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Social media influencers pushing ASSISTED SUICIDE on children: “It’s OK to pass away today” –

Social media influencers pushing ASSISTED SUICIDE on children: “It’s OK to pass away today”

A disturbing video aimed at children is circulating on social media, encouraging them to opt for assisted suicide because “it’s OK to pass away today.”

The alleged “satire” video, or so its creators later claimed, features Muppet-like cartoon characters singing songs to children about how euthanasia is A-OK, and that children who opt for it will get to be placed into a cool urn after cremation.

“It’s always hard to say goodbye, but Uncle Urny says, ‘It’s OK to pass away!'” the creepy video says in one portion.

One might assume that the video is aimed at children who are already dying, but apparently it is showing up on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Bitchute and various other platforms. Some social media users also say the video is appearing in the advertising break on other videos.

“So all children allowed to visit video platforms are being exposed to this,” noted All News Pipeline.

(Related: Every day, Canada euthanizes 36 citizens, according to the latest data.)

There’s no dignity in children dying

Though the video in question is often labeled as “satire” in the description, its contents are anything but a joke. Impressionable youth who stumble upon it could be enticed to kill themselves, thinking the funny cartoon characters they see encouraging this will play with them in the afterlife.

One encouraging piece of news is that YouTube, upon becoming aware of the video’s presence, pulled it from the platform for “violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.” As for other streaming platforms, the video is presumably still streaming.

“This is clearly yet another facet of the multi-pronged attack against us, with our children being used as an attack vector,” wrote one Bitchute user who uploaded the video, but with a warning attached.

Supposedly, the video was created as part of a “dark humor” project, but what could be less funny than encouraging innocent babes to play with death? Who of sound, let alone moral, mind would ever produce such a thing, and with cartoon characters no less?

The speed at which the video in question went viral suggests that whoever is behind it intended for it to spread quickly and vastly, ensuring it would be seen by as many children as possible before likely getting pulled.

Perhaps the Canadian government is behind the video, seeing as how “Medical Assistance in Dying” (MAiD), as they call it, is one of Canada’s most liberal and well-known social policies, allowing for pretty much anyone to die through euthanasia if they so choose.

A group called “Terminal Wellness” is apparently behind the video, though nowhere on the group’s website is it ever suggested that the video is satire. The site looks like a medical site, but extra digging revealed that it is actually “a dark romantic comedy that is a satire of our completely messed up healthcare and political systems …”

“The only way to know when visiting the website itself that this is supposed to be satire, is if you click the ad ink,” All News Pipeline says.

“Assisted suicide is now fodder to be joked about, just another step towards being like Canada liberals, where they want to open up assisted suicide for 12-year-old children.”

While there is certainly something to be said for using satire to make a point, messing around with suicide in a cartoonish format aimed at children – and basically promoting suicide to children – is moral repugnance encapsulated.

“The scum that promotes this trash are morbid demon possessed pigs,” one angry commenter wrote about the video. “Even if it were satire, it is still distasteful and detestable to suggest such immoral ugliness. Many have been given over to reprobate minds.”

The push to expand assisted suicide throughout the West is a globalist depopulation ploy. Learn more at

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Alderman blasts Chicago’s $9K in monthly freebies for each illegal immigrant in the city –

Alderman blasts Chicago’s $9K in monthly freebies for each illegal immigrant in the city

A member of the Chicago City Council has denounced the administration of Mayor Brandon Johnson for giving illegals freebies amounting to $9,000 each per month.

Alderman Anthony Beale, who represents the city’s Ninth Ward, expressed his indignation to the scheme during an address made on the council floor. According to him, illegals are being paid more than $9,000 each per month in free childcare, housing vouchers, food, clothing, education, legal help and other services.

“Now, I’ve said this before,” Beale remarked. “If you give me three meals, housing, childcare, education [and] a voucher for $9,000 – you know what, I’d come to Chicago too.

“That’s what they’re doing. They’re sending money back to … Venezuela. [They’re telling people] to come to Chicago because they’re saying ‘Hey, the good times are rolling there. They’re taking care of everybody.’

“Now … when we have Venezuelans that are driving cars – where did they get a driver’s license? Where did they get insurance from? And then you have Venezuelans being caught with drugs and guns; where are they getting them from?”

Despite being a member of the Democratic Party, Beale has become a major opponent of Johnson – who is part of the party’s progressive wing. The incumbent mayor who took over his predecessor Lori Lightfoot has continued the sanctuary city’s friendly policies for illegals, at the expense of resources originally meant for the Windy City’s Black community.

Beale was also one of the aldermen who endorsed a straight question of whether Chicago should retain its sanctuary city status on the 2024 ballot. However, he and his supporters failed after Johnson reframed the question into one that didn’t give voters the chance to end the city’s migrant-friendly policies.

“Right now, we’re dealing with a huge, huge disaster here in the city of Chicago – and we need to get a handle on it. Nobody has ever asked the voters, the people who actually vote and pay taxes here in the city of Chicago, if they want to remain a sanctuary city,” the alderman said last September.

NYC Mayor Adams DOUBLES DOWN on support for illegals

Given the Windy City’s hefty financial assistance for illegals, it won’t be long before the city’s finances feel the strain. New York City (NYC), another sanctuary city, has reached that breaking point. Still, NYC Mayor Eric Adams recently doubled down on his support for unlawful border crossers.

During his State of the City speech last Jan. 24, he reiterated that the Big Apple will continue to support the illegal immigrants being brought to the city by Texas through city resources. Adams also urged the federal government to play a role in helping illegals adjust and assimilate.

“The federal government must step up and step in. This is a national crisis that calls for a national solution,” said Adams. “It is time for the federal government to deal with this federal crisis and make sure we give them the opportunity; let them work.” (Related: NYC Mayor Adams pledges support for ILLEGALS despite the strain on the city’s finances.)

He also endorsed the training and hiring of illegal aliens bused to the Big Apple by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. Adams boasted: “We have helped more than 172,000 asylum seekers by providing food, asylum and medical care. We have helped tens of thousands file applications to extend, temporarily, their status and to seek employment.”

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GOP Rep. Steube: Biden could have resolved border crisis “today, yesterday, three years ago” – BUT CHOSE NOT TO –

GOP Rep. Steube: Biden could have resolved border crisis “today, yesterday, three years ago” – BUT CHOSE NOT TO

Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) has criticized the Biden administration for its reluctance to address the ongoing border crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

In a recent interview with host Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” the Florida congressman claimed that President Joe Biden could have taken corrective actions long before the situation reached its current state.

“He could shut it down today, yesterday, three years ago. But they don’t want that. It doesn’t match their political objective, so they’re going to try to subvert and blame Republicans that we haven’t sent him some bills and we haven’t given him more money to basically hire more border agents to process more illegals into our country.”

Steube’s remarks came after House Speaker Mike Johnson argued that the number of daily crossings should be reduced to zero. “Any border shutdown authority that allows even one illegal crossing is a non-starter. Thousands each day is outrageous. It shouldn’t be 5,000 a day before anything gets done. The number must be zero,” Johnson posted on X.

Elsewhere in the program, Steube took the opportunity to remind viewers that the House had passed the Secure the Border Act in May 2023. He accused Senate Democrats, specifically House Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), of misleading the public by suggesting that a bill needs to pass for necessary actions to be taken. Steube also mentioned that his GOP colleagues sent a Secure Border Bill to the Senate in May 2023, but “it sat there and languished because they don’t want border security.”

“That’s an outright lie to the American people. Joe Biden doesn’t need a bill to reverse what he changed when he became president. We had all these policies in place that the Trump administration had in place – the border wall being built,” Steube said.

Biden trying to blame Republicans for the border crisis

According to Steube, the policies of the Trump administration, including the construction of a border wall, were effective in curbing illegal immigration. He argued that Biden could have implemented these measures without waiting for a new bill, but he did not. (Related: National Border Patrol Council president says the only way to fix the border crisis is to re-elect Trump.)

The representative for the Sunshine State also accused the administration of attempting to shift blame onto Republicans for not passing a new bill or allocating more funds for border security.

In December, Biden responded to the staggering 300,000 recorded incidents of illegal immigrant crossings at the southern border. He said: “Well, we gotta do something. They [Republicans] ought to give me the money I need to protect the border.”

However, critics argue that the issue extends beyond a simple lack of funding, asserting that it reflects a lack of political will. They reject the narrative that additional funding is the solution, claiming that the funds requested were primarily for processing agents rather than enhancing border protection.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party has urged Biden to focus on enforcing existing immigration laws. “Build the wall and enforce the law,” it posted on X.

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Watch this episode of “Coffee Chat” with Dr. Jane Ruby as she discusses the ongoing invasion occurring along the southern border.

This video is from the Dr. Jane Ruby Show channel on

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Biden administration continues to lie about border crisis as millions of illegals flood into the USA.

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White House concerned about Biden’s DECLINING mental state and Kamala’s UNPOPULARITY –

White House concerned about Biden’s DECLINING mental state and Kamala’s UNPOPULARITY

White House officials are very concerned about President Joe Biden’s declining mental state and Vice President Kamala Harris’ unpopularity. Thus, they are worried that these two factors could cost the Democrats their position of power over the federal government.

This is according to insider information obtained by guerrilla journalist James O’Keefe, the former founder and CEO of Project Veritas. Following his departure from the latter in February 2023, he now heads a new guerrilla journalism outlet – the O’Keefe Media Group.

O’Keefe was able to secretly record a 13-minute conversation with Charlie Kraiger, a cybersecurity policy analyst and desk officer for Foreign Affairs at the Executive Office of the President of the United States. Before being brought into the White House, Kraiger, a graduate of Georgetown University, worked at the Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development. Following the publication of the sting video, Kraiger has since scrubbed his presence on most social media platforms, although a LinkedIn page with his name is still active as of press time. (Related: Rep. Ronny Jackson: Biden “can’t do the job” of U.S. president due to COGNITIVE DECLINE.)

During this conversation – filmed at a restaurant in Washington, D.C. earlier in January wherein O’Keefe posed as a gay man going on a first date with Kraiger – the White House official shared that the administration knows that Biden is “slowing down,” a reference to his mental decline.

“I have a grandfather who is 91 with dementia and Biden is worse than my grandfather,” said Kraiger. “I think voters are gonna look at that and it’s gonna hurt us.”

“I’m just telling you what I’ve heard; they’re really concerned about it,” said Kraiger, who warned that neither he nor other staffers can “say it publicly” due to fear of public backlash. But during one interaction with the president, Kraiger admitted that Biden did not recognize him – not only that but “he sang like a bird” when he met Kraiger.

“I think they need to get rid of him. But no one in modern history has ever said, like, ‘We’re not going to renominate the president for a second term.'”

White House officials worried about Harris’ popularity, or lack of it

Speaking of the vice president, Kraiger admitted that Harris has been guaranteed a spot on the ticket as vice president “because she’s a woman and she’s multiracial.” Harris is notable for being the country’s first vice president who is a woman and the first vice president of African and Asian ancestry – her mother and father being a Tamil Indian and a Jamaican American, respectively.

“She will be the vice presidential nominee. There was a debate about removing her from the ticket, but sadly they didn’t. She’s not popular, but you can’t remove the first Black lady to be vice president from the g*****n presidential ticket,” said Kraiger. “Like, what kind of message are you going to send to, like, African American voters? How do you spin that? … People would be like, ‘What the f**k? Like, she’s a woman and she’s multiracial.'”

Kraiger also noted that Harris “hemorrhages” Black staff members in her office, who he said “quit on her en masse.”

Learn more about recent events and revelations involving the president at

Watch this clip of Charlie Kraiger telling James O’Keefe about what White House officials truly think of the president and the vice president.

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