Russia begins construction of prison-style 15-MINUTE CITIES –

Russia has started the construction of a prison-style 15-minute city (FMC), with more to come.

The Daily Expose reported on this development, citing the new city of Dobrograd in Russia’s Vladimir Oblast (province). According to the outlet, construction in the city located east of the capital Moscow has been ongoing for a year.

But Dobrograd is not the only FMC to be built in Russia. The website of the state-owned financial services firm Sberbank features a detailed presentation of another “smart city” – with its title hinting at the same FMC model espoused by the globalist World Economic Forum (WEF). (Related: The globalist vision: “15 Minute” prison cities and the end of private property.)

In August 2021, the 15-minute triangle project of the Moscow city plan was included in the Top 30 of the FMC international “Urban Design Competition.” This triangular FMC, which measures three by three kilometers, is in the form of a polycentric urban planning system.

The main transport networks are located underground, with only bicycle and pedestrian routes at surface level. Meanwhile, the buildings are raised on supports. Much detail is on energy efficiency, with the FMC intending to use renewable sources such as solar, water and wind.

Edward Slavsquat expounded on this triangular FMC, dubbed “SberCity.” He remarked that this area “will one day be home to more than 65,000 lucky residents.”

“The ‘smart city’ was initially reserved for [Sberbank] employees. But now, anyone insane enough to want to live in [Sberbank Chairman and CEO] Herman Gref’s ant farm is welcome to do so.”

FMCs are PRISON CITIES to round up people

The idea of an FMC, in which residents live within a short walk or bike ride of all their daily needs, has been embraced by many mayors around the world during the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as a central planning tenet. But it is not without its drawbacks,

According to Bloomberg, urban experts warn that a popular post-pandemic design principle may not translate well from Europe to North America and could exacerbate inequality. Toronto-based urban designer Jay Pitter is one of them. During the CityLab 2021 conference, he warned that transplanting the FMC template across the Atlantic could be “presumptive and colonial.”

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, a member of the Conservative (Tory) Party, hit out at the FMC concept. According to him, there was a “relentless attack” on motorists who “depend on their cars to get to work, take their kids to school, do their shopping [and] see the doctor.”

British Transport Secretary Mark Harper, a fellow Tory, agreed with Sunak. He continued by saying that the FMC concept was a movement backed by the U.K. Labor Party “to remove your freedom to get from A to B how you want.”

“What is sinister – and what we shouldn’t tolerate – is the idea that local councils can decide how often you go to the shops, and they can ration who uses the roads and when. They police it all with CCTV,” said Harper. He added that the government would look into ways to stop “overzealous” councils restricting road use “if they don’t follow the rules.”

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Watch this video that discusses why FMCs are “prison cities” and “death cities.”

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U.S. carries out AIRSTRIKES in Syria and Iraq – but Iran remains untouched for now –

U.S. carries out AIRSTRIKES in Syria and Iraq – but Iran remains untouched for now

The U.S. has carried out airstrikes in Syria and Iraq, but has not yet put Iran in the crosshairs.

According to ZeroHedge, substantial airstrikes have been carried out in eastern Syria and western Iraq. These strikes, characterized by their scale, targeted assets and personnel associated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force and affiliated militia groups.

A statement from U.S. Central Command said the initial wave of airstrikes included over 85 targets, some of which were struck multiple times. These include command and control centers; intelligence facilities; rockets and missiles; unmanned aerial vehicle storage warehouses; and logistics and munition supply chain facilities utilized by militia groups and their IRGC sponsors in attacks against U.S. and Coalition forces.

B1 bombers were reportedly utilized in the operation, flying a single non-stop flight from the United States. The timing of the strikes considered favorable weather conditions to ensure accurate targeting. ZeroHedge added that the airstrikes employed more than 125 precision munitions.

The Syrian state-run news agency SANA reported that the airstrikes targeted areas on the Syria-Iraq border including Deir Ezzor, Al-Bukamal, and Al-Mayadeen. Meanwhile, Iraq said the strikes killed at least 16 people – including civilians – and injured 25 others.

It also destroyed facilities used by the Iranian-linked Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) in Al-Qaim. The PMU, which is backed by Tehran, is associated with the Iraqi government and closely aligned with Iran-backed Shiite blocs that historically dominated Iraqi politics.

CNN has not independently verified the casualties or their nature. Meanwhile, White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said Washington did not have precise information on the number of militants killed or wounded. Nevertheless, both Baghdad and Damascus condemned the U.S. attacks, viewing them as violations of sovereignty that could escalate regional conflict.

Washington: No plans to attack Iran yet

The Syrian Arab Armed Forces confirmed that the strikes caused casualties among civilians and soldiers, along with significant damage to infrastructure. The mayor of Al-Qaim meanwhile stated that the strikes hit houses used as weapon warehouses by the PMU.

Meanwhile, Iran criticized the strikes as a violation of sovereignty, international law and the United Nations Charter. It also predicted increased tension and instability in the region.

Despite the absence of U.S. airstrikes within Iran itself, the Biden administration has conveyed that these actions mark just the beginning, and the campaign may extend for days or longer. Officials from the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) have also claimed that Washington does not have plans to target locations within the Islamic Republic. (Related: Iran declares RED LINE: If U.S. strikes Iranian soil over three soldier deaths, Iran will strike numerous American targets throughout Middle East.)

However, there is some ambiguity regarding the initial strikes in eastern Syria, with the DOD suggesting the involvement of a partner air force, potentially Israel. Simultaneously, the Biden administration’s messaging has been met with confusion and contradictions in mainstream reports.

In a separate development, French container shipping company CMA CGM has announced the suspension of all Red Sea transit due to security risks, joining a growing list of major firms avoiding the area. The decision underscores concerns about the safety of the region, particularly in light of the almost daily missile and drone attacks by Houthi forces. The vulnerability of maritime traffic in the Red Sea is becoming increasingly apparent, with numerous container ships, oil tankers, and commodity carriers choosing to steer clear of the region.

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Watch Rachel Blevins compare the recent U.S. airstrikes in Syria and Iraq to Ukraine’s bombing of innocent civilians in Russia below.

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Volvo CUTS FUNDING to subsidiary Polestar, which produces electric vehicles –

Volvo recently announced that it has cut off funding to its electric vehicle (EV) subsidiary Polestar, despite the fact that the Swedish automaker was among the first to embrace electric cars.

The company said in a statement that its Chinese partner Geely Holding “will continue to provide full operational and financial support to Polestar going forward.” As a result, Volvo Cars will no longer provide further funding. The move, Volvo added, will allow the Swedish entity to focus on “developing and concentrating its resources on its own ambitious journey” – including its in-house EVs.

Volvo and Geely established Polestar as a stand-alone EV maker, separate from the Swedish car maker’s in-house effort to go electric. Volvo currently owns a 48 percent stake in Polestar, while Geely is also the Swedish company’s biggest shareholder.

The companies listed Polestar on the New York City-based Nasdaq in 2022, and Polestar’s shares have fallen by 83 percent since then. But following news of Volvo ending funding for the joint venture, the Swedish company’s stock surged by more than 30 percent.

Analysts have highlighted how Volvo’s 48 percent stake in Polestar has been a drag on its resources, with the company struggling with losses amid the slow consumer uptake of EVs and the increasingly competitive market. Polestar tapped Volvo for around $1 billion in financing while the company works through a turnaround plan. But given this development, Volvo said it will extend the repayment period for the existing convertible loan by 18 months to the end of 2028.

EVs suffering from slow consumer uptake

After a years-long boom in the EV sector, automakers and rental firms alike have begun dialing back on their investments due to slowing interest from consumers. The auto industry’s pivot to electric vehicles has been rocked by setbacks this year, just as a flood of new battery-powered models is hitting showrooms. (Related: Automaker bigwigs admit EV sales are in jeopardy.)

French automaker Renault said it has decided to cancel the initial public offering of its electric-car unit Ampere. Ford, meanwhile, has slashed production of its electric F-150 Lightning, a pickup truck that has generated major buzz since its launch. Rental-car firm Hertz has dumped about one-third of its EV rental car fleet, replacing the cars with gas-engine vehicles.

Meanwhile, Volvo CEO Jim Rowan said a separation from Polestar is a “natural evolution.” He added that now is the right time for Volvo to reduce its shareholding and for Polestar to look for alternative funding.

“We remain firm on our ambition to report an earnings [before interest and taxes] margin about eight percent for 2026, and now do so based on expected revenues [of] between 550 billion Swedish kronor ($52.03 billion) and 600 billion Swedish kronor ($56.76 billion),” said Rowan. “By the end of 2026, this calculates to a revenue compound annual growth rate of 11 percent to 15 percent from 2023 to 2026.”

Volvo also posted a rise in revenue for the fourth quarter of 2023, driven by higher volumes. The company also said it expects the growth rate in retail sales to increase this year, as long as there are no major disruptions.

Polestar, on the other hand, reiterated that Volvo “will remain a strategic partner in areas across [research and development], manufacturing, after-sales and commercial.” It also confirmed that it had “made significant progress” in building up its business, despite recent hiccups.

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DEMOGRAPHIC CRISIS: Poland birth rate drops by 11%, country’s population falls by 137K in 2023 –

DEMOGRAPHIC CRISIS: Poland birth rate drops by 11%, country’s population falls by 137K in 2023

Poland’s main statistical office has reported an alarming 11 percent decrease in births and a natural decrease of 137,000 inhabitants in its latest demographic estimates for 2023.

The figures, equivalent to the vanishing population of an entire medium-sized city in a year, show that fertility rates in Poland are dropping below 1.20 for the first time, positioning the country among those with the lowest fertility rates globally. (Related: DEMOGRAPHIC CRISIS: Declining population due to low birth rates is the biggest threat to Europe, warns Hungarian president.)

According to the data, a mere 272,000 children were born in Poland in 2023, marking a drastic 30 percent drop in births over the past six years, down from over 400,000 in 2017. This decline is attributed to an aging population and a significant decrease in the number of women of prime childbearing age.

Currently, only 475,000 Polish women are around the age of 30, a critical age for childbirth, a number that has plummeted from over 660,000 a decade ago. This, in turn, suggests that by 2027, depopulation will be inevitable, with the number of births falling below 200,000. The decline is projected to continue, with expectations that the number will shrink further to approximately 340,000 in the next 10 years.

Moreover, the results suggest that even if fertility rates were to double among 30-year-old women in the coming decade, the birth numbers would remain nearly unchanged due to the diminishing number of potential mothers in Poland’s birth rate.

For Poland, population decline means higher taxes and retirement ages in the coming years.

Polish birth rate has declined 40% in 30 years

Poland has witnessed a 40 percent decline in birth rates over the last three decades, with women currently averaging just 1.4 children.

Ewa Dadalska, head of a maternity ward in the town of Wolomin, just east of Warsaw, reflects on the drastic change in deserted delivery rooms. “Just five years ago, it would have been unthinkable to have these empty rooms,” she said. “At the moment, almost every day these empty beds just stand and wait for potential mothers.”

Factors such as cultural shifts, fear of childbirth, health concerns for the child, fertility issues, climate change fears and challenges in finding a suitable partner amid political polarization and the influence of social media contribute to the decline in birth rates.

Agnieszka Szpila, a writer and activist with two severely disabled children, sheds light on the fears of prospective mothers.

“Women are extremely afraid of being stuck in my situation. The only person a [disabled] child can rely on is the mother. Not the society, not the country, not the system,” she said. “Until my children are 18, they have school. But then, they don’t have school. They will be sitting with me until the end of their lives. I can’t live my life in the way I imagined,” she said.

Meanwhile, others attribute the decline to economic factors, including higher interest rates, soaring housing prices and inflation. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine further exacerbate the situation, discouraging family expansion.

Learn more about the demographic crisis affecting countries all over the world at

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Article 4640 Video – And Just in Case of Dumb Bunny Psychosis – Sunday, February 4, 2024 By Anna Von Reitz

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Illegal Bio-Lab Discovered in CA

Investigative journalists Adam Garrie and Nikos Biggs-Chiropolos at the Kennedy Beacon just reported a bizarre and disturbing story the raises all kinds of questions about California state and federal regulatory agencies.

In December 2022, Code Enforcement Officer Jesalyn Harper discovered an illegal biolab in an abandoned warehouse in the small agricultural community of Reedley, California. Operated by a Chinese fugitive who illegally entered the United States under a false identity, the biolab could have been the epicenter of one or more pandemic outbreaks, as its contents included pathogens ranging from Ebola and SARS-CoV-2 to HIV and gonorrhea. The poorly maintained lab was operating with impunity until Harper’s accidental discovery.

While the State of California comported itself like a tyrannical control freak during the COVID-19 Pandemic, it tolerates all manner of unsanitary squalor in its cities. What on earth gave a Chinese fugitive the notion that he could get away with starting and running an illegal bio-lab, and what exactly was his objective in doing so? How many other labs of this nature are operating in grungy warehouse and industrial districts in California and other states?

Click on the image below to read the entire report.