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A Venezuelan Explains How (and Why) Criminal Migrants Get to the US

Organic Prepper | Feb. 24, 2024

With the last recent events at the US border and the approach of the authorities’ response (not the ones of the States being affected, but the highest ones), anyone with some degree of common sense would start to ask questions.

How are migrants from Venezuela getting from their country to the US border? Are they walking? if so, how long does it take and how are they equipped for it? If not, how are they getting there? Are they criminals? Are they crossing other borders legally? Is someone funding this?

As a Venezuelan, I hope to answer some of these questions for you.


Betting firm predicts Michelle Obama as possible REPLACEMENT for Joe Biden in November 2024 elections – NaturalNews.com

Betting firm predicts Michelle Obama as possible REPLACEMENT for Joe Biden in November 2024 elections

Former First Lady Michelle Obama could be named as the replacement for President Joe Biden as the Democratic Party’s nominee for the 2024 presidential election in November, according to a betting company.

According to Newsweek, Betfair has predicted a 69 percent chance of Biden securing the Democratic Party’s nomination. The 81-year-old incumbent has already won the party primaries in three states – New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. But concerns about Biden’s health, which recent gaffes on his part only bolstered, have prompted speculation about potential personalities who can replace him.

These concerns also followed a report by Department of Justice Special Counsel Robert Hur, which centered on how Biden mishandled classified documents after the end of his term as vice president. The special counsel described Biden as an “elderly man with a poor memory” – which the president strongly denied in a press conference. However, the chief executive failed to convince people that his memory was fine after he dubbed Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi as the “president of Mexico.” (Related: Biden’s gaffes and repeated stumbles spur nervous talks about the 25TH Amendment and Kamala taking over.)

According to Betfair, Obama has an 11 percent chance of replacing Biden. California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and former First Lady Hillary Clinton followed Obama in that order. Interestingly, incumbent Vice President Kamala Harris didn’t come close to the former first lady’s chances – with only 6.3 percent.

Betfair spokesman Sam Rosbottom acknowledged concerns about Biden’s mental aptitudes during an interview with Newsweek. “Four years ago at the start of the primary season, Biden wasn’t even the favorite for the Democratic nomination, let alone the presidency,” he told the outlet. “This time around, things look a lot clearer for the incumbent”

“However, there have been a number of reports and political analysts questioning the competency of the president when it comes to running for another four years. Punters have been backing a number of potential candidates, should [Biden] step down from running.”

Ramaswamy: Michelle Obama will replace Biden whether she likes it or not

In January of this year, Obama admitted she is “terrified about what could possibly happen” in the next election during an appearance on Jay Shetty’s “On Purpose” podcast. But for former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, she has no say in the matter as Democrats will push her to replace Biden – whether she likes it or not.

“I personally think it’s [going to] be Michelle Obama,” Ramaswamy told Benny Johnson during an appearance on “The Benny Show” podcast. “People say she doesn’t [want to] run, [but] she doesn’t have any choice in the matter, really.”

“The idea that her choice actually matters? It doesn’t matter. These people are puppets, they’re pawns. Most of them are coin-operated, either directly or indirectly.”

According to the entrepreneur, “the people that control their puppets know what they’re doing.” He told the Newsmax host: “They will pick the one that maximally sidesteps their Harris problem, which maximizing their odds of pulling a short-term stint that rushed their puppet over the finish line. So if I had to pick today, I think that’s who it’s [going to] be.”

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Watch Joel Gilbert warns “Bannon’s War Room” host Steve Bannon of the Democrats’ plan to field Michelle Obama as the party’s presidential nominee below.

This video is from the GalacticStorm channel on Brighteon.com.

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CLAIM: White House quietly pondering replacing Kamala Harris, fessing up about Joe Biden’s mental decline.

Biden must be removed, says WV attorney general: He’s an “elderly man with poor memory” who mishandled classified documents.

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Missouri city declares itself an LGBT SANCTUARY – NaturalNews.com

A city in the state of Missouri has declared itself an LGBT sanctuary through an ordinance, making it a safe haven for members of the LGBT community.

In a 6-1 vote, members of the Columbia City Council voted to make the city an “LGBTQ Safe Haven” on Feb. 20. According to KRCG 13 reporter Mark Slavit, the ordinance sought to ensure LGBT individuals, families, and establishments “felt safe within the community.” Moreover, the Columbia Daily Tribune also mentioned that the ordinance includes language “referencing potential future state laws barring bathroom access for transgender individuals or public drag performances.”

“Public comment on … [the] ordinance lasted nearly 3 hours with more support for the measure than (the) opposition,” Slavit continued. Meanwhile, the Tribune said comments against the ordinance cited city protections already in place and warned of state law being potentially skirted. Moreover, opponents also cited that the ordinance could seemingly create special protected classes.

“This ordinance is not merely a political statement or gesture of performant tokenism,” Mid-Missouri Pride Fest spokesman Joe Jefferies told the city council. “It is a vital step toward safeguarding the human rights of queer [city residents], enabling them to thrive safely within Columbia’s city limits.”

Two city council members who voted in favor of the measure spoke to the Columbia Missourian about their vote. “A couple of folks … had mentioned that [passing] this [ordinance] is the bare minimum, and I have to agree,” said Councilman Nick Foster, who represents Columbia’s fourth ward.

Councilman Roy Lovelady, who represents the city’s third ward, explicitly wore a Rainbow Pride pin during the session. Lovelady, who is a drag queen himself, explained that he wanted everyone “to feel safe” while in the city. (Related: LGBT PERVERSION: Gov. Tim Walz signs EO making Minnesota a sanctuary and “refuge” state for doctors to chemically and surgically mutilate children.)

Lone dissenter says ordinance isn’t necessary

Councilman Don Waterman, who represents the city’s fifth ward, was the lone dissenting vote. “I would wholeheartedly support a resolution, but an ordinance, I don’t see the need for it,” he said. “That said, this ordinance for me is not really necessary – [and] I base that on several things.”

According to Waterman, Columbia was already considered a safe haven by some who came there, and the new ordinance cannot impact state laws that are already in place. He also added that he doesn’t see how the new ordinance will change the hearts and minds of residents.

KCRG 13 also mentioned that Waterman and the other council members heard complaints from transgenders about trouble in public bathrooms and bullying. However, the fifth ward councilman remarked that the newly passed ordinance won’t prevent those problems.

“Bullying is something that’s happened throughout history. It continues to happen, unfortunately,” said Waterman. “A piece of paper is not going to stop bullying.”

Some community members also thought the ordinance was unnecessary. Pastor Tom Leuther of the Family Worship Center also expressed opposition to the ordinance during the Feb. 20 city council session.

“We don’t have to reinvent the wheel,” he addressed the attendees and the city authorities. “We already have a good wheel going here in a safe community.”

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Watch Breanna Morello talk about the arrest of 19-year-old Dylan Brewer for allegedly “defacing” a Rainbow Pride mural on an intersection in Delray Beach, Florida below.

This video is from the MyPodcastDropped2320 channel on Brighteon.com.

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Missouri becomes first state to crack down on transgender mutilation of adults and children.

California “sanctuary city” protects self-admitted MURDERER and illegal alien who killed innocent woman.

TORCHED ‘EM: Missouri secretary of state candidate uses flamethrower to burn “GROOMING” books in viral video.

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‘You don’t copy the losers’; a provisional list of institutions and individuals who pushed “zero COVID” – NaturalNews.com

A partial list of institutions and individuals who pushed the pernicious idea that you could “suppress” or “eradicate” SARS-CoV-2 with social measures follows.

Some of them have since apologised, but most of them are carrying on, pretending nothing happened, all is sweetness and light, the birds are singing in the trees, pigs are flying, and hopefully, they think we will all forget what they instigated.

Listing on this post is not dictated by the fact that some of the names launched personal attacks on us; we are not the Count of Monte Cristo out for revenge.

We include the names because, despite their impressive credentials (in some cases), it was quite clear to us by 8 April 2020, that “zero covid” was pie in the sky – poisoned pie. You cannot suppress an endemic respiratory virus, at least not until you have understood its ecology and routes of transmission. Neither of these boxes has been ticked.

The acceptance or pushing of this folly had two catastrophic consequences.

First, it gave backing to restrictions.

Second, some or most created a witch hunt climate in which few people felt like knuckling down and studying what was going on, thus missing the golden opportunities the situation presented to solve some of the riddles.

Third, those listed below showed crass ignorance of respiratory viral epidemiology and they are likely to approach other topics with the same facile attitude in the future: small hands, long tongue. So here we go in no particular order (with thanks to the source in brackets):

  • Deborah Birx from minute 7.25
  • The Australian government (Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews).
  • Devi Sridhar and the Scottish government
  • Zero Covid (Stéphane Bilodeau, Dr. Malgorzata Gasperowicz, Karl Parkinson) Dr. Irfan Dhalla
  • Dr. Andrew Morris, author of the immortal quote: “You’re not going to be a winner if you follow the losers. You go and try and replicate, or at least figure out, what the winners do. And right now, we’re pursuing a losing strategy.”
  • Dr. Samir Sinha
  • Bill Gates
  • Attendees  of the conference for Zero Covid. Supporters of Covid Action UK, formerly known as Zero Covid UK.
  • UK Zero Covid conference attendees: Jeremy Corbyn MP, Diane Abbott MP and Jeremy Hunt MP
  • ‘Zero Covid’ Catastrophe: Participating Nations See New Records Across the Board, Jordan Schachtel, 16 July 2021, American Institute for Economic Research
  • America’s Coronavirus Endurance Test. To defeat the virus, we will have to start thinking in years, not months. Howard Markel, 6 August 2020, The New Yorker 
  • Anatomy of the Hong Kong Disaster. Ian Miller, 19 March 2022:  Brownstone Institute 
  • Inside Shanghai’s Zero Covid Camp, 7 April 7, 2022, Unherd
  • Coping With ‘Zero Covid’. Our correspondent takes you inside Shanghai’s Covid lockdown. Ian Prasad Philbrick, 19 May 2022, The New York Times 
  • Trudeau needs a Covid-19 Emergency Order. Here’s how to do it, Amir Attaran, 27 November 2020, Maclean’s.  Amir Attaran is a biomedical scientist, lawyer, and professor in the Faculty of Law and the School of Epidemiology and Public Health at the University of Ottawa. Macleans
  • Who Pushed for Lockdowns? 101 Leading Voices, Michael Senger, 15 April 2022, Brownstone Institute (see table below).
  • Devi Sridhar, Public Health Professor Tom Frieden, Former CDC Director Jerome Adams, Former Surgeon General Bill Gates, Software developer Anthony Fauci, NIH Director Rochelle Walensky, CDC Director Eric Feigl-Ding Michael Osterholm, Infectious Disease Professor Ian Mackay, Virologist Angela Rasmussen, Virologist Ellie Murray, Epidemiology Professor Lisa Iannattone, Dermatology Professor David Fisman, Public Health Professor Irfan Dhalla, Medical Professor Christina Pagel, Operational Research Professor Zoë Hyde, Epidemiologist Isaac Bogoch, Infectious Disease Physician Tomás Ryan, Neuroscientist Susan Michie, Health Psychology Professor Bruce Arthur, Toronto Star Columnist Yaneer Bar-Yam, Physicist Mike Gibbs, Ontario Ministry of Health Deepti Gurdasani, Epidemiologist Brian Goldman, ER MD The New York Times Editorial Board Jacobin Magazine John Ross, China lobbyist Chen Weihua, China Daily EU Bureau Chief James Palmer, Foreign Policy Magazine Deputy Director Peter Daou, Democratic Campaign Strategist Erica Joy, CTO at Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Dr. Oz Jason Silverstein, Medical Professor Yoni Freedhoff, Medical Professor Zubaida Haque, Equality Trust Director Daniel Andrews, Premier of Victoria, Australia Kevin Rudd, Former Prime Minister of Australia Diane Abbott, MP Timm Bruch, CTV Reporter Shafi Ahmed, Medical Professor Abe Oudshoorn, Nursing Professor Ananyo Bhattacharya, Science Writer Bloomberg Opinion Brendan Crabb, Microbiologist Luke Bailey, iPaper Editor Paul Bongiorno, Saturday Paper Columnist Dirk Devroey, Medical Professor Emily Deans, Psychiatrist Ximena González, Freelance WriterOmar Ghraieb, Oxfam Policy and Campaigns Officer Zoe Daniel, Australian Politician Diederik Gommers, Chairman of the Dutch association for ICU doctors Jay Beecher, Investigative Journalist Femi Oluwole, Writer at The Independent Jennifer Gunter, OB/GYN Cheri DiNovo, Canadian Politician Malgorzata Gasperowicz, Developmental Biologist Andrew Gaffney, Sports Writer Andreas Eenfeldt, CEO at Diet Doctor Quentin Dempster, Journalist Simon Houpt, Writer at Globe and Mail Issa López, Film Director Rhys Jones, Public Health Doctor  Emmett Macfarlane, Political Science Professor  Bartley Kives, CBC Reporter  Jane Merrick, iPaper Policy Editor Virginia Heffernan, Wired Columnist  Brian Klaas, Global Politics Professor  Andrea Horwath, Canadian Politician  Judy Melinek, Forensic Pathologist  Chico Harlan, Washington Post Bureau Chief  Julien Mercille, Geography and Environment Policy Professor  Paul Mason, Journalist  Margaret Morgan, Filmmaker  Mary-Margaret McMahon, UK Politician  Steven Newman, Floriculture Professor  Don Moynihan, Public Policy Professor  Neel Kashkari, President at Minneapolis Federal Reserve  Kai Kupferschmidt, Science Journalist  Shannon Palus, Editor at Slate  Umbereen S Nehal, Founder at Nehal Group LLC  Jonathan S Perkins, UCLA Director of Race and Equity  Tyler Watt, Public Health Nurse  Tony Blakely, Epidemiologist at Melbourne University  Alfons López Tena, Spanish Politician  Tara C Smith, Infectious Disease Professor  André Picard, Globe and Mail Health Journalist  Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post Columnist  Michael Schull, Medical Professor  Stefanie Leder, TV Writer/Producer  Diana Z Berrent, Founder at Survivor Corp  Asa Winstanley, Investigative Journalist  Jeff Sharlet, Author  Bell Ribeiro-Addy, UK Politician  Claudia Webbe, UK Politician  Bruce Hawker, Political Commentator  Alheli Picazo, Freelance Writer  Charlie Stross, Author  George Aylett, UK Politician  Jeremy Farrar, Director of the Wellcome Trust  Brianna Wu, Executive Director at Rebellion PAC The Nation

    The OECD data is very concerning and helps show the danger of thinking that the coronavirus pandemic presents us with a binary choice between saving the economy or saving lives.

    This is a false dichotomy, and the truth is that minimising community transmission will allow a faster and stronger economic recovery. This is why the APPG on coronavirus has been pushing government to aim to reduce Covid-19 transmission to as close to zero as possible in preparation for the difficult winter months ahead.

    Saving lives or UK economy from Covid a ‘false choice’, MPs warnThe Guardian, 26 August 2020

    21. Depressingly, even Sponge Bob pushed for lockdown.

    New Israeli report alleging ‘systematic and intentional rape’ by Hamas relies on debunked Western media reports – NaturalNews.com

    New Israeli report alleging ‘systematic and intentional rape’ by Hamas relies on debunked Western media reports

    The contents of the Israeli Association of Rape Crisis Center’s paper alleging “systematic” Hamas rape derive largely from discredited second-hand testimonies and debunked media reports. Among its most heavily cited sources is a dubious NY Times article that triggered a staff revolt at the paper.

    (Article by Max Blumenthal republished from TheGrayZone.com)

    Western media outlets are hyping a new report by the Israeli government-affiliated “Association of Rape Crisis Centers” (ARCC) which maintains that Hamas combatants carried out a campaign of “systematic and intentional” rape on October 7.

    “Israeli report finds evidence of ‘systematic’ rape and abuse during 7 October attack,” a Guardian headline blared. “Report shows systematic rapes, murder of women in Israel on October 7,” Germany’s DPA screamed. Meanwhile, the Jerusalem Post shrieked, “Hamas terrorists forced families to watch loved ones get raped at gunpoint.”

    Despite the AP’s acknowledgment that the report “did not specify the number of cases it had documented or identify any victims, even anonymously” and that its authors “declined to say whether they had spoken to victims,” dozens of mainstream outlets have presented its findings as incontrovertible fact.

    Yet a close examination of the ARCC report reveals that the paper is short on new research, absent of hard evidence, and reliant instead on clips from factually-challenged articles by the same Western outlets promoting its publication. Among the paper’s most frequently cited sources is an infamously shoddy New York Times report by Jeffrey Gettleman purporting to detail “How Hamas Weaponized Sexual Violence on October 7.”

    Following an internal staff uproar prompted by a series of Grayzone exposés which highlighted major inconsistencies and demonstrable falsehoods by the paper’s sources, the Times canceled an episode of its “Daily” podcast about the article.

    Despite the controversy surrounding the Times’ report, the ARCC cites it twelve times in its own paper, while sourcing testimony second-hand from many of the same discredited Israelis as the Times.

    The ARCC also relies substantially on testimony from ZAKA, the ultra-Orthodox “rescue” group which introduced false allegations that Hamas beheaded babies, cut fetuses from pregnant women, and had lunch in an Israeli family’s home after killing and mutilating them. ZAKA has been lambasted in Israeli media for serially mishandling evidence from the October 7 attacks and even staging atrocity scenes for fundraising purposes.

    At least one quarter of citations in the ARCC’s paper are drawn from the widely panned New York Times article and credibility-strained ZAKA volunteers. The rest of the paper relies on dubious self-proclaimed witnesses like the Israeli army reservist Shari Mendes, who falsely claimed that Hamas not only cut a fetus from a pregnant Israeli woman, but beheaded its mother.

    Discredited sources, debunked articles form backbone of new “Hamas rape” report

    In citing the NY Times to demonstrate systematic rape by Hamas on October 7, the ARCC points to “a video posted on social media” which shows “a woman in a torn dress, without underwear, injured and with her face burned. Police investigators ruled that she had been raped.”

    This section refers to Gal Abdush, a young woman killed on October 7 who features as a central character in the NY Times article. As The Grayzone reported, Abdush’s sister and brother-in-law both publicly denied that she was raped, with the former accusing the Times of manipulating her family into participating by misleading them about their editorial angle.

    The ARCC later cites a NY Times account of “an IDF paramedic” who claimed to have entered a room in Kibbutz Beeri “where the bodies of two girls were found, one of whom was found with her pants rolled down and the remains of semen on her back.”

    The Grayzone has exposed this source as well, revealing him as a reservist paramedic from Israeli Air Force Special Tactics rescue unit 669 who identifies himself to the media only as “G,” but whose real name is Guy Melamed. As we explained, no girls were found on Kibbutz Beeri in a condition remotely similar to Melamed’s description.

    The closest match to the paramedic’s account were two teenage residents of Beeri, Yahel and Noiya Sharabi, who were killed on October 7. But according to the Times of Israel, the girls’ bodies were “found in an embrace” with their mother, and not “alone, separated from the rest of the family.”

    Israeli media has also reported, “Lianne and Yahel [Sharabi] could only be identified through DNA samples. Noiya was identified through her teeth only two days ago.”

    So how was Melamed able to find semen on one of the girls, and bruises on the other, and view their states of undress, if their bodies had been burned beyond recognition? The only answer is that he fabricated the entire scenario.

    Before Melamed cooked up atrocities for the NY Times, which were later reheated by the ARCC, he appeared on a right-wing Indian news channel to invent an account of discovering a dead baby discarded into a trash can by Hamas. Given that only one baby was killed on October 7 – a one year old accidentally shot by a Hamas militant – the paramedic’s story could not have possibly been true.

    It gets worse. The NY Times’ supposed paramedic witness, “G,” was previously interviewed by the right-wing Republic TV of India. In that appearance, he described in a distinctive Brooklyn accent how his “teammate” found “a baby, perhaps not even more than a year old, with… pic.twitter.com/qZGfCRWakd

    — Max Blumenthal (@MaxBlumenthal) December 29, 2023

    Melamed was just one character among a motley collection of self-styled Israeli rescuers who fabricated October 7 atrocity tales to gain notoriety in the Western press. The most prolific fabulists emerged from an ultra-Orthodox Israeli state-affiliated group called ZAKA. This was the outfit responsible for “confirming” the bogus story of Hamas beheading babies on October 7 and spinning out the tale of a Palestinian militant slashing a fetus from a pregnant Jewish woman.

    As The Grayzone reported, ZAKA is an infamously corrupt organization founded by a prolific sexual abuser. Before October 7, the group was nearly insolvent, but since it attracted international attention the lurid lies its volunteers spun out, it has raked in millions from wealthy Jewish diaspora donors including Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg.

    Yossi Landau, the ZAKA “commander” who invented an array of debunked October 7 horror stories, has said that those who question his credibility “should be killed.”

    From beheaded babies to fetuses ripped from mothers on 10/7, Yossi Landau of the corrupt “rescue” org ZAKA has spun out heinous atrocity fabrications

    Both Biden & Blinken have echoed his lies

    Now he says those who question his fables “should be killed” https://t.co/meiFySnyB1pic.twitter.com/ZOXe7Cow8h

    — Max Blumenthal (@MaxBlumenthal) December 7, 2023

    The Israeli publication Haaretz subsequently revealed numerous instances of ZAKA volunteers with no coronary credentials mishandling corpses, mixing up body parts, and making fundraising calls with dead bodies nearby. In one case, the volunteers placed a corpse next to themselves as “part of a staged setting – an exhibit designed to attract donors, just when the race against time to gather and remove the bodies of victims of the [October 7] massacre was most urgent.”

    The ARCC paper cites ZAKA volunteers no less than 14 times.

    The ZAKA testimonies referenced in the paper include one volunteer’s claim to the BBC to have found a woman with a knife lodged in her genitals. No forensic or photographic evidence exists to support this lurid recollection, however. In fact, there is no forensic proof to support any single Israeli claim of sexual abuse by Palestinian militants on October 7.

    The ARCC also relies on the hallucinatory recollections of “Sapir,” the supposed “star witness” of the Israeli police, who spun out scenes to the New York Times that were so outrageously obscene, they defied belief. The anonymous character claimed that after being shot in the back at the Nova Electronic Music Festival, she witnessed Hamas militants simultaneously gang rape and stab a woman, then slice her breast off with a box cutter before passing it around and playing with it. “Sapir” went on to allege the militants cut off the woman’s face, Hannibal Lecter-style, then decapitated three other women in her presence.

    According to Haaretz, “investigators were unable to identify the women who, according to the testimony of [Sapir] and other eyewitnesses, were raped and murdered.” Israeli Police Superintendent Adi Edry told the paper, “I have circumstantial evidence, but ultimately my duty is to find evidence that supports her testimony and to find the victims’ identity. At this stage I don’t have those specific corpses.”

    Another prominent October 7 fabulist, Israeli military reservist Shari Mendes, is cited six times in the ARCC paper. At one point, ARCC quotes Mendes asserting that Hamas militants had raped babies and the elderly on October 7. “We saw genitals cut off, heads cut off, babies – hands, feet, no reason,” she claimed.

    On another occasion, Mendes falsely insisted, “A baby was cut out of a pregnant woman and beheaded, and then the mother was beheaded.”

    ?????????? ????? ??????: ??? ??????? ???? ???? ??????????? ????????? ???? ???? ??


    [I have just 100 followers, need your help to expose her.] pic.twitter.com/Go7avpvxwi

    — Mr N (@DontFollowMrN) February 2, 2024

    The ARCC rounds out its report with recycled testimony from Raz Cohen, the October 7 attack survivor who told the NY Times he witnessed a Palestinian gang rape of Israeli women at the Nova Electronic Music Festival. As The Grayzone revealed, Cohen never mentioned witnessing any such scenes in his initial interviews about the attacks, and repeatedly changed his story thereafter, adding sensationalistic details as time went on. After appearing in a bizarre October 7-themed fashion show in Tel Aviv, Cohen refused a follow-up interview with the NY Times to address questions about his credibility.

    ARCC paper paid for by Israel lobby bigwigs behind “10/7 Project” PR operation

    Though released by an association seemingly dedicated to supporting sexual assault survivors in Israel, the ARCC’s paper alleging “systematic” rape by Hamas was paid for by Zionist pressure groups in the US. Its top sponsors include the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, which has donated millions to AIPAC-related initiatives, and the Jewish Federations of Greater Miami.

    AIPAC and the Jewish Federations are also key pillars in the coalition of Israel lobby outfits behind a new propaganda initiative called the “10/7 Project.” According to Axios, the 10/7 Project comprises “a centralized communications operation that aims to provide newsrooms and policymakers with fact-based information on the [Gaza] war.”

    In its bid to justify Israel’s blood-spattered assault on the Gaza Strip, which has left nearly 30,000 dead in over 130 days – most of them women and children – the 10/7 Project has contracted high-powered Democratic Party PR firms like SKDK to, in its words, “retell the story about the butchery of the Oct 7 attack and make outcasts of 10/7 deniers.”

    Whether or not the 10/7 Project is responsible for the publicity blitz surrounding the ARCC’s new paper on “systematic” Hamas rape, it is clear Western media has become a laundromat for Israeli propaganda about October 7, recycling discredited allegations through a seemingly endless series of dodgy dossiers, and hyping each one as freshly obtained evidence of Palestinian savagery.

    Read more at: TheGrayZone.com