WATCHED: Russia to expand surveillance system by requiring integration of private video cameras into government surveillance networks –

WATCHED: Russia to expand surveillance system by requiring integration of private video cameras into government surveillance networks

Reports indicate that Russian officials in the state of Perm Krai have mandated that private video camera owners must integrate their devices into a regional surveillance network, a practice that will soon be enforced nationwide.

The initiative, which was the result of a decree from Perm Krai Gov. Dmitry Makhonin, took effect on Jan. 25.

The private video camera mandate is in alignment with President Vladimir Putin’s martial law declaration in Ukraine’s occupied territories last October 2022, granting regional governors augmented powers to maintain the “security” of their assigned areas.

Russia’s citizen monitoring has significantly heightened following the beginning of the special military operation in Ukraine. Now, authorities are increasingly monitoring social media and using surveillance cameras to track both activists and citizens. Additionally, Moscow has recently tested facial recognition traffic lights.

Alexander Bykov, head of the main state-level traffic safety agency for the Moscow Oblast, has also suggested that providing biometric data should be obligatory. (Related: British police secretly using U.K. passport database to conduct facial recognition searches.)

Facial recognition a key part of Russia’s surveillance strategy

Facial recognition is an important element in Russia’s surveillance strategy. The technology has already been used to detain opposition activists and identify individuals who ignored military draft summons.

In April 2023, Putin signed a law tightening restrictions on draft evaders. The law also required call-up papers to be delivered electronically, instead of in person by an enlistment officer or employer.

The measures were a challenging obstacle for thousands of men aged between 18 and 27 who, during spring and autumn, try hard to avoid recruitment officers who force them to do their year of compulsory military service. Recruitment officers also notified individuals called up for service in Ukraine under a mobilization announced last 2022.

Maxim Loktev, Moscow’s chief enlistment officer, told the state-owned news agency TASS that video surveillance systems in the city of Moscow were being used to locate the “place of residence of the conscript.”

In 2017, Moscow’s Department of Information Technologies reported that more than 3,000 surveillance cameras in the city had been connected to a facial recognition system.

Russia’s compulsory military service provides a pool of young, trained personnel who can be encouraged or pressured to sign up as professional soldiers while Russia tries to expand its armed forces. The country has already mobilized an estimated 300,000 reservists to fight in Ukraine.

Arrests due to facial recognition have also been reported in subways and train stations.

Sergey Suchkov, CEO of NtechLab, has explained that facial recognition is already operational in 62 regions.

The move is part of the Ministry of Digital Development’s “Data Economy” project, which is targeting the compilation of a comprehensive profile of citizens’ activities.

As of writing, private cameras in Russia are inaccessible to regional authorities.

In November 2023, the Digital Development department reported that only half of the 1.2 million street cameras are state-owned. The project’s major goal is to centralize street surveillance, with private cameras playing a significant role in monitoring.

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Watch the video below to see Russian forces attack North Atlantic Treaty Organization facilities in Zaporizhia.

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Company linked to Egyptian Intelligence charging international charity $5,000 a truck to get aid into Gaza –

Company linked to Egyptian Intelligence charging international charity $5,000 a truck to get aid into Gaza

A company connected to Egypt’s primary intelligence agency is allegedly extorting aid agencies who wish to get aid trucks across the border into Gaza up to $5,000 per truck.

This is according to a source verified by Middle East Eye, who came into contact with an international charity with broad experience in providing emergency aid in the Middle East and Afghanistan during wars, famines and other disasters like earthquakes.

The charity, which requested anonymity to prevent future obstruction of its relief efforts in Gaza, spoke about having to pay what the company describes as a bribe to agents linked to Egypt’s General Intelligence Service (GIS).

“We have worked around the world in times of war, earthquakes and other disasters, but we have never been treated like this by a state who is profiteering from the dispatch of humanitarian goods,” said a spokesman for the anonymous charity. “It’s draining a lot of resources and the bribe being paid is per truck.”

The charity claimed that the money is being paid in the form of a “management fee” to a company affiliated with the Sons of Sinai, a construction and contracting firm owned by Egyptian businessman Ibrahim al-Organi and is a subsidiary of his conglomerate, the Organi Group.

Al-Organi is also the head of the Tarabin tribe, whose traditional lands are located in parts of the Sinai desert bordering Israel. Al-Organi also owns a company that is a joint venture with two other companies owned by the GIS.

Palestinians desperate to flee Gaza also forced to pay up to $10,000 in bribes

The Organi Group has previously been accused in media reports of being the ultimate beneficiary of a lucrative scheme to “fast-track” the provision of permits for Palestinians who wish to escape Israel’s indiscriminate attacks in Gaza.

Unfortunately, the Organi Group’s alleged activities at the Rafah Border Crossing with the Gaza Strip is just part of a broader scheme by a massive network of brokers and couriers based in Cairo, many with their own alleged links to the GIS, preventing Palestinians from being able to leave Gaza unless they pay bribes starting from $4,500 and rising to $10,000 to help them exit the territory.

Not even Egyptian citizens living in Gaza are exempt, being forced to pay between $650 to $1,200 for exit visas. Other foreign passport holders can be forced to pay up to $3,000 to exit.

These schemes were uncovered by multiple investigations, including by The Guardian, independent Egyptian news website Saheeh Masr and by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, a global anti-corruption nonprofit.

“It’s very frustrating and saddening,” said one Palestinian man residing in the United States who was forced to pay $9,000 to get his wife and children on the list of people permitted to exit Gaza daily. The family was forced to shelter in schools since the Oct. 7 attacks and Israel’s indiscriminate retaliation.

On the day the man’s family was slated to travel out of Gaza, he was told his children’s names were not listed and he would have to pay an extra $3,000. He accused these brokers of “trying to trade in the blood of Gazans.” (Related: Israel refusing to allow HUMANITARIAN AID to reach the 2 million civilians trapped in Gaza.)

“They are trying to exploit people who are suffering, who are trying to get out of the hell in Gaza,” he added. As of press time, his family has yet to leave the Strip.

Belal, a U.S. citizen from Gaza, was told by brokers that he would need to raise $85,000 to get 11 family members out of Gaza, including five children under three.

“I’m only considering this option because the U.S. government is not responding to me. If I had any hope about my father’s case, I wouldn’t be,” said Belal. He has spent the past few months appealing to the State Department to put his diabetic father on the exit list. “I’m in this situation because the U.S. doesn’t want to help its own citizens.”

Belal noted that he and other Palestinian Americans are only able to communicate with the State Department by email, and the process can take weeks or, in Belal’s case, months. “By contrast, I see other people who pay money to leave, and they’re able to exit within a day or two,” he said.

Watch the video below about Israeli protesters blocking the entry of food aid trucks via the Kerem Shalom crossing.

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Paris to TRIPLE parking charges for large SUVs – another move initiated by green tyrants who want to take away people’s freedom to choose their vehicles –

Paris to TRIPLE parking charges for large SUVs – another move initiated by green tyrants who want to take away people’s freedom to choose their vehicles

A majority of residents of Paris have voted in favor of a measure tripling parking charges for large sports utility vehicles (SUVs) in the city center.

The referendum, which aims to discourage the use of “bulky, polluting” cars, according to the city government of Paris, sought to increase parking fees for cars weighing 1.6 metric tons (1.76 U.S. tons) and more, including electric cars two metric tons (2.2 U.S. tons) and above, to 18 euros ($19.4) per hour.

The measure, which aims to address city issues related to road safety, air pollution and so-called climate change, received the support of 54.5 percent of voters, with 45.5 percent rejecting it. This consultative referendum received a remarkably low voter turnout, with only 5.7 percent of voters in the city coming out to vote, with the final decision on the matter to inevitably be decided by the socialist-led city administration.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo of the French Socialist Party justifies her administration’s decision to raise parking rates for SUVs by noting that SUVs are 20 percent more polluting than average cars and pedestrians struck by SUVs are twice as likely to be killed than if they were in collisions with standard vehicles.

In a video posted on her official Facebook page, she took pride in the initiative and stressed the need for urgent action.

“We’re proud of having posed an eminently environmental question at a time when the environment is presented as the source of all evil. It’s a form of resistance here in Paris to this very concerning movement,” Hidalgo said.

Under Hidalgo, Paris has witnessed significant transformations. Her administration has built 84 kilometers (52.2 miles) of new bicycle lanes since 2020, leading to a 71 percent increase in bike usage between the end of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdowns in the city and 2023.

Referendum results face backlash from drivers and driver advocacy groups

The move faces backlash from drivers and driver advocacy groups. City authorities want to limit these big vehicles in city centers, but many consumers still prefer them since more than half of the vehicles sold in Europe in 2023 were SUVs.

SUVs are an increasingly popular type of vehicle in France, especially among families. Frustrated drivers, including 37-year-old Laure Picard, argue that the new charges, particularly for SUVs, will be financially burdensome on family budgets. (Related: All the facts you need to debunk ‘climate change’ scammers (Video).)

“It’s going to be about 200 euros a day. That’s extremely expensive. Life is expensive [and] children are expensive. The goal is that we stop using our car, but we need our car to leave Paris during holidays and weekends,” he said.

Pierre Chasserat of the campaign group 40 Million Motorists backed this claim and argued that penalizing SUVs based on weight criteria unfairly targets families. He stressed that French SUVs are not comparable to American Hummers.

As a response, the 40 Million Motorists group has launched a petition advocating for drivers’ freedom to choose their preferred vehicles.

“We must firmly oppose these attacks on freedom pursued under false green pretexts. If we don’t stop it now, this unjustified rebellion led by an ultra-urban and anti-car minority will spread like gangrene to other cities,” the group said.

Critics of the referendum have also noted that, of the one million Parisians eligible to participate in the referendum, a majority lived in the city and were less inclined to drive SUVs compared to the millions of people who lived in Paris’ suburbs but work in the capital.

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Watch the video below to learn about the truth behind climate change.

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U.K.’s flagship aircraft carrier, the HMS Queen Elizabeth, bows out of NATO exercises following propeller failure –

U.K.’s flagship aircraft carrier, the HMS Queen Elizabeth, bows out of NATO exercises following propeller failure

The HMS Queen Elizabeth, the flagship aircraft carrier of the British Royal Navy, broke down during recent North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) exercises, highlighting the challenges faced by the United Kingdom in its desire to maintain a world-class navy.

Valued at $3.7 billion, the carrier had to withdraw from the largest NATO naval drills since the Cold War due to a discovered propeller issue. This setback comes 18 months after the Queen Elizabeth’s sister ship, the HMS Prince of Wales, encountered a similar problem. (Related: NATO to hold biggest military exercise since the Cold War amid rising tensions with Russia.)

The timing of these mechanical failures is crucial, given the U.K.’s expanding naval commitments, such as providing protection to vessels in the Red Sea targeted by Houthi rebels and addressing Chinese aggression in the South China Sea and Russian aggression in the Black Sea amid the conflict in Ukraine.

Former navy commander Tom Sharpe expressed concerns that the malfunction could mean the U.K. will no longer send a carrier to the Red Sea.

Readiness for combat of British Armed Forces questioned

The breakdown further raises questions about the readiness and capabilities of the U.K.’s military forces.

Additionally, the House of Commons Defense Select Committee highlighted in a recent report how the British Armed Forces is consistently overstretched and putting unrelenting pressure on personnel and materiel. One grave concern for the Royal Navy is the shortage of available vessels and inoperable naval equipment.

Despite these challenges, the Defense Ministry asserts that the military is meeting its commitments, emphasizing the readiness of the armed forces to protect and defend the United Kingdom.

However, the issues extend beyond flagship vessels, as smaller ships have encountered problems, including collisions off the coast of Bahrain. Experts have warned about the state of the British navy, suggesting a dissonance between military ambitions and capabilities.

The risk of being drawn into a conflict without sustaining a presence exposes strategic weaknesses, according to Richard Barrons, a former head of the U.K.’s armed forces. The breakdown of HMS Queen Elizabeth adds urgency to addressing maintenance issues and ensuring the robustness of the U.K.’s naval capabilities.

The impact of the armed forces “hollowing out” since 2010 has eroded the country’s war-fighting resilience, creating concerns about its ability to engage in a prolonged, all-out war. The committee emphasized that operational pressures and an unrelenting tempo have led to a drop in retention, coupled with recruitment difficulties, resulting in a cycle that exacerbates the crisis.

Committee chair Jeremy Quin underscored the need for an intense ongoing focus on readiness for high-intensity warfighting, stating that while the military can deploy quickly, its preparedness for extended conflicts demands more attention. The recruitment crisis has been exacerbated by continuous pressure on personnel, leading to a situation where more individuals are leaving the armed forces than joining.

Efforts by the Defense Ministry to address these challenges were criticized for their slow pace, with reports suggesting that a lack of strategic management of resources, including stockpiles, has contributed to the problem. The committee urged the ministry to adopt a more strategic approach to ensure effective deterrence in the face of heightened geopolitical instability.

Defense Secretary Grant Shapps has acknowledged the changing global landscape, emphasizing the need for the U.K.’s entire defense ecosystem to be ready. He reassured that troop numbers would not dip below 73,000 under the Conservative government, addressing concerns about potential cuts.

Watch this clip of two Royal Navy minesweepers – the HMS Chiddingfold and HMS Bangor – colliding into each other while berthing in Bahrain.

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Royal Navy nuclear sub sank into danger zone following gauge malfunction, nearly killing 140 crew members.

To stave off a potential Russian invasion, the U.K. would need “10 years warning,” admits top general.

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The Meaning of Malice

When I started following Dr. McCullough in the fall of 2020, I quickly perceived him to be one of the main good guys in a story about the greatest organized crime in history. I suspected that the official pandemic response—especially the suppression of early treatment—consisted of innumerable acts of fraud and mass negligent homicide. In cases of of hospitalized patients who died after being denied corticosteroids, blood thinners, and ivermectin, I believe that law enforcement should examine the possibility that murders have been committed.

My perception of the official pandemic response was shaped by my experience as an investigative journalist and author of two major works of true crime. My first book was about the Viennese author and serial killer, Jack Unterweger. A few days ago, on the 30th anniversary of Jack’s trial, Austria’s largest circulation newspaper published a long interview with me about my book.

The true crime genre of literature is generally considered to have been founded with the 1966 publication of Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood, about the murder of the Clutter family in the small farming town of Holcomb, Kansas in 1959. Capote was initially drawn to the story because the crime was so alien and so shocking to the entire community. He then became fascinated by the character of Perry Smith, who was, along with his sidekick, Richard Hickock, accused and ultimately convicted and hanged for shotgunning Mr. and Mrs. Clutter and their two children.

As far as I know, all major true crime authors since Capote published their books only after the suspected murderers had either died or been convicted of their crimes. In my new book, The Meaning of Malice: On the Trail of the Black Widow of Highland Park, I believe I present sufficient evidence to warrant arresting a mysterious woman named Sandra Bridewell for the murder of three people in the years 1975, 1982, and 1985.

I grew up down the street from Sandra in Dallas in the early eighties, and I occasionally chatted with her in her home while visiting her daughter, who happened to be my classmate and childhood friend. In 2007, when Sandra was arrested for committing multiple acts of fraud against an elderly lady in Southport, North Carolina, I visited her in pre-trial detention.

At the heart of my research is the meticulous examination of shooting deaths that were—as I reveal in my book—erroneously ruled suicides by the Dallas County Medical Examiner. In fact they were murders.

Please check out my new book trailer and consider sharing the link with your friends. I’m confident that anyone who is interested in true crime books will be astonished by this true story.