SC Justice Alito: Red states can also take Biden off the ballot if Trump’s ballot ban in Colorado is upheld –

SC Justice Alito: Red states can also take Biden off the ballot if Trump’s ballot ban in Colorado is upheld

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has revealed that Republican-controlled states could also remove President Joe Biden from their ballots if Colorado’s decision to block former President Donald Trump stands.

Back in December, the Colorado Supreme Court decided to deny Trump ballot access in the state’s Republican primary due to his alleged participation in the events of Jan. 6, 2021 at the Capitol. The court argued that the incursion resulted in an insurrection incited by the former president, disqualifying Trump under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, also known as the “insurrection clause.” This clause barred people who supported the Confederacy in the Civil War from holding office if they engaged in insurrection or rebellion.

As a response, Trump appealed the Colorado decision to the federal Supreme Court on Jan. 4, which, two days later, confirmed that it would review the case.

During the court session on Feb. 8, Alito questioned Attorney Jason Murray, the attorney representing the groups from Colorado seeking to bar Trump’s name from appearing on the ballot.

Alito posed a hypothetical scenario that involved a president providing funds to a country openly hostile to the United States. He questioned whether a state could argue that such an action constitutes aid and comfort to the enemy.

“Suppose there is a country that proclaims again and again and again that the United States is its biggest enemy, and suppose that the president of the United States, for diplomatic reasons, think it is in the best interest of the United States to provide funds or release funds so that they can be used by that country, could a state determine that person has given aid and comfort to the enemy, and therefore, keep that person off of the ballot?” Alito asked.

The hypothetical scenario referred to Biden’s decision to lift the $6 million in sanction funds to be returned to Iran, a nation with known antagonistic intentions towards the U.S., last October. Subsequently, a massacre in Israel by Hamas occurred, and reports suggested that the attack had Iran’s approval. However, Murray argued that it would not meet the criteria for insurrection. (Related: Biden’s $6 billion ransom payment to Iran motivates Hamas to take more American hostages.)

“This Court has never interpreted the aid and comfort language, which also is present in the treason clause,” said Murray. “But commentators have suggested it’s been rarely applied because treason prosecutions are so rare, but commentators have suggested that first of all, that aid and comfort really only applies in the context of a declared war, or at least an adversarial relationship where there is in fact a war between two countries.”

“And second, the intent standard would do a lot of work there because under Section 3, whatever the underlying conduct is engaging in insurrection or aid and comfort has to be done with the intent to further the unlawful purpose of the insurrection or or to aid the enemies in their pursuit of war against the United States,” Murray continued.

Chief Justice Roberts warns about the domino effect of disqualifying Trump on Colorado ballot

Chief Justice John Roberts voiced similar concerns to those of Alito. Roberts stated the risk of a domino effect, predicting that other states could follow suit, disqualifying candidates based on varying standards of proof and rules about evidence.

“If Colorado’s position is upheld, surely there will be disqualification proceedings on the other side, and some of those will succeed. It will come down to just a handful of states that are going to decide the presidential election. That’s a pretty daunting consequence,” warned Roberts.

“In very quick order, I would expect… that a goodly number of states will say, whoever the Democratic candidate is, ‘You’re off the ballot,’ and others for the Republican candidate, ‘You’re off the ballot,'” the chief justice continued.

Moreover, Roberts challenged Murray’s argument that potentially frivolous applications of a constitutional provision should not hinder the Supreme Court from ruling in favor of Colorado.

“You might think they’re frivolous, but the people who are bringing them may not think they are frivolous. Insurrection is a broad term,” he said.

Watch this video from Red Voice Media discussing and criticizing why the Biden regime is giving another $10 billion to Iran after the $6 billion ransom payment.

This video is from the Red Voice Media channel on

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Repeated attacks by Iranian-backed militants on U.S. troops in the Middle East increase tension between Washington and Tehran.

WSJ: Iran helped Hamas plan its surprise attack on Israel, shortly after Biden handed them $6 billion.

Defense officials warn: Iran could use Israel-Palestine chaos as an “opportunity” to attack American forces all over the Middle East.

Israel-Hamas conflict could escalate into World War III very quickly as Pentagon readies troops for deployment to the Middle East.

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Humanitarian catastrophe looms as Israel wages mass assault on Rafah; tens of thousands of casualties expected –

Humanitarian catastrophe looms as Israel wages mass assault on Rafah; tens of thousands of casualties expected

There is nowhere left for Palestinian civilians to run as Israel has driven them all to Rafah in southern Gaza where they now await a full-scale offensive by Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

The city of formerly around 450,000 people is now home to around 1.3 million people, most of them refugees from northern Gaza, who took shelter there after Israel drove them all south toward Egypt. Israel previously said these Palestinians would be safe in southern Gaza, but now the IDF is readying to attack Rafah.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the Israeli army to prepare to evacuate civilians from Rafah, but to where? Relocating 1.3 million people is a tall order in and of itself, not to mention the fact that Egypt, which borders Rafah, is not allowing them to enter its borders.

Many of the 1.3 million civilian Palestinians now in Rafah are living in tents pushed up against both the border with Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea. The area is said to be home to four Hamas battalions that the Israeli military will target once it gains entry.

Because of the massive scope of this operation, Netanyahu has ordered reserve soldiers in Israel to remobilize and aid in it execution, which Gaza’s Hamas leaders say could result in “tens of thousands” of casualties throughout the city.

(Related: Free speech is under attack in Israel as the Knesset approves legislation to imprison those who “deny” or “downplay” Israel’s version of what happened on October 7.)

Israel tells embattled Palestinian civilians to find safety, but there is none

Speaking on behalf of Gazans, the office of Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas said the Israeli plan “threatens security and peace in the region and in the world,” representing “a blatant violation of all red lines.”

The IDF, meanwhile, is dropping leaflets all over Rafah telling civilians in the area to relocate to safe locations, the irony being that there are none. An open-air concentration camp, Gaza is now surrounded on all sides by forces that do not want them, so at this point it would take a miracle to save them from Israeli aggression.

Since there is nowhere left to flee to the south, or to the east, or to the north, or to the west, Rafah is likely to be ground zero for the total annihilation of all remaining Palestinian Gazans, assuming Israel succeeds in its military operation.

“Any Israeli incursion in Rafah means massacres, means destruction,” said Rezik Salah, 35, a resident of Gaza who fled his home with his wife and children early in the war. “People are filling every inch of the city and we have nowhere to go.”

Saudi Arabia is warning that any Israeli incursion in Rafah will have dire consequences, leading to a “humanitarian catastrophe” of massive proportions. The Arab state is calling on the United Nations (UN) Security Council to intervene.

Storming and targeting Rafah, the kingdom further warned, will trigger “extremely dangerous repercussions,” further affirming its “categorical rejection and strong condemnation of their forced deportation.”

“This continued violation of international law and international humanitarian law confirms the necessity of convening the Security Council urgently to prevent Israel from causing an imminent humanitarian catastrophe.”

Until an independent Palestinian state is “recognized” and Israeli forces completely leave Gaza, Saudi Arabia has said it will not establish any ties with Israel whatsoever. Though it has never recognized the Jewish ethnostate of Israel, Saudi Arabia had been considering it prior to October 7, but no longer.

Israel cares not for innocent Palestinian lives, which are mere collateral damage in its war for the “holy land.” Find out more at

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Major Trump donor also backing RFK Jr.’s presidential run, FEC filings reveal –

A major donor for former President Donald Trump is also backing independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr.), filings with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) indicate.

According to NTD TV, businessman Timothy Mellon gave more than $10 million to the American Values 2024 (AV2024) political action committee (PAC) between July and October 2023. That amount increased his total contribution up to about $15 million – more than half of the money the PAC took in during that year.

Mellon also gave $10 million to the Make America Great Again (MAGA) Inc. super-PAC between July and August 2023. Av2024 backs Kennedy’s presidential run, while MAGA Inc. backs the former president.

Donor records maintained by the Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit OpenSecrets state that Mellon is a prominent Republican donor who has regularly made contributions to GOP groups such as the Congressional Leadership Fund and the Senate Leadership Fund. Ahead of the 2020 election, he contributed $20 million to the America First Action super-PAC opposing incumbent President Joe Biden.

In 2023, Mellon donated another $5 million to the Congressional Leadership Fund and gave $2 million to Fair Courts America – the latter a group opposing “progressive activists in the judiciary.”

Aside from Mellon, two others – Gavin de Becker and Leila Centner – were revealed to be major donors to RFK Jr.’s 2024 campaign. Back in October 2023, de Becker donated $5.5 million to AV2024, bringing his total 2023 contribution to the PAC to $10 million. Support from the major donor and head of the private security firm Gavin de Becker & Associates (GDBA) accounts for 35 percent of the AV2024’s annual fundraising.

Financial records also reveal that the Kennedy campaign paid more than $1.4 million to GDBA for security services in 2023. It has previously said that security is one of its significant expenses due to repeated incidents concerning RFK Jr.’s safety. The late President John F. Kennedy and former U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy – the independent candidate’s uncle and father, respectively – were assassinated in the 1960s.

Kennedy giving Trump, Biden a run for their money

Centner, the final donor to RFK Jr.’s campaign, indicated that she is “not employed” in her FEC filing. However, the website of the Miami-based private school Centner Academy lists her as the CEO and co-founder.

Donor records from OpenSecrets also revealed that Centner is a major GOP donor and has given gifts of more than $100,000 to the Republican National Committee. Her largest contribution went to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ reelection campaign for the 2022 midterm elections. She has contributed to Trump’s campaign as well.

NTD TV‘s report about the three major Kennedy donors followed AV2024 and Team Kennedy – his principal campaign committee – reporting their 2023 fundraising activities to the FEC. Both PACs brought in about $50.4 million in 2024 and spent about $30.6 million, ending 2023 with $23 million cash on hand. (Related: RFK Jr. to name his running mate “fairly soon.”)

According to the FEC, a hybrid PAC such as AV2024 can solicit and accept unlimited contributions from individuals, corporations, labor unions and other PACs. However, it must maintain two bank accounts – one for independent spending on advertisements or voter drives, and another for making direct contributions to federal candidates.

In 2024, Kennedy hopes to put together the most significant third-party run in decades. His campaign is working to get the candidate on the ballot in all 50 states.

Head over to for more stories about the independent presidential candidate.

Watch RFK Jr. dub the border crisis an existential threat to the U.S. below.

This video is from the GalacticStorm channel on

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Operation Bubble Wrap: Jill Biden and several White House staffers SHIELDING Joe Biden from unscripted media interactions –

Operation Bubble Wrap: Jill Biden and several White House staffers SHIELDING Joe Biden from unscripted media interactions

First Lady Jill Biden and other White House staffers have been shielding President Joe Biden from unscripted media interactions through the so-called “Operation Bubble Wrap.”

According to the New York Post, the operation aims to protect the oldest-ever president from potential stumbles and falls during his reelection campaign. It reportedly involves various measures, such as using a lower set of stairs for boarding Air Force One and employing flashlights and verbal warnings to guide the president in backstage settings.

The 72-year-old first lady has become a noticeable presence during her husband’s walks across the White House South Lawn, more so after Department of Justice Special Counsel Robert Hur mentioned the president’s poor memory. Jill’s presence serves as a clear signal that no further impromptu questions will be entertained, in contrast with journalists managing to shout questions when the chief executive is alone.

The 81-year-old president has held the fewest press conferences and formal interviews of any modern commander-in-chief for three years. He has only held three solo White House press conferences since taking office in January 2021 – with the most recent one in November 2022.

Jill has also taken on the role of stage manager at times, guiding her husband offstage at events where he hesitated or wandered in the wrong direction after making remarks. Other White House staffers have also taken extensive measures to prevent potentially embarrassing interactions.

In one instance from January 2022, then-White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki sat back down as the president continued to take questions – only to bring the press conference to a close. Later in April of that year, then-White House Director of Message Planning Meghan Hays intervened during the White House Easter Egg Roll. Dressed in an Easter bunny costume, she blocked the president from answering a question and guided him away from journalists.

Moreover, the White House Press Office has implemented a pre-screening process to select which reporters are allowed to attend large indoor events. This process, which obviously favors reporters aligned with the administration, was eased after a press corps protest in the summer of 2022. However, recent events show a return to these measures.

Biden still shows lapses and verbal missteps in sparse interviews

During a November 2022 White House press conference, the president announced that he would take questions from 10 pre-approved reporters – but left after calling on only nine. The slip was accompanied by a factual error when he mistakenly referred to Russian troops withdrawing from the Iraqi city of Fallujah instead of the Ukrainian city of Kherson. (Related: Biden performing POORLY in multiple opinion polls.)

Recent weeks have seen an uptick in such lapses, with the president mixing up the names of current foreign leaders with their deceased predecessors. In a Las Vegas speech, he claimed to have recently spoken with the late French President Francois Mitterrand – who passed away in 1996. Another instance occurred in Manhattan, where Biden recalled discussing the January 6, 2021 Capitol riot with German Chancellor Helmut Kohl – who last held office in 1998 and passed away in 2017.

Moreover, February has brought another episode when the president misidentified Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi as the “president of Mexico.” In reality, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is the current Mexican president.

The last press conference of any size with the president was in November of last year during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit. There was an instance during that summit where he appeared confused and mispronounced the name of the venue while standing alongside other world leaders.

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Watch this Fox News report about Biden’s dismal poll numbers, something NBC News has warned of.

This video is from the NewsClips channel on

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China-linked University of Delaware Biden partnership was Hunter’s “baby” and part of the Biden Crime Family’s “wealth creation” strategy.

Democratic presidential candidate Dean Phillips: It’s DELUSIONAL for anyone to think Biden can beat Trump in 2024.

Joe Biden second most UNPOPULAR president in modern US history, just behind fellow Democrat Jimmy Carter.

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Scenes of Rafah Bombings During Super Bowl

February 13, 2024 Winter Watch Around the Web 0

#Isrelis occupiers Inhuman Sociopaths terrorist organization are now bombing more than 1.7 million civilians, including children’s and women’s trapped in #Rafah, the last place of Refugee, this is the most violent bombardment of #Rafah yet.#SAVERAFAH #RafahUnderAttack
How have…

— Dyor (@Powerfulmindx) February 12, 2024

Don’t Look Away

— Double Down News (@DoubleDownNews) February 12, 2024

They bombed a tent encampment.

Who does that?!

😐😠😡🤬@DrLoupis @goddeketal

— Sam Parker 🇺🇲 (@SamParkerSenate) February 12, 2024

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