 16 parts of the solar spectrum, and release all these forces through a special mirror via the vyatmana’s end nozzle. In this case, instead of the vyatmana, observers will see a starry sky above them.

Secret 20: By concentrating the air force in seven tubes of the vyatmana and controlling this force as prescribed in “Shabda-prakashika,” the pilot must be able to create a thunderous roar that causes the enemy to tremble with fear and fall into despair.

Secret 21: “Vāyutattva-prakarana” states that when crossing from one air current into another, the vyātmanā encounters solar glare and ignites. To avoid this, the pilot must possess the ability to concentrate the vyātmanā’s air and electrical energy at the center of its tantric force and, upon encountering solar glare, instantly transfer the vyātmanā to a safe place.

Secret 22: The pilot must be able to attract the air force “dandavaktra” and the other 7 forces of the air element, combine them with the power of solar rays, and, by passing them through the tantric center of the vyātmanā, achieve its movement in zigzags, like a snake.

Secret 23: When an enemy vyātmanā appears in the field of vision, the pilot must manage to switch the engine to a mode that creates a powerful atmospheric wave, pushing the enemy’s vyātmanā aside.

Secret 24: When the vyātmanā is attacked by a squadron of enemy aircraft, the pilot, by switching the control modes of their vyātmanā, must be able to ensure its rapid rotation around its axis – to reflect the attack.

Secret 25: “Saudamini-kala” — the science of electronics explains how the pilot should adjust the electronic equipment of the vyātmanā to hear ALL conversations and sounds in enemy vyātmanās.

Secret 26: Using the same science and with the help of a television camera, the pilot must be able to see the image of what is happening on the enemy vyātmanā, including on its control panel instruments.

Secret 27: The pilot must know how to unfold a screen at the bottom of the vyātmanā, electrify three special acids, and, by acting on them with 7 types of solar rays, display their resultant force on the screen, with which – create on their screen a projection of what is happening on the ground.

Secret 28: Mastering the navigation equipment, the pilot must timely determine from which side the approach of the enemy vyātmanā is expected.

Secret 29: According to “Akasha-tantra,” the pilot must be able to mix a mica solution with special decoctions, apply the resulting substance to the outer coating of the vyātmanā, consisting of mica plates, and, by subjecting this coating to the action of solar rays, achieve that the vyātmanā merges with the color of the sky and becomes indistinguishable.

Secret 30: The pilot must know how to mix pomegranate juice, bael oil, copper sulfate, spice smoke, “guggul” liquid, mustard powder, and turn the resulting solution into smoke, and then, subjecting this smoke to the effect of direct solar rays, release it from the vyātmanā, which will immediately be enveloped in a cloud.

Secret 31: The pilot must be able to release poisonous vapors outside so that they reach the pursuing enemy vyātmanā. Then its crew will lose consciousness and will not be able to continue the pursuit.

Secret 32: The pilot must know how to use the vyātmanā’s flamethrower most effectively to ignite enemy aircraft and have great experience in this.


Good luck on your tests!~!