Historic rains and flooding push California fault lines toward the “Big One” – NaturalNews.com

Geophysicists are voicing their concerns about the impact of southern California’s recent week-long storm deluge on the Golden State’s fragile earthquake fault lines.

The trillions of gallons of water that dumped on the southland are putting incredible weight on the San Andreas and other SoCal fault lines, which are massively overdue for the so-called “Big One.”

“Water is very heavy,” writes Michael from End of the American Dream. “If you doubt this, just try lugging a couple of gallons of water around with you for a while.”

“Now trillions of gallons of rain have poured down on California, and all of that added weight is going to put additional stress on the fault lines in the southern portion of the state.”

Several years back, a team of geophysicists determined that heavy rainfall and flooding does, in fact, put so much weight on fault lines that sometimes and earthquake ensues. Such a scenario has happened at least three times over the past 2,000 years, they say.

The southern section of California’s infamous San Andreas fault is particularly susceptible to flood-induced earthquakes. Ancient floods caused by the nearby Colorado River weighted down the land and bam, an earthquake soon followed.

Some worry that the same scenario is brewing once again with the latest round of “atmospheric river” discharge, which dumped nearly nonstop rain on southern California for an entire week, and then some.

“We found quakes happened about every 100 to 200 years and were correlated with floods,” says geophysicist Daniel Brothers, one of the scientists who worked on the above-linked Nature study.

“The Colorado River spills, loads the crust, and then there is a rupture.”

Brothers and his colleagues say they are “very confident” in the existence of flood-induced earthquakes, which historically occurred around a magnitude six. One occurred about 600 years ago, then another 1,100 years ago, then another between 1,200 and 1,900 years ago.

“Sediments don’t lie,” Brothers says.

(Related: Some areas of southern California received record levels of rain going back to the beginning of when record-keeping began.)

“Big One” will break off parts of California into sea

Some of the hardest rain-hit areas of southern California in the recent storm include the Cogswell Dam above Pasadena, Beverly Hills, Culver City and downtown Los Angeles.

A weather station at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) experienced “a 1-in-1,000-year rainfall event” that drenched the school and surrounding area with 11.87 inches of rain in just 24 hours.

Technically, what UCLA experienced and recorded is a “1,000-year recurrence interval event,” according to meteorologist Jacob Feuerstein. The 1-in-1,000-year rainfall event is simply a way of statistically saying that the probability of such an event happening in any given year is one in 1,000.

In the first 48 hours of the storm, it was estimated that an astounding 5.6 trillion gallons of rain fell on California – and that was just the first portion. Now that the end of the rain event has come, at least for now, the total figure is likely well in the double-digit trillions in terms of the number of gallons of rain that fell on the Golden State.

Should the “Big One” strike California in the coming days, scientists warn that large portions of land will break off into the Pacific Ocean almost instantly. And keep in mind that it is not just the San Andreas that is now at risk: there are hundreds, if not thousands, of faults and cracks in the California landscape that could go off at any moment.

“It’s something that would happen relatively instantaneously,” says Cal State Fullerton (CSUF) professor Matt Kirby.

What do you think: Is California on the verge of feeling the Big One? Find out more at Collapsifornia.com.

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James O’Keefe infiltrates illegal alien compound in Tucson by posing as homeless, drunk vagrant – NaturalNews.com

James O’Keefe infiltrates illegal alien compound in Tucson by posing as homeless, drunk vagrant

He has done it again. Investigative undercover journalist James O’Keefe successfully infiltrated an illegal alien compound in Tucson to expose the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are aiding illegal migrants in breaking into the United States without permission.

O’Keefe dressed up as a homeless, drunk vagrant to enter the Ramada Inn in Tucson, which was recently converted into an illegal immigration compound called Casa Alitas.

Funded in part by Catholic Community Services of Tucson, this secret operation to facilitate illegal migrant entry into America is enriching groups like Las Palmas that are helping refugees who are “lying about sponsors,” meaning they are not telling the truth about who is funding and helping them invade the country.

With hidden cameras embedded in his disguise, O’Keefe entered the facility and captured on tape police officers admitting that refugees are not telling the truth about who is paying for their stay at the Ramada Inn, which is providing free lodging, breakfast, lunch, hygienic services and Wi-Fi internet for as long as they need before continuing on their way.

One of the migrants shared with another undercover journalist working alongside O’Keefe that the NGOs helping illegal migrants “get paid no matter what.” The question is: from who?

BREAKING: O’Keefe Media Group infiltrates SECRET converted illegal immigrant compound CASA ALITAS Ramada Hotel in Tucson.

This secret operation is funded by Catholic Community Services of Tucson and enriches groups like, “Las Palmas.”

O’Keefe disguised himself as a homeless… pic.twitter.com/RTB4ea86az

— James O’Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) February 7, 2024

(Related: Last year, O’Keefe captured footage suggesting that Tucker Carlson was fired from Fox News at the order of Dominion Voting Systems and the pharmaceutical industry.)

Illegal gang members flooding America

Leftist claims that all the illegals pouring in are just helpless innocents looking for a better life in the “land of the free” were proven false through O’Keefe’s investigation, which revealed that obvious gang members are flooding across the border without resistance.

Customs and Border Patrol (CPB) agents often recognize or suspect that certain migrants are gang members, but they still allow them to pass through unabated.

“They will ask about gang tattoos but Border Patrol still lets those people in,” one of the other migrants told an O’Keefe journalist.

Ashley St. Clair, who works alongside O’Keefe in his journalistic efforts, was able to speak with a taxi driver while she posed as a local ministry outreach member. The taxi driver told St. Clair that while Catholic Community Services is providing services to illegal migrants, the organization “do[es]n’t treat them well.”

“They scare them,” the taxi driver revealed, explaining that he works with the migrant population in the area on a regular basis.

O’Keefe himself was also able to approach local police officer Deputy Carter about a bus that arrived while he was at the Ramada Inn. The bus was filled with what appeared to be illegal immigrants, but the police officer would not admit to this.

“Sir, I’m not on the bus,” the officer told O’Keefe when he asked Deputy Carter about one of several buses filled with migrants that pulled up behind her.

O’Keefe later shared the following image to X showing all of the officers he encountered during the investigation:

Officers involved in our Ramada coverage. pic.twitter.com/jnKJrseSJI

— James O’Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) February 7, 2024

“Why are our county deputies being used to facilitate movement and hiding illegals?” asked retired Pima County Board of Supervisors (BOD) District 1 official of the Pima County, Ariz., sheriff’s office.

“Pima County taxpayers deserve an answer!”

Another person responded to this that the law enforcement officers in question are likely “being paid off to look the other way.”

“Dirty stuff going on in those places,” the X user added.

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Microsoft patents a method to “computerize the human body” and use it as a conduit for power transmission, data surveillance and control – NaturalNews.com

Microsoft patents a method to “computerize the human body” and use it as a conduit for power transmission, data surveillance and control

Microsoft’s latest innovation in computer science seeks to “computerize the human body” and use people as conductive mediums to transmit power and data. This system will be able to collect intimate information from the body for surveillance and data analysis and ultimately for remotely controlling people’s behaviors and thoughts. By computerizing the human body and digitizing every impulse, motive and behavioral pattern, humans become hack-able creatures whose perception can be controlled through emotional and sensory stimulants transmitted directly back to them.

Microsoft patent portends a future of hack-able humans, wired for control

Patent US6754472B1 lays out Microsoft’s plans for using humans as an apparatus for distributing power to devices coupled to the human body. By using the human body as a power source and connecting people to peripheral devices, Microsoft can turn the human body into a computer network. Corporations can then extract data and stimulate human senses, all while exposing the internal organs and cellular systems to EMFs. As the human body becomes computerized, corporations can then communicate messages and use official narratives to guide people’s behavior. By providing a constant stream of data, humans will be controlled by the very devices that are coupled to their computerized body. As the technology advances, these power and communication signals may be transmitted from one body to another through touch.

This invention will not require the use of wearable devices that have a direct interface. This invention can also include multiple wearable microchips that do not have a direct interface. Instead, these microchips can be used as relays across the body, collecting and transmitting data, power and information to the user. In one example, earrings could be used to measure the person’s pulse rate or they could deliver sound to the ear using a cell phone stored in the person’s pocket.

As more personal data is collected from the person’s body, it can be processed by AI systems and used for predatory and/or nefarious purposes. All the surveillance can be used to further control people’s behavior, purchasing habits, political affiliations, etc.

Bill Gates recently spoke with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman about using AI to solve the problem of “polarization” and to stop the spread of “misinformation.” Of course, AI could be engineered to control speech and impose lies as facts. This is already happening. The information consumed by people is already heavily monitored and controlled. The masses’ decisions are already heavily influenced by target marketing, news feed preferences and censorship schemes devised by Silicon Valley and the global elite.

People’s behavior and thought are already being engineered by AI systems and feedback loops that keep people in a zombie, consumerist, dumbed down state. Like it or not, computer systems and information networks are already being weaponized to control people in an echo chamber that further brainwashes them. As humans become more connected and adopt Microsoft’s technology, they will only be made more subservient, with only an illusion of autonomy, original thought and individuality.

Microchips the size of sand grains can be deployed for human surveillance

Microchips the size of a grain of sand are being deployed to interface with humans and landscapes to monitor human activity and analyze the environment. Scientists at Northwestern University developed a flying microchip that is about the size of a grain of sand. This microchip travels through the air and spins like a helicopter. The researchers believe that these microchips can be deployed as wireless electronic devices “for environmental monitoring, population surveillance, disease management” and can be used for “other applications that demand coverage over expansive spatial scales.”

So the future that Microsoft envisions is available, and humans will slowly be merged into a computerized state. Whether that comes with or without our consent remains to be seen, but the conveniences offered by these technologies and the promise of a more connected life of safety and security is usually enough to coax compliance.

This is why breaking free from data collection systems, computerized surveillance, the hacking of our cells, the target marketing, the information feedback loops and the digital dopamine rushes is essential.

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Moderna flags viral clip of Megyn Kelly discussing the vaccine injuries she suffered due to COVID-19 injections – NaturalNews.com

Moderna flags viral clip of Megyn Kelly discussing the vaccine injuries she suffered due to COVID-19 injections

Media personality Megyn Kelly is in the crosshairs of Big Pharma firm Moderna after she disclosed vaccine damage caused by the company’s mRNA Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.

Investigative journalist Lee Fang disclosed this in a report on his Substack, noting that Kelly and other public figures like comedian Russell Brand, former New York Times journalist Alex Berenson and renowned professor Dr. Jay Bhattacharya were targeted by Moderna’s “misinformation reporting system.”

The issue arose from a September 2023 episode of “The Megyn Kelly Show” that had journalist David Zweig as a guest. She told him about her experience getting a COVID-19 booster – essentially a third dose of the injection.

“I do regret getting the vaccine, even though I’m a 52-year-old woman, because I don’t think I needed it. I think I would have been fine,” Kelly said at the time. She contracted COVID-19 “many times” despite the third dose, and also developed a secondary health concern that arose from the injection.

“For the first time, I tested positive for an autoimmune issue at my annual physical,” the former Fox News host recounted. She ended up consulting with a top rheumatologist in New York City, who agreed with her suspicions.

“I said, ‘Do you think this could have to do with the fact that I got the damn booster and then got COVID-19 within three weeks?’ And she said, ‘Yes.’ I wasn’t the only one she’d seen with it.”

This clip of Kelly disclosing the vaccine injuries she suffered due to COVID-19 injections went viral on social media. It also led many in the press to write about it. The clip eventually reached the executives at the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based drug firm. Reports suggest the vaccine manufacturers flagged her remarks as cause for concern amid growing hesitancy around the mRNA injection. (Related: Vaccine advisers outraged as Moderna, government scientists CONCEALED key data about COVID boosters.)

Moderna raises alert about Kelly’s remarks

According to Fang, Moderna flagged Kelly’s clip about her autoimmune condition internally. It warned that the podcast host’s comments could “discourage people who are on the fence about getting vaccinated.”

“In its alert about Kelly, the company noted that her comments added to the growing concern around autoimmune disorders and COVID-19 vaccinations. The Moderna misinformation email proceeded to offer data that appeared to reaffirm, rather than debunk, Kelly’s assertions.”

Fang continued that the email concluded with a message about a report by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The said report highlighted a link between COVID-19 vaccination and inflammatory and autoimmune skin diseases. While Moderna did not dispute the NIH report’s findings, it noted that the paper “is in rotation in anti-vaccine spaces online.”

In a later episode of “The Megyn Kelly Show” that had the Intercept co-founder Glenn Greenwald as guest, Kelly discussed Big Pharma’s surveillance of COVID-19 criticisms – including hers – and the importance of independent media.

“Fang … has revealed that Moderna was very, very upset … [about] things that I said on this show,” she commented. “I got targeted by Moderna, who is very worried that this would add to the growing concern around autoimmune disorders following COVID-19 vaccinations.

One can’t help but notice the irony of how Moderna allegedly handled the situation, Kelly said, adding: “They’re admitting internally that it’s a problem, but they’re upset that I am talking about it … because they don’t want it discussed. And the mainstream media outlets were only too happy to comply.”

Watch Megyn Kelly react to the news that Moderna tried to suppress her comments about the vaccine damage she suffered from the COVID-19 injection below.

This video is from Daily videos on Brighteon.com.

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RIGGED: Two high-level FDA officials who approved Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine are now working for Moderna to develop new mRNA “vaccines.”

SCIENCE FRAUD: Pfizer’s COVID jab “placebo” control group was given MODERNA “vaccine” instead, preprint confirms.

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Ray McGovern: NEOCONS and WARMONGERS in Biden admin are pushing U.S. into war with Iran – NaturalNews.com

Ray McGovern: NEOCONS and WARMONGERS in Biden admin are pushing U.S. into war with Iran

The neoconservatives and warmongers in the Biden administration want America to engage in a war against Iran, according to former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) analyst Ray McGovern.

He shared this view during an appearance on the “Health Ranger Report” with the Health Ranger Mike Adams. The founder of Natural News and Brighteon.com began the program by mentioning that the U.S. wants to use Israel as a proxy to wage war on Iran, which was similar to how Ukraine was utilized as a proxy against Russia.

The Health Ranger also noted that Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and John Cornyn (R-TX) are saying they can’t wait to bomb Iran. Even former Fox News host Tucker Carlson denounced the lawmakers as “lunatics” for wanting to retaliate against Tehran. (Related: Boyle: Israel is a PROXY of the U.S. to control the Middle East and secure energy supplies.)

According to Adams, Graham is still living in the 1980s as he isn’t aware of Iran possessing advanced ballistic missiles – and possibly hypersonic missiles – from Russia. The entire U.S. Navy is well within the range of these weapons, the Health Ranger added.

McGovern remarked that while the Biden regime is divided on the issue of war with Iran, the neoconservatives in the administration are desperate to get America into an open fight with Tehran on behalf of Tel Aviv. Victoria Nuland and Antony Blinken of the Department of State, as well as White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, are goading Washington into war.

“What’s happening here is that there’s a battle royale going on in Washington between those who really want to stick it to Iran and to blame every little Houthi or any other terrorist attack on Iranian-backed groups and go after Iran,” McGovern said.

Adams recalled that following the Oct. 7 terror attack in Israel, the Wall Street Journal came out with a story about Hamas fighters being trained in Iran. McGovern dubbed this story as rubbish, adding that people have learned that Tehran, the Lebanon-based Hezbollah or anybody else knew about the attack in Israel before it was conducted.

U.S. making up story that Iran is working on a nuclear weapon

The erstwhile CIA analyst mentioned that Iran has ballistic missiles capable of destroying major cities in Israel. However, Tel Aviv has a deterrent as well in the form of a nuclear weapon – something Tehran does not have.

“The latest intelligence estimate is consistent with the one from 2007, saying Iran is not working on a nuclear weapon right now. They have nuclear material, but not a weapon,” said McGovern. He also disclosed an estimate from an intelligence official stating that Iran stopped working on a nuclear warhead in 2002 and had not resumed ever since.

“So what do we have? We have a standoff here. Hopefully, the deterrent aspect will work its way so that the crazies in Washington will not start a war in Iran and have Israel destroyed in the process – because that is precisely what would happen.”

According to McGovern, the warmongering neoconservatives in the Biden administration “are getting to the point where … [they] would really like to bloody Iran – and they make up this fiction that Iran is working on a nuclear weapon.” He continued that intelligence agencies from the 2000s have “expressed unanimously and confidently” that Tehran isn’t working on a nuclear weapon.

The former CIA analyst recounted how former President George W. Bush even complained about and disagreed with the estimate. The younger Bush’s complaint stemmed from the fact that he was unable to make war against a country the intelligence community said had no active nuclear weapons program.

“They wanted to do this war as they went out into the sunset in 2008, and leave the subsequent administration to mop up and to survive to the degree it could.”

Follow WWIII.news for more stories about the Israel-Hamas conflict and the rising tension in the Middle East.

Watch the full conversation between Ray McGovern and the Health Ranger Mike Adams below.

This video is from the Health Ranger Report channel on Brighteon.com.

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